03x05 - Science Vessel Perseus

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Dr. Stone". Aired: July 5, 2019 – present.*
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Japanese anime series based on the manga series of the same name, 3,700 years after a mysterious light turns every human on the planet into stone, genius boy Senku Ishigami emerges from his petrification into a "Stone World" and seeks to rebuild human civilization from the ground up.
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03x05 - Science Vessel Perseus

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All right!

Looks like they'll have the

ship in shape in no time!

[KASEKI] Yeah, that's what

I was thinking too, but...

Some parts are too short, some

misaligned, some poking out!

And now on top of all that,

the hull's starting to warp!

I fix one side and the

other one falls apart.

I don't know what to do!

I'm sorry, guys!

Hey, it's not your

fault, Kaseki.

Oh, you're so good to me.

I might fall for you!

Not really what I was

trying to accomplish,

but even in our time,

shipbuilding on this scale

required expertise and

very advanced techniques.


Eh, that's not the issue.

We could just keep at it

and learn from our

mistakes like always.

I mean, the kingdom of

science is practically built

on trial and error.

[MAGMA] How many years

would that even take?

[UKYO] Hopefully less than it

takes Why-Man to make a move.

Uh-huh. I never

accounted for that part.

We no longer have infinite time

with the Why-Man clock ticking.

Change of plans.




Let's ditch the giant ship.

It'll be a smaller boat

with a limited crew.

[ALL gasp]

What do you mean by

a limited crew?

Most of us won't be

able to go, then!

Yeah. And I'm gettin'

on that ship.

Ooh! Do I really have to

give up on all my work?

But I love my sweet

little shippy-boo!

[RYUSUI] Give up?

On something we want?

On my big, beautiful,

full-scale sailing ship?


I'm tired of your greediness.

You need to learn when it's

time to give up on things.


As per your uncle's orders,

I'm afraid your

allowance going forward

will only be one million yen.



"Give up," huh?

Heh. Sorry, I don't know

the meaning of those words.

I'll get what I want.

All I need to do is keep

fighting for it! Am I wrong?

If I don't have enough money,

then I'll just invest!

My presence alone is enough

to create growth in

financial markets!

People trust the

Nanami reputation.

So from a risk-assessment


every trade I make

is a smart one,

whether I'm selling options

or underwriting securities!

[ALL laugh]

[BOYS laughing]

[STAFF A] Sorry. You need to

be or older to try VR, kids.

--[BOYS gasp]

--[RYUSUI chuckles]

[RYUSUI laughing]


Ugh! That Ryusui!

Who the hell does

he think he is?

He's far too self-indulgent.

He's a stain on the Nanami

Conglomerate's good name!

What are your thoughts

on Ryusui, Francois?

I'm in no position to

comment on the matter.


Come now, be frank with us.

Master Ryusui is

not self-indulgent.

[ALL gasp]

When it comes to deep desire,

it's a simple task

to convince oneself

that a "want" is

hardly a "need."

It's easier to give up

before getting hurt.

But Master Ryusui

doesn't lie to himself.

When he wants something,

he proclaims as such

and works for it.

I, at the very least, would not

call that self-indulgent.

Because greed equals justice.

You have access to real ships,

so why would you spend

all night on that?

Hah. Don't get me wrong,

those boats are okay,

but they're filled to the brim

with modern technology.

I'd prefer a more

traditional beauty.

And there's no rhyme or

reason to my desires,

I simply want what I want.

Remember, I'm the greediest

man in the world!

I've designed a / th

scale mega-yacht.

All I need now is a trustworthy

man who can take this model

and use it to bring

my ship to life.

A man worthy of

teaming up with me.

I'm going to make us

a model of our vessel.

[ALL gasp]


Then we'll blow it up to scale.

Kaseki can reference my model

to rework what we've

already got started.

I think that we can pull it off.

Right, Senku? Or am I wrong?

You're right, we can.

As long as we've got

an absolute fanatic

who can make a one th scale

model that's up to snuff,

and I'm talkin' ten billion

percent accuracy here.

Got it?

Who do you think

you're dealin' with?

I'll make you a ship

that's truly worth getting

excited about.

Is this a good move?

He could turn around and

demand a ten billion drago fee.

Ha-ha! There's no need!

Not since I won't have to

give up on what I want!

For some reason it feels

like it's gonna work.

With these two teaming up,

I'm not worried at all!

They can do whatever

they put their minds to!


I never give up on anything!

Because greed equals justice!




What are you up to, Minami?

I wanted to chronicle the

construction of the ship

from start to finish!

Cool, huh?

It's the kingdom of

science's photo journal!


We need a cargo hatch for sure.

I've moved it just

below the mast.

Good call!

With that positioning, we can

attach a pulley to the boom

to make raising and

lowering cargo a cinch.

