05x06 - Mic Drop

Episode transcripts for the TV show "A Million Little Things". Aired: September 2018 to current
Group of Friends living in Boston who met unexpectedly and learn about life and each other after one of them commits su1c1de.
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05x06 - Mic Drop

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I want to take Charlie
and go back to France.

Previously on
"A Million Little Things"...

REGINA: Dustin?

Well, I thought it might be nice for you

to have a bed to sleep in.

- Thank you.
- Vali just said I could post

a picture of us together on Instagram.

We're official now.

I feel like I'm still
that teenager on the beach

asking you to homecoming
and you're laughing at me.

I gave Colton your list
of potential guest hosts,

but I guess he already found someone.

Her name is Dr. Jessica Bruno?

She's Gary's therapist.

You'll never be as good as Maggie Bloom.

Gary, please...


- Gary.
- I'm up.

I think I just had a contraction.


Okay, another deep breath, Maggie.


Okay, your cervix is softening.

- Oh, my God.
- And thinning out.

Oh, my God!

There goes your mucus plug.

Oh! Can you put it back in?

But you're barely dilated,

so any contractions you felt last night

were most likely just Braxton Hicks.

I'm sorry. Are we having a
baby or starting a law firm?

It's Braxton Hicks.

They're dress-rehearsal contractions.

I'm not in labor.

I'm guessing it'll be another week.

Right on time.

I mean, you're guessing a week,

but the fact is, he could
be here any minute, right?

Well, we usually have
a fair amount of warning

with first births.

Call me when her contractions
are minutes apart,

or when your water breaks.

And, obviously, if you have any
other questions in the meantime.

I have a question... You're leaving?!

Don't you have to boil water
or rip bed sheets or something?

Mm, fear not.

My horse and buggy will bring
me 'round when it's time.

See thou soon.

Thanks, Mallory.

Soon. She said "soon."

Relax, Gary.

I'm actually... I'm happy I
get a few more days at work.

I want to give my listeners
a warning before I sign off.

Unlike Dr. Jessica gave me.


Now, if you could please move
this beast so I can shower.

Hey, big man, go to bed.

[CHUCKLES] You good boy.

Can I at least watch you?


I mean, in case you start
having a contraction and slip.

Look, showers are dangerous.

M'kay, the answer's
no, and for the record,

I liked it better when
you were just a sex freak.



You have any idea what a mucus plug is?

Happy birthday, Sleeping Beauty!

Whoa. That's weird.

My Katherine would never
bring a syrupy plate

to her notoriously
clumsy-eating girlfriend

on their Egyptian cotton sheets.

Well, it's a special day.

It's also laundry day, isn't it?

Oh, is it?

Are you ready for your next surprise?

Oh, are you gonna tell
me where we're going?

Well, that is up to you.

Pick a number.

Is that a fortune teller?

I believe the scientific
name is cootie catcher.

I thought they eradicated that disease,

but, um, okay, I'll play along.

- Three.
- Okay.

One, two, three.

Okay, another number.

- Five.
- One, two... five.

Wait, so, are there
different weekend-away places

behind all those little colorful doors?

- Mm-hmm.
- Whoa!

When'd you get so spontaneous?

Oh, I booked four separate
trips and itineraries

down to the minute.

There she is.

Okay, last one.

Pick a color.


Martha's Vineyard!


I've never been.

Although I've always secretly
wondered if I was a Kennedy.

'Cause I have, you know, JFK's jawline.


I love the cootie catcher
throwback, by the way.

Oh, good, because it's pretty
much the theme of the weekend.


A trip down memory lane.

Still remember how to drive stick?

I understand that the account
says I only have , miles,

but as of last week, I had , ,

and I know they didn't
expire because I use this card

to get my gas and my
weekly gas station slushy.

Rome, I-I, uh, used the miles.

- What?
- Yeah, I-I used the points

to put Dustin and his daughter up
in a hotel for a few nights.

Hey, Karl, thank you for
your wonderful service,

and I am so sorry for my tone.

Gina! We were saving up those
miles for our trip to Kona.

I know.

, miles won't
even get us to Branson.

The man needed help, Rome.

Oh, wait, don't make me the bad guy

because I'm upset that
you hijacked our dream trip

without talking to me.

I told you, do not get
in too deep with him.

