05x17 - The Enemy Within

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Rookie". Aired: October 16, 2018 - present.
Starting over isn't easy, especially for small-town guy John Nolan, who, after a life-altering incident, is pursuing his dream of becoming an LAPD officer.
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05x17 - The Enemy Within

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Previously on "The Rookie"...

LOPEZ: I tried to lock you up,
but I failed.

ELIJAH: So, what,
you're giving up?

CHARLIE: Mr. Evers,
Charlie Bristow from X-Ring Security.

I never run from a fight.

LOPEZ: You won't
even see it coming.

LAURA: Ms. Stevens, we have
a warrant for your arrest.

- My sister's m*rder.
- Celina.

I just want to see
if they've really done

everything they can to find the guy.

There's no card, but it's
clearly from Elijah Stone.



Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's wrong?

I read my sister's case file.

My mom lied to me.

The day my sister was taken,

my mom had a headache
and we were being,

you know, just noisy kids.

So she sent us outside to play

while she went inside to lie down.

We were out there for
about an hour or so

before I got distracted
and Blanca disappeared.

I was frantic, running around
the block, looking for her.

And when I finally ran home,

my mom was coming up the street.

I thought she had just
come out of the house.

Which is what she told
responding officers.

But later she admitted to the detective

that she had run out to the store

and-and a friend she had met
there corroborated it.

A-A friend I've never
even heard of before.

Sounds innocent enough.
Maybe she just went to grab some Advil

or something for dinner?

Well, then why lie about it?

I bet she was afraid
she'd get in trouble

for leaving two young kids alone.

And then the worst happened.

Why stick to the "I was home
the whole time" version with me?

I wasn't gonna rat her out to CPS.

Look, I am sure there are
a dozen innocent explanations

for every untoward one
you're imagining.


If it wasn't my mom,

if it was just some
random witness lying to you,

what would you think?

I would think...

"What else
is she lying about?"

MONICA: You'd think
I'd get tired of winning.

You know, I almost feel bad

beating you guys in court.

- No, you don't.
- You're right. I don't.

What was the most
impressive part of my defense?

Gotta be when I pointed out
the recent changes

in the judge's handwriting
made it impossible to know

for sure that those
were actually his words.

Somehow you knew he had
early-onset dementia,

a condition that clearly

- affected his handwriting.
- Did I?

- Hmm, maybe he shared that.

But the loss of his mental faculties

certainly didn't help your case,

which is why you didn't
argue it in court.

It really doesn't bother you

that he's d*ad, because of you?

There is no evidence that Judge Rivas

died of anything other than
a heart att*ck.

And if I hear that you or your office

is saying anything different,

I will sue you and the city
for defamation and win.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I have a client's deposition to get to.

I'll keep it short.

This unholy team-up between
Elijah's organization

and Abril's has had real-world
effects on our streets.

Yeah, last night, there was an incident

at a cookhouse in Vernon.

Seven d*ad inside

and a -year-old neighbor
caught a stray b*llet.

The child is out of surgery,
but it's still touch-and-go.

We started a collection
in the break room

if you'd like to contribute.

We need to clamp down.

Let's start making their costs
of doing business untenable.

Hit up your C.I.s.

Word is, Elijah is orchestrating
a large buy.

We can't allow that to happen.

Alright, be safe out there.

Sir, you remember I let Celina

take a look at her sister's case file.

And I told you that could get tricky.

You did, and it is.

But she did manage to find
a discrepancy in the report

I think bears looking into.

Maybe speak with a witness.


Okay, just give the cold-case detective

working the file a heads-up.

- Yes, sir.
- And keep an eye on her.

Last thing we want is her to compromise

her sister's m*rder investigation.

Of course, sir.


Uh, don't hate me.

What did you do?

No, you're supposed to say,

"I could never hate you."

[SIGHS] Fine.

I got mad at you a few months back

after a Tim Test.

- Which one?
- The...

Oh, weird.

I honestly don't remember.

But so, that's not important.

What did you do?

I signed you up to be
a "Make a Dream" mentor,

and then I totally forgot about it,
I'm sorry.

- For when?
- Today.

-year-old cancer patient Jordy Yates

is on his way right now.

- What?

- I...
- C... It's a good thing.

Lifting up a sick kid
who's having a really hard time.

What could you possibly
be doing with your day

that would be more important than that?

Nice job boxing me in.

Thank you.

- Where are you going?
- I got to go on patrol.

