09x06 - The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky

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"The Flash" revolves around Barry Allen, who is a CSI scientist and also a superhero with incredible speed. His mission is to find out the truth about his mother's strange death and correct the injustice of his dad being falsely convicted of her m*rder.
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09x06 - The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky

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Previously on "The Flash"...



- You're pregnant.
- I'm not supposed

to be pregnant for another three months.

That's new.

I am telekinetic.


Her name's Becky Sharpe. She's a meta.

When good things happen to her,

bad things happen all around her.

Did it just get cold in here?

I'm feeling kind of warm.

I guess there's only
one thing left to do.

When did this happen?

Better question is, what took so long?

You are the hero Team
Flash needs right now.

You come on the weekends.

I'm gonna miss seeing
you guys every day.

I love you.

My name is Becky Sharpe,

and I'm the luckiest woman alive.

You've heard of meta-humans, right?

Well, I'm one of them,

which means me and Lady Luck are BFFs.

And yes, my powers did
used to hurt people,

but not anymore.

Not since I survived a little...


Nice catch!

I guess it's my lucky day.

Turns out it was mine, too!

Yep, I fell into the arms
of the sweetest, funniest,

most caring man I have ever met.

Will you marry me?


Yeah, everything was perfect.

Then we got engaged,

and everything changed overnight.

My luck suddenly ran out.


One minute, I'm the happiest

I've ever been in my tiny life.

The next, my BFF Luck is like,

"TTYL, Becky! LOL! Poop emoji."

Now no matter what I do,

the universe is out to punish me.



My key is stuck!

Yep. These days, bad
luck always finds me.



Freeze! Hands in the air!

So long story short, I need a lawyer.

You think?

I know, I know, baby,

but did you get the organic waffle mix?

Yes, it matters!

I want my birthday breakfast
with Jenna to be perfect.

No... Joe, the house is fine.


Baby, everything is good.

Yeah, it's good. I promise.

No, I am not gonna miss my train.

It's at : . I'm gonna be there.

I will see you tonight.

I love you, too.


Okay, bye.

You really do miss me.

Horton, it's Captain Kramer.

Oh, um, sorry, Captain.

I... I... I... I thought
that you were Joe.

How can I help you?

I have a meta in need
of your legal services.

I know it's on short notice,

but is there any way you
could come down to CCPD?

Yeah, of course. It's what I do.

I'm on my way.

You guys are gonna have
a blast in Coast City,

especially at the CCC
Media expansion party.

Hey, not too much of a blast, though.

Remember? You're zooping for three

- now that Iris is pregnant.
- No, no, no.

We've adopted a no zooping
policy during the pregnancy.

The drive to Coast City's gonna be

beautiful this time of year,

especially 'cause we're
having an early spring.

Well, we should hit
the road so we make it

in time for our beachside
couple's massage.

It's a baby moon thing.

Don't worry about it, okay?

Just call us if you need anything.

- All right?
- Bye.


It's my stupid landlord.

I haven't had hot water
for days, and now he says

that they can't fix it until next week.

I hate that place.

Uh, I could come over
and look at it for you.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

Wait, is this, like, a boyfriend thing?

I mean, maybe a little bit, yeah.

You guys are so cute.
I'm so happy for you.

I'm gonna get you a
congratulatory sapling.

Hey, wait, wait, wait.

Are we seriously not gonna
acknowledge your new powers?

Khione was the first person
to know about Iris' pregnancy.

I mean, not even Iris.

And now, she's able to
predict an early spring?

Look, all I'm saying

is that you were born
under unique circumstances,

and there is a lot we
don't know about you.

That is true.

So what do you say we use this time

to help you find out what
those abilities might be?


Want to give me a hand?

Abso-definitely! Let's
make some schmience.

Yeah, and I am gonna give my
landlord a piece of my mind.

Where do we begin?

Sharpe's a former casino
dealer who was arrested

for putting her fiancé,
Dom Stewart, in a coma.

He's in stable condition at CC General,

but now she's facing an
attempted m*rder charge.

This looks like an open-and-shut case.

Captain, why call me?

Sharpe's also a meta-human

with the ability to
turn luck in her favor.

