06x10 - Even Better Than the Real Thing

Episode transcripts for the TV Show "Station 19". Aired: March 2018 to present.
An action-drama that is centered around the Seattle Firehouse. This is the second spin-off from Grey's Anatomy.
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06x10 - Even Better Than the Real Thing

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♪ Rolling down the street
with a t*nk full of gas ♪

♪ And a couple of
dice in the mirror ♪

- ♪ Mm-mm-mm ♪
- ♪ Ain't nothin' going on ♪

♪ But a man in first class ♪

♪ Gotta whole lot
of style over here ♪

- ♪ Mm-mm-mm ♪
- ♪ In my tailored suit ♪

♪ And my gator boot ♪

- DISPATCHER: Engine , Ladder ...
- Ugh, uh, sorry welcome back.

It's red velvet, enjoy.

♪ When a brother like me pulls up ♪

♪ Got me saying ♪

- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go
- Let's go!

♪ Whoo, got a brand-new
swagger for you ♪

♪ Get up, get down,
turn up, turn 'round ♪

♪ Got a brand-new swagger for you ♪

♪ Step in, step out,
show what you're 'bout ♪

♪ Got a brand-new swagger for you ♪

♪ Hey, little mama ♪

♪ You know I wanna take you
dancin' up on top of the world ♪

♪ Come with me now ♪

♪ Jump up, step back, dip
down low, low as you can go ♪

♪ Got a brand-new swagger for you ♪


Let's go, .

Let's light it up. Let's go, .

♪ Hey, little mama ♪

♪ You know I wanna take you
dancin' on the top of the world ♪

♪ Got a brand-new swagger for you ♪

Way to go, !

♪ Got a brand-new swagger for you ♪

Line up, it's training day.

- All right, gentlemen.

, you're so damn late I don't even
know why you bothered to show up.

Over there, probie.

ANDY: Gotta wake up
pretty early in the morning

if you want to b*at .

Yeah. We'll give you a
chance to catch up next...

Wait, nah!

SULLIVAN: You gotta keep up today, boys.

We like a little competition
with our morning coffee.

Welcome to live f*re
training today, folks.

We're going to do three simulations.

Don't forget the
conditions are controlled,

but the f*re is very real.

You'll be racing the
clock and each other

with a goal to achieve better
communication and unity.

Today we'll be focusing
on the three R's.

What are the three R's, Herrera?

The three R's... Reading
critical cues, recognizing patterns,

and reacting with the
best course of action.

That is correct.

Phase one was response time.

responded first... well done.

- Lieutenant, put 'em to work.
- All right, , let's get busy.

Grab those materials off of Cap's
truck and let's get hot and dirty.

Hot and dirty.

Yeah, you know what I
mean. I know what you mean.

I thought I trained
you better than this.

You did, which is why
I'm a lieutenant now, Cap.

Get out. Well done.

I remember when you were just a probie.

- I was the best probie you ever had.
- Nah, you were a mess.

You fell down the f*re pole,
we had to call your mom.

Tell you what, once these kids

unload everything, why
don't you meet me inside?

You can help me set up.

Wait, you went through your
probation months with Beckett?

I feel sorry for you.

I can't imagine a worse
probie phase than serving

- under Captain Breath mint.
- What do you mean?

He was the best captain I ever had.

Take this hose, probie.

BECKETT: Hey, Cooper, you coming?

- By the way...
- VIC: Huh?

You guys aren't winning the next phases.

Ooh, we are gonna wipe
the floor with these fools.

Hey, can you cover me
at desk duty for a sec?

Uh, pretty sure I'm
already on desk duty.

I'm covering for Montgomery.

Well, it's my first day
back, and I'm only approved

for desk dut... You know
what? It doesn't matter.

- I-I'll be right back.
- Where you goin'?

An errand I have to run.

An errand while on shift?

An errand where I try to
convince my wife to love

and forgive me through bribery
and a delicious savory dish

that I woke up at the
crack of dawn to cook.

Uh-huh. I approve. Go.


- Where are we?

- TRAVIS: Andy's place.
- This Andy's apartment?

Yeah. You said we
needed somewhere quiet.

They're doing endless
construction on my block.

