01x01 - Pilot

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Gotham Knights". Aired: March 14, 2023 –; present.*
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In the wake of Bruce Wayne's death, his adopted son Turner Hayes forges an unlikely alliance with runaways Harper and Cullen Row and criminal Duela when they are all accused of a m*rder they didn't commit by district attorney Harvey Dent.
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01x01 - Pilot

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After my parents were m*rder,

I was adopted by
the richest man in the city.

He took me in. Gave me
everything I could want,

except the reason why.

In a city filled with orphans, why me?

Turns out that wasn't
the only secret he was keeping.

He hid from the world who he really was,

behind the mask.



But then again, so did I.

Pretending to fit into
a world I didn't belong.

But it's only when you're
forced to take off the mask

that you discover who you really are.


Just saying. You could've
thrown the match

and had the next weekends off.

Ha! Clearly, I did not
think this through.

Should I ask Brody for a do-over?

Deny your dad the chance to have

another championship
fencer in the family?

Hard nope.

Where is he, anyway?

He said he was gonna be here.

Guessing he had to work late?

Hey! Who's up for a party at my house?




Hey, guys.

MAN: Oh!


Nice reflexes. Thanks.


We have trig together?


Sorry. I suck.

Tell that to all the people here

to celebrate you going to State.

I don't know half their names, either.


Desecrating your father's house, I see.

Well, then, carry on.

Cressida, I'll make sure
this is all cleaned up.

Oh, I haven't seen a thing. Certainly
haven't seen the amorous couple

making use of the billiards room.

TURNER: Guys, come on.

There are other rooms

in this place to hook up,

and that's a th-century couch.

Technically, it's a canape.


STEPHANIE: Mom, I swear
we were just talking.

Ha. Yeah. Sorry, man.

We'll, um, find somewhere else

to pick up our conversation.


Mm! Somebody broke into the good stuff.

Your dad gonna be okay with that?

TURNER: I don't think he'll miss it.

As your best friend, I'm
telling you he's not gonna

miss the -decibel f*re code violation

in this great room, either.

I doubt he can hear it from Wayne Tower.



Okay, they're blind. We're clear.

And next time, I'll ride in the cart.

Yeah, not gonna be a next time,

at least not with her.

Look. Motion sensors are toast.

Come on, team. Crime is money.

- THE KILLS: ♪ After all, God can keep my soul ♪
- WOMAN: Ha ha!

THE KILLS: ♪ England have my bones ♪

♪ But don't ever give me up ♪

- ♪ I could never get back up... ♪
- WOMAN: What?

Never broke into anyplace this fancy.

THE KILLS: ♪ Slow ♪

WOMAN: Ha ha!

This place looks like a museum

had sex with a bank vault.

Yeah, not what I was thinking, but

yeah, also not impressed.

THE KILLS: ♪ You can holler,
you can wail ♪

♪ You can blow what's left
of my right mind ♪

Hello, hello, my pretty lady.

How many sears are you worth?

Duela, can we focus on our plan, please?

You mean my plan

that includes me not
so patiently waiting

for your sister to get the safe open?

Somebody b*at me to it.

MANN: Uh, all right, I don't like this.

DUELA: There you are,

you . -caliber cutie.

We got paid K

to steal an old g*n?

She's not just any old g*n.

She's the one Joe Chill used

to pop Bruce Wayne's mom and dad.

The barrel's warm.

It's been fired recently.

Okay, now... now I
really don't like this.


Oh, my God.

We've been set up.

Go, go, go, go, go!


Hey, Dent, you don't want to see this.



OFFICER: Freeze! Stop right there!


Suspects spotted entering
north stairwell.

Copy that. Have visual confirmation.

North stairwell, north stairwell.

converge on the north stairwell.

Okay, south stairwell it is.




- DUELA: Ha ha. Uhh!
- THE KILLS: ♪ Howling at the future ♪

♪ Won't you be fast and full, all... ♪

What are you drinking?

You know how to make a "could've
hooked up with anyone

and you picked Brody"?

I'm not sure I have
the ingredients for that.

Could I interest you in a

"at least I didn't hook up with

Olive Silverlock in my dad's Maserati"?

Here's to questionable choices.

Didn't say I was questioning mine.