I remember.

Getting arrested for attempted
m*rder isn't very lucky.

Which is another reason
why I think she's innocent.

Another reason? What's the first?

The crime scene was too perfect,

and an anonymous tip was called in.

Call it a gut instinct,

but I think someone's setting her up.

Joe used to have those
feelings all the time.

He was never wrong.

Let's just start with the facts.

Uh, does Dominic have any enemies?

Just dairy.


Dom's a really good guy.

And he is your boyfriend?

- My fiancé.
- Fiancé.

Dom is the love of my life.

I swear if I could take
his place in that coma,

I would in a heartbeat.

Please, Ms. Horton, I...

I know how bad this all looks,

but I-I didn't do this.

That's why you... you have to help me.

Otherwise, I-I don't
know what's gonna happen.

Okay, Becky.

- I believe you.
- Oh.

- And I'm gonna take your case.
- Oh.

Okay? Let's start on Monday.

Oh, oh, wait! Monday?

No, no, no, no, no!
You need to start now!

They're gonna put me in jail!

I wouldn't last a week in here.

Becky, Becky, you're not
gonna go to jail, okay?

All of the evidence against
you is circumstantial.

At worst, you'll spend the
weekend here in a holding cell.

- Oh, okay.
- Everything is going to be fine, I promise.

- Okay.
- I'm not so sure about that.

They just found the w*apon.

Things just got a lot worse.


So aren't you supposed to be
on a train in, like, six hours?

Yes, I am, so we need to make this fast.

Is there a plunger out there?

I don't know, Becky.

Didn't Barry say she
died, like, five years ago?

Yeah, she did,

but when Crisis reset the world,

Becky got lucky.

She came back.

Oh... sorry about the smell.


Okay, Becky, so when you found Dom,

neither you nor the
police saw any evidence

that someone else had been here?

- No.
- Okay,

well, we're not the police.

Oh, so you think the
person that att*cked him

did leave something behind
and that you can find it?

Yep, that's the idea.

- Close the curtains?
- On it.


Well, whoever att*cked your fiancé

really cleaned up their trail.



Okay, well, I... I found these.

They look like they have DNA on them.

Oh, I've actually been looking for this.

A poker chip.

Becky, have you been
working the casinos again?

- Not anymore.
- Maybe it's Dominic's?

Oh, no. I mean,

Dominic wouldn't even
jaywalk, let alone gamble.

Well, if it isn't yours
and it isn't his...

Then it might belong to
the person who did this,

which means we need to figure
out where this chip came from.


Something you want to tell me?

Well, there is someone who
gambles and who's here a lot,

but... but he could
never have done this.

Why not?

Because he's my future brother-in-law.

What kind of scum would
do this to my baby brother?

Tony, I am so sorry that
you have to go through this,

but if we're gonna
figure out what happened,

we need your help.

Now can you tell us about
the last time you saw brother?

It was last week.

I was tagging along with Dom

to pick up that beautiful
ring of yours, Becky.

I was his best man. Still am.

We've been inseparable
our... our whole lives.

And the one time that I'm
not there, this happens.

It's my fault.

Oh no, wait! That's my favorite...



Tony. Any idea why this
would be in Dom's apartment?


You just got real
anxious all of a sudden.

If this means something,
you need to fill us in.

I'm so sorry, Becky.

Dom didn't want you to find out,

but as much as he loved you...

he loved the roulette wheel.

And the slots

and the dice as well,
now that I think about it.

Dom was a gambler?

He was the gambler.

Only thing missing
was a roasted chicken.

No, no.

Dom wouldn't hide
something like that from me.

He made me promise not to tell you.

- He was in a lot of debt.
- To who?

They might be the ones
who are behind this.

I don't know.

But from what Dom told
me, they weren't a very...

friendly bunch.

Whoever Dom owed money to
must've come to collect.

But Dom couldn't pay up.
Sounds like motive to me.

What are we gonna do?

If Dom owes money to the mob...

Look, Tony, if I'm gonna
prove Becky's innocence,

then we need your help.

You knew what was going on with Dom.

Any idea where this came from?

O'Shaughnessy's Bar.

