02x54 - Snow Job

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "6teen". Aired: November 7, 2004 – February 11, 2010.*
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Revolves around the lives of six sixteen-year-old friends who work part-time jobs at different stores within the mall.
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02x54 - Snow Job

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gotta make the good times [Music]

as the storm of the year continues we're looking at a record-setting snowfall and all you parents and kids know what that

means snow day

[Music] no they've invaded


[Applause] hundreds of teens with nowhere else to go

guys we get the whole day off school i just realized something we have the day off work too

so this can't be happening so if there's no school and no work what

do we do the only question my friend is what do we not do

you guys in for some fun no i've got two days to get my dream date to ask me to the dance i have to make the decorations

for the dance what is wrong with your lips your little brother put muscle relaxing cream in my look mom

nice clever devious semi-permanent i like it stop learning right pulling

cranks on courtney and me all week i am single-handedly planning the school

dance and i need robbie to leave me alone okay okay sheesh wyatt you in for

some snow day fun no i've got rehearsal all righty then jude it's just you and

me let's get into some trouble watch this

let's get three-pointer of here my words by the end of this day

your butt will be mine

no no no we need silver and white balloons it's supposed to look like snow remember

move move oh how did i get stuck planning a dance again maybe because you're vp social of

the student council oh yeah okay i have to ask what happened to your hair i've

been trying different styles for the dance but they always end up looking like this maybe a little less poofy

at least i have my dress picked out it's pretty oh you're gonna look so hot what's going on here we're sitting and

talking last time i checked that was legal this one looks guilty her hair is

abnormally large yeah i know

i know what goes on on snow days really what mayhem you're unadulterated mayhem

ouch nice spike jude 3 2 answer sir i think you're overreacting am i

i don't know hey stop that table jumping punk okay

back to the dance nikki can you help me with the ticket sales for the next two days please oh what the heck it's fun to

see people throw their money away can you believe the winter wonderland dance is this saturday

we're going to need body glitter oh we so need body glitter

how can people get so worked up about a school dance it's the social event of the winter ah

it's a bunch of teens blowing good money on a smelly old limo bad punch and expensive dresses that you'll only wear

once dude did he see us who ron the beach

volleyball got a little out of hand i think we're clear dude so jude you booked the lazowski mobile

for saturday night right you bet got a disco ball hooked up in her and everything my band's playing a set

awesome sweet it's so cool that your mom drives a preschool bus dude we're gonna have fun i know

wake me when it's over so who are you taking caitlin steph from biology but he doesn't know it yet we have such great

chemistry the other day we had this great talk about frog guts and we both

thought they were really gross he could be the one you have said that before yeah but those

guys were different and look i have magazines these all have articles on how to snag the perfect date you're all so

obsessed about this dance you're coming aren't you whatever maybe probably

oh no chrissy nicky i see you under that table oh look

there's my contact we have a zillion teens descending on the khaki barn because of this snow day i need your

help oh yeah uh-huh i wish i could but i don't work weekdays you do now or you're

out of a job fine i think i'd rather be at school but what about the tickets i need someone to

sell tickets i'll take them just send everyone to the crappy barn thanks nikki so who are you guys taking to the dance

don't know yet haven't decided aren't you worried you won't have a date look at me do i look worried i like to keep

my options open what about you wyatt i've got someone in mind oh you're in

love what uh-uh no i'm not yes you are you've got that look what look that

wyatt look that look that says i'm about to be totally wussy because i'm in love

oh why is that so great do you need any help asking her out no thanks it's under

control i'm gonna go look for a new job so who's the new baddie just this girl

in my band marlo she plays bass guitar i've been watching those talk shows oh here we go and you

take me for granted what are you talking about we never have light chamber battles anymore and and i can't remember

the last time you did anything romantic excuse me i took you to star trek

convention last week doesn't that count for anything oh yeah because your little brother got

mono and you had an extra ticket big deal that doesn't count dark washing my

mellow we are still over vegeta finished no princess come back

poor dude guys this amp is so major

[Music] hey marlo i was just wondering if you'd like to go to the dance with me

great cool i can do this hey come check out this new amp

say something come on why is she staring at you say something before this gets really

weird i think you dropped your taco [Music]

remember you asked if i needed help asking her out yeah i need help you've come to the right place so where do you

stand with her somewhere between non-existent and totally hopeless you just need some confidence and i have all

