04x08 - Control Freaks

Episode transcripts for the TV show "9-1-1: Lone Star". Aired: January 19, 2020 to present.
A NYC firefighter relocates to Austin, Texas with his son, where he tries to start a new life while he works to save people's lives.
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04x08 - Control Freaks

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TK STRAND: Alright, you guys ready?

If we get any more ready, we're
gonna miss the actual wedding.

CARLOS REYES: Okay, here we come.

Hold on. Let me set the mood.




Oh, my God.

- Wow.
- NANCY GILLIAN: You guys.

I seriously feel like I'm about to cry.


So, we like?

- We love!


I don't know have words.

Wow, Dad doesn't have words.

- That's a good sign.
- Yeah.

It's classic. It's timeless.

It's... It's beautiful and...

it doesn't work.

- TK: What? Uh...

How-how do those things not work?

I don't like the pocket squares.

Oh. Okay.

Well, we could get brighter accents.

Yeah, I mean, it's no problem.

We can just change up
the pocket squares.

It's not the pocket square.

- But you just said...
- OWEN: Yeah, I know.

I mean, it's not just the pocket square.

I think we have a larger problem

with... color palette.

What issue is that?

It's bland. It's like Paul's oatmeal.

MATEO CHAVEZ: But Cap, come on.

The suits are so dope.

BOTH: Thank you.

We are not going for "dope."

We're going for transcendent.

Guys, I know it must be frustrating
but just stick with me on this,

because this wedding is going to be...

out of control.

Well, someone already is.

♪ Get your motor runnin' ♪


♪ Head out on the highway ♪

♪ Looking for adventure ♪

♪ In whatever comes our way ♪

♪ Born to be wild ♪


guys have a f*re extinguisher?

- No.
- MARJAN: Alright, get back.

Is the motor still running?

Yeah, we, we tried
the heater to cool it off.

Alright, go turn off the engine.

MAN: Okay.


Okay. Yep, that should do it.

Thank you so much.

- Yeah.
- WOMAN: I'm so embarrassed.

I guess it just overheated.

(SIGHS) It's all my fault.

He wanted to stop in Tucson
to have it serviced.

I said we should get back on the road.

Babe, no, no. Don't b*at yourself up.

We both did. It's not your fault.

Hey, if you guys want,
I could maybe help patch you up

and get you to the nearest truck stop.

Either of you know anything
about engines?

I know of an engine.

Ah. (CHUCKLES) I'll get my toolkit.

(LAUGHS) I'm-I'm Grant, by the way.

- This is Kiley.
- Marjan.

Thank God you're here, Marjan.

So, Idaho plates, huh?

You guys are a long way from home.

No. This is our home.

Really? You live here full-time?

- Going on four years now.
- MARJAN: Wow.

GRANT: Has everything
we need. Kitchen, TV.

Bathroom's roomier than
the one in our apartment.

Babe, you forgot
the most important thing.

BOTH: Each other.

That's, uh, that's sweet.

Thank God our fans think so. (CHUCKLES)

- Your fans?
- KILEY: Yeah.

- We're travel vloggers.
- Oh.

You actually might know
our Instagram, NextdoorNomads?

We're still building the brand.

That's cool. I'm on Insta.
I'll follow you guys.

So what do you do for a living,
are you a mechanic?

Rank amateur, I'm afraid.

I, um, I used to be a firefighter.

That's impressive.

Yeah, that's run its course.

KILEY: Well, until you did some
pro bono work on our smoking RV.

- Until that.

What do you think you're gonna do next?

I don't know.

Um, I thought being out on the open road

might help me find
some clarity or purpose,

but so far, all I've found is just...

More road?

Yep. Uh, okay, Grant,
do me a favor and turn it over for me.



Well, still sounds
like a cat in a blender.

Yeah, you can k*ll it.

- k*ll it.
- Alright, alright.

I, uh, think I know what the problem is.

Your AC compressor's seizing up,
the belt stopped spinning,

and that's why it started smoking.

So, uh, can you fix it?

Not a chance.

I can cut the belt
and you'll be able to drive her.

