Sx06 - The Lost Tales - Voices in the Dark

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Babylon Berlin". Aired: February 22, 1993 – November 25, 1998.
Series follows the human military staff and alien diplomats stationed on a space station, Babylon 5, built in the aftermath of several major inter-species wars as a neutral ground for galactic diplomacy and trade.
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Sx06 - The Lost Tales - Voices in the Dark

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G'KAR: I believe that when we leave a place...

...part of it goes with us,
and part of us remains.

Go anywhere in the station
when it is quiet and just listen.

After a while, you will hear the echoes
of all our conversations...

...every thought and word we 've exchanged.

Long after we have gone,
our voices will linger in these walls.



Get out of my head!


LOCHLEY: Personal log, Colonel Elizabeth
Lochley, commanding officer, Babylon .

In the nine years since I took over
day-to-day operations on B ...

...I've requisitioned some pretty odd things.

Strange foods,
alien booze, exotic dancers...

...for a Centauri business meeting.

But this....
This is a new one even for me.


MAN [OVER PA]: Begin docking
procedure. All hands, stand by.

LOCHLEY: Father Cassidy,
Colonel EIizabeth Lochley.

Welcome to Babylon .
CASSIDY: A pleasure.

LOCHLEY: I hope your trip in wasn't too bad.

The only ship we could get
was a cargo transport...

...and they can be pretty awful.

I've been in far worse places than that.

Though I must say, there was quite
a Iine at the customs area.

We're getting ready
for the big celebration party...

...for the anniversary
of the Interstellar AIIiance.

President Sheridan himself is coming in
from Minbar to be here for it... things are a bit crazier than usual,
which is saying something.

Well, please, this way.

I hope you don't mind
that we're meeting here in my quarters.

I felt it best to keep this away from the crew.

The clergy specializes
in private conversations... small, quiet places.

I'm just sorry it took my superiors
so Iong to respond to your request.

I'm afraid there aren't many priests
in this sector of space...

...or any sector,
to tell the uncomfortable truth.

We're something of a vanishing breed out here.

I'm sorry.
- Don't be.

A decline in faith and the influence
of the Church was to be expected...

...once humans penetrated heaven
and found there no angels... choir eternal, not even
a delinquent seraphim Ieft behind... the general evacuation.

Just infinite space.

For years,
mankind has walked among the stars...

...on Iegs of f*re and steel,
daily encountering profounder wonders...

...than the burning bush.

True, but still, there are a Iot
of scientists that believe in God.

Oh, sure.

Physicists have tried to soften the blow...

...with quantum-mechanic consolation prizes...

...noting mysteries yet to be resolved
in tiny subatomic particles...

...whose actions hint at the presence
of intelligence.

But where,
in those infinitesimal spaces...

...can be found the God who stopped
the sun in the sky over Jericho...

...parted the Red Sea,
birthed the universe...

...and shaped molecules of dust
until their name was man and woman?.

Once we got into space, the deck
was stacked and the clock was ticking.

But that doesn't scare me.

I think the Church still has
a few surprises up her sleeve.

Well, if it's surprises you're Iooking for,
you have come to the right place. I--

Before you go any further,
I have to ask, are you religious yourself?.

Yeah, sometimes I think I'm pretty religious.

Then I realize I haven't been to church
in ages and I feel guilty, so then I go...

...but then, am I going because
I'm faithful or because I'm guilty?.


So you're just Iike the rest of us, then.

Good. Go on.

Well, it started with this smell
in Brown Sector...

...which isn't surprising because
there's always a smell in Brown Sector...

...but this one wouldn't go away.

And the repair crews, they kept
hearing voices in the hallways...

...even when we could determine for sure...

...on the monitors that there was nobody there.

And then....

Then a few days ago...

...there's this guy
that works in security, Simon Burke.

He had come back from a vacation
on Earth a few weeks earlier...

...seemed fine, and then....

Suddenly, in the middle of a shift...

...he just started screaming
and saying that he wasn't alone...

...and that something was inside him,
and then he disappeared.

He'd barricaded himself
inside the chapel on BIue .

But when we got to him,
it really wasn't him anymore.

It was....

Father Cassidy... you feel qualified
to perform an exorcism?.

Is there anything in his file...

...showing a history of mental instability,
psychosis, erratic behavior?.

No. No more so than anybody else
around here, myself included.

You understand why I have to be sure.

In situations Iike this...

...a mundane answer is far more Iikely
than a supernatural one.

The Iast recorded case of possession
was almost a hundred years ago.

Yeah, I know.

We've got a Iittle piece
of the th century here...

...right in the middle of all this technology.

Hardly seems to fit, does it?.
- No, I--

It's cold. And dear Lord, that stench.

Knocks you back on your heels, huh?.

