04x15 - Double Fault

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04x15 - Double Fault

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- Fabulous, so good.


Yeah, brilliant. I love it.

Lula, you're looking great.


Brilliant. I love it.

You're k*lling it, babe.

Let's go.

♪ Watch you for a lifetime ♪

OK, two more minutes
and I want her to take a break.


She needs to change anyway.

Sponsors want shots of her
in all the outfits.

It's in her contract.

Whoo! I love it.

Welcome, everybody,
to the Leprechaun Leap K.

Please make sure to sign in

to get your entry passes
for this year's race.

Quite the parking spot you got there.

- How'd you manage that?

I don't know how you decided to drive.

I didn't think I'd ever
find a parking spot.

Yeah, well, drunk people on the streets

were exactly what I wanted
to try and avoid the subway.

Smart. Did you see who's over there?

- No.
- Lula Arslan,

the tennis player
and social media activist.

- Oh, no way.
- Ingrid loves her.

Oh, you should get her an autograph.

She'd be thrilled.
But you snooze, you lose.

She had no interest in getting up

on a Saturday morning to run a K.

Yeah, well, she didn't have
to answer to Isobel, right?

She made it pretty clear she wanted us

all here to support this.

Yeah, she did.

Speaking of, where is everybody?

Remy's close. Ray's on call today.

Hana's dragging her feet.

She says there's no such thing
as running for fun.

Well, she's not wrong.


Where are Charlotte and the kids?

They're taking my dad out
for brunch today.

- It's his birthday.
- It's his birthday?


You could have skipped out for that.

Nah, I texted him.

You don't talk about him too much.

You're not so close?

You know what? We're just different.

You know, he was a radical
back in the ' s,

anti-w*r protester, rights activist,

hates authority.

And he says the only reason cops exist

are to keep the Black man down.

How did he feel when
you became an agent?

He hated it along with some
of my other life choices.

But you know, it's OK.

We got this thing where
we don't discuss any of it,

bit like politics at Thanksgiving.


Well, family can be tough, huh?

Yeah, there's only so much conversation

you can have about
the Knicks and the weather.

So you know, I'm happy to be here.

♪ ♪

OK, Lula.

Let's take a break.

I want to see what we have here.

Here, have some water.

- How are you feeling?

- Good.
- Look at this.

Look at this.


- Last night's post taking off.
- Yeah.

Especially in Istanbul.

People really respond to your honesty.

They see how you really care.


Lula? Lula?

Hey, what the... Lula, Lula.
Hey, I need help!

Coach! Coach! Coach!

- What happened?
- I gave her water.

- She was fine.
- Call the ambulance.

Hey, I'm at the Davidson Park courts,

and my girlfriend just collapsed.

We need an ambulance right away please.

Lula Arslan, the tennis player.

No, just get here, please!


Coming through, coming through.


How did you get here so fast?

We were here for the race event.

You're not going to check on her?

Where's your equipment?

- It's in the ambulance.
- Where is that?

- Not far.
- Hang on.

Which hospital are you taking her to?

I'm her coach.

I've got to know where
you're taking her.

Where are you from? What hospital?

- Hey, I'm talking to you!
- [g*n]

- Go!

- Oh, my God!
- Lula!

Coach, are you OK? Coach!



Get back! FBI!

Move! Get back!

FBI. Active sh**t. Go, go, go, go, go.

Towels, towels, towels, towels.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- FBI.
- What happened?

- He's still breathing.
- Kay, I'll call an ambulance.

Yeah, we did that.

OK, well, keep pressure
on the wound. What happened?

These guys, they came and grabbed Lula.

- Then they sh*t Coach Tanner.
- Which guys?

They were paramedics.

Or at least they said they were.

- Which way did they go?
- That way.

They said the ambulance wasn't that far.

Officer, call for backup.
Help these people.

No one comes on this court.

We got an active sh**t out here.

♪ ♪



Anyone in there?



♪ ♪

FBI, right?


This lady just saw something.

What did you see?

I was, like, two blocks over
by the underpass.

And there were these two guys.

They were, like, paramedics,
and a girl on a stretcher.

And they were running.

OK, was the girl wearing tennis clothes?

Yes. And it was so strange
because she was on a stretcher,

but they put her in a taxicab.

And a guy came out the cab,

pulled her in, and then they took off.

And "he" meaning the driver?

No, it was someone from the back seat.

