02x25 - Messy and Clean

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Zoboomafoo". Aired: January 25, 1999 – November 21, 2001.*
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Each episode has a theme. The arrival of the "mystery animal," generally used as exposition, leads Zoboo, Chris and Martin into a conversation about the animal.
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02x25 - Messy and Clean

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♪While walking in the woods one day,

♪Chris and Martin saw something strange,

♪a little leaping lemur who liked to bounce and play.

♪They followed their new bouncing friend,

♪Not knowing where this adventure would end.

♪The animals were headed just around the bend.

♪Where they going? I don't know!

♪How do we get there? C'mon let's go!

♪Me and you and Zoboomafoo, come along and see what's new,

♪we're doing the things that animals do.

♪New animal friends to see, Animal Junction's the place to be!

♪elephants charging, baboons are leaping,

♪wild dogs running and nobody's sleeping!

♪Me and you and Zoboomafoo, come along and see what's new,

♪we're doing the things that animals do.

♪Me and you and Zoboomafoo, come along and see what's new,

♪at Animal Junction we're waiting for you!

I'm really psyched for this.

-Yeah, it's time for action.

You have all the stuff?


Today is the day,

we just can't put it off any longer.

Yeah! Look, an owl!

-Where did he go?

-Sometimes a creature adventurer has got to do...

...what a creature adventurer has got to do.

Everybody keeps asking us

"When are you guys going to clean out the closet?"

Today is the day.

-Yeah! It's a big job, but we are up for it.

Ready Martin?


-Here goes nothing.


Whoo! What a mess!

-My spare bike tire, I'd wonder where this had gotten to.

-It's a good thing we decided to clean out the closet.

-And hey, maybe Zoboo wants to help.

-Good idea!

Hey Zoboomafoo!


Zoboo, where are you?



-We really need your help today buddy.

-Here he comes.


-Zoboo is here.

Before cleaning he can start snacking.

-Let's see what the snack machine

has got for Zoboo today.


Here you go Zoboo!


Hey buddy, no, no,

just a little piece, you'll get sick if you eat that whole thing.

-Zoboo's really hungry today.

Look at him go.

He loves it!

-Excuse me.


I needed that.

Thanks guys, now I'm voky, voky, voky.

-So Zoboo, you want to help us clean out the closet?

-The closet?

Well sure guys, for you anytime, anywhere.

-What a lemur.

-Hey and it looks like he wants to clean himself first.

-Yeah! He's giving himself the once over with his toothcomb.

-That's a lemur's way of cleaning up.

And a lemur toothcombs everyday.

-There, all done.

-Alright, let's go.

-Hey springhare, if you want to help, you're going to have to hurry up.

-Who knows if she'll ever finish Zoboo,

the springhare has been grooming herself since we got here.

And you know what? She's not alone.

A lot of creatures groom themselves to get rid of

the itch because of fleas, mites and other insects.

Like this leopard, she keeps herself really clean

and her cub learns by watching mom.

Hey Zoboo! Where are you going?

-Well, if I'm going to help you brothers,

I need a bucket and a mop just like you guys.

Where's my mop?

Uh-oh, I didn't mean to do that!


-Now it's not just messy,

it's wet and messy.

-Oh no! Now there's even more of a mess to clean up.

Hey! This creature I saw today was digging and making a mess.

Who could it be?

♪Who could it be? This animal who I did see.

♪Can you help me guess this mystery.

She was brown like mud with a roly-poly body.

♪Who could it be? This animal who I did see.

She had a flat nose and loved to splash in mud.

♪Who could it be? This animal who I did see.

♪Can you help me guess this mystery?

A flat-nosed, mud-loving creature with babies.

Do you know who she is?

One big mess maker.

-With five little ones right behind her.

-Making a lot of noise.

-Oh mangatsika! The mystery animals are here.

-Come on in, I know it's messy, but you can find your way through.

Come on everybody.

Check out the boar.

She has a waggy tail,

pointy ears,

a long sniffing snout

and a really big brain.

Pigs are one of the smartest creatures in the creature world.

-Boars use their nose like a shovel

to root around in everything and look for food.

Pigs eat almost everything and they use their noses

to dig around in all kind of places.

Like in the ground for roots and bulbs,

in water for larvae and small creatures,

even in mud.

Now that's what I call a messy eater.

It looks like Animal Junction

is going to get messier and messier and messier.

We're going to need a lot of help with this mess.

-Well, the boars might help, I hope.

-No wait, we're going to need this broom

if we're going to clean up the place.

-Five little piglets who move like one pig, always together.

And pig legs are great for running

and charging through a swamp.

-Hey instead of cleaning, the pigs are messing.

-These little guys keep stealing our broom.

