01x08 - Lovefool

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Way Home". Aired: January 15, 2023 - present.
Follows the lives of three generations of women – Kat, her 15-year-old daughter Alice and Kat’s mother Del, who are all strong, willful and independent.
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01x08 - Lovefool

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I've been waiting a long time
to kiss you and when I do,

it's gonna be perfect.


What happened?

Are you f*ring me?

It's official because
you hooked me.

What do men spend money on
and not tell their wives?


You said you were done
with the past.

Past is never d*ad.

(soft music)


No one's home.

(door creaking)


I was thinking we start
repapering the water front.

Landrys never give up,
right, Dad?


Nothing beats Alanis
when you're hurting.

Makes me wish I can funnel
my trauma into a top h*t.

I mean, I don't see why
you couldn't.

I smell a gold record.



I'm saving up
for the carnival games.

I'm gonna win a big prize.


(Del): You put posters everywhere,
what more can we do?

There's always something more!

I can't take it anymore, Cole,
you're letting it consume you!

What would you have me do?

Just buck up, move on?

How dare you talk to me
like that?

You act like this is
your tragedy!

I lost a child too!

Yeah, and unlike you,
I'm not ready to bury him yet.

Cole, don't you walk away
from me!

Cole! Kat will be home soon.

Are you gonna explain to her
what you're doing down there?


So what, just act like
everything's fine, right, Del?

No, Cole, that's not what I...

Well, I'm sorry, I
can't today.

Please, try for me!

- (door opening)
- I have to go.

Fine, go ahead and leave.

We both know you'd rather be
anywhere but here.


(car door slams)

(engine revving)


(door closes)

(chirping birds)

Mom, what are you doing?

You said you were done
with the pond.

I'm sorry, Alice,
I just can't right now.

(door creaks)

(Colton): There has to be
something we're missing,

a clue we're not seeing.

- I mean what if Kat...
- (Del): Colton, keep your voice down.

Mom, Dad, is there any news?

(Del): No Katherine,
go to school.

Okay, just right in here.

Oh, Katherine, um,

Byron's gonna stay with us on
the couch while he recuperates.

Oh, that's great.

I was thinking that
you might keep him company

while I get lunch together.

Uh, sorry, I'm on my way out.


Guess she's not taking
the f*ring very well.

You think?

You broke and entered?

Kat, you're not their daughter
to them.

You are a strange woman

who could've wound up locked
in jail in the year !

I did not break and enter,
I just... entered.

Okay, look,

if you had heard the way that
they were screaming at each other...

Okay, I've never heard them
fight like that,

even when I lived it
the first time.

Parents fight, Kat,
even yours.

And they were going through
a literal nightmare.

Yeah, but that's
the weirdest part.

Okay, I always thought they just
were this solid united front,

just the two of them together.

Well, alright.

Maybe they weren't shutting
you out because of Jacob.

Maybe with all the stress
on their marriage,

they were trying to protect you.

From what?

The utter cliché of my dad
having an affair?

I'm... I'm not saying
it's true,

but grief can do awful things
to relationships.

I just always thought they had
this fairy tale romance

and if they couldn't
make it work,

then what hope do
the rest of us have?


- Come in!
- Hello! Anyone home?

Oh, no.


We just happened
to be in the hood!

We thought you could use
a little drop by.

- Yeah!
- Rita mentioned you might have

some company.

You know I would expect this
of Rita,

but I'm really surprised
by you two.

Well, we're tired now,
we need the entertainment.

Well, he has a little concussion.
I'm just looking out for him.

(all): Uh-huh.

- Okay.
- Oh!



So the rumour's mill's
true then.

You two are shacking up!

(women laughing)

There's the rumour mill.

- Oh, and tea, it's tea time!
- Mmm!

You, you joining us?

Oh, well, as long as you don't
feel like we're imposing or anything.

But how about some cocktails?

We used to make this in Kabul.

I think I got the old recipe
right, but uh,

it's been a few years,
a few head injuries.

Hey, Alice, come play poker
with us.

Oh, um, I don't really play

Oh, honey, you can't keep
mopping around the house.

If all these ups and downs are
about a boy, he's not worth it.

What? No, no.
It's not about a boy.

Who is it?

We know all the local kids,

we'll tell you if he's worthy.

Don't put her on the spot.

Alice, don't listen
to the meddling.

What? No!
We've all been through

our fair share of heartache.

Sit down and unload, girly.


- Come on.
- (laughing)


Okay, uh, deal me in.

(all laughing)

(soft music)

(Colton): Actually, I married
you because you're smart

and funny and you happen
to have the best legs

in the entire province.