the tools check it out the top 20 ways to get a date with your crush that

sounds promising do you have a backup plan no wyatt you have to have a backup

plan let's make a pact that if our crushes sh**t us down we'll go together deal

deal you have to wear the sombrero bro but it

itches i know dude but everyone has to wear it they want us to show cece sombrero spirit fine but i don't have to

like it ahem yo welcome to cc's sombreros where the

peppers are hot and the staff is cool nice hat yeah no i can't wear this sorry

dude you're fired [Music]

guess what i just got fired so you get to hang out with me oh joy

look i'm really busy chelsea don't worry i'll help you two tickets please how about we go to the dance together

sweet lips how about i pound you into the ground no no that's okay nikki uh

gave the girl her tickets sorry about that he never learns

jonesy real smooth okay we just have to ask

it's him wait number five was show an interest in his hobbies bingo

hello hey welcome to pets in the city i know you it's me your lab partner

katelyn right so what can i do for you i uh could use some

bird food what kind of bird do you have um one of those wow that's really cool

wanna hold her will i get the food her name's medusa be right back

okay little medusa

okay just hold still okay i'm late for something bye

wait what about your food ow

that's her that's marlo you are in love

now wipe that puppy dog look off your face and go for it you can do this hey guys what you studying

german but we're really bad i could help you study oh you take german too oh sure

a hasselhoff is [Music]

later those aren't real words what was that coming

[Music] what adult actually i think he's kind of

cute another brain freeze

[Music] what are you doing ah went to wonderland

dancer yes coach i'm organizing it not in here you're not i'm in a

and you go but i'm not even working today move move

you know i i never made it to my winter dance the girl i loved turned me down

said i was too intense jobs i want that pyramid iron now now

no what i wouldn't give to go back to high school don't get him at that dance tiger ah yes sir

[Music] yo nikki's phone speak how are ticket sales going but there are so many more

useful ways to spend your 40 bucks putting the most bitter girl in charge of selling tickets might not have been

the best call ow jonesy you would better come and get your brother now he's doing

that ninja thing again two more minutes masterson [Music]

what's happening waiting for our crushes to come by isn't that him

hey steph wait up hey how's your head oh fine look i drew

you something in art class it's you my art teacher gave me a b-minus

okay thanks see ya bye

i think i'm making progress there's marlo she's hot go go be the dude be the dude

hey marlo let me get that for you i'll have one too please thanks i was wondering if i could ask you something

here you go thanks

that was awesome that's going to leave a mark oh poor wyatt

he's so not getting a date with her no way

hi where am i at grind me do you remember what happened

oh i just did did she laugh at me just a little but if she didn't care about you

at all she wouldn't have stuck around to see if you were okay right oh my gosh steph is here okay just be

cool and go talk to him lab partner hey what's up maybe if you're not doing

anything we could figure out this frog anatomy thing cool snag us a table i'll be right back

did he ask you not yet but i think he's going to hold on

[Music] wyatt there was water on the sink it's all over the front of my skirt that's

okay okay this is horrible i look like i peed my pants oh but if i stay in here

too long and let it dry he'll think of going poo in here gross what are you gonna do can't let him see me like this

what's he doing now he's checking his watch but my skirt's still not dry

okay i can do this sorry guess he gave up he's gone

this is so not going the way i planned you know if we don't step this up a notch we could get stuck going with each

other would that be such a bad thing yes no offense

nikki what are you doing oh just remembering another reason i hate dances and my job yeah sucks to be you

so you want to grab a burger or something okay but this time you're paying i paid last time oh right el

cheapo paying for someone else i don't think so hey hey stop it just cut it out okay that's

stop it look at what you've done to my boxer's display

em you know you're right we shouldn't do that in fact you know i'm gonna take my break right now and think about what i

did wrong [Music]

bathroom break connie you coming hello yes it's me i'm running out of

ideas okay hold on oh here's something ten things to do to your crush number one go through their

personal things so you can find out more about them thanks caitlin you're the best

ten things to never do to your crush uh oh

what are you doing in my bag i uh freak

i have never been so humiliated oh come on you've made a fool of yourself lots

of times thanks any time you can't quit wyatt why not now our crushes think one

of us is a weird stalker and the other one goes poo in the mall yeah that is

pretty bad speaking of bad you should really rethink the dreads you can't really pull them off thanks so where's

