20x22 - Black Sky

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "NCIS". Aired: September 2003 to present.
The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
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20x22 - Black Sky

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MCGEE: Looks like our k*ller
was doing some research

on Russia before the victim showed up.

Global chaos, revenge...

was pretty much all Yuri
ever talked about.

MCGEE: NCIS, come out of the shower.


You know his mission?

Something that falls into the category

of w*apon of mass destruction.

VANCE: But Yuri is more
than happy to go to prison,

taking his secrets with him.




Better not be overcooked this time.

It's not.

Hey, hey, you forgetting something?

Key block on the gate.

Thank you, Otis.







I said no new neighbors.

There's nothing I can do about it, man.

There's overcrowding on every block.

I kept that cell empty
as long as I could.

I'm sorry, Yuri.

Not as sorry as you will be
if he snores.


You hear that, my friend?

You better hope you do not snore.

♪ ♪

Thanks for the update, Warden.

How's Torres doing?

Made it through the night.

Any contact with Yuri yet?

Knowing Torres, he was
probably trying to get intel

about the t*rror1st att*ck
the moment he got there.

He'll certainly have his opportunities.

He's in the cell
directly across from Yuri.

Isn't that a little risky?

VANCE: Yes, it is.

Whole op is risky,
not to mention rushed.

We know, but given the circumstances,

there was no other option.

Which is why I approved it,

but it doesn't mean I'm happy about it.

His cover identity was thrown
together way too quickly.

We've combed through it,
Director, and it seems... solid.

Emmanuel "Manny" Delgado, ,

serving ten years for armed robbery.

All prior arrests, bank accounts,

and addresses have been fully
vetted and backstopped.

VANCE: He didn't have much time
to memorize it all.

- He's a quick study.
- Well, he better be.

Is the warden our only point of contact?

Yeah. (SIGHS)

Not even the prison guards
know that Torres is undercover.

So if things go sideways,
he's on his own in there.

MCGEE: Yes, but we have eyes on him.

Kasie got approval to wire into
the prison security cameras.

KNIGHT: Plus, we've been
authorized to activate

the prison's alarm
in case of an emergency.

All right, now that
we've got Yuri covered,

what do we know about his father?

Kostya Valkov.

Ex-KGB, current oligarch,

he has close ties with both the
Russian mafia and the Kremlin.

We believe he's the mastermind
behind the impending att*ck.

Do we know his whereabouts?

He's safely insulated
in his Moscow compound.

We can't get to him,

which is why we're going after his son.

- So it's Yuri or bust.
- Maybe not.

Remember Evelyn Shaw?

One of the four Russian
spies tied to Kostya.

Didn't you take a run at her
already and get nowhere?

but her circumstances recently changed.

Her bunkmate tried to
k*ll her last night.

We think Kostya ordered the h*t.

And it turns out that
Yuri went to go visit Evelyn

in prison two weeks ago.

And we know that
Yuri likes to talk a lot,

and maybe he said too much.

Which would make her a loose end

that, uh, Kostya would want tied up.

If she knows something,
offer her a sweetheart deal.

Get her to talk.




Can I help you?

You don't talk much, do you... Delgado?

Best way to get by in here.

You do not snore either.

That's good.

So far, I have no complaints.

Wish I could say the same about you.

You were sawing logs all night.


Do you know who you're talking to?

Mm-hmm. A guy with, uh, sleep apnea?

Get it under control.

Or I'll control it for you.


You know, you have big, uh...



Well, finally something
we could agree on.

I think I like you.

I hope you don't make me change my mind.

And what would happen if you do?

Ask around, my friend.

You got a death wish, bro?

I appreciate you looking out,

but I can take care of myself.

Ain't no one looking out
for your well-being.

I was only sitting,
like, three feet away,

and I ain't trying to get
caught up in no beatdowns.

Them Russian boys don't play.

Hi again, Evelyn. How you doing?

- Oh, I've been better.
- Mm, yeah.

Heard you had a rough
go of it last night.

- What happened?
- My bunkie tried to k*ll me.

Oh. Well, that's not very good.

No. It is not.

Why do you think she att*cked
you out of the blue like that?

Maybe she's just mean.

I think Kostya Valkov
paid her to get rid of you

because you know too much.

- I'm not gonna talk about Kostya.
- Why?

