01x34 - I am Jigonsaseh/I am Sacagawea

Episode transcripts for the TV series, "Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum". Aired: November 11, 2019 – present.*
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Series involves Xavier Riddle with his sister Yadina, and their friends Brad and Berby, at the Secret Museum, and help from historical heroes, who are depicted in the series as children.
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01x34 - I am Jigonsaseh/I am Sacagawea

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Brad: Ready for adventure? ♪ Who's that kid who ♪

♪ can travel through time? ♪

Xavier: ♪ Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum! ♪

Yadina: ♪ Which great heroes will we find? ♪

Xavier: ♪ Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum! ♪

Brad: ♪ Every single boy and girl ♪

Yadina: ♪ Has what it takes ♪ Kids: ♪ To change the world! ♪

♪ Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum! ♪

Brad: ♪ Brad! ♪ Yadina: ♪ And Yadina! ♪

Kids: ♪ And the Secret Museum! ♪

♪ Dr. Zoom and the Secret Museum! ♪

Xavier: ♪ Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum! ♪

♪ Shh! ♪

Yadina: Hello! Welcome to the show.

Today we're meeting someone very special,

named Jigonsaseh.

Xavier: Jigonsaseh was born about a thousand years ago.

Back when North America looked like this--

Brad: One thousand years ago?

That is a loooo--

(gasps for air)

--ooooong time ago.

Xavier: Yes, yes it is! (giggle)

There were Five Nations who lived here,

but, they didn't get along very well.

Yadina: They couldn't agree on anything!

But when Jigonsaseh grew up,

she told them about the Great Law of Peace.

Brad: What's the Great Law of Peace?

Xavier: Something super important

that helped the Nations get along with each other.

Yadina: And that's what this story is all about.

So let's start the show, Dr. Zoom!

Xavier: Brad! Comin' at ya!


Brad: Hey, I almost had it that time!

Yadina: Xavier! Brad!

Mom and Dad got a big new shipment for the museum!

And you know what that means...

Xavier/Brad: (gasp)

Xavier/Brad/Yadina: Empty boxes!

Xavier: What should we build?

Brad: How about a super hero hideout?

Xavier: No, I know... a clown car!

No wait, a race car, no wait, a rocket car!

Yadina: Well Dr. Zoom thinks we should build the White House.

So I can practice being President.

Brad: But, I want to be a super hero.

Xavier: I want to rocket into outer space.

Brad: Super Hero hideout!

Xavier: Rocket car!

Yadina: White house!

Brad: We always do your ideas!

Xavier: But Rocket cars are the coolest!

Yadina: But there's two of us that want to play White House!

Brad/Xavier/Yadina: Let's do my idea!

Yadina: Ugh! C'mon, Dr. Zoom,

we'll go play White House

by ourselves.


Brad: Fine by me.

Xavier: Rocket car for one.

Xavier/Brad/Yadina: Hmph!

All: Wohaaaah!

Berby: (oh-oh!)

All: Ooof! Ooof! Ooof!

Brad: I don't feel good.

Yadina: What just happened?!

Did one of you say, "to the Secret Museum"?

Xavier: Oh, I didn't.

Brad: You know it wasn't me.

Yadina: Well someone did.

Xavier: Why are you looking at me?

Brad: It's always you!

Berby: (blurp blarp bloop) Xavier: What is it Berby?

Brad: Whoa! Yadina: Hey!

Berby: (blarp!)

Brad: Okay, okay we're going!

Berby: (bleep blarp bloop)

Brad: An artifact?

Brad: Huh, wait, does this mean we're --

Berby: (bleep blarp blurp)

Xavier: The Secret Museum wants us to meet someone?

Berby: Mhmm. Yadina: Who?

Xavier: Jigonsaseh.

Yadina: And she lives on the back of a great big turtle?

Did you hear that Dr. Zoom?

Dr Zoom: (squeaks)

Berby: (blarp blurp)

Xavier: Riiight. The people who first lived in

North America called it Turtle Island.

Brad: The people who first lived here?

Whoah, whoah, whoah, wait.

How far back in time are we going??

Berby: (blarp blurp)

Brad: That far? I'm out.

