05x13 - Just Another Day...

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Eureka". Aired: July 18, 2006 – July 16, 2012.
In the years since World w*r II, the U.S. government has been relocating the world's geniuses (and their families) to the Pacific Northwest town of Eureka.
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05x13 - Just Another Day...

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(SIGHS) People are
already packing.

I can't believe they're
shutting Eureka down.

Well, it had to happen
eventually, right?

Nice, Jack.
Very sensitive.

I'm just saying,
as the thin blue line

who separates innovation
from annihilation,

I think we've had
a pretty good run.

Where is everyone gonna go?
Where are we going to go?

Well, we'll figure it out.

I mean, as long as
we're together,
I think it'll be okay.

This is so not okay!

I know.
This is not okay.

Come here. (GRUNTS)


Please eat something.

I have a whole warehouse
full of organic perishables.

You know what,
actually, I'm starving.

You got it.


You know,
I'll never forget the day

you and Zoe walked
through my door, Sheriff.

Yeah. Who knew she'd
go from delinquent
to doctor, huh?

But she's flying in today
to say goodbye.

I promised myself
I wouldn't... Cry.

Oh, honey. I'm sorry.


Um, you know what?
I have to get to back
to G.D.

And run some scans
on Holly before they start
packing up my lab.

Okay. All right.
Whoo! Thanks.

Wow. Does that come
with a feedbag?

Oh, you're really
on a roll today.

But, no, I know you're
gonna refrigerate it.

It's not like
you're gonna, like, wolf it...

With... With...

Love you!


How you holding up?
Not well.

You know, Grace's
hearing is today
and they won't tell me where.

Yeah, they won't tell
me either. I'm sorry.

It's not right, Jack.
I mean, the Henry from
the other time line...

The Henry that's not you.
Convinced Grace to spy.

You don't know what
information he and Grace
gave Beverly,

or how they did it
or... Or...


That's absolutely right.
But I can find out.

Hey, thanks.
Listen, I gotta go.

Well, you're... You're...

Glad I could help.


Easy with that, Poindexter.

Sorry. Emo won't stay
in his crate.

You know, robots.
Sometimes they have
a mind of their own.

Yeah, well, you break him,
you buy him.


How goes the packing, JoJo?

It's like herding cats.

You making any progress
with Section Five?

Slowly. I started a data
stream download this morning.

But when you're packing
devices that could
destroy the world,

it requires more than
a "Fragile" sticker.

So, I, uh...

I heard you had
a few job offers.

Yeah. Yeah, um...

Area 51 is looking for
a new security chief.

But they're
a bunch of dorks.

And, um...

There's this thing for
the Presidential detail
in D.C.

Uh, how about you?

Ah, the CERN Institute
are trying to get
the Hadron Collider to work.

I mean, Switzerland.
Could be cool.

And the Robotics Lab
at M.I.T.

Is looking for
a new chair of the organic
computing department.

"Professor" Donovan, huh?

And seeing as how
they expelled me,

it would be
pretty sweet irony,
don't you think?


So, is there anything
you're leaning towards?

I gotta make a list of
pros and cons, you know.
See what makes sense.

Yeah, but what do you feel?

Not just about feelings.

These are really big decisions
and, um, we need
to be practical.

Practical. (SCOFFS)

Yes, we do.


I'm gonna
get back to this.

Uh, I'll see you later.

Well, your photonic processor
is humming along perfectly.

Your vitals are good.

Except I still can't remember
anything from after I first
came to Eureka.

Like becoming
an astronaut.

Or being kidnapped.
Or dying.

Especially the dying part.

That was awkward.
I can only imagine.

Director Fargo also intimated
that we used to be intimate.

Well, did that, uh,
spark any memories for you?

No. I mean,
he seems really nice.

His glasses are kinda sexy.

But I'm just not sure I
feel that way about him.

Holly, listen.

Why don't you
spend some time getting
familiar with Eureka again?

Talk to some people.
Ask questions.
Maybe that'll help.

Yeah. That's a good idea,
Dr. Blake. Thank you.

Good morning, Dr. Fargo.

Are you okay?

The universe is against me.
So I guess that's a "No."

My girlfriend's gone.
My job is gone.

Pretty soon this
whole town's gonna be gone.

It's a difficult time
for all of us, sir.

But it was going so great.
Our work has
never been better.

Our performance
exceeded expectations.

