01x09 - Follower

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Followers". Aired: February 27, 2020 – present.
When an aspiring actress hits it big thanks to a candid Instagram, her life intersects with many other Tokyo women as they follow their dreams.
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01x09 - Follower

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Natsu? Getting an award from a contest is one method.

It was one method for getting our work out to lots of people.

But what's important is us being here right now and letting people know it.

Like, telling them what kind of feelings are bursting through us.

Yeah As long as we can convey this to everyone, it's fine.

I'm truly sorry.

It's fine already, lift your head up.

I heard about it! I heard that your child got sick? There's nothing we can do about that.

A child's life is irreplaceable, after all.

I'm truly sorry.

Please, sit.

Back in my days, we had to choose between having a career or a child.

I was absorbed in my work, and by the time I realized it, I was no longer at the age where I could I have kids.

Hey, do you know about the Agnes controversy? I wonder what that was about.

Times have really changed.

If times were going to change this fast, I wouldn't have given up back then.

If I say this, you might think that it's power harassment, but since I'm the one making the decisions, it can't be helped.

I I want to work together with people who will properly face my company head


Not as a side job while raising a child.

Raising a child on the side would be unfortunate for the child, too.

Now you can spend more time with your child.

I'll walk back.

Okay Sorry, Towa.

You're such a good boy.

- Thanks.

- Yeah.

See you.



I'm sorry I can't always be with you.

Actually, I don't want to be apart from you, who I love, for even a second.

But your mommy wants to take photos, no matter what.

Am I being selfish? Should I quit work? I'm burdening everyone and making it hard for you, too.

Maybe I don't have to work.

Did you quit your company? Yes.

I see.

I have a lot of my feelings attached to that company, but I've made up my mind.

Then, from here on out, we can always be together.


Thanks for the food.

I'm glad.

Hiroshi, I'm sorry for making you worry.

Geez, I thought this whole time that we were on equal footing in this relationship But I was wrong.

You've finally realized, haven't you? Yes.

A woman is happiest when they stay at home and become a housewife.

What? Yeah.

By quitting your job you're talking about becoming my wife, right? No, I'm talking about going independent with sayo and having a fresh start with her, just the two of us.

- What?

- What?

- What?

- What?

- No, wait

- Sorry, just a second.

Oh, hello! This is Akane.

- I'm confused about where this is going.

- Thanks for calling.


- The new launch project?

- Akane.

- Yes, you're right.

I'm very sorry.

- I love you.

- Yes?

- Akane! Please hang up the phone! Please hold for one moment.

Yes? Akane, which is more important? Your work, or me? Please tell me.

Me, or work? Which will you choose? Work.

Not a chance.

- I choose my work.

- No! Isn't it obvious that I'd choose my job? Hello! I'm very sorry.

Oh, it's nothing.

Yes, this is about tomorrow's meeting, correct? Yes, thank you so much! sayo will be happy, too.

That person said that to you? What's with that old

-fashioned lady? But, you know I ended up thinking that she's exactly right.

How am I supposed to juggle raising a kid and work? I don't know what to do anymore.

Limi, you're doing well.

You're doing your best and fighting hard so that you can do both, right? I've done nothing but work until now.

I spent my life doing a job that like.

Honestly I think I made Rui feel lonely.

I wasn't a good mother.

Sorry I can't listen to this anymore.

Don't get all riled up on your own without asking your kid for their opinion.

Let me correct you on one thing.

I've never thought that I was lonely.

A mother who works hard, lives freely, and has fun is obviously cool.


You're sniffling a bit.


Okay, Towa, it's nappy time.

Time for a nap.


In the year the world's first social networking service was born, I was born.

In this shitty world, people connect like a net, and influence each other.

This is my story.

A story about this world from my current location.

SNS allows people who have no political power to impact a world we shouldn't be able to reach.

It's our only w*apon.

With just one post, a girl who no one would pay attention to until that Friday can gain global attention on Saturday morning.

If you don't take the first step, nothing will begin.

This story also begins with a step.

That step isn't a reckless step forward.

It's also not on top of footprints left by another person.

Walking an untrodden path without knowing if moving forward is possible.

Only those with the courage and curiosity to move forward will be pioneers.

Old or young doesn't matter.

Only those who can take the first step will cut through the lands of the new world.

Can you take a first step that's different from mine? SEPPUKU HIGH SCHOOL GIRL It's so brilliant, I'm jealous PLEASE WATCH MY FILM! I SAW I ISN'T IT NATSUME? THE QUALITY'S GOOD ONLY NATSUME CAN DO I SHE WAS BORN AND DISAPPEARED ON SNS What? It's sh**ting upwards after Rola's retweet!

