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Spirit Halloween: The Movie (2022)

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Keep it running.


Final notice.

Surprised you and your

filthy brood...

are still here.

I told you. I'm not

giving you the land.

That's the beauty

of it, sweetheart.

It's already mine.

You have 48 hours to evacuate.

Then the bulldozers come in.

The great spectacle...

of progress!

You should stick around

and watch the fireworks.

Yeah. Our house

is basically done.

Stayed up 'til 10 finishing it.

Just now?

Wow. I thought you'd be

done with that by now.

Frank moved our

Halloween stuff to storage.

It took a while to get back.

Is he okay with you

calling him Frank?

What else would I call him?

Anyway, I'm just waiting for

him to hang the darn lights.

Oh, what, you can't

do 'em yourself?

Oh, come on.

You can't

still be afraid of heights.

That fall was a decade ago.

It was six years.

Oh, yeah. Big difference.

And it's not a fear of heights.

It's a love of the ground.

Right, right.

So it's not the fall that scares

you. It's the sudden stop.


Shut the freddy puk.

Pop-up Halloween

store in a creepy lot?


Let me see.

Bummer. It won't upload.

d*ad zone?

d*ad zone.

- Let's check it out.

- Cool.

Come on, Carson.

I'm coming, Bo Peep.

Or a trick.

Remember this card.

It'll be the last thing...

you'll ever see!

Dude, saw that

coming a mile away.

Yeah, sure you did. Come on.

We're so coming here

for our costumes.

You two have put it

off long enough.

Yeah, about that.

Look, so I know you're like

a whole year younger

than me basically.

Eight months, Carson. Chill.

Don't forget to duck,

or you'll be a d*ad duck.

See, here's the thing.

Eight months from now,

you'll be growing

hair on your chest

and stealing your

dad's aftershave.

He's not my dad.

Wait, you grew hair

on chest? Congrats.


I mean, it's more

like fuzz, but still.

Carson who gives a crap

about your peach fuzz.

What's your point?

I'm not trick or

treating this year.


Halloween's for kids.

We trick or treat every

year. It's what we do.

Bo, tell him.

Yeah, Bo. Tell him.


Well, I mean, it is kind

of cold this year, Jake.

Look, we could do

something actually fun,

like sneak into Ray

Marino's Halloween party.

You'd seriously rather go to

some stupid high school party

you're not even invited to?

We don't have to do that.

I'm just saying we can't

trick or treat forever.

Jake, come on man.

Tell me what you like about her.

Um, I love her gems

and her orange hair...

- So pretty, right?

- And her teal eyes.

Are you kidding me.

Jake, this is Joanie's

house now too, all right?

I don't care. We don't do

princesses on Halloween.

It's meant to be scary.

Me and dad always did it scary.

But I wanna be a

princess for Halloween.

Princesses suck.

So that's stupid.

Jake, that is enough.

Honey, honey, honey, honey.

It's a family tradition.

Well, it might be time

to start a new tradition.

Why don't you finish this.


Are you kidd...? You

know nothing about me!


Surrender your soul!

- Geez.

- Your face.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Is Carson home?

Oh yeah. He's in his

room hiding from chores.

But who needs him when

I have you, right?

- Wanna help?

- Yeah.

Um, I mean, yes.

Yep, sure.


She's much better

looking than Carson.


Wow. Impressive.

Boy Scouts. Very cute.

What's this?

Oh, that's probably

from Mrs. Tulmeister.

My third grade teacher.

Ms. Dullmeister?

Yeah, I had her too.

You did?

She always hands out

apples instead of candy.

Oh yeah, apples and buttons.

I guess some things

never change.

Can I keep it?

Only if you promise to wear it.

It's not for me.

Hey, not judging.

Who knows that your kids

are into these days?


Who knows?

Miss me so soon?

Where's all your

Star Wars stuff?

Dude, we're gonna be in

high school next year.

It's like you're in denial.

Yeah, but you still

play with toy g*n?

That's no toy.

With dart mods, I've got it

to m*llitary-grade accuracy.

You gonna change your mind?

On what? Trick or treating?

What's gotten you so whacked

out over trick or treating?

It's just not that fun anymore.


So hanging out with me and

Bo is not that fun anymore?

Well, Fright Night's

tomorrow night,

which is basically

Halloween anyway.

Basically Halloween

is not Halloween.

Dude, no! Not that one!

Dart mods. Like I said.