The President said
it was a budget issue.

Does Los Alamos
have budget issues?
Or Area 51?

I mean, we paved the way
for those guys.

It's a cruel system.

But at least they gave us
six more weeks to
wrap things up, right?

Excuse me. I'm, uh,
I'm looking for Joe Lupo.

Do you know where
I can find him?

Uh, her. As in, me.

That's awkward.

Uh, yes, if you'd be
kind enough to take
us to Section Five,

then, uh, we can get things
packed up and moving.

Uh, no, you will not.

We still have
six more weeks.

Well, I guess someone at
the D.O.D. Missed a memo

because, uh,
the time line's changed.

We start moving
Eureka out today.


What the frack?

CARTER: Everyone's
really excited to see you.

And I can't believe
that you're about to
graduate from Harvard.

(LAUGHS) Well, don't get too
excited. I haven't gotten
my final grades yet.


CARTER: Well, I guess
the movers came early.

God, it's kind of surreal.

Are you doing okay?


Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.

Dad, it's okay to be upset.

(LAUGHS) I'm not.

Come on, after years
of saving these people from
themselves? (EXHALES)

It'll be a relief.

I may not be able to fix my
girlfriend's memory,
but I can fix this.

Fargo, where are you going?

Nowhere. This is an outrage.
Somebody needs to
take a stand.

Fargo, that's kind of
the opposite of
taking a stand.

Until the D.O.D.
Reverses their decision,
I shall not be moved!

You can't be serious.

Try me.

What the hell is that?

Strong force amplifier.

I shall not be moved!
Larry, get me the Secretary
of Defense!

(MUFFLED) Yes, sir.


I can't believe you're
really okay with this.

I'm fine.

I don't know.

It'll be nice to be free
of all the craziness.





I see your point.


You sure know
how to make an entrance.

Welcome home, Zoe.

I missed you guys.
Your hair looks awesome down.

Thank you.

Uh, not to interrupt...

(SHOUTS) What the hell
just happened?


I think you may have been

We... We're...
Why are you on the floor?

Oh, he's, um, sitting in
protest like Gandhi.

Uh, well, get up.
We gotta sort this out.

Go for Andy.

CARTER: Andy, almost done?

Oh, you betcha, boss.

Entry point looks fixed,

Hawking radiation levels
are s*ab.

Hey, let me try something.

Huh? Can you see me?
Can ya?

Oh, that's disturbing.

Home sweet home.


How cool is this?

Actually, that's pretty cool.

No. No, not cool. Not cool.

Bad. Wormholes are bad.
What'd you do?

Nothing. I Just activated
my strong-force amplifier.

Oh, maybe at around the same
time the Jeep came screaming
into the rotunda?

Okay, yeah, I admit
the timing is a little odd,

but there's absolutely
no way that this
could be responsible.

Then turn it off.

Uh, uh, uh.
You're just gonna
try to move me.

Fargo, I swear to God...

Okay, fine. But...

Back up. Back up.

Back, back, back.

How's it goin' back there?

Testing. Hold on.

Boss? Catch!



Oops. My bad.

Talk to you in a bit.

Okay. How about, uh,
Dr. Fowler's matter
relocation thing?

No, he was redacted
weeks ago.

Uh, somebody trying to
slow down the move?

Okay, that would be
a very long list.


Yeah, that's about right.

Zane, I need to ask you
about the evidence
against Grace.

No, not to worry, Henry.
It's as good as gone.

Can we get it back?

Why would you want me to?

Well, if Grace and other
Henry were sending
information to Beverly,

they must have had
a way to contact her.

We've already started
the quantum data transfer

of all their files to our
off-site server in D.C.

Grace is running
out of time.

Please, Zane.

But for you I can try.

Dr. Parrish.

Sheriff. Miss Lupo.
Are you here to
assist me with the move?

Actually, we're here to see
if you're trying to stop it.

When it comes to
disgruntled employees,
you're sort of top the list.


(LAUGHS) Oh, on the contrary,
I am fully gruntled.

Global Dynamics has never
appreciated my talents.

Now that I am
a free agent,
the world is my oyster.

Well, do you think that
one of your many talents

could have created
a wormhole on the road
out of town?

Look, that sounds
like the botched work

of someone who is
careless with their

whereas I am
perfectly organized.

He is a titch a**l.

I will take that
as a compliment.