But until you replace that belt,

it'll be like you're in
your own personal sauna.

We, uh, we spent
last January in Yellowstone.

We are comfortable being uncomfortable.

Okay, then.


That's it, then.

Good luck, you guys.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Oh, hey, you forgot this.

You should keep that.
It might come in handy.





Hands, Wesley.

But, they're at and .

Actually, the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration

now recommends and .

Okay. So...

Like this?

What's the speed limit, son?

It's . , I-I think.

Twenty-five you think?

Then why you pushing and a half?

I am?

You're drifting. You're-you're drifting!

- (HORN bl*ws)


Son, do you know why
I have a perfect driving record?

Because you're an
obsessive-compulsive control freak?

Because I always stay focused.

Now, engage your right turn signal.

Get ready to pull over.


Now go towards those cans.

Oh, no.

You set up a parallel parking test?

DAD: It's a parking simulator.

Just think of those garbage cans
as luxury SUVs.

WESLEY: We don't
have to parallel for the test.

DAD: Well, I'm not
preparing you for the test.

I'm preparing you for life.

Now, align the middle of the car

with that can.

- Dad, I know.
- Okay.

Turn the wheel... degrees.

- DAD: Be sure to mind your mirrors.

Your-your mirror!


You just h*t a minivan.

There could have been children.

(SIGHS) You told me they were SUVs.

Yeah, I also told you to stay focused.

It's hard with you chirping in my ear.

Look, I'm just trying
to get your head on straight.

I won't always be in the passenger seat
when you get your license.

Oh, you promise?

Get out. I'm driving.



Look, son. I don't ride you
because I enjoy it.

I just do it because
I'm trying to keep you safe.

WESLEY: Dad. Dad, are you okay?







Well, that is some parking job.

Looks like he drove up the guy-wire.

That axle is sitting on , volts.

- Judd, call Utilities.

Get them out here ASAP.
We gotta cut the power.

- WESLEY (OVER RADIO): Help us, please.
- -NANCY: Just hang on, Wesley.

They're gonna get you down
as soon as they can.

Dispatch connected us to the
father and son on channel three.

What are we looking at?

says that his grandfather

d*ed of a heart att*ck
called a widow-maker.

Sounds like his father's
having the same thing.

- OWEN: How much time do we have?
- Ten minutes, tops.

Judd, we have an update on Utilities?

Spring Hollow's the closest team.
They're , minutes away.

Okay. Which means . Alright.

I want you to get the aerial up there.

Move in close, but not too close.

We gotta assume
that entire skin is juiced.

- JUDD RYDER: Yes, sir.
- Alright, Paul, Mateo,

you guys ever play Operation?

- Paul smokes me at that game.
- Yeah, Cap, I dominate.

Well you get to play it in real
life today. You guys are going up.

Get a backboard, a bucket,
and some tape.

- Got it, Cap.
- Yeah. You know their names?

Father is Kevin, son is Wesley.

Hey, Kevin, Wesley?
We're gonna get you out.

- (OVER RADIO) Can you hear me?
- Yeah.


Yeah, we can hear you.

My name's Captain Owen Strand.
My team's gonna take care of you.


Please hurry.

My dad's having trouble breathing.

Okay, I'm sure that - - has told you,

but your car is electrified.
So I need you to be very careful.

Do not touch anything metal.

- You understand?
- Yeah.

Yeah, we understand.

How are you gonna get us out of here
if the car is electrified?

That's not something
you need to worry about, sir.

Just sit back. Let us do our job.


OWEN: A little closer!


That's good, Judd. Closer!







Hey, there.

You must be Wesley.

- I'm Paul.
- Hi.

- You hanging in there, sir?

KEVIN: Trying.

Hey, Wesley.

Listen, I know you're scared,

but I'm gonna need your help
to help your dad, okay?

- Okay.
- See this blanket?

I need you to drape it
across the window frame.

But, look, don't touch
any of the metal, okay?

- Okay.
- There you go.

Good. There you go.


Alright, now you see this board?

It's not a conductor.