We're doing something Saturday.

The three of us, best holiday

of the year, just like always.

It's gonna be awesome.

All right, all right, sheesh.

Figure it out, but

don't sh**t me over it.

Better not be lame, or I'm out!

Whatcha doing?

Heading out with my friends.

I'm sorry your dad d*ed

'cause of bone cancer.

It was blood cancer.

But yeah, I guess blood's

made in the bones.

Mom says that's why

you're mad all the time.

Hey, Frank offered to

take you guys to pick out

your Halloween

costumes tomorrow.

- Yay!

- Yay!

I know it's a little last

minute, but will you go?


Mom, no. I'm not even trick

or treating this year.

What are you talking about?

You guys go trick or

treating every year.

Carson thinks we're too old

and Bo's too much

of a wuss to argue.

I'm sorry, honey. I know how

much you look forward to it.

But hey, you could take Joanie.

- The fairytale princess?

- Mm-hmm.

Yeah, Jake! Please take me.

Okay, go brush

your teeth, honey.

I'm gonna get you!

Look, I need to make en effort

to spend time with

them, all right?

I mean it.

Have a good time tonight.

Oh Alec, please don't go.

The town's people fear her.

They say she is... different.

Yes, I think it's

high time I paid a visit

to the old matron.

I am a business man after all,

surely she could

be reasoned with.

I will make her an

offer she can't refuse.

If you must have my

hand, Mr. Windsor-


Then you'll have it forever.

She's a witch!

And so it is believed

that the spirit of the deceased

is bound to this dimension.

A body never found,

a curse never broken.

He roams waiting for the

one night of the year:

All Hallow's Eve,

the anniversary of his

death, to claim his way back

from his doom, purgatory.

Do you really think

there's a cursed body

under this town somewhere?

Heck no.

It's just some stupid local

legend to keep kids home

and out trouble on Halloween.

No, I mean Alec Windsor's

definitely a real guy.

He built over half the town.

And one day, he

just disappeared.

Yeah, yeah. It's a mystery.

Hey, who's that

talking to your sister?

Ray Marino? Dang.

Ray Marino? Can he even string

a sentence together?

You don't need sentences

when you got touchdowns, bro.

Is he seriously wearing

himself as a costume?


So sis, Ray Marino, huh?

None of your business, Carson.

Well, I heard he's throwing

the party of the year tomorrow.

Mm-hmm, and you're not

going. No kids allowed.

Yeah, well, if I'm not

going, then you're not.


Mom's gonna be out of town

tomorrow and you're in charge.

Carson, you can crash at

my place tomorrow night.

Perfect. Thank you

Jake! I owe you one.

Dude, what was that?

That was our in.

What do you mean, our in?

Carson, read the room.

Besides, we've got

our own awesome plans.

Do we though?

No, but we're

working on it, right?


We can always just watch

a scary move at my place.

Oh, will your mom

give you milky and cookie?

Could she gimme your blankie?

Dude! Grow a pair.

We need something super

creepy or I'm out.

I mean it.

You want something

really creepy?

How about a night

locked in here?


The Halloween Megastore.

Now we're talking.

Are you crazy?

Why the heck would

we wanna do that?

Because we're not giving

up a Halloween tradition

just because Carson

grew a chin hair.

It's chest hair and there's

way more than one, F.Y.I.

- Yeah. No, not in.

- Bo, come on.

Come on Bo-peep, you're

told to be scared of ghosts.

Am I too old to be

scared of the law?

Bo, please. Just one in,

all in. Like always?

My god, you guys

are seriously nuts.



No, I say Bo's, you

say mine, Bo says yours.

No, I've downloaded

movies on the tablet.

Okay, cool.


Hey, trick or treat.

What would you like?

Hey, Grandma G.

Don't stay out late

Jake. You hear me?

Grandma, stop

scaring my friends.

Listen Bo, you

stay safe, please.

- Always.

- Please.

Yes, I know.

So, what's your new

girlfriend Kate up to tonight?

Okay, she's not my girlfriend.

Besides, Carson's

sister? Come on.

She still thinks

we're little kids.

Half sister...

And we're not.

Yeah, well, she's only

into guys like Ray Marino,

football legend slash town hero

slash party planner

of the century.

Yeah, well, he's too obvious.

Okay, next time you see her, say

"Hey, are you made of

copper and tellurium?

Because baby, you're cute."

Copper's C U and

Tellurium's T E.