Because he'll have me k*lled if I do.

Oh, he'll have you k*lled regardless.

As soon as you go back to the
prison, you're as good as d*ad.

But you already know that.

You're mean, too.

Have you ever heard of the
Witness Protection Program?

You... you can get me in that?


Arrangements have already been made.

All you have to do is tell me
whatever it is you know

about the att*ck that Kostya's planning.

I'll get my own house?

Some-someplace where
Kostya can never find me?

A beautiful cottage in Culpeper.

Pickleball capital of Virginia.


Everyone loves pickleball.
Even Russian spies.

First, you-you have to understand

that what I'm about to tell you
I had nothing to do with

- at all...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Skip ahead.

Yuri visited me a couple weeks ago.

He was bragging about some really

huge att*ck that
his father was planning.

- When is it happening?
- I don't know the exact day,

but very soon.

He said the wheels
are already in motion.

And what else did he say?

That-that's it. (SIGHS) I swear.

Okay, you can't possibly think

that you're gonna get a free home

and lifelong pickleball with just that.

Wait. Wait, you-you can't send
me back to prison... I'll be k*lled.

Oh, that's not my problem.

Please, Agent Knight,
I told you everything I know.

Besides, can't the undercover agent

you have in Yuri's prison
figure the rest out?

What makes you think we have
an undercover agent in with Yuri?

One of my guards is on Kostya's payroll.

Said there's a Fed in Yuri's prison,

which means there might be
one in mine, too.

If Evelyn knows about Torres...

It's likely Yuri does, too.

Get his ass out of there.


How old are you, man?

last month. Why?

Damn, you're barely old enough to drive.

Why are you in here?

Long story.

Oh, okay, sorry,
you got someplace to be?


I got, uh, pinched for fraud.

- But I didn't do it.
- Oh, of course you didn't.

Didn't you know that
everyone here is innocent?

No, no, for real, bro.

Look, I-I was, I was, like,
set up or something.

I woke up to cops
busting down my door and...


(CHUCKLES) I don't think
your pal likes me.

I don't understand why.

I'm friend to everyone.

Except for rats.


Do you smell that, Delgado?

No, the only thing I smell is him.

I believe I once read

in your National Graphic magazine that

rats cannot smell their own scent.

Oh, what a cute little nugget
of information.

Isn't it?

Did I say that you could sit?

No. You did not.


Pardon me.

(TSKING) No, no, no, no, my friend.

It is very rude to look at
someone else's texts.

I wasn't looking at your texts.

I was wondering how you
smuggled a phone into prison.

A little gift? From your daddy?

So you do know who I am.

All you do is talk about

how special you are,
and how your dad is this

big Russian mobster,

who I've never even heard of.

That may change very soon.

Another little special nugget.

You prefer me to be
more direct with you?

I know that there is a rat
in this prison.

And I'm sensing that rat is you.

What did you just say?

Sit down, rat.

Oh, you do talk.

I thought you just stood there
like a big bitch.



If you ever call me a rat again,

- you're next.

And your daddy is not going to save you.

Delgado, you got a visitor!



OTIS: The hell happened here?


He slipped.

Delgado, lawyer's here, let's go.

We will finish our chat later.


Visitor for Emmanuel Delgado

window .




What are you doing here?

Pulling you out.

What? No, you're not.

We think Yuri knows that there's a...

A rat? Yeah, I'm getting that vibe.

What happened? Did he come at you?

Yeah, and he wasn't subtle either.

But, uh... I think
I bought myself some time.

- How?
- I b*at the crap out of his muscle.

Big bastard and mean as hell
but I think it's a good plan.


Well, I said good plan,
not perfect plan.

The rules are different
around here, Parker.

Yuri accused me of being a rat

and only a rat
would take that lying down.

- So I did what I had to do.
- So, you're thinking that fighting

maybe convinced him
that you're not the rat?

No, but it's a step
in the right direction.

Now, convincing him,
that's gonna take more time.

- You don't have it.
- Says who?

Says Vance. He's pulling the plug.

MAN (OVER SPEAKERS): Visitor for
Reymundo De Leon, window .


You hearing me, Delgado?

Yeah, yeah, I hear you,
but I'm not leaving.

There's too much at stake.

And Yuri doesn't know it's me.