THE KILLS: ♪ ... spark,
'cause the heart ♪

♪ Is a b*ating drum ♪

You know he's just
jealous of you, right?

THE KILLS: ♪ b*ating drum ♪

You have everything he wants.

THE KILLS: ♪ More than
you wanted before ♪

♪ To keep it on, it's a b*ating drum ♪


Everybody relax. I got this.



It's your father.

I'm so sorry. I don't even
know how to tell you this.

He's d*ad.


After what happened to your parents,


I am gonna find who did this

and I'm gonna make them pay.

That's what everybody said back then.


Turner, there are gonna be some things

coming out about your dad,

so I have to ask you this.

Did you know he was Batman?

TURNER, VOICE-OVER: He can't be Batman.

If he was, where is it?

Where's the bat suit? Huh?

He would've told me.

Sometimes parents keep secrets.

I know my dad.

And he sure as hell was not

sneaking out at night fighting bad guys!


He would've told me.

It's gonna be okay.


Do you hear that?


My God.

It's true.

Thousands have lined the streets

to honor the city's fallen hero
Bruce Wayne,

who Gotham has now learned was Batman.

Wayne is survived by his son
Turner Hayes,

who he adopted from
the slums of Burnside.

Now twice orphaned,
Hayes joins a city in grief,

one that is left to wonder
who will protect Gotham

now that Batman is d*ad.

Dent... got an anonymous tip

on where Wayne's K*llers
might be holed up.


Guys, th-this is blood money.

This is money that is
finally gonna get you

and me outta Gotham,
and we didn't k*ll anyone.

An entire city thinks that we k*lled
Batman, which is exactly what

whoever set us up wanted. I mean,
why... why else would they pay us

- all this money up front?
- DUELA: That's your complaint?

Really, that I didn't get them
on installment plan?

You didn't even get their name.

Oh, well, what was I supposed to do?

Ask for an ID? Maybe a gas bill,

a canceled cheque?

You see, in crime, people who hire you

to do something illegal usually

don't want it traced back to them.

Exactly, and now

it only traces back to us.

Funeral's starting.

Want to get out of here now,

now's our chance.

For years, you knew Bruce Wayne

as Gotham's most prominent businessman,

and now you know him
as the city's savior, Batman.

But to me... he was just my dad.

He had an entire city to save.

And yet, he insisted on
saving one more. Me.

OFFICER: Freeze! Don't move!

When my parents were k*lled,
he gave me a home.

He took a scared, broken kid
from the worst part of Gotham

and raised me as his own.

An orphan himself,

he was no stranger to how dangerous

and cruel the city can be.

But instead of retreating into despair,

he became a force for justice.

A beacon of hope...

for all to look to when hope seems lost.

What he stood for

will always live on.

It was my father's belief
that each of us

could become a light strong
enough to defy the darkness.


Just got word GCPD
apprehended the K*llers.

They found them with the money
they were paid for the m*rder.

I know it's not gonna bring
your dad back, but I thought

you might find a little solace
knowing that we got 'em.


Not until I know who put them up to it.


We're gonna find whoever it was.

Are you sure?

With no Batman,

who's gonna solve
the m*rder of Bruce Wayne?

♪ ♪


MALE REPORTER: The Mutant g*ng
has claimed responsibility

for the fires that have
engulfed the Narrows

since the demise of the Dark Knight,

who we know now was
the late Bruce Wayne.


I'm gonna go see Harvey, see
if he's made any progress.

I'm sure he will keep you apprised.

- Maybe I can help him.
- CRESSIDA: That might prove difficult,

since you'll be in class.

- Cressida...
- I will let slide the occasional

pillaging of the wine cellar.

Truancy is another matter entirely.

It's my job now to protect you.

Even from yourself.

Your father had Alfred. You have me.

Only I'll try to be a bit more fun.

Born in Arkham Asylum.
In and out of juvie.

Back in again. Petty theft,

grand larceny, as*ault, as*ault...


And that's just
the stuff you know about.

I would like to speak
with my legal counsel.

Then you shouldn't have
shattered her kneecap.

She shouldn't have tried
to get me to plead guilty

to something I didn't do.

Got your prints on the g*n
that k*lled Bruce Wayne,

not to mention the pile of
money we found you with.

Who paid you?

- Cascimentos? The McKillens?
- DUELA: I don't know.


