02x10 - The Alpha and the Omega

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Krypton". Aired: March 21, 2018 – August 14, 2019.
Follows Superman's grandfather, Seg-El, whose family, the House of El, has been ostracized and shamed.
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02x10 - The Alpha and the Omega

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- Now I believe
the best of Krypton lies

within the blood of the Els.

- Brainiac is gone
and so is our son.

I will raze the universe
before giving up on Jor.

- The Black Mercy,

it creates
an alternate reality

in the mind of its host.

- My son, he created a clone.

Somatically reconditioned her
to his ideology.

General Zod deceived you.

Sagitari Thur,

he is not worthy
of your loyalty.

- How may we serve?

- The colonization of
alien planets is our future.


There will not be a soul left
on Wegthor.

- We have to get off
this moon.

- Get all of our troops

and every civilian available
onto that ship.


- I can't--I can't
feel my legs.

- If I don't stop Doomsday,
countless people will die.

- You can't save everyone, Seg.

Others have to step up.


[g*n whirrs]

- The Stellarium!

Seg and Kem must've managed
to detonate it.

- Now we've got to get
out of here.

Where's Seg?

[dramatic music]

- General, engines
are primed for jump speed.

Awaiting your instructions.

- Set a course, Captain,
for sector 2814

and its Sol System.

- Which of its worlds
should we target first?

- Send word to the fleet

to prepare for the conquest
of Earth.

Initiate interstellar jump.

[asteroid rumbles]

- The people of Kandor
are concerned.

Our Sagitari on the ground are
reporting unrest and...fear.

They are looking for answers.

They want to know
how this could happ--

- Where are
the surviving Rebels now?

- Not sure.

We've been unable to reach them
since we lost Wegthor.

- And the Stellarium?
Is it salvageable?

Is there at least enough
to fuel the interstellar fleet?

Open my communication line.

You survived.

- I'm not the only one.
- Good,

because I intend to savor

the eradication
of every last Rebel.

- Enough!

Your time to talk is done, Dru.

No more thr*at.
No more deals.

Give yourself up now

or we will come for you
and we will end your reign.

- You can't be serious.

- Your willingness
to w*apon Doomsday

against your fellow Kryptonians
proved, with finality,

what you truly are.

- What I truly am
is Krypton's last chance

at sustaining
our civilization.

- You're delusional!

You will never be
Krypton's savior, Dru,

because you are already
its undoing.

- I suggest you land my ship
swiftly and hide well

because I intend to use every
resource, every Sagitari,

and w*apon on Krypton
to hunt your Rebellion down.

- We welcome the attempt.


[suspenseful music]

krypton S02E10

- Ow!

You couldn't have done that
in the half I can't feel?

Oh, shit...

- [sighs]
How are you doing?

- [groans]

Well, these Kryptonian
sedatives are a party,

so that's one perk
of being paralyzed.

Never walk again
but I think I can see sound.

- You will walk again, Adam.

Val's not gonna stop
until he finds a way.

- There was a time

I would've gone back,
damn, with this

and hit the undo button
on what happened to me.

- You still could.

- No, this little dick-puncher
comes with consequences.

The universe-ending kind.

- How did you get that?

- It was given to me by
this inventor named Sardath.

You know, dude's so smart
he could tutor Val.

I mean, there is nothing about
space-time he doesn't know.

- So where is Sardath now?

My guess he's on
his home planet Rann.

Hell of a planet.
Unparalleled technology.

It was kind of the Zeta-Beam's
default destination,

so I got to know it
pretty well...

and his daughter, Alanna.

That was a long time ago, so...

- Maybe Sardath could help you

travel through time
without disrupting--

- [chuckles]

Sardath's not gonna help me
do anything, okay?

He kind of, um,
forbade the Zeta-Beam

from ever being equipped
for time travel.

Didn't want someone
just bouncing around

through time willy-nilly.

- Wait, you modified that thing
for time travel.

- It was a slight tweak.

I just slipped it
into the settings.

But I'm done with Rann
and through meddling with time

and I've caused enough damage.

I have to live with
my choices now.

- I understand...

more than you know, Adam.

- [snoring]

[asteroids impacting]

- Thought you didn't like
to drink?

- I've never seen a day
that warranted it

until this one.

To those we've lost.

- And those we've found.

[dramatic music]

If Seg, Val, Nyssa
are all really d*ad...

the three of us are
the last of the Resistance.

