02x12 - Fate/Zero

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Fate/Zero". Aired: October 1, 2011 - December 24, 2011.
In the beginning, there was the Holy Grail, a wish-granting device, and those that battled to wield it—with the hope to control fate itself.
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02x12 - Fate/Zero

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By my third Command Seal, I order you again Stop! Saber, destroy the Grail.

How could I hope to know a man from three commands alone?

I never even knew the hearts of those who served me more closely than any others.

Perhaps all this was a punishment meted out to a king who cannot understand others That's Impossible It's impossible! Kiritsugu What's wrong, Ilyasviel?

I had a scary dream.

A dream where I became a cup And inside me, these seven big lumps appear.

It feels like they'll tear me apart.

It's really scary.

But I can't run away Then I hear Lord Justeaze's voice.

Above my head, a big black hole opens up.

And then, the world burns.

Kiritsugu looks at it and cries.

Mother, is Kiritsugu okay?

Is he scared and alone?

It's okay.

He's doing his best for you.

He'll make sure our prayers are realized.

So you'll never have to be scared again.

Yeah That's right.

Kiritsugu always works hard.

He'll finish his important work, and he'll come home soon.

Hey, Sakura Uncle?

I'm here to save you.

It's okay now.

Let's go.

Sakura! Sakura! Sakura! Sakura! Kariya Aoi.

Thank you, Uncle Kariya! Thank you Daddy Kariya! Fool That's what happens when you disobey Grandfather.

Where am I?

You're a difficult man to look after.

Digging you from the rubble was quite troublesome.

Gilgamesh, what happened?

Who can say That mud spit me out.

I imagine it to be a message from Heaven, that I should return to this age to rule the world.

So you have achieved incarnation?

Infuriatingly enough.

I can't believe we struggled over that thing as a wish


This play remained a farce to the very end.

I was sh*t I have no heartbeat Did you somehow heal me, Gilgamesh?

I couldn't say To my eyes, you do seem d*ad.

But we were connected by our pact.

When I regained flesh within that ooze, perhaps you were trapped in some sort of nonsense of your own.

You're saying it granted me life?

All the other Servants are gone, so we are the ones who have won the Grail.

Kirei, behold the result.

If the Grail truly grants the Victor's wish Kirei Kotomine, what you see is exactly what you most desired.


What am I?

What manner of evil?

What manner of cruelty?

This is my wish?

This destruction and tragedy?

This is my joy?

Could something so twisted and corrupt truly have sprung from Risei Kotomine's seed?


It is impossible! Did my father sire a cur?

Are you satisfied now, Kirei?

No, not yet.

This isn't enough.

Yes, it is true that my life of questions has found its answer.

But the problem

-solving process itself was skipped over, and I was simply handed the answer.

How am I to accept this?

The formula that yielded this strange answer should exist somewhere as a greater, clearer principle.

No It has to.

I must question.

I must search.

I must use the rest of my life to understand it.

You never bore me.

As you like.

Your questions would slay the very gods.

I, Gilgamesh, shall watch you seek your answer.

Angra Mainyu I will reach it again, and next time, I will see it to the end.

Its birth.

The proof of its existence.

Kiritsugu Emiya?

I accept your challenge.

What's wrong, Kirei?


I remember the look on his face The tears in his eyes over finding someone alive.

A man filled with joy, from the bottom of his heart.

He looked so happy, it was as though it had been him, and not me, who had been saved.

He's alive He's alive He's alive.

And then So fervently that, even on the brink of death, I was jealous, he said, "Thank you.

" That he was glad he'd found someone.

That by saving even one person, he had saved himself.

Episode 25


Fate I Zero And now, our next story.

Huge expl*si*n in Fuyuki's New Town Huge expl*si*n in Fuyuki's New Town The expl*si*n that occurred I hope that Alexei make it back to England safely.

He called me this morning from Heathrow.

That idiot forgot about the time difference.

Oh, he called?

I didn't notice.

But it's just like him to do that.

Hey, Grandpa and Grandma.

I'd like to talk to you about something What is it?

Actually, I'm thinking of taking some time off from school.

Of course, I'll talk to Dad in Toronto about it first.

There's something that I want to spend my time on more than studies at school.


My goodness! But what brought this on?

You aren't fed up with school or anything, are you?

No, it's not that.

It's just that in my whole life so far, I haven't really been interested in anything besides studying.

I'm regretting that a little.

And so I'd like to do some traveling.

Oh, my Did you hear that, Glen?

Waver just said something that sounded just like Alexei.

Anyway, there's a lot I'd have to do first.