It'll probably work

better on paper.

Oh my god, Carson.

It's not a joke if you have

to explain the punchline, dude.


What's that? Gonna

play us some tunes?

Nah, this is gonna

make you guys dance!

Trick or treat, or

illegal trespass?

I feel like there might've

been an option in-between.

Oh come one, Bo-peep,

it'll be be wicked.

This is amazing.


Hey Bo, they gone?

What's wrong with you?

It's not even midnight yet.

I think I saw...

The... the... the... what?

The light.

What light? Bo, the store

closed, and we're still inside.

As planned.

You mean the store's locked

and we're trapped inside.

That scared me!

You guys are serious

wusses, you know that?

If only we had peach fuzz

to make us big and

strong like you, Carson.

I gotta take a whizz.

Pretty sure you just did.

I was wrong about

tonight. This is fun.

Hell yeah.

Jakey, you wanna tell

us a scary story?

What was that?

Glitchy generator. Chill.

This building is ancient.

Here's some spare

b*lls, Bo-Peep.

Yours seem to be missing.

Was that there before?


gonna say... yes?

Here, how about we share 'em?


No, sorry. Lactose intolerant.

A man can't live on

Skittles alone.

- Come on, here, just try 'em.

- Fine.

Here, "The Legend

of Alec Windsor".

Where do you think this was?

Who knows. I mean, it

could've been anywhere.


Guys, the twin chimneys.

Is that the old mill?

It has to be!

- Hold on. Gimme this.

- Dude!

Holy crap, that's a

few blocks from here!

That was a good Halloween.

Yeah man, one of the best.

Nope, yeah.

I'm done, too creepy.

Too creepy? This is

why we came here.

Trick or treat?

Remember this card, it'll

be the last thing...


I told you it was

an old building.

We should find the breaker box.

We should find an exit.

Come on wimps. I bet

it's in the back.

See, Bo is always right.

This is how every

horror movie starts.

Hi, Mama.

Yeah, everything's great.

I'm on my way to

the party right now.

Carson is at Jake's for

the night. Remember?

Yes, I made sure to

turn off all the lights.

Yes, I...

Yes. I also made sure that

Carson took his phone.

Relax Mama, I've

got this, seriously.

Everyone's great. I promise.

All right.

Love you. Bye.

Darn it, Carson.

- Oh my god!

- Seriously?!

Oh my god, give a kid

a heart att*ck. Jeez!

So we're good then. Right?

- Kate? Hi.

- Hi.

Frank, I said pause

it. I'm sorry.

Happy Halloween!

Um, Carson left

his phone at home

and Mom likes him reachable, so.

The boys aren't here,

they're all at Bo's.

Oh. Oh my gosh,

you're right. Sorry.

It's okay.

Hey, Carson didn't say he

was staying here, did he?

No, no, I blanked.

Sorry about that.

I will swing by there.

- Have fun!

- Okay.

Hi, Grandma G.

No one's home, Kate.


Okay. Sorry to bother you.

It's late, child. Go home.



You little brats.

- Gimme this.

- Bro!

Will Bo die never been kissed?

Too bad, so sad.

Will Carson?

Dude. Unoriginal.

How the heck do I

get out of here?

Ask the right questions,

you'll get the right answers.

Like that's not creepy.

This thing is awesome.

Ask the right questions,

you'll get the right answers.

Is the town haunted

by a lost spirit?

Is Alec Windsor roaming tonight?

Are you two serious right now?


So does he want something?

Or is he here to like, hang out?

What does he want?


The reaper

comes in dark of night.

And so do I!

No, no!

- Bo!

- Nighty night!

I only need one of

you to get to sleep.

Now, who wants a lullaby?

Fee fi fo fum,

I smell the blood

of some child-like scum.

What the heck just happened?

I don't know.

But I'd love my guitar

case right about now.

Forget the guitar!

We can overtake it if

we catch it by surprise.

Are you kidding me?

It's like The Hulk trapped

in the reaper's body.

We'll rip its legs off!

Dude, gross.

- It's not like it'll bleed.

- It'll possess something else.

Maybe something smaller.


I told you, lactose intolerant.


- Come on, go, we gotta go!

- Go, go, go!


Filthy rodents!

Time to sleep.

Hold still.

Carson, now!

Jake, come on!

Good thinking with the mirror.

No more candy, Bo.

Hey, it's Lydia.

Sorry I missed you.

Leave a message.

