04x09 - A Night to Raise the Dead

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Quincy, M.E.". Aired: October 3, 1976 – May 11, 1983.*
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Series follows Dr. Quincy, a resolute, excitable, ethical and highly proficient Medical Examiner (forensic pathologist) for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office, working to ascertain facts about and reasons for possible suspicious deaths.
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04x09 - A Night to Raise the Dead

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Quince, there are more bodies
out there. Not only bodies but coffins,

skeletons, everything.

It's like something
out of a horror movie.

If there is another typhoid victim
up there, and somebody who doesn't

know what he's doing finds him.

We're all guilty of m*rder.

Didn't you say they were no
indigent burials for the last two years?

- Yeah.
- How do you account
for the extra bodies?

We're being used by Brady, by the
politicians, by big corporations who deal

in death. They don't care who gets
hurt as long as they make a profit.

And what is so important?

Ah, those idiots, they're all
nervous about the big merger.

They want me to read
them the contract again.

At 3:30 in the morning?

At 3:30 in the morning.

What on earth did I do
with that briefcase of mine?

Ah, I don't remember
you bringing in a brief case.

Oh, I left it in the car.

Ah, you there? I'm gonna
have to call you back.

In a few minutes.

Ah, now you don't mean that
you are going out now in this?

No, I'm not goin' out in this.
I'm wandering around my house

at 3:30 in the morning
because I'm not going out in this.

Well, you don't have to
jump all over me about it.

Well, sorry.

Alan, the umbrella.

The yard is full of mud.

- There must be
half a foot out here.
- Don't worry about the mud.

Ah, Claudia, what
are you doin' to me?

The door's locked.

Alan. What are you doing?

What is it?

Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

Claudia, call the police!

- Get the police.
- Alan, what's wrong?

- Hello?
- Yeah Quincy, Monahan.

- Monahan?
- I got another one for ya.

You've got one for me?
Since when do I work for you?

Call Asten. You've
got one for him.

Quincy, don't you think I tried? Half
the phone lines are down in the city.

Monahan, this storm is making
toothpicks out of my boat.

Why don't ya call somebody
who lives in a house?

Half the people that live
in the houses are trapped in

by mudslides and high tides.

I don't like being
out in this either.

Oh listen, Monahan... All
right, gimme the address.

- I'll be right there.
- 201 Hill.

Okay. Why couldn't
we be blocked in?

- Oh Quincy.
- Had a hard time gettin' in.

- Yeah. We all did.
- Quincy, I'd like
you to meet Mr. Turner.

This is Doctor Quincy
with the coroner's office.

Would you mind telling Doctor Quincy
here what you just finished tellin' me?

Oh, sure. Ah, well, the
back door wouldn't open

because there was there
was a big branch in front of it.

So, when I pulled the branch
out of the way, there was the body.

And, that's when
I called the police.

Did you touch or move
the body in any way?

Well, yeah, yeah... I rolled it
over and looked at the face.

- Had you ever seen him before?
- No, and I hope I
never see him again.

Well, thank you, Mr. Turner.

That'll be all for
now. Thank you.

You take a look at the body yet?

Quince, you know I don't
like to look at things like that.

Why do you think I
had you come over?

What're you putting
the gloves on for?

Well, I don't want
to do it in the rain.

Let's go.

- Hold that will ya?
- Yeah.

He's a Latin, about 45 to 50.

I'd say he's been dead
at least a couple of days.

There are signs of
early decomposition.

You figure the water washed
him down from the hills?

Well, I'd be willing
to bet on that.

Any idea how he d*ed?

I can't tell yet. I'll have
to do an autopsy first.

I want to get the gurney.
Give me a hand, will ya, Brill?


After four days of constant rain,
the California drought is finally over.

No kiddin'.

But with the blessing of the
rain has also come problems.

- You say something, Quince?
- Shh!

Boat owners have
been particularly hard hit.

In Marina del Rey, Newport
Beach, and Redondo Beach,

there are reports of several
boats which have drifted loose

or been sunk by the
high winds and water.

Some of the pleasure crafts are
valued at upwards of $200,000...