If anyone is to overthrow
Dru-Zod, it's us.

We nearly did it last time.

It'd be--
- A su1c1de mission, Dev.

We just got Lyta back
and we've lost so much already.

- We've lost nothing.

Dru-Zod has taken everything
from us

and will keep doing so
unless we act.

There's no one left, Jayna.

- Dev...


- All we have now
is each other.

- I know..

[door opens]

- Hey, I just woke up.

It sounded like there were
explosions in the distance

and I saw meteorites
burning in the sky.

Please, someone tell me
what's happened.

[suspenseful music]

[button clicks,
machine whirrs]

- Scan again
for any active frequencies.

[machine emits feedback]


Anyone hear me?

[machine beeps]

Look, if there's anyone still
on this frequency,

this is Seg-El.
- Seg?

- I'm coming in.
- Seg!

Is that you?
- Grandpa?

Can you hear me?

- We got you, Seg.
Where are you?

- Well, if this skimmer
doesn't break up on reentry,

I'm headed to the Outlands.

I'll probably set down
somewhere outside New Lurvan.

I'm sending you
my coordinates now.

- Locking onto
your coordinates.

We'll meet up with you there.

Oh, my boy, it's great
to hear your voice.

- Yours, too.

And Adam and Nyssa?

- I'm here.

We're all here, Seg,
because of you and Kem.

- Kem's d*ad.

He didn't make it.

- Seg, I'm...

I'm so sorry.

- Doomsday ambushed us
in the tunnels.

Kem sacrificed himself
for Krypton.

We were all he had.

- Well, then he will
be forever remembered

as part of House El.

Brother to Seg-El.

- I...

I'll see you in New Lurvan.

[machine beeps off]

- [Adam groans]



Careful with that.

Press the wrong thing

and who knows where
you might end up?

[suspenseful music]

- Like Rann,
for instance.

- Nyssa, what's going on?

- I'm going to find Sardath.

- Hey, hey.

No, no, no.
You can't!



- What's going on?

- Wegthor is gone,
and along with it,

so is Krypton's entire
Stellarium supply.

The Zeta-Beam can transport me
across the universe

to wherever Brainiac
has my son.

- Nyssa, you don't even know
how to use that thing.

The landing alone can--

- You've already told me

I need to know about it.

- You played me?
Oh, come on!

- I had to.

Brainiac is still
out there somewhere

and I cannot rest
until I find him.

I can't wait any longer.

- Nyssa, please,
think about what you're doing!

- There is no other way, Val.

Tell Seg I'm sorry.

- Nyssa.


- That wasn't so bad.

All right, Adam,

let's hope you know what
you're talking about.

- So all of Wegthor...

is gone?

- I'm sorry, Lyta.

- No.

Seg's still alive.
I know it.

He and I, we...

we only just found
each other again.

What about the rebels?

Then we have no choice.

We end Dru's reign tonight
once and for all.

- It won't be that easy, Lyta.

Even if we find him,
Dru is still your son.

- If what you're telling me
is true

and Dru deployed Doomsday
on Wegthor, on Seg...

Then he is not my son.

- I'm in.

The way I see it, nothing
changes unless we change it.

- Then I know better
than anyone

not to stand in your way.

What would you
have us do, Primus?

- Dru thinks that we're going
to sit and wait for him.

He doesn't think that we have
the numbers to breach Kandor

and att*ck head on.

- He'd be right.
We don't.

- No, but he only knows
what we've lost.

He doesn't know
what we've gained.

- Which is what?

- Inside support
from the Sagitari.

News that I'm alive
has spread amongst them

thanks to Sagitari Thur
and Pline,

and they have reported
that support for Dru

is wavering in Kandor.

- That doesn't guarantee us
access to Zod.

Fort Rozz is locked up
too tight.

- I didn't say the plan
was perfect,

but if we can't get to Dru,
then maybe we can lure him out

and then use our Sagitari
to separate

and isolate him
from his loyalists.

- The only way we can draw
Zod out is with rebel forces.

How are we gonna fake
an entire army?

- I wouldn't worry about that.

Seems our army just arrived.

[dramatic music]

- Seg.

- General.

- What is it?

- The ship containing
Wegthor Rebels

has been located
in the Outlands.

Recon teams
report it abandoned.

We're searching for them now.

- Have you any idea
where they've gone?

- Storms have
eliminated the tracks,

but our heat scanners
are continuing--

- I wasn't speaking to you.