Hey, Mrs. T.

Hey, wait, you're break...

Yeah, you're breaking

up. Sorry, what?

Look, Jake's phone

just seems like

it's out of service

range somehow,

but did you talk to them or

did you only talk to Lydia?



Kate, can you hear?

Hi. Yeah, sorry, you cut out.

But you know kids

and their phones.

Never charge 'em and

never on 'em, right?

No, but yeah, but

they're doing great.

Okay, well that's a

relief, thank you Kate.

- Have a good night.

- Okay, all right, bye.

God damn, Carson.

You think Jake will

ever change his mind?

About what, honey?

About taking me

trick or treating.

I guess I would just

say, you never know.

Your brother's kinda

silly sometimes.

Hey, did you get that tonight?

No, I thought you or

Dad left it for me.

I found it by my bed.

No. We didn't.

But I love that someone did.

This is so stupid.

So what the heck are we

dealing with here, Bo?

How should I know?

Jake's the horror geek.

All right, Jake, best

guess? Dude, come on.

A spirit that can't

let go of this life,

possibly someone who d*ed here.

Alec Windsor.

I don't know who it is,

but I don't think

they wanna be friends.

Theoretically, if it is

all that, what could it do?

Well, I need my book.

But based on what we've seen,

I'd say affect things

or possess them.

What's the difference?

Well, one's making things move

and the other's

bringing things to life.

Like the reaper!


So I guess we've got Jake

to thank for this sh**t.

Carson, chill out.

You wanted to come here.

No, dude, I wanted to

go to a cool party.

You wanted to come here.

Only 'cause you were too selfish

to do what we usually do!

Oh, and what's that? Stay

10-years-olds forever?

Guys, come on, let's just...

Wanting to change

things up isn't a crime,

last I checked, Jake.

You should try it sometime;

might make you more

fun to be around.

What was that?



Guys, where are you?!

Was that Kate?


How did you get in here?

I broke in.

Guys, you know how

insane this is?

Good job, sis. Let's go!

We have to go!

We'll explain later.


You guys are in serious

trouble. This place is wrecked.

Kate! Where did you break in?

I know you're not yelling at me.

You're the little brat

who left his phone at home

and lied about where he is.

And now I'm missing my

party because the three...

- Kate.

- What?

Please. Just,

where's the window?

What? You came in

through the roof?


Okay Bo, you're the lightest.

Yeah, and I'm also the weakest.


We'll boost you up.

You can go open the doors

when you're outside.

They're d*ad bolted, genius.

We're all gonna have

to climb out this way!

All right, come on Jake,

it's not that high.

Try falling from up there,

then tell me it's not that high.

Hey, how is that bear moving?

You don't wanna know.

Need to warm up these legs.

Someone overstuffed this guy.

Just so we're all

clear on the rules,

I can't leave here

without a body.

That's a weird thing to say.

Bo, hustle!

I can't reach it!

Welcome to the party, princess.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh

my god! What's happening!?

The store is trying to k*ll us.

Carson, help!

- Here.

- What?

- I don't know.

- A pumpkin?

Bo, move it!

It's not enough, I need...

I can't, we gotta go.

It's too late. Bail!

Oh my god, Bo. What?

Come on!


Hope you like earth,

you filthy maggot.

Help me!

- Bo, hold on!

- Hold on.

'Cause you're about to eat dirt!

All right, distract it.

We'll get Bo, and get

back to the storeroom.


Oh my god, I'm gonna die!

Hey Ted!

Not so fast.

Let me go, you demonic bear!

Hey, take this.

- Where's my case?

- Who cares!

I just need one of you runts!


- Go, go, go, go!

- Jake, come on!

- Jake!

- Dude!

Keep it shut!

Go, go, Bo!

Hurry! Please!

Come on!

This is crazy.

You guys couldn't

do something simple,

like camp in the backyard?

Backyard camping's for kids.


What do we do, what do we do,

what do we do, what do we do?

Teddykins wants in.

Jake, come on,

give us something!

- Hold on.

- Yeah, hurry up!

Here, hauntings, malicious.

Tortured spirits,

cursed to Earth,

or reluctant to cross over,

express themselves

through angry outbursts

of energetic phenomena.

Tortured spirits?

For one hour on the

anniversary of their death,

they can possess things...

or people.


What? Are you freaking

kidding me?

It says here you

need to be asleep

or unconscious to be possessed.

Well, I guess I'm good.

