02x13 - Lose to Win

Episode transcripts for the TV show "All American: Homecoming". Aired: February 21, 2022 - present.
Spin-off series follows Simone who leaves Los Angeles to attend Bringston University, a historically black college in Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her dream of Tennis.
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02x13 - Lose to Win

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MAN, ON TV: The Georgia
Athletic Conference semifinals,

the last stop before the
conference championships.

Conyers University is holding
its own against Bringston,

a team eager to shut down
questions about their dominance

after a string of losses.

It's come down to this...
Bringston up by one,

bottom of the ninth,
two outs, two strikes,

the firepower of Damon
Sims on the mound.

Come on, Damon. Come
on, come on, come on.

MAN, ON TV: Sims lets it
fly, a swing, strike .

Bringston wins it.

We are headed to the championship.


- B.U.!
- B-what?

Yes, sir. Conference
championship, here we come.


Y'all left your hearts
out on that field.

I cannot be more proud of you!

Enjoy the moment because you earned it.

- B-what?
- B.U.!

- Let's go!
- Let's go, baby!

Man, we're so close, I
can taste the championship.

Yes, sir, but, hey, we
got to stay focused, man.

We got to continue to
work together as a team.

- For sure.
- Speaking of, where's Lando?

Oh, his uncle in town.

He scooped him up after
the game to celebrate.

Boys, check this out.

Our opponents in the conference
championship sent us a little message.

Yo, Trevor Michaels here

with the Eastview baseball squad.

Folks want to talk about
Bringston and they MLB wannabe?

Well, let me make one thing clear.

They ain't ever b*at us,

so bring that smoke,
baby, 'cause we coming.

- Ha!
- Oh, it's like that?

Oh, it's good. I'm gonna
send them something better.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey, nah.
- Hey, man...

Come on, bro. They're just doing
that to mess with our heads.

Look, if we f*re back now,
that means that they succeeded.

So no response?

No, we deliver our response
on the field in person.

Come on.

Huh. Never thought I'd say this,

but I miss cocky Damon.

just shocked that Dr. Pace

doesn't have you in some
extra dance rehearsal.

Girl, she is back to
ignoring me since the ball.

From her point of view, I guess

me finding a loophole
to stay in her class

was just another instance
of me challenging her.

- Mm-hmm.
- She want me out her class so bad.

I'm sorry, Keish.

This is supposed to be your
dream semester of dance.

Mm. What doesn't k*ll you
makes you stronger, right?

- I refuse to let Dr. Pace stress me out.
- Good.

Speaking of someone stressing, Nate,

- please put these notecards down.
- Uh, no. The debate is tomorrow.

Oh, can you guys quiz me at
least one more time, please?

- No.
- No.

Nate, you've studied these
issues inside and out.

Girl, you got it.

Fine, no more prep, but that means

I need a distraction
and, well, typically,

Damon-and-Simone drama does the trick.

- Child, anyway...
- No, no, no, no, no.

You're gonna tell us what's
going on with you two.


It's pretty much been radio silence

since the masquerade ball. There.

Oh, you mean since he
handed you his heart,

then gave you the most
romantic ultimatum.

- My God, if I speak...
- Damon wants answers,

and until I can give him one,

- I have nothing to say.
- Well, then how do you feel?

Everything with Damon is intense

and all-consuming, and I don't know

if I'm ready for that.

- Damon, what's up?
- Yo.

You got to say something to him.

Radio silence isn't cool.



Uh, what's good?

I owe you a conversation,

but I'm not ready to have it.

I take what you said and
how you feel very seriously.

But you need more time to
see if you feel the same way.

Damon, you're one of my best friends.

I just don't want us to get this wrong.

I know what I want,

and deep down, I think you do, too.

If you need more time to get there,

then all right.

No one waits forever, though.

LONI: All right, guys.
Today's the big day.

A win will ensure a favorable
seed for the NCAA tournament,

so perform like I know you can.

Coach Loni, where's Thea?

Oh, Thea won't be joining us today,

so I switched up the lineup.

I'll hand out your new
matchups on the bus.

But why isn't she playing?

Well, that isn't relevant,

but winning this match is.

Which is now harder to do because

- we have to pivot to new opponents.
- JADE: Yeah, and on top of that,

we're down one of our best players.

- Yeah.
- All right.

Uh, guys, it's all good.

We have a few hours on this bus,

so we can swap strategies
and just get ready.