Yadina: Well that's one thing we can agree on.

Dr. Zoom and I would rather play in our White House.


Brad/Xavier: Hmph!

Xavier: Well I'm ready for adventure.

Berby: Nononononono.

(blarp blurp)

(blurp blarp) Dr Zoom: (squeaks)

Berby: (blurp)

Dr Zoom: (sad squeak)

Yadina: Not you, too!

Oh, alright.

But I'm still mad at you guys.

Berby: (burrs)

Yadina: Not that Brad's coming, of course.

Brad: You think I won't go, huh?

Well I'll show you!



Oy vey what did I just do?

Berby: (bleep blarp blurp)

Brad: Aaaaah!

Brad: Whoaaaaaaaa!

Berby: Whoohoo!


Brad: Whoa!

Brad: Big...mistake.

Xavier: Oah!

Yadina: Uah?

Yadina: Xavier, you knocked these shells over!

Xavier: What? No, I didn't. Brad was right there-

Brad: Don't look at me.

I didn't do it. Xavier: Me neither!

Brad: You guys NEVER listen! Berby: (blurp blurp) Yadina: Well it wasn't me.

♪ (faint singing) ♪

Jigonsaseh: (singing)

Yadina: That was a really pretty song.

Brad: And a pretty shell.


The shells must be hers!

Berby: (blurp blarp)

Xavier: It's Jigonsaseh.

That's who the Secret Museum wants us to meet.

Berby: Yep-yep-yep.

Brad: Hey, watch the cape, I just washed it!

Jigonsaseh: (Seneca greeting)

Yadina: Hi. Um, we're sorry, but,

I think we maybe knocked over your shells.

Brad: We...we didn't mean to.

We'll pick them up.

(water splashing)

Jigonsaseh: Nya wah. (Seneca - thank you)

Brad: Do you think she's upset?

Yadina: Xavier, she's speaking a different language.

We need the translator.

Xavier: Oh, right!

Jigonsaseh: Nya wah! Thank you.

I'll help gather them, too.

Xavier: So you're not mad about the shells?

Jigonsaseh: I was, a little.

But instead of getting upset, I like to solve problems

in a peaceful way.

Xavier: What do you mean?

Jigonsaseh: Well...

I'll show you.

Around here, there are five nations.

Groups of people who live together.

Seneca, Mohawk, Oneida,

Cayuga, and the Onondaga.

The Five Nations have a hard time agreeing on things,

so they're always apart and upset with each other.

Can you imagine fighting like that with

others you're so close to?

It's very sad.

If they would stop arguing and listen to one another,

they could solve their problems in a peaceful way.

Maybe even find something they all agree on.

Xavier: Riiight.

Just like we can all agree that knocking over the shells

wasn't my fault!

Yadina: Whaddya mean?

It definitely wasn't us.

Brad: Well it wasn't me.

Xavier: That doesn't mean I did it.

Yadina: Xavier, why don't you just say sorry!

Xavier: Because it wasn't ME!

Brad: You trip on stuff all the time!

Xavier: What? You're the one that always

lands on everything Brad! Yadina: He's got you there.

Brad: Well, does anyone know where Dr. Zoom was?

Yadina: What are you saying?

Jigonsaseh: Want to help me make the necklace for my doll?

Xavier/Brad/Yadina: Okay.



Jigonsaseh: See how there's purple and white in the shells?

The colors can mean different things.

White can mean peace,

and purple can mean a person.

Yadina: Ooh, so we could put two purple shells in the middle,

for me and Dr. Zoom--

--and then lots of white ones so it's like

we're in the White House!

Xavier: But, what about me?

Brad: Or me?

This is just like the boxes back home.

Yadina: Exactly.

When you two didn't want to play with us.

Xavier: You didn't want to play with me.

Yadina: Why should we just play your game?

Brad: I never get to pick!

We always do what you want to do.

Xavier: I can't help it if I have the coolest ideas.

Brad: Grrr!

Yadina: Your ideas? My ideas are the most fun!

Xavier: No way! Brad: Nothing is more fun than super heroes!

Xavier: Rocket cars are!