'Cause I'm not sleeping for the

rest of my life after this!

Oh my god, oh my god.

Here's Teddykins!

Dude, bug spray?

- You got a better idea?

- 100 of 'em.

There has to be another way out!

There better be. That

or we're d*ad.


Maybe there are floor

plans or something,

they could show us a way out!

Uh, yeah.

You mean, like this?

Everything okay?

I'm not sure.

- Jake?

- Yeah.

It's just he's not answering his

phone and neither is Lydia.

They're probably all in a

candy coma, fast asleep by now.

He's with his

buddies, he's fine.

I won't be gone long.

Okay, here we

are. Access door?

- Access to what?

- Maybe a basement space?

Where is it?

Right, right here.

Hey guys?

Uh! Where do you

think you're going?


I need something stronger.

We gotta get out of here.

- It's freezing.

- Yeah.

- Here, just take this.

- Oh, thank you.

It just goes down.

What is this place?

Well, it's not an exit.


Sacred Hearts home

for Wayward Children.

The orphanage.

This is it.

We've been right on top

of it this whole time!

The same picture is in my book.

Hey guys, I think

I found our exit.

I need to find one with hands.

Holy cow. This must have

been a coal mine or something.

Or an insane bootlegging den.

What's a bootlegging den?

You'll learn about

it when you're older.

Like high school? Less

than a year from now?

Sure, Carson.

Yeah! Oh, that'll do.

That'll do just fine.

It's, it's, it's...

Spit it out, Bo Peep!

- It's him.

- Alec Windsor.

Like the legend?

- No way.

- Yes way.

So they just dumped

his body down here?

That's sick. And

not the good sick.

Hey, hey, wait.

If we make it out of here alive,

I think I'm gonna take your

advice and go for it with Kate.



I mean, I'm no football hero,

but after this we'll sure

as heck be legends, right?


Yeah, eat dust, Ray Marino.

Holy cow.

How creepy is this?


Don't do that.

What's the point of this?

Carson, do you still

have that stupid lighter?

Oh yeah, here.

There he

is. Alec Windsor.

"Burn three things

he haunts with glee,

"seal with a sacrifice

to set him free.

"If by midnight

he inhabits thee,"

"your body he'll

take for eternity."

Do you think that's

the antidote?

Well, if a curse can be cast,

maybe it can be retracted?

Wait, so if it

inhabits our body,

it can keep it for... eternity?

Yeah, no. This

doesn't sound fun,

apart from the

superhuman strength.

Screw this. Let's

get out of here.

Shut the door!

Okay, he's made out of plastic

and polyester, right?

Carson give me your lighter!

- Why?

- Give me your lighter!



Everything's soggy down here!

I need some kind of fuel.


Go, go! Go, go!


What are you doing? Come on!

Trust me! Throw

me the spray can!

Hey, Windsor! Are you made

of lithium and tritium?

'Cause baby, you are lit!

- Come on.

- Come, Bo, come on.

- Bo, that was awesome.

- Yeah Bo. Nice.

Ladies and gentleman, chemistry.

Come on, let's get

back to the hatch!

Race you to the top, Jake!

Last one out owes me five bucks.

Oh, dang it!

There is literally no way out!

We're all gonna die in here.

Well, Kate, at least

we go down together.

You know I'm

actually pretty impressed

that you guys lasted this long.

It's kind of legendary.

Thanks for noticing.

Those despicable,

wretched brats!

This will end tonight!


It's coming.

And it's getting stronger.

You know what? Enough running.

We have to stop

Windsor, for good.

All right, Bo.

Let's do this.

No, no. No, I'm not

doing whatever that is.


"Burn three things

he haunts with glee,

seal with a sacrifice

to set him free."

We've already b*rned

one thing. So, two more?

"Sealed with a sacrifice"

sounds like a ritual.

Maybe we should burn three

things together,

just to be sure?

What's the sacrifice?

Like an animal?

No, no.

It's more like something

that means a lot to someone.

Oh, it's like

Carson's chest hair?

Very funny.


"A sacrifice is often used to

release a spirit from limbo."

An offering of high importance

that's different for everyone.

"For the hungry - food.

For the poor - currency."

For the grieving, a

photo of their dad.


What did you just say?

- Here, I have this.

- Nothing.

It was my grandmother's locket.

Kate, dude.

It's okay. Take it.

You're the horror geek, so.

Okay, what else did it possess?

- The Fortune Teller!