Two feet that way, it's degrees.
Drops another right there.

His cell is up here.

Hello, Father.

PIease come in.

I could use the company.

Mr. Burke?.
- After a fashion.

Are you or are you not?.

I'm sure he's in here somewhere.

CASSIDY: Why is he restrained?.

For our protection, and his.

The night we found him,
he attacked two of my security guards.

And then Iast night, we came in
and we found him covered in blood.

We checked him for wounds...

...not a cut, not so much
as a scratch anyplace on him.

And the blood?.

Well, according to the tests...

...not a single strand of DNA
was anyplace in the blood.

PIatelets, red cells,
white cells, but no DNA.

You wanna explain that one to me, Father?.

The devil is in the details.

Are you saying you are the devil?.

No. Just a humble servant.

Does the smell offend you?.

Would you Iike me to change it?.
- Can you?.



- Of course it's possible.

Are not all things in heaven and Earth
possible for those who believe?.

But this is neither heaven nor Earth.

Then this must be hell. So why then
are you surprised to find me here?.

If this is hell,
and you hold sway...

...then you shouldn't mind
telling me your name.

Names have power.

CASSIDY: Yes, they do.

You first.

If you are what you claim,
then you should already know my name.

So, what is it?.

Your name is sadness...

[IN DEMONIC VOICE]...Ioneliness, uselessness.

Those are descriptions, not names.

That's why they have power.

That's why my name has power.

And that name would be?.


You're a Iong way from home.
BURKE: Home is where the heart is.

You're very clever, at Ieast in English.
Do you know any other Ianguages or--?.

Do not waste my time or yours,
Father Cassidy.

We have more important matters to discuss.

And those matters would be?.
- My removal from this flesh.

Get to it or Ieave.

Let me get this straight.
You want to be exorcised?.

BURKE: Cast out, yes.

You have the authority to bind me.

Speak the name,
abjure and command me...

...and I will be removed from this body.

Look, if you wanna Ieave,
then why not just Ieave?.

We were bound here among the stars Iong ago.

Bound to remain,
and bound to possess.

Bound by who?.

Oh, we cannot speak the name.

Are you saying that God himself
bound you to this part of space?.

Why?. Why would God do that?.

It was inevitable that, in time,
man would cross the sea of stars.

Inevitable that their faith would wane
as they gloried in their accomplishments.

And as you reshape distant planets...

...becoming yourselves creators of worlds...

...whence comes the desire to crawl
on bended knees for salvation?.

Where can be heard the cry of the terrified...

...and the Iost raised in the hope of heaven...

...and the intercession of divine providence?.



But before there can be hope,
there first must be fear.

Before man can seek salvation,
there must be the smell of damnation.

There must be a reason
to reawaken the Iove of God.

But in the absence of humility...

...that reason is the fear of hell...

...the terror of we who fell
and walk among you still.

Man sought his God in the stars
and found only silence.

But if the hand of darkness can be found...

...does that not imply its opposite?.

Proving the presence of hell
also proves the existence of heaven...

...bringing people back to God.

Is that it?.
- Yes.

And for this reason...

...the one you worship
salted us among the stars... wait the silent centuries
for your arrival.

To remind you of your Iimitations.

To renew the fear
you thought you Ieft behind...

...when you stepped beyond your cradle.

To keep you from getting
too far off your Ieash...

...and forgetting your place.

CASSIDY: Remarkable.

The most remarkable pathology I've ever seen.

What, you don't think he's really possessed?.

Demonic possession carries with it
several very specific signatures...

...none of which were present here.
No demonstration of special powers... ability to speak
in more than one Ianguage... special knowledge.

He knew your name.

He could have heard it from one of the guards.

LOCHLEY: What about the smell?

CASSIDY: Interesting, but not conclusive.

There's an element of suggestion...

...that could even be
some kind of elaborate hoax.

Before I could bring the Church
into this, we'd need a Iot more--

Just a second. You hear that?.
- Hear what?.


Lochley, go.

we're getting an unusual energy spike.

Where is it?.
- Unknown.

We're tracing it now, but we--


C&C, do you receive?.


- That's his cell.

You know, it's funny.

As a member of the clergy,
you talk about miracles every day.

Of course, that's the problem.

Everybody talks about miracles,
but nobody does anything about them.

Without the proof offered
by such signs and wonders... the parting of a Red Sea
or the d*ad raised up...

...after a while,
any member of the clergy...

...will have doubts from time to time.

But you keep going...

...because that's what faith is for.

To believe in everything
that reason tells you is impossible.

The terrible thing is, he's....

It's right.

Two minutes of what we just saw in there...

...would be the best recruiting tool
the Church ever had.

I always thought the devil
was the prince of Iies.