OK, so there are four unsubs.

Which direction did they go in?

That way, by the underpass.

OK, and it was a yellow cab?

Yeah, but like a big one,
like, um, one of the vans.

And the right tail light was broken

because they had smashed
into it with the stretcher.

OK, that's really good. Thank you.

Excuse me.


What the hell's going on?

I'm hearing sirens everywhere.

Shots fired at the Davidson Park courts.

Two d*ad, one wounded.

The perps are two males
dressed as paramedics.

They kidnapped Lula Arslan.

- The tennis player?
- Yeah.

She was on the tennis court
doing a photo sh**t.

We've got a witness
who said that she saw

the perps load her into a yellow cab,

two other unsubs inside.

They went east on Roosevelt.
It's a van-style cab,

uh, broken right tail light.

PD in pursuit?

We literally just got this.

Get the word out. Let PD know.

I'm going after them.


Remy's in pursuit.

Get a BOLO out on that taxi, will you?

Go secure the tennis court.

You can show us where
that cab was, yeah?

- Yeah.
- OK, you go on ahead.

I'll call the coroner in ERT, all right?

♪ ♪

Get anything?

Lula Arslan, a -year-old
tennis star out of Croatia.

Now, she's very private
about her personal life.

But she uses her celebrity
for social activism.

Her ex-boyfriend is fellow
tennis big sh*t

Petrov Rubinsky.

The Russian guy who won Wimbledon at ?

He hasn't won a finals tournament since.

He started taking it out on Lula.

- And that's why they broke up.
- Gotcha.

- Where's your captain?
- On his way.

All right, fill us in.

All I know is the girl took
a drink from her water bottle

and collapsed.

Someone called .

Paramedics showed up out of nowhere.

When her coach got suspicious,
they sh*t him.

Well, who saw her collapse?

Guys over there.

Agent Cannon, Agent Gibson.

You two were around
when Lula was kidnapped?

Yeah, I'm her boyfriend, Jamil Turner.

This is her trainer Seb.

Where's Lula? Is she OK?

We don't know yet.
But we've got the whole team on this.

You know about Petrov, right?

Her ex-boyfriend?

Yes, he's here in the city right now.

And he's completely wack.

And I wouldn't be surprised
if he's involved in this.

All right, why?

He's been harassing Lula for months.

She had to block him on everything.

He's a big reason why she had
to shut out the media.

She's trying to stay focused.

And he's wilding out, blaming
her for why he sucks so bad.

That guy is not right.

- Was he around here today?
- No.

But he's got money and a huge grudge.

And I would not put it past him
if he hired these guys.

Is that the bottle Lula drank
out of before she collapsed?

Yeah, I mix her electrolytes
before every game,

every practice... it's routine.

Same bottle every time?

Yeah, yeah, she only uses that one.

I mean, you know how these athletes are

with their superstitions and rituals.

No, don't touch it.

- It's evidence.

Just give us a sec.

Sheryll, what you got?

Remy's in pursuit of a
yellow cab with four unsubs.

We got the driver, two fake paramedics,

and another one in the back seat.

It sounds like Remy's
going to need backup.

Yeah, I know. You got your Tahoe, right?

Yeah, I'm on my way now.

OK, well, wait for Kristin.
She's going to go with you.

I'm headed back to the courts.

And I'm going to check in with Remy.



- Hey.
- Any luck?

Are you kidding me?

It's friggin' New York City.

There's millions of
yellow cabs everywhere.

Look for the broken tail light.

I'm trying.

Do we have anything on
these guys I'm chasing?

No, not yet.

Cab's probably stolen.

Have Hana contact the leasing
companies to find out.

I will. But that's going to take time.

Taxi graveyards too.

Uber and Lyft kneecapped the industry,

so there's hundreds of cabs
sitting around unused

that could have been stolen.


Hang on.

Van cab, broken right tail light?

I think I got him.

Eastbound on Tremont, almost to th.

Send all available units my way.




♪ ♪



They've been on us a few blocks.

Who do you think it is?

I don't care. Get rid of them.



Come on, dude. I just got her detailed.



Get out of the way.

Come on!


You want to play?

Let's play.

♪ ♪


Not a great time to chat, Kristin.

Where are you?

Southbound on McCollum, shots fired.

They're driving like maniacs.

All right, I'm with Ray in the Tahoe.