They run a high-stakes
casino night twice a month.

Dom was a regular.

Okay. That's where we go next.

Okay, so bar manager has no
idea who Dom owes money to,

but I don't know, something about this,

it just doesn't feel right.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

I missed my call back
from Joe and Jenna.

What am I gonna do, Allegra?

I've got less than two
hours to make this train.

Hang on. I'm sorry. I just
have to go make a call.

What train?

Uh, it's gonna be okay.
Just give me a sec.

I know, it's all my fault.
I'm so sorry. Just trust me.

It's entirely my fault.

- Let's go, Becky.
- Wait! Who are you guys?

Hey, bozos!

My client's not going anywhere with you.

Now back off... before
I make you back off.

Uh, Cecile?

Oh, my gosh!

My bad luck is rubbing
off on you now, too!

You were saying?

Wait, wait! Please!

I'll go quietly, and
if Dom owes you money,

I will find a way to
pay you back, I swear.

Get up.

You're embarrassing yourself.

If you insist.


Ooh, ooh, that stings.

Nice moves.

I mean, you too,

but how come your powers
aren't all wonky like hers?

First, Becky, who were those guys?

I don't know. I've never
seen them before in my life.

What's going on out here?

Any more tricks, I start firing.

I hate this job.

Got yourself some meta-muscle?

Fine, you won this round.

Follow us and he dies.

No, don't.

Hey. Are you okay?


This is all my fault.

All right, party people.

So I have retrofitted our combat dummy

to test for over
different power sets.

I'm talking pyrokinesis, telekinesis,

- technopathy...
- Cryokinesis?

Oh, does Mr. Freeze take
his root beer on the rocks?

I mean, obvious... Khione, right?

So, uh, yeah, it tests
for ice powers, too.

What if I don't have any powers?

Uh, except you do.

I know it because it's
the only reason I'm alive.

And Khione, I read
Gideon's medical analysis

of my condition during the coma.

I shouldn't even be here.

And that beating I took,
my insides were a mess.

My vitals were... were crashing.

It's true. Mark is lucky to be alive.

So don't you see?

I was a goner, but then you kissed me.

Say what?

And my biometrics regulated, I woke up.

It... it was a miracle.

But not the cosmic karma kind.

It was you, Khione.

And so that means you must have
some kind of meta-abilities.

I just don't feel like I do.

Actually, uh, you having meta-powers

is the only scientific
explanation for what happened,

which is why I think
it's worth investigating.

If you say so. Okay.

Let's see what fruits I can bear.

Let's start off with
an ice blast, shall we?


you're gonna want to have your feet

approximately shoulder width apart,

line up with your target,
and then breathe...

And fire.

Give it a try.

All righty, then.

Oh. Yeah, watch your feet, yeah.

Good stance. Line up that target.


Lean in.

And then...


Release that feeling inside of you...

whenever you're ready...

simply by letting go.


Maybe, um, just try

focusing harder this time.

Ice blast, activate!

Go, ice, go!

I don't feel anything.

There are no fluctuations
in her core temperature

or surges in dark matter readings.

Okay, well, then I suppose we try again.



Yeah. One more time.

What if I try my left hand?

Guys, I don't think this is working.

Yeah, dude. Why don't we just move on?

I don't think she has ice powers.

Well, then you're wrong.

Or at least your readings are.

And you need to focus more.

Actually, I'm always focused.

I just don't have ice
powers, and that's okay.

No, it isn't!

Mark, what's wrong?

"What's wrong?"

What's wrong is you...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I... I need a minute.

Oh, this is bad. This is really bad.

Don't worry. We will keep you safe.

Okay, that doesn't help Dom.

I mean, he might die because of me.

God, everything is
just... it's so screwed up!

Okay, okay, look. I have
Dom's last five years

of banking records right here.

Now, whoever Dom owes money to,

they might've left a digital trail

somewhere in here,

so if I can just find one
thing that can help us,

maybe we can close this case.

What about this right...


Oh, no.

Oh, those are your only
copies, aren't they?

Uh, hey, Becky?

There are some paper
towels in the break room

just down the hall.

- Do you mind?
- Okay.