She said we could use her place,
but now I think we should leave

before I throw up or crap my pants
and ruin her nice gesture.

Okay. You take a deep breathe
so you do neither of those things.

- It's live radio.
- I'm aware.

It's a live radio press junket.

Yes, I spent a fair bit
of time setting it up.

Right. And I'm a firefighter,
and there's a whole third candidate...

Council-member Robel Osman.
Did you hear that?

Council-member. As in,
knows what they're doing

and has won an election before.

You are also a proper mayoral
candidate in your own right,

and it's high time that
Seattle learned your name.

Or rather, the entire Pacific Northwest.

- And I'm back to crapping my pants.
- Travis, you were born for this.

Say more stuff.

You're charming, you're
funny, you care deeply,

and... you are excellent at articulating
the things that matter to you

when you're not distracting yourself

with the idea that
you're not good enough.

You'll be great, if you remember
that this isn't about you.

It's not about me.

It's about the good
and hard-working people

in the city of Seattle
who deserve real change.

- Right.
- Yes.

You should be a motivational speaker.

Yeah. But I'm not. You know why?

- Because you're my campaign manager.
- There it is.


Oh, uh, am I interrupting?

Sorry, I ran out of
toothpaste at the hotel,

so I grabbed some on my way in.
But my water bottle was empty.

It's just been one of those days.

I'm sorry to hear
you're still at a hotel.

- Ew.

Sorry, I used to love room service.
Now it tastes like heartbreak.

- Even the fries?
- Except for the fries.

What can I do for you, Dr. Bailey?

Have you thought more about volunteering

additional hours at my clinic?

Is it still called volunteering
if you're forcing me to do it?

Okay, the station's clinic can survive
without you for a few shifts.

Uh, does your husband know
you're trying to recruit me

away from Station ?

- You are an OB.
- Yeah.

I run a reproductive rights clinic.

- This is a no-brainer.
- Okay. So that's a no.

[SIGHS] Ben will understand.
We need to be open longer hours, okay?

And it's not me asking.
It's the women who need us asking.

The women who drive long hours

- from abortion-hostile states...
- Oh, God.

That need us to open our
doors when they arrive.

- That is so manipulative.
- These are facts.

- Ugh. Come in.

Hi, oh.

I, uh, hope I'm not interrupting.
Uh, I brought you something special.

It's lasagna. [CHUCKLES]

Okay, it's not as good as yours...

but I hope you like it.


It looks delicious, Maya.

You can't just storm in
here with lasagna, Maya.

- You can't. I'm at work...
- I can.

So I did because I love you,
and now I am leaving. Bye.


- Eat the lasagna.
- No.

You're having one
of those days, you said.

And the woman you love
just brought you lasagna.

And even though you're
still angry enough

to live in a hotel and eat food
that tastes like heartbreak,

eat the lasagna your wife brought you.

It might just turn your

- whole day around.

Ugh, um, think about what I said.

Okay. I'll bother you some more later.

- BECKETT: Next phase is timed runs.

goes first, then .

The clock stops when
all fires are contained

and you evacuate the victim.

- ANDY: f*re's out. Room's clear.
- SULLIVAN: Copy that.

The interior of this
place is like a maze.

Don't get lost and
become an actual rescue.

Pick it up, . You're falling behind.

- Keep up, probie, okay?
- Uh-huh.

BECKETT: Stay alert in
there and don't get cocky.

f*re department, call out!

Yeah. Yeah, dummy, where are you?

BECKETT: I hope you're
taking this seriously, .


Don't forget to communicate.
Communication is key.


Room is clear, Lieutenant.

Lt. Cooper?

, we've still got
fires on the north side.

Please put them out before
the place burns down.

Lt. Cooper?

- Do you copy?
- Sir?

, do you copy?



- Captain, I think I got lost.
- Keep going, probie.

- , give me eyes.
- ANDY: Another f*re on the lower level.



ANDY: f*re's out!

BECKETT: Okay, well
done, , f*re att*ck.

Search and rescue, your victims
have been in there way too long.

- Herrera, back corner!
- Search faster.

- Nice.

search and rescue,
we've located your victim.


Did you, uh, work it out with Carina?

