04x29 - The Rumbling

Episode transcripts for the show, "att*ck on Titan". Series premiered April 6, 2013. 3 Seasons.
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After a soldier Eren Jaeger sees one of the creatures devour his mother, he enlists some friends to help him k*ll every Titan.
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04x29 - The Rumbling

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I'll see you later, Eren.

Huh? Mikasa...

Let's head back.

What am I doing here?

You're so out of it. Were you sound asleep?


It's just, I feel like I
had a really long dream.

What was it about?

I can't remember...


why are you crying?


The Rumbling

Listen, Halil. Me and you are the only ones
who know where this is.

I'm gonna stash money here
until this sack is full.

Then we'll have enough for everyone
to be able to live someplace nice.

But, Ramzi, if you keep this up...

someday you'll lose your left hand, too.

You shouldn't make Grandpa any sadder.

But someone has to do this.

With all of us stuck in those shabby tents,

it's so hard to survive the winter...

People will keep dying every year.

So, Halil, if I die, please give
this money to everyone for me.


Hide it!

What's going on?

The townspeople are... fleeing?


Later, though I'm not sure
exactly how far in the future,

I m*ssacre these people.

Before too long, they'll all die.

No, I k*ll them.

It's already determined that I do.

I imagine we never found a way
for Paradis Island to survive.

Everything here will be gone.

The homes,

the people,

the animals,

people's lives,

their dreams...

What would Mom think?

Shouldn't we Eldians be the ones to die?

In the same way the King of the walls
chose a path that led to death?

At the very least,
the death toll on the island

would be but a fraction
of that of the rest of the world.

It's also true that if Eldians completely
die out, the Titan problem goes away.

I just can't accept
things ending that way...

This scene...

I've seen it in memories of the future.

Most likely,

I save this kid.

This kid's a foreign refugee
and a serial pickpocket.

This is where we do business.

In other words, for us,
this is pest control.

This ain't got nothin' to do
with you. Get lost.

Yeah... That's true.

What am I thinking?

I eventually k*ll this kid, too.

Who do I think I am?

Take this!

I've committed horrible acts of v*olence.

I have no business acting
like a righteous person.

It appears the future doesn't change.


I'm the same as you, Reiner.

A half-assed piece of shit.

No, that's wrong.

I'm worse than that.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Why're you crying?

Ramzi! Halil!

Hurry! Come with us!


Run! Run!

Why are there Titans?!

The mountains!

Head for higher ground!

It's no use! Look there!

The Titans are in the mountains too!

Heaven help us!

We're done for!

There's nowhere to escape to!

Did the Marleyans flee without warning us?

They're too fast!

Let's at least save the children!

Ramzi, are we gonna get
stepped on and crushed?

That's not gonna happen! Don't give up!

To save the island... To save Eldia...

But there's... more to this...

The money!


The reality of the world outside the walls

was different from the
world I dreamed of...


It was different from the world
I saw in Armin's book.

When I learned humanity
was alive outside the walls,


was disappointed.

I... wanted this...

I wanted... to wipe everything away...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry!

Come on! Open the gate! Please let us in!

Hello? Is somebody there?



It's here, isn't it?
Judgment day has come for us.

From the moment I was born,

there was always a stifling wall
looming before me.

Fiery water,

lands of ice,

sandy snowfields...

The people who witnessed these things

were the ones that had obtained
the greatest freedom in the world.


is freedom!

We've finally arrived at this view.

Haven't we, Armin?


Are your wounds healed now?

Huh? Annie?

Yeah, since we've had some time...

I never imagined we'd be able
to relax like this.

Wanna sit with me?

I'd... been meaning to thank you.


For coming to talk to me for years.

Thank you.

Oh. Yeah.

I was so lonely I thought I'd go crazy.

Hearing from you and Hitch
was the only joy I had.


But why did you choose to spend time
chatting with a rock that never responded?

There were more cheerful and
pleasant girls to talk to, right?


not the issue.

It was because I wanted to see you, Annie.

How come?

What? You really don't know?

After how much Hitch teased me?

I don't know.

What am I even doing?

Right now, thousands,
if not hundreds of millions,

are being trampled to death all
across the world, and we're...

I know.

You were talking to an enemy like me
because you're a good person. Right?

For the same reason you won't give up
on talking things out with Eren.

I could have woken up at any moment.

Talking to the monster was
another way to avoid a conflict.


Don't go.

Also, I told you this before, but...

I really do hate the phrase "good person."

I k*lled a huge number of people.

