10x22 - A Better Place

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Chicago P.D.". Aired: January 2014 to present.
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Activities of the Chicago District 21 police, whose intelligence unit combats major offenses. A spin-off from "Chicago f*re".
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10x22 - A Better Place

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Samantha, the two
offenders that abducted you

asked for $ million in cash.

So who is your father?

Samantha Beck and her father Richard

are manufacturing and running
mass amounts of meth.

I could go under.

His name's Adam.

He's solid and he'd like a job.

Richard is a white supremacist.

And he's feeding it to his grandchild.

That's why it felt so wrong
between her and her dad.

I'm guessing Sam told you
about the plan.

My buyer's got more product coming.

- What is it?
- Supplies for the end.

Multiple targets, many casualties.

You're gonna be in charge.


But that's the spark you need.

It's just one spark that
ignites what's already there,

what everybody already feels

humming in the air, the storm.

We can all feel it humming.

You can feel it.

You can hear it.


I don't know if I can
listen to it anymore.

Richard, he's just always
talking, talking,

ticking down the days until the end

and there's blood running
in the streets,

till the storm comes.

That's all I get...

Just talking in circles,
nothing specific.

All that poison,
all his hate, it's so thick.

It's always there, constant
whenever you're near him.

Feels like you can drown in it.

Yet I can't get close enough.

Come on, Cal.

I can't get a single detail
about what he's planning.

Now the days are winding down.

He told me three weeks.





Yeah. Yeah.

Hey, what's going on?

What are you doing?

I'm leaving right now. I
couldn't tell you on the phone.

Wait, wait, wait. Why?



- I'm going.
- Sam.

I'm gonna pick Callum up from school

and we're driving out of Chicago.

- Okay, why?
- You should too.

Sam, can you talk to me for a second?

He didn't call you?

Who? Your dad? No.

He pushed the date up.

Wait, wait, no, no, no,
that is not possible.

He would have told me. I've been around.

I'm supposed to be
in charge of supplies.

Why would he move the date?
He had a date that mattered.


Can you stop for a second?


He changed it to when?

To today.

I'm supposed to meet him
at the yard at : .

I'm not gonna be there,
and you shouldn't be, either.

Okay, listen,
we can figure this out, okay?

No, we can't.

I'm sorry I got you into this.
Samantha, don't do that.

Just tell me more.
You have to tell me more.

Okay? What's he doing?

What's he attacking?
What the hell is the end?

- I don't know.
- Sam, I don't believe you.

I don't know details.

All I know is that
a lot of people are gonna die.

- Sam.
- Look, I'm leaving.

Sam. Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Move. Get out of my way. Move.

I will move when you
tell me what the plan is.

Did my father tell you to keep me here?

No. Now tell me.

- Get out of my way.
- Sam. Sam!

Take your key out of the ignition

and get out of the car.

You gonna sh**t me?

Key out of the ignition.
Get out of the car.

And he didn't tell you to stop me.

No. Now get out.

He doesn't care about you, Adam.

I promise you, he doesn't,
everything he believes in,

all this nonsense, everything.

I know. Now get out!

Get your hand off the shift.

I'm Chicago police. Do you understand?

Now get out of the car.

Where is he?

Upstairs. Got here two minutes ago.

I didn't put Sam on the books,
wasn't sure what you wanted.

What the hell happened?

I don't know. I only got
the same text you did,

that he had to make himself
and took Samantha into custody.

But he was on book?

Yeah, he was at her house.

I don't know what could have happened.

You were in my house.

- You were with my child.
- Why is that?

Why was there a cop in your house?

You have to start cooperating.

Sam, hundreds of people are gonna die.

You can't just walk that back.

You can't.

Now, my team is gonna be here
any minute.

The more that you tell them about
what your dad is planning,

the more that I can protect you.

- Protect me?
- Yes, protect you.

- And you're gonna need it.
- Screw you.

And your son is gonna need it too.

Don't talk about my son.

- Adam.
- I know you.

I know you.

You were that cop at my abduction.

Look, I didn't talk to you then...

What happened?

I'm sorry.

I didn't know what other choice I had.

I didn't know what to do.

Just tell me what happened.

She told me that Richard
pulled up the date to today.

She was trying to leave town.

She wouldn't give me any information.
She was gonna leave.

I wasn't gonna know any more
than I did yesterday.

Okay. Does Richard know she's here?

- No.
- Callum?

No, no, he's at school.

She was gonna pick him up.

She didn't want anything
to do with the att*cks.

She wanted to grab her kid and go,

and I could've just let them leave.

Why didn't I just let them go?