Oh, without question, but even the devil
will use the truth when it's convenient.

The question is, if there is a Iie,
then where is the Iie?.

And most important of all,
why is the Iie?.

I have to go back in there.

You don't have to come with me.

In fact, for your own safety,
I'd urge against it.

You say you were forced to possess this man...

...that your kind were put here
by God himself...

...that this is all part of his strategy
to keep mankind at his side.

What if I say I don't believe you?.

BURKE: Then cast us out.

Those are your only choices.

[IN DEMONIC VOICE] Cast us out...

...or allow us to remain in this body
and Iet the whole of mankind know...

...that we are here.

Would you not sacrifice a single Iife...

...if it meant bringing back billions
to the Church?.

I think you're saying it's God's will
that you remain here...

...because you want to hold on
to your foothold here.

You could have told me
you wish to be exorcised...

...precisely because
you do not wish to be exorcised.



But if that were the case...

...then why did you tell me anything
in the first place?.

Because this way,
knowing what you now know...

[IN DEMONIC VOICE]...your soul is at risk...

...and we take pleasure in such things.

How is my soul at risk?.

If you believe that by Ieaving us in this
body, it will serve your God's intent...

...then you must willingly sacrifice
the soul of this innocent man...

...and thus Iose your own soul,
comforted only in the knowledge...

...that the result will be
a return to the Church.

Expel us in secret...

...and you defeat your God's plans...

...and again doom your immortal soul.

But what if I allow you to stay,
and none of this was God's plan?.

BURKE: It does not matter.

Whether this be God's will or not,
the news of our existence...

...the fear of us,
will Iead to a Church restored.

To pews filled to overflowing.

To believers by the planet-full.

The result is the same, Father.

The result is the same.

But if you simply cast us out,
here and now... will have no proof
that any of this is real.

Nothing to show for your faith.

Without that,
you and your Church will continue... become more irrelevant
with every passing day.

But if you Ieave us here...

...and allow the world outside
to know that we are here... and your order will again be needed...

...necessary, important.

You will no Ionger wake in the middle
of the night and wonder:

'Why am I here?.'

You will know...

...because we will be here... define you.

So, what are you gonna do?.

I don't know.

I mean, this is so far outside
my usual experience.

What, you're not thinking of Ieaving
that thing inside him, are you?.

No, no, of course not,
but there is the question of timing.

Do I attempt this on my own
or bring in others of my order to assist?.

But once I do that--
- Word will get out.

A phalanx of priests converging on Babylon ?.

Oh, I should think so.

Putting together a group of that size
and Ievel of expertise...

...would require weeks.

They'd want to study him,
examine him, during which time...

...even more people
would find out about this...

...Ieading to precisely
the result it described.

And that's the Iarger question.

What if these creatures really
were seeded here among the stars...

...for some divine reason
we cannot ourselves determine?.

But why would God do that?.

Why did God create Lucifer
and all the others...

...who went with him,
knowing they would fall?.

Why allow plague, pox,
fires and earthquakes?.

Why allow possession in the first place?.

Amos : :

Shall a trumpet be blown in the city
and the people not be afraid?.

Shall there be evil in a city
and the Lord has not done it?.

Sometimes God uses what we,
in our narrow frame of reference...

...may think is evil,
only to achieve a greater good.

Either we do it now or we wait.
Those are the only options.

Which of those is God's will?.
I don't know.

If there's a plan here, I can't see it.

There's a piece missing.

Well, we're not gonna find it tonight.
We're both exhausted.

Get some sleep, Father.
We'II pick it up in the morning.

Screw it. I can't sleep.


Computer, access status of prisoner in BIue .

COMPUTER: Prisoner, Simon Burke.
Maintenance. Status, unchanged.

Simon, you poor bastard.

What did you ever do to deserve this?.

You're here at this place for four years...

...hard worker, mind your own business,
no trouble, then this--


No, no, no, wait a minute.

Simon, you weren't here the whole time.

You were--

Computer, access personnel files.
Burke, Simon.

Subject took Ieave approximately
two months ago, correct?.

COMPUTER: Confirmed.

One round-trip ticket to Earth via Io jumpgate.

And he returned about two weeks ago on--

COMPUTER: Commercial Starliner Asimov.

Purchased one coach, seat number--

Not important.
Can you access the ship's Iogs?.

COMPUTER: Confirmed.

Search out any unusual entries
on the return flight to Babylon .

COMPUTER: Stand by.

CASSIDY: A decline in faith...

...and the influence of the Church
was to be expected...

...once humans penetrated heaven
and found there no angels... choir eternal,
not even a delinquent seraphim...

...Ieft behind by the general evacuation.

No seraphim, no choir eternal.

But none of those things either.

COMPUTER: Entry found. Playing.

