05x02 - Lord Help My Poor Soul

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Mayans M.C.". Aired: September 4, 2018 –; present.
Follows the life of Ezekiel "EZ", a newly patched member of the Mayans M.C. charter on the California/Mexico border.
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05x02 - Lord Help My Poor Soul

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[HANK] With Tito and Mick
out, Orange County's gone.

- Inland Empire.
- You got it.

It's a solid bunch of
brothers. We'll hold it down.

You're the last stand
between us and them.

What do you know about me?

You ex-m*llitary?

- Blackwater?
- Close enough.

We are f*ck.

Now, shall we begin...

the future?



[MIGUEL] It's time to come home.

For us to be a family again.

Miguel, what did you do to my sister?

- Say hi to Mommy.
- Hi, Mommy.


Everything you f*cking
said is a f*cking lie.

It's just complicated.

- f*ck this.
- We have you.

So please, let me help you.

I'm not a f*cking rat.

One of the brothers you're
trying to protect is a rat.

I want you out.

I'm happy.

I won't be here to see it burn.

- [CHIP] You with them?
- [EZ] Who?

- Iron w*r.
- [ANGEL] f*ck Iron w*r.

Bunch of cops and COs
playing one-percenter.

You paying taxes now to Iron w*r?

They came here.

Sister Anne made sure one of
them left grinning. [TONGUE CLICKS]

[GUARD] You got something
to say to your boyfriend,

you can hold onto his pocket
when I do your cavity search.

Tell that Mayan rat "Smokey says hello."

Let's go. Let's go.

- Oh, shit.



♪ ♪




What do they know?

[EZ] I'm gonna go find out now.


It's gonna be okay.


I said goodbye and I was out.

So it must have been after I left.

Did anything happen in visiting?

Nothing. No trouble.

Half of those COs are Iron w*r.

All right? This don't
happen without them knowing.

[DOWNER] What kind of shape's he in?

I don't know.

Just found out from Sandoval's cousin.

- Sandoval get h*t, too?
- Nah.

[HANK] Said it happened too fast.

- Bullshit.
- Well, he's PC'ed up now.

Cousin heard from Sandoval's girl.

She called out of respect to the club.

[ANGEL] So Creep's just
standing alone in there now?

Don't know how much longer
he'll be standing at all.

He got h*t pretty bad.

- What the f*ck are we gonna do?

[KATIE] I'm good alone with him.

- [OFFICER] You sure?
- Yeah.

[KATIE] I got it. Thanks.


[KATIE] Jesus.

Get the f*ck out.

Let me...

Let me put you in protective custody.

f*ck that.

They'll have to f*cking k*ll me first.

You know, I drive out.

Park on the ridge road by the g*n tower.

And I just sit there...

wondering which cell is yours.

What you're doing.

- If you're safe.
- What the f*ck is it that you,

- that you want from me?
- What do I want from you?

I don't know, how about
a f*cking time machine

so I can go back and never push
for this f*cking assignment?

I need you to know that
that picture of my ex,

you remember that picture,
it... well, he wasn't just...

I don't care for your lies.

- This isn't a lie.
- I don't give a f*ck.


[BREATHLESS] Okay, um...

He wasn't just my ex.

He was my partner.

The love of my life.

And a gangbanger,

a lowlife just like you,

sh*t him in the face.

I wasn't ready to come back.

- I thought that I...
- I ain't a gangbanger.


are a f*cking criminal.

A f*cking scumbag.

And that's how you honored
the love of your life?

Spreading your legs for a scumbag?


You're a f*cking lowlife.

And I'm sure your man had it coming.

You are a f*cking piece of shit,

and I hope you f*cking die out there.

[CREEPER] Hey. Wait.

I just... [SCOFFS]


Please, Neron.

Let me make one call.

- Help keep you safe.
- If you really want to help me...

You said there was a rat.

In Santo Padre.

I need you to find out who it is.




[GUARD] Hey, boss, aren't
you late for your shift?

Who we got on?

Stick and Thompson on unit five.

Rodriguez and Jones
on the floor with you.

All right, fine.

Any trouble with the
paperwork from last night?

No. Sullivan and Rose
get a paid week off.

Counseling for witnessing a violent act.

- God bless Sacramento liberals.



Oh, this is cute. You
guys playing dress-up?

You supposed to be the
leader or something?

Oh, shit.