Even still, he knows there's a mole now

which means the chance of
getting any intel

is slim and none.


It's the serial number
to a burner phone.

Yuri has been texting someone,
probably daddy.


You know, you could've just
told me you had that

- as soon as you sat down.
- Yeah, but what is the fun of that?

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

So, you'll talk to Vance?

Hey, Parker...

you're a hell of an attorney.



Thank you, Judge.

Please email that to me
as soon as you sign it.

Yes, ma'am, trap warrant
is coming through as we speak.

Okay, thank you.

Phone company is sending over
a copy of every text

Yuri's burn phone has sent
or received in the past week.

We don't think Yuri'd be dumb enough

to discuss details of the terror
att*ck over text, do we?


Well, we are about to find out.

The logs from the phone company
just came through.

Anyone speak Russian?

Internet does. Translating now.

So, the text it's just
a series of numbers?

Maybe it didn't translate right.

No, unfortunately, it did.

The texts are all written in code.

Can you cr*ck it?

Do I have a choice?

Not if we want to save the country.

In that case, I better start.



Attention in the yard.

Attention in the yard.

All work dockets now being collected...

MAN: Delgado.

Boss wants you to write on this

your full name, date of your birth,

and social security number.

You're kidding, right?

Also, name of school you went to.

For my master's or my Ph.D.?

You a doctor?

Yeah, I got a doctorate on
boosting Brink's trucks.

You're making joke. Very funny.

I'm not laughing.


We have to run identity check.

This no big deal.

Unless, you have something to hide.

This is a waste of time, if you ask me.

I did not ask.

And I bet there isn't even
a rat in here.

That is wager you would lose.

Everybody knows in here

that Yuri confessed to
m*rder that dude.

- Mm, this is true.
- Cops got them d*ad to rights.

- He's already screwed.
- Also true.

So, why would the cops bother
putting an undercover in here?


You all have something else
cooking in here, don't you?

Nothing is cooking.

Well, then there is no rat.

- We know for fact there is.
- How?

Because we have special source, Delgado.

Let me guess?

Yuri's daddy?

There's nothing more dangerous...

than blind loyalty.

When it comes to Kostya Valkov,
anything but loyalty is su1c1de.

Russian made surface-to-air m*ssile.

Strike range, kilometers

with a warhead up to kilograms.

- That's Kostya Valkov selling arms

to a guy he thinks is
a member of Al-Qaeda,

but who's actually MI.

- How'd you get this?
- I didn't.

Ducky reached out to an
old connection for us.

Dr. Mallard, good to see you again.

Likewise, Director.

I just wish it weren't
under these circumstances.

Yeah, you and me both.

So, if this was an undercover
sting operation,

how is Kostya not in prison?

Oh, he was serving a life sentence,

but he was released after a few years.

Let me guess. Another prisoner swap?


Which explains why Yuri
acts so untouchable.

He thinks his father
can convince the Kremlin

- to make a swap for him, too.
- They may not need to.

He might just walk right out
in the middle of the chaos.

- What are you talking about?
- MCGEE: We cracked the code

on Yuri and Kostya's texts.

It's a numeric cypher

- based on a Cold w*r era...
- Tim.

Right, doesn't matter.

What matters is that we have figured out

how Kostya's planning on attacking us.

He's targeting the U.S. power grid.

- Which sector?
- All of them.

His plan is to knock out
electricity to the whole country.

We're talking widespread outages,
for weeks, if not months.

And how exactly is he
planning to pull this off?

Could be a computer virus,
an electromagnetic pulse,


small arms f*re at key substations.

We're vulnerable to all of it.

The DoD refers to this kind of att*ck

as a Black Sky event.

And the simulations that they've run,

the potential consequences
are terrifying.

We're talking complete
loss of communication,

shutdown of all the food supply chains,

all critical infrastructures
grinding to a halt.

Basically, a total breakdown
of society as we know it.


- You are d*ad man.
- TORRES: You really want to do this?

'Cause it didn't work out
too well for you last time.

YURI: Not yet, Boris.

I'd like to question him first
before you k*ll him.

TORRES: What do you want to know now?

My mother's maiden name?

Why don't we start with your name first?

Oh, I see? You can't read.

Emmanuel Del...

- Your real name.
- That is my real name.

And where do you claim
to have attended school?

