01x04 - Joy

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Record of Ragnarok". Aired: June 17, 2021 – present.
Japanese manga series about a fighting tournament featuring prominent historical figures against gods from various mythologies, with the fate of mankind in the balance.
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01x04 - Joy

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Geirröd Thor's Hammer!


My lord...

He... stopped it!

He stopped it!

This man, Lü Bu, is handling
everything Thor can dish out!

My lord!

Am I dreaming?

That's the att*ck
that obliterated Jörmungandr!

How the heck can that human do that?

Lü Bu!

Don't put too much stress on

my sister, Randgriz!


Thor's mighty blow

has at last shattered
the sturdy body of Lü Bu!

My lord!

- Hermes.
- Yes?

You know, I really do like
this kind of head-to-head fight.

Is that so?

Taking that blow from Thor head-on

was very entertaining.

However, in his condition,
he can't take much more.

Looks like it's all over.

Once again, before my very eyes,

my lord will...

Brünnhilde! Lü Bu! He's...

Lü Bu! Get up! Run away!

It's still too early to give up, Göll.

I know that neigh!

Is that Red Hare?

What's this? You can't be serious!

Who let that thing in?

My goodness! What a stalwart steed.

Chen Gong, it's Red Hare!

Red Hare...

Red Hare.

Red Hare hasn't given up.

Who the heck has given up?

Nobody's given up on anything!

Our lord is the Flying General,
the peerless...

Lü Bu!

- Yes!
- Yes!

- Yes!
- Yes!

- Yes!
- Yes!

I don't know what kind of joke this is,
but nobody's laughing!

Why the hell is the strongest man ever
just sitting there?

Lü Bu!

That's right! Lü Bu!

- Lü Bu!
- Lü Bu!

What's this? They still want him to fight?

Humans sure are cruel.

So reckless.

But you know,
I rather like that kind of thing.

There's no way in hell.

Personally, I'd like to see him get up,

but there's no way in hell
he can stand up and fight on those legs.

That's right...

What? You must be kidding!

Lü Bu!

Lü Bu!

- Lü Bu!
- Lü Bu!

Lü Bu!

You can't be serious!

- Lü Bu!
- Lü Bu!

- Lü Bu!
- Lü Bu!

- Lü Bu!
- Lü Bu!

- Yes!
- Yes!

He stood up!


My lord!

This man isn't through!

Yes! Lü Bu's meant to ride Red Hare!

You have ridden him once.
What do you think about this?

Red Hare's back is...

best suited to Lü Bu.

As a child,

I witnessed a bolt of lightning
burst an enormous tree into flames.

It didn't frighten me.

At that time, my naïve thought was...

In the sky...

in the sky, there must be...

There must be one awesome dude up there.

Lü Bu!

Zeus, do you approve of this?
It's against the one-on-one fight rules.

Don't be so foolish.

Just look at that.

That horse is
an extension of Lü Bu's body.

Red Hare.

Will you give your life over to me?

My lord!

That's the spirit!

Lü Bu has recovered!

Using the legs of Red Hare,
Lü Bu is advancing on Thor!

Thor is keeping his distance!

What does Lü Bu intend to do?

At last, my lord has gripped
the very tip of the halberd!

This is it!

, .

It is the spring when Lü Bu realized
his solitude in his unmatched strength.

, .

Yet he still sought to perfect
his skill with w*apon.

- , .
- Stance.

- , .
- Focus strength.

- Seventy-six thousand...
- Swing.

...nine hundred nine.

Lü Bu single-mindedly
swung halberds endlessly.

Like a maiden pining for love...

he knew the day when he would
encounter his ultimate foe would come.

My lord...

After countless years,
the time would come.

One day...

Lü Bu's halberd...

sundered the sky.

Lü Bu's superhuman grip and arm strength

created ferocious centrifugal force
with the halberd,

giving birth to this att*ck.


he would never be able
to use it against anyone.

That technique born in solitude was called

Sky Eater!

After thousands of years,

at last, he has met him!

My lord can use the ultimate att*ck
with the ultimate w*apon

on the ultimate foe!

The ideal opponent!
A foe worthy of being called a "friend"!

How intriguing
these beings called humans are.

Does it excite you as well?

Then let's do this.

Lü Bu instinctively knew

his next strike would be

the greatest strike of his life!

The god, Thor, also felt the same way.



My lord!



My lord!

I've spent

everything I've got.


this truly is...

what joy feels like!



In the first bout of the final battle
between god and man, Ragnarok,

Thor is the victor!



Dang! For a second there,
I wasn't sure how it would turn out.

This was the obvious outcome!

What a thrill.

I haven't gotten this pumped
in several thousands of years.

I know how you feel.

For the first time in several millennia,
I've grown aroused.

The first bout of Ragnarok ends
with Thor of the gods as the victor!

Mankind is one step closer
to its decimation!
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