I didn't think the janitor crew
came on till the third shift.

You cool with all that r*cist shit?

[MCKENZIE] Oh, come on.

Not every white guy's a r*cist, José.

That's your shit to work through.

The only colors I see

- are black and blue.

Is this supposed to be blue?

This looks a little too, uh, too sweet

to be blue.

More like a...

- Violet.
- Ah, mira.

- A tough f*cking violet.
- Yeah.

You let one of our
brothers get h*t last night.

Can't help if Mayans are nothing
but bottom-feeders these days.

That f*ck was there.

- You been out to the Salton Sea lately?
- [GUARD] No.

But I've been between
your mother's legs.

Tasted like soap, but
might've been the cilantro.

- What the f*ck did you...




Mayans were great once.

Under Alvarez.

But now it's just...

[EZ] You can hide behind
that f*cking badge,

but you let someone get us inside,

we can get you anytime outside.

Are you supposed to be some
kind of leader or something?

You're coming crying to me

because you can't
keep your own men safe.

Hey, hey. No, no, no.
This is not the time.

Not the time.

If y'all want to stay, we
got plenty of cots for you.



How many times I got to tell
you, you don't touch this.


He knows better.

Come on, Santi. Let's wash up for lunch.


♪ ♪



♪ ♪


Soledad and I have found common ground.

And we hope that you will join us.

What is it that Lincoln Potter wants?

You think I don't know about the
puppeteer's hand up your asses?

A doctor surprised me
once with a prostate check.

I had that pinche joto's body cut up

and scattered all over the city.


But, um...

you seem comfortable
with that arrangement.

Maybe it's in your blood.

Your cuckold father let the Americanos

lock up his b*lls in a cage.


Potter has sent us here.

But what I'm comfortable
with is the belief

that if we band together, we puppets

will finally have autonomy
from the U.S. government.

Because as long as we're
at w*r with each other,

they will own us.

But this...

confederacy isn't only
smart financially, but...



I've struggled...

with the thought of my legacy.

As fathers...

you and I,

we must decide...

do we leave our children an empire...

or a b*ttlefield?

And you expect my men

to forgive these bastards

after decades of blood spilt?

That blood has spilled on both sides.

But we personally guarantee
that moving forward,

our men will embrace each of yours...

as brothers.

♪ ♪

[SOLEDAD] Miguel.

You want to be a real boy, Pinocchio?


Let's f*ck the Americanos together.





His name was Tomás.


top-tier Deluxe Suites

include a queen-sized
bed, a private bathroom,

a sitting area and
views of the courtyard.

How much is that?

What's the tier down from that?

Our Standard Suites come
with a shower, toilet,

queen-sized bed and a lounge chair.

Is there a tier below that?

- Stop calling me that.

Because it's what you are.

- I f*cking ain't.
- You're proving it right now.

I ain't proving shit.

I'm f*cking Puerto Rican.

- Boricua.
- Yeah, my apologies on that.

f*ck you. I ain't f*cking Arab.

- I'm f*cking American.
- Exactly something

an ignorant-ass philistine would say.

I told you to stop
f*cking calling me that.

[GUERO] Mm-hmm.

Now go do your f*cking job.

- f*ck you.
- Yeah.


Your bag's in there, okay?

What did I do?

Nothing, Ma.

We talked about this.

You keep falling. You keep forgetting.

This place is just better.

It's safer.

I'm sorry.

I won't do it again.

I will be good.


You didn't do anything wrong, Ma.



Please, mijo, don't leave me here.

- I'm not gonna leave you.
- [ADMINISTRATOR] It's best if you just go.

You can, you can see her tomorrow.

Your son is gonna visit tomorrow, okay?

No, mijo, don't go.


Please, don't leave me here.

You got any idea

the hell that's about to
unleash on you all for this?

This is for Creeper.

Who's running the f*cking pipeline?

- f*cking tell me who!
- [ANGEL] Bro, come on.




f*cking tell us!

That's f*cking enough!

After what that
f*ck did to Creeper?!

This f*ck is
an ass-kicking away

from giving us anything we need.

f*ck you for not
knowing what the f*ck...

Hey, hey!


Hey! Hey! Hey!

Get off me.


♪ ♪


[NESTOR] What do we do?

Find somewhere to
dump this f*ck.



[GASPS] Hello.


You're late.

If that's an issue...