They don't call you the sailing

king for nothing, I guess.

You've got real-world


[RYUSUI] And in the space

we gain as a result,

I'm thinking we build

an on-board casino!

We do not need that!

First we gotta take apart

Ryusui's model bit by bit,

then we gotta copy each

part at full scale.

This is such a weird

tool, I love it!

Just draw a picture, and

it draws the same thing

with the pencil on the other

end, five times bigger!


I think it's actually about

twice as big, but either way,

it's nowhere near the size

we'll need for a real boat.

Don't worry about it.

We'll use a times pantograph

for the real thing,

but that'll take

crazy brute force.

What "brute force"?

We're talking about

drawing, yeah?


It's huge!


This must be about kilograms!

But it's no problem for me!

I see, yes, brute force, got it.

I wonder if this is how they

made the Nazca lines.

If we can do it,

then so could they.

All I know is, this'll give

us full-sized blueprints,

and let us modify the

parts we've already got.

It's how they used to build

ships back in the day.

[CHROME] Ah! Check out

how much we've done!

We're already halfway through

the road map for the ship!

Perfect! What else do we need?

More time, duh.

[OTHERS gasp]


There's the body of the ship,

but there's also our

giant steel engines.

We're in this for the long haul.

Aw, man, how many months

is all this gonna take?

Ha. We just need to

be a little patient.

And on the off seasons,

we can do some winter sports!

This'll be more of

an epic than a journal.

[RYUSUI laughs]

Ryusui wasn't lying, huh?

It's just like he said!

Can't work in the snow

anyway, so why not?

Glad we've got tons of carbon!

These skis and

snowboards are great!

Hope they catch on!


They're both for sale, so

fingers crossed they sell well!

Seasonal events are

worth it for the drago.

Why is sliding down

a hill so much fun?

Oh, that's not a smudge,

it's actually Kohaku moving so

fast she looks like a ghost.

Electrolysis gets us ozone,

and with a dash of bay leaves,

we get some nice vanilla essence

to work with for baking.

Is that really what you

gotta do to make chocolate?

Grinding up red peas

into a powder

gets us pretty damn close

to that cacao flavor.

Add some nuts for bitterness,

and a little vanilla essence,

and we've got chocolate


Any chocolate for me, ladies?

Ah, we're doing

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day?

Take a look. Events like

this are important, too.

Think of the drago we'll make--

I mean, it's for morale.

We got chocolate!

--Holy crap! This is bad!

--Any chocolate for me?

--Holy crap! This is bad!

All of these photos are

just of us messing around.

I had to get a sense of

everyday life, too.

Any good reporter would.

Who knows what'll happen?

This year could very

well be our last one.

Oh, sorry! Don't mind me!

I'll just keep snapping

pics in the meantime!

Gotta document everything!

Feel free to add your

own captions, too!

[GEN] Oh, yeah, this reminds me

of those sticker booth photos.

Think this cute handwriting

is Mirai's?


It's mine.


[YO screams]

Putting captions on our

photos, huh? Not a bad idea.

This is some tough work,

but if it'll transform

our crappy level one

iron into sturdy steel

that can take a b*ating

and live to tell the tale,

that's a sacrifice

I'm willing to make!

[SENKU] Better be sturdy, or our

massive engines will explode!

We used a three

meter tall furnace!

Burning charcoal saps the iron

core of oxygen so pure iron...

Isn't that caption

a little bit long?

No one will see the

picture underneath!

This reminds me

that we're past due

for leveling up our

crafting equipment.

What was that thing

again? A lathe?

What are you doing

with it this time?

I'm using it to make

a level two lathe!

And what are you gonna do

with a level two lathe?

I'll use it to make

a level three lathe!

Uh. Okay. I think I can

see where this is going.

It's a long hard road

with no shortcuts,

but we need manufacturing tech.

[KINRO] Senku's team is pouring

their blood, sweat, and tears

into their work.

Is this really the time for us

to be out here hunting bugs?



A stag beetle!

We aren't looking for those.

We want wild silk

moths, remember?

Those are the original

source of silk.

Since we're going out to sea,

we're gonna be working

in the water a lot.

I want swimsuits!

[GINRO gasps]


So this is a silk swimsuit.

It feels so nice and

soft on my skin.

Yeah? Feels that good,

huh, on the skin?

Can I try touching it,

y'know, for science?


There it is. Again.

With the limited tech

available, I guess Kohaku

will always be like a

spirit haunting our photos.

[SENKU chuckles]

[SENKU] To think this

beauty only took a year.

We finished quicker

than I expected.

[TAIJU laughs]

You need some new material

'cause I've heard

you say that before.

I'm glad Why-Man was kind

enough to leave us alone.

Who knows?