jude over there

[Music] [Applause] yes i rocked the

[Applause] cosmos dude that's so gross oops sorry

you with the protruding belly abusing cabbage products is a ticketable offense

oh all right who did that so you guys up for some fun now or what as long as it's

not related to the dance in any way i'm in i've got an idea we're skating

wicked i forgot my guards

this is not what i had in mind come on you can do it i promise i'll hold on to

you the entire time plus you could use the exercise oh bite me


[Applause] [Music] i will ride it oh yes i will ride it

don't worry i won't let go of you see it's not that hard i'm skating

go nicky she so still hung up on him oh i know and he has a picture of the two of them

up in his room that's it you're doing great keep going

tara oh look it's steph i'm gonna show off

for him hey stats no oh

ouch nikki help her to the boards guys she needs a hot chocolate stat

did steph see that little crash totally stupid jonesy i mean what is he doing

i'm sure he was just saying hi jane one of the chaperones for the dance

just backed out ah okay the important thing is not to panic

where are we gonna find another chaperone now it's school rules no chaperones no dance they'll cancel the

whole thing this is so bad oh who cares i'm not gonna have a date

anyway i am psyched to report that tara johansen did recognize me from the hockey team congratulations all stars

oh ow wow you really can't skate ah you said you wouldn't let me go hey oh god

stop i thought you were doing fine well obviously you were wrong should we break this up

no let them get it out of their systems five bucks says nikki jakes and down i'll take that action


all right that's enough who started this brawl she did there's one way to settle this

oh but this is so unfair yeah she started it i know my rights listen up maggot you're in my house now and i'm

going to keep you here as long as i want you can't keep us past closing then i'm

going to keep you here until closing [Music]

hello can we get some food in here i'm starving do you think i'll have a record oh shut up jonesy i better not get a

black eye you know you'll never get a date with her she may be a shallow flake but she's also the apex of the high

school food chain so at least she was nice to me oh what and i'm not nice you

haven't even apologized for dropping me in my butt i can't believe you don't know how to skate this is canada for

sobbing out loud everybody skates see this is what i'm talking about you are an insensitive jerk why would any girl

go out with you you did yeah well i won't make that mistake again not even if the entire future of the human race

depended on me going out with you for survival yeah well good because even if i was extinct i wouldn't ask you out if

you were extinct you couldn't ask me because you'd be dead well yeah so touche

[Music] wyatt do you realize that we are the two

biggest losers in the mall at least we're not in jail maybe you're being too subtle guys aren't as quick to pick up

on hints as girls are i think you should kick it up a notch i'm not so sure maybe

jen's right go big or go home daddy girl now you go get that guy

wicked cool hangout bro you know back in 82 when i started this job driving the

zamboni really meant something people respected you so are you the guy who picks up the

hockey player's teeth when they get knocked out awesome

i'm not worthy i'm not worthy i know what are you some kind of weirdo no i

just really dig zamboni's oh you want a fueler up for me yes i will do that for

you sir is this cell getting smaller maybe your

ego's filling it up seriously it's hot in here right jonesy do me a favor and

shut up i feel all cramped i've got to get out yo ron help i can't breathe

ouch jonesy look at me you have to calm down you're just fine there's lots of

air in here okay

all right youtube break it up you're free to go for now but i'll be watching you

catch you later girly man hey i get claustrophobic it's a condition

[Music] you know you're naked later

i know i'm not the coolest guy but there's a burning desire inside

there's something that i got to say you're the reason

i wake every day the reason [Music]

i wish i could say you're my everything

and girl i need you now [Music]

wow that was really good wyatt thanks i uh

kind of wrote it for you actually really that's so cool it is i thought you hated me no actually

i was kind of hoping we could do you want to go to the dance with me

yes yes cool so i guess i'll see you saturday definitely

hello okay i just had the weirdest experience with nikki in jail jonesy why don't you just ask her to the dance i

know you want to no way she dumped me remember nobody dumps jonesy and then gets another chance to dump jonesy again

well i think you're being childish i have to go

but justin no don't do this but the dance is this weekend

well i hope you both choke on the food hey you okay

[Music] hey get back here you little punk

[Music] now scram

wow that was so nice of you well you seemed like you were having a pretty bad day my boyfriend just dumped me