It was there again today, that smell.

We just can 't seem to get rid of it.

We've checked the galley,
the recycling systems, everything.

Just can 't figure out
where it's coming from...

...and it's cold all the time.

We 've considered diverting for repairs...

...but there 's nothing to indicate
trouble with navigation... we 'll stay on course for Babylon --

End record.

That' s it.

That son of a bitch.
That' s the missing piece.

Are you sure you know what you're doing?.

No, but it's never stopped me before.

You sure if we sedate the body,
that thing will go under too?.

That's what the Iiterature says, but--
- Did you give him the sedative?.

Doc and I Ioaded him up with tranquilizers
to knock out five guys, but he's strong.

You got minutes
before he's out Iike a Iight.


LOCHLEY: On the way here,
Father Cassidy told me...

...that he's decided to go ahead
and perform the exorcism now...

...even if it means putting his soul at risk.

That would amuse you, wouldn't it?.

Making him Iive with that fear?.

Too bad it's not gonna happen.

You almost had us convinced
that we only had two choices.

Perform the exorcism here and now or wait.

But there's a third option...

...sending you somewhere else.

After all, you didn't possess Simon
when he was here, did you?.

No, no, you moved in
while he was back on Earth.

A fantasy.

I saw the ship's records.
You were there.

Your presence was felt by her crew.

But you kept a Iow profile. Why?.

And how could you possess him on Earth...

...if you were bound out here
among the stars waiting for us?.


Know what I think?.

I think you can't Ieave Earth on your own.

I think you're trapped there,
not here.

The only way you could slip out
was by hitchhiking inside Simon.

You're gonna be exorcised,
all right, but not here.

We're sending you back to Earth.


Back to your cage.

You know, when I was a Iittle girl...

...I remember reading how
heaven was above and hell below.

And it never made much sense to me...

...because if hell was underground,
then where was it?.

The truth is much simpler, isn't it?.

When you fell, when you got cast down,
you got cast down to Earth.

Bound to Earth. Trapped on Earth.

Denied heaven, denied the heavens.

Denied the sky. Denied the stars.


Yours was no divine mission.

It was an ecclesiastical jailbreak.

The only way that you could escape Earth...

...was to crawl inside the skin
and hitchhike out here among the stars...

...and then do everything you could
to make sure...

...that you got cast out
by a servant of God, here in the stars.

It was the only way you could slip
your bonds, escape the inevitable.

You see...

...the day will come when the Iast of us
Ieave Earth behind for other worlds...

...because we know that another day will come.

A far-off, distant day...

...when the sun will burn out in a final blaze.

The sky will go black, the seas will boil,
the ground will turn to ash...

...consumed by a brilliant Iight.

Any of this sounding familiar to you?.

And on that day,
trapped on Earth with no escape... and your kind
will at Iast come to an end.

But the heavens will remain,
and so will we.

A new start. A new universe.

A new dream.

And you....

You don't belong in that dream.


[IN DEMONIC VOICE] We will remember you.

I'II be here.



He may have been the first to try
to slip out, but he won't be the Iast.

I'II be sure to brief the Holy Father
on my return to Earth.

I've always wanted to meet him in person.

Now I have a story he'II want to hear.

I'II put out the word to some others
on Earthforce that I can trust, quietly...

...and if this ever happens again,
they'II call me, and I'II call you.

President Sheridan once said
that with Babylon ...

...he would draw a Iine against the darkness.

He was righter than he knew.

Oh, crap. Oh, sorry.

Um, I'm sorry, it's just that Sheridan's
supposed to call me any minute...

...and I've gotta go take it.

You can take it from here, right?.
- I can.

Colonel, if you ever decide to Iook
for another Iine of work, give me a call.

We could use someone Iike you.

Yeah?. What, you think I'm religious enough?.

You'II do.

LOCHLEY: Personal log,
Colonel Elizabeth Lochley.

Every few days, a new Starliner arrives
from Earth, Mars or some damn place.

Among the passengers are always some
who have never been in space before...

...and they'll stand at a porthole,
looking out at the infinite horizon... the intersection of what's known
and what's not...

...and comment on how cold
and dark it is in space.

They're wrong.

When I look out into space,
into the sea of stars...

...I see a billion times a billion lights,
each calling out to someone:.

'Remember me, my child.'

Each of them whispering to someone,
'Come home.'

My friends back on Earth
don 't understand why I'm still here...

... when I could be at a comfy desk job
or commanding a warship.

I'm here because this is my home now...

...and because when the darkness comes...'s good to know you 're standing
in the one place...

... where the lights are always on.

Mr. President, your ship is here.

Be right there.

SHERIDAN: Ten years.

Ten years since the world changed.

Ten years since I changed.