Take that as a no.

- Jack.
- Oh, Brooke. Holy crap.

Cool, you're here.

Who's Brooke?

- Oh, she's my, uh...
- I'm his long lost sister.

- Yeah.
- Seriously?

- What happened?
- BROOKE: This is my friend Clara.

'Sup, bro?

- I told her about you.
- MAYA: What happened?

Motorcycle accident?

We kinda got in a
fight with some asphalt.

Good news is we were wearing helmets.


- There they are.
- What was our time, Cap?

I want to know how bad we b*at .

[LAUGHS] Oh, you got to be kidding.

Oh, come on. You guys
were in there forever.

Yeah, I just took a little nap.

Yeah. She was snoring and everything.

All right, , you wanna
laugh? Herrera, come here.

Read these times out loud for the class.

Let's see, uh, it took
minutes to contain the f*re

and find the victim.
And , nine minutes.

- What?!

BECKETT: Way to go, .
Please share notes with each other

on where to improve areas of weakness.

And who knows, Cooper,
maybe you could teach my team

a thing or two.

VIC: Yeah, we'll get
you on the next one, .

You know, Beckett is
still a bit of a dick,

but... we finally get to
see a lighter side of him.

Who knew all we had to do was
bring him around old friends?

Maybe he'll bring back some
of that same energy to .

- Maybe.
- Come on.

Look, if we're stuck with Beckett,
it better be this Beckett.


We were riding in between
lanes to cut traffic

'cause this old guy in front
of us was driving like...

So slow you can't even call it driving.

And then another car tried
to merge, didn't see us.

So I swerved and
fishtailed in some gravel.

It is kind of bad ass until it wasn't.

JACK: Does it hurt when
I move it like this?

- A little!
- Okay. You know, it looks swollen.

Nah, just my, uh,
unusually thick ankles.

They run in the family.

Actually, you know what,
let me see your ankles.

Could be sprained, could be broken.

We're not gonna know
until we get an X-Ray.

Yeah, and a CT scan to
check for head trauma.

Okay, slow down.

Well, she's right. We need
to get you to a hospital.

- [LAUGHS] Yeah. Not happening.
- And why not?

Because lane splitting is
super illegal in this state.

And I don't need some E.R. doctor
narcing me out to the cops.

- They won't.
- Not taking that chance.

Fine. You can stay.

But you're going, because
you weren't driving.

I am still on Mom and Dad's insurance,

and if they see I went to the
hospital, they'll ask questions.

It is not worth your
safety and well-being

to not get checked out.

You'll think of something. We're going.

Damn, I thought you said
your brother was chill.

- I thought he was.

He is, but it's not his call.

I'm the lieutenant, and I'm insisting
that you go to the hospital.

- We can't.
- JACK: Why?


We had candy beforehand, hours before.

- So?

Pot candy.



HOST: So how are you
going to make the lives

of citizens in Seattle better as mayor?

Uh, well, to start with,

we could make sure every homeless person

has a clean new needle
for drugs every day.

I'm sorry. What was that?

No, yes. I-I mean... what I mean is...

they're gonna get
needles from somewhere.

They may as well be safe
ones from the government.

Are you suggesting that
more hard-earned tax dollars

should be used to fund
and enable drug use

- and addiction in the streets?
- HIV is up % higher in cities

without a needle-exchange program.

- Wi-Without it, blood-borne diseases
- _

would run rampant through the city,

affecting millions of people,

including those who are lucky
enough to wake up every morning

and not be struggling with addiction,
who don't have to choose between

worrying about withdrawal or starvation.

It's... It's really not about

how I can make your lives better.

It's about how we can help
each other live better lives.

We're part of a very
delicate chain reaction.

We can't escape it.

We can only work together
to try to strengthen it.

Our switchboards and social
media are lighting up.

Looks like people are
dying to weigh in on this.

After the break, we'll open
it up to listener questions.

It's been a real pleasure talking with

mayoral candidate Travis Montgomery.

Thank you so much.

- Oh!
- Oh!

- Where did that come from?
- I don't know. My word!

Okay, okay, enough dancing.

Three-minute pee break
before the next segment.

- I do have to pee.
- You do.