That means you and your dad can climb on

and you don't have
anything to fear, okay?

- Okay.
- But remember,

don't touch the window frame.


Come on. Come on!


it comes. Watch yourself.


Alright, kid...

Now, look, we need
to get your dad out first, okay?

So I want you to take this capture strap

and I want you to help him
get it under his arms.

- Can you do that for me?
- Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, you can.

Alright, buddy. Here you go.

WESLEY: Okay, Dad,
I need you to put this on.

KEVIN: Oh God, oh God!

No, we're not going anywhere

until the power company gets here.

PAUL: Hey. Hey, sir.

With all due respect,
with your condition,

that might be more time than you have.

- Dad, we should listen to him.
- KEVIN: No.

- You need a hospital.
- I don't care.

I'm not sending my son
out of a giant bug zapper.


- Come on! Come on!
- No!


PAUL: Hey. Hey, guys.
We need to move now!

Oh, my God. Dad, just let me, please!

No, it's too dangerous!

Guys, we need to move now.

Look, if we stay here, we both die.

So just shut up and let me help you!

- Okay.
- WESLEY: Okay.


- WESLEY: Alright. Alright.

- Okay.
- KEVIN: Make sure it's buckled.

Okay. He's in. He's in.

PAUL: Good, good, good. Okay.


Now, look, I need you to help
me get him on the backboard.

Alright? Now, Kevin, I need
you to tuck your arms in, okay?

Keep as still as you can, okay?

- Do not touch the frame.
- Okay.

Dad, are you ready?

Son, if anything happens...

- I... I know.


- Paul?
- Hey, man, I know. I know.

That's right, help him out. Easy.

- Watch out now.

There you go.

Okay, watch it, watch it.
Watch, watch, watch.

Good. There you go.

Easy. Easy.

Watch your feet. Watch your feet.

Alright, Mateo, he's clear, he's clear.

- Get him on the backboard.
- Alright, let's go. Feet first.

PAUL: There you go.
Good job, sir. Good job.

I got you. I got you. I got you.


I got him. Go get the kid.

PAUL: Wesley, you're up, okay?

Now, keep your head down. Let's go.

There you go.

There you go.

Alright. Go.

They're clear! Swing it.

Swing it! Swing it!



Is my dad gonna be okay?

I think so, buddy.

He was lucky to have you in the car.

They're gonna put
a stent in at the hospital.

He should be back on his feet
in about a week.

A week?

Dad, we can still get my license.

Uh, if you think I'm ready.

Kiddo, you're ready for anything.

You know, Wesley is
gonna be a great driver.

Better than his old man.

Alright, we're gonna
take you to West Park.

Wes, you could ride with us in the back.

West Park? At this hour?

The will be a parking lot.

We should go to St. Raymond's.

You can take surface streets.

Alright. Ready? Let's go.

Looks like we're gonna
be in for a long run, Cap.

Gotta love a control freak.

Mm, this chorizo and egg is f*re.

Mm. Barbacoa's not bad either.

- You wanna switch?
- Uh-huh.

Yo. Carlos, what are you doing here?

CARLOS: Had a call in the neighborhood.

Thought I'd surprise your son
with some street tacos.

Well, I hope you brought
enough tacos for everybody.

I did, actually.

MATEO: Oh, you got us Juan Juan tacos?

He did get us Juan Juan tacos!

Hey! You, sir, are a golden god.

You don't want one, Owen?

Oh, no, no. I can't have any tacos.
I have a wedding to go to.

Which reminds me,

there is a cake tasting
tomorrow at the house.

Is that, um, really necessary?

I mean, we're just gonna go
with the traditional white,

from the same panadería that did
both of my sisters' quinceañeras.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

No, I wanna throw
another candidate into the mix.

- Another candidate?
- Yeah.

I mean, look, I-I have a
place on Alvarado Street

that is gluten-free,
sugar-free and dairy-free.

Sounds flavor-free.


Okay, You can laugh all you want,

but you'd be shocked what you can do

with monk fruit and teff these days.

- I'm sorry. Did he say teff or teft?
- I don't know.