Okay, well, uh, could
this get any worse?

It's : .

I missed my train.

I missed my train. I missed my train!

Oh! How did this happen?

I-it's okay. Uh, you... you can take

the morning train, be
there by lunch, easy-peasy.

No, no, it's not easy-peasy. I can't.

I'm gonna miss Jenna's
breakfast in the morning.

It's her birthday breakfast.
I make it every year.

And now, I have ruined our new tradition

because I needed to be there by tonight.

Oh, why did I take this case?

This woman has been
bad luck from the start!


You're, um, out of paper towels.

Becky, I'm so sorry.
I-I-I didn't mean it.

No. No, you're absolutely right, Cecile.

Lately, every life that
I've touched has been ruined,

including Dom's.

He just never should've proposed to me.

I've always just been bad news,

and I'm just finally
getting what I deserve.


- I'll... I'll talk to her.
- No, no, no, no.

I'll go. I just need to explain

- that none of this is her...
- No!

No, no! Help!

- Hey!
- Let her go!

Oh, crap.

Okay, so I've tapped into the
S.T.A.R. Labs remote satellite feed.

There's no sign of Becky anywhere.

Well, Cecile, what
about your empath power?

- She's probably terrified.
- Hey, right, right.

Cecile, if you could hone in on...

I can't. I tried ten minutes ago.

My powers still aren't working properly.

Uh, but Becky's not around.
They... they should be.

They're not, because
I am apparently failing

as a superhero as well as a mom.

I need to go call Jenna.


Chuck, this is not all her fault.

I mean, it was my powers that blinded me

and let Becky get kidnapped.

And your powers backfired when...

one of them flashed this puppy at you?


Okay, uh, I'm gonna take
this back to my workshop.

I've got a hunch.

Okay. Um, I'll talk to Cecile.

I thought I'd find you in here.

Mark, why are you so angry?

Why did you kiss me?

I don't know. I just...

I thought that's what you needed.


And what did you think was gonna happen?

Nothing. I just wanted you to wake up.

It was nothing, really.

Except it is.

Look, I'm sorry, but next time,

maybe try smelling salts
or... or blaring Metallica.


Don't kiss me again.

Was it bad? Am I a bad kisser?

No, it wasn't bad at all.


that's beside the point.

It's just the last time that
somebody kissed me like that,

I... I...

It was Frost, wasn't it?

Did you know I was in love with her?

That I never got to tell
her, and now it's too late?

There it is.

And so when you kissed me...

the briefest moment
before I opened my eyes,

it was like she was alive.

It was like I actually
got a second chance.

And then...

when I realized it wasn't her,

it was like she died all over again.

And that is why you
have to have her powers.

It's all that's left of her.

Mark, no. It's not.

And I don't have Frost's powers.

Are you sure?

'Cause that kiss...

that kiss had some power over me.

Did you know that in Utah,
there are these rock formations

where gorgeous wildflowers grow
inside certain canyon walls?

What does that have to do with Frost?

These canyons were eroded
over centuries of time

by a river that's no longer there.

And it left behind this beautiful life

so we could all enjoy
these beautiful blossoms.

Mark, there is more of
Frost left behind in you

than there ever was in me.

I know she's gone, but those memories,

they're still there,

and they are a beautiful
part of what's inside of you.

And if you let them,
they'll just keep blossoming.

Just like those wildflowers.

Yes! Honey, of course I
know that it's your birthday.

And I'm gonna be there
tomorrow, I promise.

I am.


Okay. Mama loves you, Jenna.


Mm-hmm. Night-night.


How'd she take it?

Like a heartbroken five-year-old.

Yeah. I'm sorry.

Cecile, I, um,

I found the pillow and sheets.

How long have you been
sleeping in your office?

Since the night that Joe and Jenna left.

It's just that the
house is so quiet now,

and I miss them so much.


You know, when I told Jenna
that I was staying behind

because I was helping people
and because I am a superhero,

she was so proud

and I told her that I would
always be her mom first.

And now I feel like
maybe I can't do this.

Well, I thought you
went home every weekend.

I do.

Yeah, but I...

I don't think it's enough.