Hey, did anybody see you arrest her?

I don't think so.

Okay, where's Richard now?

Tracker says the yard.

Should be there until : p.m.
That's when he told Sam to meet him.

Whatever's happening,
it's happening today.

Okay, and Richard reached out to you?



That's why I...

I don't know. What do we do now?

Okay, we have any idea why
he moved that date back?

No, but we do know
we are dealing with the head

of a million-dollar DTO
who is also a self-proclaimed,

highly motivated domestic t*rror1st.

So we get in front of this now.

And Sam?

She shut down. She's not talking.

So maybe we stay under,

see if Richard ties himself up with you?

I reached out to him.
He acted like nothing was off.

I don't think he's gonna loop me in

till the last second when it's too late.

What about dry conspiracy?

Is that enough to arrest and hold him?

Judge says we don't even have
enough for a search warrant.

We'd have to connect Richard
directly to the dr*gs

if we wanna move on narcotics charges.

We have to get Sam to talk.

That is our quickest option.

So get in front of the
paperwork on Richard now.

Just start cracking off warrants.

We'll fill in the blanks as we go.

Where's Torres?

Oh, yeah, Ocean's with his mama in Mayo.

They got health checkups.
He'll be out till Saturday.

All right, then have Tac
get eyes on the Becks.

Look, Sam is supposed
to meet Richard at : .

That means we got seven hours.

Hey, I need your help.

If there's a direct terror thr*at,

protocol says you contact
Homeland Security immediately.

It will take them eight hours
to open a case.

- I only have seven.
- Right. Hank...

You know there are
other ASAs you can call,

that you should call.

I don't trust them. I trust you.

Listen, this man is not
just preaching hate.

He is going to act on it today.

I gotta move fast. I need your help.

All right, what do you need to trust me?

Name it.

- Full transparency.
- Fine.

No, I need full transparency from you.

Anything that happens,
you gotta tell me.


You can have it.

All right, I got the judge on board.

Verbally signed off on a deal for Sam,

but it comes with conditions.

We need to have a bulletproof
case against Richard,

so Sam needs to inform on all of it.

That means she connects
her father to the dr*gs,

to the location, and she connects him

to the conspiracy of a terror
att*ck with evidential proof.

- Okay, so targets, w*apon.
- Exactly.

It can't be circumstantial.

Okay, so what are we
giving Sam in exchange?



Kev, she won't talk for less.

She wants immunity for her and her kid.

She helped her father in all of this.

Well, she acted out of fear.

Ruze, I don't care
what she acted out of.

- Neither does the law.
- She was under her father's thumb, Kev.

I don't know what to tell you.

Okay, so maybe you feel like

her heart wasn't all the way in it.

Maybe you think that there is
some part of her that's good.

But come on, no matter how
you slice and dice it,

- she helped do this for years.
- I know.

She helped her father
manufacture and sell narcotics

that was used to fund
white supremacy, k*lling,

and whatever plan he's
got going on right now.

She should do time.

Let's give her a deal, fine.
We give her a deal.

But immunity was never
supposed to be on the table.

She's not innocent.

Yeah, but what's our other play?

She will not talk for less.
I promise you, she won't.


And there are lives
on the line right now.

So we can sit here, and we can debate

her innocence all day long,
but that's not gonna help.

It's not gonna get her to talk.

Look, innocent or not,
we have to save her now.

Come on, Adam, let's go.

Get back to work. Let's go.

Manufacturing and
distribution of narcotics,

conspiracy to commit m*rder,
m*rder for hire,

and capital m*rder.

Those are your charges,
which will result

in life without parole.

Or you take this deal and you talk.

I can tell you, this is the best deal

you can ever hope for,
the best deal I've ever

convinced a judge to give.


Do you understand the deal
I explained to you

and the charges that
are your alternative?

Yeah, I understand.

And I'm not talking to any of you.

Why not? Samantha, have you been...

It was a bad idea bringing him
in here to try to convince me.


Why, because I know you?

Oh, you don't know me.

Yes, I do.

I've been with your family
for two months. I know you.

I know you don't believe
anything that your father does.

- It's not in your heart.
- You don't know me.

It's not, and I'll defend that.

You don't want him attacking
anyone or anything.

You wanted out your whole life.

- We're giving you that.
- You're not.

Yes, we are. Sam, this is your way out.

This is how you get Callum out.

No, this is how I lose him.

You've been with me for two months,

and you don't understand that yet?

My father will k*ll me.

Those aren't some words.

They're not some thr*at, some
dramatic thing I'm making up.

Look, I am telling you the truth.

He will k*ll me.

Then he's gonna have Callum forever.

