03x11 - Never Again

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Equalizer". Aired: February 2021 to present.
An enigmatic woman with a mysterious background uses her extensive skills to help those with nowhere else to turn.
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03x11 - Never Again

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Previously on The Equalizer... Mom!

You both need to leave town immediately.

VI: Everything okay?

ROBYN: Miles again.

Wanting to talk about Dee?

And everything that happened
with that dirty b*mb.

MILES: First you bring a
g*n victim to my house.

Then I get a call from Aunt Vi

saying that I need to come
get our daughter.

I'm concerned, Rob.

- You must trust me.
- I tried.

You leave me no choice.

Hey, Mom, is everything okay?

I just got served.

Your father wants sole custody of you.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Hey. What are you doing?!

Get out of here!

MAN: Go, go, go!



♪ ♪

I know that look.

Whenever you are scheming,

you tap your right foot.

You've done it since you were a child.

- This about Miles?
- He's coming over this afternoon.

I have to convince him
to drop this custody case

before court on Monday.

He has no idea how
this could expose what I do,

cost me Dee.

So, what's the plan?

(SINGSONGY): Good morning.

Is it? (SIGHS)

Everything all right?

My parents are fighting over my custody.

Everything's awesome.

Look, me and your dad

are gonna work this whole thing out.

Trust me.

It's never gonna make it
as far as the courts.


Anything else on your mind?


I'll see everyone after school.

Why are you making promises
to that child

you may not be able to keep?


This is why.

Robyn, are you gonna use this?

Miles has left me no choice.

Some lines can't be uncrossed.


I know.

But I will do what I have to do
to protect my family.

It started a few weeks ago

with broken car windows on Shabbat

and mezuzahs torn from shop doorways.

Hmm. Symbols meant
to protect against evil,

guarantee safety.

Last night, Cheryl,
who works at our family deli,

tried to stop these guys
from vandalizing a Jewish mural

outside our parking lot
and was knocked unconscious.

Is she okay?

Yes. Thankfully.

Sh-She's like a second mom to me.

The police... what did they say?

They took a statement,

said they'd look into it,

but their hate crime force
is spread pretty thin

and I'm concerned whoever's behind this

is just getting started.

- You believe they're related?
- I think so.

Cheryl saw a handful of men in ski masks

and there's been other sightings
of masked men

throughout our Midwood neighborhood.

The entire Jewish community's on edge.

Can you help us before someone
else gets seriously hurt?

Hate like this has no place anywhere.

Let me see what I can do.

Thank you.

Mitzi's deli in Midwood?

That's your old stomping grounds.

Wow, haven't thought about
that place in a long time.

Best chocolate babkas in Brooklyn.

Got me through some rough times.

Look, I know this one
might be sensitive.

Hey, it's fine.

You know, growing up with a
Jewish mom and an Armenian dad,

I can't say I knew where I stood
in the community,

but I definitely know
where I stand on hate crimes.

Look at this. Anti-Semitic incidents

were at an all-time high
last year in the U.S.

and as*ault up %.

No wonder the Jewish community
is scared.

- Okay, I think we should start...
- Whoa, hold on.

I thought you said
you had to go meet Miles.

Yeah, but Rebekah needs our help.

No, no, no, listen,
you got to take care of yourself

and your family.

- We got this one.
- Mm-hmm.

Well, I can at least call Dante.

He can send forensics
to the crime scene.

I'll go check the deli out and just see

if there were any clues
that were overlooked.

I'll talk to Cheryl,
see if she can give us anything

on the mural incident.

And I'll circle back
when I'm done with Miles.

♪ ♪

DANTE: Never ends, does it?

You know, when I was a kid,
growing up Jewish,

they instill all this fear
in you, you know.

Like, "You're white until
they find out you're Jewish."

"Don't wear a Star of David
out in public." You know?

And I, I didn't even
pay any attention to it, right?

I didn't figure it was gonna
apply to us, to our generation.


Found that out the hard way
up in Gatling County.


I tried to find some surveillance cams

in the neighborhood, but, uh...

this place, like, stopped d*ad
in time in the ' s.

Nothing. What about you?

Forensics found a spray paint can

dropped by one of the
assailants, but no fingerprints.

We're tracing the purchase,
but confidence isn't high.

