11x15 - Damage Control

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Chicago f*re". Aired: October 2012 to present.
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Chicago f*re follows the lives of the firefighters and paramedics working for the Chicago f*re Department at the firehouse of Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61 and Battalion 25.
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11x15 - Damage Control

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I was hoping that this
was going somewhere.

I messed up.

What if he asks me out again?

If he asks again,
you can say we're together.


What just happened?

I have a tumor. It is cancer.

Cindy is the rock of that family.

I got your message about Van Meter.

What's going on?

♪ ♪

Wow, what are you gonna do?



♪ ♪

- What's wrong with you?
- What?

You're gonna wake up Mom.

I'm sorry. It was an accident.

Hey, it's okay, honey.




So the brass is still on
the warpath about the budget.

They ordered every firehouse
to cut admin spending by %,

so I need your help.

Make some trims, get into compliance.

Admin spending?

That's all non-firefighting
supplies, right?

Exactly... office, bathroom, kitchen.

Basically if it doesn't come from

the CFD Equipment Division,

we need to look for ways to save on it.

And fair warning,

you're gonna get
a lot of grumbling on this.

You tell anyone that's got
a problem to come to me.

Oh, I'm sure I can handle it.

Um... good luck.

- Mm-hmm.

Good morning, Captain.


I just wanted to explain in person.

What, why you took my squad
lieutenant out of commission

on a day's notice?

Well, to be fair,
Severide could have said no.

But this is the best arson investigation

training program in the world,
Wallace, hands down.

A last-minute opening like this...

it's the opportunity of
a lifetime for Severide.

And after seeing him hunt down
that EV charger evidence

last month, well, I couldn't
think of a better man

to recommend for the spot.
I hope you can understand.

Oh, I understand what's in it for you.

It doesn't mean he's
planning a transfer to OFI.

And I know it'll be a burden
on this house for a while,

but the expertise Severide
will bring back here to

will benefit the whole department.

You know that's the only reason

why I'm going along with this.


Gallo was talking about that program

Severide got into... very cool.

Yeah, it is, but I feel for Kidd.

- Long distance is no fun.
- True.

Did you call Dylan yet?

I was going to, but

then I started thinking
it might be weird.

Weird how?

Well, some people think phone calls are

a little aggressive nowadays.

Ugh, only teenagers think that.

Besides, you know how men are.

His ego just probably
got a little bruised.

It'll be good for him.

Okay, yeah, I'm doing it.


Here I go.

Oh, voicemail.

Hey, Dylan, it's Sylvie.

I know it's been a little while,

but I was just wondering if maybe you

were free sometime this week.

I heard they're doing turtle
races again at Tin Lizzie.

- All units, a structure f*re.

Or we could grab a coffee, maybe.

Anyway, call me whenever. Bye.



♪ ♪

The f*re in the trusses,
so we got to move fast.

- Herrmann.
- Yeah, Chief.

Drop two lines, push deep,

and hold it back till we
clear everyone from the inside

and the horses.

Squad, work back to front.

- Truck, front to back.
- Copy that, Chief.

Tony, take the rear
and take the Charlie side.

Cap, you're with me.

Recon the Bravo side.

Me and Mouch will recon the Delta side.

- Copy.
- Let's go, let's go!

Let's go low!

f*re Department! Call out!


All right, Engine, push forward.

- Capp, check the stalls.
- Copy that.


All right, leapfrog search. Let's go!

f*re Department! Call out!

More slack!

Trusses are fully involved, Chief.


You got one more minute.

f*re Department! Call out!

Help! In here!


Anyone else in the building?


Just me and the horses.

I got halters on the rest of them.

We'll get them. You get out of here.

Sir, you gotta go right now.

I got him. You get the horse.


Whoa, whoa, what do we do?

I got an idea.

Hey, it's okay. Easy.

Mouch. Any other victims inside?

No. One more horse.

Carver and Gallo are on it.

Have a seat here, sir.

Please, please,
I have to go back inside.

His lungs are diminished.

I hear stridor. O 's and falling.

- We're gonna have to tube him.
- All right.