I'm tellin' ya, if my boat sinks,
I'm gonna k*ll that Monahan.

Now look at the bright side, at
least it won't sink while you're on it...

You'll be here.

Turn off the radio, Sam.

I brought the culture
tubes you wanted.

Put 'em down. Sam. Come here.

Look at this. Hmm?

Massive lymphoid hyperplasia
of the small intestine...

Peyer's Patches are
ulcerated and huge.

Look at those infected
areas in the intestines.

Some are ten centimeters long,

several are perforated right
through the wall of the intestine.

Have you ever seen lymph
follicles enlarged that much?


Look at this spleen.
It's so enlarged. Yeah.

Those little white spots.

Yeah, the Germans called it
'Fleck-Milz'. Spotted spleen.

That's it, typhoid. Kind of
an aggressive strain, too.

Sam, take a blood
specimen and bowel contents.

Get 'em down to the Department of
Health Services for Salmonella speciation.

We'll hold the body. Have
an assistant clean this area...

sterilize these and
the instruments.


Hey, Quincy, slow down.
You're gonna drop dead.

Now, come on. What was it?


What do you mean, typhoid?

Exactly what I said. The man
was a victim of typhoid fever.

Time of death between
four and seven days.

Acute communicable
disease control.

Gimme Dale Albers, please.

Quincy, are you sure?

Well, you better call him
at home and wake him up.

We got a case of
typhoid. That's right.

Have him call Sam Fujiyama at
the coroner's office... Fujiyama.

Quincy, do you know
what this means?

Listen, when Albers calls,
make sure you get the control unit

out to where the
body was found. Okay?

What do we do now?

We're gonna have to close
off the entire neighborhood

and maybe quarantine
everybody who was exposed.

Quincy, what's
the actual danger?

We're dealing with a
severe strain of typhoid.

It's possible that the three
of us were Infected because

of the water around the body.

You guys have to take a
shower and get clean clothes.

I'll see that you get an antibiotic
as a preventative measure.

You're the boss. For now. Until
the health department takes over.

You guys do what you have to
do... I'll meet you at the Turners.

Okay, see you there.

I don't understand. I already
told ya how I found the body.

Why do we have to
keep going over it?

Mr. Turner, we're dealing
with typhoid fever here.

I mean, for your protection
and for your wife's,

I have to know exactly how
you made contact with the body.

You mean we might catch typhoid?

It's possible. Typhoid
is a contact disease.

You mean, if Alan had it and I
touched him then I might get it?

Well, not necessarily touch but
you could get it by close contact.

I mean, living together.

Well ah, what should we do?

I mean, shouldn't we
have sh*ts or something.

A communicable disease
unit will be down here shortly.

They'll give you
proper medication.

Medication? That's
all? Hey, that's great.

You had me scared to death.

Well, it's not all good news.

You two run a restaurant
yourselves, don't ya?

Yeah, but, we're In
the midst of sellin' out.

Oh, that's a
sensitive occupation.

I'm afraid you're both
gonna have to be quarantined

until we're sure you
don't have the disease.

Quarantined? We
gotta run the restaurant.

We have to open
in just a few hours.

I'm sorry. We have
to be very careful.

You could contaminate the food.

Then we'd really have
an epidemic on our hands.

Quincy, better come over here.

Excuse me.

- What's the matter?
- Tell him.

- Quince, there's
more bodies out there.
- What?

Not only bodies, but
coffins, skeletons, everything.

I mean, you better come
out and see for yourself.

I don't believe it.

It's like something
out of a horror movie.

All right, listen carefully.

I want you to go knock on doors
and wake 'em up if you have to.

It's critical that everyone
in the neighborhood

gets one of these notices.

Tell them what's happening here

and also tell them we might
have to treat them with antibiotics.

And if anyone complains
about one of these symptoms,

I want to know
about it immediately.

Okay, get going.

That's right. There's a
potential health hazard.

Get a van and about fifty body
bags down here right away.

Quince. Quincy, I...

I'm having some people come
down and start the body pick up.

Good. We've already
located 17 bodies.

No telling how many
more there might be.

I put in a call to the
county engineer's office.

They're sending
a crew to assist.