Now here we are.

Uh-huh, yeah, babe.

Here we are, getting upset
about a luxurious trip

to Hawaii getting postponed,

all the while enjoying this
solid roof over our head.

I'm late to go help put
together Gary and Maggie's crib.

Just being clear, I'm
a good person, too.



Speak of the devil.


Wasn't sure you'd make it in today.

Why's that?

We're getting close, aren't we?

Who's to say?

Anyway, I thought it would
be a good idea for Dr. Jessica

to shadow you today,
get the lay of the land.

Yeah, I'd love to see how you navigate

all the technical stuff.

Oh, yeah.

Well, I mean, all that stuff
is not really that complicated.

The challenge is the advice
part of the show, but...

why not?

- Excellent.
- Alright.

Let the shadowing begin.

Oh, my God.

Man, time flies.

I remember picking this
thing up from the store.

Charlie barely even used it.

ROME: You hear that, kiddo?

You're getting an
almost brand-new crib.

I think these sides'll
just pop off, no problem.

Shouldn't take long.

Great, because faster
is our friend, guys.

Come on. Let's go, let's move.

Why do I feel like
we're getting in trouble

for taking too long when
we haven't even started yet?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's Maggie, okay?

There's some sort of, like, bathtub plug

that was up inside her
body, and it fell out,

and now there is nothing
covering the drain,

and she insisted on going to work,

and I just have a bad feeling

that we're gonna have
a radio station baby

or an elevator baby or...

Dude, you're spinning out.
Everything's gonna be fine.

Yeah, you know, h-how
about we take apart the crib

and you go lie down,

try to chill, listen to some music...

Yo, is that Toni Braxton playing?

Yes. I-I Googled Braxton
Hicks, and I got sidetracked,

and... yes.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Katherine had those.

What? She did?

Well, tell me everything.

Well, all I remember is,

Katherine thought she
was going into labor,

but the doctor said they
were just Braxton Hicks,

which I took to mean I had
time for another beer, or .

Next thing you know, I was
waking up from a blackout,

and Jon was telling me I was a dad.

So, not my proudest moment.

Be honest... Was your proudest moment

buying this tiny AC/DC
onesie for Charlie?


So, it went Braxton
Hicks, missed the birth.

Got it.

Well, a couple of
incredibly poor choices

in between those two, but yes.

Okay, we got... Change of plans.

Uh, you guys... You guys can
handle this crib without me?

- Of course.
- Probably be easier.

Great. Oh, by the way, uh,

Delilah said we can take
anything we want out of here.

- She said that?
- Yeah.

So, you know, put the little
onesie in the pile. That's dope.


Guess this didn't fit in
the suitcase to France.

Thanks for your help.


Be sure to send me pics of you

and your friends looking all fancy.

I will if there's time. Bye.

Oh. Bye.


Oh, honey, no need to thank me.

It was my pleasure buying
you that formal dress.

Your warm smile is gift enough.


I thought you two were doing better.

We are.

I mean, we're spending
time together, at least,

and it seems like she's
starting to forgive me

for being gone all those years.

But, still, there's distance.

- That's rough.
- Yeah.

Plus, I think she's just
acting extra teenager-y

'cause Tyrell can't make
it to the dance tonight.

I know. I wish he were home more, too.

I'm not pointing fingers,
but if I was, it would be

at the grumpy -year-old
living in his room.

Well, have you considered bunk beds?

Who doesn't love a bunk bed?

I cannot in good conscience
have an innocent teenager

sleep underneath what
that butt puts out.


Excuse me. Regina?


Can I talk to you for a sec?

In private?

Claudia here is the real
rock star of the operation,

and you guys are gonna be
best friends in no time.

- Hi.
- Alright. Pick it up.

Okay. So...


What are you doing here?

Aren't you supposed
to be building a crib?

I'm freaking out, okay?

Do I want to be supportive?

Yes, but I need to have eyes on you.

Eyes on me? What am I?

The bad guy in a heist movie now?

I've already got a live audience
and they're staring me down.

Why is she here already?

She's just circling like a vulture.

- Why are you doing that?

Is... Is this... Is this a contraction?

Is this happening?

I'm sure it was just
another Braxton Hicks.

No, no, this one seemed worse.

Alright, Bloom, that's it.