I've been a City s*ab
Groom for years,

never lost a single horse.

Hey, hey, my guys are in
there getting that last horse

out as we speak.

You got my word on that.

Let's focus on you right now.

Come on, come on.

We're trying to get you out of here.

Come on. Carver, where are you at?

Tuck it behind the halter.

Here. Tuck it in, tuck it in.

Easy. Easy.

All right, time's up.

Everyone out now.

Let it go!

Now means now, people.

You give him a slap
on the ass on my three.

Okay. One, two, three.



Mayday, mayday! Gallo's down.

No one else goes inside!

Squad's in there.

Violet, he'll be okay.

They'll get him out.

Chief, we got Gallo.


- He's okay, Violet.

- Come on, let's go.
- Yeah, yeah.

You okay, Gallo?

Yeah, I'm okay.
It's just a small scratch.

The horse make it out?

Everybody made it out.

Hey, Herrmann, going defensive.

Copy that.




Hey, I'm gonna go find Gallo.

Go ahead. I got this.


Hey, Sophie, got your message.

Next week is a little crazy,

but I have a hockey game tomorrow.

You're welcome to come if you want.

It's at the Frederick Ice Center,

so see you later maybe,
or I'll give you a call

when things slow down on my end.


And it begins.

- What?
- The budget cuts.

Have you not tried this new soap yet?

Kylie put it in, like, an hour ago.

It's like it won't
rinse off of your skin.

- Hey.
- Are you okay?

What happened? Why didn't you go to Med?

Oh, it's no big deal.
It's just a little...

Yeah, well, let me see. Move your hand.

[GASPS] That is not nothing, Gallo.

That is a pretty deep laceration.

We're gonna have to
keep a close eye on this

and make sure it doesn't get infected.

- Okay... "we"?
- I don't like the looks of this,

so I'm gonna go back to Med,
and I'm gonna get you

some prescription-strength antibiotic.

Vi, you don't have to do that.

Stop being a tough guy, okay?

I'm doing it.


Hey, Kylie, where are the Red Vines?

Oh, yeah, we're not
gonna be able to categorize

Red Vines as an office expense
anymore, unfortunately.

But they come from Office Depot.

I know. It's a huge bummer.

I'm really sorry about that.

No, no, it's, uh...

It's fine.

No, it's perfect, yeah, and did you get

the email about Annabelle's...

Yeah, : .

Thank you, Lee Henry.

I'm sorry you have to miss class again.

Hey, how's the family doing, Herrmann?

Oh, well, you know, Cindy,

she's doing as good as can be expected.

Chemo is a... it's a bitch, just
like they said it would be.

But you know her.

She's a tough cookie.

And how are the rest of you holding up?

Me and the kids?

We're doing fine.

We're eating like kings, you know,

thanks to all the meals Donna and Judy,

they keep dropping off.

Hey, look who it is.

I haven't seen her
around here in a while.

Hey, Seager, I like the new look.

Thank you.

Are you looking for Severide?
He's in Alabama.

I know. Lucky bastard.

Look, I was actually
hoping to catch you guys

before your shift ended.

You worked the s*ab
f*re yesterday, right?

Yeah, all units. Why?

What's the urgency?

There was a death involved.

A death?

Yeah, the s*ab manager,

Leroy Merrill,

succumbed to his injuries
about an hour ago.

Apparently the s*ab was an
overflow boarding facility

for mounted patrol horses.

So as you can imagine, you've
got multiple city departments

pushing for answers...

CPD, City Hall.

They're all over us,
trying to determine a cause

before it hits the news
and the animal rights people

start screaming about

getting rid of the mounted patrol again.

So a man died,

and all they care about
is damage control?

Yeah, it's a pretty
damn cynical approach.


Was anyone else on duty
when you arrived on scene?

No, just the s*ab manager.

Mouch is the one that
got him out of there.

Did he say anything about how
the f*re might have started?

No, he was...

What was his name, Leroy?

Leroy Merrill.

Mr. Merrill only had one concern...

getting those horses to safety.

He gave his life for it. If...