Including civilians... Even children...

And now I've made a choice that
betrays the people of my island,

and I've k*lled friends.

I've long since become a monster, too.

Some part of me thought that, one day,

the promise Eren and I made to
explore the unknown world together

would become a reality.

The unknown world wasn't what
it was cracked up to be, right?

Yeah. It was different from
the world we'd dreamed of.


I want to believe there must
still be something beyond the walls

that we don't know about.

Quiet, isn't it?

The residents of Odiha
must have already fled south,

seeing as how every ship is gone.

Well, then, we're in
the Azumabito clan's hands.

Yes, and we shall do whatever it takes
to launch the flying boat into the air.

Remove the cover!


Dammit! These expl*sives are in the way.

Let's cut 'em off and toss 'em.


We might be able to use them.
Let's load them on the flying boat.

How can that be?!

They're all d*ad?

Commander Magath... My family
in Liberio... All of them?!

The rumbling has already destroyed
a majority of the continent of Marley.

Then what do we do now?

What will we do? There's nobody else!

I'm sorry. I don't know.

Annie, check your equipment.

You're still not used to
the new ODM gear, are you?

Go with Reiner and zip around
over there to get accustomed.


We should... do the things we can... so...

I believe I told you that I'm backing out.

You don't even intend to get
on the flying boat either?

Sorry, but I'm staying behind.

Wanting to save humanity...
I don't really get that.

If anything, us Eldians in
Marley were persecuted

by the "humanity" you want to save
from the moment we were born.

Even if hypothetically
the rumbling stopped now,

with Marley gone,

there's no one left to protect the Eldians.

I truly do feel sorry about this,

when they're putting everything

toward the slim hope
of saving their homeland.

But... I can't fight anymore.

I want to spend the time I have left

living peacefully.

When did this happen?

When did what happen?

Okay. I get it.

Get what?

You don't have to suffer anymore.

But... Armin is going to board
the flying boat with us and head for Eren.

I know.

What about you? What do you want?

Are you gonna go k*ll
Eren to save humanity?

I won't k*ll him.

Eren's gone far away,
and I'm bringing him back.

That's all I'm doing.

By the way,

did you lose your scarf?

I have it.

This is crazy! You should still be in bed!

Stay in bed?

If I lie down any longer, you shits
are gonna forget all about me.

And that bearded bitch who passed
out after her arm was broken is awake.

I'll be damned if we don't make
her tell us where Eren's going.

Assuming a global combined fleet
sets out to att*ck Paradis Island,

it would gather here at Karifa Naval Port.

After the raid on Liberio,

we give them a month's time
to rally the global alliance,

then you gain control of the Founding
Titan by making contact with Zeke

and activate a limited rumbling.

The several hundred Titans in the
Shiganshina section of the outer wall

should be able to take them out with ease.

Is that the only target?

Will that be enough to keep Paradis
Island untouched for decades?

A nation that loses its fleet
will be driven to economic collapse.

If that happens to all the major nations,
it should be more than sufficient a blow.

If I had to pick another target,

it would be this fortress in
Marley's southern mountains...

The airship research base here
is of some concern.

Most likely, that is
Eren's second target.

Fort Salta...

True. If he knew of the
existence of w*apon

that had the slightest chance
of harming the Founding Titan...

I expect that's his next stop
after Karifa Naval Port.

He'll go to destroy the airships.

You answered mighty obediently.

I have a request for all of you.

Please acknowledge something.

Zeke was defeated. But he was right.

The only solution to the
two-millennium-spanning Eldian problem

was the euthanization plan.

I'm sure you can see that
in the wake of this disaster.

Yeah. I admit it.

I wasn't able to show Eren any solution,

or hope, or a future.

I admit my powerlessness.

This is the last of the fuel
we brought on the ship.

Go ahead and leave it there.

Please take those two with you.

Being on the ship won't
really guarantee their safety.

But it's better than taking them
on the flying boat.

I don't mind doing so, of course,
but will they accept that?

I'll confine them in their cabin.

Don't let them out until
the flying boat takes off.

What about you?

I have to repay my fallen comrades.

I'll perform my role as a Warrior.


In about an hour, we can
begin preparations for takeoff!

Got it!

You heard the man.
Each of you, inspect your gear.

Yes, Commander!

Two fingers is all I need. I'm ready.

So I'm the only one running away...

Don't worry about it.

From the beginning, you were
never subservient to Marley.

You don't have to shoulder anything more.