Does anyone know where
these bodies came from?

Well, must have been a cemetery.

Only thing is, I can't remember a
cemetery ever having been around here.

There's a sure way to find out.
Can you handle things around here?

Sure. We'll make out till the
engineers and your boys arrive.

I'm gonna take a look
through and find out.


Quincy, this has gotta be a first. Who
ever heard of a cemetery collapsing?

Maybe nobody. A lot of people
are gonna hear about it now.

Hey, Quincy, I
remember this place.

Don't tell me you use
to come here for picnics.

Very funny. Oh, there's a
section of the cemetery here

they used to use to bury poor
people, and bums and people like that.

You mean, like a potter's field?

Yeah. Something like that.
But that was many years ago.

I forgot the place was here.

Oh, pardon me, ma'am.
Are you the caretaker here?

I'm what passes for
it. I live here. It's quiet.

Don't you know what
happened last night?

Last night? Sure, it
rained something fierce.

I only got to sleep a few hours ago.
Now let me ask you people a question.

Just who are you?

I'm Doctor Quincy. I'm with
the medical examiner's office.

I'm Lieutenant Monahan,
Police Department.

I don't know how you
didn't hear about it.

You know your cemetery dropped a
load of bodies on the people below.

Oh, my God. Are you kidding?

I know it rained hard,
but I never thought...

It's like this everywhere.
Most of the city is flooded,

half the canyons have mudslides.
Say, isn't potter's field straight ahead?

Yes, it was.

Do you have records
for all these burials?

Sure. Back at the trailer.

Good because we'll have to match
the records of the washed-away graves

against the bodies
we've recovered.

After you've done that, I want you to
see Doctor Albers. He'll check you out.

Check me out? For what?

Typhoid. We found a body that
had typhoid and it wasn't embalmed.

Wait a minute. As far as I
know, all the bodies up here

had to be embalmed.

There's no law that says
bodies have to be embalmed.

It's the rule at Park Knoll.

This is incredible.
Anyone down there hurt?

We don't know yet. But why
would embalming be mandatory?

That way they make a few
extra bucks on the funeral.

This guy probably
couldn't afford it.

Isn't that what potter's
field is all about?

There hasn't been an indigent
funeral here for over two years.

As a matter of fact, there
hasn't been a burial of any kind.

Two years?

Quincy, didn't you say this guy
had only been dead about a week?

That's what I said. I
couldn't be that wrong.

It's hard to believe, but a body
could have been dumped here.

What do you mean 'dumped'?

Well, you see I'm not here all the
time. Someone could come up here

when I'm gone and plant a body.

You mean you're
not here permanently?

No. It's part of my deal.
I'm a substitute teacher,

so I can't work all the time.

When the offer to stay here
free came up, I jumped at it.

An attorney for the cemetery told
me to keep the records, watch things.

He gave me a few thousand
bucks for repairs and maintenance.

I try and do what I can,
but you can see the place.

That sounds very convenient.

Why don't you go check the records and
then make sure you see Doctor Albers. Okay?

Something's got you by the tail.

She says there hasn't been
a poverty burial for two years.

We find a body that's
less than a week old.

Doesn't that suggest
something to you?

It ain't m*rder, Quincy.

Now you don't mean to tell
me you think this is homicide.

I didn't say anything about
homicide, but there could be

bodies up here that
nobody knows about.

So they'll be found.

By whom? Anybody who
comes in contact with one of those

bodies could get typhoid.

We got the whole
place sealed off.

I know. Don't you understand
that there are bodies...

Hello, Quince. I
heard you were here.

You know, that's the first time
I've seen you in work clothes.

Lieutenant Monahan,
this is Cliff Collier,

Assistant Manager
for County Engineering.

- Lieutenant.
- Aren't you gonna
bring your crew in?

Oh, they're already down below. I've
got my men assisting in body recovery.

Then we're gonna shore up the
hillside just as soon as we can.

You understand there may
be more diseased bodies.

I want your men to
handle them very carefully.

In fact, they should get in touch
with the health services people.

Well, why? Aren't
the bodies embalmed?

Not all of them.

We better get going. You see,
all this drains into a reservoir.

