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Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023)

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[rousing orchestral

music playing]

[rousing orchestral music

continues playing]

[mysterious music playing]

[people chattering]

[docent] The lore tells us

of a valiant few

who stood above the fray

and fog.

My, what w*apon

they must have wielded.

Which brings us

to our current exhibit,

the mythical staff

of the gods.

In Homer's tale,

the staff was said to harness

the gift of all gods.

Oh. [chuckles]

Welcome, proud soldiers.

What did I say?

Museums are fun.

Amusement parks

for the brains. [laughs]


-[docent] Okay,

there's no reason

to get pushy.

Everyone will get a chance

to see it.

Carved from a heartwood

not seen in over 2,000 years,

the two halves

of this ancient replica

were recently discovered in,

of all places,

a waste processing plant

outside of Philadelphia.

So strong,

they reportedly broke

-three trash compactors.


Okay, um, friends,

that's enough.

I'm, I'm sort of the star

of the show here... [gasps]


-[people murmuring]

Stop! Sir!


-[people screaming]

-[man 1] Hey!

Hey, what are you doing?

-[people chattering]

-[ominous music playing]




[dramatic music playing]



[whispering in other language]

Unleash the chaos.



[both grunting]

Unleash the chaos.


Unleash the chaos.



[people screaming]

[alarm blaring]

[people clamoring]

[people grunting]

[man 2 in English] Wait,

wait. Move, move, move!

No, no!

[man 3] Help me!



[people screaming]

[man groans]

No! [panting]

Ladies, please just let me go.

[speaking other language]

[man 5 in English]

Oh, my God! Look out!

[people coughing]

[people clamoring]

[dramatic music playing]

Turns out museums are fun.

Let's have more of it.

We can do nothing while

the staff remains sundered.

The champions of this realm

outnumber us.

Human champions

are still humans

and we are gods.

Do not underestimate

the judgement of the wizard.

To protect the power

of the gods,

he will have chosen

with meticulous precision

the strongest, most keenly

intelligent champions

this realm has ever witnessed.

I'm an idiot.

I don't deserve these powers,

if I'm being honest.

Like, what am I even


There's already a superhero

with a red suit,

with a lightning bolt on it

and I'm fast, but he's faster.

Aquaman is literally huge,

and he's so manly

and Batman is so cool!

And I'm just me.

And I can't say this

to anyone else,

'cause my family looks to me

as a leader,

but I feel like

a fraud.

You understand I'm a...



I mean, yeah, well,

you were recommended

by another patient,

Billy Batson.

It doesn't matter.

Can you help fix my thoughts

so that

they just, like, you know,

stop happening?

All right, look.

And, again, pediatrician,

not a psychiatrist,

but it sounds to me like

you're experiencing

imposter syndrome.

And often, that originates

from trauma early in life,

so if you don't

mind me asking,

how well do you remember

your childhood?

Like it was today. [chuckles]

Trauma? Uh, I don't know.

I mean, I never met my dad.

Uh, my mom abandoned me

at a Christmas carnival.

I spent a lot of time

in the foster system,

ran away from 11 homes,

got into a lot of fights.

Then I was abducted

by a wizard

who gave me superpowers

and then dude just, like,

d*ed in front of my face.

That's not a small amount.

A doctor conjured seven demons

and held my whole family


so we had to rip out

one of his eyeballs,

and then everybody

got superpowers,

but now everyone's kind of,

like, doing their own thing

and I'm the only one trying

to keep everybody together.

Okay, okay.

Well, let's just process that.


Rejected by your parents,

then by the system,

and now rejected by a city

you try to protect.

I never said I was rejected

by my city.

"Rejected by city."

That's the Tribune.

Nobody reads the Tribune.

-I do.

-Anyway, okay, well, um...

I, uh, appreciate your help,

but I got some real problems.

There's this t*rror1st hostage

situation going on, so...

-Hostage situation?


[door closes]

[g*n f*ring]

[shouting in video game]

I suck b*lls at this.

[g*n f*ring in video game]

Why do we always have

to play w*r games?

Hey, it's practice

for our other job.


-I'm serious.

m*llitary strategy,

multiple team members,

each with a special skillset

unleashed against

an unknown enemy.

[Victor] I know how it sounds,

but the house keeps getting

struck by lightning, Leo.

I'm telling you.

Besides, you're the one

always talking about teamwork.

-But we don't need g*n!


[Mary] Darla?

[Freddy] This is it.

This is big time.

-We are the g*n.

-[Mary] Darla!

Why were there Skittles

in my pockets?

It was supposed

to be a surprise.

It was.

Hmm, she's very moody lately.

Why do you think

I put Skittles in her pocket?


-[Rosa] Whoo! Ole.

[Victor] Is this an army

of unicorns

-k*lling Genghis Khan?


Unicorns aren't real.

It's called speculative

history, Eugene. Look it up.

[Eugene] Billy,

you can't just leave.

Your guy's gonna die!

Whoo! [laughs]

[chattering on tv]



I told you

you would get into it

if you gave it a chance.

Yeah, I'm really starting

to see the appeal.

[Billy whispering]

What's going on?

[Freddy sighs]


Dude, what are you doing?

[officer on headphones]

Possible 10-99 in progress.

Multiple reports of cracking

on roadway.

Fraying suspension cables.

All units

to the Ben Franklin Bridge.


It's crazy music, Freddy.

It is, isn't it?

Very urgent melody to it.

We should see it

performed live.

I was thinking the same thing.

I feel like we can get tickets

to that concert.

Two. Maybe not six.

All or none. That's the rule.

Yet I'm still gonna

walk backwards now.

So, now's your last

and final chance.

Billy Batson, come with me.

No, no, no!

Man, it sure is a beautiful

day in Philadelphia!

[sighs] Is it though?

-Almost finished.



-[Mary] This better be good.

[Eugene sighs]

Whoa, whoa!

Where's everyone going?

-[Freddy clears throat]


To fight crime?


-Bye, Mom.

-Bye, Mom.

-Bye, Mom.


-Bye, Rosa.

[door closes]

Give it time.

[intriguing music playing]

You guys ready?

[all] Shazam!

[dramatic music playing]

[people chattering]

-[siren wailing]

-[man 1 grunting]

Oh, my God.

[bridge creaking]

It's gonna break!


[people clamoring]

["Holding Out for a Hero"

playing on radio]

[singing along]

I need a hero

I'm holding out for a hero

Till the end of the night


[bridge clanking]

[music continues playing

on radio]

[ominous music playing]

-[people screaming]

-[man grunts]

[woman whimpering]




[tires screech]


["Holding Out for a Hero"

playing on radio]

No, no, no.

[woman screaming]

No way, shut up!

Did I just save you

while you were listening

to this song?


No! I got you, I got you.

[music continues playing]

No need to panic.

Captain Everypower is here.




I'm just kidding,

it's real easy.


[people shouting]



Oh, my gosh. Kittens!

Oh! They're so cute!


Did she just leave us?

Okay, let's go.

[superheroes whooshing]



-[woman screams]




-No, no, no, I got ya!

That's my sidekick.

Captain Everypower Junior.

Hey! Junior?

You're gonna

wanna hold on tight.

[people chattering]

[siren wailing]

[intriguing music playing]

Everyone's safe.

Awesome job, Mary.

Circle up, fam!

[heroic music playing]

All right,

here's the situation.

We have one more job to do

and that's to keep this bridge

from collapsing.

[reporter] The Ben Franklin

Bridge has collapsed.

Fortunately, there are

no casualties.

Thanks in part

to our local heroes,

one with me now.

It's great to be here, Nancy.

What can I say?

It's all in a day's work.

Right. Well, how do you feel

about being dubbed

the Philadelphia Fiascoes?

Given that that's not

an official title,

we feel nothing about it.

That is not our name.

[Shazam] Right, but

the important thing is...

What is wrong

with these people?

Have you ever no...

I'm gonna go check

on the kids.

[Freddy] Yeah, you should.

God only knows

what they're up to.

Probably dr*gs, right?

Probably taking selfies

while vaping on TikTok.

[Victor] Oh.

[kitten meowing]

Is that a kitten?



[machinery powers up]

[upbeat music playing]

I'm gonna name you Tawny.

[kitten purring]

[Shazam] "Destroy bridge"?


Not saving is different

than breaking. Am I wrong?

Am I wrong about this? Also,

we saved countless lives.

A hundred sixty-two.