No, no, you and I
are gonna be entertaining

- our "Make a Dream" kid together.

No. What else
could you possibly

do with your day that's more important?

Right. Yep.

I should have seen that coming.

Hey, there.

We are not going on patrol
this morning.

There's someone coming to the station

that we need to talk to.

You got my mother to leave the house?

No, and you will not

be the first
person to ask her about these...

- Lies.
- Discrepancies.

She needs to be questioned

by the detective
working the case, okay?

It's important she's not
prepared the first time

she's confronted with this on record.

- I know you already know this.
- I do.

So, who are we talking to?

The mystery man she says
she ran into at the store...

- Edwin Guzman.
- That's great.

I-I already have, uh,
a list of questions.

Um, "How did you know my mom?"

"Were you having an affair?"
"Did you lie for her?"

"Do you know why my mom lied
to me for my entire life?"

Okay, whoa, whoa.

I think it's important

that I be the one
doing the questioning.

- But I can be there?
- Yes,

as a fly on the wall.

- Thank you.
- Let's go.


Hi, Mr. Yates.
I'm Lucy Chen.

This is Sergeant Tim Bradford.

Thank you so much for doing this.

This is my son, Jordy.
Say hi.

- Hi.

Hear you wanna be a cop.

- Yeah.

Okay, well, you're gonna be
hanging with us today.

So, I just... I come back
to pick him up at : ?

- Yeah.
- We'll take good care of him.

- Alright, be good.

- Alright, buddy? I'll be back.
- Mm-hmm.

Alright, Jordy,
so I'm thinking processing.

You want to take your fingerprints,

get a mug sh*t taken?

- I guess.
- Okay.

Okay, remember, I will be
talking to Mr. Guzman.

You will not be talking
to Mr. Guzman.


Hello, sir.

Thank you very much for coming in.

This shouldn't take too long.

We just have a couple
of questions for you.

I'm Celina Juarez.

I think you knew my mother?

Celina, I haven't seen you since

I saw you and your sister...

- You've grown up.
- I have.

W-What's this about?

We understand you were
with Celina's mother

the day her sister was abducted.

Yes, I was.

She said she was home.

Did she lie to me,
or did she lie to the police?

Officer Juarez.

I don't know. Maybe...
Maybe she just forgot.

You don't forget where you were
when your kid was taken.

Okay, Celina.

I need you to find Officer Thorsen,

see if there's anything he needs.


Because I'm telling you.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Guzman, please.


Just a second.



What were you and Mrs.
Juarez doing that afternoon?

I told the cops back then.
Wouldn't this be in a file?

Oh, yeah. You ran into each
other at the corner store.

She was out getting milk.

Mr. Guzman, I highly recommend
you take this opportunity

to tell me the truth.

Lying once to the police

during a child m*rder
investigation is one thing.

But to do it again...

Okay, I-I didn't want Karla
to get into trouble.

You know, she was going through
so much.

And I, I thought,
if I told the cops, that,

that, she might lose Celina, too.

So, were the two of you
even together that day?


But not at the store.

Celina's mom had been in a car accident

a couple months prior.

Around the same time that
I-I screwed up my back at work.

And, our doctors prescribed opioids.

I mean, they-they didn't
know about them then.

You got addicted?

Yeah, and, uh,
the doctors cut us off, and...

We found our own dealer.

We were both in a real bad place.

That's what Celina's mother was doing

out of the house that morning.

She was scoring.

With me.

Uh, after Blanca was taken

[SIGHS] Karla never took another pill.

I mean, she, she quit cold turkey,

because o-of guilt and grief.

I should have told the cops the truth.

But it wasn't relevant, right?

I mean, had nothing to
do with the reason that...

That Blanca was taken.

Well, that'll be
for an investigator to decide.

And, one will be in touch.

Mr. Guzman, I implore you

not to share this conversation
with Karla.

You really don't want to add
criminal conspiracy

to the list of possible charges
against you.

I won't.

And I actually haven't
spoken to her in years.

Look, um, can you tell Celina
how sorry I am?

And if you haven't been through it,

I don't think you can understand
what opioids do to you.

I mean, we were lost for a long time.


I know that we messed up.

I'll tell her.

[SIGHS] Thank you.


Uh, Officer Gonzalez down there

can show you the way out.

What did he say?

I can't tell you just yet.

I have to get the detectives
involved first.

LUCY: Okay, give me
your meanest face.