Now, there's a man-made
lake, a recreation lake.

Now, when that starts to dry up,

those people are gonna
start goin' to the reservoir

and kids are gonna
start going swimming.

- I guess you
better get movin'.
- You got it.

C'mon, let's move it.
There's still more out there.

How many now?

Well, this group
brings the total up to 22.

But those guys out there, they're
still pulling them all out of the mud.

There'll be more.

It's incredible. If we get these
bodies identified, it'll be a miracle.

You're doin' a good
job, Ed. Thanks.

No sweat.

Sam, have we received
copies of the burial records yet?

No. They still haven't
arrived. I just checked.

I'd better call my secretary.

How do they expect us
to contact the next-of-kin?

- Telepathy?
- Look Robin,

would you call the cemetery
again and press for those names.

Explain again that
without the names,

we can't contact anybody
about the dental records.

I don't think I've
ever seen it so busy.

Oh, I have. With an
air disaster, it's worse.

What happened to all the
gloves we had around here?

I can't find any that fit.

- Well,
just use a smaller pair.
- Now, you've gotta be kiddin'.

This is the largest
pair we have.

Look at 'em. I wear extra large.

Wait a minute. We
shouldn't be out of extra large.

Just two weeks ago I sent up a
requisition, didn't I, Doctor Asten?

A requisition? Um, oh
yeah, I do remember that.

Um, well, we had to balance the
books at the end of the month...

the larger gloves must
be ordered for next week.

The budget is very
tight. You know that.

Not as tight as this.

Why don't you use a little
glycerin like we did in the old days?

You'd think he'd have to have
his handkerchief in extra large.

Doctor Asten, I think you
better take a look at this one.

My God, he hasn't been embalmed.

- Nope.
- Did he come
from the cemetery?

Yes, sir.

Latin. Looks like he's
been dead maybe a week.

Doctor Asten, the body Quincy
found with the typhoid was, ah...

I know. Mark, if any other unembalmed
bodies come in, you let me know at once.

- You understand?
- Okay.

- Tony?
- Yes, Doctor.

I want you to notify all personnel
that typhoid may be present.

- Is there danger
of contamination?
- Well, we don't know.

The communicable disease
procedures are to be used.

Yes, Doctor.

Sam, you and I better do the
autopsy and, uh, let's get it out of here.


Oh, look at the inflammation
of the abdominal lining.

I don't think I've ever seen
such a severe case of peritonitis.


There's hemorrhaging and
perforations of the intestine.

What about the spleen?

Spotted. Cause of hemorrhaging.
Enlarged until it ruptured.

That's it. Sam, typhoid
in the advanced stages.

- Doctor Asten?
- Yeah.

You wanted me to let you know if
another unembalmed body arrived?

- Yes?
- One did. Five minutes ago.

Couldn't have been
dead more than a week.

All units in the vicinity...

This is it. The count
on the missing graves.

Good. Looks like we got 'em all.

Quincy, all accounted for.

Oh, terrific. Well, this says
that 36 graves collapsed.

Yeah, that's right.

Well, how come we
recovered thirty-nine bodies?

Didn't you say there weren't any
indigent burials for the last two years?


Well, how do you account
for the extra bodies?

I can't.

Well, what difference does it
make, Quincy? 36, 39, we got 'em all.

What do you mean,
what's the difference?

- Hey Quincy, Sam on the phone.
- I'll be right back.

Yeah Sam, what is it?

We've been looking at the bodies as
they came in, Quince, and I'm worried.

What's the matter?

Well, two of the bodies weren't
embalmed just like the first one you saw.

And they both show signs of typhoid.
Dead about two weeks at the most.

They're also both male
and appear to be Latin.

Even the coffins were similar.
Simple rough-wood boxes.

What does that
suggest to you, Sam?

Well, it suggests that
they were very poor.

And maybe they're illegal aliens and
somebody's trying to conceal something.

Thanks Sam, I'll
talk to you later.

What was that all about?

A lot more than we
expected, Monahan, a lot more.

Yes, sir, we have everything
cleared up here and there

appears to be no imminent
danger. Yes, sir. I'll take care of it.