Yadina: If I stayed home, I'd be in the White House by now.

Brad: I didn't want to come here in the first place!

Xavier: Then maybe we shouldn't play together at all!

Yadina: Maybe, we shouldn't even be friends!

Brad: Fine by me!

Xavier: Double fine! Yadina: Fine!

Jigonsaseh: ♪ (singing in Seneca) ♪

♪ (singing in Seneca) ♪

♪ (singing in Seneca) ♪

♪ (singing in Seneca) ♪

Berby: (blurp)

Jigonsaseh: It's hard to listen to one another

when you're so busy fighting.

Instead, try talking about how you feel,

so you can come together and solve problems

in a peaceful way.

That's what my song is all about.

Berby: (blurp blurp)

♪ (serene music) ♪

Yadina: I guess we have been fighting a lot.

Xavier: Yeah. I, I just...

wanted us to build something fun.

Brad: Me too! I guess what we make

with the boxes doesn't matter so much.

Yadina: As long as we do it together.

Berby: Awwww.

Jigonsaseh: Hmm! That sounds like a good start.

Here. Brad: Isn't that for your doll?

Jigonsaseh: It was, but, I think you should have it.

Three purple shells for the three of you,

surrounded by white shells of peace.

As a reminder of how much you love and care for each other.

And that you should always solve problems

in a peaceful way.

Xavier: Thanks, Jigonsaseh.

Jigonsaseh: You are welcome.

Xavier: Berby, let's go home.

Berby: (bloop blarp blurp) Whoohooo!

Yadina: So, what should we build?

Xavier: Whatever it is,

it should be something we can all play in together.

Brad: Hey, what's in there?

Brad/Xavier/Yadina: Whoooaaaahhhh!

Xavier: This must be what came inside those boxes.

Yadina: (gasps) That looks like Jigonsaseh!

Museum Guide: It is! She's also called

the Mother of Nations.

She helped those who first lived here

accept the Great Law of Peace.

Brad: What is the Great Law of Peace?

Museum Guide: An agreement the Five Nations made

to always solve our problems in a peaceful way.

This belt is a symbol of that agreement.

Each shape represents a Nation,

and this line connects them in peace.

Xavier: The Great Law of Peace.

That's a great idea for all of us.

Brad: Sorry, (giggles) sweaty hands.


Xavier/Brad: Woooohooooo! Yadina: Yeah! Alright!

Yadina: So, what do you think of our

Super-President Rocket-House?

Brad: It's spectacular!

Berby: Whoohoohoohoohoo!

Xavier: Just like Jigonsaseh!

She knew that the best way for people to live together,

is peacefully.

Yadina: Yeah. It's way better than arguing.

Brad: Many years later,

that message

is still really important.

Berby: (bleep blurp)

Yadina: Thanks for joining our awesome adventure

to meet Jigonsaseh.

Xavier: Who used to be a kid,

just like you and me.

Brad: So kids like you can change the world!

I am Brad.

Yadina: I am Yadina.

Xavier: I am Xavier.

And we will always solve problems

in a peaceful way.

Just like Jigonsaseh!

Berby: Whooo!

(blurp bloop bloop)

(bloop bloop bloop)




Xavier: Berby, you ready for another...

race around world?

Berby: Mhmm!

Xavier: Good, 'cause this time, I can't lose!

Since I'll be riding

Albert Einstein's bicycle. Berby: Whoohoo.

Xavier: Ah-mazing fact,

Einstein loved riding a bike. Berby: (blarp bloop)

Xavier: And he's like, the smartest guy of all time.

Making this,

the smart choice to win.

Especially once I add rocket boosters.


Berby: Whoohoo!

Xavier: Oh, I am ready!

Real ready!

Berby: (blarp blurp)


(fawooosh) Xavier: Waaaaaah!

Berby: Whoooo!



Uaaaah! (coughing, spitting)

Hmm! Strawberry!

(fwooosh) Wooohoooooo!






Berby: (blurp) Xavier: (coughs)

I think, Einstein was smart

not to put rocket boosters on his bike.

Berby: Mhmm.

Xavier: Looks like you win again, Berby!