for trisha now i don't have anyone to go to the dance with

you do now you and me okay

what's your name again gotta get going time to condition the

ice dude i beg you let me answer that burning desire in the heart of every

hockey fan to just once drive the zamboni

go for it [Music] [Applause] [Music]

i am so stoked yes [Applause]



yes this is awesome i am in pursuit of a renegade zamboni

repeat run away zamboni i just snagged the hottest chick in school for the

dance tara johansen how must be my good looks or the fact that her boyfriend

just dumped her so you're taking advantage of her weakened state of mind hey my mind is just as weak as hers you

know what you're perfect for each other why are you suddenly acting like a jealous girlfriend i'm not acting like

anything what hey i have some news uh guys do you hear

something oh it's just jude


dude what are you doing [Music]

my hockey display 20 minute major masterson what but i didn't have anything to do with this ah dude you you

are banned from the mall forever and i am revoking your driver's license

maggots you can't do that i just did soldier

but jude was supposed to drive us all to the dance in his mom's bus and did you see ronan's last goal it was

hi steph oh wow i was just thinking about that awesome movie about the penguins and how they

chose one significant other and stayed with them through the whole movie

yeah and i've chosen you you're my penguin

okay you have to stop stalking me right now i don't need any pictures of myself you totally ditch me at the coffee shop

and this penguin stuff is really freaking me out just leave me alone


i think what you need is a little psychological coaching what's going on in that head of yours if i can't find a

chaperone in the next 36 hours the dance will be canceled saborona

i'll do it you two break it up

oh that's too much punch two minute penalty

uh i'll let you know jen i'm so embarrassed

the staff called me a weird penguin stalker and now i have to go to the dance with a wyatt

[Music] this is way out of my league boy i must have something to do over there i'll go

do it aw caitlyn it's gonna be okay did you really ask him out in a penguin

suit you told me guys don't get hints wow

that's not really what i had in mind it could have been worse really

no at least i have wyatt to go with guess what the zamboni dude's taking me

on as his apprentice that's wicked dude yo maggot i thought i banished you from

the mall oh you mean like today no soldier now

so are you okay i'll get over it it's not like i have to go alone or anything actually i can't go with you what do you

mean i asked marlo and she said yes dude nicely played wait you have a date but

you're supposed to be my backup yeah but i got a date

you mean i'm gonna be stuck going to the dance alone


i can't believe two guys said no to me in one day

you can still go stag i'm going i can't i'm not strong like you

it's no big deal there's just no one worth going with excuse me sir would you like to

chaperone a dance for us ma'am chaperone anyone

it's just four hours of your time people

what's with him julie dumped him poor sap i know what that's like stay strong

brother aloha aloha dude can we help you

dude it's me dude dude you totally had me any luck on

finding us a ride to the dance not yet dude i put you in charge of one thing

i knew it out out out did you hear me would you like to be a chaperone i'll do

it puppy in masterson if there's one thing i can do it's keep teens in check no i'll give you two days off next month

no okay three with pay hmm okay fine yes wow but you have to let us

have fun fun is my middle name yes wait a minute i better go rent a tux before

they sell out i love those penguin suits

so who wants to talk about the after party what

you just don't get it do you [Music]

you know i really don't need your help here i don't have anything better to do so you and tara johansen

very nice way to go that's inspirational wicked moves man i wish i thought of

that one i would really rather work alone you're just jealous because the jones meister's off the market yeah i

really wish i was going out with someone who was just using me to get back at her you're wrong she really likes me okay

you know what whatever just booked us hair appointments at frederick's oh that's so perfect oh

you guys get to go and i have to stay here oh chrissy i'm so sorry the midnight

madness sale had to fall in the night of the dance yeah i'm so glad i'm not you

hi look sorry your hair scared me so what is nikki's problem today she's acting

like a total psycho nikki what [Music]

so what's going on here okay i'm really

into jonesy i knew it but i don't know what to do and now he's taking that stick insect to

the dance why don't you talk to him about it have you seen her she's gorgeous i can't compete with that you

don't have to you're nikki you're worth a hundred taras yeah tell that to jonesy i think you

should come to the dance what alone you can't let him get the better of you and you won't be alone you'll be with us

i'll think about it you guys look amazing thanks i wish you

were coming caitlyn me too wow you look really pretty nikki thanks

so do you guys i know right are you going alone looks that way

bummer hi guys [Music]

jen you look perfect i took your advice and went to a salon it took three hours i've never had an