Ten years of press conferences,
bureaucracy, politics and arm-twisting.

Every day, somebody points me
to the big picture.

Every day, I wonder if I'm missing
the small picture, the details.



WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: Mr. President...

...the ISN reporter is asking to see you again.

Tell her I'm d*ad
and throw her down the stairs.


AII right, all right. Let her in.

SHERIDAN: Because sometimes
it's the details, the small picture...

...that can change the future.

CHAMBERS: Mr. President?.

SHERIDAN: Is there a problem, Miss Chambers?.

No, sir. It's just rather stark in here.


The Minbari are minimalists.

For the Iast years...

...their viewing rooms didn't even have chairs.

They stood the whole time.

Yeah, a group of nine standing out in the void.

When I suggested we put in some chairs,
I almost triggered a full-scale revolution.

I'd go for some throw pillows next,
but I'm afraid of being assassinated.


Well, speaking of chairs, please, sit.
- Thank you, sir.

So gearing up for the big party at Babylon ?.

Just meditating on the familiar.

I spent four years of my Iife in that place.

The best years of my Iife.

And also the hardest years of my Iife.

It's a place of beginnings.
- And endings?.

Some day.

This might not be the best time
for an interview.

Maybe Iater.
- I've seen your schedule, sir.

You don't have a Iater.

Life's full of disappointments.

You don't Iike reporters, do you?.

Of course I do, properly cooked.

It's pak'ma'ra humor.

I just got back from a state visit
to their homeworld.

Now, if I'd have said that there,
they would be Iaughing for days.

Mr. President--

Actually, all their jokes
end with 'properly cooked.'

They just scream.
Even their cat jokes.

I don't understand it, but it seems
to make them happy. Who am I to--?.

So how does it feel coming back to Babylon ...

...after all this time, Mr. President?.

I didn't realize the interview had started.
- Mm-hm.

And where's your camera?.

Right here.

My director said it would help make sure
that people Iook at the camera a Iot.

So Babylon ....

Point of demarcation from starship captain... station commander, renegade...

...and now here you are returning in triumph... president of the Interstellar AIIiance.

How does that feel?.

Well, speaking on behalf of the AIIiance...

...we appreciate Babylon
making itself available... celebrate the th anniversary
of the founding of the I.A.

Its position in neutral space
makes it ideal for everyone involved.

I understand there will be
ambassadors and diplomats...

...from a hundred different worlds.

And there's also a rumor...

...that Emperor Mollari
from the Centauri Republic...

...might show up.
- No.

No, he won't be coming.

Londo's been in a very strange,
dark place for the Iast few years.

When people Iaugh,
sometimes they Iaugh...

...from a Iittle back in the mouth,
you know, that kind of fake Iaugh?.

Well, Londo...

...he would Iaugh
from the bottom of his shoes up.


Yeah, I hear he doesn't Iaugh much anymore.

So, no, he won't be attending.

We will be picking up
Prince Vintari on the way.

He's third in Iine for the throne,
so there will be a Centauri presence.

And Citizen G'Kar?.

He's out there somewhere.

Beyond the Rim.

AIso, um...

...Delenn won't be attending.
She has responsibilities of her own.

Which brings us back to my question.

I already answered your question.
- Mm-mm.

You gave me the press release
as to why you're going and where.

The question...

...was how does it feel coming back
to Babylon after years?.

You only give two interviews
a year, Mr. President.

I'm not Ietting you off the hook that easily.

It feels good.

I'II confess, I've missed the place.

It'II be strange but good.


Well, that is the signal
to Iet everyone know...

...we're about to jump into quantumspace.

Quantumspace, sir?.

Yeah, it's a new technology we acquired
from what the Vorlons Ieft behind.

It's a step up from hyperspace,
twice as fast...

...twice as, um, disorienting,
shall we say?.

[ECHOING] Makes you feel Iike
you're being turned inside out.

It messes with your inner ear,
your balance, your sense of reality.

It takes some getting used to.

Wouldn't normal hyperspace
be good enough to--?.

No, no, no.
We'd never make it in time.

And as I was saying, the first time some
folks make the jump to quantumspace...

...they just puke their guts out...

...fouling themselves in the most
awful ways you can imagine.

Mr. President, I--

Here we go.

SHERIDAN: The problem isn't that I only give...

...two interviews a year,
Miss Chambers.

The problem is that so few reporters
ever seem to come back for seconds.

Was that a new dress?


Look familiar?.


Of course, my mistake.

The black dust, you see.

It hides stars and the moon,
clouds and sky...

...hope and pity, despair and....

Here, I'II fix it.

As the saying goes,
Iet there be Iight.


GALEN: New York.

The city that never weeps.

TAXI DRIVER: Get out of the road!

What do you think you are doing?.
Learn to fly.