Now, Sheriff,
this wormhole of yours,
is it s*ab?

It's not mine.
But, uh... Uh, yes.

Well, then clearly,
the piece of technology that
is causing it is still active.

And as you can see,
everything in my lab

has been safely shut down
ahead of schedule.

Now, if you will excuse me,
it is quarter to Isaac time.

(STAMMERS) Wait, it's...

I am going to the G.D. Spa
for a cucumber facial
and seaweed body wrap.

I have job interviews on
Monday and I wanna look
as good as I feel.

I've earned it.


I buried Grace's case files
in about a quadrillion
Q-bits of information.

I'm running a retrieval
root stream nav program

to get 'em onto this
flash drive.

But won't that overtax
the system?

Let's hope not,
or the Pentagon will be
looking for us next.

All right, here we go.


We're overloading.
I can't stay connected
much longer.


We're gonna crash the feed.

Sorry, Henry.
I got what I can.

Well, let's hope
that's enough. Thanks.

You're welcome.

So you can really make
any kind of food or drink?

Anything at all?
And it's free?

You want it, I got it.


Well, I used to.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. My memories
of Eureka are still
a little bit fuzzy.

Everyone's so sad.

I want to catch up
so I can feel sad, too.

Hey, everybody. Uh, just
wanted to let you know that

our little wormhole zone has
been cordoned off
with a plasma field.

So steer clear, okay?


And he's really a robot?

You'd never guess it, right?

No. Wow.

Wormholes, cyborgs,
endless possibility.

No wonder
you guys love this place.



This is not the steam room.



So where exactly were you?

I was walking from
my treatment room
to the steam room.

And bam! He was right here
in the buff.
It was amazing!

Aw, go on.

Yeah, I don't think
that's what she meant.

Jo? Yes, um,
rope off the spa.
We got another wormhole.

Hold on. I remember
getting wormholed

by Dr. Fargo!

And I think I liked it.
Good for you, honey.

Rope off the spa.


You are undoing
the silky benefits
of my seaweed wrap.

Well, your chest is b*rned,
but it's not from the wrap.

What are you saying?

Well, I have to run more tests

but it looks like
this was caused by
traversing the wormhole.

Well, that would indicate that
the new wormhole isn't as
s*ab as the last one was.

Right. Unstable wormholes.

I gotta find the cause.

Okay, where are you going?
Section Five.

a destabilizing technology.

I'd like to arrange a meeting
at the following

So would I.

Let's hope they still work.

FARGO: Well, tell your boss
Eureka's value

can't be measured in
profit margins alone.

This is about
innovation and...


How goes the w*r?

Um, I think I can
look forward to
the mother of all tax audits.

Fargo, I'm sorry.

You tried.

Oh, no, I am not
ready to give up on
this place just yet.

Neither am I.

What these bureaucrats
don't understand is that
Eureka is unique.

The work we do here
has limitless potential.

I mean, sure,
we make mistakes,

but that's because
we dream big.

And that is something
worth fighting for.

Well, let's give 'em hell.

Solidarity, sister!





CARTER: Hey, Henry, it's me.
Call me back.

Dude, take it easy!
That's sensitive,
expensive equipment.

Hey, Zane. We have
wormholes popping up
randomly all over town.

You... You have any
project that could be
causing it?

Hmm. Like my random
wormhole generator?

You have one of those?

No! But it's possible that
something got jostled

and reactivated
when we were packing.

So let's start looking.


So I can add
"wormhole wrangler"
to my resume.

That's a plus.

Hey, Carter?
You talked to Jo about
where she's going after here?

Uh, no.
Been a little bit busy. Why?

Well, uh, I'm...

I'm just trying to figure out
what she wants, 'cause
she's not really saying.

Wow. Before a wormhole
relocates you to
another zip code

you might wanna try
talking to her.

We've got a half-dozen
more incidents,

and now your daughter
has joined Fargo's cause.

Nice work, Kissinger.
Should have seen that coming.

(CHUCKLES) Are you guys
making any progress?


Oh, well, I'm just making
a list of the pros and cons

as to why we're actually
saving this place

when they're just gonna
shut it down anyway.

But I'll get back to you.

Well, you could always
meditate on how you
feel about it.

Maybe I will.


I'm going to, uh,
go and check out
some of the labs.

Not what I meant
by talking to her!
Not what I meant!