(distant laughing)

(camera shutter)

(child): Perfect.

And that is a royal flush,

Not into cards, huh?


I never said I wasn't good.

A young lady of many talents.

Uh, Del tells me
you're a musician.

Oh, yeah, I play a little.

I hear the new owner of
The Roxy is looking

for musicians
for her grand opening.

Oh, no, I,
I could not do that.

And who says we're even
supporting that upstart.

That upstart can do whatever she
wants with the place. It's hers now.

Retirement agrees with us,
don't you think?

I do, I agree.


But we want to hear you play,

Uh, no. Sorry you guys,
that's not happening.

Oh, Alice, come on.


Oh, I should probably
get that.

- Saved by the bell.
- Saved.

Hey, you must be Kat's
daughter, I'm Nick.

Uh... Nick?



You look like you've seen
a ghost.

Uh, so much worse.
Where have you been?

I just needed some time
to think.

Mom, Nick is here.

- Nick?
- Yeah.

- Like your Nick?
- Yes!

Why is here?
Did he see you?

I don't know, he... he came to
town to surprise his moms and...

he looked right at me,
but nothing.

He didn't even take
a second glance.

Oh, thank God.

I'm sorry. I am sorry.

I just, I don't even know
how we would explain that.

I know how you must feel.

No, you don't, actually,

because you married
your first love and...

mine's doomed before
it's even started.

You love him?

Okay, um, let me...
let me take care of this.

You just stay put.

No, I... This is way too
messed up. I can't stay here.

I have to go and...

See your best friend?

Yeah, okay, go. Go!




Hey, yeah. And the drink...

Hey, there she is.

Yeah, he's a nice kid.

Oh, gosh, Nicolas,
look at you!

You've aged like
a moderately priced wine.

Wow, hm...

Oh, what about you?

Mom to a teenager,
I can't even imagine.

Uh, excuse me,
we would like to have grandkids

at some during this decade,
thank you very much.

Oh, boy.

So, um, how long are you staying

and does Elliot know
that you're here?

Way ahead of you, Landry.
We're all going out tonight.

The g*ng is reuniting.


That sounds like a blast.




So good to see you.


can I be excused
from dinner, please?

I'm, I'm really sorry
to interrupt.

It's nice to see you again,

Would you like a plate
of food, honey?

No, thank you.

We'll just be in my room.


I'm sorry about my parents.

They're basically zombies
these days.

I guess we all are.

Don't worry about it.

Nothing beats Alanis
when you're hurting.

Makes me wish I could funnel
all my trauma into a top h*t.

Hey, I mean,
who says you couldn't?

I smell a gold record.



Seriously, though,
how are things?


My parents act like
I'm invisible.

They barely even acknowledge me.

I can't wait to get out of here.

Like, leave Port Haven?

I'm thinking about applying
to colleges in the states,

be closer to Brady.

He's really been there for me,
you know?

Yeah, I'm glad.

I... I just wish I could be
there for you more.

Don't worry.

You have your own
family issues, I know.

I don't blame you for that.

I just wish we could talk
when you're not here.

You still haven't convinced
your dad to get the internet?


Sigh, you're literally
the only person I know

who's not on ICQ.

I know, it's...

it's like we live in different
times or something.

I need to get out of here.

Nick and Elliot should be
getting off work soon,

you want to see
what they're up to?

Um, no, no, please.

Wait, what is going on
between you and Nick?

He asked you to be
his girlfriend

and then you disappeared
for weeks again

and you didn't even give him
an answer.

I thought you liked him.

I do, it's just...

it's complicated and you have so
much more going on, it's...

Um, hello?

I would love a distraction
right now.

Boy drama's the normal stuff
we're supposed to be dealing with.

Yeah, uh...

I think I need to end things
with Nick.

(country music)

♪ I had no doubt ♪

Aw, it's good
to be back here.

Like here specifically?

Yes, this is definitely
the epicentre

of Port Haven's
red-hot nightlife.

(laughing) You guys grab a table,
first round's on me.


Thank you.

So, can you even recognize
Alice at all?

No, with everything that's
she's been going through,

that has got to sting.

This wasn't years ago
for her, it's happening now.

Love sucks.

(crowd clapping)

So, how's everything
going for you?

Well, between that and finding
out about the affair,

it's not so great.

An affair? Someone I know?

Spill it, Landry.

It's good to have you back,

And hey, cheers to love
being a total sham.



Brain freeze.

Come on, let's get this
over with.



I can't do it.

Alice, long time no see.