It's countable.

Emotionally countless,


Where's Eugene?

Where he always is.

Mapping out the Room of Doors.

[mysterious music playing]

[Shazam] Eugene!

Hey, buddy! Where you at?

Hey, Eugene.

Hello? We have a meeting,



-[Eugene grunting]

-[creature groans]

[Super Hero Eugene] Oh.


You're late.

Do not go in there.

All right, fam-jam,

let's jump in.

-[fanfare music playing]

-[chuckles, mutters]

[clears throat]

All right, big day,

big bridge,

kind of a couple blunders,


But we're gonna meditate

on those mistakes right now.


Organic chem is my meditation.

[Shazam chuckles]

Said nobody with friends ever,


In point of fact,

I'd have friends

if I had gone to college.

[Shazam] In point of fact

is exactly the kind of

smart thing

that a smart person

who doesn't need

to go to college says.


let's go back to the tape.

Now, guys, as you can see,

we started off real, real,

real, real strong, right?

Right up top, all that

cohesiveness, energy,


-[cell phone ringing]

Oh, sorry, Coach.

Gotta fly IRL.

No, no, no, I'm not done

with the presentation.

I know. And I love

these daily recaps.

I just gotta spread my wings

a bit before dinner.

-It helps keep me loose!

-Okay, fine, fine. No recap.

We'll go have a group hang

in the air. That sounds great.

I gotta test this slime

for toxicity

'cause I'm starting to...


Oh. The, uh, Phillies game

just came on

so I'm gonna go ahead

and, uh, watch baseball.

It's right that I give

Tawny back.

[Shazam] Oh, come on!

What is happening?

What is happening right now?

All or none, guys!

If you say you have to work...

I have to work.

[sighs, chuckles]

Why do you even have a job?

Wonder Woman

doesn't have a job!


-No, seriously.

Do you think she wears

a ponytail and glasses

and, like, nobody

recognizes her

and she's, like, an accountant

or something?

Just stop.

You are holding on too tight.

Just 'cause Freddy wants

to fly solo for ten minutes

doesn't mean he's gonna

leave you like your mom.

Or me wanting to go to college

means I'm abandoning

the family.

Oh. Okay, cool,

it's about college again.

I totally get it.


Do you really

not see yourself?


You turn 18 in five months.

They're not gonna kick me out.

They didn't kick you out.

Victor and Rosa

are saints, yes,

but you're about to age out

of the foster system

just like I did.

Yeah, I get it.

I know how it works, okay?

Do you?

Victor and Rosa

can barely pay rent.

And the state no longer sends

checks to feed or house me

and soon there will be

no checks for you.

I don't care if Wonder Woman

has a job.

I want to contribute.

At some point, Billy, like

everyone on Earth,

we have to get a job or...

leave home.

Nothing lasts forever.

[door opens, closes]

I mean, it's literally called

the Rock of Eternity.

So, clearly, some things

do last forever.

-[ominous music playing]

-[wind bl*wing]

[footsteps approaching]

[man] Leave me to die.

Oh, but we come bearing gifts.

[magic resonating]



This realm was sealed off

from magic.

Yes. After you ripped it

from our father's very core.

From every god in this realm.

From me.

[bar sizzling]

Do you not remember

what you took?

What my particular power was?

The power of elements.

No. I cast a barrier

to prevent your kind

from entering the human realm.

The only way that barrier

could be removed is if--

Someone broke this?

How did...

Where is the Champion?

It was your hands that forged

this staff for our father

and yours that will mend it.

I told you

I would die before I help you.



Now, say the word.

Never. Never!

Never say never.

Say the word.

[magical voices echoing]

[magical voices]

Say the word. Say the word.



[dramatic music playing]

[magic resonates]







Now we get to have our fun.

Fun is for children, dear.

We are at w*r.

[upbeat music playing]

[school bell rings]

-Oh, my gosh.

-Oh, my goodness.

-I am so sorry!

-I'm so sorry!

No, don't be sorry. I'm sorry!

No, it's totally my fault.

Are you okay?

-I'm okay, yeah.

-Okay, yeah.

-I'm always okay.


Uh, actually, do you...

do you know where this is?

[voice cracks] Miss Saunders!

[clears throat]

Yeah, absolutely

is what I meant to say.

Voice cr*ck. It's weird.

Oh, no, no worries. If it

makes you feel any better

it's nothing compared

to the amount

that you're blushing

right now.

Oh, I blush

when I'm confident.


-[Brett] There she is.


-New girl. First period.

-[Anne] Yeah.

-I'm Brett. This is Burke.

Listen, if you need anything

at all,

we're your guys. We got it.

[Freddy] Brett

and Burke Breyer.

They got it all. I mean,

what is it, narcissistic

personality disorder,

-chlamydia, they got it.


Plenty of it

to go around, too.

This is Thundercrack's

Make-A-Wish kid.

Fanboy here thinks

he's a big boy now.

Yeah, he doesn't know

where he belongs.

Sure I do. I don't belong

in that trash can.

'Cause that's... I'll smell

like human garbage,

do you realize that?

And that's your brand, guys!


[Brett] Down goes Freeman.

Hey, hey! Look!

-Now I'm a superhero.


[clearing throat]

What is this thing doing here?



[Brett] Get up, man.

What are you doin'?

-Come on.

-[Freddy grunts]

You're gonna want

to get this fixed, huh?

Yeah, that's probably

why you fell.

[Burke] Yeah.

[Brett] Bye, new girl.

Jeez, thanks Mr. Geckle.

Don't sweat it. That trash can

was like a second home to me

when I went here.

[Freddy chuckles]


You knew those guys

were gonna h*t you,

but you stepped in anyway.

You know something?

That's how I amuse myself.

The funnier I am,

[grunts] the more

I get punched.

[both chuckling]

Well, it made me laugh.





You gonna walk me to class,

or what?

Why would I...

Walk you to class? No.

Why would I wanna do that?


Thanks. [chuckles]

So, from the top.

What is Thundercrack's

Make-A-Wish kid?

Yeah. Um, it's real inside

baseball, but basically,

a while ago I happened

to have some lunch

in the cafeteria

with a few superheroes.

Wait, the kid who's friends

with superheroes.

-That was you?


And they're still dicks

to you?

Sadly, just 'cause

you know someone cool,

doesn't really necessarily

make you cool.

You seem pretty cool to me.

[loudly] Freddy!

Is my name.

Sorry, that was weird

and loud. I'm Freddy,

he said in a normal voice.

I'm Anne.






Hey, you gotta fix

that crutch, bro!




[chuckles lightly]

[wizard gasping]

[unsettling music playing]



[speaking other language]

[in English] Good, little one.

Well done.

Now go find me the one

responsible for this.

[captivating music playing]

[cork pops]

Wow. Um... [chuckles]

I'm flattered

that you feel this way.

Truly, I mean, you know, like,

look at all this, you know...

Romantic setting

and fancy champagne,

big plates, tiny food.

I mean, you went all out.

I love that, I, I, I, I do.

I'm just not sure

that I'm really ready

to commit right now, you know.

Wait, wait, wait.

No, this isn't about you.

I promise this is

not about you. Okay?

Look... [chuckles]

I know the whole world wants

to see this happen.

You and me.

The dynamic duo.

The hottie goddies. [chuckles]


I guess I'm just afraid

that I'm...

gonna let 'em all down.

You know?

That I'm gonna let you down.

You know what?

Screw it. Let's try.

Let's try this crazy thing.

Maybe we'll, uh...

seal it with a kiss?

[sentimental piano music


-Billy Batson!

-[Shazam screams]

You are a fool of a champion.

What the hell...

What the hell is going on?

What happened

to her beautiful face?

Also, aren't you,

like, d*ad-ass d*ad?

I bring a warning

from beyond your realm.

The daughters of Atlas

are coming for you.

Daughters of Atlas?

They're coming to unmake

your world

and t*rture mankind

for all eternity

-in the Pit of Endless Agony.

-Okay, I feel like maybe

I should be writing

all this down.


-Okay, okay.

You don't know

what you've done.

I regret ever choosing you.

Because of you,

the barrier between the world

has been brought down.

They will be hunting

for you now.

Hunting your family.

[Shazam] Hmm?

Oh, they're coming.

Listen to me, Billy.

The fate of your world

depends on it.

One thing you absolutely

must not allow

the daughters of Atlas

to do is...