OWEN: You know, I've
seen it a thousand times.

The party's going great,
and then they bring out the cake

and everybody dives in and they get

that high fructose corn syrup
and then sugar crash,

and everybody starts
heading for the exits,

and the whole joy is just
sucked out of the wedding.

- Imagine that.
- TK: Hmm.

Alright. So, promise me
you'll just give it a chance.

Tomorrow, three o'clock.

- Okay.
- Yes, sir.

Just when I thought he couldn't
get any more Dadzilla.

He puts monk's fruit
on our wedding cake.

I believe it's just monk fruit.

No possessive.


Listen. He's just
asking to try it, okay?

There's no try with your dad. Only do.

He's so controlling,
he's out of control.

It's true. He did strip 'em
of their pocket squares

like a field marshal.

Dude's drunk on power.

JUDD: Well, has anybody
thought about maybe,

you know, talking to him,
saying, stand down.

I've thought about it.
But, listen, honestly,

I have never seen him this excited

about anything in my entire life.

Alright? I, I don't wanna
make him feel bad.

So we get to feel bad.

Listen, you can say
something to him, too. Mm-hmm.

And kick off my son-in-law
relationship with a "back off"?

- No, thanks.
- JUDD: Well, I don't know.

I mean, me and, uh, Gracie's dad
had some pretty tough conversations

leading up to our wedding.

PAUL: Oh, yeah?

How'd that work out for you, man?

We didn't talk for two years.


Yeah. Okay, so that's a no.

MATEO: Well, one of you
better say something soon,

'cause I've seen his set list
for the reception.

Let's just say if you're not
having it on an actual yacht,

this may not be the rock you want.


Oh, my.

Okay. No, that's it. You guys are right.

Somebody has to stand up to him.

And I know just the person to do it.


now you come to me

about the day of my son's wedding.

We're sorry, Mama.

It was wrong to exclude you.

Yet you did exclude me.

I offered you my guidance,
my wisdom, and you said no.

CARLOS: We didn't
mean to hurt your feelings.

We just wanted to make
the wedding our own.

TK: Mm-hmm.

So what changed?

My father has gone insane.

You let Owen get involved?

Let him? He-he just sort of took over.

So we were hoping
that you could reel him in.

CARLOS: He doesn't like our
suits. He doesn't like our music.

Now he wants to change the cake.

Well, this all sounds
very unfortunate, mijos.

You know, the relationship
with the in-laws,

Los consuegros,

it's too important.

It is the foundation
of a happy bond between the families.

If Owen wants to take charge,
I cannot interfere.


He wants to go gluten-free on the cake.


Oh, hell, no.

(LAUGHS) No, no, no, no, no.

That man needs to be stopped now.

Nada De gluten-free!

Por favor. Ya Se pasó ya.

♪ Time is a river ♪

♪ I'm floating downstream ♪

♪ I can't forget all
that we've been through ♪


♪ But before too long ♪

♪ I'd find myself... ♪

MAN (OVER PA): Mark, your GT
is ready. Mark, your GT is ready.

♪ Comin' back to you ♪

- Mind if I sit here?
- Sure.

I like to be able
to keep an eye on my rig.

- I'm Patty.
- Marjan.


Hey-hey. The usual, Chloe.

Maybe this time cook the bacon? (LAUGHS)

Real bacon don't fold.

Yeah, yeah.

♪ Now I won't be comin' back to you ♪


That's a little creepy.


That's Ken and
Barbie over there, isn't it?

I'm not a stalker, I swear.

I'm just surreptitiously
keeping an eye on them.

Like I surreptitiously keep an eye

on my cheatin' SOB first husband.

No, it's not like that.

So what's it like?

It's a long story.

(SCOFFS) You're my
only company today, honey,

so spin me a yarn.

Okay, so I helped them
with some engine trouble,

maybe miles back.

And they seemed so nice.

Like, really nice. Like Stepford nice.

It's a movie from, like,
the ' s or something.

, honey.

Okay, so you get it, right?

And then I, I get back to my bike,
and I find this.