Police found this on you.

So, is it true?

Are you really the Joker's daughter?

Is that why you m*rder Batman?

You're saying I did it for the money,

and then you're saying I did it

out of revenge.

So, let me get this straight.

Somebody paid me to do something

that you say I would have

happily done for free?

I mean, I'm not a big, fancy lawyer.

I'm just a girl with
two working kneecaps.

But you two might want to get

your stories straight before you

take this to a judge.



I'm not gonna ask you how you're doing.

Thanks. I'm not gonna lie

and tell you I'm fine.

Well, if you ever want to talk or lie,

I happen to be a very
good listener either way.

Hey. You doing okay?

I'm fine.

Steph told me how rough
it's been on you.

Can't be easy.

And now that the whole world knows

that your dad's Batman?

I don't know how you kept
that secret for this long.


I didn't know.

Oh, come on. You had to have known.

At least you don't have to
keep the secret any longer.

Must be a relief.


Yeah. That's what I'm feeling. Relief.


Sorry Brody was such a d*ck.

He was right.

The K*llers knew he was Batman...

which means they knew
my dad better than I did.

I'm sure there's a reason
he didn't tell you.

Yeah. Put it on the list
of things I'll never know.

Right next to who had him k*lled.

Give it time.

The GCPD is throwing
everything they have at this.

There's one thing they don't have.

The Batcave.

STEPHANIE: Do you have any idea
how powerful this thing is?

TURNER: No. Do you?

Nope. And that's what makes me nervous.

And a little excited.

You think you can use it to hack into

Gotham National Bank?

Never hacked into anything
that secure before.

But I've always wanted to try.

HARVEY: Harper Row,
straight "A" s, honor roll,

but months before
graduation, you drop out.

Unlike you, I didn't take AP Calculus,

so maybe you can do that math for me.

It's not math. It's history.

Mom left.

Dad couldn't b*at on her anymore,

so he turned to his kids.

He didn't have a problem with
bisexual chicks in his p*rn,

but having one under his
roof was another story.

I had to get me and
my brother out of there.

Your brother?

MAN: Cullen Row.


'Cause your birth certificate
says you were...

Hey, don't use his d*ad name.

Fine. I got another d*ad name for him.

Bruce Wayne!


Take a walk.


HARVEY: Sorry about that.

From what your sister
told me, it sounds like

you got enough of that from your dad.

Look, I... I know what you're
doing, this building trust

through performative allyship.

Or maybe I'm just not a d*ck.

And maybe I know that
you are not a k*ller.

No. Just desperate for money.

[SIGHS] And then Duela just

pirouettes her way into
Union Street soup kitchen

with a plan, a one-time robbery.

And you didn't know
that the thing she really

wanted to take was Bruce Wayne's life?

- CULLEN: No, I...
- HARVEY: I can make a jury believe that.

But that... you can't make
me believe that

because it's not what happened.

You're just trying to turn
us against each other.

I'm just trying to get the truth.

HARPER: It was me.

I'm the one who k*lled Bruce Wayne.

I'll sign whatever confession you want,

but my brother walks.

Who paid you the money?

I don't know.

Then we don't have a deal.


All we know is that the K*llers were
paid a hundred grand in cash.

Let me see if I can run a search

for cash withdrawals.


Yes, I can.

You get into Gotham National Bank?

I'm in all the banks.

At the same time.

- Offshore accounts,

slush funds,

shell corporations.

I could do some damage with this thing.

Just get me the name of who paid them.

I'll do the rest.


Whatever we find, we're
turning over to the police.

I'm not helping you
become some vigilante.


That a match?

withdrawals over days.

Same account.

Exact amount paid to the K*llers.

Whose account is it?



This makes it look like the person

who paid to have your dad k*lled is you.

That doesn't make any sense.

We better call the police
before the bank does.

- TURNER: Think they already did.

POLICE OFFICER: Turner Hayes, you
have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you

in a court of law.


Gotham is in shock today

over the arrest of
Bruce Wayne's adopted son

Turner Hayes, who is suspected

of masterminding
the billionaire's m*rder.

Get him out of those handcuffs.

Harvey, I didn't do this.

Hey, you listen to me.
You do not talk to anyone

until your dad's lawyers get
here, you understand me?

HARVEY: Listen, I know Turner.