- Okay.

Now look miserable.

- Nailed it. Perfect.

It doesn't exactly feel like
we're making dreams come true.

He looks like he hates us.

No, I don't think it's that.

I mean, maybe...

Maybe he doesn't like
having his picture taken.

Maybe he doesn't feel well.
I mean, he does have cancer.


Let's move on.
What's next?

Oh, ooh.

Where did he go?








Hello, Counselor.

No pressure.

But if you can't convince me
why I should let you live...

I'm gonna feed you
into the wood chipper.


- This is so shortsighted.
- ELIJAH: How so?

I have been nothing but loyal to you.

I'm the reason you're free
in the first place.

The FBI raided my office.

They have documents related
to my business because of you.

Your legitimate business.

There was nothing incriminating.

You're talking to me like I don't
know what the hell I'm doing.

And I'm trying really hard
to not be insulted.

I mean, how do I know
if I can ever trust you again?

Because when I was in that cell,

I didn't fold and call
my friendly prosecutor

to get a deal like I could have!

No, I dug in and got right to work

on the case, on the facts.

And I got their evidence thrown out!

Because that's my w*apon...

The law.

I mean, there are plenty

of morally flexible lawyers
in this town.

None of them are half the lawyer I am.

And I can guarantee you,

none of them hate the LAPD,

and the D.A. as much as I do right now.

You're gonna want to tap
into that desire for vengeance.

That same desire you have,
for Lopez and Wesley.

[g*n COCKS]



♪ ♪




What do you have in mind?

Use me to get inside
their investigation into you.

It's gonna cost you a little bit
of money and some players,

but it'll be worth it in the long run.


I'm interested.

What's the first step?

You're gonna need to hit me.




WESLEY: Two-time felon
looking at -plus years...

Yeah, I think we can get him to,
uh, agree to a plea.

CHRIS: You think?

Are you okay?

- What happened?
- You were right.

I'm in over my head.

Elijah just made me beg for my life,

and I'm gonna make him pay for it.

I can't wait to tell the "Make a
Dream" people we lost the kid.

We didn't lose him.
We misplaced him.

No, Tim, he has cancer,
and we lost him.

He's probably raiding the snacks.

How can you be so calm?

What if this was your kid?

You and I both know
that % of the time

the missing kid is playing hideand-seek

and fell asleep under the bed.

You know what?
If-if we ever lose our kids,

I'm gonna need you to take
this a lot more seriously.

Hold up, our kids would know better

than to pull a stunt like this.

I mean, look, we're doing great so far.

LUCY: Oh, thank God.

Hey, I, uh, found this kid
wandering around.

He said he belongs to you.

Yeah, he's slippery.

So, uh, what were you guys
talking about?

Uh, he kept asking me what
my childhood pet's name was.

Okay. Why?

A report for school, about...

- Pets?
- Uh, yeah.

Alright, well, let me know if you have

any further questions. Okay?

- Alright, thanks.

What do you wanna do next?

- Uh...
- How about the kit room?

- Oh.
- That's where we get our w*r bags.


Well, do you like dogs?

We have some cuties in the K- unit.

Okay. [SIGHS]

What kind of kid doesn't like dogs?

- Tim...
- Know what? Sit down.

Oh, you know what?

What about the impound lot?

Aw, to hear my nephews tell it,

it's all about Pokémon and, uh, manga

with, like, ghosts on a toilet
and stuff like that.

I don't know.

- Where'd he go?
- Oh, no, you're kidding.

- No.
- This is ridiculous.

Did you see a little kid
come through here?

Oh, no. Sorry.

- No?

Yeah, that'd be great, thank you.

Thank you very much.

Hey, I need your advice.

- What's up?
- I just started helping Celina

dig back into her sister's case.

- That sounds dicey.
- You have no idea.

I just interviewed a guy
who says that Celina's mother

left the girls home alone while
she went out to score drugs.

So her sister was kidnapped

while her mom was getting high.

- Does Celina know?
- No, no, not yet.

That opens up a whole
new world of suspects...

Drug dealers, other addicts.

- Exactly what I was thinking.
- I'll talk to Carradine,

have the file added to my caseload.

Thank you very much.

If you'll testify about
what happened today,

we've got Elijah on kidnapping

and half a dozen other charges.

No, I'm not testifying in open court.

Even if he's convicted, he'll
have me k*lled from prison.

- So, what good are you?
- I know about his plans.