Brand's generic, it can be found

in over a hundred stores
around the city.

Hey, Dante, uh, I really
appreciate it, man.

Thanks for coming down here.
It means a lot.

Hate is everyone's problem.



Will you look at that.

What a shanda.

This mural told the story
of us coming to America

to follow our dreams of a better life.

- MAN: Oh, is that the friend

you were talking about?

Yes. Harry is helping us.

Uh, Harry.

This is Rabbi Altman.

Harry, is it?

Yes, Rabbi.

Uh, just wondering, your last name?


It's a Armenian name, Keshegian.

Uh, I-I'm sorry.

I have new hearing aids.

Would you mind repeating that?

Yeah, it-it's Harry Keshegian.

I knew it. You're Sera's boy.

You left us
just before your bar mitzvah.

Yeah, yeah. My, uh, my dad
and I moved to Long Island

after the divorce.

I, you know, I didn't see much of her.

Your mother, should she rest
in peace, was a wonderful woman.

She died too young.

Yeah, so, um...

have you seen anything else alarming?

Only online.

We had to shut down the comments section

of the synagogue's website.

If this is the digital age,
they can keep it.

No, I hear you.

Hey, do you think I might be
able to get access to that?

'Cause I just want
to look over the comments

and see if anything sort of jumps out.

If you really want to,
but I'm telling you,

it's very, very disgusting stuff.

I understand.

WOMAN: You're acting crazy!

Maybe you should leave!

MAN: Leave? I'm not going
anywhere until you listen to me!

WOMAN: Go! Now!

Cheryl? Cheryl McKenna.



- Please don't hurt us!
- I'm not here

to hurt you, I'm here to help you.

I'm Rebekah's friend. Are you Cheryl?

Yeah, and this is my son, Wes.

Could you please get that
out of my face now?

It's not so fun when
it's pointing at you, is it?

I'm sorry, Wes has just
been worried about me lately.

It's why we were arguing
when you arrived.

He thinks someone's targeting me.

Why do you think that?

"Beware, you. Jew lovers die too."

Can you think of anyone
who'd want to hurt you?

No, I don't think so.

- The way this letter references you...
- Yes.

You see, I'm not Jewish

but I'm in the process of converting.

I... I love the community.

They took us in after my husband died

and everyone at Mitzi's
is like family to us.

- Sounds like you found your people.
- I did.

And I don't want to leave
what I've built.

First the letter, then the deli att*ck.

- You need to leave.
- How can we leave the community

when they are at their lowest?


I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Is there anything that you remember,

- anything that stood out

about the men who attacked you?

It all happened so fast,
I didn't really see anything.

- Sorry I can't be more helpful.
- It's okay.

Is it all right if I take this?
It might lead to something.

Of course. And I hope you
find who's ever doing this.

We will.

- Okay.

Dante's checking Cheryl's
letter for prints

and he's seeing if he can
pull DNA off the envelope.

So, Cheryl gets a thr*at
letter and then two days later

the deli that she works at
is vandalized and she's hurt.

I mean, it's a clear escalation.

That's interesting.


Well, the font and the color scheme...

it looks like comic book type.

Gonna cross-reference it
with my comic book price guide.

If it's been published
in the last years

it's gonna be in there.

You have a comic book pricing guide?

Uh, yeah. I mean, how else
am I supposed to know

the value of my comic books?

Baby, we need to get you out more.

I don't know, babe.

I've been perusing the comments section

on the synagogue's website...
check this out.

I think I'd rather stay inside.

- Globalist. Really?
- I mean, seriously.

Jewish people are . %
of the population.

I mean, h-how...
We can't even decide on lunch,

- let alone world domination.
- Yeah, I guess

it's the conspiracy theory
that just keeps on giving.

I mean, Taylor Swift
has more social media followers

than there are Jewish people
on the face of the earth.


Got something.

All right, three comic books
with the same font and general

color scheme of Cheryl's letter.
This one in particular

looks to be an identical match.
It's, uh, called Terror X.

The blurb says that it's about

an alien invasion and the planet's

struggle to survive. Self-published,

not sold in many stores.

Wonder why they would use
a font from a comic book?

It seems so random.

There's this mom-and-pop shop
near Midwood... they sell it.