Let's do what we do.

MARCUS: Oh, we got to get up.

- You're gonna be late for work.
- Mm,

don't you want to bask in the
glory of your semifinal game?

- Hmm?
- Hmm?

Oh, ho ho! I forgot
how cold your feet get.

- Stop.
- Ooh, did you get back with me

for the extra body heat, hmm?

- Mm, that's a very strong possibility.
- Ha ha!


Oh? Oh. Now hold on.


- Mm...
- Hey, Doug, what's going on?

Wait. What?

Hold on, baby.


OK. We'll talk later,

and I'll get back to you this week.


What's going on?

That was the owner of the
building we've been fighting for,

and because of those financial issues,

- he needs to sell sooner rather than later.
- Define "sooner."

He's given us days to
counter Bringston's offer.

... The grants I applied for

- won't be approved that fast.
- I know, I know...

but the Athletic Department's
throwing its muscle around,

overriding the other
pressing campus needs.

It's not a good look.

If something like that got out...

Public pressure could

force the board to consider

using the building
for another department.

If only you had a journalist friend

who loves a juicy story...


MAN, ON TV: Sliding in,
though, is Darren Lewis.

Lewis coming in, Sadler
going out in a hurry.

The one thing you knew for
sure, there was plenty of speed

headed in that direction,
whether it be Lewis, Sadler...

Bro, she ain't here.
She got a tennis match.

- Bro, ain't nobody checking for Simone.
- Oh, OK.

You want to tell me what happened
the last minutes of this game?


Bro, this situationship can't be easy.

You know what, bro?

Man, forget this. You're right.

Look. Me getting hung up
on a girl, this ain't me.

What's happening at the KEK house today?

Nothing. Uh,

should I be scared of whatever
idea you got in your mind?

- OK. Hey, fellas...
- Hmm?

we are so much better than sitting
at the dorm all day, all right,

- so let's roll.
- Uh, where are we going?

♪ You know you're feeling it ♪

♪ When you're walking on them streets ♪

♪ You know you're digging it ♪

♪ You just can't control your feet... ♪

TREVOR: Damn, it's litty in here.

Yo, ain't that...


I know you, right?

Uh, Trevor?

You got my message. I'm touched.

Yeah. We got your little,
hating-ass Yard Yack video,

so, what, y'all want
to talk trash about me

- and my team, then come to my party?
- Your party?

Technically, this is a KEK party,

and we got KEK on our squad.

We heard the party was busting,

so we figured we'd pull up.

I mean, is that a problem?

You know what? Nah.

I guess you guys should see what
it's like to party with kings.

Ain't that right? Come on.

Come on, fellas.

Well, I guess cocky Damon is back, man.


This ain't gonna end well.

I ain't getting no service.

Y'all have service?

Well, no wonder. We're
deep in the boonies.

Coach, can we play some music?

All right, y'all, so
we're in a d*ad zone,

but we got an hour until we arrive,

so it's time to get a little lit.

- Aagh...
- Yaagh...

♪ Hey, hey, hey... ♪

♪ Go, Coach ♪

ALL: ♪ Go, Coach ♪

♪ Go, Coach... ♪


♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪

Sit down and hang tight,

and we'll see what this is about, OK?



LONI: Is there a problem, Officer?

Your bus made an illegal
lane change back there.

These your girls?

They're my students, yes.

We're with the Bringston tennis team.

Sir, I need you to step outside the bus.

You, too.

Coach, what's going on?

Just keep everybody calm, OK?

I'll be right back.

So, are you ready for the debate?

I've gone over all my talking points,

and I'm briefed on all
major campus issues.

Nate, you sweet summer child,

SGA debates are messy.

You need dirt on Nico.

That's not how I want to win.

I want to stay true to who I am.

Well, that's great for you,

but Nico doesn't play that way.

Didn't you see the debate last year?

Nico and I were broken up
during last year's debate.

- I had him on mute.
- Other candidates have dropped out.

You can win this election

if you spill the tea on Nico...

- That's not the present...
- And since you used to be together,

it shouldn't be that hard to
come up with something, anything.

Get to work.

DOROTHEA: Can I have your attention?

The Dance Department will
be holding a celebration

of my work in honor of
my -plus-year career.

- OK.
- Whoo!

Thank you.

As part of the celebration,

prominent alums and current students

will be performing iconic
pieces from my repertoire.