All this time, I've wanted to apologize

to you and Bertholdt.

It all goes back to that day,

when I continued the mission
that started all this.

That day, if I had turned back,

both you and Bertholdt could have
gone home and seen your families.

It feels presumptuous to even apologize.

Yeah. I don't know how many times
I decided to k*ll you, only to stop myself.

I'm glad you didn't.

Take care of Gabi and Falco.

Yes, sir.


Annie, take care!

See you later!

Armin, are you all right with this?

With what?

To be honest, I was relying on her.

But Annie has fought enough.

I am. I...

I want Annie to stay Annie.

Are you two sure you want to come with us?

Assuming the rumbling stops, Eldians won't
find themselves in a great position...

I hate to admit it,
but you were right, Hange.

General Magath was
leaving us a final order:

to work together
and do what needs to be done.


I'd love to ride on the Cart Titan's back
sometime and feel its body heat as we...


That took a sudden, creepy turn.

I see your love of Titans is
still unrequited, four-eyes.

We'll be pals soon enough.

Tell me, Levi.
Do you think they're all watching?

You think we can stand proud before
our fallen comrades as we are now?

Don't go and start sounding like him.

Good. Begin the fueling process!

Yes, sir.

Thank goodness.

We're gonna make it before
the rumbling gets here.


Don't tell me you clung to
the ship all the way here...


There are holes in the fuel t*nk!

We can't fly like this!

Don't lose hope.

If we cover the holes, we can make it work!

Get the welding tools!

How long will it take?

With tin plates, we could
do it in an hour, barely.

This sound...

Don't tell me...

It's here.

The rumbling... is here.

Don't do it.

Please... don't...

- Inspect the engine! Hurry!
- Floch...

Be ready to start fueling at any moment!

Every... one... on the...
island... will be... k*lled...

Our devils...

are our...

only... hope...

Come on! Floch!

He's d*ad.

It's as you said, Floch.

But I just can't give up.

Even if it's hopeless today,

maybe someday...

Why? Let us out!

The Titans are on our
doorstep, aren't they?

- Let us out!
- Open the door!

Come on!

Be quiet!

Armin, do you have any ideas?

Only one.

I stay behind and slow them down.

It can't be you.

You're our sole trump card
for stopping Eren.

I'll do it.

That's obviously not the play.

We can't afford to expend
another shred of Titan power.

I'm the one who led you this far.

And we k*lled many friends
and comrades to get here.

I'm taking responsibility for that.


Armin Arlelt.

I hereby designate you the th Commander
of the Scout Regiment.

The position calls for a certain quality...

a mindset of continuously
pursuing understanding.

There's no one more suitable than you.

I leave everyone in your hands.

Well, that's that.

See ya, everyone.

Ah, yes.

Levi's your underling now,
so really put him to work.

Hey. Four-eyes.

You understand, right, Levi?

My turn's come at last.

I'm giddy with the desire to
make a supremely cool exit.

Don't stop what I've got going.

Give your heart.

That's the first time
I've heard you say that.


Ah, Titans truly are marvelous!

It's sealed! Start fueling!

Hurry! Hurry!

They're right on top of us!

There's no more time for fueling!
Start the engine!

Push the fuselage forward!

They need more time?!


Launch the ship!

Grab my hand!


So long, Hange.

Watch us.

The flying boat!

It took off.

Hange, you fulfilled your role.


All of you...

I see.

I'm tellin' ya, I really had my hands
full after being named commander.

With Eren's idiocy, that is.

Yeah, you had it tough.

You can tell us all about it.




The fuel is...

Yeah. They only managed
to fill the t*nk halfway.

Will it get us to Fort Salta?

I'll make sure we reach the fortress.

This flight is our last hope,
and Hange died giving it to us.

I'll deliver you to that base. I swear it.

So make sure you stop the rumbling,

no matter what it takes.

We will.

We're in your hands, Onyankopon.

Now, then...

let's hammer out our plan.

Pieck, Captain Levi, is this roughly
the shape of the Founding Titan?

Yes, though I didn't
get a great look at it.

Basically, it's a humongous bundle
of bones that moves like an insect.

If it's like a normal Titan, Eren
would be in the neck near the head.

Given the w*r Hammer's abilities,
that's not guaranteed.

In other words, we don't know
which part Eren is in.

Even if we don't know where he is,
we can blast the whole thing away.

The same way you annihilated Liberio's port

with the Colossal Titan.

That certainly would be
the most effective method.

But we'll leave that for after
we've exhausted our chance to talk.