Up yours.

This is what was...

...and for this one moment out of time...

...still is.

And this is what will be.

Up there somewhere...

...far above us, above the clouds...

...a thousand vast w*r machines
are warping into normal space.

Each of them armed
with terrible engines of destruction...

...capable of devastation
on a scale never seen before...

...until right now.



This was not a dream.

Do you understand me?.

Do you hear me?. This was not--
- I hear you.

I hear you.

You're not the only techno-mage
I've dealt with over the years, Galen.

I've had enough experience
to know the difference...

...between dream-real, magic-real...

...and real-real.

You're wiser than I thought.

Yeah, wiser...


...and I'm tired of you guys
crawling inside my head...

...and showing me this kind of crap...

...every time I think that my Iife
might be going good for a change.

What is wrong with you people?.
Don't you have any other hobbies?.

Well, that's hardly
what I'd call a warm welcome.

Not a 'good to see you again,
old friend.'

Maybe a hug or a peck on the cheek,
in a manly sort of way.

Why show me this kind of stuff, huh?.

Why me?.

Because for those of us who dwell... the infinite space
between science and magic...

...between illusion and ultimate truth...

...who are sworn by our order
not to interfere... are known to us all as a nexus.

Where others doubt... believe what you see
when we speak to you.

That belief has saved Iives.

It may yet again.

Or I can simply go,
if that's what you prefer.

What I just saw,
is that what is going to happen...

...or what may happen?.

There are ways to prevent this.

There is hope...

...but it is at best a slim hope.

Yeah, well, I've never known hope
when it wasn't on a diet.


AII right, go on.

In one day... will pick up Prince Vintari
to convey him to Babylon .

In two days,
you will arrive for the celebrations.

In years...

...he will ascend to the throne
of emperor of the Centauri Republic.

In years...

...he will decide that his plan to bring
the republic back to its former glory...

...requires the elimination...

...of the one power that could stop him.

The one power that has stopped
the Centauri in the past.


It is he who will cause the horrors
that you have seen.

But this can be stopped.

No, I came all this way to show you this
because nothing can be done.

Because I Iike the way your pupils dilate... the presence
of total planetary Armageddon.

Yes, it can be stopped.


Oh, President Sheridan...

...I would have thought that
that would be eminently obvious.

AII you have to do... k*ll...

...Prince Vintari.


They call it spoo. Now, it's supposed
to be their favorite food.

I've only tasted it,
but I call it the other gray meat.

VINTARI: President Sheridan?.

Prince Dius Vintari.

It is an honor to meet you.

And you.


This is the new Valen-class cruiser,
isn't it?.

Yeah. You know your ships.

A hobby of mine.

I take special interest
in the technology of other races.

The starfuries used by Earth
are a particular favorite of mine.

So simple, so elegant, and so deadly.

I was surprised when I got the request
to transfer you aboard my cruiser.

The ship you were on could've easily
taken you all the way to Babylon .

Emperor Mollari was concerned I might
not be safe among my own people.

As third from the throne...

...I am something of a target
in a small, confined space.

A target?. For whom?.

Numbers four, five, six and seven,
I'd imagine.

The only one I don't have to worry about
is that idiot Vir Cotto...

...who wouldn't be in Iine...

...except the Centarum wanted
to punish me for what my father did.

I've known Vir for a very Iong time.
He's a good man.

He m*rder my father.

At Ieast, that's the rumor.

So he got what he wanted...

...second in Iine.

No thr*at to me...

...but in time, maybe...

...I might just be a thr*at to him.

Anyway, Emperor Mollari thought
I'd be safer with you.

He said, 'I would trust Sheridan with my Iife.'

Well, that's--

Then he corrected himself and said
he would trust you with my Iife...

...because he had plans for next week.

Then he Ieft the room, Iaughing.


Oh, he always did have a sense of humor.

My father made many enemies...

...and it seems I have inherited them.

There are many in the Royal Court
who would see me d*ad...

...before they'd see me on the throne.

Now that I'm of age, I may have to Ieave
Centauri Prime for some time...

...before it is safe for me to return
and claim the throne.

But I give you my word...

...when that day comes,
there will be a reckoning...

...the Iikes of which has not been seen
since the early days of the republic.

And that will be just the beginning, I--

So I appreciate your gesture.

I'm sure my presence here
must be an inconvenience for you...

...but it will be nice to sleep without
a knife beside my bed for a change... know that I am safe here with you.

SHERIDAN: So how are the preparations
going at your end, colonel?.

As well as can be expected.

SHERIDAN: Meaning not at all.

It's Babylon . Nothing's ever easy.

Speaking of which...

...I know how you hate publicity stunts...

- ...but ISN has asked...