Maybe should go check
it out and just see

- who's purchasing the thing.
- Yeah.

ROBYN: I'm out here

doing everything I can to protect Dee.

Is that right? Then why did Aunt Vi

have to call me to come rescue them

from some dirty b*mb?

That was an isolated incident,

which has been taken care of.

Taken care of how?

The how does not matter. What matters

is at the end of the day,
everyone was safe.

At what cost to Delilah?

There have been measures
put in place to make sure

that never happens again, Miles.

But you won't even tell me what
these measures are.

Delilah's being all secretive,

getting in fights at school.

That's never happened before.

See, secrets like this are exactly

why we didn't work out.


we may not have been a good fit,

but, as parents...
we've always made a great team.

Because we always made sure that

Delilah's well-being came first.

But now I'm starting to wonder if this

isn't all more about you than it is her.

ROBYN: Now you're accusing me
of ego. Okay, what happens

if Dee comes to you?
Who's gonna be there for her?

Because you're working
all the time, Miles,

and so is Kelly.

What are you willing to sacrifice?

Are you willing to quit your job
to raise her?

I could ask you the same thing.

Are you willing to quit doing...

whatever the hell it is you're doing?


You're home early. Everything okay?

No, it's not.

What's going on?

When my friend Tracy's parents
were getting divorced,

the judge asked her
who she'd choose to live with.

And then they went with her choice.

That's good, she had her say.

No. No, she was forced to choose between

two people that she loved.

And now you're placing me
in the exact same position.

It's not fair. I won't do it.

Well, then don't do it.

But I will not stand by and watch

you become collateral damage
of your mother's secret life.

No, it's not her fault.

Neither of you are even listening to me.

Dee, wait.


Dee. You weren't supposed to hear that.

Okay, but I was. That's the point.

I should have a say in this,

and I don't want anything to change.

And it won't.

You keep saying that,
but dad seems pretty determined.

And you can't blame him.

What do you mean?

Dad is right.

I am probably safer living there
than I am here.

What you do is so important.

What worries me more is...

What worries me more
is that Dad could expose you.

That is my burden to bear, not yours.

No, no, it is mine,
and I have thought long

and hard about this.

I think I should go live with dad.

That what you wanted all this time?


But what you do is too important, Mom.

You can't be exposed.

Living with Dad is how I protect you.

Miles, please don't do this.

You know, and here I thought
we were gonna actually

have a real discussion about this.

But that's not what today
was about for you, was it?

You know, I'm out.



Nothing like the smell
of comic books in the morning.

Yeah, it smells like mildew.


- Hiya.
- Hey.

How can I help you folks today?

Uh, wondering if you sell Terror X.

Sell, no. Have, yes.

Sales did me no favors, so I'm currently

using them as coasters.

All right. Uh, well,
have you sold any? Or...

A few here and there.

Has anyone been into the book enough

to put it on their pull list?

Why do you ask?

Uh, someone's

been using cut-up pages

from Terror X to spread hate
in the community.

As someone who's got
a history of genocide

on both sides of my family,

just want to be a good citizen,
nip it in the bud.

A list of names and emails
would really help us out.

Um, sorry, privacy
for my customers is important.

The comic book store business is rough.

And with the Internet, most people just

- order their comics online.
- Totally, yeah.


But helping the community
is always priority number one.

Thank you.

Oh. Please tell me
you weren't one of those

- Dungeons & Dragons guys.
- Hells no, woman.

Much more a Magic: The Gathering
type of dude.

You purposely hid that chapter

of your life from me, didn't you?

A planeswalker
never reveals his secrets.

- Free with every donation.
- Ah.

Yeah, sorry about the
coffee stains. Like I said,

they make good coasters. No problem.

Thank you.

- Thank you so much.
- Sure.

DANTE: So, that name you
got from the comic book guy's list

and the synagogue hate post,
aka Skinhead Steve...

his real name is Steven Ray Bailey.

Sending you his police record now.

So, what's his deal besides,

you know, the n*zi of it all?

A few misdemeanors, a DUI,
some unpaid parking tickets.

Ooh, and a love of roller skating.

I'll spare you his
skate for hate videos.