If they try and pin this on him,

call it negligence, a man who
can't even defend himself...


♪ ♪

Mouch seemed to have a
nice connection with the guy.

So no one saw any
obvious cause on the scene?

Looked like a pretty decent facility...

clean, nothing out of place,
horses well cared for.

You know your way around a s*ab?

A little bit, yeah.

I'm pretty sure I know
where the f*re started.

I can show you if you want.

Yeah, that'd be great.

Doesn't seem like a brush-off to me.

He invited you to his hockey game.

I don't know if it's a real invitation.

He knows I'm not into hockey.

It's just a bunch of guys
beating each other senseless

and getting their teeth knocked out.

Well, I'm happy to join if that helps.

Oh, yes, thank you.


Okay, I gotta go find Gallo.


very attentive of you.

I'm sure Gallo appreciates it.

Ah, I just wanna make sure he's okay.

We'll have fun at the game.


How you doing there, Mouch?

Lieutenant, I'm fine, just a little...


The s*ab manager was a blow, huh?

I have to admit, that one got me.

I don't even know why exactly.

I only exchanged a few
words with the guy.

Yeah, well, it was
a pretty heroic thing he did,

staying in there,
trying to save those horses.

See, that's just it.

He wasn't trying to be a hero.

He was just doing his damn job,

the same job
he'd been doing for years.

You believe that?

He gave his whole adult life

to serving the city.

And for what?


♪ ♪


- Hey, you work here?
- Uh... no.

My uncle does... or he did.

We're so sorry for your loss.

Your uncle was brave.

He put up one hell of a fight
trying to save those horses.

Yeah, he loved working here.

I'd come help out every now and then.

He was teaching me the job.

You guys were here?

I was.

Thank you for pulling him outta there.

Gave him a chance.

I can see why this place
went up as fast as it did...

hay, sawdust, manure.

Wouldn't take much to get it going.

I'm pretty sure the ignition
point is over here.

It's where they stored the hay.


And looking at these burn patterns,

I think we can rule out electrical.



♪ ♪

Some kind of heating element.

I mean, it could be from a space heater.

But where's the rest of it?

Destroyed or maybe just
scattered in the chaos.

But no question...
this is worth looking into.

I mean, Dylan hit that one guy so hard,

he left a mark in the wall.

Man, how about the hat trick?

That third goal won them the game.

Oh, I'm so glad you told me about that.

It was fun throwing my hat in.

But I mean, that fight Dylan
got into with the other team...

he took down two guys at least.

Yeah, he is kind of a brute on the ice.

He is. He's a brute.


Good game, Joe.

- Hey there.
- Hey.

Hey, Violet.

Great game.

Yeah, it was awesome. Congratulations.


Thanks for coming, yeah.

I appreciated all the...
very loud support.

Yeah. Uh, Violet taught me
how to taxi whistle, so...


Any chance you want
to grab a drink with us?

We're gonna head to Molly's.

I can't. We're all heading
out to celebrate.


But I'm really glad you came.

Can I give you a call this week?

Yeah, yeah, that sounds great.


All right, see ya.


That went well.

Yeah, it did, huh?

Hey, Seager.

Whoa, are these the reference
photos you were talking about?

Yep. Now you know why I said
I needed an extra set of eyes.

Sheesh, never would have thought

there were this many space
heater brands in the world.

Space heater?

Yeah, we found a heating element

at the point of origin, so...


I don't know. A space heater
doesn't sound right.

- No?
- Mm-mm.

Why is that?

It's not something you'd use at a s*ab

just as a general rule...
way too dangerous.

Okay, why don't you come down here

and tell me how to do my job?

Carver, is it?


Hi, Sam. Wendy.

So if that isn't part of a
space heater, what is it?

It's pretty roasted,
but that looks to me

like an immersion heater.

You put it in the horse trough

to keep the water from freezing.

So it's not part of some bigger device?

Nope, that's the whole thing.

So theoretically, if someone
took it out of the water

and accidentally left
it lying in some hay...

That'd be pretty careless.

I'm sorry you had to lug these binders

down here for nothing.

I don't know.