[breathing heavily]

-[mysterious music playing]




Hey, Freddy?

-[dog barking in distance]

-[crickets chirping]


[Freddy] Nope, over it.

Done it.

Check fraud? What,

are you kidding me? [gasps]

Armored car heist?

[chuckles] I think I got that

in the bag.

[rock music playing]


-[lightning cracks]


[Freddy scoffs]

Bon appetit.


-Oh, hi! Yes, I mean, hi.

-Hi. [chuckles]

Um, you wanna show me

where you were sitting

when it happened?

Oh, yeah, of course. Totally.

-Yeah. Follow me.

-Okay, yeah.

So, basically,

it's a table down at the end.

[people chattering]

So I was sitting, yeah...

Basically, I was sitting

right here, and he was sitting

right there.

-Here? [chuckles]

-Right there, yeah.

[cell phone vibrates, chimes]

Oh, sorry.

Overbearing brother.

Oh, I have one of those.

Uh, a sister.

Always has to know where I am.


-[cell phone chiming]

-I feel that, clearly.


Always thinks she knows

better, too.

Even when it's been

factually proven otherwise?

Exactly. And it's not

that I don't love her.

No, of course. It'd just be

nice not to have someone--

Constantly breathing

down your neck.

-From the moment you wake up!

-'Cause I'm not a kid anymore.

No! I'm a month younger,

one month exactly.

And do we have to do

every single thing together?

[both] No!

-[both chuckle]

-[footsteps approaching]

Oh! Billy! What...

What a coinkidink! Um...

I was just telling

my friend Anne

-what a great guy you are.

-We need to talk.

We need to talk.

This guy loves to talk.

-He's a great talker.


-I have to talk to him.

I'll be right back.


Wait, didn't you tell us

the wizard disintegrated?

The skin peeled off his face.

He turned into a literal

pile of ash.

-Yeah, seems definitive.

-I dunno.

Yeah. Except now

he's in my dreams

and, Freddy, he's trying

to give me a message.

[snaps fingers] Could be

astral projection powers.

-What's that?

-Obi-Wan Kenobi-ing you

-from the great beyond?

-That's it, I'm calling

an emergency meeting

after school.

-I want you there.

-Where else am I gonna go?



[Freddy reading indistinctly]

Okay, first of all,

I didn't explode it!

All right? It was already

like that and, and, and...

What is that, the Tribune?

It's fake news!

Freddy, we only have one rule.

[both] All or none.

And it's a stupid rule,

by the way.

I have a girl talking

to me, Billy.

A girl. For the first time

in my life!

And I probably don't have

a sh*t in hell with this girl,

but I'll never find out

if you keep trying to control

everything I wanna do!

Just be at the Rock, Freddy.

[sighs] Okay. Mmm.

By the way, uh,

she has a sister.

Total control freak.

I think you guys

would get along.

Think you'd love her,


[Shazam] Look, look, look. Fam,

I know it sounds crazy.

And, and obviously

I don't know

exactly what this all means

but, but he was super aggro

and super loud and he was

trying to warn us, I think.

He was yelling about all this

wizard-y mumbo-jumbo

about realms and stuff.

Do you have to talk so loud?

Yeah, Mary, 'cause this is not

that loud.

I think this is

a perfectly acceptable

indoor voice volume.

What is the deal?

Are you okay?


-Why do you have

sunglasses on?

Did you go to the eye doctor

this morning?


-[Shazam chuckles]

I dunno, it looks to me like

Mary did go to the eye doctor,

but it was last night,

and she had a lot of fun.

In point of fact,

I did have a great time.

I met other people my age

and I enjoyed myself.

You made friends

at the eye doctor?

No, she...

Yeah, can we get back

on track?

Listen, he's yelling at me

and he's saying the daughters

of Atlas

are coming to hunt us.

So, check out what I found.

"The daughters of Atlas

are the offspring

of the Titan Atlas..."

which is obvious,

but also Nyx, the Goddess

of Night and Death.

Well, good things

can happen at night.

-And death.


Let me see this.

[intriguing music playing]

"The daughters

guard the mythic Tree of Life

which grows golden apples

that contain the seeds of life

which gave birth

to their realm

protected by a...


-Hey, now.

And I am suddenly here

for this.

I know, right?

'Cause, like, on one hand,

totally terrifying.

-On the other hand, dragon!


Mary. What are we doin'?

I don't know, man.

This is your meeting.

Right, yes, fine, but we all

need to be on the same page

and, and, and look,

I often think that you think

better than me.

The wizard

did not exactly give me

a tutorial here, guys, okay?

Like, I don't know

how a lot of this stuff works.

That, that room of doors,

or that violin

that is, like,

constantly burning

which is super weird but also

definitely keeps

the lair cozy, right?

He didn't even tell me

my superhero name.

And it's not like

I'm not tryin'.

But I really,

really need your help.

Uh, I might know somebody

that can help.

Shut up. That lights up?


Shut up.

[enchanting music playing]

So, I'm mapping out

the entire lair

and you withhold this?

[Shazam] And you have really

been holding out on us.

Jeez Louise, dude.


-[Shazam] "Whoa" what?

-"Whoa" what?

-[superhero Darla] Look!

-[superhero Darla chuckles]

-Hey, Steve.

[chuckles] What?

You call the pen "Steve"?

Yeah, I thought he looked

like a "Steve."

[superhero Darla] He totally

looks like a "Steve."

-"'Crime and Punishment,'

a book report by Pedro Pena?"


-[Shazam laughs]


-Dude, that's cheating.

-I mean, he knows everything.


-Seriously. Ask him.

You can just ask him stuff?

-Pretty much.

-[Shazam] Slick. Okay, cool.

Steve, we're looking

for information

about the daughters of Atlas.

Can you please help us

with that?

-These are book titles.

-[Shazam] Okay.

Let's just all pick a book,

or something.

Where's Freddy?

I mean, obscure mythology?

Definitely his thing.

I'm not even sure Freddy knows

what his thing is anymore.

[people chattering]

You know I've actually never,

never been up here.

Don't lie. [chuckles]

This is where you hang out

with your superhero friends,

isn't it?

No, actually, why would

they ever have to...

Why would they ever come here?

I mean they have, yes,

they've driven by...

Do you actually know

those guys?

Or is this like

a "Canadian girlfriend"


Oh, you mean Collette?

Well, she and I

aren't really exclusive,

as of now.


Do you wanna meet one of them?

Meet, like how?

Like, face-to-face, right now.

I'm gonna take that as a yes.

And today is your lucky day,

because I'm gonna call

the hot one.


-No, the male hot one.


What? Him?

Look, I mean, it's all

subjective, right? But, um...

Captain Everypower usually

tops most online polls

so... It's no big deal.

Is this a joke, Freddy?

'Cause I didn't mean

to make you

actually prove it, really.

No, it's not a joke.

And I'm gonna

call him right now.

I'm gonna call him right now.

So, don't move.

So, stay right there.

Hey, Captain Everypower.

What's goin' on?

It's your boy Freddy. Yeah.

Remember that time

I saved your life?

No, no, no, the other time.


Well, I'm calling in

that favor.

[lightning cracks]

[heroic music plays]

You must be Anne.

[gasps] Oh, my God.

Friend of Freddy's, I hear.

I am, actually. Yeah.

How are you...

[sighs] You know, I may be

the one with the superpowers,

but that kid,

he's the real hero.

Yeah. I mean, honestly,

I've never met anyone

like him.

He's... genuine

and warm and funny. [chuckles]

-That's a lot of nice things.


How did you two meet?

Comic Con.

-What's Comic Con?


[superhero Mary]

According to this,

gods considered

humans servants,

toys to be played with,

children to be punished.

[chuckles] Thanks, Steve.

Until the rebellion when

the humans turned on the gods.

I'm reading about that

right now.

So, apparently, all of this

revolves around

a powerful w*apon.

So Atlas, uh, the father

of the daughters of Atlas,

obviously, yeah,

he crafted a quarterstaff

from the Tree of Life

and he used that staff to

give powers to certain deities

but also to take powers away

from others.

So, the staff's where Atlas

stored all supernatural power.

Yes, exactly. It's like a,

a battery for magic.

But when things got bad,

a council of human wizards

got together and they

stole the staff from Atlas.

And they used that to take

his powers away.

And once they had his magic

they went after other gods...

Guys, that's the wizard!

I know this guy,

this is the wizard

that I know!

What do these say?