Okay, so, this Steve

posts anti-Semitic remarks

on the synagogue board
he is a fan of Terror X.

What the hell else is he up to?

We got him in the box.

We're about to find out.

You know what I say to
the Zionist occupied government?

Jews will not replace us.
They can't stop us.

We're an army.
And we will not stop until

we secure the existence of our people

and a future for white children.
White power!


"Better run, Jew"?

Hey! Oh, lookie here.

Get away from me.
Stop it. Get out of... No!

- Give that back! Stop! Someone, help!
- You won't replace us.

Take that!

How's that feel?


HARRY: What an
unbelievable piece of crap.

It's a metaphor for the Jews.

And not a good one.
Alien invasion comes to Earth,

- blood sacrifices, mind control.
- No wonder Skinhead Steve loved it.

- Who wrote it?
- I looked him up. Brian Augie Hunter.

I couldn't find anything, though.

- It's clearly a pseudonym.
- Did you call Kent?

- Mm-hmm.
- He have any leads on the guy?

He knows the guy by the same name.

He said he came in to the shop
a few months ago, begged him

to sell it, hasn't seen him since.


It's McCall. Hey.

Hey. Just checking in.

Yeah, I heard back from Dante.
It turns out our lead,

Steve, alibied out for
the night of Cheryl's att*ck.

Car rental, airfare, hotel,

all point to
an Aryan Brotherhood conference

he went to in Indianapolis.

Have you heard back about
the other anti-Semitic crimes

that took place in Midwood?
Any pattern there?

Dante's police report says
that all the incidents

happened within
a few blocks of each other,

but that they're not
necessarily related.

But some of the incidents
do have specific time stamps.

These guys aren't geniuses.

They likely had their phones with them.

Maybe if we get lucky
we trace one of the numbers

across various locations

and times of the att*cks.
I'll run a search.

It may take a while,
but it'll be worth it.

Rob, how's it going on your end?

Right now, a little complicated.

I'll let you know how it all plays out.

You got it. We're here if you
need anything.





Wh... Rebekah,

uh, slow-slow down.

W-What happened?

Rabbi, I came as soon as I heard.

- You all right?
- Keshegian.

Twice in one day. Someone up
there must really like me.

Rabbi, can you remember
anything about your attackers?

A tattoo, a watch, shoes...

a-anything like that
can be really helpful.

Uh, they were all in black,

uh, ski masks.

One of them, I think,
was holding up a phone?

Like they were recording you?

Recording? What do you... Why?

Uh, not unless they mistook me
for Brad Pitt.

(SHORT CHUCKLE) Rabbi, uh,

you-you want to get these guys, right?


you have a good heart. Your mother...

she should rest in peace...
she had a good heart, too.

- She was always trying to help o...
- These men,

today, that attacked you...
they-they could have k*lled you.

Well, i-it's like how
every Jewish holiday started.

They tried to k*ll us.
We won. Let's eat.

Uh-huh. Yeah, I don't know

how you can be laughing
at a time like this.

Do you know what your Hebrew name is?

N... No.

It's Itzhak. It means laughter.

You can't lose your joy, Harry.

If you let them crush your spirit,

they win.

I'll try and keep that in mind.

Good. And I'll-I'll see you

in the morning at services?

Hey, Rabbi, I don't know
what kind of drugs

they're giving you here,
but you're in no condition

to be conducting services.

Well... our greatest glory

is not in never having fallen

but in rising every time we fall.

That was from the Torah?


Listen, Rabbi, I'm gonna find the people

responsible for doing this to you,

and when I do,

they're gonna pay.

Honey garlic chicken?


I got your mashed potatoes, too.

Everything okay?

Everything's fine. Why?

'Cause you never cook.

That's because I never have time.

What happened with Miles?

All good.

You used the file, didn't you?


Miles is Delilah's father

and she loves him.

He's not the enemy, he's family.

I've just put them both
in an impossible position.

I just can't do that anymore.

So, what changed his mind?


Just won't be equalizing anymore.



You are not quitting over this.

- Miles is wrong.
- Is he?

Because of my work,

my child thinks she needs to protect me.

I'm out here telling
myself that I'm creating

a safer world for my daughter,
that I'm setting injustice right,

that I'm being a voice

for the voiceless.