update before

what is wrong with you guys okay nobody panic we can fix this i just

need a room to work in i know where we can go

okay listen up i know we've had our differences but this isn't about me it's about jen who

has worked her butt off for this dance and has just had some boy ruin everything we need help why should we

help you yeah we hate you because i'll stay in the store tonight and let chrissy go to the dance

nicky no it's okay this dance is much more important to jen ah that is so

sweet okay i'm gonna need makeup remover hairspray and hot rollers


i can't believe you guys did it that was so much fun oh i wish i was

going so badly wait why aren't you going i don't have a date

so we're all going stag you are totally there's a whole crew of greeter gods

from albatross and finch going stag too the clones are going stag i wouldn't be

the only one you have to come another quickie makeover come on i'll

find you a dress dude i blew it i didn't find us a ride

to the dance all the limos are rented already jen's gonna freak freak freak

freak freak and i'll probably never get a chance to ride the zamboni again oh yes you will

wow jen you look perfect even prettier than before that was me i'm really good

with eyeliner and robbie oh you don't have to worry about him hello

hi guys hi um is our limo ready or what jude had better get here soon

yeah is that oh no wayne yeah if the

zamboni's are rocking don't come and knock him baby yeah

[Music] seriously we're riding a zamboni to the dance

couldn't bruno get fired for this nope he retired today and you're looking at the new driver of the zamboni me nice

you're coming aren't you what i miss all the midnight madness fun here no way

hey you okay yeah definitely


oh jen it's perfect it is a winter wonderland

yeah great job girl thanks guys [Music]

isn't that the taco girl hi taco girl nice dress

so pathetic jonesy get us some punch is he here yet

hey so where's darth we broke up

i miss him so much jonesy why are you talking to the taco girl she's okay

wanna dance no get me some more spring rolls

yeah sure you look really pretty tonight julie really oh

thanks nikki

what are you doing here working midnight madness as you can see it's a madhouse

can i hang with you well this night can't get any worse so why aren't you at the big dance

julie and i broke up she said i was unromantic and

inattentive ouch

don't you wish sometimes you had a time machine so you could go back and do everything differently you don't need a

time machine if you want her back just go to the dance and tell her how you feel you really think she'll take me back

definitely i'll do it thanks nikki and may the force be with you



[Music] uh go ahead and dance you he looks like a real mvp madison

is he looking at me now we really look good together don't you

think sure uh hey do you want to go dance with my friends for a while no

let's get something straight you're lucky to be here with me in fact your stock has just gone up like 10 points so

just stand there and look cute okay


julie my intergalactic queen i should have treated you better give me

another chance and i promise i will rock your universe [Music]

revenge of the losers okay that's it i've had enough of you and your stupid friends

nikki was right about you you are as shallow as a puddle i'm out of here

nice darth sweet moves buddy thanks jonesy hey a little tip stabbed to stead

vicki's at the mall alone and my jedi sense tells me she wouldn't be adverse to seeing you right now

thanks man i owe you jonesy

it's nikki's favorite color i'll be back in half an hour

[Music] nicki [Music]

nicki nikki nikki nikki

nikki [Music] vicky

i've been looking everywhere for you you're crying i am not

i just have something really big in my eyes okay wait

why did you break up with me oh what like it's inconceivable that a girl could resist jonesy's many charms

i'm serious i want to know maybe i was scared okay

maybe i was afraid we'd screw everything up and i'd lose the one guy who means more to me than

anyone else in the whole world oh wow is that all you have to say what are

you even doing here i thought you were supposed to be at the dance with the prettiest girl in school well maybe i'm

with the prettiest girl in school right now so then why didn't you ask me maybe i was scared to jones just shut up for a

second and let me say something i was at the dance with this really hot girl and things should have been great but all i

could think about was you annoying sarcastic totally frustrating you

nikki you're the only girl i want to go out with so i'm asking you will you go to the dance with me

yes [Music]

all right jonesy dude dude nikki you're here with jonesy

[Music] [Applause]

i know i'm not the coolest guy but there's a burning desire inside

girl i never wanted anyone more

a perfect world we'd be together you know you could have made this a lot easier to just make

good luck and miss all that drama

never the reason i wake every day

for the reason i wish i could say you're my everything

and [Music]

every night the reason

[Music] now


thank you thanks a lot [Music]
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