If there's still no other way to stop Eren,

that's our last resort.

It's great to have a last resort and all,

but isn't Eren controlling
the Founder through Zeke?

Won't the rumbling stop
if we k*ll Zeke first?

True. That might work!

There's no definite proof,
but Hange thought it would.

But if we don't know
Zeke's location either...

We'll just have to find that shithead,
the Beast, in those bones.

I'll take Zeke out.

Help me do it.


Of course. We k*lled many friends and
comrades to get this thing in the sky.

We can't allow that slaughter
to have been for nothing.

Everything is to stop the rumbling.

I'll do whatever it takes.


I sh*t Samuel and Daz
and sliced up other people I knew.

I got called a traitor as I did so,

all the while telling myself
it was to save the world.

Tell me, Reiner.

It was agonizing for you,
Bertholdt, and Annie too, wasn't it?

I can't even make up
for the sins I committed anymore.

Even if we save what remains of humanity,
I doubt I'll ever forgive myself.


Well, let's at least save
what remains of humanity.

You're right, Reiner.

Even if we can't make up for it,

we still gotta do what we can.

That's right. We're the same, Reiner.

I never had any right to judge you.

I became a m*rder to save others.

You know...

On the night of the raid on Liberio,
Eren said the same thing to me.

I feel like I understand some
of what's going on in Eren's head.

Could it be Eren wants us to stop him?

What do you mean?

I mean, it's just a thought
that occurred to me.

Something's been bothering me
this whole time.

Eren has the power to affect
all Titans and Eldians.

And yet our ability to use our
Titan powers remains unchanged.

You mean Eren is purposely
giving us free rein?

Exactly. He's letting us act freely.

As if to test how we
respond to what he's doing.

Why? We might succeed
in stopping the rumbling.

It has to be agonizing for him, too.

Committing mass m*rder...
that's not a burden you can just bear.

If it was me, I'd be desperate to leave
the Founder's power with someone else.

And if that wasn't possible,
I'd want it to end...

for someone to end it.



This is...

What, was he listening in?

Eren! Please hear me out!

This is already enough!

I'm sure that no one will be able to
att*ck the island for hundreds of years!

The terror and destruction
have been just that extreme!

If you stop now, we can end all this
by agreeing to a non-aggression treaty!

You don't have to k*ll any more people!

The island will be okay now!

I'm sorry, Eren!

We were the ones who drove you this far!



We'll figure out the rest!

You don't have to keep
committing genocide for our sake!

That's right.


I hated you after what happened to Sasha,

but in truth, you were
hurting too, weren't you?!

And yet, I didn't even try to see things
from your perspective at all!


I... I want to shoulder your sins with you.

The sins you've committed...
We're guilty of them, too.

So please, don't push us away anymore.

Please, Eren, come back to us!

You heard 'em, Eren.

Do it now, and I'll let you off
with just a swift kick in the ass.

Well? Ain't it about time
you said something?


The rumbling will not stop.

Nor will I leave Paradis Island's
future to chance.

I will keep moving forward.



Huh?! Ain't that... a kid?!

Yeah, but that's Eren!


Why refuse, Eren?

You think you can't rely on us?

Why did you leave us able
to use our Titan powers?

We can talk for as long
as we want here, right?

Talk to us!

We've always been together!

Please don't go any farther away!


In order to obtain freedom,
I will take freedom from the world.

But I will not take
anything from any of you.

You all have freedom.

You are free to protect
the world's freedom.

And I am free to keep moving forward.

As long as we each hold unbending
convictions, a clash is inevitable.

There is but one thing for us to do.



Then why...

Why did you call us here?

To discuss the fact that there's
no need to have a discussion.

If you wish to stop me,

make me draw my last breath.

You have freedom.

What was that?

Is everyone okay?

It looks like I was right.

So there's really no way to work this out?

Looks like we aren't gonna
solve this by talking.

What now...


Where are we going now?

We'll spend the next several days
making the voyage to Hizuru.

I have faith that Lady Mikasa's group
will hold off the rumbling.

However, I expect that Hizuru is already
in a state of collapse as a nation.

Sounds like there'll be nothing
to eat but fish for a while.

Hizuru's fish dishes are splendid.


Oh, guess there'll be birds to eat, too.

I am the one who brought
Zeke and Eren together.

I imagine there's nothing I can do to atone

for the sin of bringing
about this mass slaughter.

Then, if you could go back
and redo everything,

would you refrain from getting involved
with Eldians and watch Paradis die?