He's expanding,
creating new partnerships.

We know he teamed up with Abril.
What else?

Yeah, that's old news at this point.

But I can give you Intel
on things you don't know about.

But it has to be Intel you could
have gotten some other way.

I need to walk away with full immunity

and Elijah believing
that I'm still loyal.

Otherwise, there's no deal.

What does the D.A.'s office
feel about that?

She says she has valuable Intel.

We'd love to see her prove it.

Elijah has money problems.

As in, he's got too much of it.

Millions in cash that
he's been stockpiling.

- He's looking for a way to launder it.
- Oh, poor guy.

He's meeting with a money
launderer this afternoon.

I know where, and when.

If this is a trap, you are done.

You're going to prison
for a very long time.

The Intel is good.

- Give us a minute.
- We need to discuss this further.

Look, I, um...

I need to know

this won't get back to Elijah.

Your cooperation
will be strictly guarded.

♪ ♪

- What do you think?

I think a scorpion just asked us,

for a ride across the river.


- You heard her offer?
- Yeah.

You've known her the longest.

Do you think she'll turn on Elijah?

Monica is only loyal to herself.

All I know for sure is, he scared her.

And when she's scared, she gets angry.

Well, if we're gonna play this out,

we're gonna need Metro today.



It's Grey.

Do you think that he knows
that we lost the kid twice?

Yes, sir.

So, I need you to come
over to the D.A.'s office,

while Metro starts their engines

on the op this afternoon.

Uh, yeah, o-okay.

I-I just... I can't
break free at the moment,

so I-I'll send Po and Harris,
and I'll fold in later.

Got it.

I really hope you're enjoying
your revenge for that Tim Test.

I'm really not.

Come on, come on.




♪ ♪



You texting Elijah?

He's texting me.

A-And if I don't respond,
he'll get suspicious.

Oh, so what are you gonna say?

"With the D.A. now."
"They're buying every word."

Yeah. Hmm.


Am I lying?

Do they believe I'm here
to help take down Elijah?

Not fully.

- Do you?
- No.


If I've learned anything about you,

it's that you're not a victim.

If Elijah really did terrorize
you this morning, um,

I don't imagine you'd roll over
and take it.



I guess they do believe you.

SGT. GREY: You're part
of a very small group

that knows she's cooperating.

So if this gets out,
we know who to look at.

I'll be d*ad, but at least
we'll know who to blame.

It won't get out.

According to Monica,

Elijah's been looking, for new partners

to help him launder his extra money.

And he's found one...
Angels Check Cashing.

Alright, what are we looking at?

Elijah's done his due diligence.

He's ready to finalize the deal.

He will be there today
with at least $ million.

He will be armed.

- So will his guys.
- How many guys?

Usually two bodyguards, at least.

They carry g*n
and keep a*t*matic w*apon

in the spare-tire compartment.

Alright, anyone makes a move
for the SUV, we drop them.

This is our ops plan,

with an overview of how today will go.

It also has everyone's numbers listed.


Asterisks are next to those
who will be present.

Make sure you study it.
Any questions?


It's not Elijah.

But I do have a meeting to get to

if I'm gonna keep up appearances.

Okay, let's mobilize.

Good luck.


Keep that phone close.
We will be reaching out.

You better hope this goes smoothly.

I've learned better
than to put my trust

in the competency of the LAPD.

Maybe you'll surprise me.

♪ ♪

- There you are.
- Hey, what did Lopez say?

That she will investigate
this new angle.

Nothing may come of this,

but rest assured,
she'll do everything she can.

- Thank you.
- I mean, this is more hope

than I've had in a long time.

There's more.

It's about your mother.

Guzman told you what they were doing?

Were they having an affair?


What then?

Look, whatever you
tell me can't be worse

than the scenarios
I've created in my head.

It seems your mother

- hurt her back a while ago.
- I remember.

I used to have to
pick things up for her.

Your mother became addicted
to the painkillers

that the doctor prescribed for her.

And then he cut her off.

On the day your sister was abducted,

your mother was buying drugs.


No, that... that... that's not right.

I'm afraid it is.

And it explains why she lied

to the police, and to you.

She was ashamed.

So she...

She... she...
She told us to...

To play outside to...

To get rid of us, to...

To keep us busy so she could score?

Your mother was an addict.

She wasn't thinking clearly.

She was supposed to keep us safe,

and she wasn't even there.

All these years, I mean, do you have

any idea how much I've blamed myself?