We're a mile away.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


Sorry, sorry.

- You OK?
- I lost them.

What do you want us to do?

Keep looking.

They were eastbound at
Fairview going God knows where.

Damn it!

I want a live feed of all
the traffic cams in the area,

also agent Cannon's dash cam.

Agent Gibson? Captain Wells.

Any word from aviation?

We need to get that helicopter up.

Minutes away.

They had an issue with
the pre-flight check.

But maintenance just cleared them.

My team need all the
aerial support they can get.

You got two vehicles out there looking?

Yes, but only one's official.

My boss is in his personal.

It's been, what, minutes
since she was taken?

Yep, the cab was
last spotted in Brooklyn.

We're waiting to hear
from the kidnappers

to see if they make a ransom demand.

Hell of a stunt to pull
if it's money they're after.

That's why I'm not holding my breath.


♪ ♪

Jamil seemed pretty sure
that Lula's ex-boyfriend

is involved in this.

I'm seeing rumors that Petrov Rubinsky

was abusive to past girls.

But again, they're just that... rumors.

Let's say he is an abuser.

This is still a far cry from
organizing a kidnapping like this.

According to his TikTok,

he was clubbing last night
in the West Village,

not far from Lula's hotel.

Rubinsky's one of the
few Russian athletes

that didn't denounce
the invasion of Ukraine.

He comes from a family
of rich Putin cronies.

Do you think he could have pulled
this off with the help of the FSB?

I don't know.


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Ah, the tail light's intact.

It's not them.


- This is a crime scene.

I need you to go all the way back.

All the way over there.



I thought that was you.

Oh, my God, what are you doing here?

- I thought you were retired.
- [CHUCKLES] Well...

Hana, this is Chuck Poffo.

We used to work together at PD.

- Oh, nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.

Did PD call you in to consult?

No, I was here on a stakeout.

Who were you surveilling?

Lula Arslan.


I'm a private investigator now.

A few weeks ago, an overseas
client contacted me.

They said Lula owes hundreds of
thousands in credit card debt,

racked up in Dubai.

They needed help tracking
her down to collect.

I'm sure you know by now,
she's pretty hard to pin down

outside of her matches.

Today is the closest I ever got to her.

When she happened to just get
kidnapped in broad daylight?

Did you tell anyone she was here?

No, Sheryll,
I had nothing to do with this.

Look, I just want to help.

OK, well, you need to tell us
everything you know.

We're looking at her
ex-boyfriend, Petrov Rubinsky.

He popped on my radar when
I first did research on Lula,

so I've been keeping an eye on him.

He flew out early this
morning for Indian Wells.

And who's your client?

Well, we never actually met in person.

We communicate through email
and the occasional phone call.

Well, if they're from overseas,

it could still be Rubinsky
or someone working for him.

Rubinsky lives and trains in Miami.

My client tends to
contact me at off hours,

so I figure they're
in another time zone.

Did you notice anything
different this morning

before the kidnapping?

No, I don't think so.

Lula went directly from her
hotel to the photo sh**t.

And, uh, she was always with her team.

We think someone may have
spiked her water bottle.

Her trainer says
she never leaves it unattended.

But did you notice any time
that she might have?

She used the bathroom outside the court

to change into her outfit for the sh**t.

There's a cam outside the ladies' room.

Might be worth it to check the footage.

OK, that's a good idea. Thank you.


♪ ♪

[GASPING] I can't breathe.

Please. Please take it off, please.


What do you want?

Why are you doing this to me?

For ransom? You want money?

You can have it all.

All this trouble to get me. Why?



♪ ♪

So that's what they're doing now,

sending four men to hunt down one girl

just because she dares to speak out?



[SCREAMS] Stop it! Let me go!

So this Chuck guy is former NYPD?

And he doesn't even know
who his client is?

I trust him, Remy.

He mentored me when I was a rookie.

You know, a lot of foreign governments

have been hiring American PIs

to spy on their citizens abroad, right?

- Russia, China.
- Remy, she's not...

Except Lula is Croatian.

They're not exactly a dictatorship.

Why would they care?

Well, that's why we're calling you.

I've been digging,
and Lula was born in Croatia.

But her family was originally from Iran.

In the ' revolution, her grandfather

landed on Khomeini's blacklist

and was hunted down by the government

and m*rder by one of their
k*ll squads.

So Lula's family defected
to Croatia for their safety?