"The Wisdom of Solomon,

Strength of Hercules,

Stamina of Atlas,

Power of Zeus,

Courage of Achilles,

Speed of Mercury." These are

the powers they stole.


Whoa, guys, look!

This is what the name means.

Which is way cooler

than what I thought it was,

which is just a bunch

of hot garbage, so.

If I may point out one

of the powers

that may be possibly MIA.


[Shazam] I'm sorry,

are you very unsubtly implying

that I somehow lack

the wisdom of

-Solo Man?


Well, maybe it comes later.

I mean you do usually ask Mary

what to do.

-I'm just saying.


This is very, very hurtful.

I just want you all

to know that.

And it's pronounced "Solomon."


-[Shazam clears throat]

What else

have we learned, fam?

Well, once the staff contained

the powers of the gods,

the wizards apparently

encased the God Realm in some

magical sphere

sealing it away forever.

Cut off from magic.

Oh, so that's what

that was about.

Yeah, I don't think that

they are so cut off anymore.

A bizarre and gruesome scene


in Athens, Greece

this morning.

Two women dressed in what

appears to be ancient Greek...

Whoa, whoa, whoa,

that's the wizard's staff.

How did they get that?

So, all those statues

used to be people.

I'm wondering, how did

the staff end up in Europe,

where Greece is at?

Oh, gee-whiz, mister,

sorry I took your cane.

You want it back?

I mean, I did break it in half

and then throw it away.

So, that's probably

where the journey started.

-You know?


What do you mean,

"What?" What?

-You just left it there?

-We were all there.

Guys, I had a staff.

I gave you all superpowers.

You're welcome, by the way.

And then I had to break it

in half so Sivana didn't do

super bad-guy stuff with it,


You broke the staff,

meaning you broke the barrier

between worlds.

Which we now know.

We also now know

what they look like,

so when they come to hunt us,

we'll see those two

-coming a--



Atlas had three daughters.

Kalypso, Hespera,


Anne... thea.

You know, I'm not

just a superhero.

I'm a super listener.


I sense...

that you may have feelings

for Freddy.

Just wanna know

when he's coming back.

Don't want him to get hurt.

Oh, well, Anne... [sighs]

I mean, we can't choose

the people we fall for.


I'm not talking about that.

If he shows up now,

he's in serious danger.

Whoa! Look who you're with.

What could possibly

be dangerous?



I see how it is.

Let's dance.


Oh, my God.



Oh, Freddy, I, I didn't know.

I never meant

for you to get hurt.

Oh, I'm not the one

who's gonna get hurt.




-What's going on up here?

-[Freddy] Mis...

Freddy, are you all right?

Get back inside.

Just get back inside,

Mr. Geckle.

I'm okay. Go back inside.

Who are you?

Do you have kids here?

What are you doing?

Don't hurt him.

I won't touch him.

You have my word.

[whispering in other language]

[skin squelching]

[magical voices whispering]

[in English] Mr. G. Wha...

What did she say?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

What are you...

no, no, no!

Stop, stop, stop! Wait,

wait, wait! Hey, no, no, no!

Wait, no, no, no!


-[body thuds]

I forgot how easily

they burst.

Why would you do that?

Like grapes.


[magic resonates]

What the... Huh?

[Freddy yelping]


Now, child, tell us where

to find the others.

No need.

[dramatic music playing]

[Freddy yelps, grunts]

Clip his wings, Anthea.

[magic trilling]

[Shazam grunting]





There are more.


[heroic music playing]

-Perfect. We take them all.


That's not why we're here.

We're here for the seed

of life. Yield, sister.

We stick to the plan we have.

Father would never yield.

And Father is d*ad.

Now, you know your place,


Or I will show it to you.

We do this our way,

not theirs.

[Shazam grunts]

[Hespera] Make one move...

-[magic resonates]



...and I will snap

this child's neck.


[dramatic music playing]

Oh, Freddy.

[Freddy grunts]

-[Shazam grunts]

-Billy, no!

[speaking in other language]

[magic resonating]

[Freddy in English]

Billy, stay back!

They're using the staff

to take our powers.

[grunts, gasps]

What? What? [gasps]






[Freddy] I'm sorry,

I'm sorry, just,

just save yourself.

No, no, all or none.

We stick together.

And that you will

because you cannot leave.

Let's see how you like being

sealed off in a dying world.

[Freddy] No!



[news anchor] From

City Line Avenue in the north

to the western shore

of the Schuylkill River

to Cobbs Creek.

The unidentified barrier


to be in the shape of a dome

with no one allowed

into the city or out

with some suggesting

this strange magical element

may be the doing, or undoing,

of the Philadelphia Fiascoes.

[ominous music playing]


[breathing shakily]

-Holy sh...

-[wizard] Shh!


-[wizard] I'm trying to sleep.

It is the only escape

from the tortures here.

Okay. Bleak.

Wait a second.

Hagrid beard, Batman voice.

You're the wizard.

You're the wizard! Oh, my...

You're back! Billy told me

all about you.

Billy? You know Billy Batson?

Billy Batson. Yeah,

he's my best friend.

I'm... I'm Freddy Freeman,

Captain Everypower.

Well, used to be.

It's complicated now.

She... It's complicated.

That halfwit Billy

gave you the powers of Shazam?

Yeah, he did. And he said

that you turned into ash,

but, but didn't?


Once I gave him the power,

I could no longer remain

in my realm.

But death would have

been a luxury

compared to being trapped

in this cell

with the knowledge

of my failure, and with you.

Mostly with you.

A little more sarcastic

than Billy said,

but, hey, all good.

-Let's just get out of here.

-"Let's just get out of here."

Yeah, sure.

I sound nothing like that,

but okay.

Here's what we've got, um...

A cranky wizard

with a cynical streak

and a precocious young man

with an encyclopedic knowledge

regarding magical shit.

There is no way these sisters

are keeping us in here.

These prison bars,

they're probably enchanted!

-What spells do you know?

-Please, stop talking.

How about an arcane focus?

I don't even know

what that is.


Fine, then let's make

a potion.

Like a potion of, um, giant

strength or diminution.

Oh! Gaseous form!

Yeah! Maybe we could

float out of here like a fart.

I gave my powers to children

who squandered it.

We will die here, Freeby.

It's Freddy, by the way.

"Freeby"? Where do you even...

The sooner you accept it,

the easier it will be.

Is this a tooth?

There's a tooth in here!


[foreboding music playing]

[superhero Mary] "Power

of elements. Power of chaos.

Power of axis."

These are primordial forces.

I don't know how we fight

powers like this.

I tell you how we fight it.

With the wisdom of...



We, we set up a meeting.

Yeah, we tell 'em we want

to negotiate.

Offer up our powers

for Freddy.

But then we grab one of them

and that's what we really use

to trade!

But what if they steal

our powers?

No, they won't, 'cause we know

how they work now.

You know what I mean?

If they just point

that staff at us, we dodge.

[imitates whooshing sounds]

Like dodgeball.


-Dude, I suck at dodgeball.

Well, maybe Pedro sucks

at dodgeball,

but not Super Pedro.

No, Super Pedro also sucks

at dodgeball.

Fine. Listen, all I know

is that there's five of us

and three of them.

So I think we should

send them a little invitation.


So, Steve says that this paper

is a stack

of magical parchment.

You write a message

on the magical paper

and say the name of the god

that you would like to talk to

and then the paper folds

into a...

[gasps] Oh, my God, yes!

A paper bird.

And it flies to the god.

[Super Hero Eugene] Well,

that's kinda cute.

Hey, what about demigods? Uh,

you know, like, Wonder Woman?

Do you think she's accepting

bird letters right now?

Did the pen just shrug?

Hey, Steve, do I just

dictate to...

I do. Okay, cool, wad that up.

All right. [clears throat]


Letter, writing a letter.

No, no, no!

I was just talking out loud.

That's not a part

of the letter.

Wad that up, too.

[superhero Darla]

Maybe if you try

-speaking from the heart.


"Dear daughters of Atlas,

v*olence is not the answer."

[foreboding music playing]

[Freddy grunting]

-[soldier growls]

-[Freddy grunts]

[Hespera] Child,

I will spare your life

if you're honest with me.


Yeah, wow, very, um,

ironic subject choice.

The other Champions...

are they children

like yourself?

What even is a child?

I mean, I know I shave,

like, every week-ish.

Yes or no?