It's not my fault
she talks back.

Hey, what was that?

He's talking about
going to Switzerland.


Yeah, I could
end up in D.C.

And with everything
that we've been through

in not just one
but two time lines,

Carter, just...
It would be

too depressing
if it didn't work out.

More depressing
than not trying at all?


TAGGART: Lojack!

Lojack! Get back here!

Outsmarted you again?

His IQ is
higher than yours, mate.

He's a canine Houdini.

Will you lend us a hand?

You know, uh, sorry, Tag.
We're... We're kinda busy.

Yeah, and aren't you
the dogcatcher?

Biological Containment

He can run,
but he can't hide.

Talk to him.


So how permanent is
Dr. Marten's memory loss?

Well, it's hard to say.

Her brain is a photonic
plasma processor married
to a bio-printed body.

She is one of a kind.

She certainly is.

But I am concerned
about that injury.

The DNA scans
show your burn

is actually a micro-derm
incision at a subatomic level.

Essentially you had
a layer of skin sliced off.

Wormholes shouldn't do that.

Unless two wormholes
were intersecting.

And potentially bisecting
whatever passes through them.

TAGGART: Stop that mutt!



Jack, where are you?

Tracking runaway wormholes
and lab animals.

You know, like you do.

Well, things are worse
than we thought.

Wormholes are
starting to intersect.

See? This is why
we're being shut down.



Bad dog!
Bad dog! Bad dog!


What is that?


It's Andy.

Where's the rest of him?


Hey, bud.
We've been finding
pieces of you all over town.

Hey, boss, um,
could you call SARAH
and tell her I'm okay?

I... I don't want her
to be traumatized.

Excuse me.
Uh, what about me?


This landed in
the middle of Cafe Diem.

I don't think people
are hungry anymore.

Thanks, Dr. Marten.
I've been looking for that.

Jack, Andy's endoskeleton is
made of hardened titanium.

If the intersecting wormholes
did this to him...

Yeah, then guess what it's
gonna do to people. I gotcha.

We'll tell everyone to
stay put until it's fixed.

Okay. Please be careful.

The careful-est.

Oh. Yes, I know
it's not a word.

Buddy, just hang
in there, okay?
We're gonna get you fixed up.

Thanks, boss.
All right.

It's sweet Andy has someone
who cares about him so much.

ALLISON: Yes, it is.

You do, too, you know.

You really think so?


I was talking about Fargo.

Oh. Yeah, right. I...
I was also talking
about Fargo.



There you go, darling.


Hello, Henry.
Got your message.

Thank you for not
bringing in Jo's
tactical team.

Well, you wouldn't be here
if I had.


So why are you here?


To help Grace.

And here I thought
maybe you came to help me.

But I guess that was
another time line, huh?

Yeah, I still can't believe
I ever helped you.

I told you before, Henry.

Philosophically you and I
are not that different.

We both wanted Eureka
to live up to its promise.

It failed.

So you asked us
to commit treason

and we just
signed right up.

No, I asked you
to think about
the greater good.

Grace may go to prison.

I am very sorry
to hear that.

Then help her.
For old time's sake.

Fargo, get up!

Eureka is about to be
destroyed by a network
of wormholes.

Yeah, tell me about it.

But I convinced them
to give us an extra day

so we can salvage
the situation.

I think she meant
actual wormholes.

Look, I stopped the movers
and they're not gonna take
anything until we fix this.

Okay. Well, did you do
a tech inventory?

My team checked
all the equipment containers.

None of those projects
could be the cause.

Guys, I can't find Henry.
I'm worried.

Uh, yeah. I don't think
he's in town anymore.

Well, don't you think
we should get him?

What did you do?
What did you do?

Nothing. Nothing.

Okay, look,
he wanted to help Grace,

so I pulled some information
off the data stream
so he could check into it.

That's it.

Uh, uh, do you mean
the quantum teleportation
data stream?

Wait. Quantum teleportation.
That sounds a lot like
wormholes, right?

Nice, Dad.
Thanks. I pick stuff up.

Guys, that...
That can't be the cause.

That system has a
quantum field s*ab

to prevent that kind of thing
from ever happening.

Had a s*ab.

It was on the first truck
this morning out of town.

Well, nobody told me that.

(STAMMERS) It must've gone
offline once it passed
the E.M. Barrier.