- Pfft! Beckett's playing favorites.
- He's your captain.

Yeah, but you were his probie.

Y'all are just jealous
that we're obviously

the better firehouse.

- Don't make me laugh.
- Ha-ha.

All right, let's make this interesting.

Joe's... tomorrow after shift.

Whichever team has the worst
overall time buys the rounds.

All right, but you're not
getting any special treatment

'cause you have a probie.

We should be focused on
giving our best performance

and learning how to improve, all right?

We all have the same goals here.

If you're scared you can't cover
the tab, just say so, Warren.

Oh, so it's like that? 'Cause
you know I got that doctor money.

- ALL: Ohh!
- SULLIVAN: Keep talking, Cooper.

It's gonna be funny when you guys lose.

Eh, as long as Beckett keeps it fair.

What's he normally like?

Uh, even without his
breath mints, he's an ass.

But I actually haven't seen him
with his breath mints lately, so...

Probie, did I say you could talk?

No, sir.

- Cooper, set up again.
- Sure thing, Cap.

Teacher's pet.

Brooke, do you know how many brains

we've had to scrape
off the side of the road

because of irresponsible,
reckless motorcyclists?

- I wasn't driving.
- And you were high!

- You were high on top of it.
- We thought it had worn off.

Edibles stay in your system for hours.

Anyway, they are legal,
so save the lecture.

It's not legal to
drive while intoxicated.

Are you guys done?

I have to take the bike
back to my dad's garage

before he notices it's gone.

- Okay.
- And you stole a bike!

Stop yelling at me!

It's only stealing if I don't return it.

Yeah, you don't think he'll notice
that you're busted up first?

- Nope. [GROANS]
- Okay, what is going on?

I'm fine. Think I just
pulled a muscle in the fall.

You don't have to
pretend you're not hurt

so people think you're tough.
Just let us take you to the hospital.

Lady, I don't want to go to jail
for lane-splitting while high.

- It's not that deep.
- Okay, can we go now?

I need to go find some new jeans.

No, you need to find some new friends,

'cause is this really the
crowd you want to run with?

Oh, my God. Are you for real?

Yeah, I'm a better
friend to her than you.

Oh, okay. You know, you are not
to do drugs with my sister again,

nor put her on the back
of a stolen motorcycle.

Stay away from her.

- I'm serious.
- What? Am I ?

- I'm...
- Brooke, let's go.

Hey, you asked for my help,
and I'm giving it, alright?

You're acting like
an irresponsible brat.

Okay, I do not know what I was thinking.

I can barely stand the
family I already have,

and yet I managed to
track down more of them,

as if I don't already have
someone trying to micromanage

every moment of my existence.

- Clara, come on!
- I'm... I'm just feeling...

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Okay.

- Clara?
- Got her?

- Yeah.
- She okay?

Clara? Clara!

She's bleeding internally. We gotta go.

Oh, my God. Is she... Is she gonna die?

No, we're not gonna
let that happen, okay?

- You're gonna ride in the back with us.

We'll get you both
to the hospital, alright?



You want to find the long lug, alright?

Long lug means life.

Just remember, probie, they're for...

On f*re att*ck, you use your hose line
to find your way out, alright?

Right. Yeah, no.
I knew that. I just forgot.

- Thank you.
- That's... that's okay.

- That's what we're here for.
- [SCOFFS] Not the guys at .

Ah, you know, some
firehouses are old school.

Trust, they're looking out for you.

You just gotta go through
a little hazing is all.

- Yeah, right.
- You got it.

- Alright.

She would have had my butt, man.

Oh, man, I still can't
believe we made it.

Fresh off a call and right
to your baby girl's birth.

Wait, what? You...
How'd you pull that off?

This guy went Code .

Lights and sirens... Got
me there just in time.

And thank God, 'cause Sarah
would have k*lled me if I had missed it.

And how is Sarah? You
ever pop the question?

Not yet.

Well, you know, you
already got the kid.

- It's been four years. Just do it.
- I will. I will.

- I mean, I got the ring.
- Well, what are you waiting for?

- Yeah, it's just gotta be perfect.
- Yep, I get it.

- Got one sh*t at making it perfect.
- BECKETT: How romantic, Sully.