Everyone will be a part of the ensemble.

However, only my most promising
students will be given solos.

You will all be learning
the same movement

and have the option
to audition for a solo

before myself and other faculty members.

Your ability to master this
choreography will impact your grades,

so get ready to work hard.

You're all dismissed.

Dr. Pace, I just wanted to say

it's an honor to get to
be a part of the showcase.

Miss McCalla,

the choreography you will be
learning is near and dear to me.

I want more from you.

I want your best.

Don't let me down.

MAN: ♪ Yeah ♪ [ECHOES]

♪ I be the king, and I
know I'm like that... ♪

TREVOR: You better not. [LAUGHS]



See you guys are enjoying everything

that a Damon Sims function
has to offer, right?

You may have clout in this little party,

but it won't mean nothing when
you're up against us on the field.

Y'all boys really think that
y'all are a better team, huh?

- Yeah.
- Well, damn, we ain't got to wait

till the conference championship game.

We can settle this right here.

- Mm-hmm.
- Let's get it.

AMARA: Yes, I saw the article
in the "Atlanta Daily News."

Excuse me, A.D. Taylor, but
it's President Patterson,

and the only thing that
matters is that now the board

is leaving it up to me to determine

which department gets the building.

Oh. Uh-huh.

Oh, I have several faculty pitches

scheduled for this afternoon,

but if you'd like to submit one

on behalf of the Athletic Department,

please reach out to my
assistant. Bye for now. Mm.

Am I interrupting something, Dr. P.?

Oh, just A.D. Taylor being a sore loser.

- How can I help you?
- I have a dilemma.

The SGA debate is today.

My campaign manager wants me to focus

on messy drama instead of the issues.


while dirty politics
may be the norm for some

or even the majority,

there is more than one way to win.

You get to decide what kind
of winner you're going to be.


How long does it take to give a ticket?

If we don't get back on the
road, we're gonna miss warmups.

This is some bull.

You see the way the
cop was looking at us?

He saw Bringston on the side of the bus

and decided it was time
to mess with a HBCU.

I agree, but right now,

I'm more focused on Coach Loni.

Excuse me.

Coach Loni, are you OK?

Please stay inside the bus.

Simone, I'm fine.

I promise.

Does he see you recording?


- Oh!
- Go.

Everybody off the bus now.



It's OK, it's OK, girls. Relax.

- It's OK.
- OFFICER: Get in line.

- LONI: Relax. Calm down.




SIMONE: Coach, they're
going through our stuff.

Just relax. Just relax, girls.

So we'll go through all of their bags.

Why are you all going through our stuff?

This isn't legal.

It's standard procedure, all right?

We have to make sure there are
no illegal substances on that bus.

You're not gonna get away with this.

- Girl...
- Not this time.

The whole world is gonna see
how out-of-pocket y'all are.

Oh! You can't do that!

- I told you not to record!
- That's enough.

Keep your hands off of my girls.

- Cuff her.
- What?

- Now.
- You can't do this!

You have no right to punish
us for driving while Black.

Everybody else sit on the ground now!

It's OK, girls. It's OK. I'm OK.

- Come on.
- Do it.




Ah-ah. I need you focused.

Let's hear it... juicy juice on Nico.

Word to Michelle,

when they go low, we go high.

When they go low, we go to hell.

If I'm gonna win this debate,

I'm gonna do it my way,

and I need you to respect that.

- Fine. We'll do it your way.
- Thank you.

Might as well pray 'cause
you are gonna need it.

DOROTHEA: Leo, straighten that arm

before you go into the turn.

Now, Carolyn, when has that pace

ever been acceptable in my class?

Jump into those hops faster.

Good form, Miss McCalla.

- Thank you.
- Oh, I do miss that renversé axel

that used to be there. Took
things to the next level,

but this works, too.

Well, I've been studying
videos of you doing this dance,

and I saw that amazing renversé axel.

If you'd be willing to teach me,

I would love to try it
for my solo audition.

My dear, that move is
extremely difficult.

That's why it's not part
of the routine anymore.

Well, you asked for my best.

Give me a chance to show you.

I appreciate your enthusiasm,

but I think you should
focus on accomplishing

the simple movement I assigned.


All right, the game is Around the World.

First team to hit
through in a row wins.

- And the losing team?
- Has to strip down to their underwear

live on Yard Yack,

I mean, unless you scared.