Come on. It's time to go home.

Mallory said that we don't have to worry

about the real contractions
until they are minutes apart.


It's not actually growing...

I have a show to do,

and I am not leaving one
single second before I have to.

GARY: Bloom. Maggie.

Look, babe, I-I get it, but...

Wh... Hey.


Bloom. Come on.


I wish you'd told me you
were planning on checking out.

I didn't want you to feel like you had

to keep floating us.

Which is why I came by to give you this.

I rewired this guy's bathroom fan.

It's not a whole lot, but...

It's okay. Really.

I don't need you to pay me back.

Oh, how'd that job interview work out?

Well, they hired
someone before I even got

to go in, and... Yeah.

Something will come along.

So, I-I know last time
we talked, foster care

was out of the question, but I can...

I can put you in touch
with our case worker.

I'm not letting my
daughter out of my sight.

Daniella's a child.

She can't live on the streets.

- Regina, everything is...
- Dad!

Look what Val and I made.

His name is Spud.


Nice to meet you, Spud.

I love your little broccoli ears.

Is that an actual raspberry beret?

VAL: It sure is.

Val and I are gonna take him swimming.

If that's okay with you, Dad.

Yeah. Of course.

Come on.

Just think about it, okay?


MAN: Can I get some
service here or something?!

Yeah, we open in minutes.

But I'm hungry now.


I took a two-hour train
ride from New Haven

just for one of your tacos.

Yeah, well, I hate to break it to you,

but we only serve Harvard kids here.

- Oh.
- Mm.

Tyrell. What are you doing here?

I rearranged some things so I could take

Vali to her winter formal, you know?

And to see you, of course.

Nice save. Oh, my gosh.

Oh, Dustin, this is
my foster son, Tyrell.

He goes to Yale.

You don't have to say that every time

you introduce me to someone.

Of course I do. I tell everyone I meet.

- Everyone?
- But enough about me.

How is school?

- How's film club?
- It's good.

I mean, although I did screen

"Singin' in the Rain" the other day,

and, uh, shockingly,

no one shares in our
love for tap culture.

That's it. You're
transferring to Harvard.

That man danced in milk
with a -degree fever.

ROME: And the caveman studies the pieces

with intensity and confusion.

Thank you, David Attenborough.

You think you could actually help me?

Yeah, just a sec. I
want to get this vein

that's popping out
the side of your neck.

Rome, seriously, can we focus?


I see we're all about business today.

Hand me the instructions.

Please tell me you
have the instructions.

You don't have the instructions?

Well, as you may recall,

this was the floor model that we stole,

but I am sure that they're online.

Right, right. It was a...
a... a Holmquist crib.

Oh, which narrows it down
to different ones.

You... You remember the model?

I think it was something
like falksargen?

Or flakfluekin?

Oh, man.

Uh, nothing's coming up.

Alright, try it with an
umlaut over the "fluekin."

Nice flex with the umlaut,
but no, dude, nothing.

How are we gonna pull this off?

Watch me.

♪ I love you, always, forever ♪

GRETA: I can't believe
you found the exact car

I drove in high school.

It only took hours on Craigslist.

Also, you're coming
with me when I return it

so I don't get made into a skin dress.


Okay, so we've got the bug,

the cootie catcher, we got Donna Lewis.

Oh. Oh, my God.

Please, tell me you are
finally going to return

my hyper color slap bracelet.

Are you still not over that?

It was my prized possession,

and then Katherine needs it for
good luck on one algebra test,

and poof, gone forever.

As you recall, not only
did I ace that test,

I apologized profusely

and I bought you, like, seven new ones.

None of which change color
with your body temperature.

Stop. [LAUGHS]

Okay, I need to focus

or we're not gonna make the
last ferry to the Vineyard.


- Whoa.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no.

Oh, this isn't happening!


Damn it.

There goes your perfect birthday.

MAGGIE: Well, Denise,
that sounds like a lot.

You might not be able to change

your dad's behavior, but you...

Maggie, are you okay?

- Yeah.
- DENISE: Dr. Bloom?

Yeah, I'm... I'm fine.

Sorry about that, Denise.

As I was saying,

what you can
control is how you react.

That's where your power is.

I need to talk to you.

Gary, you've already made your point.