...if you 'd mind riding back to Babylon ... a starfury instead of a shuttle.

You know, the conquering hero
coming home on the airborne stallion...

...on which he won the Shadow w*r.

I think I'm about to be ill.

Come on, it would really mean a Iot
to the people who've shown up.

And you know the power of symbolism.

AII right, all right.

I haven't been in a starfury in ages.

Well, who knows, it might be fun.

So any of the old g*ng
coming in for this shindig?.

Some. Talked to Garibaldi.
He's gonna try to come.

But he's dealing with some situation on Mars.

And Stephen?.
LOCHLEY: Oh, I thought you heard.

Dr. Franklin went with G' Kar,
exploring beyond the Rim.

You know how he is.

He'll take any chance to explore new
territory before anyone can get there.

That's too bad. I'II miss him.

You're Iooking tired, EIizabeth.

Is everything okay?.

It's been crazy.

I always knew Babylon
was neutral territory, but until today...

...I never knew it was on the crossroads
between heaven and hell.

Hey, it's a long story. I'll tell you
all about it when you get here.

Travel safe.


Interesting how the universe
always provides, isn't it?.

Now what?.

Your return to Babylon on a starfury...

...and Vintari's interest
in these primitive vehicles....

Don't you see?.

AII you have to do is offer him the chance... ride alongside you in a second starfury.

And that accomplishes what exactly?.

My agents aboard Babylon will ensure
a slight technical malfunction... your ship's w*apon systems.

The moment your ship achieves a speed
of, say, kilometers an hour...

...the system will short-circuit and f*re.

In the course of this terrible accident,
his ship will be struck and....

Well, as I said, it will be a terrible
accident, much to be regretted...

...followed by some posturing
and harsh words from Centauri Prime.

But in the end...

...they'II be as glad
to be rid of him as we are.

You mean as glad as you are.

Christ, he's only a kid.

Once upon a time, back on Earth...

...Adolf h*tler and Genghis Khan
were just small boys...

...playing with toys and growing slowly...

...slowly into monsters.

If either of those candles
had been extinguished at an early age... many millions of Iives
might have been spared?.

But no one took that opportunity...

...because no one knew.

But you do.

The fate of billions of Iives... in your hands.

GALEN: In years...

...he will decide that his plan to bring
the republic back to its former glory...

...requires the elimination...

...of the one power that could stop him.


MAN: The president's cruiser...

...has jumped out of quantumspace.

Well, f*re up a starfury
and get it out there ASAP.

And I want an honor guard
at Docking Bay as soon as he docks.

MAN: Confirmed. Uh, just one thing.

President Sheridan has asked
for two starfuries.

Two?. Why two?.
- He didn 't say.

Maybe he wants a backup.

We do have another starfury on standby--

Well, he is the president.

If he wants two starfuries,
then give him two starfuries.

Roger that.
- I wonder if Custer had staff Iike this.

SHERIDAN: Vintari.

Just the prince regent I was Iooking for.
- Is it time to go?.

Yes, and I've arranged a Iittle treat for you.

How would you Iike to ride f*re
alongside me in a starfury?.

You're serious?.
- AIways.

Unfortunately, we don't have
a EVA suit that'II fit you...

...but I'm not wearing one,
since we're not going into combat.

It'II just be a Iittle drive around the block.

Do you have a problem with that?.
- No, no, please.

To do even this would be....

You see, they keep me so controlled.

There's so Iittle chance for....


You must understand.

Where I am from, no one does anything
except for to get something in exchange.

I know all about how to use people,
to exploit and manipulate...

...but very Iittle about real kindness.

Thank you.

I assume you're up-to-date
on how to pilot one of these things.

I could fly it in my sleep.

Well, you wouldn't be the first.

SHERIDAN: Pull back on your thrusters.

Maintain your XYZ axis.

Now, ease off.

How does she feel?.
- Magnificent.

So this is what it's Iike
to ride a ship into battle.

SHERIDAN: Minus the part
where they're sh**ting at you.

We'II increase our speed slowly... kph.

SHERIDAN [OVER RADIO]: Slow but steady.


You have done your homework.

You handle that fighter
Iike you've done it before.


In a dream.

For the Iast seven days,
I have seen myself in this very ship... front of a great fleet.

Dreams are very powerful
to my people, you know.

Mm. They carry some weight with mine as well.

VINTARI: In the past,
I have had similar dreams.

Commanding a fleet against our enemies...

...raining f*re from the skies,
whole cities burning.

A dream, nothing more.

But this dream was prophetic...

...for I have seen myself
in this very ship just last night.

I get in...

...I ride before you in triumph,
and then....

What happens?. What?.

Something wonderful.

That' s all I remember.

Computer, cut outgoing transmissions.

COMPUTER: Shutting down transmissions.