Serial numbers on
the bills from his account

match the ones the suspects
were found with.

It just... it doesn't make any sense.

Biological parents were m*rder,
k*ller never found.

Oh, come on. He was just a kid.

Now his adoptive father's g*n down.

Once is a tragedy, twice is a pattern.

- Then what's the motive?
- Motive?

days before he was m*rder,

Bruce Wayne made an appointment to alter

his last will and testament.

Wanted to change the beneficiary.

Sounds like a hell of a motive to me.

TURNER: They think I k*lled my dad
because I wanted his money?

Look, you're the sole beneficiary.

They could argue that Bruce was planning

to cut you out of his will.

You mean you could argue that.

You're the DA, right?

And you told me not to say
anything without an attorney.

Turner, I talked to Cressida.

Your dad's law firm is
refusing to represent you.

Everyone thinks I did it.

No. I don't.

But I am having a hard time
making a case for who did.

The night he was k*lled,
this was found on your father.

Apparently it's a sixth-century
Athenian coin.

Does it mean anything
to you, anything at all?

No, but there's a lot of things
my dad didn't tell me about.


On your feet.


I've got you.

Oh, look.

It's the bat brat.

I bet you thought it would
be easy to frame me


you know, your pops k*lled mine.

Little history, though.

Papa J. ditched me and my mom in Arkham

before my first tooth came in,

when he started banging this little...

this little size-two, get out of jail
free card named Harley Quinn.

So I would sooner send
your dad a thank-you note

than send him flying out a window,


I hate my dad.

But I guess we have that
in common now, don't we?

What's the matter?

What, you don't talk to the hired help?

I did not pay you to k*ll my dad.

HARPER: No, you just paid us
to take the fall for it.

CULLEN: You don't know
how lucky you are.

To actually have a dad
who cared about you?

And you had him k*lled to, what,

speed up that little
inheritance of yours?

- TURNER: You don't know anything about me.
- HARPER: Get away from him!

CULLEN: Harper, Harper, I don't need you

fighting my battles for me, all right?

- HARPER: I'm not.
- CULLEN: Then why'd you try and cut a deal to save me?

Hey! What deal? What? You're
gonna say I pulled the trigger?

She didn't have to! Your prints
are all over the damn g*n!


- DUELA: Let... go of me!

GUARD: Break it up!

Settle down!



Get these animals cuffed and stuffed!

I'd like my one phone call now, please.

Mr. Dent, did Batman's son

really hire the Joker's daughter?

It's an ongoing investigation.

I would advise the public
not to rush to judgment.

You're a friend of the Wayne family.

Will you be recusing
yourself from this case?


That's a fair question.

You want an answer?

I don't think I need one.

City's already convicted the kid.

You just need to make it official.

I'm practically his uncle.

Not sure that's the campaign slogan
I would have picked for you.

It's no secret you have your eye
on the mayor's office, Harvey.

And what better way to
announce your candidacy

than after putting away an ungrateful

adopted son who bit the hand that feeds?

Or your campaign can down in flames

when the voters believe that despite

a preponderance of evidence,

you gave Turner Hayes
preferential treatment

because he's family.


- Shouldn't you be using

your one phone call to talk
to a lawyer or somebody?

Right now I just want to talk

to someone who believes me.

Of course I do.

You always could see past the obvious.

When everyone acted like
I h*t the adoption lottery...

you saw that for Bruce Wayne
to become my dad,

I had to lose two parents first.

You got me through that.

Now I need you to do it again.


You found that smoking g*n
with the money.

Now I need you to find out
who put it there.

No pressure, right?

Time's up, Hayes.

You're the only one who can
get me out of this, Steph.




I just want to say,
great job back there.

With the fight.

You made it look so convincing.

That was supposed to be fake?

Well, the punches were real enough.

And much of the feelings behind them.

But we had to lure the cops in somehow.

How else could we get our hands on a few

of their little trinkets

that we can use to get
out of these cop locks?

We all may hate each other, but
we hate being d*ad even more.

What are you talking about?

CULLEN: What, you haven't
figured it out yet?

We didn't k*ll your dad
any more than you did.

minutes in a cell with you, and
we knew you didn't have the brains

to be the brains behind this frame job.

CULLEN: But whoever is behind it

is gonna make sure we have a
little accident inside Blackgate.