So basically, I have
ruined two lives tonight,

Becky's and Jenna's,

and it's all because I
can't handle being alone.

Maybe you move home full-time?

Yeah, I know, but if I do that,

then I can't help as many people.

But if I stay, then my daughter

is gonna stop thinking of me as her mom

and just think of me as some relative

who visits on the weekends.

Cecile, no.

Even when you're fighting big bads,

the love you have for
Jenna is still there.

And... and the things
that you're doing now,

they're just... they're just showing her

how to become an incredible
woman like you one day.

You're a superwoman, Cecile.

And from where I'm sitting,

that makes Jenna the
luckiest kid in the world.



When did you become so wise?

I have my moments.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Thank you.


Oh, it's Chuck.

He found something.

Well, it turns out this crystal

is a dark matter refractor.

Yeah, it uses an asymmetric matrix

to reverse any meta-ability
it comes in contact with,

and that's why it deflected
Allegra's light blast.

Chuck, you're amazing.

H-how did you figure all this out?

Well, Goldface tried

to sell me one during the Rogue w*r.

Yeah, he's trying to move
them on the black market,

but it turns out the refractors
are one-time use only,

so nobody's buying.

Okay, first of all,
we're gonna shut down

Goldface's operation right after this,

because not okay.

Second, this still doesn't explain

why Becky's luck powers
are being reversed / .

Yeah, if these matrix
things only work once,

someone would have to follow her around

with a new crystal all the time.

Her engagement ring.

And once a girl slips
that on her finger, baby,

she is never taking it off.

So until she does, she'll have bad luck

because it activated
when she put the ring on,

and it'll keep working

until she takes it
off for the first time.

Wait, didn't Tony say

he went ring shopping with Dom?

Tony. Tony, uh, yes.

Chester, so, uh, I'ma
ask you to do something

that is, eh, like, a little bit shady,

but Tony's bank records,
they would be confidential...

- Got 'em.
- Yes!

Holy Casper Holstein.

This guy is broke as a joke.

Whoa, that is way more than broke.

Every account he's tied
to is in the negative.

Well, it looks like the
last check that cleared

was from Central City
Holdings and Assets,

which is a company that's suspected

of having ties with organized crime.

Okay, so a broke guy

who signs away his last
grand all in one chunk

and to a shady institution?

Yeah, sounds like what happens

when someone has gambling debts.

Man, if this guy owes money...

He would need, like, a
ton of money and fast.

Kind of like...

kind of like hitting the
jackpot at casino night.

Allegra, come on. It
was right in front of us.

Okay, how does Becky fit in?

I bet when Tony found
out about her powers,

he saw an out.

Now he's gonna use her to get rich.

Not on our watch.

Hey. Blackjack.

That's bad luck for the house.

But good luck for me.

Every time.

You are up grand, Tony.

That is more than enough
to pay off your debts.

Why don't you just walk and let me go?

And miss the opportunity of a lifetime?

Uh-uh. Keep dealing.

Blackjack again. Wow.

Hell yeah.

I told Dom one way or another,
you'd be helping me out.

He should've never tried to stop me.

Private game.


Everything okay here?

You bet.

All right.

Player has , dealer has three.


Would you look at that?

Double blackjack.

Who saw that coming?

Chuck, we're in.

Okay. Any sign of Becky yet?

She's gotta be in there somewhere.

Hell yeah!

It's my night, people!

Oh, yeah, she's here.
She's upstairs with Tony.

Okay, remember, you just gotta

get that engagement ring off of her.

Okay, after that, her
meta-powers should do the rest.

And tell me again why I
don't just use my powers

to take this scumbag to dreamtown?

It's too close quarters in there.

Someone else could get hurt.

Plus, you could be ID'd as a meta.

Okay, okay, so I'm
gonna take the stairs.

Chester, you better have
that diversion ready.

Actually, why don't you both
follow me to the buffet table?

I hear the shrimp's to die for.

Oh, I hate g*ns!

Allegra, Cecile! What's happening?


I'd eat if I were you.
Could be your last meal.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

No. No, no, no, no.


Not a fan of buffet chicken wings?

- Mm-mm. - You know
what we really need?

A distraction from
our current situation.