Time will not turn back.

But my sense of regret will never end.

I cannot say that I did everything in my
power to find a path for Eldian survival.

I treated my clan's interests and my
family's honor as my greatest duties.

Why must we experience loss
before we can realize...

how to respect and value others
without putting ourselves first?

But now... it's too late.

Annie, I... had a dream.

A dream? Was it from Galliard?

It was a dream from Zeke...
No, they were memories.

If I recall, the Female Titan can
manifest the abilities of other Titans

by taking in a part of those Titans, right?

Yeah. Since the Female is
particularly suited to manifesting,

I had to swallow all sorts of stuff.

But why does that matter?

It's like we thought! So, then...

There might be something we can do!

But no... Wait, do you think...

Oh, be quiet already!

Go carry some coal or something!

Did you say you saw memories from Zeke?

Yes. I was turned into a Titan
using Zeke's spinal fluid.

It seems he's manifesting characteristics
of the Beast Titan because of that.

I see. Go on.

The memory I see most often is...

a memory of flying above the clouds.

And that's not all. I can do it, too.

That's how it feels to me.

That's Fort Salta...

Are there really airships there?

Beats me. We won't know
until we get up there.

Do you really think you can
escape by stealing an airship?

You Eldians?

Watch your mouth, Marleyan.

It's thanks to us that you haven't
been squished under a Titan's foot.

If the airship idea doesn't work,
your family will die in the rumbling.

If you betray us, you'll
die from my b*llet.

This is the only way
for all of you to live.

It doesn't matter if the chance is slim.
We're gonna survive.

It's okay, Mrs. Braun.

Those two are strong.

I'm sure they're with Colt and Reiner...

Our girl is on the devils' island!

How could she survive there?

If only she'd never tried
to become a Warrior,

we could've been together in the end...


Mr. Finger, throw that
armband out the window.

This armband is something my daughter

earned by sacrificing
everything to help me.


Hey! Look there!

Oh, no! The airships!

Hurry! We can make it
if there's even one left!

I know!

Hey, what's that fog?

It's the rumbling.

It's finally caught up to us...

We're screwed! There
isn't a single one left!

No... Not after we made it this far...


It's all over.

Hold on...

Those airships...
are heading toward the Titans!

What does that mean?

It's a b*mb run!

They're gonna blow the Titans away
from the safety of the sky!

They intend to stake the fate
of all humanity on this!

A b*mb run?!

Are we gonna be saved?

Attention, all airship units and
every soldier in this fortress.

This fortress will be
the last bastion left to humanity.

The pressure weighing down
on your shoulders is immeasurable.

But no matter the result,

the responsibility does not
lie solely with you.

The responsibility for this

lies with all of us adults.

We took advantage of hate...

instilled and fostered it...

believing it would bring us salvation.

All the problems arising from our faults

we dumped onto the "island of devils."

As a result,

that monster was born,

and now it's marching our hatred
right back toward us.

If, by some miracle,

we manage to have a future again,

I vow to never repeat the same mistake.

Ms. Braun?


This whole time... I treated my boy...
as a tool for revenge...

I've still never done...
a single motherly thing for him...

I did the same thing...

I hope you will all make the same vow.

To break away from
our era of mutual hate...

The airship units are in formation!

They'll begin the b*mb
upon reaching the target altitude!

To create a new world where
people take care of each other...

Here and now, we say farewell
to our monster!

The att*ck Titan is taking action!

Begin the b*mb!

b*mb away!

They're so high up that
the b*mb keep missing!

Have them continue!

Put everything into this att*ck!

The airship units...

have been wiped out.

I am sorry.

All you innocent children... We failed you.

Hey... Mommy...

The Titans are coming this way.

I'm scared...

I'm so sorry.

I'm certain Annie and Reiner
are alive on Paradis Island.



What is that?

Dammit! We're running on fumes!

I see him!

Get ready to jump!

Onyankopon, you get over here, too!

Not yet! I'll keep going
till we're over the Founder!

Afterwards, I'll make an emergency landing!

So make sure you land
on the Founding Titan! Got that?


The bastard's down there.

That damned Beast!

That saves us the trouble of finding him!

Target the Beast Titan!

Put all your power into taking him out!

Let's stop the rumbling!



Damn it! I can't land!


The Armored Titan...

and even the Cart Titan?!

That's ODM gear...

Could it be?! Paradis Island
came to stop the rumbling?!



I have another question to ask you,

once we drag you out of there.

"In what way are you free?"
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