Because the only way the setup
works is if we all end up d*ad.

Unless you want to join us
in getting out of here.


All aboard the Blackgate Express.

- Let's go!



Time to pick a side.



What the hell are you doing?

Well, I'm trying to get these
stupid handcuffs undone

with this damn pin,
and it's not working.

Cullen and Harper had no problem

getting theirs off.






What's it gonna be, bat brat?





Hang on to something!



Come out with your hands up.

Don't sh**t.

Got my g*n.

DUELA: And if you all don't back off,

I am gonna give him back the b*ll*ts!

You're surrounded. We will f*re.

DUELA: Oh, what a coincidence!
So will I!


- [COCKS g*n]
- What are you doing?

What my father would want.

We can't prove we're not
K*llers by k*lling someone.

They don't care if we're innocent.


She's right, you know.


CULLEN: He's in on it.

They all are.

Your little attempt at escape

just made my job a little easier.

I hope Daddy's proud of you,

'cause you're about to join him.

No hard feelings, kid.









Who the hell are you?

I'm Robin.

Wait, I know you.

Carrie Kelley.

From trig!

We have to go, now.

T-t-tell me you brought the Batmobile.


My mom's car.

Gonna be a tight squeeze.

Uh, excuse me.

I am not going anywhere with him.

We have to stick together

or they'll pick us off one by one.

You almost just got us k*lled.

I know. I'm sorry.

Apology accepted.

Ooh! I call g*n!

How did you know it wasn't us?

When you work with the
world's greatest detective,

you pick up a few things.

So you knew my dad was Batman?

He didn't exactly tell me.

I just kind of found out.

Mutant g*ng threw him off
the roof of my apartment.

I dragged him to safety.

Not a bad way to meet your hero.

After that, I became his eyes and ears.

He even gave me these.

Called me his little robin.

You knew my dad in a way I never will.

I knew him well enough
to know that you were

the thing he loved most in this world.

Not enough to tell me who he really was.

Turner, he didn't want you
to follow down that path.

You both lost so much.

He was so impressed
that you never gave in

to the darkness like he did.

Your father may have been
a hero to all of Gotham...

but he always used to tell
me that his hero was you.

DUELA: Look, unless we all want
to be buried next to him,

we might want to get
the hell out of here.

HARVEY: In the wake
of the violent escape

from a GCPD convoy earlier tonight,

I want to assure the citizens of Gotham

that we are Marshalling
all of the city's resources

to hunt down these fugitives...

Harper and Cullen Row,

the Joker's daughter...

and Bruce Wayne's own son,

Turner Hayes...

as well as anyone
who A*DS or abets them.



TURNER: They'll be looking
for us everywhere,

so we stick to the high ground.

Nobody really knows about this place.

So what's the plan?

We hide up here till they hunt us down?

We're gonna find who
really k*lled my dad

and clear our names.

HARPER: Look around.

A bunch of thieves turned fugitives,

Joker's delusional daughter,

a sidekick, Batman's orphan.

We're a lot of things,
but we're not cops.

Neither was my dad.

Didn't stop him from
taking down criminals.

DUELA: Hey. Over here, in the back.

I'm pretty sure the guy who k*lled
your dad was that detective

- who tried to do the same to us.

I checked.

Ford was accounted for
at the time of the m*rder,

which means he was just
a part of the coverup.

And he must have been
paid a lot to do it.

I swiped this from Ford
during our escape.

He owns a pretty nice watch,
even on a dirty cop's salary.

Figured we can fence it.

The engraving on the back's

definitely gonna ding the street value.

DUELA: Let me see.

We should have just let him k*ll us,

'cause we're already d*ad.

Wait, what is that?

It was on a coin my dad had.

It's the symbol of the Court of Owls.

They're the ones who
really run this city.

No one knows who they are,

and you don't dare ask,
because if you find out...

it'll be the last thing you ever see.

How do you know all this?

Because while you were
being read bedtime stories,

I was listening to the warnings that
echo through the halls of Arkham.

"Beware of the Court of Owls

that watches all the time,

ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch

behind granite and lime".

"They watch you at your hearth".

"They watch you in your bed".

"Speak not a whispered word of them..."

Uh... no!

"Or they'll send
the Talon for your head".

Greg, move your head!
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