Yes, but she clearly never forgot.

Now, two weeks ago, she started posting

in support of Mahsa Amini,
the woman who was m*rder

by Iran's morality police
for not wearing a hijab.

I know who she is.

Lula has over million followers.

And she was very vocal

and probably pissed
a lot of Iranians off.

Do you think these guys
might be Iranian intelligence?


They've k*lled protesters
for a lot less.

Not on American soil.

Well, not yet, but...

Hang on.

I got them,
northbound on Flower at th.

It's them.

I'll send Ray and Kristin your way.


♪ ♪


- What the hell are you doing?
- Drop the w*apon.

- I'm FBI.
- Drop it now.

Calm down!

I'm going to reach inside
the car and pull out my badge.

Do not sh**t me.


♪ ♪

You know how many people
you put in danger

with your stunt driving?

You wouldn't even be here
if it wasn't for me.

Oh, well, thanks for the
interdepartmental cooperation.

We'll send you a card.

Hey, hey, where do you
think you're going?

Get your hands off me.

We need to wait for backup, OK?

And get eyes and ears in the garage.

You are not in charge here!

There's a young woman in there
with four armed men

who could k*ll her any second.

- I'm going in.
- Got one coming out.

He's not stopping! Move!



Go, go, go!

Hey, hey, what do
you think you're doing?

Hey, you can't carjack a NYPD officer.

Thanks for the interdepartmental
cooperation, dumbass.

♪ ♪


Talk to me, Hana.

I'm flying blind here.

Yeah, I got you.
You see the sedan up ahead?

Negative. Where's Kristin and Ray?

Their target's heading
north towards the Bronx.

NYPD has been alerted to divert
traffic and close the streets.

These guys had two identical
cars waiting and ready to go,

a*t*matic w*apon stashed inside.

What else do they have up their sleeve?

We'd know more if we could
ID Chuck's client.

Pretty smart shell game, if you ask me.

No way to know what sedan Lula is in.

We've got to be extra careful
in this pursuit.

Let me know if you get anything.

Copy that.

Lula's a problem solver.

As long as she's alive and kicking,

she'll fight like hell.

♪ ♪

Where are we going?

Where are you taking me?

What, some dictator told you
to do something?

So you blindly listen to him?

Stay down!


♪ ♪


You think I won't blow your brains

all over that back seat?

I will save them the trouble.

I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me.

♪ ♪

I'm not so different from you.

You know what I miss most about home?

Ghormeh sabzi.

My grandma's secret was making
it without shanbalileh.

It's how my grandpa liked it.

It's how my mom still makes it today.

Think about your mothers,

your girlfriends, your sisters.

I could be your little sister.

Think about all the women who love you,

and have cared for you,
and how much they've suffered

because no one has ever
spoken up for them...

until now.


I haven't betrayed anyone.

I'm just standing up for what's right.

OK, just got the footage from the camera

outside the park bathroom.

One of the kidnappers
dressed as a paramedic

went inside while Lula was in
there with her water bottle.

So she probably thought she was alone.

But he was in there long enough
to have spiked it without her seeing.

Here, take a look at this.

He's in and out before she even notices.

What about facial rec?

- Yep, I already did that.

His name is Wasim Barati,
and he's a member

of the Islamic Revolutionary
Guard Corps.

The IRGC is a branch of
the Iranian armed forces.

I know who they are.

Our government considers them
a t*rror1st organization.

These are the people you've
been working with, Chuck?

I swear I had no idea.

What do they want with Lula?

Well, the IRGC goes after anyone

perceived to be a thr*at
to the Iranian government.

How is Lula a thr*at?

We have a female athlete
who uses her platform

to speak out about
the hardline Iran government.

I'm pretty sure they'll do
anything to shut her up.

- Yeah.
- Guys.

Looks just like the sedan your
other agents are chasing.

It's them. They're in Queens.

Remy, we have eyes on the target

on traffic cams in Queens,
and we know who they are.

It's the Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

Are you serious?

Yes, they're on
Apple Street near Orange.

- You're not far from it.
- Tell me what to do.

In two blocks,
you'll make a right on Apple.

And they should be just down the street.

Got it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, got it.

Nice work, Hana Banana, keep it coming.

OK, keep going straight,
about a block and a half.

You're almost there.

They're just sitting there?


Do you see Lula?

I mean, no.
But I've got you on my monitor.