Um, can we talk?


Um, yeah.


That was surprisingly fun.

Rita's a lot kinder after
a couple of cocktails.


Yeah, that's true.

Hey, you mentioned earlier

that you had some injuries
to your head.

Do you mind telling me
about that?


casualties of reporting
from the front lines.

Though, I, I...
I fared better than many.

Uh, a group of us were caught
in an expl*si*n in Afghanistan

and uh... three people
were k*lled.

Including my wife, Laura.

Oh, wow, God...

I'm sorry,
I, I didn't know, I...

Don't worry,
it was a long time ago.

I'm just happy for the time
I spent with her.

You never even mentioned
that you were married

and you don't wear a ring.

Um, well, once Laura was gone,

I didn't think it was right and...

just would've been married
to her memory.


But look, it's...
it's different for everyone.

Yeah. Well, look,
it's getting late.

I'm gonna go make your bed.



I've been doing a lot
of thinking

since we've been apart.

And... I just...

I don't see this working out.

(sentimental music)

Guess I should've seen
that coming.

Given that you disappeared

I really like you Nick,

like so much, but we live
in different worlds

and I want to be a part
of yours.

I just want to be here with you
all the time, but I...

I can't.

So, here.

I really wish things
could be different.

This is tragic.

- (beeping)
- Probably for the best, though,

considering the distance
and everything.

You are obsessed
with that thing.

Brady said, "I miss you."


Really? 'Cause it just looks

like a bunch of random numbers.

Um, it's kind of the point.

It's a secret code, Ell.
It's just for us.

Don't worry.

One day, this will all just be
some long-forgotten memory to you.

You really think
that's possible?


Um, make sure Nick's okay,

- I'm sorry.
- Alice!

It's a lot of grief considering
they only went on like two dates.

You'll understand one day,

When you're in love.


I don't know, this, this yacht
job sounds unreal.

I mean, you're like a camp
counsellor to the rich and famous.

It's not all fun and games,
it's just like % that.


How come nobody ever told us

that sailing across
the entire world

on superyachts was
a career option?

There are drawbacks,
like, relationships.

Try keeping a relationship alive

when you're travelling that
much, it's almost impossible.


Speaking of relationships,

uh, do you remember
our old friend Alice?

You two were like an item
for a hot minute.

I don't know if you noticed, but
I named my daughter after her.

Well, kind of.
It's just a long story.


No, it doesn't ring a bell.

But there have been so many
women from my illustrious past.

Maybe she just didn't stand out.

Why, is this chick asking
about me or something?

No, no, no, no.

Forget it, forget it.

Why do we even bother with men?

(MC): Alright, up next to
the stage, we have Kat Landry!

(crowd clapping)


Come on up, Kat!
What are you singing today?

I forgot to mention
I signed you up.


You are going to regret this,



Not the best timing, buddy.

She's going through
some stuff right now.

Music's like therapy
for the soul.

Better sing it out.

(♪ You Learn ♪
by Alanis Morissette)

See? She's being a good sport.

♪ I recommend getting your
heart trampled on to anyone ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I recommend walking around
naked in your living room ♪

She's good.

♪ Swallow it down,
what a jagged little pill ♪

♪ It feels so good swimming
in your stomach ♪

♪ Wait until the dust settles ♪

♪ You live, you learn ♪

♪ You love, you learn ♪

♪ You cry, you learn ♪

♪ You lose, you learn ♪

She's great, but she's kind
of breaking my heart.

I sort of wanted tonight
to be a celebration.

(clears throat)
Drumroll please.


I got engaged.


How's that possible?

What about so many women?

Congratulations, man.

Thank you. Yeah, I finally
decided to take

a page out of your book,
put down some roots, commit.

My book?

I think you're forgetting
my marriage fell apart.

Well, that wasn't quite what I
was talking about or rather who.

♪ Feel free ♪

After all these years, you're
still in love with Kat Landry.

Ever gonna make your move?

I'm waiting for
the right moment.

When is that gonna be?

♪ You wait and
see when the smoke clears ♪

♪ You live, you learn ♪

♪ You love, you learn ♪

♪ You cry, you learn ♪

♪ You lose, you learn ♪

♪ You bleed, you learn ♪

♪ You scream, you learn ♪

(Nick): Thanks a lot, bud!

Yeah, congrats again!


Oh, my God, Nick is engaged,
I can't believe it.

What am I going to tell Alice?

Guessing there's no parenting
books for this unique situation?

Well, I could write one,

but I don't think I would sell
very many copies.

Building resilience in your
time-travelling teenager?