That's right to the point, isn't it?

It doesn't jive with this happy couple

I'm seeing on social media

or the smiling woman
feeding him French fries.

I've been in bad situations, honey.

And you adapt to survive.

If you think something's going on,
it's worth checking out.

Look, there she goes.

If you want a word, now's your chance.

But what if I'm wrong
and she thinks I'm a kook?

PATTY: But what if you're right?

Better you a kook than her d*ad.



♪ Now I won't be comin' back to you ♪

- Hi.
- Marjan.

What are you doing here?

I came for you, actually.

I-I followed you guys here.

Followed us?

Why would you do that?

Because you asked me to?

Which I-I'm now realizing you did not.

I'm sorry. This is a huge mistake.

I swear, I'm not a stalker.

I'm sorry. I had to make sure
that he wasn't listening.

He does that sometimes.


Thank you so much for coming.


He's been getting worse.

What happened?

I knew that Grant was gonna be angry

about the RV breaking down and blame me.

He did that to you?

I just should have
let him stop in Tucson.

No, Kiley, this is not your fault.

I'm, I'm calling the cops.

- No, no, you can't.
- Why not?

Because they won't do anything.

I've tried, I, I called them
once before outside Louisville,

and they said that without evidence
it's just he said, she said.

And then they left.

He almost k*lled me that night.

Okay. Well, what-what were you
hoping I could do for you?

I don't know. You just
seemed so kind on the road,

and a firefighter.

I thought that maybe you could save me.

That you could take me away.

I would, but my-my bike is a bobber.

A what?

It's, it's stripped down.
It-it can't fit two people.

- I am so stupid.
- No.

Oh, my God, I'm so stupid.

I am so sorry that I bothered you.

No, no. No, no. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

It's okay.

I promise you I am gonna
figure something out

to make sure you're safe, okay?

But the mechanic said that the RV
is gonna be ready in a few hours,

and then after that,
we're back on the road.

And I already know he's not gonna like

how much it's gonna cost.


go finish your lunch

and I'm gonna
figure something out, okay?

I'm going to find you
another ride out of here.


- False alarm?
- Oh, no. More like a five-alarm.

- PATTY: Oh, dear.
- Yeah.

So, uh, what are you up to
after you finish your Denver omelet?

(SCOFFS) Denver?

What Denver omelet has bacon in it?

I don't know,
I'm not really a pork person,

but, like, where are you
headed to next, Patty?

Close to Denver, as it
happens. Uh, Boulder.

You wouldn't have room
in your cab for one more?

Well, yeah, if she's willing to
sit through my Mandarin lessons.

Great. Okay, so we just need
to find a way in the next hour

to separate her from Prince Charming.

Alright, that...

That seems doable enough.

Okay, great.

MAN (OVER PA): Grant
Harlan, your RV is now ready.

Grant Harlan, report to repairs.

- Your RV is ready.

I take it Grant's your Prince Charming.


They're way early. What the hell?

Typical Theo. He runs
maintenance here at this stop.

He always under-promises
and over-delivers.

- Okay. Okay, I have an idea.
- PATTY: Hmm?

I need at least ten minutes.

Okay. I...

- I can buy you that, honey.
- How?

CHLOE: Two flaky apples a la mode.

Uh, we didn't order this.

They're from your friend.

She said to add an extra scoop
for the lovebirds.

- Is that, uh...
- Marjan.

What are the odds?

GRANT: We're on an interstate
going the same direction.

So not exactly Powerball.

Do we have to eat this? I'd
rather just get back on the road.

Babe, she's just being nice,

and she saved our butts.

Don't be rude?

Apple's my favorite. Thank you.



TK: Dad? You home?

Yeah. I'm in here banging my head
against these floral arrangements.


Andrea? What a nice surprise.

I hope I'm not intruding.

Oh, no, not at all. Not at all.

I heard there was cake.

Yes. And as a matter of fact,
you should be involved in this.

- How is your palate?
- Decent.

No, she's being modest.
Mom's got one of the most

sophisticated palates in the family.

- She's known for it.
- Is she now?