Maybe he's waiting for us

to make the first move.


That'd be perfect, 'cause we're

about to go and look for him!

We'll scour the world

with our new sailboat!

Yeah. It's almost time to

set sail for those going.

All right, everyone,

gather 'round for a photo

now that the ship's done!

I want everyone in the sh*t

with the boat in the background!

Just how many pictures

does one reporter need?

You've already got a ton.

[MINAMI] But a lot of

us are parting ways!

Some are shipping out

and some staying behind.

This past year may have

been the last one

we all got to spend together.

We may never see

each other again.

So at least let me

take a picture!


Of course.

Minami was in charge of

selecting who was revived.

She probably knows every

single person here by name.

Come on, the hell

are you talking about?

That wasn't our last year.

We're ten billion percent

solving the mystery

of the petrification and

we're ten billion percent

making it back from the

other side of the world.

[MINAMI] Okay, fine,

but I still want a picture!

So everyone get in frame!

Although I guess it

won't be everyone,

since I have to take

the darn thing.


I suspected this might happen,

so I commissioned an

automated camera timer

for such an occasion.

That's what you had me

make that doohickey for!

I wondered what it was!

I'm starting to think

Francois can see the future.

Wow, the old bamboo

tube fountain trick.

You couldn't get a more

primitive timer if you tried.

Oh, who cares?

It's gonna work!

Hey, quit shovin'!


Here we go! Everyone smile!

[KASEKI] Woohoo!

I've never been so happy!

We busted our butts

putting this thing together,

but it's finally done!

In all my years as a craftsman,

this is by far the biggest

project I've seen to completion!

And dare I say, my finest work!


The science vessel, Perseus !

That name is just so powerful!

[UKYO] Perseus was a hero

from Greek mythology,

if I'm not mistaken.

He defeated Medusa, who could

turn people into stone.

Well, damn. Then not only is

the name cool, it's fitting.

Considering we're

about to set sail,

find whoever turned humanity

to stone, and capture 'em,

petrification beam and all!

That's why we spent an entire

year building this puppy.

It's time for action!

That's right,

we had a whole year

to prepare for this moment,

so I hope everyone's

ready for what's next.

Today's the long-awaited day

when the kingdom of science

splits into two teams.

The world exploration team

that'll search for the truth,

and the humanity development

team that'll stay behind.


As captain of this vessel,

I've prepared a list of

my desired crewmates!

Though I'd take each and every

one of you with me if I could!

Great idea, except then all

of humanity would go extinct

if the ship sank!

That is true.

[MINAMI] And isn't there

a maximum capacity?


Needless to say,

this is an unprecedented and

extremely dangerous mission.

We may never return.

And I can't guarantee

your lives.

So even if I call your name,

you're free to stay

behind if you like!

That is a choice each

of you has to make!

C'mon, I feel insulted

hearing that.

[GINRO] Okay, so I just have to

not be on the list! No problem.

[laughs] That was a real

noble speech you gave,

but enough with the BS!

Just tell us who you need,

and if they don't wanna come,

we'll find some way to trick

'em into getting on board!

Once on the ship, they're ten

billion percent stuck with us,

whether they like it or not!

Ah, yes, my specialty!

Just leave the dirty work to me!

Not that I plan to go,

but I do love a ruse!

Huh. You could, Gen,

there's no doubt in my mind.

In fact, you could convince

every person here.

But if we're stuck out

there with a crewmate

who's less than willing,

them getting themself

k*lled is one thing,

but endangering the

whole ship is another.

Or am I wrong?

As I read these names,

only those who are

truly prepared to go

should step foot onto our

science vessel Perseus !

First up! We need our engineers

to keep the ship running!

Senku! Kaseki! And Chrome!

What the heck?

How is Senku already on board?

Couldn't he, I don't

know, care a bit more?

Or, like, pretend

to be emotional?

[TAIJU laughs]

That's just how he is!



Wow, really?

I count as an engineer?


For the sails!

On radar and sonar, Ukyo.

Our cook, Francois.

Next up, any true

voyage via sailboat

will take a metric ton

of brute force.

The power team!

[ALL yelling]

[UKYO] Guys, he didn't

call your names yet!

Ha. Y'know, I could

just stay behind

and take over the village.

[MANTLE] Oh, yeah! You would

have no competition!

But you've never been one

to settle for small goals

when a greater opportunity

is presented.


Be quicker to say

who's not coming!

Anyone written down we don't

think will jump at the chance?

[SENKU chuckles]



Very well, then.

How in character. Unlike half

of the other people up there,

Kinro waited to hear his name.

The rules are the rules.


Uh? I-I mean, this is great!

If he was gonna call me,

he'd have done it with Kinro,

so I'm safe!

Heh. It's probably

'cause he's so strong.