No. Your answer is no

because nobody's stupid enough

to grant primordial god-like

powers to a bunch of kids.

-Give us their names.

-The names of the Champions?

Um, well, there's

Brett Breyer,

and, uh, Burke Breyer.

Are you guys taking

this stuff in?

Writing this down? No?

They drive a Dodge Ram.

He's lying.

That's your superpower,

not mine.

And she thinks

you're a total control freak.

One of you.

Probably you.


-Hold him.

[soldier growls]

[Freddy] Don't... [grunts]

What's happening?

What is that?

What's she doing?

Power of chaos.

It enters a man's mind

and shatters it whole.

Oh. [chuckles]

My mind is already trash,

so I'd actually like

to see you try.

Because nobody has the b*lls

to handle what's

inside my brain.

[whispering] Say their names.

[magical voices whispering]



Say their names.

[magical voices]

Say their names.

Say their names.

[screaming continues]

Destiny's Child did it better.

He is stronger than he looks.

[Freddy screaming]

-Say their names.


[hesitating] Billy...

Billy Bats...

Billy B...


[breathing shakily]

This is from the Champions.

"Dear daughters of Atlas,

v*olence is not the answer.

Oh, good first sentence.

Thanks, Darla.

-We'd like to make a trade.


We'll give up our powers

if you give us Freddy,

add 'unharmed.'

Otherwise, they're gonna

monkey's-paw you.

Smart, Eugene.

Steve, add 'unharmed'

then, like, 'yours, trul...'

No, 'Sincerely, best'.

Maybe just signed

'The Champions.'

Should we proofread it?

Naw, Steve doesn't

make mistakes,

just writes what you say.

Great. I feel good

about this. Me, too.

Anyone else want a Gatorade?

Do we have red?"

What is this Gatorade?

-[dramatic music playing]


-Is it a w*apon?


We need not t*rture him

any longer.

You heard the letter.


-Throw them in the pit.

-[Anthea] Wait.

They want to make a trade.

And we will meet, sister.

But humans are not

to be trusted.

The pit is just a bad name

for a fun place, right?

Right? [grunts]

[wizard and Freddy screaming]

-[wizard groans]

-[Freddy coughing]

[both grunting]

Are you hurt?

No, just worthless.

-Well, you must get up.

-For what?

All this pretending

to be a superhero is just...

a way for me to pretend

I'm not broken.

Oh, feelings.



[unsettling music playing]

-I see something moving.

-Yeah, I see it, too.

[heavy footsteps approaching]

[Freddy breathing heavily]

[low growling]

[Freddy] Oh, shit.

What is that?


The guardian

of the Garden of Atlas.

-[Ladon growling]

-[Freddy whimpering]



-I can't. I can't!


-[Freddy screams]

[powers trilling]

[Freddy breathing shakily]


-You're okay! You're okay.

I don't feel okay at all.

That's the power

of the dragon.

It emanates fear

from every pore of its body.

Ladon's fear paralyzes

any mortal,

so that none can approach

the garden it protects.

Power of axis. Very cool, very,

-very rare.

-[Hespera] Anthea!

[Anthea] I must go.

The door back to your world

is at the center

of the labyrinth.

Right, left, left

and then follow

the right-hand wall

to the center.

-You'll need this.

-How did you find this?

You once protected me

from the bullies

in your world, Freddy Freeman.

Now I've protected you

in mine.


-[both chuckle]

Well, to be fair, I didn't

actually need your protection.

I was about to rearrange

those boys'

internal organs

when you stepped in.

But you didn't know that,

which does make you brave.

I was just brave because

I knew I had powers.

No, the most powerful thing

about you is you.

[clears throat] How lovely

for both of you.

Goddess, we thank you much,

but we must get--

You should go. My sisters

don't need you anymore.

All they require now

is the seed.

-The seed?


Which remains hidden

in a place unreachable

by any of their kind.

Come, come, Jeff. Faster.

You call me Jeff?

She just said my entire name!

[whimsical music playing]

[people chattering]

[Shazam] Hi, God... No?

Yo, Low Voltage.

When you fixing

this dome shit, man?

Oh, no, no, no,

don't worry, sir.

[clicks tongue] I have a plan.



'Cause look like all you got

is a sandwich.

No, these sandwiches?

No, these sandwiches

are important.

They're, they're

for a meeting.

Yeah, sure,

Colonel Cheesesteak. [scoffs]


Oh, boy, I really need a name.

[dramatic chord plays]

Quiet one, she is.

I find it the most effective

way to slit an enemy's throat.

[chuckles nervously]

Is that...

Oh, you're totally serious.



Right, so, look, here's

the thing, um, you're upset.

A bunch of wizards came

and stole your powers,

which totally sucks b*lls,

I totally get it.

But, I kind of feel like

you're taking this all,

like, really personally

and, like, I don't even

know you, lady, right?

If thieves stormed your home

in the night

and stole all your coin

and then fled,

you would naturally

give chase, would you not?

And say, in this pursuit

the thieves

dropped the money

on the ground

and your neighbor picked it up

and kept it.

Now, imagine it is not money,

but the lifeblood

of your father.

The last breath

of your mother.

The power of all the gods,

the magic of the entire realm

that was stolen.

And now this magic courses

through you,

and you have the gall

to believe

that you deserve it?

This is very personal,


You are very menacing.

I just want you to know that.

Like, I really...

I see the presence

that you have,

and that goes a long way.

But today, I really wanted

to talk about compromise.

[both] There is no compromise.

I knew you were gonna

say that.

Wisdom of Saruman.

Don't mess with me, okay?

Give us back Freddy,

you take down this

sphere-y dome-y

magic bowl thing

and then, you know,

we won't have to annihilate

you into the ground.


-It's a good offer.

I'm being serious.

You play the part of a man,

but you do not play it well.

Give us the powers, child.

All of them.

You are no leader, Billy.

You are a lost boy

who likes to make-believe

that he's a warrior.

Okay, look. I might not have

as much experience as you

'cause I'm not, like,

super old like you,

but I think I have

a few experiences

that you don't have.

'Cause I've seen all of the

Fast and the Furious movies,


And let me tell you something.

It's all about family!

[music swells]

-[music stops]

-[birds cawing]


Guys, that was the signal.

We practiced this,

like, 12 times. Thank you.

Forgot all about my family,

didn't you, Goddess?

No, human.

You forgot about mine.

[screams, grunts]

[dramatic music playing]

[Hespera grunts]

[Shazam grunting]

[man] Come on!

-Let's go.


[staff whirs]


[superhero Eugene quavering]

[both quavering]

-[Shazam grunts]


-[Shazam grunting]

-[electricity crackling]


You're wasting my time, boy.

[powers resonate]

[both grunting]


[women grunting]

[Shazam grunts]


[Shazam] Whoo!

She sure didn't see

that coming

because she didn't go

to the eye doctor. [chuckles]

[Shazam] Uh, Darla,

that was, 'cause...


-A euphemism.

That was a euphemism.

-[Shazam] No!

-[women grunting]

[Shazam groans]

[Hespera] We've taken the power

from two

in your family already.

And now two more must die,

and for what?

So you can keep

playing soldier?

[Shazam grunting]






My father was Atlas.

Titan god of stamina

and strength.

His magic and power

may course through you,

but you will never

be a true god.

Oh, yeah? Did your dad

have superspeed?

[both grunt]



[both panting]

You okay? That was fun.

Let's go.

Come on. Come on, come on.

[Shazam] Hurry, everyone!

Let's go, let's go.


-[door closes]

-[chain locks]

You thought you were

just goin'

into some regular porta-potty,

didn't ya?

Which I can somehow

still smell.

Yeah, yeah, it really sticks

around. It's crazy, right?


-Like, permeates

the air.

Doesn't matter. Anyway,

welcome to the Rock

of Eternity.

Only Champions

can get in here,

through any door that we want.

Little thing that we can do

that your sisters can't.

Guys, that's what I call

a total success.

Okay, maybe, like,

a partial total win.

-Told you I suck at dodgeball.

-[Shazam] Yeah,

you do, yeah, but you know,

look, Pedro, we all have

our weak spots.

You know what I mean?

And hers... [chuckles]

lack of strategic thinking.

Now for the real trade.

Freddy and the staff,

for your freedom.

[superhero Darla] And get rid

of the dome.

[Shazam] Oh, yeah.

And get rid of the dome.

'Cause the city

of brotherly love

is gettin' a little moist.