-We need the mop too.

Important for cleaning up.

-I don't think the wild boars feel like cleaning.

Brothers, it looks like they are getting the closet stuff even messier.

I have to give you guys names.

Let's see, you made a big mess so eh,

I'll call you Mama Boar

and I'll call you Messier, Messiest, Mess Up,

and, yeah, you little guy, you like to scratch.

I'll call you Phil.

-You know Zob, I think the wild boars are just looking for something to eat.

-Oh okay, I'll just get them a snack from the snack machine.

But hey, there's no wild boar food!

Hey, there's no food at all!


Where did it all go?

-It's Fling, the capuchin monkey.

Hey Fling!

-And he's flinging as much food as he can.

Fling is the flingiest capuchin monkey Animal Junction has ever seen.

Ah! So that's where all the food from the snack machine went.

-Yeah! Fling's been flinging it all over Animal Junction.

There's food everywhere.

-And I think that the wild boars are pretty happy about that.

-Yeah! And it looks like they are doing a pretty good job of cleaning up,

the food that is. The rest of Animal Junction is still a mess.

-Yeah, but maybe after the wild boars find and eat all the food,

it will be easier to clean up the rest.

-Mangatsika! I want to look for food like a wild boar.

I'm using my nose as a shovel.


hubba hubba, I found a sweet potato.

-Good going Zob, and Mess Up found something too.

An apple,

good find!

Look at this little apple crunching face.


Where did Phil go?

Oh, there he is! Scratching again.

Messy eaters huh?

Yeah, but there's nothing wrong with that.

-The mother has to find a lot of food to feed those

five hungry mouths and you know in some years,

she may have a litter of up to ten piglets.

-Mangatsika! That's a lot of piglets.

-Oh yeah, and she has to be a great mom.

You know what she does when they are first born,

she builds a nest of leaves and grass and then

she stays with those piglets every single minute for two weeks.

-After that, the piglets leave the nest and get introduced to the whole group.

A group of wild boars is called a drift and can be

made up of twenty sows and their piglets. Talk about animal day care.

How about right there Phil, is that where you have an itch?

Phil loves to be scratched.

And there are lots of places to scratch yourself in Animal Junction.

-Is it my imagination or is Animal Junction getting messier by the second?

Hey Fling, what are you doing?

-He's still flinging things around.

-Yeah! He loves to fling things.

Some creatures sure make a mess when they eat, right Fling?

-Nice toss.

-And some creatures like to jump around in a good old mess.

-All this mess makes me think of one time in Zobooland.

I was leaping along,

leap, leap, leap,

when I bumped into my neighbour Narchi.

Oh, hi Narchi!

-Hi Zob.

-Oh, hi Noggendrill.

Where are you going?

-I'm heading home, Zoboo, I'm heading home.

-Oh, can I come over? I've never even seen your home.

-No, no can do.

-Why not?


-Why not?

-Well, because.

-Well, why not?

-Because my house is just too messy OK.

-So why doesn't Narchi clean it?

-Well, my nose does have a vacuum feature.

-Okay, but I'm telling you, there's a lot of dirt down there.

-Give it a try Narchi.

-All right, stand aside.

-Great job Narch, now you can both come in.

Here we go.

-Wow, this is a great underground house.

-Thanks a lot. Come on, let's race around my tunnels.

-Hey, wait for me.

-Hey, where'd you guys go?

The end.

-Alright, okay guys now, use those noses to shovel everything into the closet.

All this stuff, we got to get in there.

I don't know how much clean up help we are going to get from the wild boars.

So we may need a little extra help.

-Hey brothers, what does this thingy do?

-It's a vacuum cleaner Zob.

With some special modifications.

It's used to clean up, and to turn it on, you just flick the switch.

-Mangatsika! Then I'll use it to clean up Animal Junction with.


This is fun, look out piggies, I'm cleaning up.


This cleaning up thingy is fun,


a little cleaning up here

and watch ouuuuuuut,

out balls I'm cleaning up.

Hey, is Animal Junction getting any cleaner?


Cleaning here, cleaning there, whoa, whoa!

This thing is fun!



Where did all the vroom go?

-Well maybe if we tighten the vacuum gasket.

-And I'll adjust the suction coordinates.

-That's a good idea. Oh yeah!

Hey guys,

oh, oh,

is that a good sound?


-No way!

-I don't think so!

We'll never get the closet cleaned up at this rate.

-And now everybody is messier than ever.

-Well, it doesn't look like the wild boars mind at all.

-You're right Zob.

Wild boars are great messers.

-No use fighting it brothers.

♪I feel different not the same

♪This kinda feeling I can't explain

♪There is only one thing that I can do

♪I feel boar-ish. How about you?