Hey, you were just a kid.
It wasn't your fault.

I know.

It was hers.

Are you buying this
whole Monica reinvention?

If someone I work for tried to put
me in a wood chipper, I'd flip on them.

If someone tried to put you
in a wood chipper,

they'd be in the wood chipper.

- True.


♪ ♪

Is that Elijah?

It looks like his SUV.

Yeah, it also looks like
every other SUV.

Did anyone get a positive I.D.
on Elijah?

SGT. GREY: Negative.

What do you think?
Hit it or hold?

Look, I know you really want Elijah,

but we can't be sure that he's inside.

That's not important right now.

We have Intel that a crime

is being committed at this address.

That's what we should focus on.

Alright, we're green and go.


♪ ♪


Police. Put the bags down.
Let me see your hands.

Line up.
Hands on the counter.

Where's Elijah?

- Who?
- You know who.

Lotta money here.
$ million, $ . million maybe.

Possessing money isn't a crime.

Yeah, but carrying a loaded firearm

under your clothes without
a concealed-carry permit is.

But I'm sure you have
one of those, don't you?

Search the SUV, too.

Hope you have a good lawyer.

Don't worry about me, shorty.
Just worry about yourself.

You did not just thr*at my partner.


- [g*n COCKS]


Get in.


They raided the place,

got Wyatt and the $ million.

This better be worth it.

I told you,

if we didn't sacrifice
an important piece,

they'd know it was a setup.

But if you're feeling sad,

I can just keep all of these

police phone numbers to myself.

Or maybe I can put us
on a group thread,

maybe share some fun memes.

I got you what you asked for.

Now it's your turn.


You're safe...

for now.




Well, this will make tonight's meeting

a lot more secure.

We can track every member of Metro

through their phones.

Make sure they're nowhere near us.

Elijah, I told you,

a meeting right now is not a good idea.

The LAPD is all over you.

Postpone a week, at the least.

If I reschedule,
Abril is gonna wonder why.

You want to tell
our new business partner

the police are all over us?


It's the cops.


HARPER: I cannot wait to hear
the story you're about to sell.

What, did Elijah have a tummy ache?

Or maybe he was just at home
watching his stories?

I don't know why he wasn't there.

Elijah doesn't explain himself to me.

But he was pissed that
you took Wyatt off the board

and confiscated a couple million.

If you can't use the bust

to build a case
against Mr. Stone,

perhaps the LAPD should
reconsider your qualifications

- as a detective.

Man, I love your fighting spirit,

but you are not gonna steamroll
your way through this.

We need Intel that leads us
directly to Elijah.

If we don't get that,

you don't get your immunity.

We knew she might have been playing us,

that she was after something.

But it couldn't just be about

getting the ops plan like we suspected.

There's got to be
a bigger game at play here.

Or at least Elijah sacrificed Wyatt

and a large sum of money
to get what he was after.

$ million is a cheap price to pay

to be able to track our movements.

And Wyatt has already
called for a lawyer.

So we're not gonna get
anything from him.

Alright, well, then all we can do

is wait for Elijah's next move.

- TIM: What the hell are you doing?
- Nothing.

LUCY: Really?
Because it looks like you're Googling

"how to delete
traffic tickets."

You know you can't do that
from these computers.

Traffic citations are managed

in a completely different office.

Which is a good thing,
because accessing

or altering a police computer
is a crime.

I'm sorry.

My dad said we couldn't afford
all the fines, and...

Uh, your dad put you up to this?

Okay, do you even have cancer?

- Tim.
- Yeah, that part's true.

Okay, but you lied about
wanting to be a cop?

Of course.
Cops are wack.

I wanted to be on the sidelines
for a Rams game.

But he said if I could figure out a way

to get rid of his tickets,
he'd buy me an e-bike.

[SCOFFS] That's why
you were asking about

old pet names for potential passwords.

That's clever.

Okay, so, if you have
to Google your crime,

you're clearly not a hacker.

How'd you get into our system?

Found this.



Did he have to write
that down to remember it?

What's this about?
Where's Jordy?

He's down the hall.
He's fine.

Why am I in here?

My kid's sick, and you're
treating me like a criminal.

You are a criminal,
Mr. Yates.

And you made your son one, too.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You forced him to choose
a police station

for his "Make a Dream"
because you thought

he could get in
and expunge your record.

We could charge Jordy

for unauthorized computer access

and attempted burglary.