Saint Barnaby's in Miami.

Which, if you bothered to look,
I wrote on your dumbass sheet.

I did look.

And I checked.

Saint Barnaby's High
has no records of you.

What does that mean, Boris?

It means I get to k*ll him now.

Or it means that
you two geniuses checked out

the wrong school.

There are two Saint Barnaby's in Miami.

I went to Saint Barnaby's Reform School,

not the Catholic high school.

Why should I trust this?

You don't have to trust it.
You can look it up for yourself.

He is lying, Yuri.

I hope you're sure
because if you are not

and you k*ll me...

the real rat lives

and your daddy will be super pissed,

don't you think?

If you are lying to me,

I'll make sure Boris guts you slowly.

Well, I'm not so sure
it's gonna play out that way.

I guess we'll never know...

...because I'm not lying.

- What's with the look, McGee?
- What look?

The "refusing to blink until
you figure something out" look.

I'm just trying to break down
what these latest texts

between Yuri and Kostya might mean.

New texts? Why didn't you tell me?

I guess I was too busy not blinking.

Take a look at this...
Yuri texts his dad

asking for an update on
something called "Anastasia."

Kostya doesn't seem too happy about it.

Do you think Anastasia is
their code word for the att*ck?

I'm not sure, but I don't think
we're gonna be getting

too much more intel from
these text messages.

Vance wants us all up in MTAC.

- Who are we briefing?
- CIA, DoD, NSA,

and any other agency with three letters.

I called the Department of Energy
to warn them about the att*ck.

- And?
- Well, they said even with the heads-up,

there's no way they could safeguard

five million miles of power lines.

Lovely. (SIGHS)


It's Torres.

You go ahead,
tell Vance I'll be right in.

WOMAN: This is a collect call
from inmate Manny Delgado.

Yeah, operator, I'll, uh, I'll accept.

Delgado, you okay?

Yeah, for now.

- I need a favor, though.
- Name it.

Yuri knows Delgado didn't go to
Saint Barnaby's High in Miami.

How? He get a hold of a yearbook?

I wouldn't doubt it.
He's resourceful, to say the least.

I know you don't want to hear this,

but I think it's time we pull you out...

You're right, I don't want to hear it.

I told him there were
two Saint Barnaby's in Miami.

- Are there?
- No.

I made one up and told him

I went to the fake one...
a reform school.

All right, so, what do you want from us?

To build you a school?

No, I need a website.

And make sure Delgado
is in the student records.

I need it by :.

That's when the prison
turns the Wi-Fi on.

Hang on, hang on.

All right, thank you so much, baby girl.

I love you, too. (SMACKS LIPS)



KASIE: we are barely going
to make it with this website.

Uh, it is :, by the way.

I am aware of that, Jimmy.
I'm almost done.

- You just focus on your job.
- Right.

Uh, okay, Yuri is still
in his cell reading.

Uh, Torres is out in the yard
pumping iron. Naturally.

Uh, Boris and Lev,

they're in the cafeteria,
drinking what appears to be lemonade.

- Could be orange juice.
- Jimmy, enough.

I don't need the play-by-play.

I'm nervous.
I mean, Nick's life basically depends on

whether or not this
website passes muster.

And it will, 'cause it's great.
I mean, super legit.

Okay, it might not be perfect,

but the prison's Wi-Fi
is about to turn on,

so it'll have to do. Okay.

- Here goes nothing.
- Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Does that say a "reform school
for terrible kids"?

Oh, yeah. It's a placeholder.

I couldn't think of the right word.

Troubled. The word is "troubled."

Right. That's much better.

Do you have any other
placeholders in there?

Uh, I don't know.

Do we have time to double-check?


Yuri is still in his cell, so yeah.

The only computers are in the library,

that's on the other wing of the...


A tablet?

A guard is bringing
a tablet to his cell?

What kind of a sorry excuse
for a prison is this?

- All right, publish it now, Kase.
- Okay.

Okay. We're live.

Oh, God, please let this work.


- All right, you got it, bro.


You're jacked, Delgado.

Especially for an old dude.


Thanks, I guess.

Hey, that guy that
visited you yesterday?

- Yeah.
- Who was that?

That's, uh... my mom's boyfriend.

He's, uh, helping me out
with all the legal problems.

Helping you out, huh?