I mean, that is still
just a working theory.

I need to test it out,

which means I'm going home

and googling immersion
heaters into the wee hours.

- Mm.
- So...

thanks for ruining my night out, Sam.

Well, I feel bad now,

but I'm happy to lend a hand
if you want, share the burden.

Is that a serious offer?

It's the least I can do.

I mean, there's a... there's a bunch

of different kinds of these heaters,

and I've worked with all of them.

Okay, then, let's get to work.


I will keep you posted.

Yeah. Great.


Hey, how you doing in there, huh?

Hey, hon.

I'm coming in, okay?


Come on.



Hey, when was the last time
you drank some water, huh?


All right.

Okay, all right.

See, you gotta stay hydrated,

okay, Cin? It's important.

- I know.
- Hey.

- It just hurts.
- I know.

[CRYING] Okay.

We'll get you to the ER, okay?

Get some fluids in ya.

This is...

this is exactly what the doctor said

was going to happen, Christopher.


It'll be okay.


Trust the process...


Yeah, okay, yeah.


♪ ♪


Mm, I didn't mean to fall asleep.

It's okay.

Yeah, well, it's not my
fault I didn't make it home.

Maybe if you weren't so distracting...

- I'm sorry.
- And fun.

Okay, I'm not taking all the blame.


Hang out as long as you
want, but I got to motor.

I'm kind of in the doghouse
with my lieutenant.

Oh, yeah, you do not wanna
mess with Stella Kidd.

No way.

And neither do I.

Did you see the sign she
put on the laundry detergent?

Not for personal use.

What is the world coming to?

Oh, I'll tell you what it's coming to.

Is that...

Yeah, Chicago sandpaper.

The roughest toilet paper known to man.


Uh... what's wrong?

Okay, we didn't complain
when you got the cheap soap

that leaves the film on our skin.

Or the dollar store cleaning spray.

It's got the whole house
smelling like a taxicab.

[SIGHS] I am really sorry.


We need the good toilet paper back.

That's all there is to it.

And the good soap.

Okay, I'm not sorry.

You want me to start
charging for copies instead?

Or we could put time limits
on the showers.

Well, there's only so many
ways to cut the budget,

so something's got to give.

What's it gonna be?

You want to cover the whole area.

That's the trick.

How does that feel?

Good, really good.

It was good. Good to get to know her.

Oh, she's here.

Hey, there.

I identified that immersion heater...

well, me and Carver.

I called around, and there's a

farm supply store down in Joliet
that has one in stock.

I'm on my way to pick it up.

Want to help me run a test
when I get back?

I'll be here.

Great. Be back in a few hours.

See ya later.



- Nothing.
- Uh-huh.

Lieutenant, how would
you feel about Truck

doing an early grocery run?

Why, what's going on?

Just the betrayal of
our most cherished values.

Let's take a ride.

Is it just me or is the
world getting a little worse

every day?

[SIGHS] I don't know, Mouch.

The world's always been a
mixed bag in my experience.

Maybe I'm just showing my age here,

but the way I remember it,

people didn't used to be out
for themselves all the time.

They used to value service.


What's up, Gallo?

Do we want organic yogurt?

What's the problem with organic, Gallo?

- It's a total scam.
- We don't, right?


Do not spend $ on yogurt.

No, no, here I'm talking
about the fancy toilet paper

Mouch asked for.

- Just get whatever's on sale.
- Copy that.

See, this... this is
what I'm talking about.

We run into burning buildings,
for God's sake,

hold victims as they
take their last breath,

and the city's got us
scrounging for toilet paper?

Main to Truck .

We got a person in cardiac
distress, Roosevelt Road.

We had to leave the groceries.

All right.


Patient was in the middle
of varicose vein treatment

when she started
complaining of chest pain,

shortness of breath.

Heart rate's .

I think the doctor may
have lost the guidewire

inside the patient's vein.


What's your name, ma'am?

Dora. Am I having a heart att*ck?

Whatever's happening,
we're gonna take care of you,

Okay, Dora?


You did a venous cut down?

I was trying to find it.

I've never lost hold of the wire before.