You can't do that.

He didn't know.
He's got cancer.

Nobody wants to charge Jordy.

You, on the other hand...

It's just a couple of tickets.

It's .

And you used a minor
in the commission of a crime.

Do you understand that
that is a felony?

His medical costs are k*lling us,
and if,

I didn't get those
tickets taken care of, it...

It'd cost me my car, and my license.

I know I messed up,
but I can't go to jail.

My family needs me.

♪ ♪

Alright, you're not going
to jail, Mr. Yates.

You're going to "Daddy and Me
Traffic School."

There's an arcade.

Jordy will love it.

I don't know what to say.


How can I make it up to you?

Be a better father to your son.


I have to be quick.

Elijah thinks I'm here
bailing out a client.

Why the urgency?

I just found out there's going
to be a high-level meeting

at the Van Nuys airfield tonight.

- With who?
- MONICA: Elijah didn't say.

But he was nervous about it.

My guess is that it's someone
connected to Abril.

- What time?
- : .

I'll text "the Pharmacy"

- if I hear anything more.

Do that.

You buying any of this?

I'm buying there's a meeting,
but not at the airfield.

Alright, we need to figure
out where, and fast.

I'll call Garza, see if anyone
on the federal level

knows about Abril's movements.

Alright, everyone, quiet down.
Bring it in.

SGT. GREY: So, we got Intel
a little while ago

that Elijah Stone
has a highlevel meeting

scheduled for tonight
at Van Nuys airfield.

Metro has four units in route
to that location as we speak.


♪ ♪

- ELIJAH: Talk to me.
- LAPD took the bait.

Metro cops just blew by me
on their way to the airfield.

Good, tracking a dozen
cellphones in those vehicles.

By the time they figure out
it's a wild goose chase,

it'll all be over.

Now, thanks to six night-shift officers

and a dozen burner phones,

Elijah believes that the LAPD

will be chasing shadows
down at the airfield.

Now, the real target
is Elijah's associate Daylin.

Feds tracked her entering
the country two hours ago.

We got eyes on her.

She's gonna lead us to that
exact meet-up location.

So let's mount up and get 'em.

♪ ♪

Daylin just pulled in.
Still no sign of Elijah.



Get our truck rolling.

Daylin just landed.

We're one minute out.

♪ ♪


Monica just texted.

"Meet moved
to Port of L.A.

East Container Yard.
Happening now."

She either grew a conscience
or she's covering her ass.

I'm gonna go with "B."

If we weren't here already,
we'd be screwed.

- TIM: Heads up.

Black SUV and box truck
entering the container yard.

It's gotta be Elijah.

Yeah, after earlier,
I'll believe it when I see it.

♪ ♪

Elijah is here, and so is Monica.

Buenas noches.

It is, indeed.

So, shall we show each other
something sexy?

Yes, please.


pounds of premium cut.

$ million in cold, hard cash,

plus an extra $ million as your fee

to wash the money for me.

Pleasure doing business with you.

Two trucks, drugs, and money.

- We have eyes on the exchange.

Tim, you ready to move in?

- TIM: Negative.

East team's radios just went out.

Working on getting them back.

We can't wait.
Roll everyone you can.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Get on the ground!




♪ ♪


♪ With a twist and shout ♪


♪ The curtains burning up ♪

♪ And so goes the house ♪


♪ Oppression Olympians ♪

♪ Algorithm static ♪






♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Good night.

[g*n COCKS]

Get on the ground!
Do it now!


Did you miss, or do that on purpose?

On the ground now!

Yeah, you probably missed.

But now you can't sh**t me.

Get down!
Last warning.

Or what?

How's that gonna look?

You just happen to be
the one to sh**t me?

No body cameras, no witnesses?

You can't pull the trigger now, Angela.

We have too much history.

Stay where you are.
Do not come any closer.

I will sh**t you.

"Breaking news...
LAPD Detective Angela Lopez"

"was arrested today, for the
revenge k*lling of Elijah Stone."

No one will believe that.

"An LAPD spokesperson confirmed
Elijah Stone was unarmed"

"when he was m*rder
by Detective Lopez."

Come on.

You sat in my kitchen,

thr*at to fight me in
the street with a claw hammer.

I'm saying, let's go!


Unless you're all mouth.

But know this.

I'm gonna punch you in that baby
as many times as I can.



That's the only one you're gonna land.


♪ ♪


Here, you hook him up.
You deserve it.