My mom said he's gonna
figure out who set me up.

And how's that going?

Honestly, I don't really trust the dude.

It kind of just seems like our lives

have gone to hell since they met.

Look, I know you think I'm full of crap,

but I really was framed, bro.

I believe you.

For real?

How come?

It's your turn. Come on.

Get after it.


JIMMY: Is he on the website?

Not yet.

How will you know when he's on?

Because I'm the administrator.

I'll be able to see every click.

- Oh. (SIGHS)

He's on.

Are reform schools allowed
to give out students' names?

Uh. Saint Barnaby's is.

JIMMY: It worked.



Kasie, why did you put
a "Contact Us" tab on there?

Now he's calling a
nonexistent school. I...

- Kasie, you...

Oh, excuse me, Jimmy,
I should take this.

Saint Barnaby's Reform School for Boys.

This is Sister Kasie speaking.

How may I help you?



You put M-s down the toilet?

I phoned Saint Barnaby's.

One of the nuns remembered you.

Sister Kah-see.

Sister Kasie.

Yeah, I remember her.

She told me about the prank
you made on Father McGee.


Huge toilet expl*si*n.

Yeah, the other sisters didn't
think it was quite as funny.

They made my life hell.

Real sisters have a way
of doing that, too.

My sister was horrible to me,

but I had to take it

because she was daddy's little princess.

So, we're good now?

'Cause, if you'll trust me,
maybe we can work together.

Okay. Let's talk.

KASIE: Is it just me

or does it actually look
like they're getting along?

I mean, Yuri's smiling.
I think it worked.

Wait. What's that?

It's a shiv.

What is he doing?
Torres just proved that he's not a rat.

KASIE: He's heading right to Nick.

- We got-we got to do something.
- Um...

Uh, this is all we can do.


MAN (OVER SPEAKERS): Lockdown. Lockdown.

- This is an emergency lockdown.

All inmates remain in place.

Boris, no.

Out of my way, Delgado.

I said move!

Boris, what are you doing?




Son of a b... (GRUNTS)



I don't care if the prison
is in lockdown, Warden.

I want Special Agent Torres
released immediately.

Well, then escort him out
personally if you have to.

And do it without saying
a word to anyone.

Something tells me
you've already said enough.

WARDEN: Look, at this point, I just...

Hold on. What the hell happened?

Kasie and Jimmy saw the whole thing

on the prison's security camera.

It was a h*t. By Yuri's own two men.

- Any idea of motive?
- Not yet.

You think this could somehow
be related to Kostya's att*ck?

I think we need to look into it.

Any chances we can get
these two yahoos sent to us?

All right, listen up.

I'm sending two vehicles to the prison.

One for my guy,
and one for the two suspects,

Boris Popov, Lev Trotski.

Let me see what I can do.

Look, if I have to go all the way up

to the BOP director, I will.

Sir, there's no reason for that.

- So make it happen. Now.
- Yes, sir.

Chances are good,

but we're only gonna get
one of the yahoos.

Boris is still unconscious
in the infirmary.

And how's Torres?

You can ask him yourself, McGee.

He'll be here in an hour.


Welcome back, Nick.

Thank you.


You might need stitches there.

Yeah, that's a tomorrow problem.


(SCOFFS) I knew you were the rat.

No, you didn't.

I would have figured soon enough.

No, you wouldn't have.

I am certain I see you soon, Delgado...

or whatever your name is.

Any clue why he did it?

I got a theory,
but I won't know for sure

until we get him in the room.

Glad to have you back, Nick.

And I'm sure you're glad
to have this back.


Thanks. See you up there.

You got it.

(RECORDING): Hola, it's Lucia.
Leave a message.

I found him, sis.

You know who I'm talking about.

The bastard's still alive.

And he's still doing it.

I love you.


(CHUCKLES) What's that? A... a ferret?

No, that is you.

- Oh, I'm a ferret?
- A rat.


You are making a joke at me again.

You believe you are winning.
You're the one in chains.

No, you are the one
so far behind in race,

you think you are champion.

But you're the one who k*lled his buddy.

Boss. Not buddy.

Buddy shares his filet mignon.

Boss makes you watch him eat it.

After so much time, we snap,

lash out.

So, you and Boris
decided to k*ll Yuri...