Word choice, man.

[Shazam] Yeah, I regretted it

as soon as

it was coming out of my mouth.

[Super Hero Eugene] It's just

one of those words...

[Shazam] I know. I just...

"Dear daughters

of Asshat-Las."



I just came up with that.

Make sure you put a dash

in there, though,

so it's really clear. Okay.

[clears throat]

Man, it's so good having

Steve cover grammar

and spelling and stuff,

it makes me sound

so much smarter.

[clears throat] So...

"A brother for a sister, huh?

How's that feel?

Also, how are you

actually sisters,

because the age difference

is very noticeable,

and slightly upsetting,

I'm not gonna lie."

Even though I don't like you

very much,

I believe everyone

deserves human rights,

but you don't deserve


You only get yellow. [gasps]

She's gone!

Wait, what?

[dramatic music playing]

I thought we brought her in

too easily.

She wanted to get caught.

I don't get it.

Where would she even go?


[door creaks]

Well, this seemed inevitable.

Yep. We are so lost.

Thanks, bozo.

We are not lost.

Who's the wizard here?

I don't know.

You don't have any spells,

no magical artifacts,

you know nothing about magic,

you're just...

You're the wizard.

-Thank you.


Now let's see if that

girlfriend of yours

can be trusted.

[tense music playing]

-[door unlocks]

-[Freddy gasps]

Get back, get back. Get back.

[whispering in other language]

[Hespera gasps]

[in English] Okay,

I think the coast is clear.

Let's go home.

One moment.

Did you not see

what she was holding?

It was an apple.

She wanted a snack.

What's the big deal?

The golden apple.

From the Tree of Life.

From the Tree of Life.

Oh, wait, hold up, didn't you

say that was somewhere safe?


-Billy. Gosh.

[wizard groans]

Where are you going now?

[inhales sharply]

[exhales] Nope.

She's not in there.


No, no, no.

That's a hard pass.

-That's a hard pass.

-[Super Hero Eugene] Yo, Billy,

you don't gotta worry

about that one.

It's just a labyrinth

that doesn't go anywhere.


-Like an ancient Greek


-[Shazam] Guys...

[sniffs] porta-potty.


-[Super Hero Eugene] Mmm.


It's over, sisters.

Now we can plant the seed

and restore our realm.

Or we plant it in their realm.

But that would destroy

their world.

Just as they destroyed ours.

[Hespera] You can't be serious.


-[Anthea] No.

No, that's not

what we agreed to.

[Kalypso] Anthea,

you simpering bore.

[Hespera] She's right,

we've spent ages

waiting for this moment.

[Anthea] We have the seed.

We have the staff

and its powers.


We are not squandering it

for your personal



No, I should go, not you.

Look, I know

what you're thinking.

The kid with the crutch

doesn't exactly

sing "sneak thief."

But here's the deal.

Your knees cr*ck like crazy

when you walk.

-It's pathetic.

-[knees cr*ck]


Fortune be with you, Freddy.

Thank you.

What did you just call me?

Freddy. Freddy Freeman.

[chuckles] That's it.

You nailed it.

I'll see you

on the other side.

[Hespera] Even if we did,

the Tree of Life

would not thrive

in their soil.

It would despoil, it would

disfigure into something...

[Kalypso] Monstrous?

That is what humans are.

It is only fitting

that we bring

our monsters to their world

and do to them

as they did to us.

[Anthea] We agreed

to restore balance

and vengeance has

great measure of weight

on those scales.

Anthea, humans are villains,

even to themselves.

-No, not all.


[Hespera] Sister,

I fear your rage

has gotten the better of you.

[Kalypso] Why?

Humans wreak havoc

and devastation,

then pray to the gods

to absolve them.

They actually pray

for order and peace

when all they do

is dismantle it at every turn.

Anthea, I want you

to take the apple

and plant it in our garden.

[Kalypso] Of course

you turn to her.

Father would be ashamed

of both of you.

-[object clatters]

-[Freddy yelps]

Where did that even come from?


-You favor her, Hespera,

and see how she betrays us.

Deliver him

to his proper fate, sister.


-[Kalypso] k*ll him!

What is that?

[Shazam] Great question.

No idea.

But made you look.

Billy! [chuckles]



-[Freddy gasps]

-Your crutch!

-Oh! Shazam!

-[lightning cracks]



So, we have a lot

to talk about.

Kalypso, hand me the staff.

You are not fit to wield it.

More fit than you.

You had him in your hands,

yet did nothing.

Our sole purpose is

to avenge our father,

but everyone here

has become weak.

Ladon, world-eater,

rise from the pit!


[Ladon roars]

[Shazam] Go, go, go!

[superhero Darla]

Captain Everypower!

Where's he going?

[Super Hero Eugene] What the...

-[superhero Mary screams]

-[Ladon roars]

[all screaming]



[superheroes chattering


[Rosa] Victor?

Victor, wake up.

Hello. Oh, God, woman. What?

Dad. We gotta go!

-We gotta get out of here.

-We have to go right now!

This is funny, right?

I know what this looks like.

That's not true. I have

no idea what this looks like.

Just don't freak out.

[Victor and Rosa screaming]

[all speaking at once]

I said don't freak out!

Look at me, it's Billy.

Rosa, it's Billy, okay?

And that's Eugene,

-and that's Freddy...

-It's me.

That's Darla

and that's Mary, obvi,

and then Pedro,

just normal Pedro.

[Shazam panting]

Guys, this is no time

for secrets, okay?

We have to tell 'em the truth.

-[all] We're superheroes.

-I'm gay.

Yeah, we know, bud.

-You knew?




-I'm the wizard.

-Oh, this is the wizard.

He's a wizard who's called

"the wizard."

Okay, get dressed right now.

Come on, hurry up.

[superhero Darla]

Put on these clothes.

This is so weird.

[Shazam] Yep, yep.

You guys are

the Philly Fiascoes?

Okay. This is in no way

an acknowledgement

of that stupid nickname

but, yes, that would be us.

Now can you pick up the pace?

We have to go.

The dragon is here!


-[all screaming]

-[Ladon roars]

[Victor whimpers]

[ominous music playing]


-[Super Hero Eugene] You okay?

-[breathing heavily]


I know this is a lot

to take in,

but I promise

to explain it all later.

[Victor] Explain what?

That our kids are superheroes

being hunted by Greek gods

that used a dragon to destroy

the house we just bought?


-Wait, you bought the house?



-[superhero Freddy gasps]


Run! Go!

[all screaming]


-[both grunting]

-Oh, no.

[Ladon roars]

[Pedro] Get down.

[superhero Freddy]

Okay, that's it!

[screams, grunting] Again?


-[Shazam] Freddy!

Hey, hey!

This is what you want, right?

[Ladon growls]

Come on, we're good.

We're safe right now.

Let's go. Let's go.

[dramatic music playing]








[Mary screaming]

Hey. Are you okay?

You okay?

All right.

Now, where is this dragon?


[foreboding music playing]

Fitting place for a garden.



[Ladon growls]


[woman screaming faintly]

-[man and woman screaming]


[tires screeching]

[people screaming]


[breathing shakily]

[ominous music playing]



Whoa, whoa, whoa!

[people shouting]

[tense music playing]


Go! Let's go, let's go!


Oh, God, I'm slipping!


-[people chattering]

-My shoe!


-[creature grunting]

-[officer screams]


[tires screeching]

Holy moly.

[people screaming]

[foreboding music playing]

[creatures roaring,


You know, I never thought

I'd say this about a dragon,

but it is the least

of our problems right now.

Your world will not

survive this.

Yeah, no shit, Merlin!

[Anthea] He's right.


-Are you okay? Are you hurt?

-I'm okay, I'm fine.

In the God Realm, this tree...

is a thing of beauty.

Of peace.

It was not meant

for the soil of this realm

and it's become monstrous

by the hand that planted it.

Whose side is she on, anyway?

Do you...

I must try to sway Hespera.

Only she can subdue

our sister.

I will give it my all,

or die trying.

Die? No, I'm pretty sure

we can come up

with an alternative to dying.

My sweet Freddy,

I'm ready if need be.

I've lived a long life.

What are you talking about,

"Lived a long life?"

We're the same age.

You're young. We're young.

I'm over 6,000 years old.



You look great.


Suddenly seems inappropriate.


We can't let her die.

She called me sweet!

We have to figure

something out.

Take my powers back.