What do you mean,
no imminent danger?

Well, the bodies have been recovered,
the neighborhood's been notified

and we're gonna treat the lake.

That's fine. I was just told
two more bodies had typhoid.

Neither has been dead
more than two weeks.

Danny, pack it up,
we're goin' home.

You can't leave now. We
found three bodies with typhoid.

If there are three, there
could be 23, or 33, or 43.

Ah, come on, Quincy,
there could be 103.

That's right. That's why it's our
responsibility to keep looking.

Well, we don't
have the authority.

What are you talkin' about?
It's a health hazard, isn't it?

Not anymore. It's
been called off.

Just like that? You
make a decision?

I didn't make the decision.
It came from downtown.

We've had every pathologist in
the department examining bodies

and there's no more
evidence of disease.

But we found three
typhoid victims, didn't we?

And buried almost at the
same time, and illegally.

Who's to say there aren't
more bodies up there?

So, you're only making a guess.

So, it's a guess.

If there's any chance of danger
it's our duty to do everything we can.

So, why don't you?

How many times do I have to tell ya?
The health hazard has been called off.

We can't go near
private property.

- They called it off?
- Yeah. Somebody short-circuited us.

I'd sure like to find out
who buried those bodies.

That's a heck of a long sh*t.

We've played longer odds before.

Doctor Quincy's office. Oh,
yes, Doctor Asten, he's right here.

Yes, he'll be right there. Asten
wants you in his office right away.

- Quince?
- You said right away,
didn't ya?

Get my shoes out of the
locker. I'll be right back.

Doctor Asten,
Doctor Quincy is here.

Well, it's better than
tracking mud, isn't it?

Doctor Quincy, thank you for,

uh, for coming.

Mr. Brady, this is Doctor Quincy,
one of our best medical examiners.

How do you do, sir.

You know d*ck
Morales, County Counsel.

Nice to see you. Hey,
please excuse the way I look.

I know you, you're
running for state senator.

I came down here
specifically to thank you

for the outstanding job
you did at Park Knoll.

Oh, you're welcome.

Mr. Brady is a member of
the state cemetery board

as well as president
of Elysian Fields.

Elysian Fields? Isn't that where
they have all those statues?

Oh, we're very proud
of our collection...

Did you tell me they had
music coming out of the bushes?

Well, why don't we sit down gentlemen,
and make ourselves comfortable.

Well, the Elysian Fields concept,
Doctor Quincy, is a very popular one.

It's been very well
received by our clients.

I'm sure it has.

Well, all this aside, I just wanted
to tell ya how much we appreciate

the county's assistance.
Being a senatorial candidate,

I know the value of cooperation.

But since all the danger is over, I see
no need for any more concern, is there?

Well, to put it simply:
none of us can be sure

that there isn't a health hazard
there. Bodies have been buried

at Park Knoll illegally.
Bodies with typhoid.

Now, someone, somewhere is trying
to bottle this thing up and I resent...

Well, I more than resent it, I
plan to do something about it.

I wouldn't be too hasty
with my accusations, Doctor.

It might be more advantageous to
everyone if you were to tread easily.

Tread easily? Well, let me see
if I can explain this to you, sir.

If there is another
typhoid victim up there,

and somebody who doesn't know what
he's doing finds it and gets contaminated,

we're all guilty of m*rder.

Now I understand as a politician you
might have to tread easily, but I don't.


Well, I'm glad to see you
had a chance to change.

I see you didn't.

Very funny. Where you goin'?

I gotta see Asten, and file
this report on the Park Knoll.

What a mess.

- Oh, talk to me first will ya?
- Talk to you about what?

Tell me, who runs that place?

It's owned by the Religious Life
Foundation, and it's run by a guy

by the name of, uh, David Brady.

David Brady? Let
me see that, will ya?

- Well, now it's
beginning to make sense.
- What makes sense?

Cliff, you gotta get your
men back to Park Knoll.

They've gotta keep searching.

Quincy, you know
I can't do that.

Only your department
or the health department

can declare a health hazard.
Until a health hazard is declared,

my hands are
tied. You know that.

Maybe I can do
something about it.