♪I feel boar-ish


♪I'm a messy boar with piglets going wild in the mud!


-Hey look! There's the drift of wild boars.

-Remember, they're the ones who help the mother boar look after her babies.

-Whoa, there are a lot of them!

Where are they going?

-I guess it was time she had help with all her babies.

Bye wild boars!

-Now we really have some cleaning up ahead of us.

-Like we always say Chris, a creature adventurer as got to do

what a creature adventurer as got to do.

-Let's clean it up!

-Here you go Martin.

-Thanks Zob!

-No problem.



-Okay guys,

throw it in and I'll help organize it.

Okay, throw some stuff up.

-Here you go.

-That's good,

keep throwing it in guys, yeah, that's it, keep it coming,

oh, a boot, I know where the other boot for this goes,

come on, down here, you go down here,

we're getting perfectly organized.

-We finally cleaned up that mess.


-Great job Zoboo!


-That was fun.

Let's mess up Animal Junction again so we can clean up again.

-Maybe tomorrow Zob.

-Yeah, maybe tomorrow!


-Hit the dirt!


Hey, it's Blink!

-The great horned owl.

-Hey brothers, have you ever noticed how Blink is never messy,

well, her feathers are always clean.

-Yeah, most birds keep themselves pretty clean Zoboo.

-Yeah, they have to keep their feathers clean,

in perfect condition for flying.

-And look, she flew in with a message from the Animal Helpers.

-Hi Guys! Hi Zoboo! Amy here!

I'm cleaning up Myrtle's litter box.

This is her toilet and she can't empty it herself,

so I'm doing it for her.

Everyday I scoop out her poop and every few days I

throw out the old litter and put in new stuff.

It's stinky work, but it's important and your cat will really appreciate it.

Cats are clean animals and it's up to me to help her out

by keeping her litter box fresh.

-Every creature is messy and clean in his own way.

-You know, that's got me thinking bro.

-About what?

-About a trip?

About a trip.

To the closet!

♪They're going to the closet they're going on a trip

♪They're going to the closet to grab their stuff and split.

-Let's check out our clean closet.

-It worked. Yeah!

-Oh no!

-They're going on a cool adventure and they don't know what's in store

♪They're coming from the closet and they're headed out the door.

-Bye Zob!

-I guess I'll do some more cleaning.

-This looks like a great place for a snack.

-Yeah, and snack time is a great time for checking out

messy and clean creature behavior.

Alright, we're having lunch with the lechwe.

-Hey! How about right under that tree!



-Hey Chris! A yellow billed kite is joining us for lunch.


He's eating on the fly.

See, he's got some food in his beak.

-Creatures eat different food in different ways.

-But no matter how they do it,

a lot of creatures get messy when they eat.

-Carnivores eat meat, so eating can be

a pretty messy business for an African wild dog or a lion.

When I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,

I like a lot of jelly on my sandwich.

Whoa, too much!

-I like a lot of peanut butter on my sandwich.

Maybe not that much.

When you are really hungry, you can get carried away.

Like this fervet monkey slurping up some juicy fruit.

What a mess!

I always put too much jelly on my sandwich.

-I have too much peanut butter on my sandwich.

-Do you want some water?

Here Chris.

We Kratt brothers get into messes in different ways.

-And we have different ways of getting out of them.

Just like different animals have different ways

of cleaning up after they eat.

Like birds,

talk about a clean creature. Check out this hornbill.

After he eats, the first thing he does is fly up to a tree and wax his beak.

Waxing is when a bird wipes both sides of his beak on a branch after a meal.

-Hyenas have a different approach.

They stick their faces into the mud.

They do that because the mud covers up all the blood,

so flies don't bother them and then everything just flakes off

when it dries in the sun.

And out here in the African Savanna, that doesn't take too long.

So in a way, they get clean by first getting messier.

It might look like this rhino is getting messy on purpose, because she is.

Mud actually helps her keep cool and stops insects from biting her.

Don't you just love having lunch in Africa?

-I do.

-Hey where do you want to do lunch tomorrow?

-I don't know, how about the lower banks of the Yangtze?

-How about the Himalayas?

-Or how about...

I wonder what Zoboo is doing in there?

-Let's find out! Come on.

-No more okay I, okay, no more.

-It's Chris and Martin...

Hey buddy, nice to see you again.

-Somebody got me by the tail.

-That tickles, huh Zob?


-What have you guys been doing Zoboo?

-Just cleaning and grooming and playing with my tail.

We were wrestling so much, we didn't have time to clean up the closet.

-Well, you know lion cubs usually spend most

of their time sleeping and hunting, but when they

are not doing that, they're cleaning and grooming.