When you find out what I've done,

you're gonna wish you had k*lled me.

What the hell are you talking about?

You'll find out.


What have you done?

♪ ♪

On our way where?

♪ ♪


No, I'll get it.

♪ ♪




♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Move, move, move!


♪ ♪

♪ ♪




♪ ♪


♪ ♪






Oh, Celina, I saw the officer
at my door

and I imagined the worst.

I'm fine.


What's happening?

You know I can't be outside.

I can't deal with the noise
and the lights.

Mami, stop.


Okay, we'll get you home
as soon as possible.


But, first,

they're gonna ask you
questions about Blanca's case.


Did they find something?

Do they know who did it?


But they want to know where
you were when it happened.

I was...

I was lying down.
I had a headache.

W-We went over this so many times.

No, Mami.

No more lies.

I know about the drugs.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I stopped that day, I swear.

You lied to me,

my whole life.

I know.

♪ ♪

How could I tell you the truth?

That I abandoned you?

That it was my fault
that she got taken?

You'd hate me.

I can't handle that.


The detectives are waiting.


♪ ♪



"Daddy and Me Traffic School"
sounds fun.


The kid gets $ in tokens, too.

It was a really nice gesture, Tim.

Look, I wanted to throw
that guy in jail

for putting his son in that position.


You're a good influence.

You're gonna make a really great
dad one of these days.

I'm gonna have to if you keep
losing our kids everywhere you go.

Come on. Stop it.

Sir, any news on Abril?

Just spoke to Garza.

The Feds have everything
we got off Elijah's phone.

They were in regular contact.

So, with any luck,

they'll be able to pinpoint
the base of her operations.

Okay, with Elijah in jail,

all the drug dealers
he had under his thumb

are gonna be climbing for his crown.

It's whack-a-mole, narco edition.

Yeah, but for now,
we can enjoy the win.

Tomorrow we'll worry about all that.

You're free to go.


You know, that was a smart move,

texting us at the last minute.

Now we can't say
you weren't cooperating.

Elijah had me tied to his hip.

I warned you about the location
change as soon as I could.

That is exactly what
a smart lawyer would say.

And the classified operations report

I leaked to a drug lord?

Right. About that.

Um, I've written a report
that will stay

in my computer for up to five years.

I intend to keep this report
on my computer.

But if your name ever crosses
my desk again,

you will be charged
with obstruction of justice,

conspiracy, wire fraud, and burglary.

I can hold this over your head

until the statute of limitations

So, between now and months from now,

assuming I don't die,

your ass belongs to me.

Oh, and we planted the report.

It was full of false information.

All the phone numbers were fake.


So, you never really trusted me.

Are you surprised?


You're finally learning.

Maybe one day you will, too.

I have to say,

this whole thing has been a, um,

learning experience, for me.

I'm thinking about, uh...

Thinking about turning over a new leaf.

I won't hold my breath.



How is Celina?

Oh, she hasn't said much.

I think she's still processing.

Is any of this
gonna help catch the guy?

It might.

We're tracking Karla's dealer
and known associates.

It doesn't help that the whole thing

happened years ago.

If any of them were involved,

they've had plenty of time
to destroy evidence or,

get their story straight.

I can't imagine what a blow
this has been for Celina.

You know, just a week ago,

she and her mother
had a great relationship.

Packed with lies.

Yes, true.


They were close.

I hope they can get there again.

Me too.

♪ It's an illusion ♪


♪ It's an illusion ♪

I thought you should know,
the Feds have Elijah's phone.

It's only a matter of time
before they kick in your door.

Of course.

And, Abril...

let me know if I can be of any help.

♪ ♪


I can't believe it's finally over.

I know.
I wanted to celebrate,

but the b*llet holes
are a bit of a mood k*ller.

Ah, I don't know.

I think we should keep them.

It's a great conversation starter.

So you could tell the story of
how you fought off a hired hitman?


Like, I'm working that into
every conversation until the day I die.


That's fair.
It was very heroic.

How about we patch up all but one?

♪ You gotta let it go ♪


And by "we," you mean...

- Nolan, obviously.
- Yeah.

- Come on.
- Yeah, mm-hmm.

You know, on the bright side,

no matter how bad this place looks,

Elijah is somewhere far worse.




MAN: Hey, neighbor.

I got a veritable library over here.

What's your jam?

Science fiction, thriller, romance?

You got any revenge stories?

Boy, do I.
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