Sagitari Thur,

you heard the Commander.

Your Rebel allies
have arrived

and your traitorous exercise
has been exposed.

Now I will let you
keep your life,

if you tell me where
they have gone.

Tell me where they--

- New Lurvan!

[coughs, spits]

Primus-Zod is in New Lurvan.

If the Rebels go anywhere,
it'll be there.

- Thank you, Sagitari Thur.

Send your men to New Lurvan.


- [pants]

[blade thuds]

- Kem always did have
to have the last word.

Stupid idiot.

- He was a good soldier.

- With a kind heart.

- He was the best mate
that I could ask for.

Krypton without him...

is going to laugh a hell
of a lot less.

Here's to you, brother.

[somber music]

We'll never forget you.

- [coughs]

- [sniffles]

- Did you see him?


- I saw it.

It tore through Wegthor--
through that stronghold--

like it was made of sand.

I looked into its eyes

and I saw no compassion,
no empathy.

Just rage, hate.

- I saw that, too, in Dru,

before he subjected me
to the Black Mercy.

He's lost, Seg.

- And we have to
stop him, Lyta,

by any means necessary.

- We have a plan.
It's in motion.

But it's going to
take all of us.

- Where's Nyssa?

Adam, have you seen Nyssa?

[dramatic music]


[suspenseful music]

- [panting]

- What do you need?

Please let me help you.

- [coughing]
- Where am I?

Is this Rann?

What are you trying to say?

What's up there?

- [gasps]

- [pants]

- [groans]

- All right.
You're fine.

- Hey, uh, Val, Val.
Now, listen.

Come on.
Don't bench me.

Put a blaster in my hand.

Just point me towards
the bad guys, you'll see.

I got plenty of ass-kicking
left in me.

- Adam, you've helped enough.

Just give the others time
to devise a strategy

and then--well, then we'll see
how we can best fit you in.

Adam, you really have done
more than enough for us.

- [chuckles]

I wasn't doing it all for you.

Krypton's my home now, too.

You and Seg,
I mean, damn it,

you may as well be my family.

I mean, you're more of one
than I ever knew anyway.

You know back in Detroit
on Earth,

people didn't stick
around much.

My, uh, my mom,
she died giving birth to me

like it was the g*dd*mn
middle ages or something.

And my pops...

well, he never
let me forget that,

but we didn't have much
in common...

except for baseball.

That's a sport.

Tigers fans for life.

The truth is I didn't think
I'd amount to anything.

Then I met you guys.

And now that Nyssa's legged it
with my Zeta-Beam,

there's precisely jack shit
I can do about it.

[groans, sighs]

I'm kinda stuck here
whether I like it or not.

- You put your life
on the line for me.

- Yeah.
- My family.

For all of Krypton.

And I promise you,

I will do everything in
my power to make it up to you.

- As you already know,
Zod's forces are hunting us.

- The destruction of Wegthor
took out his Stellarium supply.

That was his only way to expand
his w*r to other worlds.

We left him bleeding.

If we want to end this,
we need to strike now.

- While Zod
was deploying Doomsday,

I was laying groundwork
with a network of dissenters

within Fort Rozz,

Sagitari who are loyal to me
and are tired of Zod's deceit.

With them, we can win.
We can gain access to Zod.

[machine beeping]

That'll be one of them now.

- Primus!
- Sagitari Pline, what's--

- No time.
We've been compromised.

Sagitari Thur
has been captured.

General Zod knows.

- Well, what does he know?
- Everything.

- Get her out of there.
- Pline, lay low.

Find some place to hide
and we can help--

- It's too late.


- Pline!

[tense music]

- If Dru-Zod is going to bring
his w*r to New Lurvan,

we need to dig in here.

Prepare ourselves
and make an all-out stand.

- He'll send
multiple regiments.

They'll outnumber us
five to one

and then they'll pin us down
at the bridge.

- We don't know that for sure.
Maybe they--

- Yes, we do, Seg, because
that is exactly what I would do

and I taught Dru everything.

[suspenseful music]

- Then we take Zod.

Think about it.

He's made
a massive tactical error

this many Sagitari here.

He's isolated himself, which
is exactly what we wanted.

Now Fort Rozz will still be
impenetrable, but Kandor?

Kandor itself will be left
relatively unguarded.

If we can keep Zod's forces
engaged here in New Lurvan...

then I can get to him
in Kandor.