Oh, no, it's not an issue.

I'm very grateful to spend
every minute with my grandson.

I'm just worried about you.

Look at me.

I know firsthand what it's
like to live this life.

- I know what it does to someone.

I'm fine.

I'll see him tomorrow?

I'm fine.





[LAUGHS] Hey. Oh, my God.


You're so heavy. Uh-oh.

Oh. Stuck in the spin cycle!

Maria said you didn't
leave the house today.

It's not healthy...

living like a prisoner.


Don't be dramatic.

You can leave any time you want.

But you will never be
alone with my son again.

Just wait.

Right? This isn't so bad.

Being together.

A family.

[ISAAC] What does familia mean to you?

Is it the squiggly line of your DNA?

Vainly f*cking to recreate yourself

in this sullen, gassy form?

Or a finger poked with a jackknife,

blood smeared, oath taken, "brothers."

My brother won't see me.

'Cause I think he's ashamed... of me.

All I ever wanted was to be him.

Even now,

as he lies all shriveled
and sponge-bathed in hospice,

I still...

I still envy him.

Because he knows something
no one in this room does.

The ending.


But he was almost
surprised, remember, Ter?

When you let the Mayans
nearly get my brother

sitting all alone in a hospital bed?

What did you see in that elevator?


When those b*ll*ts tore through you?


A vast yawning blackness?

Or just...




I believe everything's a
blessing if you make it.

So I realized it was
time for the prodigal son,

lost but now found, to return home.

Faithful servant to the
blood brothers of his club.


Isn't life funny?

If your brothers hadn't
tried to m*rder mine that day,

we wouldn't be here right now
having this fascinating discussion.

- f*ck you.

I'm making you a god,
with the power to smite,

and that's your only
contribution to the conversation?

f*ck me?

f*ck you! I'll decide!

- Stop! Please stop!
- No!

- There he is!
- No, no, no.

- Shut the f*ck up. There he is.
- Please. Please!

Thank you for joining the
program already in progress.

Now we're all dying to know...

which family do you choose?

Capital F or quotation marked?

[HECTOR] It's fine,
sweetheart. [SHUSHES]

Take me.

You let them go. You
just f*cking k*ll me.

That's not how the game's played.

And no one likes a cheater.

Now, I get it.

It's a hard choice because...


- Hoosier!
- [HOOSIER] Yeah-yeah, man?

What's it gonna be like tomorrow?

I don't know.

You're a f*cking idiot, man.

- .
- [ISAAC] Cloudy?

No, it's clear.

Zero precipitation.

Zero precipitation.

I get it.

Whoever you choose won't feel
the sun on their face tomorrow.

Did you feel the sun on your face today?

[WOLVERINE] Don't do it, man.

- You know Emily's pregnant.
- [JOKER] Jesus. f*ck.

- Don't do it. Please.
- Get back here.

- Hey? f*ck.
- [WOLVERINE] Please. Hey. Please. I'm f*cking begging.

- Don't do it.
- I'm gonna take that as a no.

[WIFE] No, no, no, no.

Did you feel the sun on your face today?



Oh, my. Precious.


It wouldn't be right for me to try
to sway your choice, but you know.

Hey, hey, hey.

Stop being a bitch and
just f*cking choose.

[ISAAC] Listen, I'll make this easier.

I just need you to lift
a finger and point. Huh?

They'll close their eyes
so they'll never know.

- No!
- [g*n]



I hope you have baking soda.



- I wish he would at least eat

half as much as he throws.



Oh, I was hoping I'd get
home before he fell asleep.

Hmm. I spend all day thinking about him,

missing him.


And you.


I thought you weren't smoking.

I ain't.

Everyone else in the club.

They're all tense.

I don't care if you smoke, Angel.

I didn't stop for you.

I stopped so I can be
around a long time for him.

How was your day?


- Boring.



You guys get out of the house?

We went for a stroller walk.

He got scared by a dog.

Mm. As he should.

Dogs are sketchy.

I thought you loved dogs.


I had a change of heart.

How was your day?

You know, quiet.



Here. Some excitement for you.




Inland Empire.

They're out.







[EZ] She's beautiful.


Shit, I don't even know
what I'm doing here.

There are things I don't know
that I thought maybe I did.

The club's in a bad way.



It's not my club anymore.



Our brothers are dying.


During the first w*r, over
the patch, how did you...