But what does any of that matter

if doing all of that makes me lose Dee?

This is what I have to do
to keep her here with me.

And you've told him all this?

I'm going by tomorrow

and tell him that everything
going on with me is over.

I'm officially retired.

Just haven't figured out
how to tell Harry and Mel yet.


- Did you get anything?
- Mm. Mm-mmm.


What's going on? You've been off

since the hospital. Talk to me.

You know, the rabbi
keeps talking about my mom

like she was this perfect
specimen of a human being.

Not the mom I grew up with.

It's just... What kind of mother

abandons their kid? Y-You know

she didn't even fight for me
when my parents split up.

- Oh, hey.

We got a hit on that tower.

Three numbers were present
across the hate crime locations

at the time that they occurred,

including Cheryl's att*ck
and the rabbi's.

Who do they belong to?

I can't ID them because
the phones were all burners.

But the GPS on one of them

is currently active
and it's tracking to a location

on Jefferson in Bushwick.

All right, let's go.


Are you sure this is the place?

Well, I mean, it's where the GPS
on the burner phone took us.

Uh, is it my imagination
or are the dudes

at this place, like,
really checking you out?

- Am I detecting jealousy?
- Jealousy,

anxiety, massive insecurity. The ushe.

All right,
he's got to be here somewhere.

I'm calling the number.
Keep your eyes peeled

for anyone who answers their phone.



♪ ♪

- Think we should get the check.
- Okay, hold on.


I got him.



You know this guy?

Yeah, he's Cheryl's son.

Last I checked, listening to live music

doesn't make me a criminal.

You're right.

But beating up
a defenseless old man does.

This yours?

I don't get it.
He's got all these videos

on his phone, right?

But he didn't upload them anywhere.

He just sent them to a burner phone

- that wasn't at any of the att*cks.
- My money

is on someone behind the scenes
pulling the strings.

The old Manson move.

Those videos exist online somewhere.

Problem is those things are everywhere.

I'll run a search but it'll be like

looking for a needle in a hatestack.

DANTE: And let me
guess... it was you who sent

those nice letters, too.

But what I can't figure out

is why would you target your own mother.

She wasn't supposed
to be working that night.

- And the letter?
- It was meant

to scare her. She needs
to get away from Midwood.

Away from a community that
has been there for both of you.

Yeah. Waiting on them hand and foot,
like a servant.

She can't see
what they are yet, but I can.

My eyes have been opened.

Is that right?

And who opened them?
They have any more big plans?

MEL: I just can't believe
Wes is down with all of this.

He's college-educated, he's got

a loving mom. He just...

he doesn't fit the typical mold.

Well, welcome to the new face of hate.

It's not swastikas and
white hoods anymore,

it's the guy at the grocery store,

- it's the mailman.
- Meaning you never see them coming.

Maybe a few days in a holding cell

will change your mind about talking.

Let's go.

Jew gonna be sorry.

What was that?

Jew gonna be sorry.

- Hey, hey!
- Harry, please!

- Harry, honey.
- Say it again!

Get him out of here!

Stop it, please. Come on, stop, stop.

You could face as*ault charges.
I could be suspended

for letting a civilian
into a restricted area.

- What would you do?
- What do you think I'd do?

Go home.

I'll be in touch.

- Yes.


Ah. Come in.

So, why the urgency?

Is Dee okay?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, she's...

she's fine. I...

I wanted to talk about you and Robyn.

Aunt Vi, with all due respect,

I'll say what I have to say
to the judge on Monday.

You're a good father, Miles.

But Robyn is also a good mother.

This isn't about Robyn.

It's never been about Robyn.

All I'm trying to do
is protect my daughter.

And I'm sure you believe that.

Why are you showing me this?

Because I want you to see
the kind of person Robyn is.

She could have told
the entire world that

while you were working overseas

that you saved the life of
a known t*rror1st.

A man who went on to k*ll

hundreds of people.

I took an oath.

I don't get to pick
and choose who I treat

and I sure as hell
don't get to play at being God.

That may be true, but
public perception is everything.

Robyn could have used that
information to make sure

that you never got custody of Delilah.

But she won't bring down

the father of her child that way.

- That's who she is.
- It doesn't

change the fact that she's
putting our daughter in danger

by doing whatever it is she's doing.