- for steak?
- Not just steak.


You just k*lled Kostya Valkov's son.

When you go back to prison,
he's gonna have you k*lled.

I am scared of no one.

You know, I keep, uh...

flashing back to something
you said in the yard.

"When it comes to Kostya,

anything but loyalty is su1c1de."

See, you're having too much fun

to be suicidal, Lev.

- I am boring of this.
- You want to know what I think?

I think you didn't just
lashed out and k*ll Yuri.

I think you were following
orders from Kostya.

'Cause all that matters
to Kostya is his att*ck.

He didn't want his bigmouth son
to screw it all up

by saying too much to an undercover Fed.

That's how much he hates America.

He sacrificed his own son.

I hate America, too.

Except for one thing.
Your legal protections.

I want lawyer.

If Torres is right, that means that

Lev and Kostya have been communicating.

Which means Lev probably knows
details about the att*ck.


Well, he lawyer up
faster than I thought.


Speaking of his lawyer,

security says
he's at the front gate now.

We didn't even let Lev make a call yet.

PARKER: Someone made a call for him.

It has to be Kostya.

He's covering his bases.

He's making sure Lev
doesn't talk either.

If Kostya hired his lawyer,

I'll bet you Lev has
never met him before.

- So?
- Call base security,

have them delay the lawyer's entrance

- by ten minutes.
- Why?

You still got your briefcase?

How you holding up, Mr. Trotski?

You are my lawyer?

What do you think?

TORRES: Are we sure this is legal,

As long as Parker doesn't really say

that he's his lawyer,

it is legal... ish.

Any questions for me?


Fair enough.

Just a message from...

you know who.

I do. Know who.

For Anastasia.

You understand this, yes?

What do you think?


What the hell does this mean?

I did a DMV search
to rule out the obvious,

but it's not a
Dodge Challenger license plate.

Well, it's not a license plate at all.

No private or commercial
vehicle in the U.S.

has that license number.

He said it was for Anastasia,

which we believe is
the code name for the att*ck.

This must be a code, too,

like everything else with Kostya.

All right, so let's go with the number.


That is a zip code for Laurel, Maryland.

Any major power stations near Laurel?

Uh, checking now.

Could be a date.

February , .

What happened on that day?

- Like, in the whole world?
- PARKER: Yeah.

All right, McGee, um...

RFs, go.

Uh... right field,

radio frequencies, Russian Federation.

Maybe the Challenger that we're
looking for is in Russia?

It might take a minute to get
into the Russian DMV database.

Mm, don't bother, McGee.

The Challenger isn't a car,
it's a plane.

A b*mb Challenger,
and the license plate number

is, uh, really the tail number.

Who's it registered to?

KNIGHT: A shell company based in Minsk.

All right, I'm looking at
a flight-tracking website,

shows this plane took off
from Moscow ten hours ago.

Headed where?

There's no flight plan filed,

but its current location
is miles east of D.C.

and it is descending.

I'll bet you a baklava
that Kostya's on that plane.

I'll text Kasie, have her start
tracking that plane for us.

All right, good. Let's gear up.


That can't be good.



It's starting.


What now?

McGee, how bad is this?

Oh, backup generators just kicked in.

Now we can get a better

sense of the scale of the outages.

Phone lines are d*ad.

No cell service either.

Internet is out, too.

The elevators, the-the computers,

pretty much anything
with a power switch is useless.

This is exactly what Kostya wanted.

But how did he do it?

It's too widespread for
a substation att*ck, right?

Yeah, and we can rule out
an electromagnetic pulse...

we would have noticed the voltage surge.

- So what? Computer virus?
- MCGEE: It's got to be.

But to disable power to an entire city

would take something that has to bypass

three levels of -bit encryption.

There's really only one type
of virus that can do that.


Yeah, I have no idea what that is,

but it sounds scary.

How do we stop it?

We have to find the host
computer and shut it down.

TORRES: Wait, are you saying

there's someone at their
computer right now,

petting a hairless cat
while they black out the city?

Pretty much. We just don't know who.

Well, it can't be Kostya.
He's on a plane.

A plane we cannot track without
Internet or cell service.

Yes, we can.

(PANTING): Sorry.

I just ran up two flights of stairs.

Kasie said we might be able
to track the plane

using its radio frequency?