I know you think I'll never
be as good as Maggie Bloom.

I need your help.

I need you to go in
there and talk to her.

What? Why?

'Cause I'm pretty sure she's in labor,

and she's staying on
air, even though her body

is clearly telling her it's time to go.

She doesn't think she can
trust you to take over her show,

and it's probably my fault,

and I don't know why you'd
go to bat for me after the way

I've treated you, but...

I don't know what else to do here, Doc.

What makes you think
she'll listen to me?

I know you're a great therapist.


Just go in there and gently convince her

that her audience is in good hands

so that we can get home and have a baby.

I'll do my best.

Thank you.

Dude, you're gonna strip the screw.

I'm not stripping it. I'm screwing it.

Well, I'm watching it
lose traction, man. Stop.

- Bro, what is your problem?
- I don't know, man.

Maybe it's that this crib
used to belong to my child,

who I now barely even know.

You know, we... We just emptied the room

she hardly lived in of
the clothes she never wore.


So it isn't just about the screw.

It's this morning, when Delilah
said, "Just take anything."

As though Charlie's
life here never existed,

which, in a way, it sort of didn't.

Yeah, it must be hard
not having her here.

Dude, I couldn't even
guess what size she is now.

I only see her on a screen.

How messed up is that?

Totally messed up.

I mean, Delilah made the decision

to take Charlie to
France for a short visit,

then decided it would be a few months,

then decided it would be permanent.

- I know.
- How could she do that?


How could she make such a huge decision

that would impact both your lives

and not talk to you about it?

I'm guessing that this is also
not just about a stripped screw?

Couldn't be further from the screw.

Alright, thanks.

Now that I'm looking, I gotta say,

I admire the courage it took
to put not just one or two,

but three Ace of Base songs on here.

I didn't even know
they had a third song.

Not gonna make the ferry, are we?


It's gonna be an hour before
the tow truck gets here.


Hey, it's okay.

I mean, I'm sorry your
plans didn't work out,

but what happened to
the easy-going Katherine

from this morning?

I-I guess we could go for a walk
on the beach while we wait.

There she is.

Let's go.


Hey, thanks for letting me change here.

The idea of waking up
Walter during his nap

just terrifies me.

He's like a mean bear
even when he's well-rested.

Mm. Okay, so here's what I have.

Uh, I left the one with
skateboarding snowmen

in the closet, but I can grab it for you

if you're looking to make a statement.

Yeah, I'm not sure I have
the confidence for that,

so let's just try this one.

Good call.

So, what time is Vali expecting you?

She's not. It's a surprise.

She's going with a bunch of friends,

and one of the kids'
parents rented a limo,

so there should be
plenty of room for me.

Well, I mean, you
definitely look limo-worthy.



Well, uh, I'm out.

Oh, almost forgot.

What do you think?

Too old-fashioned?

It's perfect.

Catch you later.

Have fun!


Carol helped us every step
of the way with Tyrell,

and by "helped," I mean she
relentlessly inspected our lives

with a fine-tooth comb to make sure

that we'd be great
foster parents for Tyrell.

I could have her placed tonight

with a family I've fully vetted.

Is that something you'd consider?

Well, I wouldn't have until I saw Regina

with Tyrell this morning.

I mean, if my daughter can
have a relationship like that

with someone, then, uh...

Dad! I almost pet a duck.

VAL: That's the good news.

The bad news is, well, we lost Spud.

Turns out potatoes don't float.


Honey, I want you to meet someone.


What's going on?

I've been telling this nice woman

about what we've been going through,

and she's gonna help us.

You told her?

- Well...
- But they'll take me away.




SHARON: If I were going to
my boyfriend's parents' house

for the first time,

I'm saying my "pleases,"
my "thank yous,"

and my "what can I brings?"

Yeah, I understand how, uh,

disappointing first
impressions can be...

Sharon from Swampscott,

uh, which we will discuss further

after this commercial break.

Oh, boy.

What are you doing in here?

Maggie, I handled this
poorly, and I'm sorry.

When Colton reached out, all
I was thinking about was...

Your career. Yeah, I know.

Not just that.

When I was, um, in college, I
went through something awful.

I was at a frat party, and...

it all started with a r*cist dare.