I just know what I like.

Well, you think you do.

You see, 'cause most people

would turn up their noses
at the idea of a vegan cake.

They think it'd be chalky and dry.

And, of course, why
wouldn't it be? It's % turnips.

- Turnips?
- Yeah.

Hijole! Who puts turnips
in a wedding cake?

I know, I know. It sounds disgusting.

Well, it wouldn't be my first choice.

Well, maybe it won't be.

But you know what?

I am going to give the authority
to the expert in the room.

And whatever you decide,
it's not gonna hurt my feelings.

Really? Hm.

- With just one catch.
- What catch?

You need to taste it blind.

Dad, is... Is that really necessary?

Well, not actually blindfolded,

but, yes, it's the only way
to prevent confirmation bias.

- So please turn around.
- (SIGHS) Okay.

Turn, turn, turn, turn,
turn around, turn around.

You guys, go on, turn around.

And Andrea, you may do the honors.

Cake number one.


- It's sweet, but not too sweet.
- OWEN: Hmm.

Moist, but not dense.

I'm getting notes of

almond and carrot in the frosting.

I have to admit, it's not half bad.

And I have to admit,
you completely nailed that.

Okay. Alright, alright.


cake number two.


Ay, dios mio! Por favor.

The vanilla sponge
is melting in my mouth.

Is that spiced cream cheese
in the buttercream, I taste?

- You are unbelievable.

Number two, hands down.

I'm sorry, Owen.
You can't fake the real thing.

Well, as it turns out, you clearly can.

Because you picked the vegan cake.

- Mentiroso!
- OWEN: Yes!

Oye, that's one of the
best cakes I've ever tasted.

Come on. Come on, guys, Try it up.

You boys have to try it.
Come on. Tomenlo.


That's... good.

It's delicious, actually.

Alright, I'm gonna
cancel the other cake.

Owen, you really know your stuff.

OWEN: You know what?
I just know what I like.

ANDREA: Well, now you're being modest.

But I heard that you were struggling
with the flower arrangements.

Yes, yes. And look...

I feel like it's missing something.

ANDREA: Well, maybe I can help.

Oh, I think that's more than enough.

Don't, don't you think, Mom?

Yeah, we, we wanna keep it simple.

ANDREA: Drama.

That's what's missing.

- Yes. Yes.
- Something bold.

Something that makes a statement.

- Something like, um...
- Um...

BOTH: ...orchids!


- You. You're unbel...

Okay, we're going to the florist later.

Would you mind coming?

ANDREA: Oh, you try and keep me away.

- OWEN: Ah. There we go.

What just happened?

Our worst nightmare,
that's what happened.

- This is good. This is gonna be fun.
- Yeah.

GRANT: $ , for a frickin' fan belt?

Damn it. How-how the hell
are we gonna afford this, Kiley?

We'll just have to post a few more
videos this month on Instagram.

Oh, yeah. And rake in a whole ten bucks!

I knew we should have stopped in Tucson.

If we max out the credit card,
it's your ass.




You've gotta be kidding me.

What the hell, man?

You got a problem, son?

Yeah. You charge me , bucks

and my RV's in worse shape
than when I brought it in.

- It won't even start.
- What are you talkin' about?

I fixed that compressor myself.

It was runnin' just fine.

I don't know what to tell you.

Still giving you trouble?

Yeah. Now...

- it won't turn over.
- MARJAN: Seriously?

It was, uh, starting just fine
out on the road.

Well, now it makes
a sputtering sound and dies.

Sputtering like, uh, k-k-k

or is it like a louder, like a ka-ka-ka?

Like the engine's trying to crank?

Cranking, I-I guess.

Huh. So not the starter then.

Uh, sounds like you should
probably look at the engine.

Sounds like.

GRANT: This is
literally highway robbery.

I just spent , bucks.

How the heck does my car
not start? Come on, man.

- This is ridiculous.
- MECHANIC: Who knows?

Everything looks okay.

Let's just check the fuse panel
to be sure.

- Huh.
- What?

Fuel pump relay was out.