Let's update the score board.

(ding) Huh.

Didn't I win that one race?

Berby: Uh uhn. Xavier: Huh.

Both: (laughter)

Yadina: (humming)

Yadina: Welcome to the show!

Brad: Oof!

Yadina: Today we're meeting someone totally amazing,


Xavier: Sacagawea was born over years ago,

to indigenous people called the Shoshone.

Brad: When she was growing up, two explorers

named Lewis and Clark

needed her help to find a way across North America

to the Pacific Ocean.

Berby: (bleep blarp)

Xavier: It was really hard.

There weren't any planes, trains, or even roads!

Yadina: Good thing Sacagawea had serious skills

that came in seriously handy.

Berby: (bleep blarp bloop)

Yadina: And now let's start the show!

Yadina: And there.

Now this is a tidy exhibit.

Brad: Try this way!

Xavier: I think, we have to.. ugh.

Yadina: C'mon Dr. Zoom, let's go fix that teepee!

Xavier! Brad! I'm ready to help.

Xavier: Oh, no! Brad: Whoaa!

Xavier: Thanks Yadina.. Ugh!

But, this job might be a bit big for you.


Yadina: Big? What do you mean?

I'm only this much shorter than you guys.

Okay, maybe this much.

But only 'cause Xavier has big hair.

Xavier: (laughter) Whoa!

Yadina: Guys, I've got skills.

Brad: We know.

Xavier: Yeah! You did a great job tidying the rocks.


Yadina: But I can help with the teepee, too.

People can do more than you think.

Brad: What about if we turn it this way?

Xavier: I think, we have to pull it.

Ugh! Brad: Whoaa!

Yadina: Dr. Zoom?

There's only one way they're gonna listen.

To the Secret Museum!

Let's go people!

Brad: I could.. stay here and..

make sure the teepee doesn't fall.


To the Secret Museum.

Guys, wait up!

♪ (playful music) ♪

Xavier: I wonder, who the Secret Museum will send us to meet?


Yadina: Or how far back in time we'll go!

Brad: I'm gonna find some stairs...woaaaah!

Yadina: Look out below! Xavier: Whooohooo!

Xavier/Yadina: Hi Berby! Berby: He-lo!

Brad: Hi Berby! Berby: (bleep blarp)

Brad: Oof!

Xavier: (humming) Berby: Whoo!

Xavier: We're getting something!

Brad: A stick?

Xavier: What good is a stick?

Yadina: I wonder who it belonged to?

Xavier: Sacagawea! That's who we're going to meet.

Yadina: In North Dakota.

Brad: In .

Over two hundred years ago!

Berby: Mm hm. Brad: (groans)

years is a long way to travel.

Yadina: Worth it!

If Sacagawea can help me show you two what's what.

Xavier: Only one way to find out...

Ready for adventure?

Yadina: So ready.

Brad: Um..

Sorta ready.

Berby: (whirring)

(bleep blarp)

Yadina: Here we go!

Berby: (bleep blarp)

Brad: It's happening! Yadina: Hang on Dr Zoom!

Xavier: Whooohoo! Brad: Whoaaa!

Berby: Whoohoo!


Berby: (whirring)

Brad: Wow!

I may be dizzy...

but even I can see...

this place is nice.


Yadina: I wonder where Sacagawea is.

Berby: (bleep bloop)


(bleep blarp) (giggles)

Dog: (Yawns)

Yadina: Aww, that's a cute dog.

Berby: (blarp bloop)

Brad: Um, Xavier? Yadina?


Sacagawea: (Shoshone greeting)

Brad: Phew!

Berby: (whirring)

Xavier: Hey, it's Sacagawea!

Yadina: And her stick!

Sacagawea: (shoshone launguage)

Xavier: What's she saying?

Yadina: Xavier, we need the translator.

Xavier: Oh, right!

Sacagawea: Are you okay?

Brad: Oh! Um, yes.

I just get a little dizzy when I time travel.

Nothing big.

Xavier: Ah, hi there! I'm Xavier.

Yadina: I'm Yadina!

And this is Brad.

Sacagawea: Hi! Sorry if I scared you.