Doctor Quincy, with the
Medical Examiner's office.

You're an auditor, right?
Yeah. I want to talk to you about

the Park Knoll Cemetery.
Oh, thank you, Sam.

That's right, the one
that collapsed. Uh huh.

Well, there are some technical
things we have to work out.

Yeah, I know it's late now. Let's
figure maybe first thing in the morning?

Oh, that's terrific and
listen, do me a favor, will ya?

Bring the file on the cemetery.

Yeah, I really appreciate it.

- Bye-bye, sir.
- Asten isn't going to like it.

Neither is David Brady. Sam,
I need you to do me a favor.

I gotta find out if
there are any other

illegal bodies buried
up there at Park Knoll.

I want you to find
that out and who did it.

Well, that's great but what
do I use? My crystal ball?

No, I want you to go there
first thing in the morning.

See, talk to Mandy. Find
out if anything strange

has happened the
past three weeks,

like somebody asking for a
body that didn't belong there.

- A what?
- Well,
maybe the person who planted

the bodies got a little
nervous after the storm.

Yeah, but that's a
heck of a gamble.

I'm more interested
in the payoff.

Oh, there's a bunch of
reporters outside Asten's office


Doctor Quincy, we'd like to
talk to you about Park Knoll.

Is it true that Los Angeles is
in danger of typhoid epidemic?

Fellows, one at a time. Now,
first of all, some of the bodies

we have recovered did
show evidence of typhoid.

Now, under the state code, the county
and the state can take precautionary

measures If it is determined
there's a health hazard.

Is there still a health
hazard in the area?

- Well, uh...
- Doctor Quincy?

I don't know. See, the county
says it's no longer responsible

for the cemetery, and if they don't
declare it a health hazard again,

I don't see how we can take
precautionary measures. See?

Do you think
there's still danger?

How can the county refuse
to do anything about it?

Well, I suggest you get
in touch with Mr. Morales,

our esteemed county counselor,
and then discuss it with David Brady,

candidate for state
senator. Gentlemen.

Doctor Quincy. Doctor Asten wants
to see you and it's very important.

You see, I've got somebody waiting in
my office which is also very important.

Doctor Quincy?

Robin, don't say another word.
You might be quoted in the media.

Inside please!

Well, I have somebody
waiting in my office.


Inside please!

Look, you know this
office is always news.

Sure, we can't afford
a public relations man.

So, I suppose you've
taken over the job.

And this is your idea of what
is protective to the public health.

You realize what you've done?

Yeah. I told the truth.
Somebody had to.

Quincy, not in the
media. Not in the papers.

Now look at those headlines.

I love it. I hope
everybody reads it.

Maybe they'll treat this
like the health hazard it is,

instead of some
politician's game.

You think panic is a game?
That's your idea of a game?

Do you realize there was a typhoid
epidemic in Yugoslavia in 1972

and the panic that resulted
caused a far greater loss

of life and property
than the disease ever did.

Everybody has a right to know.

Everybody has a right
to be informed and not let

politicians like David Brady withhold
facts that affect their very lives.

David Brady is as concerned
with informing the public as you are.

The man is running
for state senator.

He's also chief operating
officer of the Park Knoll Cemetery.

- I don't believe that.
- Oh, come on.

- It's a matter of record.
- Well, if that's so,

I'm sure there must
be a good reason...

I mean, I can't believe David
Brady would do anything dishonest.

If the health hazard
has been called off,

I'm sure it's because those in charge
honestly felt that there is no hazard.

I have somebody waiting in my
office from the State Cemetery Board.

Will you let me
talk to him, please?

Well, I think it's a waste
of your time and my time,

but, uh, if you think
it'll do any good...

I do. And I'm gonna
prove it to you.

First of all, Park Knoll no
longer has an operating license.

They let it lapse
about a year ago.

Mr. Anderson, are you saying that
nobody could be buried up there?

Right. Of course, they're obligated
to, uh, maintain the cemetery.

Oh, they do a terrific job. They
have an endowment of $70,000

and they're permitted to spend
the income on that amount

which comes to about

Are you telling me they can
only spend $5,000 a year?