That's funny.

It's almost like somebody
unplugged it. (CHUCKLES)

Where's Kiley?


MARJAN: Wave goodbye.

'Cause you are never
gonna see her again.

What did you do?

I had to put an end to the epic romance
before its tragic ending.

GRANT: She's always been weak.

No matter what she says,
she knows where she belongs.

And who she belongs to.

Are they as exquisite as you pictured?

Ugh. Better.

We're gonna put one of those
on every single table?

FLORIST: Except for
the grooms', of course.

On yours, we'll have three.

Wow, it's gonna get
really jungly in there.

Do we think that they
could be... bigger?

- No. No.
- No, it's great.

- It's perfect.
- CARLOS: Mm-hmm.

I think we can do % bigger.

OWEN: Get out of my head.

- I was gonna say %.

Guys, it's beautiful.

But it all also seems...

- (SOFTLY) ...very expensive.
- TK: Mm-hmm.

- Oh, no, no, no. They're on me.
- On us.

No, no. I would never dream.

Don't argue or you'll hear from Gabriel.

On us.

That's very nice of you guys.

But money aside,
this all feels like a lot.

It's not so much, TK.

Mom, we're gonna have
more flowers than the Fiesta Parade.

You only get married once, mijo.

Twice in your case. But only
once to someone you love.

That is very generous
and we appreciate it.

But we were hoping to go
for something classic and easy.

Like roses and lilacs.

CARLOS: And isn't that the point, Mom?

- TK: Mm-hmm.
- To do what we want?

(SIGHS) Well, maybe we
can... do 'em as accents.

What do you think, Owen?


I guess we could.
We could put it in the arches.

Would that be possible?

- Certainly.
- There's a flower arch now?

Four, actually.

ANDREA: I love flower arches.

They're so magical.

OWEN: So magical.

I mean, who doesn't love a flower arch?

- Uh... I don't, Dad.

Why not?

I don't think you guys are hearing us.

We don't like flower arches or orchids.

What we really liked
was our pocket squares.

- Remember those?
- Okay, babe. Just take it easy.

No, Carlos. This isn't us, alright?

None of this feels like us.

Look, I know this is very stressful.

It is, but trust me on this.

When the big day comes
and everything looks beautiful,

- you're gonna thank us.
- Mm-hmm. That's right.

OWEN: And we're doing it all for you.

No, you're not. Oh, my God.

You are doing this for you

so you can control everything
like you always do.

And I am sick of it.
And, Dad, you're fired.

- Fired from what?
- From planning the wedding.

Both of you are.

You can't f*re us
'cause you didn't hire us.


You're not gonna talk to me?

Why should I?

You were gonna leave me.

But I didn't.

You mean you couldn't.

I don't know what I was thinking.

The idea of living without you,

it, it isn't a life
because I love you so much.

(SHAKY) Babe?

Aren't you gonna say anything?


Look at me. Look at me.

Don't you dare cry.

You do not get to cry.

(SHOUTS) Do you understand me?

Do you understand?


GRANT: What I'm trying to figure out is,

when did you start scheming
with that b*tch?

Was it at the truck stop

or before on the side of the road?

I left her a note on her
motorcycle when we broke down.


We were having such a bad fight, Grant.

And you scared me.

I just, I wanted a friend.

Well, where's your friend now?

She abandoned you just like everybody

abandons you.

Except me.

Do you know why?

'Cause you're the only one who loves me.

Because I'm the only one
who can stand you.



♪ Like a wildfire you're burning up ♪

♪ Keep, keep, keep it up, oh ♪

♪ I can't get enough ♪

♪ Like a wolf... ♪


- OWEN: Cake?
- ANDREA: God, yes.

Oh, and the one
with the real sugar, huh.

None of this hippie crap.

I'm way ahead of ya.


- Oye.
- -There you go.

Thank you.

- OWEN: Mm!
- Ohh.

- Riquísimo!
- It's so good.

Not, not as healthy as my hippie
version, but what you gonna do?

Yeah, well, don't worry.

We'll h*t that after the sugar crash.