All right, let's get in the car,

and have Kasie tell us where to go.

Wait, how-how are we
gonna do that, uh...?

We don't even have any cell service.

With these.

Max range is only miles,

so let's hope he lands close by.

All right, it's a ,-mile flight.

That's at the very max of
the b*mb's field range.

- Wheels should be down soon.
- And we'll be waiting.

Testing, testing, over.

blackouts confirmed in Philadelphia,

Baltimore, New York and D.C.

No word yet on the cause,
but officials in Boston are bracing...

The virus is taking out
the grid, one sector at a time.

KASIE (OVER RADIO): Come in, Jess.
You guys need to

U-turn as soon as possible. Over.

Why, what happened?

I accidentally followed
the wrong radio signal...

I was chasing an -wheeler.


Kostya must've known
he could use the blackout

to land undetected.

Why is he coming here at all?

Leaving Russia is such a huge risk.

He's here for Anastasia.

- That's the code name for the att*ck.
- Maybe.

Or maybe not. I mean, for all we know,

Anastasia could be a woman.

In Kostya's file,

there's no mention of
a woman named Anastasia.

There's a lot about
Kostya we don't know.

If there is an actual Anastasia,

it will be like looking for a needle

in a stack of needles.

There's millions
of Anastasias in Russia.


Yeah, they're all named after
some old Russian princess.

A princess?

Yeah. Why?

Yuri has a sister.

He called her "daddy's little princess."

According to Yuri's file,
he doesn't have a sister.

According to Yuri, he does.

I may have found Kostya.

I think he just landed at
the Harrison Regional Airport.

But it's possible I've been
tracking the wrong plane. Over.

Harrison Airport, found it.
It's in, uh, Culpeper.

We just set up Evelyn Shaw in
the witness protection program

in a house in Culpeper.

And Evelyn just so happens to be

a coding savant who's capable of

creating a polymorphic malware virus.

You think Evelyn is Kostya's daughter?

Daddy's little princess?

Forget the airport.
We're going to Evelyn's house.

That's got to be it.

McGee, Knight, go around back.

Torres and I will take the front.




MCGEE: Witness protection marshals.

Both ex*cuted.



NCIS! Hands in the air.





It's over, Evelyn!



Drop your w*apon, Evelyn.


Just sh**t me.


We're not gonna let you off that easy.


PARKER: Evelyn Shaw,
aka Viktoria Valkov.

VANCE: So, daddy's little princess here

was the mastermind behind the att*ck?

It was more of a
father-daughter production.

KNIGHT: Kostya couldn't
do it without her coding skills

so they staged a fake h*t

- to get her into witness protection.
- And Yuri?

After he did his job,
he was a liability,

therefore, expendable, so he had to go.

He was k*lled by his own father?

Number one dad he was not.

Wow. So, what's the status

as far as getting the power back on?

McGee's at Evelyn's house

with a dozen of the government's best

white hat hackers working on it now.

With a little luck, he'll get the
evil genie back in the bottle.

And with cell t*wers down,
we can't get an ETA, right?




McGee, Vance would like an ETA. Over.


- Oh. There you go.
- Hey. Hey...

(LAUGHING) All right.


VANCE: Back in business.

Disregard that. Great job, McGee. Over.

Thanks. See you guys soon.

So, where's our jailbird?

I think the last few days
finally caught up to him.

He said he was gonna go home,
sleep in his own bed.

I think he's earned it.

There's a -year-old
bottle of scotch in my office

that's looking for company,
if anybody's interested.

Oh, I can't think of a better occasion

to cr*ck open that bad boy.

- Second that.
- VANCE: Good.

Um, I'll meet you guys
up there in a minute.











Take whatever you want, all right?

I've got, I've got money,
this watch, anything you want.

I'm not here to rob you.

Okay, so why are you here?

You don't know who I am?


Take your time.

It'll come to you.



Is that you?

Oh, yeah.

I'm not a kid anymore.

Yeah, I-I can see that.

Look, I-I... I thought a lot
about you, and your...

your mom, and your sister.
I thought about you often.

Not as often as
I have thought about you.

Hey, I-I want you to know
I'm a changed man now, Nicky.

You know, the mistakes I made...

Just stop.

Stop talking.

So, what-what do you want?

What I've always wanted.

To watch you die.
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