01x12 - To the End Pt. 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Black Panther" Aired: January 16 – January 30, 2010.
Upon becoming the new Black Panther after the assassination of his father T'Chaka, T'Challa deals with the jealousy in the Wakandan royal court while looking for the man who k*lled his father.
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01x12 - To the End Pt. 2

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Klaw: It's time to end this once and for all.

There are still more Panthers here than you can handle.

Do you think taking her to Wakanda is the best thing, T'Shan?

She is our best chance of ending the standoff.

Please fall.

You tried to k*ll me.

Now I will k*ll you! This is Storm of the X-Men.

I will set my craft on auto pilot, and enter under my own power.

- Who's robots are these?

- Cyborgs, sir.

Re-animated corpses, American issue.

Klaw: The Americans are making their play.

I need to take command of the Wakandan defense systems.

Our security systems are under cyber as*ault.

The entire computer matrix has been compromised.

Klaw! He's using our own tech against us.

If we can't get these systems back online quickly, this w*r is over! Patch the system controls through to my CAT navigation interface.

I'm going to take over the computer matrix manually.

But T'Challa, that's never been tested before.

- What if you- - Fail?

Could it be any worse than what's happening now?

Greetings, Wakanda.

I am Klaw, your new king.

Bow to me or die.

Transfer system control to T'Challa's CAT.

Now! Rain! Lightning! Wind! Black Panther Black Panther, Black Panther Black Panther Black Panther Black Panther, Black Panther Black Panther Get out my way.

Hold on.

Did she just destroy a billion dollars worth of our most advanced w*apon?

Like the lady says, don't mess with Mother Nature.

So, that's it.

We've lost.

Not so fast.

We've still got a few players on the board.

He's rewriting the security code while flying through a w*r zone?

I know.

He's the Black Panther Oh, you're tricky, Klaw.

We know how to deal with viruses like you.


How are you doing this?

No point in keeping you as hostages.

We've been hit! Brace yourselves for an emergency landing.

Little girl, why do you think that nail file will hurt me?

Because this blade just cut through solid rock.

Hee-ya! No! No.

It cannot be.

Help me.


You're still alive.


Come here.

Hold still.

I'm sure medical help is on the way.

Too late for all that.

I have only one regret.

That I never got to put on my safety belt.

But, hey.

It worked out anyway.

Ahh! Point that somewhere else.

Let's go before they see us.

I can strangle you, but why waste time.

I- I can't believe I did that.

Now that I have disarmed you- But you haven't.

I'm twice as dangerous now.

I learned from your mistakes, Klaw.

When I became king, I had a thin layer of vibranium put in my panther suit, and it makes your att*ck useless.

I can be useful to you.

Don't you want to know who paid me?

Who I work for?

Who was behind this?

Klaw, one question.

Do you have any children?

No, I don't.


Because I would have to k*ll them, too.

Amandala! That is for my father.

I don't mean to intrude on what must be a very powerful moment, k*lling the man who k*lled your father and all, but speaking only for myself, of course, will medical attention be made available?

Greetings, your highness.

We are military assistance sent by the United States.

Your assistance was not requested, and the thr*at has been neutralized.

We must sweep the perimeter for any remaining- Zombie, broadcast this message to your handlers.

Wakanda appreciates the offer of assistance from the United States.

However, your help is not needed.

If you remain on Wakanda soil for more than one hour, it will be considered an act of w*r.

We'll be heading back to base.

Have a nice day.

Need a little help?

Actually, just resolved the conflict.

Thanks, anyway.

I meant help standing up.

You're bleeding profusely.

Where are we going?

Let's start with a hospital.

I say- I say, I am not bound by your plebian laws.

I am a knight of England, in service to our Lord and- You will be held prisoner until you're tried.

It could be worse.

In most countries, there would not even be a trial.

Just a summary execution.

You think this cell can hold me?

I'm the Juggernaut.

Go slow, it's just temporary.

Hush! Where is he?

It's a miracle you're alive, son.

Man: Get that stuff out of here.

We need to clear access to the floor of the Great Mound.

- Aah! - Hold still.

I'm almost finished.

Oh, forgive her rudeness, your highness.

It's okay.

She's doing her job.

Not if you don't stay still.

T'Challa! Shuri! T'Challa! T'Challa.

It was awful.

Shuri, I know.

You did what needed to be done.

You are a true warrior.

Woman: So, you inv*de another country without public knowledge or congressional approval.

The circumstances called for it.

Anymore of these we need to know about?

Did you att*ck France or Micronesia while you were at it?

It's your administration now.

You'll find out how difficult these situations can be.

I hope you have an easier time dealing with Wakanda than we have.

Thank you for the briefing.

We'll take it from here.

We've got a lot of cleaning up to do.

It's okay, it's okay.

I'll call him.



It's the prez.

Hey, man, let me talk to you.

Black Panther, Black Panther Black Panther Black Panther Black Panther, Black Panther
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