- Are you serious

- What? I can't believe it.

We're almost at 10,000 views! This is amazing! It's been shared relentlessly through direct messages.

Our work got to them Keep it up, and get to Tarantino! What? Hey, Nori.

Yeah? Nori, you can speak English, right? What?

- You're not thinking of

- What? Seriously? GOLGO 13 CHUYA NAKAHARA Give me your attention, both of you!

- It's about to get interesting.

- Wait a second.

It's something important.

You want a hug again to get recharged, right? No! I went to the ward office and got this.

Hey, fill it out.

Let's go turn it in, the three of us.


MARRIAGE REGISTRATION FORM I have no plans on entering your family registry.

What? I won't be tied down by scraps of paper like this.

Why? I just want to spend my whole life with you two.

That's it.

Eriko, I love you.


Hey, stop it! I love you too, Rui.

Geez That doesn't mean you have to kiss me.


- Tarantino.

- I love him.

- I love him! You love him?

- He's amazing! Is he famous in your country? He's famous.

Really famous.

- Famous?

- Oh, famous.

He's here.

Let's go!

- Tarantino!

- Tarantino! Tarantino!

- Tarantino!

- Tarantino! Please, just give us one moment.


Yay! It's Tarantino! Go.

- Tarantino!

- Tarantino! Wait, it's StoA! What! That's StoA! It's StoA! Wait, oh my God, no way! sayo! CONGRATULATIONS THE NUMBER OF VIEWS IS GOING UP What? To think that it was watched so many times!

- Akane?

- Yes? Are you happy? I'm so happy! I'm happy, and it makes me think, "serves them right!" I wanted to show down those bastards, who tore down sayo at the single mention of her name, how great sayo is.

- Wow!

- Yeah.

But I'm really okay with just this.

What? I was able to remember that I truly love singing.

That I genuinely love singing.

That song Everyone was touched by your song.

It's a fact.

This shows your skill, sayo! You did it! This is amazing! I feel amazing! sayo, congratulations! Thank you! Hey, Akane.

Yeah? What? Wait, what's wrong? I'm sorry I was so selfish until now.

You believed in me and stuck with me regardless of that, so thank you.

sayo You're my dream.

Please let me continue to see the same dream with you from here on out, too.

Also, there's a song that I want you to hear, Akane.

- You already made a new song?

- Yes.

What should I do? I don't think I can wear the same thing I wonder which is good.

What? Should I do Dior chic? Celine by Hedi.

Maybe Celine is in this season, after all.

Oh, it looks good.

Looking elegant with a white Tae Ashida sounds good too.

That sounds good, seriously.

Really nice.

Hey, do you really think it's nice? If you're a presenting, then giving them the image of a smart lady with a Celine sounds good, doesn't it? Yuruco? What happened? I'm back! What about Michael? Who's that? You fought, didn't you? He's the kind of man that brings a bib and pacifier to bed and forcefully demands that you feed him milk from a baby bottle.

- What?

- There's no point in even fighting.

No way.

Isn't it something you're good at, though? This is a souvenir for you, Limi.

This I negotiated a minimum eight

-page spread in Fashion Story.

You're kidding! There's no way I'd come back empty

-handed! That's amazing, Yuruco! My runaway daughter! Well done! Now.

The Women of the Future Awards this year.

Who did you push for? Hey, let's take a photo.


Amazing! She was reborn splendidly.

Right? I'd expect no less from her.

It's perfect for the mood right now.

- Thanks.

- Akane, nice job taking the leap forward.

But you know, it's all thanks to those kids.


Given to one



-kind women who've done brilliant work is the Women of the Future Awards.

The first nominee is the youngest Japanese person to get a French Michelin star.

Chef Aya Ijima.

The woman who accomplished a spectacular feat as the first Asian winner at a world championship.

Inline skater, Yuria Satomura.

And, as the virtual singer, StoA, the woman suggests new potential to the world with her new work, sayo.

And finally, a woman who has had a striking debut with creative paintings from Instagram.

The artist, Sunny.




Because we have experience, there are doors to possibilities that we can't open.

As we gain more experience, we lose things.

The fact that experience is a double

-edged sword is something we often forget.

Without knowing it, we avoid getting hurt and before we know it, the amount of times we quit goes up.

And we even forget that we gave up at all.

Through those women's works and by meeting their generation, they reminded me of the fact that we don't have to give up.

Always be full of anger, and continue on despite getting hurt.

Reach your hand out to things you want to do.