Big cats use their tongues and paws to clean themselves up,

they groom each other too.

A lion pride is a family and grooming each other keeps them all together.

-I guess he's cleaning almost as much as he is tickling me.

-Most animals groom themselves somehow.

A bird keeps his feathers clean by preening.

And baboons help each other get rid of fleas.

Even a baby baboon gets into the action.

-I guess all that grooming made them sleepy.

-Now that he's asleep, we can take a close look at his paws.

Take a look at these paw pads,

they help a lion walk softly and stalk quietly.

Now look at his claws...

they're retractable.

That means they come out and go back in, come out and go back in.

Now let's compare claws.

Springhares have incredible claws on their front feet and their hind feet,

but not retractable like a lion's.

Those claws are great for digging.

Leap like a spinghare,

whoa the obstacle course.


Whoo! It's tough to leap like a springhare through all that mess.

-Yeah but Sringhare is not messy anymore! She's finished cleaning herself.

-Not yet Zoboo, the springhare likes to clean herself all the time.

And did you know that there are a lot of birds

who spend a lot of time cleaning other creatures?

Like oxpeckers in Africa, they eat insects off of

water buffalos, rhinos and even kudus.

Oxpeckers get a meal and the other creatures get groomed.

In the ears, on the back, oxpeckers clean all over.

-The nap is over, it's time for more playing.

-Lions have to learn how to tug, because when they're

all around their food, they tug and rip off pieces.

And when you eat with a pride of lions, you have to tug hard and eat fast.

When you are a creature living free and in the wild,

there are a lot of ways to get messy.

-So they've come up with a lot of ways to keep clean.

These wrasses fish actually clean other fish.

They're picking parasites off the big fish's gills.

And remoras are always hanging around and cleaning up after sharks.

-Whoa! The cub is really chowing down.

-Yeah! He must be hungry.

And you know what? He's a messy eater.

Hey Martin, I don't think he's voky yet!

-So how about some more?

More lion food coming up.

-There you go!

Voky, voky, voky, not yet.

Hey I wonder if he's going to clean himself after,

because he sure is a messy eater.

Hey that reminds me of one time in Zobooland.

I was leaping along,

leap, leap, leap, leap,

when all of a sudden I saw Gooble.

Hello Gooble!

-Hello Zoboo!

-How are you?

And Gooble said, "Well I'm sad Zoboo, my Gooble belly is empty

and I can't find any goobleberries to fill it anywhere".

-Well, I know where some goobleberries are. Follow me.

So I lead Gooble to a goobleberry patch.

Come on.

-I'm coming.


-Oh! Oh, goobleberries!

-Gooble was so happy to see a goobleberry patch,

he popped the berries into his mouth as fast as he could.

-Oh good, good.

Sorry I'm being such a messy eater Zoboo,

but when I eat goobleberries I just can't help it, they're so good.

-That's okay Gooble, goobleberries are a little messy to eat.

Here, I'll help clean you up.

There, as good as new.

Once Gooble's belly was full, he took a nap.

And he looked so comfortable,

well I took a nap too.

The End.

So huh, did you like my story?

You did!

Oh good, it gave the brothers time to clean up.

-Bye Martin!

-Bye Chris!

-Hey Zoboo, so what do you think, messy or clean?

-Well, being clean is pretty fun,

especially when lion cubs give you a bath.

-But you have to admit Zoboo, being messy is pretty fun too.

-Yeah, everything is pretty fun in Animal Junction.

-Oh yeah!

♪This animal is a friend of mine

♪From the tip of his nose to his funny behind

♪All the friends that we met today are special in their own way

♪We've all got different names but we're really all the same

♪Thanks for dropping by we're glad you came

♪These animals are friends of mine

♪They jump and swim, crawl, fly and climb

♪One more thing we have to say,

♪Go make an animal friend today! Yeah!

-Well I've got to go, so I'll see you later. Bye brothers!

-Alright Zob, way to go!

-We all worked together and finally got Animal Junction cleaned up.

-Hey Chris! Do you hear that?

-Whoa! Wind storm six o'clock.



This is like surfing, whoaaaaaaaa!

I can't believe my mind, Animal Junction is all messy again.

-What a disaster!

-What a mess!

-Not again!

-I've got to go brothers.

-Wait Zoboo! Aren't you going to stay and help us clean again?


-Martin, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

-Yeah! Clean up tomorrow.

-Check out warthogs today.

-See you later.

My name is Corey, this is my pet pig named Babe.

Hi we're the Kratt brothers and we never get too close to an animal we don't know.

-Remember: ALWAYS give an animal her space.

-And if you're a kid never get too close to an animal unless

an adult says it's OK.

Right Zoboo?
















- ANTS...



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