Yes, that's correct. And
by our last accounting,

before the rain,

we thought it would take
about $80,000 or over

to bring it into shape and now,
with the collapse, well, who knows.

I can't believe
the law is that lax.

Mmm. We also discovered
some other problems.

For instance: coffin stacking.
Seems the previous plot owners

knew nothing about it. And another
item. Maybe the most important.

Here. It appears that
personal loans were drawn

against the operating funds
in direct violation of state code.

Personal loans? Was
that reported to the board?

Of course. But
nothing was ever done.

At least I was never
notified about it.

Well, why would you be,
if there was a coverup?

They were bleeding
that place dry.

Do you mind if I borrow these
for a few minutes, please?

What are you going
to do with them?

Blackmail somebody.

And move this down here and make
a new paragraph right about there.

Well, well, what's this?

Do you know the whole
truth about your friend Brady?

Well, now, wait just... He's
not only on the cemetery board,

but he is connected
with Park Knoll.

He has deliberately squashed
reports on violations to the board.

I think you better
come into my office.

And do you know why the
cemetery is in such disrepair?

He has been drawing
loans against their funds.

He has kept Park
Knoll penniless.

I can't believe a man of that...

Well, you better believe it. If
you were running for the senate,

you wouldn't want anybody to
know about it either, would ya?

Don't you see, we're being used.

By Brady, by the politicians, by
big corporations who deal in death.

They don't care who gets hurt
as long as they make a profit.

Now, there may be a body out there
that could surface at any moment.

Now, we better move
and we better move fast

or we're as guilty as he is.

All right. I have the authority
to call a health hazard alert,

but you'd better be sure about
other bodies being out there

or the county could
be in a lot of trouble.

Now, how much time
do we have to check?


Quincy, you were right.

You were right.

I put out an order for
a health hazard alert,

- and they fell on me
like a ton of bricks.
- Who?

Everybody. The county
counsel halted the directive.

Gave some excuse about
liability, lack of cause.

The system was designed
to protect innocent people,

and that's exactly
what it's going to do.

You do it, Quincy, and I'll
back you all the way, all the way.

A chump they've made of me.

- Yeah?
- Quincy?

- Yeah, Sam.
- The visitor
lists were so outdated

they were meaningless,
but we don't need them.

A young Chicano girl came here
earlier looking for one of the graves.

Here, I'll put Mandy
on and she can explain.

Just squeeze that when you talk.

- Doctor Quincy?
- Hi, Mandy. Is this gonna help us?

I hope so. The girl's
name is Carlotta Rodriguez.

She was looking
for her father's grave.

She said that she was worried because
he wasn't buried with a religious ceremony.

Did she say when he d*ed?

Yes, about a week ago.

Then that fits. Did you get
her address or a phone number.

I tried to, Doctor Quincy. I told her
she should call the police, or you.

But the minute I started
talking about official people,

she got very
frightened and ran away.

I ran after her, but I only
managed to get her license number.

Well, that may be good
enough. Let me have it.

Thank you very much, dear.

Lieutenant? Quincy.

Listen, I want you to trace a
license number for me and fast.

It's 832 OFL. That's
right, 832 OFL...

L, L, like in Lieutenant,
and I mean fast. Okay.

I'm not from
immigration. I'm a doctor.

It's very important that I talk
to Carlotta Rodriguez. Please.

What do you want here?
No one called a doctor.

Please let me in. Now
we're wasting valuable time.

My name is Federico Rodriguez.

-Carlotta is my niece. Carlotta?

Carlotta, I know you went to the cemetery
this morning to look for your father.

That's what I want
to talk to you about.

Oh, don't be
frightened. I want to help.

My niece speaks no English.

Then how did she let the
caretaker know she was looking

for her father? Trust me.

How can you help?

I know where your father is. He
d*ed from a very serious illness.

We want to find out if anybody
else has got that disease.

Can you tell us where he
worked and who his friends were?


She does not know about her
father's working place, but I do.

Senor Doctor, how
serious is this disease?

So serious that there could
be an epidemic in this city.

You and you and your
family will have to be treated.

But we cannot go the hospital.