"Scared" is not in my vocabulary.

Let's get it.

- Here we go.
- S.O.: Whoo! Whoo!

♪ I think they're ready for more... ♪


Yeah, baby. Nice.


S.O.: ♪ I'm the star of
the show and the regiment ♪

♪ Can't stop me, bro,
ain't no peddling ♪

♪ Ain't no running away,
staring right in your face... ♪

Yes, sir!

S.O.: ♪ This ain't back in the day ♪

♪ Get ready for more ♪

The score is Bringston , Eastview .

You know, this score
makes a lot of sense.

I can tell y'all not used to
actually working for something.

Come on, man. Cut that out. We
fight for everything, just like you.

That's cap. Smaller HBCUs get ignored

when schools like
yours get all the shine,

even when you don't deserve it.

DAMON: How do you figure that?

Uh, our record is better,

but you're the team to b*at?

- Explain that.
- SANTIAGO: Hey, whoa, whoa.

- That's just the media talking.
- Exactly,

and then you got Mr. MLB over here

who snaps his fingers and gets
whatever he wants whenever.

I get whatever I want whenever?

You have no idea what
you're even talking about.

You know what? I don't even want to play

this stupid-ass game anymore.


Yo, what's up with your boy, man?

I thought we was just talking trash.

He just got a lot going on right now.

You just so happened to
hit a particular nerve.

SANTIAGO: He's having
some girl problems.

Uh-huh, girl problems.


NATE: Yeah? Well, it's
just that my platform

is based on uplifting
the voiceless at B.U.

It's not just about using my voice

to represent myself,

but to represent everyone on campus.


I have to respond to that.

Don't you think it's convenient
that your decision to run

- came after we broke up?
- You mean after I broke up with you?

- Ohh!
- Ohh!

Right, for dimming your light?

Now it seems that you're
trying to dim mine.

- Ooh.
- Ooh.

That's not what this is.

How about we just get
back to the issues?

That is a fantastic idea.

Drug use on campus is an important one.

I agree.

We should be doing anything we
can to help students stay clean.

Which includes enforcing punishment

when students use banned substances,

so you support my voting
against your bestie Simone Hicks

in the NCAA tribunal.


No. What happened to Simone

- was an accident, and you know that.
- See?

That right there, that's the problem

with Nathaniel Hardin.

She believes the rules
apply to some, but not all.

Is that really the kind
of president you want?

- No!
- No!




No, I know, I know.

- He's k*lling me out there.
- Uh, yeah, but, luckily for you,

I took the liberty of doing some
research on Nico's social media.

These are some posts
from a few years ago.

"HBCUs are inferior schools.

I would never stoop so low and
attend a college like Brings... "

You mean to tell me you just
found these? Wilinda, please.

OK, so maybe I had them the whole time

from when I thought I'd
be going against him.

I wanted you to do your own digging,

but since you won't and
you're dying out there,


Nico wouldn't just lose the debate.

His entire reputation would be ruined.

Then so be it.

Nate, he just trashed you out there.

Playtime is over.

Finish him and take what's yours.



OK, ladies, listen.

We know what is
happening to us is wrong,

and we have every right to feel afraid,

but fear feeds them, so right
now, we need to stick together,

and we need to play smart
because we all we got.

Simone, you saw what they
just did to Coach Loni.

What are we supposed to do?

We're gonna focus on
what we can control.

We have to focus on the match.

TOOTIE: Who can think about
tennis at a time like this?

Tootie, remember when
we were at the court

during the b*mb thr*at?

The one thing that brought us
together was reclaiming our joy.

We cannot let them break us.

JADE: Does anybody want
to do some stretches?

We won't have time to warm
up when we get to the match.

That's a good idea, Jade.

That's exactly what I'm talking about.

Every time we even breathe too heavy,

these cops yell at us.

- One wrong move, and they might...
- We may be strong, Black women,

but just because we're
strong doesn't mean

they get to test how
strong we actually are.

I'm gonna get us home,

no matter what it takes, all right?

All right?

JADE: OK, ladies, uh,

hips? To the right.

JADE: Switch.

SIMONE: Hey, just so you
know, my mom is a lawyer,

so I know all about these
illegal-search-and-seizure laws.

You have no probable cause

and no search warrants
to search that bus,

so there's definitely a lawsuit loading.

I'm just doing my job.

Well, I hope you're smart
enough to do the right thing

and not let this go any further.