- Yeah, it's a niche market.
- Yeah.

So, am I getting any
of this pizza or what?

No. No, no, no. You know
that I eat when I'm stressed.

And sing, apparently.

Please don't remind me of that
in the morning.

(soft music)

Night, Kat.


Come on, would you just
kiss me already?

Right now?


I know you want to.

And you know that I want you to.

So, would you just do it already
before it gets weird?

I think it's a little late
for that.

I told you I will do it when...

Yes, when the moment is
perfect. So what,

what is it that you're...
I don't know, ranging?

Is it fireworks or maybe
a string quartet?

Maybe. Either way, I'm not going
to do it when you're yelling at me.

Okay, you know what?
Forget it.

Forget it.

I don't even want to kiss you

You know what?
Alanis, she's right.

Love is a jagged little pill.

This idea that, you know,

we get this happily ever after,
God, it's a lie.

I mean, look at our marriages.

Look at my parents.

So, what are we even doing?

I mean, why risk our friendship

for something that is just
inevitably going to end badly?

I know you don't
really mean that.


Good night, Elliot.


(door closing)

(Kat): Rough night?

Yeah, me too.

Oh, you haven't let me do this
in ages.

Listen, um...

this is gonna really suck to
hear, but I'm just gonna say it.

Get it over with.

Nick is engaged.


I can't even imagine
how you must be feeling.

I know it's hard,
but at the very least, you know,

you know that he's happy.

No, it's not that, I just...

I'm not even thinking about
old Nick, I just...

I broke up with him last night.

With my Nick.


I remember.

And I know I had to do it,
but it still hurts

and I feel really stupid
for crying about it

even though I clearly didn't
mean anything to him.

He doesn't even remember me.

Oh, honey, this was a long
time ago for Nick,

you know, and most people don't
believe in time travel.

I mean, I'm your mother

and even I didn't put it
all together

until I jumped into that pond.

(melancholic music)

Not every love story has
a happy ending,

but don't doubt
how you felt about it.

It's still special.


Hey, um, are you gonna
be okay today?

There's um, there's something
that I have to do.

Wait, you're going back,
aren't you?

I just don't understand why you
can't tell me what you're up to.

Can you just trust me
on this one?


Hey, hey!

What are you doing?

I said I'd get to the wood.

Don't bother, I've got it.


I'm heading out, be back
in a few hours.

I won't hold my breath.


- (grunting)
- (clattering)


Do you ever stop working?

Somebody's got to do it.

The day I slow down is
the day I die.

- (groaning)
- Now hold on there, don't do that.

You're supposed to be resting.

Humour me and pretend
like I'm helping.

Suit yourself.

- Ah!
- Ah, God!

What have you done?



Oh, dear. Let me see.

(thunder rumbling)

(dramatic music)

Morgan, good to see you again.

What have you got for me,
what's new?

I'll get straight
to the point, Colton.

I found no new leads
and frankly,

I don't think I'm gonna.


At this point, I'm gonna have
to agree with police reports.

No, no, no, look.

If Jacob had drowned,

okay, then they would've
found the body

because the way that the tide
pulls into the bay there,

something would've washed up.

No, no, there's got to be
another explanation.

I assure you, I have left
no stone under turned.

It's all in this dossier.

(rain pouring)

Is it money? 'Cause I can find
you more money.

What would it cost
to keep you on part-time?

Ethically, I couldn't take
any more money from you.

- There's nothing there.
- No!

It's not nothing.

It's everything.

And I wish I could help you find
the answers you're looking for.

Wow, it's really deep.


Hold still, you big baby.

Well, there you go, got it!

So, now what do you say
for yourself?

I'd like to kiss you.


- Oh, I dropped the needle.
- Oh.

- Oh, God!
- Ah...

- Oh, sorry.
- That's... ow, sorry.

- Oh, ow! Sorry.
- (chuckling)

I already know you, you don't
need another head injury.

No, um, should we try again?

- Uh...
- Oh...

- Was it that bad?
- No, no.

It's just you're... you're
sitting in Colton's chair.

Do you want me to get out?

No, I don't even know why
I said that,

it's been empty
for a long time.


Two Mocha frappes, extra
chocolate, extra, extra whip.

So, how are you doing?

I just finally had to come
to terms with the fact

that it wasn't gonna work
between Nick and I.

So, to rip the Band-Aid off,
you know?

Totally get that.

- Um, yeah.
- I'm gonna get some water.

Thanks, have a good day.

- Oh!
- Oh! Uh, sorry.

Uh, hey, it's Alice, right?