With these symptoms, the wire might have

already gotten to her lungs.

And if it causes a laceration there...

It could k*ll her.

Let's remove the catheter
and do a pressure wrap

- on that incision.
- You got it.

- Is he...
- Drunk?

Yeah, for sure.

Sir, let's give the medics some space.

What is it?

I hear, like, a crunching sound.

Let's get the stretcher.

That crunch means an air
pocket in the right ventricle.

The wire must have lacerated
the pulmonary artery.

If the air passes back into the lung,

it could k*ll her instantly.

We need to turn her onto her left side.

Mouch, Gallo, give us a hand.

Let's raise her right arm and
elevate her legs with a wedge.

Hey, Dora, we're gonna have
you turn on your left side,

and then I'll need you
to stay really still, okay?

We got you, Dora.

You have to maintain this position

while we get her onto
the stretcher very gently.

On three.

One, two, three.


Excuse me.


I need to get back to...

This has put me way behind schedule.

Sir, I cannot let you do that.

Are you out of your mind?



Thank you, Officers.

Hey, what a nice surprise.

Well, I was in the neighborhood,

and I thought I'd drop this off.

My hat.

- Ah, you didn't have to do that.
- Mm.

Well, I had a blast at
your game the other night.

- Yeah.
- And you, wow,

as if the magic show
wasn't impressive enough.

Yeah, well, thanks again for coming.

Yeah, of course.

When's your next game?

Tomorrow. It's the finals.

Oh, well, in that case, I'll be there.

I mean, if you want me there.

I don't want to mess up
your mojo or anything.

No, yeah, of course.

I'll see you there.

See you there.

You'll wanna use a roller
for large areas and...

She wouldn't dare.

What now, Mouch?

She downgraded the cable.

Is this some sort of sick joke?

Look, we're only getting
broadcast television,

no "Nat Geo," no Golf Channel, no HGTV.

The Game Show Network?

- Gone.
- Oxygen?

- Gone.
- Turner Movie Classics?

Are you for real right now?

We're not monks!

We didn't sign up for a life
of material deprivation.

This is an outrage!

- We can't live like this!
- You can't do this to us.

Well, I did it,

so stop acting like children
and just deal with it.


This is definitely the same
model that was at the scene?

Yeah, the guy from the farm supply store

seemed pretty damn sure about it.

No dice?

It's not getting any hotter than this.

There's no way this is igniting.

What if...

Of course. You insulate the heat source,

you get more efficient heat transfer.

There you go.

I mean, it could have taken a few hours,

depending on temperature,
humidity that night,

but I'd say we got our ignition source.


[SIGHS] I don't know.

It's just not sitting right.

I mean, the s*ab manager
had decades of experience

working with horses.

He would have known better.

You're absolutely right.

He would have known better.

It's... it's okay, Maxi, all right?

Just tell me what's going on, hmm?

I-I know it's scary, but the
nausea and the dizziness,

that's normal.

And yeah, so why don't you go make her

a nice cup of hot ginger tea, okay?

That always seems to help a lot, okay?

Yeah, okay, sounds good.

I'll check back in with you
in a little while, okay?


♪ ♪





Thanks for coming down.

I just have a few questions for you.

Whatever you need.

You'd said that you'd come
by to help your uncle out

every now and then?

Yeah, about once or twice a week.

What about the day of the f*re?

Yeah, in the afternoon for a bit.

Well, why don't you walk us through what

you did when you were here?

Okay, well, I...

I went around and greeted
all the horses, just...

just like my uncle does, give
them each a knuckle touch,

and talk to them a little.

It calms them.

Anyway, I changed out their
water, brought them some hay,

and that's about it.

Did you take the immersion heater out?

You have to to clean the sides.

Where'd you put it?

Uh... somewhere over there.

And did you put it back in?

Yeah, of course.


Is that where the f*re started?

There any chance that
you maybe put a bale of hay

on top of the heater by accident

and then forgot about it?

No, no way.

No, I-I...

I know I put it back in.

I had to have, I...

Oh my God.


♪ ♪


Hey, can I help you with something?