Wow. Are all those faculty pitches?

Yeah. I wasn't expecting
so many departments

- to throw their names in the ring.
- Anyone worthy?

Honestly, all the departments
could use an upgrade, but...

I don't know...

none of these pitches feel right.

Marcus, what if I make
the wrong decision?

It's not possible.

Look, you know better
than anyone what will

improve the lives of everybody
on this campus, Amara.

It's what you do.

Your pep talks are one of one.

I play to my strengths.




You got this, Keisha.

MAN: ♪ I've been laying
low inside my shell ♪

♪ Hiding from the misery ♪

♪ Staring at the dreams up on my shelf ♪

♪ Holding out for air to breathe ♪

♪ Is that what my life
is, not rolling the dice ♪

♪ And still denying the crisis? ♪


- MAN: ♪ Every mountain is higher ♪
- Ow!


MAN: ♪ We all walk through the wire ♪

- Oh! Uhh!
- MAN: ♪ Stop thinking about ♪

♪ The things you never did ♪

♪ Start living out to
make the best of it ♪

♪ Every mountain is ♪

[GASPS] I got it.

- MAN: ♪ Higher ♪


- All right. You all are free to go.

What about our stuff
you threw in the dirt?

You gonna help us clean that up?

LONI: I assume you all didn't
find what you were looking for?

No, but we are very
sorry for the confusion.

SIMONE: "Sorry." You terrorize
us and then you say you're sorry?

OFFICER : Y'all are free to go.

This is the last place
you want to be after dark.

I'm gonna call.

Maybe they'll hold our
matches till we get there?

TOOTIE: Coach is calling now,
but by the time we get there,

we'll be a hour late.

- PLAYER: This is ridiculous.
- LONI: Listen up.

The matches have already started,

and they are not willing
to make an exception for us.

- We have to forfeit.
- SIMONE: What?

JADE: Coach, that's not fair.

Did you tell them why we're late?

- LONI: Of course.
- SIMONE: Coach, if we forfeit,

then that means our season's...

it's over?

I am so sorry.


She must have done some serious
damage to have you acting a fool.

And who's that?

Whatever chick you waiting to hear from.

Look, I don't know you,

so if you think that I'm about
to talk to you about this,

you can think again.

Look, me and my girl
broke up last semester,

and it threw me.

Look, don't get me wrong.

I studied you for months now,

and the great Damon Sims
is definitely a cocky jerk,

but not this much, man. What did she do?

She didn't do anything, bro.

OK, look, man, I'm observant.

You sitting here waiting on a call,

and you taking it out on us,

so I'm assuming that
you're waiting for her

to make some type of move
or figure something out,

but personally, bro, I never
been one for curveballs,

on or off the field.

Just give it to me straight.

Whatever it is, man, put a clock on it.

She got until p.m.
to give you an answer.

Reclaim your life

and your pride, man.

All right, look, what...

what if she doesn't respond?

Sometimes, no response is the response.

All right, well,

we know why I been a ass.

- What's up with you?

Ha ha! Look, I...

I kept it with you, bro.

Like, I love my school,

and I'm tired of smaller HBCUs

not being in the conversation.

Like, there's a hierarchy amongst HBCUs

that don't nobody want to talk about.

Trevor, that has nothing to do with me.

OK, right.

You know, maybe I threw a
little extra shade your way,

OK? My bad.

We done talking about our emotions now?

Yeah, for sure.

Besides, it's about time I get back

to kicking your ass at some darts.

Oh, kicking my ass.

OK, let's see what you got, Mr. MLB.

- Let's see.
- OK.

NICO: Thank you so
much for your support.

Nico, we need to talk.

Any talking we need to do can
be done on the debate stage.

Suit yourself.

You have two options.

Option A... I use this dirt

and I end you without breaking a sweat,

or option B... you stop going low,

play fair, and let's focus on
the issues and not the drama,

so what will it be?

- Quickly.
- NICO: I... I'd like option B.

Me, too.

Go fix your face.

It's showtime, yeah?


Not bad, class.

I know that you all just
learned this new movement,

but is there anyone feeling bold
enough to audition for the solo?

I'm ready.

- MAN: I'll audition.
- WOMAN: Me, too.

My brave souls,

the floor is yours.