How'd you finally get out from under it?

You thinking of surrendering?

No, uh...

I'm just tired of people dying.

You're the first person
come around to visit.

Shit, years in the club.

Past six months, not one
brother's come to visit me.

Padrino, about that vote, man...

I'm having a baby, ése.

Can you believe that? At my age?

You know, you...

you think you do the right thing
and everything's gonna be okay.

But they don't tell you about
the other minutes of the day.

The club life, it's fleeting.

All of it.

Good and bad.

And maybe surviving
is-is the worst sin.

I mean, all we do is end
up in a box or a cell...

a making of your own.

I really am sorry...

about how it all went down.

I always liked you, EZ.

But if you ever show
up to my property again,

I'll sh**t you.




♪ Somewhere I can live ♪

♪ Somewhere you are somehow his ♪

♪ Somehow barely hanging on ♪

♪ To the shore ♪

♪ All the places in my brain ♪

♪ Places some will say insane ♪

♪ Places foolishly way ♪

♪ Out here ♪

♪ And did you hear ♪

♪ If they canceled the show? ♪

♪ Wild and willing ♪

♪ To play songs you know ♪

♪ I saw 'em last year ♪

♪ But they played too long ♪

♪ ♪




[LAUGHS] Hey. Hey.

- Hi, little man.

Mm, are you hungry?

Oh, come on. Let's get up.

Oh, there's my best friend.

There he is.



♪ ♪



Hi, baby.

What the f*ck?

- Where the f*ck is Luisa at?
- You did right by me once.

So this visit is personal.

But the next one will be professional.

Whatever you guys are looking for...


What did I tell you, Angel?

You treat us good, we treat you better.

You treat us bad...

we treat you worse.


Let this go,

before the innocent people
in your life pay the price.





[ADELITA] Hey. You're both up.

[WHISPERS] What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Bad dream.




♪ ♪


[MAN] We have to take this upstairs.

We believe this bears
your immediate attention.

Has anyone else seen this?




f*ck. Come on.




Thank you.

- Oh, shit.

- Sorry.
- It's okay.

Did I hurt you?

No, I'm good.

My God, Jesus, you two, just
get a room and bang already.

Shut up.

We just gonna wait until we're all d*ad?

That shit with Hector and Wolverine,

it's f*cked up.

Couldn't even imagine.

Could have been any of us.

EZ's gonna have a plan.


We got no one standing
between us and SamDino anymore.

We're all that's left in Southern Cali.

Alone and f*cked.

We don't have the pipeline,
we don't win the w*r.

This thing's over.

We f*cking lost.

Nothing's over until we say it is.


We've been up against it before.

- We got to trust E.

Trust E?

Only thing we got to show
for the reign of EZ Reyes

is a f*cking fresh coat
of paint on the clubhouse,

a smoke-free Templo,

half our brothers are f*cking m*rder.

The only thing you can trust E to do...

is get the rest of you
f*ck k*lled, too.

[EZ] Anyone know why my brother
called the emergency Templo?


This shit stops now.

- You okay?
- No, I'm not f*cking okay.

I got a visit this morning from Cole.

[GILLY] f*ck, for real?

Who's Cole?

Crazy-ass Special Forces dude.

What'd he want?

To tell us to stop looking
into the f*cking pipeline.

No wonder Soledad didn't want our g*n.

- Yeah, she's getting them from Cole.
- Obviously.

No f*cking wonder why those
cops ain't scared of us

if they're running
shit for them in prison.

Creeper said with us
being out of the game,

heroin's dried up inside.

It's just Storm
and that fentanyl shit.

That f*cking idiot Louie was right.

[HANK] Cartel must have made the switch

to fentanyl after the warehouse.

Easy way to make up that money fast.

Cartel to Cole, Iron w*r, Storm .

- There's your f*cking pipeline.

What the f*ck are you smiling about?

All we needed was to
know who the players were.

Now we just...

have to knock one off the board.

Did you just not hear what
the f*ck I just said to you?

They came to my house
and threatened my family.

They aimed a g*n at my little boy.


It's over. We're done.

No. We're just getting started.

You already got us fighting a
f*cking w*r that we are losing.

Now you're gonna try to take out
Cole and the other mercenaries, too?

No. Not Cole.


Galindo thinks we're being left behind.


f*ck him.

We're gonna take out the cartel.


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