Beautiful images full of youth, that were hard to watch, yet radiant, bestowed these strengths onto me.

Your most precious follower is yourself.

Although it's unfortunate, there are still many things we can't do as women, and many inconveniences we face.

To stand up and fight despite that, you need the strength to live while taking responsibility through your own free will.

Please don't become women who can only connect to society through men.

Please continue to be independent women, mentally and financially.

Affirm that you are a woman, and let's fight gracefully in a dignified manner.

Continue to hold onto the strength of your desires and the ability to take action, as well as the tough mind and body that will support them.

That in itself is the door to freedom.

- A vineyard?

- A vineyard? Yes.

Actually, a friend of mine in Kofu gave it to me for a cheap price.

So, I'm thinking of making organic wine with Sueo.

- What?

- Wait, what about the company? Yes, I've decided to leave it to the young people.

- What?

- You're determined to do it! What's with the change of heart? I'm going to live a life of love now.

Oh, sorry! But also, what is that?

- This?

- He gave this to me instead of

- the marriage registration form.

- What? He made it himself.

- He made it himself?

- No way! It's really plain.

Hey, that's rude.

Eriko's wearing silver?

- No way!

- You need to find a good guy next.

Hey, that must've been rough, right? With your neighbor.

Thinking back on it just now It was a horror! Geez, I'm seriously trembling from my inability to judge men.

- I'd tremble too.

- Well, for us, all we can do is go our own path.

- Then let's have a toast to our future.

- Oh, sounds great.

Okay, cheers.

- Cheers!

- Cheers!

- This is delicious!

- Delicious.

And you, too.

it seems like you won't have time to find a new boyfriend for a while.

- I'm fine with that.

- What?

- It's fine.

- Why? That's because I have Shownu! You know, the other day, I went to see MONSTA X's live concert with Limi.

- Hello.

- Hello.

- Hello.

- Yay, hello!

- Hello.

- Hello.

Over here.

I just planned on tagging along but I got excited and now I'm hooked.

Hooked! It was so cool!

- I've never touched it before.

- Cool.

Look, it seems that I've ended up

- going to that side.

- Speak of the devil.

My mom.

What? There? What's wrong? What happened?

- No way

- What happened? It's It's from my mom just now.

It's Mocchi!

- What?

- They met by coincidence at the park.

- Why is he in Japan?

- Here?

- Don't ask me.

What, why

- What? Tokyo? Why? Is it a coincidence?

- Did he come from the Amazon?

- He did!

- Try calling.

- Call her! You should call her! Call her!

- Call her!

- Give me the phone.

- Come on, call her!

- Hey, wait! Nice! I called her! It's calling! Let's see!

- What are you gonna do?

- Limi, did you see the photo? Hey, what is this? Why is Tamio there? Like I said, I ran into him concidentally.

- What?

- Apparently, he came back yesterday.

What No way, I had no idea.

Wouldn't it be nice if you took the time to chat with him tonight? Hey, did she just say tonight? Hey.

I invited him to dinner.

- Okay?

- Hey, don't decide that on your own!

- Now, I wonder what I should make?

- I need time to mentally prepare too.

Hello! Hello.


- No way!

- No way!

- Can this really happen?

- Hey! What an amazing turn of events! Isn't that amazing?

- So cute.

- Towa! So cute, right Towa? Wait.


You have two hair whorls.

- Yeah, that's right.

- Right?

- Wow.

- Towa, you have them too! Oh, it's true!

- You have two hair whorls!

- Hi, cutie.

Just like me!

- Today

- Yes? For Sunny We splurged! Thank you, Natsu! Natsume, someone sent an e


What? So cute.

What is this? Is it spam? Hey, Nori.

Something came in English.

What? Tarantino is asking if you'd like to come for an interview.

What? Look! What? Is this a dream? Really?

- Really?

- Really!

- What?

- What? Yay! We did it! Yay! Good luck, Natsu!

- Yay!

- Yay! Wait for me, Hollywood!

- Cheers!

- Cheers!

- Yay!

- Yay! Thanks for having me.

I'm ready.

What are you up to lately? Right.

Right now, I'm preparing for a film sh**t while studying English in LA.

I'm doing my very best so that I'm not left behind.

So when people think "Hyakuta," the image that comes up is "a new star that appears suddenly, like a comet.

" But how do you feel personally? I'm just an ordinary human who likes movies.

It's definitely not like I have anything special.

But If I had to put my finger on why someone like me is able to stand here right now it might be because there are precious words that push me forward when I trip.

Can you tell us what those words are? Into the camera.

"Follow thy own road and let the people talk.
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