And afterwards, the therapist
the school put me with

was an ancient old guy,
who I'm sure meant well,

but I, um... I just
couldn't open up to him.

And then when I tried to find
someone that looked like me,

even outside of school, uh,
there were no options available.

And that's why I became a therapist.

And that's also why, when
this opportunity came up,

I wanted to take it.

I saw it as a chance to showcase
a female Black therapist.

seconds, Maggie.

But I should've taken your
feelings into consideration.

It must be so scary to step away,

but I want you to know that I will treat

your show with care,

and it will be waiting for
you whenever you're ready.

Maggie, you're on in five, four...

During that break, I gave
your question some thought,

Sharon, and my advice to you is, um...

We don't always have the full story,

and it's easy to make
assumptions about people.

We don't know what's going
on with your son's girlfriend,

but I do know that sometimes,

people do things that seem wrong,

but for the right reasons.

And so my suggestion is that
you give her another chance.

And with that, I will be
off the air for a few months

to start my own great new adventure...


and I couldn't leave in good conscience

without knowing that you are
in capable, compassionate hands,

so it is my honor to
introduce Dr. Jessica Bruno.

Uh, it's time for me to pass the mic.

Oh. Uh, yeah, it's...

- Wow... Really time to pass it...
- Oh, geez.

Cause I do believe I-I just...

My water just broke. Um... [CHUCKLES]

Or... Or I peed a lot. I don't know.

But, um, could someone get
Dr. Jessica a new chair?

- Okay, thank you.
- Quick breathing.

Got it. It's fine.

We don't have to do that yet.


DUSTIN: There you are.

Hey, can we talk?

You remember that one time
you hit your chin on a curb

and had to get stitches?

Mom and I rushed you to the
ER, but you didn't cry once.

We thought, "Wow, our
little girl is so brave."

Right now, I need you to be brave again.

Um, while I go look for
a place for us to live,

Carol is gonna make sure
you sleep in a comfy bed

in a home with a nice family.

Then I'll come and get
you as soon as I can.

Just for a little bit.

I guess, if you think so.

I love you, Dad.

I love you, too.


I'll take her.

Uh, that's nice of you,

but it's a really involved
process to foster a child...

No, I mean I have
space for both of them.

My place has an extra
room you two can share.

You barely know me.

But I know what you're going through.

I was away from my
daughter for three years,

and we're still getting over it.

I don't want that to happen to you.

Are you sure?

I am.

Someone gave me a second
chance when I needed it.

Now it's my turn.

Of course you were annoyed that
she spent your airline miles

without talking to you first,

but at least you know her
heart was in the right place.


It always is.

Hey, pass me the gummy bears, will you?


We have managed to finish
off a pregnant woman's

entire junk food stash.

I don't know whether to
feel ashamed or proud.

All I feel is sick.

It's great you shared
your emotions with Regina.

I wish I'd been able to
tell Delilah how I felt.

- Why didn't you?
- You know, at the time,

I was on pills, going through
a divorce, and then rehab.

I didn't feel like I
deserved to speak up

about what I wanted as a parent.

But that's not who you are anymore.

You got to talk to Delilah.


They've been away for so long now,

it feels like I've missed my sh*t.

Your sh*t?

Hey, we're talking about parenthood,

not a basketball game.

When it comes to your
kids, it's never too late.


Oh, it's happening.

Yo, Maggie's water just broke.

- Oh. You know what?
- Dude, it's...

Alright. Wait. Listen.
Hey, do me a favor.

Check this out. I might...

I might have stripped
that screw right there.


No room in the limo, I take it?

Oh, no, there was
plenty of room, actually,

including a seat next
to Vali's friend Brody,

who wasn't so much her friend
as a guy with perfect teeth

and a thing for my girlfriend.

Or should I say ex-girlfriend?

Oh, Tyrell, I'm so sorry.

I-It's okay.

Honestly, we weren't
doing all that great,

but I thought she'd at least let me know

if she was into another guy.

You know, my mom says that heartbreak

is like a sprained ankle.

Hurts so bad you think you're
never gonna get over it,

but one day, you wake up,
and you're back on your feet.


Thanks for that.

And for this.

I wanted to drop it off
before my train to New Haven.


Oh. You know, actually, uh, my band

is playing there in a few weeks.

I can comp you and your
friends tickets if you want.