Makes me a little sick to my
stomach. But simulation's up! Let's go!



Alright, her vitals are s*ab,

so that'll buy us some time, okay?


Your friend's gonna be okay, alright?

I was just making sure
her airway was protected

so that she could breathe, that's all.

You don't... you don't
need to freak out.

I'm not.

Not on the outside.

I freak out up here.

I mean, I-I don't show it,
but, uh, it's like a hurricane

when bad things start
happening, you know?

- Yeah, same.


- Feeling better?
- No.

I couldn't enjoy it.

I was thinking if I give
up my hours at Station ...


Right now, they're the only
connection I have with Maya.

Well, she really seems to be
trying to connect with you now.

Does lasagna mean something to you two?

than you can imagine.

Uh, she told me to leave, Dr. Bailey.

She was... she was the
one who said we were over.

Okay, I don't believe for one second
that you and Maya are over.

Hey, Ben and I, we
have been through it all.

There was a time when
we were even separated,

not unlike you and your wife now.

Two weaker hearts
would not have survived it,

but... Ben and I... did.

And we came out the other
side stronger than ever.

You and Maya will get through this

if you want to get through it.

- Ah.
- You okay?

Yeah. Suddenly, my stomach feels...

- The lasagna tasted kind of funny. Oh!
- Really?


Oh, no. That is not right.

You know, you could have stayed
at the hospital with Brooke.

I would have covered for you.

Yeah, no. She doesn't need me.

Oh, right. She just showed
up at the station high,

with slight head trauma
because she wanted

to take pictures with the f*re pole.

You know, when I was in foster care,

I was the one who would
take care of everyone.

Yeah, no. I stole food
for the younger ones

when the big kids would hoard it.

I-I would... uh, I would find old socks

to wrap cuts in when they
wouldn't stop bleeding.

And I thought I knew what it
meant to be an older brother, but...

now I'm not so sure.

I mean, I... W-What am
I supposed to be for her?

A-A guardian?

- Friend? Brother?
- Just be there for her.

Yeah, I thought I was, but...
you know, I suck at this.

You'll figure it out.

Just don't push anything
you're both uncomfortable with.

Like, find a balance.

Listen to me. "Find a balance."

I'm probably the last person

that should be dishing
out life advice right now.

Yeah, well, we've put the team
through hell, you and me, huh?

- We're messy.
- Mm.

Yeah, but who's messier, you or me?

- I mean, it's obvious, isn't it?
- Oh, yeah.

- Me.
- It's me.




Where is she?

Turn right.

- Nine minutes.
- Nine minutes?

Hey, !

How's about upping the tab
to three rounds of drinks?

Nah, nah. Why stop there?
Why not four?

We'll call ahead to the bar
and let them know to expect us

while you guys finish your
little simulation, okay?

Alright. This third phase is
about cohesion, efficiency,

and multi-tasking. But I
want to keep it interesting,

so I'm gonna mix things up.

Each team's f*re att*ck unit

will be inside the
simulation at the same time,

knocking down the f*re and
searching for the dummy...

Just one dummy.

You've all won me over with
your competitive spirit today,

so... whichever team recovers the
dummy first... wins this round.


Cooper, probie.

- Damn.
- Probie.

- Sir.
- Great.

Warren, Herrera, you're up.

We got this. We got this. Easy money.

Let's go. Come on, Herrera.

Show them how it's done.
Show them how it's done.

Oh, man, I got a toddler that
gets dressed faster than this.

Let's go! We're ready over here.

Bring it back. Bring
it back to the house.

- How you doing, probie?
- Good, sir!

- May the best team win!
- Thanks! We plan on it!

- SULLIVAN: Alright, come on.

- Go, go, go, go!
- Go!

- Come on, !

Follow me. Stay close this time.

- ANDY: Let's try the west side.
- BEN: Clear ahead!

COOPER: Let's go, probie!

Our reputations and
wallets are at stake.

Yes, sir.


Incident command, has
cleared the first three rooms.


Follow the hose line.

Just follow the hose line.



Nice, probie!

Hey, , get your purses...



, was that an expl*si*n?

, what's your status?


Cooper? Cooper?