- Okay, I'll get it.

What's up?

The necklace. It's gone.

What? How?

It was right here.

Hey, we need to

use something else.

Jake, it's just a photo.

Yeah, exactly.

It's just a photo.

Oh good, you got it! I

couldn't find anything else.

Kate, I lost your

necklace. I'm so sorry.

Jake, how?

Jake has a photo with

his dad. We can use that.

Tell him, Bo.

I mean, I don't know.

Is there something else?

Man the heck up for

once and tell him

he's the only one with

something here to sacrifice.

You don't know that!

Everyone knows that!

Jake, we need to at least try.

Look, we're all sorry

you lost your dad, dude,

but at least you had one.

Give it a rest, Carson!

We're here now, alive. No

thanks to you, by the way.

Carson, chill out!




This is ridiculous,

you two. Stop, grow up!

You act like you know

everything, but you don't!

Obsessing over gym

freaks on your phone

doesn't make you

a grown up, Carson!

Growing up means a lot of things

you don't know jack about,

like letting go of the past

and accepting things change.

Or having a darn opinion even

when no one else likes it.

Who knows, maybe growing

up means growing apart.

See you kids later.


You wanna know my

opinion, Carson?

Sure, Jake needs to

stop avoiding change,

but you need to stop forcing it!

It's gonna happen,

with or without you

two fools interfering.

So both of you grow up!

Just forget about him,

we have to get this done.

Okay, fortune teller's one,

reaper's two, and teddy's three.

We need the sacrifice.

You should do it.




Go. Go, go, go, go, go, go!



Your girlfriend

is a little scary.

You mean my sister?

Oh, so you're back

to play with us kids?

You guys are gonna

need me. Let's move it.

What the hell?

Oh baby, there you are.

We don't have a sacrifice.

Yes we do. The

Encyclopedia of Shadows.

It was a gift from my dad.

Let's get that sucker back then.

Only 10 minutes till midnight.


For Kate.

Up there!

Windsor's using her to

control the monsters.

Okay, I have a plan.

Carson, pull the creeps off.

Bo, cover me.

Jake, don't be stupid!

Yo, d*ad Heads! Wanna dance?

Hey Kate, you're

not being very nice!

Stop pestering

me, you little twit!




Ah, no!

Stay back.

Hey, you!

Give it up, kid.

I'm warning you!

I get it! You want

your old life back!

But that body you're in

belongs to my girlfriend!

I got it!

Guys, now!

- We need some more!

- Got 'em!

No, no, no!


It's a family tradition.

Mom says that's why

you're mad all the time.

No, no, no, no!

Like I said, couldn't

you do something simpler

like camp in the backyard?

Backyard camping's for kids.

Whoah, Jake.

I love you, you're my hero,

but that is never gonna happen.

I'm your hero?


Ugh, what is that

god-awful smell?

Oh, it's Carson, it's

singed hair.

Yeah, Carson, we

needed a sacrifice.

Yeah, took it while

you were sleeping.

Very funny, numbskulls.

Best Halloween ever.


No, I'm still not saying it.

Come on.

Kate, maybe next year we

throw our own Halloween party.

One to outdo Ray Marino.

Well, you'll be in

high school, so maybe.


- Jake!

- Mom?

Oh, thank god you're okay.

I was so worried.

What in the world is going

on? Why are you even out here?

- What were you thinking?

- Mom.

You have all got a lot

of explaining to do.

It's my fault,

Mrs. T. I'm sorry.

Kate, it's fine.

Mom, I'll explain everything.

Just can I walk home

with my friends?


You know what? Okay.

Sure. I'll see you at home.

Jake, there's no way

I'm turning down a ride.

Do you mind, Mrs. T?

Not at all. Let's

get out of here.

- Wait, guys, our bikes.

- Leave 'em.

Thanks, Dad.


Thank you, Jake, for everything.

Okay, let's go home.

Holy mother...

You guys wanna do one last

round for old time's sake?

Trick or treating?

Nah man, we gotta help

Kate with the party.

You still coming though, right?


- Jake, I'm ready.

- Oh my gosh.

- Have fun, dark princess.

- Better not be late.

One last thing. Perfect.

Shall we?

Have fun, kids.

Oh, you look great, you

look great. You look so good.

Hey, hey.


I'm real proud of you.

All right, get going.

Be safe, be safe.

Have fun!

Home before dark!

Vos requiem.


Vos requiem.



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