I have to at least try.

- It might be our only chance.

- We'll need to establish
a perimeter around the Outpost

and take out as many Sagitari
as we can in open field combat.

There are civilians here
we need to keep safe.

- Rondor piss!

We don't need protection.

We're in this fight now,
like it or not.

We don't,
but we can't keep hiding

and expect you to fix
everything for us.

Time we did our bit as well.

- Would I be right in thinking

you have a stash
of w*apon here?

We're going to need them.
All of them.

- Zod!

- Zod!

Come out here!

Enough Kryptonian blood
has been spilt.

It's time for
this madness to end!

You know who I am.

You all know that Dru-Zod
is my son.

So believe me
when I tell you

that Zod's rule
is built on lies.

He controls you all
through Somatic Reconditioning

and I have proof.

I have seen his
detention centers overflowing

with those who dared
to speak out.

I have seen his barbaric

Somatic Reconditioning

He is taking from you

the very thing
that makes you Kryptonian--

your spirit, your will,
your individuality.

[approaching footsteps]

[crowd murmurs]

[indistinct chatter]

[g*n clicks]

- Sagitari forces have
reached the perimeter.

- Move out!

[yelling in distance]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[suspenseful music]

- Let's go!

[indistinct shouting]

- Stand your ground!

- [grunts]

- What exactly did you hope
to achieve here?


You thought I'd let you
just walk into the city

that I rebuilt,

stand before these people
I raised up,

and try to tear me down?

- These people,
they only follow you

'cause of what you've done
to their minds.

Not through their
own free will.

- You think they will believe
you over me, their savior?

- It's not me
they have to believe.

[crowd gasps]

- I am Primus Lyta-Zod!

The person you saw die
was an impostor,

one General Zod
could bend to his will.

He replaced me because
I refused to follow him

down his destructive path.

Because I dreamed of
a better future for all of us.

[g*n zapping]

A life free of w*r and
the endless cycle of v*olence.

A life where we have
the freedom

to make our own choices.

- I have seen what happens

when you enjoy
your freedom of choice.

I have lived that future

and I saw Krypton choose
its own self-destruction.

Every decision I make is
for one singular purpose--

to save Krypton!

The survival of our people is
the only thing that matters.

- You're wrong.

There is a difference between
surviving and living

and what you
are offering us, Dru...

it's not good enough.

- Arrest these two

and execute anyone who even
thinks about objecting.

- Arrest them yourself,

[crowd murmurs]

- New orders.

Execute Commander Dahl
and then take these two away.

[stirring music]

[g*n clattering]

- It's over, Dru.


Call off your forces
in New Lurvan.

- You've lost your mind

if you think I will kneel
before you or anyone.

- Yeah.

I figured you'd say
something like that.

[suspenseful music]

General, would you care
to step outside?

- [grunts]

[punching, yelling]

- [groans]

- You think you are him?

You think you are
the Man of Steel?

You are no Superman.

You are nothing.

[crowd gasps]

- Seg!
- No, Lyta!


You're right, General.

I'm nobody in particular.

So how does it feel that
you're going to lose it all

to powerless, ordinary old me?

- Well, this isn't over.


[both panting]

Well done, Mother.

- I'm not your mother.
Not anymore.

[driving music]

[turret charging]

- f*re!
- Turret on our flank!

[man yells]

- [groans]


[heroic music]

[turret charging]


[indistinct shouting]

[both groaning]

[both panting]

- General Zod, it's time
you kneel before Kandor.

- Never!

- [grunts]

[somber music]

- Seg.

Seg, stop.
Seg, Seg, stop!

Come on!
Come on, stop!


[both panting]

[crowd murmurs]

Call off all forces
from New Lurvan.

[radio device beeps]
- All Regiments abort.

I repeat, abort.

New Lurvan is no longer
the enemy.

- Fall back!
Fall back!

- They are retreating!

[all cheering]

[triumphant music]

- He's never gonna stop...ever.

Not even the Phantom Zone
could hold him.

- I know, but it doesn't have
to end this way.

[dramatic music]

- We are proud of you, son.

- You've saved us all.

You've saved Krypton.

You're a hero, Dru.

- How long can
we keep him like this?

- As long as we need to.

As long as it keeps
Krypton safe.

[Black Mercy hisses]

- Got to hand it to ya,

I never thought I'd see
the day I'd respect a Zod.