♪ Whispers in the ground ♪

Lieutenant? Lieutenant Cooper?

, report back.

Lieutenant Cooper? Sir?

♪ I think I belong here ♪

Come on. Come on.

♪ Mm-mm-mm ♪

Emergency Traffic! Emergency Traffic!

Firefighter down!

, ... get them out
and contain the f*re.

♪ Echoes in my mind ♪

♪ Trying to hold me back ♪

- BEN: Cooper!
- ANDY: James?

James. James! James!

I don't know what happened.
It just... there was a f*re.

Get me a back board in here right now!

Stand back! Just stand back!


♪ I think I belong here ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ And I feel it drawn here ♪


♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!


We got him. Come on.
James, let's go. Let's go.

Let's go! Let's go! Let's
get that gurney over here!

Let's go!

♪ Hold your breath, don't speak ♪

♪ I feel the unseen ♪

♪ One slip, fall forever ♪

BECKETT: Dispatch, we've had
an incident at the training facility.


♪ Ohhh ♪

♪ Ohhh ♪

♪ Ohh, ohh ♪

Get him in the aid car!

Get him in the aid car!



There was a ball of f*re.

It was nothing like any
of the previous phases.

- He saved me.
- Okay.

L-Lieutenant Cooper saved my life.

Okay, you need to keep
your oxygen mask on, okay?

Let's take a look at
this arm. Relax your arm.

Ball of f*re big enough to
knock out two firefighters

during a simulation?

It's either a freak accident,

or someone seriously
messed something up.

No, no, no. Not here. Not here.

ANDY: The simulation
f*re's out, Captain.

Okay, uh, send back to the station.

You're to take on 's
jurisdiction for the time being.

I'm going with to the hospital.

H-Herrera, you're in
charge till I get back.

- Shouldn't we all go for support?
- Don't make me repeat myself.

CALLER: Did you even go to college?

What makes you think you're
qualified to be mayor?

Well, college isn't the end
all, be all of a successful life,

and I don't think a
degree is necessarily

a mark for honor or good character.

It was actually my colleague Dean Miller

who founded the program.

Well, to be honest,
on the list of things

that need fixing in Greenwood,

potholes are the least of their worries.

Once we started putting water
on the f*re, we hear this

"pop-pop-pop" sound,
and these little m*ssile

start flying through the air.

We find out later, okay,
what was inside of them?

Bull semen.

I was covered in it. Hello?

How many more?

Don't worry about numbers. You got this.

Don't look at what I'm missing.

Look at what I'm offering...
Insight into what Seattle needs,

honed by years of public
service on the streets,

not observed from the window
of an office at City Hall.

CALLER # : Thank you
so much, Mr. Montgomery.

Thank you very much.

Okay, it was a pleasure.

- And we're off.
- Okay. Bye-bye.

- That... was brilliant.
- Please, no more.

You only have seven more.

I'm gonna need some more coffee.


I heard you were sick.

I, um, I brought some fluids
to help make you feel better.


Maya, go away!

I told you I don't want to see you.

- I can't leave you like this.
- Yes, you can.

If you would just open the door...

I'm not letting you in.

I'm sick and I'm tired.

Seeing you show up at
my work today was t*rture.

I-I asked you for space. I need space.

Yeah. I understand that, but we're married,

and I intend to stay married.

But if we don't eventually talk,

I don't see how we're
gonna survive this.

You just want to talk to me like
I'm another check on your list

of things to fix in your life.



That's it. You made up with
your friends, you got your job back,

and now the only thing left to do

is for me to forget about
everything and come back home.

It's not gonna happen that way.
I'm done. I'm... I'm done.

I'm done being pulled
around like a doll.

I'm done being set to the side by you.

I'm done. I'm done, and
now you literally poisoned me.



- Carina!
- I'm so cold.


Can you please bring me some blankets?




Okay, can somebody
please just say something

- before I scream?
- What? What...

Is... Does Chief Ross
even know what happened?

I'm pretty sure she knows by now.

There's gonna be an
investigation on this, okay?

You can count on that.

Okay, so until then, we're
just supposed to wait to hear

whether this guy is d*ad
or not, and then after that,

we gotta wait to see
what caused this accident?