That'd be cool.

See you then.


You know what?


For your help today.


One more time for posterity.

How happy are you that
I never stopped filming?

Very, very, very happy.

Okay, now... Now this last piece

should just click in right here, like...


Ho ho!

- Yo, we make a good team, bro.
- Dude!

Yes, we do.

Oh, no. Except this side.

Yeah, the... the...
The bunny's upside down.

This piece was, like, step three.

- Oh, you're so close.
- Ooh!

Quick, we're turning it around.
They will never know the difference.

Right, right. Come on, come
on. Hustle, hustle, hustle.


- Okay.
- There she is!

We are so excited for you.

Thank you. Now please leave.

Anyone not about to become
a mom or a dad right now,

please exit that way.

- Oh, boy.
- Gotcha.

- Oh, boy!
- Good luck, Maggie.

We love you.

Be right back.

Hey, fellas, wait.

Uh, guys.

Um, before you go, could you, uh...


It's just, I-I-I don't know

what's about to happen
in there, you guys.

I mean, I do in a biological sense,

but I-I would just feel better if...

If you were both close... Close by.

I don't know, man. There
are couple other births

I was trying to get to tonight.


Don't worry. We're not going anywhere.


What he said.


You got it, man.

Did sand get harder to walk in?

Well, at least we'll have
calves of steel by nightfall.

And sweat-soaked clothes
by minutes ago.

Oh, let's turn around

when we hit that, uh, picnic up there.

Wow, people are very trusting.


Wait a minute.

Is that a slap bracelet?

Is that my slap bracelet?

Is... Is this the beach where
I asked you to homecoming?

The last time we were here,

I made a really big mistake,

so it just made sense to come back,

now that I can finally
make it up to you.

I spent a lot of the past
few years being disappointed.

Nothing ever turned out the way

that I thought it would, but the minute

I walked into that tattoo parlor,

I realized everything
that I saw as setbacks

were just turns leading me back to you.

Oh, my God.

Greta Strobe...

will you marry me?

But... But I thought you said...

I know what I said before, but...

you bring a joy into my life

that I haven't felt since the
last time we were on this beach,

and getting that back has made
me the best version of myself,

and I never want to lose that.

You never will.

Is that a yes?

I'm a lawyer.

I'm... I'm gonna need
a verbal commitment.


Of... Of course.


May I?


Wait a minute.

But what about the car breaking down?

- I faked it.
- No!

And the cootie catcher?

Oh, every flap said "Martha's Vineyard."

Oh, wow.

You have, like, Kerry
Washington level acting chops.

Thank you.

I will give my Emmy speech on the ferry,

which we need to hustle to

if we're gonna make
our lighthouse dinner.

But first...


Oh, my God.

Maggie's in labor.

Good thing we already got champagne.


Let's go show the baby that ring.

You asked me to marry you!

You said yes!




And breathe.


Hey, Gary.

We need you over here.

My assistant midwife
is stuck in traffic.

But I've come so far.


I'm here, I'm here, I'm here.

Okay. Alright.

Uggh, this hurts so bad!

Uh! Gary, can you push a little harder?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Oh, that feels good.
- Okay.

Oh, your warm hands feel good.

It's so cold. Ooh!

Alexa, set thermostat to degrees.

ALEXA: The heat is set to .

And, Alexa,

play "Relaxing Baby Being
Born Playlist for Maggie."

Playing "Relaxing Baby Being
Born Playlist for Maggie."

Oh, that's sweet.

♪ Un-break my heart ♪

EDDIE: He's really pumping
the Toni Braxton today.


I'm not hating it.

- We brought sustenance.
- Did we miss it?


Uh, no, you're just in time.

You two are lifesavers.

Gina, no, about this morning...

No, I'm sorry about the miles.

I shouldn't have used them
without talking to you first.

No, you were just doing what felt right,

and, honestly, it wasn't
even about the miles.

It's... It's... It's like you said...

Things have been crazy,

and I was looking forward
to us being alone together,

without some old man snoring so loud

it feels like we're at a rave.

I know. I was looking
forward to that, too.

So, I've been thinking that
the inside of a hotel room

on the Cape probably looks a lot

like the inside of a hotel room in Kona,

so I booked one.

You... You booked it
without talking to me first?

Too soon?