Robyn is out there saving lives.

Not that different from you, Miles.

And that dirty b*mb situation?

Do you know how many people
would have died

if Robyn wasn't there?

That's just facts.

And now she's gonna
give all of that up because

you are accusing her
of being a bad mother?

I am telling you,
the world cannot afford

to lose Robyn, and neither can Dee.

Maybe Robyn won't come for you.

But I sure as hell will.

And while she's out there

saving the world...

who's making sure my daughter is safe?


I'm the backstop. I'm the one

always watching over her.

She's not just your child,
she is my child too.

Delilah's thriving. She's not thriving

in spite of her circumstances,

she's thriving because of them.

She's blossoming into this...

powerful young woman.

And I will not let you
take that away from her.

Heard about what happened
at the precinct. He okay?

He's a wreck.

He's been up all night. He's scared

of failing. He's scared
of letting people down.

Yeah, I get that.

How you doing?

I mean, it's hard
to see him struggle like this.

A lot of history comes along

with this one for him, you know?


♪ ♪

MEL: Anyway, how'd it go with Miles?

That's the other reason I'm here.

I have had to take, um...
a hard look at my future.

What we do, people we help.

What it means, day-to-day,
to be Dee's mom.



Oh. Hey, Harry.

HARRY: Mel, I found something.
I need you to come down here now.

Okay. Coming right down.

We'll finish talking later. Come on.



Mel. Hey.

Oh, hey, Rob.

Good. Okay, check this out. So,

I'm staring at these clues
all night long,

trying to figure out if there's
just something we're not seeing,

right? You know, and then
a pattern begins to emerge.

A secret code. Check it out.

B.U.E. Okay?

Now watch this. B.U.E.

Look at this one. B.U.E.

And last but not least,


It's in the Terror X writer's name.

So, what's the code for?

I don't know. But it's something that

these guys use to hide in plain sight.

It's like a Bat-Signal for bed-wetters.

Wait a minute, you know what else

has B.U.E. in it... the name

of the comic book store.

Right? It's "Bam. Buff. Kerplop."

And it's the only store
that sells Terror X.

- Kent?! Yeah.
- It can't be a coincidence, right?

He's got to be involved.

Yeah, you're right. He does.
You know what?

I'm gonna go have a
little chat with Kent.

Oh, wait, no.
Babe, you have to stay here.

You got to figure out
what this code means.

It could be the key to this everything.

Yeah, and lead you straight to them.

I will go to the comic book store,

- I'll see what else Kent is hiding.
- Uh-huh.

Will you please go down there with her?

Just in case something
isn't kosher. No pun intended.

Of course.

Seems Kent is a card-carrying n*zi.

And he's the author of Terror X.

Because of course he is.

"Blut und Ehre."


Means "blood and honor" in German.

Blut und Ehre...
that's a n*zi political slogan.

The h*tler Youth used to say it.

All right, all right,
hold up, I got an idea.

Um... I got it.

This is where they've been
uploading all their att*cks.

Oh, man.

You guys.

Something really bad is
about to happen in minutes.

ROBYN: Another att*ck?

- Where?
- HARRY: Saturday morning.

There's only one place
people go in Midwood.



♪ ♪

Good Shabbas. And, for
our younger congregants,

- Shabbat Shalom.
- Shabbat Shalom.

Well, as you can all see, I-I partied

a little too hardy last night.

What are you gonna do?

Well, we'll get through this
together, shall we?


Damn it. No one's answering.

Less than two minutes.

Livestream's up.

We're still five minutes out.

Dante called for backup but they're

not gonna make it in time.

♪ ♪

Okay. I know it's been a while...

all right, maybe never...

but... if you can hear me,

just give me something. Just anything.

Wow. Ask and ye shall receive.

Please let this work.


Today we show the world
the path to purification.

- Yeah, all right.
- We show the fallen our power.

Gentlemen, today you meet your destiny

and forevermore shall be written
into the history books

as heroes

- and legends! White power!
- Yeah! Let's do it!

ALL: White Power!
White power! White power!

Revolution starts today.

♪ ♪

CAMERAMAN: Where are they?

The vermin must be here. Find them.

Check upstairs.