RICHARD: ♪ You had my
heart, but didn't love it ♪

♪ I gave you every piece
of me 'till I was nothing ♪

♪ You had my soul, we had it coming ♪

♪ Till you sold it for a
dream that wasn't finished ♪

DRUSKI: ♪ Heaven knows
that we don't care... ♪

Ah! Oh!

Oh! My knee.

Uh! I'm sorry.

I... I can do this. I
nailed it in rehearsal.

That move has been banned
from the dance program

for nearly years.

The difficulty level makes
injury almost guaranteed.

Banned? I... I didn't know. I'm sorry.

I don't understand why
you would assign this.

That move was not part

of the choreography we rehearsed.

The other students can attest to that.

I specifically told
Keisha not to do that move,

but she did it anyway.

Frankly, it's no surprise.

She has a history of flaunting the rules

and protocols of this school.

- Dr. Pace, what are you...
- Miss McCalla,

with this new injury,

I think it goes without saying that

you will not be performing
in the retrospective.

The retrospective performance
is % of your final grade.

There will be no way for you
to make up that kind of deficit.

It's probably just a bruise.

It'll heal in, like, two weeks, tops.

I'm sorry. If you can't dance,

can't complete your assignments,

you'll have to take an incomplete.

You can audition for the
program again next semester.

- KEISHA: N... no, I... that's not...
- Keisha,

you're dismissed.

Please leave so we
can continue auditions.

OK, everyone.

I want to see that again,

yeah, from the top.


I just can't believe it happened.

girl, I am so sorry.

I'll be there when the bus arrives, OK?

- I love you, Auntie.
- I love you, too.

SYML: ♪ The world got a
little more dim tonight ♪


♪ The world got a little
more dim tonight... ♪

- Hey.
- ♪ Whoa oh oh ♪


How are you holding up?

SYML: ♪ And the world got
a little more dim tonight ♪

- ♪ Whoa oh oh... ♪
- You did your thing today,

kept us calm,

kept our nerves intact,

kept us from doing something
that could've gotten us...

SYML: ♪ The world got a
little more dim tonight ♪

♪ Whoa oh oh... ♪

When the season started, I
wanted all the girls to hate you.

It was my goal to make
sure no one followed you.

If I had succeeded...

maybe someone from the team
wouldn't be coming home.

SYML: ♪ I will protect you... ♪

Today was...

one of the scariest
moments of my life, Tootie.

Me, too.

SYML: ♪ And the world got
a little more dim tonight ♪

J.R.: All right. ,
then we win the game.

Let's go.

Yes! That's what I'm talking about!


That's it! [LAUGHS]

A bet's a bet.

- Where y'all want to do the livestream?
- J.R.: Aw, man, right here.

- I got my phone ready for you.

It's from Coach.

- What?
- Something happened to the women's tennis team.

They got profiled by the cops.

They had to forfeit the season?

Yo, are they all right?

He didn't say.

How come we just can't play?

Just be kids, be athletes?

Have one damn moment of joy?

DAMON: You know, that's why being
a HBCU village is so important,

because they're already gonna
try to tear us down, man.

We can't be a part of that, yo.

Look, this game's
over, man. Let's bounce.

Hey, hey, like I said, a bet's a bet.

Me and the fellas are still down
to humiliate ourselves on the live.

No, bro.

Every image of HBCU matters.

What our sisters are going
through right now drives

that point home even harder.

See you later, man.

DAMON: We definitely gonna
see y'all on the field

in a couple weeks, all right?

It's gonna be one of the
biggest HBCU matchups in sports,

and we'll show them a healthy
competition, but right now, bro,

our sisters need us.

Let them know we all got their back.

Appreciate it.

Thank you for not using that dirt.

I was young and didn't know how much

this place would change my life.

Hmm, which is why

we should give this amazing school
our best and run a clean race,

let the students decide who
they feel is best to lead them.


Everyone's saying you won.

What do you think?

I think you impressed me,

and I don't impress easy.

Well, OK, then, Miss Nate. [LAUGHS]

Oh, you get to have this back,

oh, and Dr. Patterson
called a few times.


I'm sorry. I have to go.

Keisha, what happened?

I'll be fine.

I just want to be here
for Simone right now.

LONI: Ladies, before you all
leave, I need to say something.

What happened to us today,

I wish that I can
tell you that you won't

experience racial injustice again,

but I am not in the
business of lying to you.

I am in the business of protecting you

and keeping you safe,
and today I failed you...

and I hope that you
can forgive me one day.