It's too much waiting.
It's just too much.

I don't even think I want to know.

It's better than never
knowing at all, right?

What we need to do is ground
ourselves in what we know now...

That... that Beckett and Warren
will let us know about Cooper,

and Ross will get to the bottom
of what really happened today.

No, what happened is Beckett messed up.

Look, we need evidence, okay?
Not just speculation.

- It was a huge ball of f*re, man!
- Hey, Ruiz, enough.

What we're not gonna do is speculate

or throw anybody under the bus
until we have all the facts.



Well, it was my pleasure,
and like I said before,

I'm a big fan of the show.

- HOST # : Thanks so much.
- Okay. Anytime.

Uh, before you go, we're
getting word from a source

close to the Dixon campaign
that their internal polling shows

you're now in a virtual d*ad heat.

You're even pulling ahead
of Osman for the first time.

What's your reaction to
gaining so much traction lately?

- I...
- Hello?

- Did we lose you? Are... Are you...
- I-I'm thrilled, of course,

and humbled that so many
people are supporting me.

But, of course, the
only poll that matters

is the one on election day,

so I'm going to continue
to work to earn your vote.

That's great to hear.

It's been so good speaking with you,

- and good luck the rest of the way.
- Okay. Thank you so much.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

- Holy...
- What... What does this mean, exactly?

Okay, polls are trash, but this is huge.

If things keep trending this way,

you could actually end up
being the next mayor of Seattle.






- Aren't you supposed to be at work?
- I am at work.

Nonstop vomiting can be serious.

I am a paramedic
preventing a catastrophe.

Mm, a catastrophe that you
literally baked into a lasagna.

- H-How do you mess up a lasagna?
- I don't know.

I thought I did everything right.

[SIGHS] Okay, I was in a rush,

and I wanted to get it to
you while it was still hot.

I-I did take it out of the
oven a few minutes early.

How early?

Did it at least taste okay?

- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you for letting me in.




- _
- You have to go?

I'll stay.

- Maya...
- No.

You could be dehydrated.
You could be sicker than we think.

- I don't...
- What?

I am afraid that if
I walk out that door,

I don't know when I'll see you again.

Hey, you will.

You will.

I'm gonna check in in a
few hours and let you know

how I'm doing.


Hey, no crying.



Warren, ever... Hey, hey.


They did everything
they could, but, uh...

but Cooper didn't make it.

Okay, uh, how's James?

He's fine, you know,
at... At least physically.

- What about the rest of ?
- They lost their brother.

- Cooper was a really good man.
- You know, this is all your fault!

- Excuse me?
- You're drinking again, aren't you?

- Theo, stand down.
- No!

No, a huge burst of flames like that

in a controlled simulation only happens

because of a misplaced or
forgotten accelerant inside.

Now, I know, because I set
up dozens of these trainings.

- Cooper was helping with those setups.
- Yeah, okay, sure.

Well, how about you tell us

what was really inside
that water bottle, hmm?

Why didn't you need any
of your stupid little

breath mints all day, huh?

Prove me wrong.

Take a Breathalyzer test
right here, right now.

Or better yet, show us
all your water bottle.

I bet the whiff of booze
will still be fresh.

You need to watch your back, Ruiz.

I am your captain.
Cooper was my probie.

- Have some respect!
- Hey, if you got nothing to hide...

Now, I don't want to hear
another word about this...

...then you got nothing to worry about!

Until a full investigation's
been done, and if I do,

I will have you suspended without pay!

- What?!
- Alright.



- What a day.

Are you good? Do you...
Do you need a meeting?

Yeah, I do.

But I'll go when I can.


Can I tell you something,

between you, me, and nobody else?

I'm scared we're all about to
fall off the edge of a cliff.

You know, I gave Beckett
the benefit of the doubt

to try and salvage team unity, but...

Man, I-I'm not sure about him anymore.

Well, between me, you, and nobody else,

I wonder if Beckett's
off the wagon, too.

He's defensive. He's hostile.

If he had agreed to a Breathalyzer test

or shown us his water
bottle, he could've...

- Yes.
- Put this whole thing rest.

- But he didn't.
- No.

Cooper has a little girl.