I don't see anyone.

Right there on the curb.

Nobody's here, Hana.

That's weird. We can't see you either.

Maybe the cams are on a delay?

Hang on. Apple runs east/west.

In the morning before noon,
that part of the street

definitely wouldn't be in shadow.

What the hell is going on?

It doesn't make any sense.

You should be right there.

Remy, this is decoy footage.

They must have recorded it earlier,

hacked into the traffic cams to
make it look like it was live.

So this is a fake too?

These guys are frigging good.

I should have caught it. Sorry.

It's OK. Check in with Kristin and Ray.

And I'm going to keep
searching and hope Lula

is in the car they're chasing.

♪ ♪



That was Barnes.

She said this is
a state-ordered kidnapping

being carried out by
Iranian special forces.

Apparently Lula has been supportive

of the Mahsa Amini protesters,
and they're not happy about it.

All right, so they're trying
to extract her.


JFK and La Guardia are the other way.

I don't think they do commercial.

All they need is a place
with a runway long enough

for a jet they can get to Iran, right?

Well, this is crazy.

Get a mountain climber, chess player,

all these young women
landing in hot water

for not wearing their head covers.

They destroyed a woman's home

even after she gave a public apology
and said it was an accident

that her hijab slipped off.

Yeah, I know.

OK, so like best-case scenario,

they force her to make a public apology.

They make her disappear

and they call it an early retirement.

And worst case, they execute
her after a sham trial.

That's right.

Either way, they need
her back on Iranian soil.

OK, look, this is it.

We're heading straight for
the Westchester airport.

She gets on that plane, she's d*ad.

Westchester security.

This is Agent Gaines with the FBI.

We are in pursuit of the suspect.

We think they're heading
for Westchester Airport.

I need a spike strip
at the east gate, ASAP.

Roger that.

♪ ♪

Ray and Kristin say
their target's on the way

to Westchester Airport.

They're trying to fly her out.

Well, that's what they think.

PD confirmed they have a spike strip

set up at the east entrance.

Get an ambulance out there, too.

She might need medical attention.

♪ ♪




FBI! Step out of the vehicle.

Hands in the air, nice and slow.

Step out of the car with your
hands where we can see them.

♪ ♪


Any sign of Lula in the back?

No, I can't see anything.

Got movement.

Front passenger door is opening.

♪ ♪


- There's one more.
- Yeah.


Move in.

♪ ♪


Check on the other side.


- Clear.
- She's not here.

This is the decoy.

So the car Remy's tailing,
that's the one we need.

Let's go.

♪ ♪


Help! Help me!

Stop fighting.

- Hey, this is private prop...
- [g*n]

Hey, what was that?


Go get her. I'll take care of him.

♪ ♪

It's OK. Go inside.

Go, go, go. Now, now.

- Drop it. Drop it.
- Please. Please.


OK, I don't even know who you guys are.

All right? I have a kid.



She's in there. Let's go.

All units, be advised.

a*t*matic g*n reported along with

an abandoned black sedan parked outside

the Wellington Shipyard.

You guys hear that?

Remy, they're in Queens.

They're only about
a half block from you.

Help me out.

OK, your next light is Central.

Take a right towards the river

and you should be right on them.

Well, Remy's going to need backup.
Kristin And Ray are covered.

Remy, I'm going to hand you
off to Captain Wells of NYPD,

come find you in the Tahoe.

About time you guys
joined the dance party.



I want to come with you.


These bastards used me
to do their dirty work

right here in the city that I've
loved and served all my life...

I want to make it right.


Get in and buckle up.
We've got to get moving.


I'm at the Wellington Shipyard.

Security guard down.

- Send EMTs and SWAT.
- - .

♪ ♪

FBI. Are you all right?

Two guys, both armed.

I don't know what they're doing here.

Where'd you last see them?

They went inside.

Wait. They took my w*apon.

Stay here. My team's on their way.

♪ ♪

FBI! Drop your w*apon!







Sal, she's in here!



This place is going
to be crawling in cops

and federal agents any second.

You're done!

Go, go, go, go.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Remy texted.

He said, head in and go around back.

- No.
- I have a permit.

I don't care, Chuck.
You're not going in.

Stay here. Wait for backup.


♪ ♪

Come on. Hurry up.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!



- FBI! We have you cornered.

- Drop your w*apon!
- We took down your buddies.