-No, Billy!

-No, no, no.

Hey, take my powers back.

You gave 'em to me, so you can

take 'em back, right?

I am no longer the champion.

You are!

You think I know

how to fix this, dude,

but I really don't, okay?

I, I didn't even know

who those Greek sisters were.

I had to Google them.

But you know who they are,

which means you know

what to do.

And you were right.

You picked

the wrong champion, man.

I mean, that's why I always

say "all or none," right?

Because without my family,

I'm nothing.

And honestly, I have no idea

what I'm doin'.

[wizard] No.

You don't have

a shred of wisdom

in that brain of yours.

But your heart is wise.

And it knows exactly

what must be done.

I spent millennia searching

for a worthy champion

and no one was worthy

of what I once shared

with my brothers and sisters.

But when you shared

your powers,

you did not hesitate.

For you, everyone

can be worthy

if given a chance.

Now, go fight for your family.

Go fight for the world.

I chose right

when I chose you.

[Freddy] Billy?

Billy, what are we gonna do,


Same thing we

always do, Freddy.

Save the God darn world.

Now, I'm gonna go

get that staff

and I need you to lure

these things away

from the stadium while I deal

with the dragon, all right?

Wait, wait, wait,

Billy, Billy.

Can I just see you,

before you go?

Not this version.

You... You.

My Billy.

[gentle music playing]


[lightning cracks]

Is that why the house keeps

getting struck by lightning?


I promise after this

if I don't get eaten

by a dragon,

I'm not gonna force you

to keep me.



I know I age out soon.


My wonderful, kind,

brave, son.

You will never age out

of your home.


Now, do me a favor

and I mean this

from the bottom of my heart,

go kick their ass, okay?

I love you, Mom.

Me too.


-[lightning cracks]

[dramatic music playing]

That's gonna take

some getting used to.

Everybody to the battle wagon!

The battle wagon?

Trying to get

into the spirit of things.

[engine starts]


Don't you see what

you're doing to these people?

[Kalypso] I do.

And what I see is just.

Hespera, look at this tree.

It is blighted.

It is unnatural here.

We made a vow

to restore our realm,

not destroy another.

[Kalypso] A god has answered

their prayers at last.

They did not know their place,

so I am showing it to them.

Your fanatical tone

echoes our uncle Hades.

No. I'm putting an end

to this.





-Hespera. [pants]



If your emotions rest

with the humans so, Anne,

then perhaps you should

be human.




[dramatic music playing]


[powers trilling]

[creatures screeching]

[creature roars]

[people shouting, screaming]

Help, somebody! [screams]


-Somebody help!

Somebody help!

-[all screaming]


[tires screeching]

Okay, now what? There are only

so many minotaurs

I can run over with this van.


Hey, Steve.

What are monsters afraid of?

"The king of beasts."



Really? I love unicorns.

Yet, the unicorn

does not love you.

Guys, unicorns don't exist.


-[creature roaring]

[people screaming]

-[Freddy] Oh, my...

-Ah! [pants]

I guess maybe

it's not so crazy.

The unicorn is the most

fearsome creature

of its realm.

Ruthless and cruel,

not like the ponies

from your storybooks.

They loathe humanity.

Is there anything

they do like?

"Dark caverns. Ambrosia"?

Ambrosia. It's like the nectar

of the gods.

It's supposed to be sweet,

like honey.

I have an idea.

Go, go! Quick, quick.

Guys, get as many of these

people to safety as you can.


-[people screaming]

-[creature growls]

-Let's go.

-Come on, let's go!


I'm going with them.

[Rosa] Freddy?




I am not entirely sure

how to parent, here.

[ominous music playing]

[Shazam] Hey! Khaleesi!

[Shazam grunts]



Whoo! That was

really satisfying.

How was that for you?

[Shazam screams]

-[car alarm blares]

-[Shazam grunting]

[car horn honks]


-[man 1] Yeah.

-[people cheering]

We love you, Thundercrack.

You're the best,

Captain Marvel.

-Yeah, go, High Voltage!

-Oh, wassup, bro?

It's Maximum Voltage actually,

amongst other names.

We're still kinda

workshopping it, so...



You thought you were


But, no.

Magical f*re.

Magic can k*ll magic.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,

"Magic kills magic."

Way ahead of you, lady.

I'm just trippin' out

because I've never seen

my suit burn like this.

Also, nobody messes

with my town!

Know what I'm saying?

[Kalypso] I defeated

my traitor sister.

A god.

You think I won't destroy you?

[heroic music playing]






-[breathing heavily]


The staff is absorbing it all.

Like a battery.

That's right.


This is a terrible idea.

You don't understand

the savagery, the barbarity.

[siren wailing in distance]

Oh, no.

[people shouting

in the distance]

[creature skittering]





It's okay. Come here.


It's okay. Good girl.


[suspenseful music playing]

-Whoa, watch out!

-[Eugene] Whoa!





Taste the rainbow.

Good, isn't it?

It's the closest to ambrosia

we have.

[unicorn snorts]

[gentle music playing]

Good girl.


[both] Whoa!

We're gonna need

more Skittles.

[people screaming]


[woman grunting]




-[galloping in the distance]

-[creature roars]

-[unicorns roar]


[unicorns roaring]

[triumphant music playing]

[creature grunting]

Taste the rainbow, motherfu...



No, no, no.

Lady, lady, you can't die!

Come on, Billy, come on!

Powers, powers, powers.

Medical powers. No.

How-to-fix-d*ad-people powers.

[breathes heavily]



Whoa! Come on!

One more time. Clear!

[Hespera] Stop! Stop!

Let me go to the Underworld

in peace, please.

Oh, lady, lady,

listen to me, okay?

I don't want anyone else

to die.

Not my family, not Anthea,

not anyone,

and we can save them.

This all came

from the tree, right?

I might know a way to destroy

the tree and the dragon

all in one.

Ladon's powers

are too great, boy.

Well, not if I can overload

the staff

-with enough lightning.

-A b*mb?

Is that enough

to k*ll the dragon?

And more.

You would annihilate

everything that's inside

the dome.

Well, then I have

one more favor to ask.

[people shouting]

[officer] Let's go, let's go.

Let's go.

There's shelter ahead.

There's shelter ahead.

Let's go.

Walk, don't run.

There's shelter ahead.

Let's go, let's go.

[woman] Keep going. Keep going!

[Freddy] Anne!




-[Ladon roars]

-[people screaming]


[officer] Go. Run.

-Watch that rear.

-[breathing heavily]




Go, go, go!


[breathing heavily]

[officer 2] Back away!


-[officer 3] Run, run, run!

[people screaming]




k*ll the traitor.

[people screaming]

[grunting, breathing heavily]




Bow him!



[Anthea and Freddy grunting]

I lost it. Freddy, I can't.

What is a god

without her power?

The most powerful thing

about you

is you.

You taught me that.

[both yelling]

k*ll them!

[yelling continues]

[Anthea breathing shakily]


[roaring stops]

[both panting]

[Shazam] Boom! [chuckles]

That must be super

disappointing as a dragon.

Assuming that you are one.

I mean, you fly,

and you breathe f*re,

but you're also made of wood

which is a weird flex

and a serious design flaw,

if I'm being honest.

Freddy, Anthea, don't!

-[Shazam chuckles]

-Ah, made you look!

Oh, lady, that's twice.

And I didn't even need

a flaming violin that time.

[Shazam chuckles]

You want the staff?

Come get it.

[Ladon roars]



Now, Hespera.

[Ladon roars]

Now, Hespera.

Now. Now.

[Ladon growling]

[suspenseful music playing]


[powers resonate]

[speaking Greek]


-[magic resonating]

-[dramatic music playing]

[engine revving]

[tires screech]


[in English] No.

No! No!


Remove the dome.

As long as I still breathe,

the dome still stands.

Till I see you

on the other side, sister.


[car horn honking]

[horn continues honking]

[tires screech]

[people chattering]


-Get out of there.

-[Shazam] I can't.


[Shazam] I have to do this.

[Freddy] Billy,

what are you doing?

You're not supposed

to be in there.

Yeah, I am.

I used to think that

I couldn't do anything right,

that I didn't deserve

my powers,

but there's something

that I can do.


I can save all of you.

But it's all or none!

[Shazam] Yeah.

All of my family gets to live

and none of them gets hurt.

Freddy, I've never

had a family. You know that.