We won't let them
touch you or your child.

You can't promise me that.

I can promise that working
with us is a lot safer option.


I will not let anything
happen to that boy.

You don't have to trust
a single thing that I've said.

But you can trust that I will not

let Richard get to that child.


All right, well, Samantha
claims she doesn't know

what her father's targeting
or why he moved up the att*ck.

But she does know
where he stores the cash,

the product, and the supplies.

Apparently, there's a trap door

behind Beck Trucking sh**ting range.

That's where Richard stores the cash.

What about the dr*gs?

The lab's in South Hegewisch,

but my father never steps foot in there.

But the place has security / .

And where's the rest of it?

Look, you referred to supplies
your father exchanges

for product, for the end.

Where's all that?

When did I refer...

I told you that.

I told you that in my house,
in my living room.

What are the supplies for, Sam?

Are they for the att*ck?

How many times do I have
to tell you, I don't know.

Okay, I don't know
everything he's buying,

and I don't know what he's planning.

I just... I pick things up
and I drop them off.

Pick things up where?
You drop them off where?


He's got a farm in Homer Glen.

Whatever supplies Richard
needs for the att*ck,

they should be there.

What else do you need?

We need names.

She's gotta positively ID
and inform on everyone,

confirm their criminal roles,
that dr*gs exchanged hands,

that they helped her father
planning a terror att*ck,

that she's directly
eyewitnessed criminal activity.

Stanley Davis.

And what does he do?

He works in the lab.

That's William Anderson.

That's John Nelson.

That's Ronald Clark.

Ken Thompson.

- And what does he do?
- He cooks for us.

He actually used to be a chemist.

Last but not least.

Victor Dunn.

He's our fixer.

You want me to go over it again?

Pick up Cal from school.

Act like all is well,
nothing's going on.

And hey, we don't have backup,

so if your dad's got people watching,

he's not gonna know a thing.

It's all gonna be fine.

Get you guys home, get whatever
you need for the safe house.

You know, that's all you
really gotta worry about.

Do you really have a daughter?


She really is the same age as Callum.

Name's Makayla.

What's she like?

She's sweet, smart.

She's really weird. Goofy.

Kinda like Cal.

You know, it wasn't my whole life.

I didn't always want out.

We aren't born hateful.

It's just... it's grown.

I didn't know that until Cal was born.

That's when I changed.

All those roots, they just...
They just d*ed because of him.

Well, we're gonna keep him safe.

We are.

But we never go on trips.

I thought you were working all weekend.

Yeah, I got the days off.

You've always wanted to go camping.

I figured it'd be fun.

Well, you're coming too?

Yeah, man. Yeah, you should go pack.

You know, get your books, toys,
whatever you wanna bring.

I can see you've
already started packing.

Just a little.

And I was doing some cleaning.

Well, can Grandpa come?

No, not this time.

Go on, wanna get on the road
before there's traffic.

- All right.
- Hey, get your cards, yeah?

- Yeah.
- All right.

Hey, we're okay.

Go pack up whatever else you might need.

You won't be coming back here.

Boss, I got them home safe.

No, no signs of any follows.

And we're a go.

Copy you.


Tracker and phone are
still pinging in the yard.

He's here. We're good.

All right, all teams good to approach.

Let's go.


Chicago PD... let me see your
hands, let me see your hands.

Let's move.

Chicago PD!

Chicago PD! Let me see your hands!

Hands, now!

You two, back! Back!
Get up! Turn around!

- Touch the wall, touch the wall.
- We got two!

Hands up. I'm gonna go grab them.

- Hands up!
- Hands in the air.

- Hands up.
- Don't move, don't move.

Don't do it! Get down!

Show me your hands. Show me your hands.



- , - , sh*ts fired at police.

Go! Move, move, move!

- Chicago PD!
- Get down!

Don't move! Put your hands up!

Put your hands up! Put your hands up!

On the table! On the table!

g*n! Give me that! Now!

Grab the wall! Take him, Randall.

- Hands up.
- On your knees.

Don't move.

First floor clear.

Targets and in custody.

Negative on Richard Beck.

Negative on Richard Beck.

South barn clear,
negative on Richard Beck.

- Farmhouse clear, no target.
- Location two is clear.

Targets , , and in custody.

Negative on Richard Beck.

His cell phone is here.

Tell me somebody has
eyes on Richard Beck.

- Clear.
- Clear.

Okay, let's move.


- Clear.
- Clear.

Everybody listen to me.

Wherever you are, move slow and steady.

We got C- .

Do not k*ll your radios
unless you absolutely have to.