You were at Fresh Way earlier, right?

We were, yeah.

Hang on.

It isn't much, but all the shoppers

at the store and our staff,
we saw you had to run out.

So everyone pitched in
and got these for you.

Oh, and we added a few
things to the cart.

Oh, will you look at these?

We just wanted to say
thanks for everything

you guys do for this city.

We appreciate it, sir.

More than you know.

You wanted to see me?

Yeah, come on in.

So I'm going over the
latest cost report,

and I have to say,

you have done a tremendous job
with this budget.

Thanks, Chief.

All of your creative trims,

these numbers are exactly where
they need to be.

So if you want to ease up on
the gas now, that's also fine.

I don't know, Chief.

Now that the admin budget
is lean and mean,

I was planning to do a
deep dive of the equipment

requisition process.

No offense, but it's a hot mess.

Don't worry, Chief.

I'll whip it into shape in no time.

What have I done?

And how about that doctor?

I mean, who gets all lit up to do

delicate medical procedures?

I can't even be trusted with
darts in that condition.


And I can't believe that you knew

what that crunching sound was.

You saved that lady's
life, like, seriously.

Hmm. Well, we got lucky with the timing.

But speaking of saving lives, don't

forget your antibiotic cream.

It's an ointment, Violet.

Very good. And you need to

keep applying it for two more days,

even if it seems like
it's completely healed.

Yeah, dime sized amount,
back and forth motion.

No, a pea sized amount. You know what?

Maybe I should just come over
tomorrow and check on it.

Everyone knows that
day five is critical.

- Okay.
- And if all's well,

we can grab brunch after.

Yeah, sure, why not?
I mean, that'd be...

that'd be great.

I haven't been to
The Highline in a minute,

and they've got bottomless mimosas.

What's wrong?

Um, I can't get brunch with you, Violet.

Okay, well, if you
don't want to, then...

No, it's-it's not that I don't want to,

because I would actually...

I'd love to go.

So what's wrong?

I worry that everything
you've been feeling lately

isn't really about me.


You think it's about Evan?

Yeah. I'm sorry.

Like, I can't imagine
how complicated this

all must be for you, Violet.

But for me, it's not complicated at all.

It's like really simple,
and it's only about you.


♪ ♪

Congratulations, champ.

Ah, it's no big deal.

Oh, come on, now.

The Irving Park
Adult Hockey League title

is a very big deal.

Well, who knew having
someone in the stands

to show off for would
up my game like that?

I'm so glad it did.

You are talking about me, right?

I am, yeah.

Do you want to come over later?

We could order Giordano's
and watch the game.

Can I ask you something?


What changed for you?

I guess at some point,

it occurred to me that trying
to force a relationship

to be a certain way was...

was kind of dumb.

You know, it's like when
we intubate a patient,

everyone's throat is
a slightly different shape.

So you have to sort of let
the tube go wherever it goes.

And if you try and force it,

then you can puncture a trachea.

- Oh.
- I'm sorry.

That's a... that's a terrible metaphor.


All I'm trying to say
is whatever happens,

and wherever this goes, I'm game.

Okay, then.

Me, too.


♪ ♪


What's going on?



What's up?

Is everything okay?

No, you know, everything's not okay.

Your mom has cancer, and that...

that really... it really, really sucks.

And we don't have to pretend
that it doesn't, all right?

It's okay to talk about it
and cry about it.

I mean, if you feel like crying.

We, uh, we can't keep
it bottled up, right?

We have to let it out somehow and, um...

I've been letting it out.

Oh, yeah? How is that?

All right, what do
you got for us, Kenny?


What is this?

- Oh, man.
- You still have him?

- Guess so.
- I call him Cancer Clown.


That's what I'm
talking about, all right?

- Annabelle, you wanna...
- Yeah.


That's my girl.

- That was pretty strong.
- Yeah.


Let's go, Bozo.

- Let me get a sh*t.
- Let's get him.

- Smack him up.
- Take him down.

Make mincemeat out of him, okay?

All right, get him.

Smack him up.

I got him.



♪ ♪


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