Everybody I've ever cared

about, they all left me.

My mom, my dad, everyone.

So when I found you guys,

I had to hang on

and I've been hanging on

too tight.


I should have let you

do your own thing.

Now it's time for you to fly.

What about you?

I'm Captain Everypower Junior.

[chuckles softly, sniffles]

Don't you forget it.

[intriguing music playing]

[music swells]

[Ladon roars]

We end this now.

Yeah. We do.

[Shazam grunting]

Come on, Billy.

[lightning crackling]


He's got this. We got this.

He's got this. He's got this.







Come on, baby.

Come on, let's go!

[people chattering]


-[Ladon roars]




[Ladon groans]


[Shazam grunts]

[Shazam exclaims]



[Ladon roaring]

[dramatic emotional music


[Ladon roaring]



[Ladon growls]


[all whimpering]

[people clamoring]

[magic whirring]


A true god,

after all.

[gentle emotional music


[magic resonating]

[creature screeches]


-[creatures screeching]

[all grunting, groaning]

He did it.

We must go.



[Freddy] Billy!


Billy. Where are you? [sobs]

[Victor] Billy!

[Freddy] Billy?

Billy! Billy.




Dude, wake up. You did it.

Okay. You're supposed

to wake up.

It's the part

where you wake up

and open your eyes and laugh

and you're supposed to say

you got me, 'cause you got me.

Dude. Joke's over, man.


Billy. Billy, come on.



What did you do?

Wake up, Billy.

-[Victor] Billy?

-He's over here!


[sobs] You assh*le!

We're a team! We're a team!

Oh, Billy.


Oh, my baby. No.

[solemn music playing]

[Anthea] He was a hero.

He was a hero and a god.

And he should be laid

to rest like one.

Hey, pal.

[Freddy crying]

[Rosa sobs]

[gentle music playing]

Will this land ever come back?

The staff is drained of magic.

Only the spark of a god

can restore its power

and there are no gods left.

[woman] There is one.

[ancient lamentation music


[dramatic music playing]

[gasps, chuckles]




-[magic resonates]


[pleasant music playing]

[Darla chuckles]

[Mary and Pedro gasp]

[chuckles] Whoa.

[Freddy] Whoa.

[powers resonating]

[Anthea chuckles]


-[dramatic chord plays]

-[all scream]

It's a zombie!

[Shazam grunts] Guys!

What the hell?

You buried me?

In what, like, two minutes?

Oh, Billy!

[all whooping]


Oh, man. I missed you guys.

Hi. Hey.

Oh, my God. Hi.

Why didn't anybody tell...

Hi. Sorry, sorry,

I didn't, uh...

I didn't see you there,

I was, um, I was...

I was d*ad at the time.

So, you, uh...

you got my bird letter?

Oh, I, uh...

I think you've got


On my...

Where... Oh.


That's a spider.

I'm sorry, that's disgusting.

Also, [chuckling]

that's really embarrassing.

Yes, it is.

But it was an amazing thing

you did.

The sacrifice you made.

You brought this world

back to life.

Maybe this time,

gods and humans

can learn to live in peace.


Use the power of Zeus wisely.

Be well, Billy Batson.

Hey, you know, just because

your father's power

is surging through me,

that doesn't technically

make us related, you know,

and I'm gonna be 18

in, like, five months, so...

[clicks tongue]

Stick to saving

the world, kid.

Yeah, you know, like,

that's... Okay, cool.

See ya.

What's with our boys

and older women?

[exhales sharply]


Who wants their powers back?

[Shazam chuckles]

We can do that, right?


-Yeah. Okay, good.

Good, good, good.

[Victor] I'd like

our house back.

Can we do that?

[upbeat music playing]

-[Victor] Dinner!


Aw. Thank you for respecting

the cross-stitch.

[Rosa chuckles]

[Rosa] Anthea.

Have you decided what

you're gonna do

about that god realm of yours?

Well, actually I'm gonna take

some time off while it heals.

Spend some time

with the common folk.

Learn some about your world,

about how, maybe,

we can learn from each other.

Number one sign of wisdom:

Admitting there's always

more to learn.

I'm coming around to it.

[doorbell rings]

I got it.


Uh, guys?


[suspenseful music playing]

It's the wizard.

-Oh, my God!

-[Rosa] No way!


-Look at this guy!

Look at him, he's so handsome.

You pimpin' now, what is this?

-[Billy] You look amazing.

-You look great!

Well, I was

in the neighborhood

and, um, I just wanted

to express

-my gratitude before I go.

-[doorbell rings, pops]

Sorry. Doorbell's broken.

Actually, everything's broken.

-[Freddy chuckles]

-Not everything.

You were just

in the neighborhood?

[chuckles] Okay,

I came for the staff.

Perhaps I will hold

onto it for now.

I also wanted to see

your faces one last time

before I turn into a pile

of ash.

-Wait, what?


I am making a joke.

I have an Uber waiting.

-And besides...


...I've been trapped in rocks

and prisons for far too long.

It's time to see your world.

It's been an honor,

a privilege,

watching you all soar.

You know, you're not such

a bad wizard.

Thank you, Jeff.

-[sighs] It never ends.


[Billy] Also,

what's my superhero name?

Your name is...


-Of course.


[all agreeing]

I still think we can b*at it.

[upbeat music playing]

My feet hurt.

How much further?

About ten seconds less

than the last time

you asked me.

I'm sorry, I just feel

like we could

have parked

a little bit closer.

He doesn't know we're coming,

and I didn't want

to spook him.

"Spook him."

He's a superhero, not a deer.

All right, let's go.

And then you can tell Waller

that even though

she thinks this guy could be

a good addition to the team,

we never actually met him

because you wore

shitty walking shoes.

[chuckles] Okay, first of all,

they're boots,

and they're not shitty,

they're new.

-I just haven't had a chance

to break them in yet.

-Shut up.

Waller said this guy

is as powerful as they come,

but a little immature.

Oh, great.

Whoo! [chuckles]


-Billy Batson.


I mean, no.

I've never heard that name

in my life.

I don't know who

you're talking about.

But I'd like to meet

that person

'cause they sound super cool.

And funny.

And talented.

And ridiculously handsome,

but, like, in a dangerous way.

What the hell

are you talking about?

Relax. We know who you are.


-Don't worry about that.

Who are you guys?

Don't worry about that either.

Look, we've seen

what you can do.

And we're here

to make you an offer.

How would you like to join

-the Justice...


A thousand times yes!

Oh, my gosh!

I've been dreaming about this!

Well, I mean,

not this exactly.

Like, normally,

it's Wonder Woman

in the dream, but...



Well, that was easy.


to the Justice Society.

Yeah! Aweso... Wait, what?

The Justice Society?

Is that different

than the Justice League?

Yes. The Justice Society

is different

than the Justice League

because of how words work.

I just want to be

in the Wonder Woman group.

-So, that's you guys, right?


Why are you so obsessed

with Wonder Woman, dude?

He's joking, right?


-Okay. I'm out.

I'm gonna wait here,

'cause of the shoes.

Can you drive by and get me?

[Shazam] Hey, just a little

constructive criticism.

It's pretty confusing

that there are

two separate groups

of superheroes

that are totally unaffiliated,

but both have "Justice"

in their name, you know.

Like, have you guys ever

thought about doing

a rebranding of sorts?

'Cause just a quick search


you got so many options, man.

Like, "Authority Society." Eh?

Uh, uh, "Code Society."

That's stupid.

These are, like, legal terms.

[gasps] "The Avenger Society."

[inhales sharply]

I like that, for some reason.

[gentle music playing]

[music builds up]

[dramatic music playing]

[mysterious music playing]

[intense music playing]

[distant chattering]

[unsettling music playing]

[voice laughing]

[Mister Mind] Well, well,

Doctor. We meet again.

Where in the hell

have you been?

[Mister Mind] To implement

the perfect plan, Doctor,

one must have patience.

What are you talking about?

It's been two g*dd*mn years!

Yes. But what is time

but a trick of the mind?

A meaningless measure.

Hey. I'm 57 years old.

I'm stuck in a concrete box

surrounded by lunatics

waiting for a worm to enact

some, what,

vague plan I've been told

absolutely nothing about?

It takes me a very long time

to get places, okay?

I do not have legs,

I do not have wings,

I just slither around


But not for long.


Tell me everything.

Just one more thing

I need to do.

What? No!

Oh, g*dd*mn it!
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