I'm overriding the city power grid.

Almost there, almost
there! Five seconds.

- What are you two up to?
- Nothing.

- No.
- No, nothing.

We just... you know, we were just, uh,

hoping for a little change of pace.

- Right now!
- Yes, I agree.

One distraction coming in three...

No one's coming to save you.

- Two...
- We don't need saving.

- One...
- You do.

What the hell?

- Hup!
- Ugh!

Get the ring!

Ooh, nice!

Get off of me, you asshat!

Oh, here we are again.

Becky with a g*n against her,

and you can't do anything about it.

Hey, dumbass.

Never bet against a superwoman.

Are you feeling lucky, punk?

'Cause I know I am.

sh**t 'em! sh**t them all.


Wait, is everyone okay?

Yeah, we're fine.

Call Kramer.

She's got some dirty laundry to pick up.

Well, that was fun.

I would say that we are
three badass b*tches.

And a whole lot more.


We do make one damn good team, don't we?

We do.

You know, there's still
something I don't get.

Your powers went haywire at CCC Media,

but were working at O'Shaughnessy's.

And Becky was in both places
and still had her ring on,

so why didn't her bad
luck powers work on you?

Because they never did.

It's like what you said earlier, Chuck.

The matrix ring turned
Becky's bad luck onto herself,

not others.

Then why did Cecile...

Because I wasn't myself.

I was missing my family so bad,

and I was sleeping on a couch
instead of in my own bed.

I was up all night worrying

that I wasn't being a
good enough mom to Jenna.

That's what threw my powers off...

until a good friend set me straight.

And she became her usual badass self.

Oh, and guess what?

Now that Kramer has put
Tony on ice for Dom's attack,

Becky can live happily
ever after with her beau.

He woke up from his coma last night.

- He's gonna be just fine.
- Yay.

He's not the only one feeling lucky.

- Oh, really?
- Mm.


- Oh, sorry.
- My bad.

No worries. Just get a room.

Or actually... Allegra, stay.

Not you, Chuck. No offense.

I'm just... I'm not quite that chill.

What do you mean?

Well, I am done sleeping at the office,

but I mean, I could
still use some company

in this big ol' empty house,

and last I heard, you hate
your current residence.

And I have a spare bedroom.

Cecile, are you serious?

You want me to move in with you?

Think about it, okay?

My train leaves in an hour,

and since I missed it last night,

I am gonna stay an extra day,

which means you have a
three-day weekend to settle in,

make yourself comfortable.

Also, my spare bedroom is bigger

than your whole entire apartment.

Yeah, I'm... I'm sold.

This is amazing.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Thank you so much. You
will not regret this.

I know it. I know it, roomie.


- Okay, I'm gonna get my stuff.
- Okay.

Uh-huh. Houston, we have a banner.

So most of my stuff is unpacked.

Do you want to come over
tonight and help me decorate?

Ah, that's an affirmative, Captain.

You guys are so sweet.

Frost used to call celery rabbit food.

Mm. Then rabbits have excellent taste.

I bet she really would've liked you.

I hope so.

They're coming.

Hide! Hide!


Oh, wait, this is a...

- Definitely a baby shower.
- Baby.

Yeah. We figured no time
like the present, right?



It's finally starting to hit me.

Me too.

Our Nora's gonna be here soon.

- Guys.
- You guys.

- This is...
- Come here.

So what's so important it couldn't wait?

Uh, so after Khione's little
snow dusting in the lounge,

I sent her test results to
Carla at Tannhauser Labs.

Just wanted to confirm my analysis.

Why? I'm sure it was accurate.

- You're a genius.
- Thanks.

But, uh, well...

I just wanted to make
sure that I'm not nuts.

'Cause these findings,

I have never seen anything like them.

Okay, these are Khione's? They can't be.

There's... there's no dark
matter or cold fusion traces.

Chester, there has to be a mistake.

She made it snow indoors.

She's obviously a meta.

No, she's not.

And that's not all.

Khione's genetic code is missing

of common biometric signatures.

Oh, I don't know what that means.

It means you're not a meta like Frost.

But you're not human
like Caitlin, either.


Then... what am I?
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