He was supposed to
propose to his girlfriend.

Kept putting it off.

- Yeah.

There's no guarantees in this life.

Especially for us.




I, uh, I heard what happened.

- I wanted to be here with the team.
- Who are you?

It's not really feeling like
much of a team right now.

Look, Trav, you didn't have to...

No, I-I wanted to. I'm
a firefighter, right?

I do firefighter stuff,

like saving lives and
cleaning ladder trucks.

Put my uniform on every day

and I know who I am and what I can do.

In the next few weeks,
come election day,

I may be... trading my
uniform in for another one.

It's a real possibility,
and it's life-changing,

and I just... I guess I
just needed to come here

and be a firefighter with my team.



Alright, give me this.

Remember how to do this, big sh*t?

- Hmm?


Yeah, gift shop chic
isn't usually my style,

but I had to make do.

- It's not as bad as it looks.
- If you say so.

Yeah, Clara's gonna
be alright, by the way.

- Thanks for asking.
- Why are you here?

Why did you contact me?

I thought you and I could be friends.

You grew up wishing you
could be a part of my family.

I grew up wishing I
could get away from them.

Thought we could understand each other.

You have no idea what I've been through,

because if you did, you'd
take back what you just said.

Okay, then tell me about it,

because I do not feel
like I belong with them,

and if you're the missing
piece, then I'd like to find out.

So just give us a chance,

without the lecture-y
older brother bit?

Really kills my vibe.


You know, I used to have a
girlfriend that used to say

- "harshes my mellow."
- Old people are funny.

So, what, you want to start over?

Sounds good to me.

I'm Brooke.

That's my sister's name.

She's kind of a lot, but she's alright.

Pound it.

♪ Two frames that hold it all ♪

Hey. I just wanted to hear your voice.

Yeah, I wanted to hear your voice, too.

I will have more hands
at the clinic now.

Let's plan a date night.

You... You have no idea how
much I'm looking forward to that.

♪ Standing out ♪

♪ From the land ♪

♪ Shake me down ♪

♪ Feel my love again ♪

♪ Won't start a scene ♪

♪ There's mist beyond the green ♪

♪ A summertime for the both of us ♪

♪ So the story goes ♪

♪ Just make the call ♪

♪ There's life before the fold ♪

♪ Another night to be sure of ♪

- Ah, there you are.
- Wow. You are so obsessed with me.

- What?
- Montgomery isn't even on shift yet,

and yet you still manage
to end up at the station,

and that's what I call "sprung."

Actually, I'm just here to drop
off your apartment keys, so...


Uh, hope you didn't roam around
where you weren't supposed to.

Nope. I'm holding out for
the personalized tour later.

Of course you are.

I've, uh, I've asked around,
and I heard you like dancing.

Like I said, obsessed.

Well, it's given me
inspiration for our date.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to
mentally prepare for that.

Oh, don't worry. I'm a decent lead.

It's not me I'm worried about.

I heard about your day today.


I spent it listening to Travis

talking to concerned
citizens all over the city.

Never ceases to amaze me

how tired everyone is of all
the polarization in politics.

How division can disrupt us
all and leave people feeling

alone and just exhausted.

My team's morale is hanging by a thread,

and I-I have no idea what to do.

I've tried keeping the peace, but...

Well, there's your first problem.

When has anyone been
successful in keeping the peace?

Well, nothing else has worked.

I've tried everything
to salvage the house

that I grew up in, the...
the team I know we can be.

Well, if you want unsolicited advice
from an outside observer...

Would you shut up if I said I don't?

- What do you think?
- Yeah.

Look, neutrality can
only take you so far.

Eventually, people start to
see right through that facade.

I mean, the politicians
underestimate voters

by thinking they're these mindless sheep

that can be swayed
by a colorful, catchy sign

and vague promises, but,
you know, voters catch on.

A strong stance is
worth more in a leader

than a mild peacekeeper.

You are not a mild peacekeeper.

You're strong, Andy.

Stronger than any person I've ever met.


So, uh, I know it won't mean much to you

when I say that I'm here for you,

but if I can help lighten
the load even a little,

I'd be happy to.

You're not alone.

♪ Feel my love again ♪


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