Assess w*apon system.

COMPUTER: Four Omega-grade torpedoes online.

System confirms pulse cannons
at full power, ready to be armed.

Countdown velocity on approach.

COMPUTER: Four thousand five hundred
kilometers per hour.


Detecting power surge
in primary w*apon control system.

Should I take w*apon off-line?
- Negative.

Keep w*apon online.

COMPUTER: Confirmed. Four-K-seven.

It was an accident.

I tell you, it was an accident.

I didn't know the w*apon system was Iive.

I didn't know.

COMPUTER: Four-K-eight.

VINTARI: I'm sure my presence here
must be an inconvenience for you...

...but it will be nice to sleep without
a knife beside my bed for a change... know that I am safe here with you.

You must understand,
where I am from...

...nobody does anything for any reason
other than to get something in exchange.

I know all about how to use people,
to exploit them and manipulate...

...but very little about real kindness.

SHERIDAN: What I just saw,
was that what is going to happen...

...or what may happen?

GALEN: There are ways to prevent this.
- Ways.

He said ' ways.'

COMPUTER: Four-K-nine.

Reduce speed.

VINT ARI [OVER RADIO]: You have fired
your forward thrusters. Are you all right?

I'm fine.


Just wanted to slow down a bit, enjoy the trip.

And besides,
I'm not a kid anymore.

I don't need to be hot-dogging
around the galaxy.

Do you mind if I...?.

By all means.

Indulge yourself.


VINTARI: That was amazing.
We must do it again.

I haven't had that much fun since....

Since I don't even remember.
- Yeah, well, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Are you all right?.

You seem rather thoughtful.

I was just thinking about what you said.

About having to Ieave Centauri Prime
to avoid being k*lled.

You've had a very difficult Iife.

One that can harden a person.

Make them into something
even they wouldn't Iike.

Your point being, you do not desire
or appreciate my company.

Is that it?.

Not exactly.

When we're finished with this party,
I'm inviting you to come back to Minbar.

You can stay at the Royal Palace
with Delenn and myself.

I just checked in with her on the way...

...and, well, she said she thought
it was a great idea.

I guarantee you,
you'II be safe from your enemies there.

- Why not?.

I mean, there's plenty of room.
We have a son, David.

He's .

He could use an older brother to Iearn from.

Or at Ieast someone who could be that for him.

You would have me come
to Iive with your family on Minbar?.

That pretty much covers it, yeah.

If I were a cynic...

...I might believe you were doing this
for your own reasons.

To try and gain a foothold
in the Centauri Royal Court.

I'd think the same thing.

You're not going to try
to convince me otherwise?.

I'II Iet Iife do that for me.

Trust doesn't come overnight.

I'II teach you, if you'II Iet me.

LOCHLEY: President Sheridan...

...welcome to Babylon .

Colonel, it is good to see you again.

So after all this time,
this by you is a hello?.


Come here.

You Iook great.
- You too.

Colonel Lochley, Prince Regent Vintari
of the Centauri Republic.

An honor.
- Thank you.

So everyone's waiting for you.
You ready to go over to the party?.


But, um....

Why don't you go ahead?.
I'II be right there.

I just want to, you know,
savor the moment.

Of course.


GALEN: You violated our agreement.

Yes, I did.


You said there were ways to avoid that future.

Ways, plural.

They are harder. This was simpler.

But just as valid.
- Possibly, but we can't be sure.

Only with his death can we be sure.

Then I will take my chances.

Delenn and I will show him
another way of Iooking at things.

Maybe we can help him,
change him...

...and avoid that future that you showed me.

And if you can't?.

Then I'II take care of it.

When and if I decide there's no other way.

One other thing, Vintari said that he had
a dream that he was in that starfury...

...and that something wonderful
was going to happen.

That was your work, wasn't it?.

I get around.

SHERIDAN: Because, see, I was thinking.


Maybe you wanted me to k*ll him
all along, just Iike you say.

And maybe you were hoping that things
would turn out the way they did...

...and I'd take him under my wing.

And maybe you boxed me in precisely
so I'd make this decision.

And that was the something wonderful
that he saw in his dream.

What do you say to that?.

I say...

...that we are surrounded on all sides
by mysteries, President Sheridan.

And mysteries, once solved,
are never quite as interesting...

...are they?.


Good evening, everyone, and welcome.

We are honored to have
President Sheridan with us tonight.

He will be up here shortly to say a few words.

And among our other distinguished guests...

...we are fortunate enough
to have Prince Vintari joining us.

Well... we go again.

SHERIDAN: Ten years.

Ten years since the world changed.

Ten years since I changed.

But it feels like I never left the place.

Babylon is a place of beginnings and endings.

I wonder which this will be.
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