- And I never thought
I'd see the day

when I'd be happy
to see your face,

but here we are.

- [laughs]
This calls for my best stash!

[both laugh]

- There you are.
- Val, you're not celebrating?

- No thanks, but I have
good news to report.

We picked up heat signatures
near the impact zone

of a large meteorite cluster.

- Is it possible?
More survivors?

- Well, we don't know
for sure, but, uh,

Wegthorns are a resourceful
people, so I'm hopeful.

- We'll take a look
right away then.

- I'll show you
the coordinates.

[suspenseful music]

- Oh, finally!

Did you get lost or something?

I thought I was gonna
die alone in here.


Why are you looking at me
like that?

- I have something
for you, Adam.

I think you're gonna like it.

[thunder roars, device beeps]

- Base, we've finished
our sweep.

Perimeter is clear.
Headed back to camp.

- Jayna!

- It can't be.

[party music plays]

- Grandpa?

- [groans]
- Grandpa.

Grandpa, you all right?

- [burps]

- [coughs]

- I beg your pardon.

- Grandpa,
you're a little drunk?

- Well, yes, Seg.

I am drunk.

Uh, but that doesn't mean
that I--I'm not drunk.

- Clearly.

Come on, we'll get you inside.

- [laughs]
- Come on.

There you go.
This way now.

[party music plays]

- Hey.
- Hey!


- Look at you, man!

- Look at this!
Look, hey, Val made me legs!

Hey, uh, braces.
He made me leg braces.

- [chuckling]
- You all right?

- Anyway, look.
Hey, I can walk!

It's a g*dd*mn
Christmas miracle.

Anyway, that's beside
the point.

I got a jetpack.

You know what that means.
- Tell me, Adam.

- It means I can fly, bitches!

[crowd laughing]

Val, I still
can't feel my legs!

- [laughs]


[suspenseful music]

- Lobo...

put the w*apon down.


- Whatever you say, Seagull.

- Wow.

- I know, right?

- Good for you.

- Thank you.
Grew it meself.

- I did mean
the other w*apon.

- Oh yeah, of course.

[zipper zips]


- How'd you get to Krypton?
What do you want?

- The "how" isn't as important
as the "why."

You see, word on the
interstellar street is--

get a load of this.

The Green Gooch that you were
supposed to deliver to me

back on that shit-stain,

- "Colu."

- Excuse me. What?

- Planet, it's a planet.

- Whatever.
- Sure.

- Brainiac, he's still alive.

Which got me thinking--
- No, we thought we--

see, we thought
we did deliver him--

- [shushing]

The Main Man is talking.
Why are you interrupting?

Nobody interrupts the Main Man
when he's talking.

Your job is to stand there,
look pretty, and listen

as I explain how you
are going to help me.

- Me help you?

- Yes.
- Why would I help you?

Last time we were
in a room together,

you tried to k*ll me and Adam.

- Come on, Seagull,
that was in the past, man.


I mean,
look at Legs over there.

He's over it.
Ain't you, Legs?


- [laughs]

- Legs.

And seeing as how you
and Brainiac

had a lovely,
kinky love affair

inside of one another,
you dirty dog...

Maybe, just maybe,
you ain't entirely useless.

- You want my help tracking
down Brainiac, don't you?

- Let's get this straight.

I don't need nobody's help
tracking down

any mother-fragger
in this universe.

You understand me?

But I am gonna need you
to answer some questions

about your last encounter
with the bastich,

if you know what I mean.

- Okay, how about
we make a deal?

- [scoffs]

I knew you were going
to say that.

You want deals.
Always deals.

What do you want?

- Look, I'll tell you
everything I know

about Brainiac
and I'll help you find him

if you help me
bring my son back.

- I'm sorry, your son?

- Jor-El.
- Stupid name.

- Brainiac took my son.

- [sobbing]

I don't care, boy.

- Well, he said something
about the blood of House El,

but really I think it's
just 'cause he's an assh*le.

- He is an assh*le.
- Hmm.

- Tell you what,
you lead me to Brainiac,

and I will deliver to you
that ugly little potato

that you call a son
safe and sound

and mostly, I said mostly,
in one piece.


- You gonna wash that?

- Nope.

- Well, shit.

[electronic whirring]

- Sleep now, child.

We have a long journey
ahead of us,

but it will be worth it.

For once we reach
our destination,

you will be a god
amongst men...

My son.

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