You know what really chafes me?

This notion that we're not hearing them.

It's like, no, yeah, we hear ya.

Your ideas are just dull.

Well, at least it was their dull ideas.

Yes, exactly. Wait, I'm sorry.

Whose side are you on?

This isn't the first time I've been
accused of not hearing my son.

When Carlos came out to Gabriel and me,

we were raised old school,
didn't have the experience of

how to talk about that kinda stuff.

- I get it.
- We loved our son,

but we just didn't know what to say.

So we said nothing.

Well, he knows you accept him.

ANDREA: Now he knows, but...

when I think about all those lost years,

how much it must have hurt him.

It's my biggest regret in life, Owen.

He forgives you.

He knows you love him.

I know he does.

(SIGHS) But this wedding.


(SIGHS) I went all in...


And I ruined it.

You're coming from a good place.
You're a great mom.

You can be forgiven for
squeezing a little bit too hard.

Yeah, well, that's my excuse anyway.

So what's yours?





Oh, I'm fine, babe.
I don't want anything.

I didn't ask if you want
anything. Get off your ass.

You're staying where I can see you.


Grant, could you turn it down a little?



- Grant.
- (SHOUTS) What?

- What do you want now?

(WHIMPERS) I'm sorry.
It was hurting my ears.

I'm sorry.

What are we doing? Why are we stopping?

What did I say about the crying, Kiley?

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- GRANT: What did I say?

You know what my old man used to say?

You wanna cry? Then I'll give
you something to cry about.

- That's enough.

Don't you ever touch her again.



KILEY: (CRYING) Oh, my God.

Told you this would come in handy.




KILEY: It's been
happening for a year or so.

OFFICER: Okay, thank you.

We'll let you know
if we need anything else.

Everything go okay?


They actually listened to me this time.

I guess it helps to have video evidence.

I'm glad.

KILEY: Thank you, Marjan.

For everything.

I don't know what to say.

You don't have to say anything.

It was the right thing to do.

In my experience, that's never
made anybody do something before.

You know how you set out on the
open road to find your true purpose?

(SCOFFS) Yeah.

I think you just found it.

What's that?

Rescuing people.

You're my hero, Marjan.

- Hey.
- Mind if I come in?

Sure. I was just having some tea.


Carlos isn't around?

No. Interesting timing, actually.

His mom took him out to dinner
about half an hour ago.

What is that, Dad?

Extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany.

I couldn't find an actual
olive branch at this hour.

And it lowers your LDLs,
so there's that.

You're gonna tell me
what kinda salad dressing

I should have now, too?


I-I deserve that.

Um, I wanted to talk to you about

how I've gone slightly overboard
with the wedding planning.

Slightly overboard?

Leo went less overboard on the Titanic.

I admit it.

I've been insufferable.

I thought I was doing it for you,

but mostly I was doing it for me.

For what? To show off?

'Cause, look, we're not gonna
get on the cover of Bridal Magazine

no matter how amazing the wedding is.

Oh, no, no. You're wrong about
that. Bridal Magazine is often featuring

same-sex couples
as long as the taste level...

It's beside the point.

I was not doing it to show off.

So why were you?

Because it's the last thing
you're ever gonna need from me.

And so I wanted it to be perfect.

What are you talking about?

You're marrying a guy
who's capable and decent,

wonderful, and he's gonna
take great care of you.

So my job's basically over.

You wish, Dad. Alright?

I don't know the first thing
about being married.

Well, neither do I. I'm and .

You know what I mean?
It's not like I was an amazing husband.

Yeah, I guess, but...

you are an amazing father.

And one day I hope to be one, too.

So I'm gonna need
your help and guidance.

That would be so cool.

And I'm always gonna
need my best friend, okay?

I just, I don't need you to make
everything perfect for me.

- Deal.
- Deal.

Would you like some green tea?

- Ooh, yes, please.
- Okay.


Hey, son, You don't always
keep the bag in the cup, do you?

Yeah. Why?

Well makes the tea acidic
and it stains your teeth.

Here we go...

Have I tought you nothing?
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