Meanwhile I'm so, y'know,

whatever it is you'd call me.


And... Ginro!

No way!

Sailing across the planet

is a death sentence!

I'm not getting on board! Never!

Ginro, I don't know why

you're freaking out so much.

No one's forcing you to come

along. Didn't you hear me?

I want willing crew members.

If you're unsure, stay.

The development team has

important work to do, too.



I think I'll stay

behind, too, then.

[KOHAKU] I know the ship

needs the power team

and our best fighters are a part

of it, but that worries me.

Hyoga and Homura

are still in jail.

With all of the kingdom's

mightiest warriors

far from home,

if those two were to break

out of their cells somehow...

...they'd take over

all of Japan.


They're coming with us?!

[SENKU chuckles]

So we have a moving

prison, big whoop.

As long as they're

supervised, it's fine.

And everyone on board's

okay with this?

Doubt it, but there's no choice.

They're simply too strong

to risk leaving behind

with the others.

Bringing them is

dicey for sure,

but there may come a time

when we need to play

every last card in our

hand to survive.

If worse comes to worst...

[GEN claps]

Well, I suppose that's everyone

that Ryusui wrote down.

Let's give our friends

a nice send-off!


Don't be ridiculous.

The last one on my

list is you, Gen.


Surely you don't need me--

you must've misspoken!

I've got the strength of

a house cat, at best!

There's no tellin'

what kinda enemy

we'll run into out there.

And I don't wanna end

up in a situation

where your skills

coulda saved our lives.



Fine, fine.

I suppose if Why-Man

does choose to att*ck,

he could just as easily

pick Japan as his target.

And with that in mind,

I might be safer siding with

the kingdom of science.

I must admit, it's worked

for me so far.

Not that I care who

comes out on top.

As long as I stand to profit.


I think I've finally figured

out our mentalist friend.

That wicked facade he puts on

is just his way of saving face.

Ha. But it's still

a pain in the neck.


Ha-ha! Set sail!

To uncharted waters.

To the mysteries of our

stone world! And beyond!

[VILLAGERS cheering]


Be careful, guys!

[MINAMI] You all better

come back, you hear me?

Okay, we're gonna take down

the mastermind behind everything

and steal the beam tech

while we're at it!

Ah, man, and that'll make us

heroes, right? I'm glad I came!

It's hard to believe

they're really gone.

It's weird to think that not

everyone Ryusui wanted came.

It was inevitable.

They knew how

dangerous this would be.

Ginro, that worm.

Huh. It's no surprise.

That's the kind of man he is.

Always has been.

What the--?

Ginro just dove in!


Wait for me!

Kinro! Senku! Ryusui! Guys!

No matter how risky

this journey may be,

I still wanna fight!

For all of us. For the

sake of the entire world!

So hold on a sec and let me

get on board! I wanna go!



Are you guys all seein' this?

Yeah, go ahead! Take a few

pictures while you're at it!

Preserve this moment!

How's my dramatic change

of heart playing?

I'm a man of the water,

so I'm sure.

At this distance, the waves

are covering up my voice--

not even Ukyo can hear me!

Damn it.

I couldn't catch up, even though

I really, really wanted to.

I adore your courage

and manly muscles!

Unlike those scaredy-cats

who chose to stay behind,

you're a hero!

[GINRO] Obviously I never wanna

go on a dangerous mission

if I can help it.

But I also want people

to think I'm brave!

I'll get my cake

and eat it, too!

Hey, Ukyo, will

you do me a favor

and keep the radar

pointed towards land?


Huh? Why?


Just a hunch.

Senku, you're not

doing that because--?

No, of course not.



Something's approaching

from the shore.

Is it the big bad Why-Man?!

Why the heck would it be?

He just said it's coming from

back the way we came.

[UKYO] I think someone's chasing

us to get on the ship.

It can't be.

[TAIJU yells]


How the hell?!

Gotta admit, you deserve

some props, Ginro.

Damn right.

Ha! I misjudged you!

Yeah, me, too!

I always had you pegged as a

pathetic, scaredy-cat slimeball!

I never saw this coming in

a billion years. Uly-tray.

I believed in you, Ginro.



Uh, you know me, just couldn't

get enough of that science.

And now I'm

scientifically screwed.



Now you won't be missin'

him the whole time, Kinro!


I never said I missed him.


So what's our course?

Is it non-stop, straight to

the other side of the world?



Our first destination is...

the treasure island.

[ALL gasp]


An island?


Where is it?


And what for?

Why, for the god-tier item

that'll help us rescue

all of humanity, of course.

It's on the island my dad

and his team washed up on.

We're headed to the place

where the astronauts

who avoided the petrification

lived out their lives,

and where the spaceship

Soyuz sleeps.

The place where the

Hundred Tales began.
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