Okay, that would have been
around the same time

the Jeep ended up
in the rotunda, right?

So call the trucks
and get it back.

Yeah! What she said.

Nah, if the wormholes are
already colliding, it may be
too late to s*ab them.

All right, um... Uh, we'll go
in the other direction then.

We'll... We'll, uh,
de-s*ab it
until it falls apart.

Could that work?

Well, if... If we could
get them all to align.

Their combined
quantum energy could
make them all implode.

Look at you
with your book learnin'.

Okay, let's get to work.

Maybe we should
go with them?

Nah. No, I have
one more phone call to make.

If they're going to
shut us down,

I'm gonna make sure
it's on our terms.

Oh. Hi.

So by retuning
the data stream,

theoretically this
should make the wormholes
collapse in on themselves.

If you pull this off
you can write your own ticket.

Is that what
you want me to do?

I want you to do
whatever makes you happy.

Well, what if that involves
being with you?



We have a problem.

I thought you said this thing
was gonna implode.

I said, theoretically.

After everything we have been
through you cannot let Grace
be sacrificed.

I am very sorry, Henry.

But I b*rned my bridges
when I broke with Senator Wen

to help save
the Astraeus crew.

Oh, you did
the right thing then.

Do the right thing now.

You're very
persuasive, Henry.

You should have been
head of G.D.

What do you
want me to do?

Talk to the D.O.D.
On Grace's behalf.

So they can arrest me?

I want to do
the right thing here,
but not that right.

Wait. I thought you cared
about the greater good.

But you know what?

You're deluding yourself
and, clearly, so am I.


I gotta go.
There are people who need me.


Henry, where the hell
have you been?
I'll put you on speaker.

Uh, meeting an old friend.
What's happening?

Well, the good news is
we moved all the bisecting
tunnels into one,

so Eureka's not
gonna go Swiss cheese.

But the sub-nuclear
stresses are building
to a critical level.

They won't hold for long.

You have to s*ab
the strong forces,

or the tunnel will tear
Eureka apart on a gluon level.

That sounds unpleasant.

ZANE: Tough to do
with all of our
equipment gone.

Um, could... Could...
Could we use Fargo's
strong thingy?

I'm not sure where
you're going here.

His wrist.
(STAMMERING) The wrist.
The thing he had...

Strong force amplifier.
Yes. Yeah.

Yeah, maybe,
if we can boost the strength

and get it into the center
of the wormhole somehow.

All right, I'm on it.

FARGO: It would be tragic
for Eureka to end this way.

Think of it
as an investment.

We made you
who you are today.

So I think a little
payback is in order.

I'll await your call.

Well, that was my
Hail Mary pass.

Well, at least you didn't go
down without a fight.

HOLLY: Douglas?

Holly? Hi.

How are you feeling?

That was...

And... And this is just...
You're really...

Does... Does this mean
you remember us?

It's still
a little bit fuzzy.

But maybe it'll come back
with more practice.

CARTER: Fargo, get up!

We gotta put your thing
in a hole before it blows.


You heard the man.


Okay. This should give it
enough boost

to amplify the strong forces

as it passes through,
making the tunnel implode.

Okay. And then...
And then just throw it in?

Yeah, not exactly.
It's calibrated to
the human subatomic field.

(SIGHS) It only works
if it's attached to a person.

Of course it does.

We're running out of time.
Is it ready?

Yeah. Yeah. Nobody moves
till this thing's done. Okay?


Oh, oh. I remember now.

You guys are smart,
but the Sheriff is
the strong force.

He holds it all together.

He always does.

Jack, wait!

I don't want
you to do this.

I don't wanna do it either,
but we don't have a lot of
options here.

No, I'm serious.

Okay, I...

I know I haven't
been very sensitive
about all this

but, uh, this is our home.

And this...

This is what I do.

Just for luck.

See you soon.

You'd better.






Jack! Oh, Jack.

Oh, man. Are you okay?

Come on.
Why are we standing?

It's all right.

You okay?

Yeah, I saw my...
My life just flash
before my eyes.

How'd it look?

Pretty good.

Good. All right.

Think you can make it?

Here we go.

Careful with that couch.
It's imported!

Hello? Anybody home?

Not for long.

I'm sorry, Doug.
I know how much
this job meant to you.

It did, but, uh, I know
there's something else
on the horizon.