Good. Good. You're doing great.

Okay, breathe. Breathe, breathe.

Ah. Yeah.

Alexa, stop playing
"Relaxing Baby Being Born

Playlist for Maggie"!

- ALEXA: Okay.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Uh, not... not very relaxing, I guess.

I'm sorry, baby.

I usually suggest more
quiet or ambient tones.

Yeah, that's what Enya is.

That's what she is.

I feel like I've been pushing forever.

It's okay.

Does this part usually take this long?

Okay, well, um, I see his head.

You do?!

Yeah, he's right here.

His heart rate's good.

I-I'm just trying to rotate his
shoulder into a better position.

It's stuck behind the pubic bone.

What does that mean?



[WHISPERING] Does that mean
we need to go to a hospital,

like, right now?

Look, if we need to move, we'll move,

but right now, I just
need you to follow my lead.


Baby, you're... You're doing so good.

You're doing so good.

You're doing great, Maggie.

He's right there.


Ed, pass the guac.


What, uh-oh?

Gary asked me to have
the car running and ready.

Hey. And out. Yeah.

You're doing so good.

You're doing so good, sweetheart.

Okay, Maggie, we need to
try a different position

to get this little guy out.

I'm gonna have you roll onto your back.

Okay, we're gonna roll you up, okay?

Might get a little uncomfortable.

We're gonna do this together.

- Alright. Gotcha.
- There you go.

There it is.


Alright, babe? Yeah? Yeah?

- Alright. You ready? I gotcha.
- Okay.

Gary, follow my lead.

Put your hand right here.

Right here.

- Grab her foot.
- Grab her foot. Alright.

Now, when I say, "Push,"
I need you both to push.


You can do this.


Oh, you've got it!




She delivered the baby!


GARY: My God, he's so tiny.



He's beautiful, and perfectly healthy.

Thank you.

You did a great job, all three of you.


You were amazing, babe.

This guy's pretty amazing, too.


You're here. You made it.

How was your trip?


Yeah, tell me about it.


You know, I'd say it's nice to meet you,

but somehow, it just feels
like we've known you forever.


Except he's even more
handsome than I thought.

He looks just like me.


- I can't wait.
- Are we too late?

I'm pretty sure.

We heard a baby crying
a little while ago.

And you're positive it
was a baby, not Gary?

Oh, yeah. We've spent enough
time in this hallway to know

what Gary bawling sounds like.

This is a new person noise.


- So, how'd it go?
- Amazing.

Your tip for stalling
the car totally worked.

Although driving it back
felt a little different.

I might have done some actual damage.

Greta. Wait, I-I just realized

you and the baby are birthday twins.

I know. Do you think, next year,

he'll want to go halfsies
on a birthday magician?

Well, if this kid is anything like Gary,

he's going to love magic.


Um, excuse me.

What is this?

Is this what I think it is?

We're engaged.

- What?!
- Man. Oh, my God.

- Congratulations!
- Thank you.

Oh! My God!

REGINA: That's great. That's so great.

Hello, everyone.

It's twins.

- What?!
- Whoa.

- Awesome.
- Wait. How?

I'm kidding.


Come meet our baby.

Everybody, this is Javier Chad Mendez.

- He's so sweet.
- He is.


Excuse me.

WOMAN: He's so small.

Hey, D.

- Hi.

Do we have a new
member of the family?

We do. Javier.

He's got his mom's eyes and his
dad's knack for making me smile.

Oh, that's amazing.

Oh, my gosh. I'm so happy.

Give him a kiss.

- Send me pictures immediately.
- I will.

Oh, hey, D, there's
actually something I want

to talk to you about.



I just think, with all this
excitement about the new baby,

it really got me thinking about...

How much I miss Charlie and...

Okay, I'm so sorry,
Eddie. Hold on one second.

It's... It's the realtor.
Hi. I'll be right with you.

Sorry. We keep missing each other.

Your realtor?

Yeah, the house sold.


I know. I know.

I never thought it would,
but I just accepted an offer,

and all that's left are
inspections and escrow, and...

And that's it, you know?

It's finally gonna be behind me.

Uh, I gotta go.

I'm sorry. I'll call you later.

Tell everyone I love them.


Chad is for your brother, right, Maggie?

And Javier for your grandpa.
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