I'm just looking for food... the mice may have buried.

Aha! Found some.


Brad/Xavier: (gasp) Yadina: Woah.

Xavier: Uh, Any pizza down there?


Brad: Uagh!

Yadina: How come you're looking for food?

Sacagawea: Because we'll need lots for the trip

we're about to take.

I'm helping those explorers over there,

Lewis and Clark...

...find a path to the Pacific Ocean.

The biggest ocean in the world!

Yadina: Is it far? Sacagawea: I think so!

I've never actually been there.

None of us have.

Yadina/Brad/Xavier: Woahhhh.

Yadina: That sounds like a big job.

Brad: And they need your help?

Sacagawea: Uh huh, I'm here as a translator.

I can speak the same language as some of the people

we'll meet along the way,

so I can help Lewis and Clark talk to them.

Xavier: A real-life translator?

You do what my hoodie does!

Yadina: It looks like she can do a whole lot more

than just translate.

Dog: (panting)

Yadina: See? People can do more than you think.

Now let's go!

I want to see the Pacific Ocean!

♪ (adventurous music) ♪

Clark: Huh.

Brad: Uhm, which way will take us to the ocean?

Sacagawea: Lewis! Clark!

We should take this path.

Lewis: Hmm? How do you know?

Sacagawea: Other people, like the Shoshone,

bent this tree when it was young

to show the best route to travel.

Lewis: Alright! Yes!

Dog: Woof!


Lewis: Lead the way, Sacagawea!

Sacagawea: Follow me!

♪ (adventurous music) ♪

Clark: Come, we'll continue up the river by boat,

to find the ocean.

♪ ♪


Oh no! Our supplies!

Clark: We'll never make it to the ocean without them!

♪ (dramatic music) ♪

♪ ♪

Lewis: Oh, thank goodness!

Xavier: Woah... Sacagawea's saving the supplies!

Clarke: (sighs)

Yadina: She's the only one who knew what to do.

Even though she's smaller than everyone else.

Like I said, people can do more than you think.

Xavier: Man, this really is a long trip.

(deep breaths)

Yadina: Aaagh! Brad: Don't think I can...

walk another...

Brad: Ugh...step.

Yadina: We're not the only ones.

Lewis: (sighs)

Horse: (winnying)


(thump thump)


Sacagawea: I spoke with my people, the Shoshone,

and they agreed to give us horses

so we can ride towards the ocean and give our legs a rest.

Clark: That's great!

Xavier: Whoa. Lewis and Clark are lucky

to have Sacagawea helping them!

♪ (adventurous music) ♪

♪ ♪

Sacagawea: (gasps)

The Pacific Ocean!

♪ ♪

Lewis: Sacagawea...

Clark: ...We couldn't have done this without you.

Brad: (gasps) I think I get why the Secret Museum sent us here.

Xavier: Yadina?

I'm sorry we didn't let you help us fix the teepee.

We were wrong.

People can do more than you think.

Yadina: I know. But I forgive you.

Yadina: Berby, let's go home.

Berby: (bleep blarp bloop)


Xavier: So, what do you think, Yadina?

Yadina: I think we'll have to do this together.

All: (grunting)

Yadina: There! Hey Berby?

Berby: (bleep bloop) Yadina: How about a boost?

Berby: (blarp bloop)

Yadina: Now put them through the holes...ugh!

This goes here, that goes there..

Brad: Good job! Xavier: Nice job, Yadina!

Yadina: Ugh!

Now tie them tight at the bottom.


Berby: Ta da!

Brad: It's fixed! Where'd you learn to do that, Yadina?

Yadina: Who do you think ties up Dr. Zoom's

superhero cape every day?

And it's never fallen off once.

Okay, once. (giggles)


All: (grunting)

Yadina: Thanks for joining our awesome adventure

to meet Sacagawea.

Xavier: Who used to be a kid,

just like you and me.

Brad: (heavy breathing)

So kids like you can change the world!

I am Brad.

Xavier: I am Xavier.

Yadina: I am Yadina.

And we know that people can do more than you think.

Just like Sacagawea!

♪ (theme music) ♪


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