Coach Loni, I think I speak for everyone

when I say you did not fail us today.

You showed us exactly
what strength looks like

because you're also in the business
of being the example that we need,

exactly when we need it.


Hey, um, check your e-mail tonight.

I'm gonna send you something.


SIMONE, ON VIDEO: I know my rights!

LONI, ON VIDEO: That's enough.
Keep your hands off of my girls.

- Cuff her.
- What?

- Now!
- You can't do this.

OFFICER: Everybody else,

sit on the ground now!

How did the police
not see Jade recording?

I don't know.

I think they were so focused on Tootie

that they missed her, but...

what I don't understand is,

Auntie, why would Jade send this to me?

Baby girl, in situations like this,

the last thing anyone should
do is make emotional decisions.

Jade knows you'll use reason

and logic to figure out what to do.

Auntie, can I use your place tonight?

The doctor said I'm gonna
be on crutches for two weeks,

which is just enough time to
get me kicked out of classes.

And you think Dr. Pace set you up?

She didn't tell me the move was banned.

She said I wasn't good enough to do it.

Knowing full well that
those are fighting words

and you would attempt
to prove her wrong.

Dr. Pace is good, but she
can't get away with this.

Damn right because first thing
tomorrow, we're going to Dr. P.

Nate, I don't have any proof.
It's her word against mine.

OK, well, then what's the plan?

I don't know.


But I'm gonna do whatever
it takes to make sure

Dr. Pace is forced out of Bringston.

I don't care what happens to me.

LONI: It's OK, girls. I'm OK.

OFFICER: Come on. Good.

We should release the video.

I... I don't know, Simone.

The idea of people seeing
what they did to us,

- seeing us as the victim...
- We can't let fear silence us.

- We need to hold them accountable.
- But what if there's blowback?

I mean, I... I'm the one who recorded
it. Everyone will come after me.

You're not alone.

We're all in this...

which is why the decision
needs to be... unanimous.

If Simone thinks this
is what we should do,

I'm in.

Thank you.

OK. Here we go.

WOMAN: ♪ I am a fighter ♪

♪ Born with this blood ♪

- ♪ With the strength of my mother... ♪
- Done.

WOMAN: ♪ The f*re in the flood ♪

♪ I hear the voice of my people ♪

♪ Answer the call... ♪

I thought I'd check in on you.

- I would ask how you're doing, but...
- You've been here?

The b*mb thr*at?

So listen to my words.

You won today

- because every single girl made it back home alive.


you made it back home alive.

You were the one that was handcuffed

in the back seat of a police cruiser

for the crime of protecting our girls,

so don't you dare think you failed them.

That is not in your DNA.

- Come here.

WOMAN: ♪ Shoulder to shoulder ♪

LONI: They can't get away with this.

WOMAN: ♪ Eyes to the sun ♪

We won't let them...

- ♪ Writing the stories ♪
- I promise you.

- WOMAN: ♪ Of who we become ♪

Hey, I know it's late.

Come in. It's OK.

It looks like you have
something on your mind.

Simone and her teammates
are having sleepover

in my living room so they
can process what happened.

Coach Loni was in her office alone.

During Black Free Joy Day,
I had to bring in resources

to help the campus heal
after the b*mb thr*at.

We added more wellness circles,

brought over additional resources
from the KEK wellness center.

That's the problem.

Marcus, you've carried
the mental wellness

of the entire campus on your back,

what you did for Cam and Thea,

who also found outside help.

Where are you going with this?

I'm making the new building
into a mental wellness center,

a place where students and faculty
can go to get the support they need.

The idea

has been staring us in
the face this entire time.


It has,

- and of course you saw it.

WOMAN: ♪ Crimson under my nails ♪

♪ Steel in my bones ♪

- ♪ Standing in your power... ♪
- Hey, bro,

got your text.

What's going on? Have
you reached out to Simone?

Uh, nah, not yet.

She doesn't need support from just me.

She needs support from everybody.

Thought the tennis team would, too.

So you got all the guys
group-texting the tennis team?


Oh, that's genius.

WOMAN: ♪ Oh, remember my name ♪

♪ In the shadows and
valleys that haunt you ♪

♪ Whoa oh oh ♪

♪ Remember this fight ♪

♪ Remember your strength ♪

♪ When you can't stand up any longer ♪

♪ My spirit runs through your veins ♪

♪ Remember my name ♪
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