We know all about your grand plan.

Venezuela by boat, then on to Iran.

Too bad you're going to miss
your connecting flight.

No stale pretzels for you, pal.

Even if you got on that boat,

the Coast Guard
would be on you in minutes.

You're on your own.

Your government is not going
to swoop in and save you.

So you better think hard and fast

about what you're going to do next.

You could start by letting her go.


♪ ♪

All right, back up.

I don't care if we take
her whole or in pieces.

We're taking her.

Sal, what do we do?


♪ ♪

Ehsan. It's Ehsan, right?

Don't listen to him.

It doesn't have to be this way for us.

Don't listen to her.

She's just a little girl with big words.

And yet they sent you all after me.

We scare them because we're young

and we see a future that's different,

a future that's better for our
people, both men and women.

She's a traitor.

What does she know about
our people and our values?

She hates her own country.

How am I supposed to love my country

when it doesn't love me back?

What are you waiting for?

You were trained to be a soldier.

Now be brave like a soldier.

You don't have to be
a soldier to be brave.

Look at Lula.

What are you waiting for?



Get down on the ground, on your knees.


Don't hurt him, please.

♪ ♪

So are you happy you stayed outside?


There's a reason I'm retired.

[SIGHS] I'm getting too old
for all this action.

Thank you, Sheryll, for letting me help.

You can never go back in time
to right a wrong,

but you can always do
the right thing moving forward.



- I'll see you around.
- See you around.

Best to your family.

Lula's going to be all right.

Coach is taking her back to Florida,

and the state's providing
protective detail.

Oh, she must have had the luck
of the Irish on her side.

So do you.

The Leprechaun Leap was called off.

- You're off the hook.

Well, it is Saint Patty's Day.

Who's down for green beer and cabbage?

I've got to pass.

Where you off to?

Somewhere I should have
been a long time ago.

What do you call a bulletproof Irishman?


Rick O'Shay.



Honey, what are you doing here?

I just thought I'd drop by.
How was brunch?

Oh, it was good.

It would have been much better
if you were there.

Is Dad around?

You know where to find him.


Hey, Dad. Happy birthday.

Sorry I missed brunch.

It's OK. We had fun with the kids.

All natural ingredients that
will have your cat meowing.

You waiting on the Knicks game?

Sort of.

Recapping the top story tonight.

Tennis player Lula Arslan
was rescued by the FBI

from a kidnapping attempt

by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


You had a busy day.

How's your tennis player doing?

She's OK. She's going to be just fine.

Thank God she's a fighter.

Just like you.

And where do you think I got that from?

I'm no fighter...

not the way you wish I had been.
Isn't that right?

You fought with me plenty
about my choice

to become a cop and join the FBI.

Hey, don't make me
come in there, you two.

Listen, I didn't come here to argue.

I came here to say...

[SIGHS] That I understand
a little better now that

just because someone gives you
orders to do something,

it doesn't always mean it's right.


And I respect you've always
stood up for your values.

- Mm.
- And I just wish

that you would respect my values
and my choices too.

I didn't raise you to be a fool.

And only a fool would chase
the uniform or risk her life

every single day to serve a country,

a system that doesn't value her life,

her mother's life, her father's life,

or, God forbid, her children's lives.

See, that's the problem.

When you see me,
that's all you see, the uniform.

You don't see me.

You don't see your daughter,

the one you raised to stand up
for what I believe in.

You know what?
Maybe you did raise a fool.

I honestly thought
we could have a conversation

instead of arguing.

What is there to talk about?

Every week,
the headlines parade another name,

another tragedy,

in Ferguson, St. Paul, Memphis.

It never changes, and I'm tired.

And I'm trying to change that,
Dad, in my own way.

We both want the same thing,

the right to feel safe
in our communities,

the right to feel safe in our bodies.

And I'm trying to do my part,
and honestly, I have no idea

what it's going to take
to change things out there.

But I was hoping...

I was hoping we could start
by trying to change

things in here between us.

♪ ♪

After the day you had,

you still thought of me and came by.

And I jumped down your throat.

I'm sorry.

♪ ♪

I can't promise I'll ever
understand you completely

or that we'll see eye to eye,

but, uh,

I'm willing to listen.

So should I bring you two some ice packs

or some ice cream?

Let's have ice cream,

since I missed your
birthday cake this morning.


♪ ♪

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