Speaking of which,
I have been asked
to join a new

super-secret project
for "DARPA."

Really? That's...
That's great. Um, where?

Well, that's kind of
part of the secret.

I think it travels
a lot.

And I get to pick
my own team.

I like to travel.



Sir. Secretary of Defense.


Director Douglas Fargo.

Yes, Mr. Secretary.


Okay. Um...

Thank you for
keeping me in the loop, sir.

What happened?

Eureka's been sold.


After all of that,
we still lose the town.

You did everything
humanly possible.

Yeah. It wasn't
enough, though.

Eureka's never been about
the town. It's always
been about the people.

You saved them.

So, wherever they go,
they are our legacy.

Looks like our legacy
just got a little brighter.

Grace. Oh, my God.


What did you do?

I got my wife back.

And I am never going
anywhere again.

I'm gonna hold you to that.


The Feds received
an anonymous tip in
exchange for Grace's release.


It led to Senator Wen
and evidence that tied her to
the abduction of the crew.

She was being held in
a Matrix of her own.

Well, then I'd say
it's win-Wen.

(LAUGHS) You're so cute.

I try. I do.


I'm gonna really
miss it here.


Me, too.

I appreciate your cooperation,
Mr. Donovan.

Oh, and, of course,
your help reattaching
my lower extremities.

My pleasure.

Now you wanna tell me
what you're bringing
me in for?



What are you doing?

I'm going with what I feel.

I got you something.

Did you now?


And I suppose
you want me to
try this on for you?

Something like that.

There was a time
when I wanted this so much

but I was afraid
I'd mess it up.

I made the wrong choice.

I don't wanna miss out
on us again.

So what do you say?

Will you make an honest
woman out of me?

In any time line.

I love you, Jo.

I love you.

I am so sorry
but I gave away
all the champagne already.

Oh, Vincent, do not worry.
I'm just happy to be here.

Anything to toast with
is fine.

Good, because
the gentleman outside
asked me to pass this along.

Cheval Nuit.






I prefer
Dr. Trent Rockwell, sport.

What? Seriously?

Why'd you choose that name?

Well, Trevor Grant's
so 20th century, right?

Trent Rockwell, I feel,
conjures the essence,

the entrepreneurial
spirit of a visionary

A billionaire with
so much foresight

he's just sunk his
entire fortune into
a ridiculous project

with little chance
of financial return.

What are you talking about?

I got a call
from Douglas.

He told me about
your funding being cut off.

He also gave me
a very persuasive argument
for keeping the doors open.

You bought Eureka?

Well, I am one of the town's
founders, after all.

Before I hand over
the keys

I do have one condition.

She's married, pal,
so no indecent proposals.

No, uh, the current director
of G.D. Is stepping down.

So naturally, he's gonna
need a successor.

Douglas gave me
his recommendations,

and I can't imagine Eureka
being in better hands.

I'd be honored

to respect your wishes.


What do you say?

Are you ready
to change the world?


You got a deal.


That's great. Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.


WOMAN: I'm gonna
say, "Cheers."
ALL: Cheers!


GRACE: Thank you.

ALLISON: Can you come
talk with me?

(SIGHS) Well,
it's been quite a week, huh?


Yeah, it's...
It's been quite a journey.

We wouldn't be here
without you.

Yeah, well...

As much as I
like to complain,

there's no place
I'd rather be.

You're sure?

Without a doubt.


Because I'd really like
our baby to be born here.


I'm pregnant.

You're gonna be
a daddy again, Jack.

Can you handle that?

I... Uh...

Jack? What is it?

Uh, it's just
a little déjà vu.

Come here.

I can't wait.

Just another day

We never forget

Life takes a turn

That we don't expect

One journey ends

Another is set

And I have found

You are my home

One day we're lost

Another, we're found

So hard to know

Which way's up or down

Somehow we land

Feet back on the ground

And I have found

You are my home

Another day is done

Another setting sun

We have come home

So take my hand

They're playing our song

All that we have

Will never be gone

One thing I know

Though we travel on

Is I have found

You are my home

Well, we'll all fly out for
graduation on Friday,

but summa cum laude,

it's impressive.

We've come
a long way together.

Yes. Yes, we have.

Oh, wow.
High beams, moron.

Oh, it's...

Dad? Did you just see...

I'll deal with that tomorrow.

One thing I know

Though we travel on

Is I have found

You are my home
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