Yo, Sarge, we're all clear here,

but we got blueprints.

Place is full of C- . We got blueprints.

It must be blueprints
to his target, Sarge.

He was trying to h*t elementary schools.

- Chester Burnett.
- It's on the South Side.

Sarge, he was trying to k*ll
children of color.

He moved it up because two of the
schools were threatening to strike,

and he wanted to make
sure the kids were there.

Search it.

Let's go.

Oh, hell no. We gotta go.

We gotta get up out of here.
We gotta get up out of here!

Come on!


You all right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Hey, call out!

- Mia!
- Yeah.

- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm all right.

- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.

We're good.

All right, Cal, let's do this, man.

You ready to go?


- You in here, bud?




Okay, I will.


Callum, what you doing up here, man?

We gotta go. Whose cell phone is that?


Yeah, Sarge, I got
everybody out, accounted for.

I got a few injured officers,
but we're okay.

But this whole spot was rigged, Sarge.

Yes, and I think Richard
remote detonated it.


He had eyes on the inside. We're burnt.

Copy. We're on our way.

- Is he okay?
- Yes.

Anybody got eyes on Richard?

No, truck's still in the yard.

Tracker's still on it. House was empty.

All the raid locations called in clear.

He knew we were coming.

- Okay, we got BOLOs on him?
- Already on it.

- Who are you?
- Bro, you know who I am.

You put that g*n down, man.
No, I don't. Who are you?


You just talking to your grandpa?

Is that who was on the phone just now?

He said to call him if Mom
ever tried to make me leave.

He says I can't go camping.

Okay, okay.

- Not without him.
- All right, he can come.

You put the g*n down.
We'll go talk to your mom.

He said not to trust her either.

Callum, it's your mom.
Of course you can trust her.

Yeah, well, he said not to.

And he said that you were
trying to trick us.

No, I'm not trying to trick anybody.

I... listen, man, I have
a lot of respect for your...

For your grandfather.
I work for him, you know?

We can call him right now
if you put that g*n down.

My grandpa is trying
to change the world.

Oh, I know. Yeah.

And he says that you're
trying to stop him.

No, no, I'm trying to help him.

That's not what he says.

- You know he's doing it for us.
- Yeah.

He's getting rid of all the bad people.

- I know.
- And you're going to stop him.

- No, no.
- You're going to hurt him.

Callum, would you please
put that g*n down, man?

- Please.
- He's doing the right thing.

I know. I'm with your grandpa, pal.

Well, he says you're not.

Callum, I'm your friend, you know?

I don't believe you.

- Callum.
- [g*n]



What the hell? Callum? Callum?



- Come on, come on, go.
- No, no, don't.

- Go!
- Don't go.

Are you kidding me?

Don't leave. Sam, don't leave.

Please don't leave.

I'm sorry. He's my son.

Sam, you can't leave.








I got a perimeter
locked four blocks out.

There's no sign of Richard here.

Copy you. Negative on expl*sives?

Nothing but meth components.

Got several in custody
being transported in,

gonna put the screws to all of them.

One of them's gonna
tell me where Richard is.



I want you to keep them separate,

and put them in room one, all right?

Hurry up. Everybody listen up.

I want you to check arrest packs

and see who's on our list, all right?

What's up?

Adam. Adam, we're on our way.

Hang on, Adam. Stay with me.
Stay with me.



- Come on, Adam. Hang in there.
- Watch your step.

Hey, get a perimeter around this house.


Lock down this neighborhood!


- He's breathing.
- Adam.

Pulse is steady.

I'm here. I'm here, okay?

- Lift him up.
- All right.

You go with him.

Come on, let's go.

Shut down every block
between here and Med.

Starting officer down detail now.

Go, go, go! Move!


It's okay. You're okay.

You're not alone, Adam.

You're okay.


Your body's shaking, Adam.

It's just your body
processing the trauma, okay?

They say that it helps with PTS.

It's your body just
getting rid of it, all right?

Callum was just scared.


Callum was just scared.

Hey, you need to keep that on.

It doesn't matter now.
It doesn't matter now, Adam.

You have to get to him.

Listen, you have to keep this on.

We're not worried about them.
We are worried about you.

You have to get there before...

- Okay. Please...
- Just stop.

- Okay, okay.
- Just listen to me.

You have to find them.
Okay. Okay, I'm listening.

You have to get there before Richard.

You have to.

Take that kid...

He's gonna take him. Okay.

Okay. Promise me.

Okay, I promise.

Okay. Can I put the mask on?



- Here we go.

What is that? What's happening?

Can you talk to me? What is happening?

to Med, ETA two minutes
out with the officer down.