CAMERAMAN: They're hiding.
That's what vermin do...

hide, spread disease,
steal your food and money.



(WHISPERS): Found them. They're in here.



- What the hell?
- What was that?

- See anyone?
- What's up there?

- Hey, hey, who's up there?
- Show yourself!



Holy crap. He's freakin' d*ad!


Now you're just showing off.

Some brave soldiers were lost today.

But this is the price of victory.

Patience is a virtue, my friends,

and we shall prevail!


Hey, dude, you know what?

You're not only a bad n*zi.

You're a garbage writer.

- Just terrible.


And you guys.

So, I hacked into your
n*zi clown show website,

and you're no longer anonymous.

So, uh, your employers, uh, loved ones,

local officials, have all been notified.

Uh, guess that's it.
Good Shabbas, uh, and remember,

we may be few, but David
slays Goliath every time.

All right. You take care, now.


♪ Shattered in history ♪

♪ Shattered in pain ♪

♪ That I shouldn't hide ♪

♪ To compromise and to covet ♪

♪ All what's inside ♪

♪ There is no design ♪

♪ You'll have to decide ♪

♪ If you'll come to know. ♪

When I heard your voice
in my hearing aid

I-I thought maybe it was
the voice of God

actually talking to me.

But I'm glad it was you instead.
Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Of course.

How did you do it?

Well, when we met, you-you told me

you were having problems with them,

and I realized later that, uh,

they ran on Bluetooth,

so I-I hacked into them
through your cell phone.

Maybe, the digital age is not so bad.

- Mm.
- I'm proud of you, Keshegian.

Your mother would have
been proud of you too.

I'm-I'm... I'm glad that you have

such fond memories of my mom.

But, uh... I ca-I can't say the same

about a woman who abandoned me
the way that she did.

Of course. You don't know, do you?

I don't know what?

Your mother... she-she suffered from

horrible bouts of depression.

It was to the synagogue
that she came, and it...

it helped. But she felt

she couldn't help you,

and so she set you free

so you could thrive.

But wh... Okay.

Well, then why didn't my father
tell me any of this?

Because your mother
made him swear he wouldn't.

She was ashamed.

'Cause mental illness wasn't
talked about much back then.

It still isn't.

And your father
loved your mother very much.

He would have done anything for her.

But he didn't know how to help her.

So he decided to help you instead.

And look what a mensch
you've turned into.

Because you were born out of love.

Hey, you guys, I don't know

how I'll ever be able to repay you.

And, uh, I'm really sorry about
losing it at the station.

Eh, believe me, I've been there.



Everything okay?

Actually, yeah. (CHUCKLES)

Never better.

That was some long talk
you had with Harry and Mel.

How'd it go?

Actually, good news.

Miles is dropping
his petition for custody.

I knew that man would come to
his senses sooner or later.


I just wonder
what made him change his mind.


The thought of being fully
responsible for a teenage girl

probably scared some sense into him.


what does this mean for you now?

Well, it means I get to
continue helping people.

Just need to find a better
balance between work and family.

Balance is good, grasshopper.

I know this.

Everything I've done up until to now...

I could not have done without you.

I know.

(LAUGHS) Thank you.




Good news.

Me and your dad worked it out.


You're staying right here
where you belong.

And you still get to help people?

And protect you.

But listen, I realized

as much as I always
want to be here for you,

one day I won't.

So, what about

we spend some time training together?

And I'm not just talking about fighting.

I can show you how
to read people, situations.

How to use your environment
to your advantage.

So that one day
the only w*apon you'll need

is yourself.

For real?



Could have saved a ton on therapy

if I had known about my
mother all these years.

- Well, I'm glad you know now.
- Yeah.

You know, it's fitting that your
Jewish name is Itzhak.

Because, uh, your sense of humor
is why I fell in love with you.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

And here I thought it was
my fabulous head of hair.

Well, that didn't hurt. (CHUCKLES)

Uh, so, I've never done this before.

But, um, I saw my mom

do this for my grandmother.

This is how the Jewish people

honor their d*ad.

Make sure that their memory lives on,

burns bright.

I was just so mad at my mom.

I just...

I never honored her

or my people.

This is for you, mom.

Yitgadal v'yitkadash

sh'mei raba.

B'alma di vra...
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