Uh, congratulations, by the way.

My mom said that you're engaged.

Uh, thanks.

Yeah, you should've seen
my moms' reactions

when I told them, though.

Tears of joy that
their eldest son wasn't gonna

die alone at sea.


Uh, I should get going now.

It was great to meet you, Alice.

Thanks, uh, you too, Nick.

(soft music)

(door chimes)

Alice, who's that
hot older guy?

Um, I...

he's just a friend of my mom's.



(clears throat)



What are you doing?

Just need to square some
things away with this thing.

I didn't even know
you were home.


Well, dinner's almost ready.

I'll be in soon.

Well, here.

At least put this on.

So, you don't freeze to death.


I love you, Delilah.

I love you so much.




- What are you doing, you nut?
- It's freezing out here.

There was no other women.
I knew it.

Dad spent all the money
on a private investigator.

Just like promised he never
gave up looking for Jacob

and he never stopped loving Mom.

He just, I don't know, he just
left too much unsaid.

- That's such a relief.
- Yeah.

- Oh, you're...
- (panting)

Wait a minute.

Why are you looking at me
like that?


(soft music)

I don't care about perfect,

I just didn't want us
to miss our moment.

That felt pretty perfect
to me.

I got to go.




(suspenseful music)

Ah, where did you find this?

I um, I was poking around on
the boat

and I found it stashed away.

I think Dad was ashamed
to tell you that he had spent

all this money on a PI
and nothing came of it.

But he's intentions, they were,
they were good.

He never gave up
looking for Jacob.

I, I don't know what you expect
me to do with this, Katherine.

Well, n-nothing.

I just thought maybe it could
bring you some closure.

You know, some answers to all
of the sneaking around.

I mean, look, there's receipts
in here of all the money

that he paid this guy.

I don't need to see anymore.

Dad didn't have an affair,

He just...

He was trying to put
the family back together

in his own way.

This may explain what happened
to our savings,

but it doesn't answer

Mom, please.

Look, you both lost a child,

he was hurting
and I just don't think

he knew how to talk to you
about it.

But he loved you so much.

We're not going to talk about
this right now,

we've got a guest
in the house.

I just don't want
our memories of Dad

to be tainted by
a misunderstanding.


There was another woman,

I saw her with my own eyes.

She showed up crying
at your father's funeral.

You know, I, I didn't think that
my heart could hurt anymore

after Jacob d*ed, but
your father proved me wrong.

Next time, stay long enough
for a proper catch-up, buddy.

Yeah, I will. And I'll bring
Claire too,

give her my whole
origin story to her.

- (laughing)
- Sure, I can't wait to meet

the woman who finally tamed you.

Yeah, it's um,

it's been a very long time
since I felt this way.

Since high school, actually.

This is gonna sound
a little strange, but...

I lied to Kat the other night.


Wait, you don't mean...

Alice, yeah.

Of course, I remember her.

If I'm being honest,

I actually always wondered
what happened to her.

I kind of hoped we'd cross
paths someday.

Why didn't you say so?

I don't know, maybe it's just
being back in Port Haven

and Kat's daughter being
the same age we were,

but man, she reminds me
of Alice.

The other Alice, my Alice.

Is it just me or it's a little
creepy if I said that to Kat?

Uh... yeah, yeah,
now that you mention it,

I guess there is a slight

but it's been so long.

I guess it's just
different for me.

You never forget
your first love.

Okay, that's uh,
that's enough baring my soul.

I should probably get going.

Safe travels, buddy.

Love you, buddy.

(car engine starting)

You're packing?

I so appreciate
your hospitality,

but you have no room for me.

Oh, don't be ridiculous.

You're, you're welcome here.

That's not what I mean.

Uh, I think it's pretty clear
that you haven't moved on

from everything that happened
with your late husband.

What happened to it being
different for everyone?

There's healing to be done
here, acceptance.

I've been through it.
It's hard, but...

it's really important.

Thank you for mansplaining
grief to me.

Oh, I didn't mean
to offend you.

You didn't offend me, Bryon.

I think we're in
very different places

and we're both mature enough
to know that if it's the right person,

you don't have to try so hard.

Right, well...

I'll pack up the rest of
my stuff and I'll...

I'll get out of your hair.

I'll leave you to it.


You're home.


How you doing?

I'm actually doing
a lot better.

- Good.
- Yeah.

How about you?

Did you get all the answers
you needed?


I thought so, but it only led
to more questions.

(door creaking)

Ugh. Ladies, been a pleasure.

Be good to your mom.

(car engine starting)

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