You're okay. I'm right here.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'm right by your side.

I'm gonna be right
by your side no matter what.

Stats still dropping fast.

All right, I got OR all
ready set up and ready for us.

Let's move. Hang that epi.

Keep pressure.

Get Conners, OR , tell him
I wanna meet him there.

Pressure, pressure.

Ma'am, are you his partner?
Ma'am, you his partner?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You can't go up.

We're bringing him right in.
The nurses will come find you.

Okay? All right, keep pressure.

- Kevin, you good?
- Yeah, I'm fine. How's Ruzek?

Just got to Med.

Is he stable? Is he okay?

Just wheeled into surgery right now.

They just put him under.
They just took him into OR.

Okay, listen, Kim is with him.

There's nothing we can do there.

But we can find these people.

Callum was talking to Richard.

Ruzek thinks Richard's
gonna find Callum.

Look, if these two are communicating,

that means we can track them.

So let's ID these cell phones
and find them.

We'll run it from . Let's go.


Kim, what do you know?

Nothing. I know nothing.

They just took him in and they
didn't tell me anything.

Okay, that's normal.

But he got here fast.

- That's very good.
- Yeah, yeah.

And I told the sitter,
I told her to stay with Mac

and not to tell her anything.

Good, that's a good call.

The kid sh*t him.


Kim, you got your ears in?

Yes, yeah.

We tracked the phone Callum
was using from Sam's Wi-Fi.

He was talking to a burner.
We think it was Richard.

- Okay.
- That's how we got b*rned.

Callum's sharing his location
with Richard.

We're en route to them. I'm at .

I'll send you a location.

Oh, my God, Adam was right.

He's gonna get his grandson.

In the ambo, Adam made me promise

to get to Callum first.

- Okay, so go...
- No, I can't leave him.

Kim, you'd be doing this for him.

Not for them, for him.

And I'm not gonna leave his side.

And you made him a promise.

You promised him.


Send me the pings. I'm on my way.

I got Callum's phone
at a stop, nd and Ryan.

Yeah, I got the same thing.

She must have pulled over.
The vehicle's stagnant.

There's a lot of options around there.

Hold on, I'm narrowing now.

Richard just turned to follow.

He's not that far behind, and
he's closing the gap quickly.

There's a gas station
right at the corner.

There's a few lots nearby.

There's a shopping center.

Burge, Kev, how close are you?

- I'm four minutes out.
- I'm only a minute out.

She might have stopped for gas and cash.


Come on, come on, come on.

I got eyes. It's the lot on South nd.

She's picking up a clean car.

Chicago PD, show me your hands.

Stay in the car.
Callum, stay in the car.

Put your hands up, Samantha.

- You know me?
- Yes.

You know me? You know my son?

You know what he did?

I know what he did,
and I know what you did.

Now, put your hands up.

Is Adam alive?

Adam begged me to find you and
Callum before your dad did.

I made a promise that
I would keep you both safe.

And I will for him.

But if you don't
put your hands up, Samantha,

I swear to you, I swear to you,
I will take the reason.

So put your hands up
right now, all right?

- You're with Adam?
- I'm with Adam.

We have to say that
I sh*t him, that I sh*t him,

- not Callum, okay, not my son.
- Fine. Fine.

Look, this one's on me.

- This one's my fault.
- Samantha.

It's my family, it's my blood.

Samantha, listen to my voice!

Listen to my voice!

I am telling you, okay,
and I'll keep him safe.

But put your hands up.

Good, now walk towards the car.

Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go, let's go.


No, no!

- Don't sh**t.
- Richard, let him go.

Don't sh**t me, you sh**t a child.

Dad, please, please.

I got him, Kim.

Put Samantha in my car.

No, no, I can't leave my son. No.

No, I'm not gonna leave him!

- Stop moving.
- I'm not gonna leave my son!

No, you're letting me leave.

Me and Callum,
we're walking out of here.

That's who you wanna be?

A man using a child as a human shield?

A child you love?

I do love him.

He's my blood.

He is my shield and I'm his.

If you don't back up
and let us drive out of here,

I will k*ll us both.

Let him go, Richard.

No, you don't understand.

He doesn't want me to let him go.

We will give our lives
if that's what it takes.

Isn't that right, Callum?


You see?

Open the door.

We will give our life
for the storm, for the w*r.


For our people.

- [g*n]

- Eddie, sh*ts fired by the police.

Offender down, DOA.

Roll crime lab to nd and Ryan.

Copy, - Eddie.

Hey, Callum.

I just gotta search you.

Just hold still for me,
and we'll pat you down.



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