And I'll need money to do it, too.

For starters, I was thinking of finding a part

-time job.

And so To make a long story short If you wouldn't mind, could I stay here until I get things worked out?

Of course you can! It will be so wonderful to keep having you here! We'll have to celebrate today! Jeez He's just a spirit.

So how can he leave such a mess behind?

I really did want him to take me with him So basically, I'm just not there yet.

He never even opened this A preorder with a bonus, original T


Does anyone even want stuff like this?

Idiot I know that my redeemer lives.

And that, in the end, He will stand upon the Earth.

And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh, I will see God.

I myself will see Him with my own eyes.

I, and not another.

How my heart yearns within me.


Rin An excellent debut for the new family head.

Your father would be pleased.

Well done.

You haven't quite grown accustomed to your Crest, I see.

Does it hurt?

This is nothing.

I'm fine.

Tokiomi's preparations were flawless.

I imagine that all the magics that the Tohsaka family has accumulated will pass to you without incident, Rin.

Why don't you go fetch your mother?

Yes, I'll do that.

Come on, Mother Let's say our last goodbye to Father.

Ah, Rin?

Is it someone's funeral today?

That's right.

Father died.

Oh, dear Then I should take out Tokiomi's black suit.

Oh, Rin Help Sakura get changed.

What should I do?

I have to get ready, too.

Dear, your necktie isn't on straight.

You need to look good.

After all, you're Sakura and Rin's father.

I'll be leaving Japan again for a while.

Do you have any immediate concerns?

No! I don't need your help for anything! We will next meet in six months.

At that time, I will conduct the second Crest transplantation.

Take care that you are in peak physical condition.

I know what to do! You don't need to tell me! Rin You are now the Tohsaka family head both in name and reality.

To commemorate this day, I'd like to offer you a gift.

An Azoth dagger.

When my master accepted the results of my training, he gave this to me.

Now you should have it.

This was my father's I'm here again.

Everyone Lancelot Because I could not stop myself from loving Guinevere, I was never able to forgive myself.

But, King Arthur You never spoke of my sins.

You never sought atonement.

You simply continued to stand before us in your righteousness.

But I desired judgment at your hands Had your anger judged me, I might not have fallen onto the path of madness in my quest to atone.

I'm sorry I'm sorry.

I I am unworthy.

But this much I can say with certainty, King Arthur One day, I will claim the Holy Grail.

You were the greatest of all kings All who served you It was not I felt the same way.

who should have been king.

After that, I visited the Einzberns many times.

But as I had not returned with the Grail, Jubstacheit never opened the forest's barrier.

I never saw Ilya again.

However Ilya would be the final person I would lose.

My life was meant to be one solely of loss.

But everyone is still here, just like when we met.

I adopted Shirou, the boy I saved that day.

- Five Years Later


- Five Years Later

- Hey.

Hey, Pops If you're gonna sleep, do it in your bed.

Right I'm fine.

When I was little, I wanted to be a hero.


You wanted to be?

Did you give up?


Unfortunately Becoming a hero has an expiration date.

When you grow up, it's hard to call yourself one.

I wish I had realized that sooner.

I see.

Then I guess you'll never be one, huh?

No No, I never will.

It really is a nice moon tonight.


Since you can't do it, I'll be one for you.

You're an adult now, so you can't do it anymore.

But I still can.

Leave it to me Your dream.

All right.

I'll do that.

I can rest easy now.

Kerry, what kind of adult do you want to be when you grow up?

Well, I want to be a hero.

Ato ichido dake kiseki wa okoru darou A miracle is sure to happen just one more time.

Yasashii koe de egaku yuganda mirai The twisted future described with your gentle voice.

Kimi o erande Tatta futari no yorokobi o sagaseta nara If I can choose you and search for happiness for us alone, Donna tsumetai honoo ni mi o yakarete mo we could be b*rned by the coldest flames Hohoemi no chikaku and still be smiling.

Kono sekai o Sunda mizu no naka he kaeshitai I want to send this world back into the clear waters.

Kanashimi dake kese wa shinai We cannot erase only sadness.

Sonna hito no kokoro no kotowari sae I'll cut through such reasoning of the human heart Kono te de kirisaite with my own hands.

Down to zero we go Down to zero we go Kirei na tsuki no hikari wa The beautiful moonlight Tada shizuka ni Hajimari he kuchite yuku yo is rotting away quietly towards the beginning.

Tozasareta akogare wa The admiration locked inside Mada tooku he Yami no naka is still far away and in the darkness.

All those days I lived with you.

Yasashii uta A gentle song.
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