You won't have to go to the hospital.
The health services will come here.

I promise you.

We will go when I return.

Come, I will take you
where my brother worked.

Thank you. I'm so sorry. I'll
do everything I can to help.

That's it. That's where my
brother, Antonio, worked.

I'm not going with you.

Why not?

If they knew I brought the authorities,
things would not go good for me.

I will not be here
when you come back.

Hey, there. Can I help
you? I'm the shop foreman.

- You need some work done?
- Not exactly.

Well, we do work for all the big
stores, you know, and decorators...

Big Beverly Hills decorators.
You want to see some samples?

No. I'm with the
medical examiner's office.

Hey, I don't know nothin'.
I don't ask any questions.

Any guy wants to
work here, we don't ask.

Look, we don't want to know
about all your men. Just one.

- Antonio Rodriguez?
- No, no,
I don't know any Rodriguez.

Hey, man, they come
and go around here.

You think they're like us?
They come here for a few months

and then split.

And you gotta watch 'em like
a hawk or they rob you blind.

This is very important.
Rodriguez d*ed of typhoid.

Now, others may have caught the
disease and we've got to find them.

I told ya, I don't know
nothing about a Rodriguez.

- Have you ever
heard of typhoid?
- Yeah, sure.

Oh Sam, wow. Hey, what?

Look around the eyes...
look at 'em will ya. What?

Yeah. Slight corneitis
with a small varicosity.

Yeah. That's what I think...
roseola right around the nose there.

No, but I guess not.

What? What don't you guess?

Well, you show definite
signs of typhoid, but you said

you don't know Rodriguez. You
haven't spent any time around him,

so I guess I'm wrong.
Come on, Sam, let's go.

Hey, hold it. Suppose,
I did know Rodriguez?

Well, we'd see that
you got the proper care.

- Yeah, because without it...
- Oh yeah,
you'll have a lot of pain,

the nose and
head... It really hurts.

Hey, hey, hey,
now wait a minute.

Okay, well Rodriguez
he did work for me.

He came here with three other guys.
They crossed the border together.

Then there were four of them?

Yeah. They got sick and
they all d*ed, one by one.

You see we couldn't
report it or anything.

And there was no
money to bury them.

- So you dumped the bodies.
- No, we buried 'em proper.

In that old cemetery
up in the Valley.

- Park Knoll?
- Yeah.

Let's go, Sam.

Hey, what about the
corneitis, and the roseola?

Oh yeah, yeah. Listen,
I tell ya what you do.

See, you cut out
beer and fried food,

lose about fourteen
pounds, you'll be terrific.

I'm Doctor Quincy. I'd like
to see Mr. Morales, please.

Uh, do you have an appointment?

Yeah. As a matter of fact
we do. Sam, we're late.

- Doctor Quincy?
- I'm sorry, Mr. Morales,

- I tried to stop them...
- Ah, that's all right, Gina.

The doctor and I are acquainted.

- It's okay... It's all right.
- Everybody wanted proof there

was another body out there.

- Well, now we have it.
- Well, now we have it...

- That's right.
- All right,
Doctor, what is your proof?

Well, we found the shop where the
men who d*ed from the typhoid worked.

Not just three, but
four illegal aliens.

They must have gotten infected
before they came over the border

because they d*ed within
a few days of each other.

And the foreman where they
worked buried them up in Park Knoll.

All four of them. David
Brady's Park Knoll.

Quincy, do you realize the legal
implications of what you're saying?

You better believe I
do. David Brady wanted

this whole thing hushed
up. I mean, he's scared,

he's scared senseless because he's involved
in every illegality you can mention.

Mr. Morales, there is a
contaminated body in those hills.

A body that can infect anybody
who comes in contact with it.

You stopped Doctor Asten
when he tried to call a health alert.

Please reverse your
decision. Help us now.

Quincy, suppose you get your
health alert. What if you're wrong?

Nobody gets hurt.

What about if you don't
give it to me and I'm right?

Tell me what you need.

Have Collier get his crew
back into those hills searching.

Tell Albers to get a unit
into East L.A. right away.

Okay, you've got it.

And I'll give Asten
the go ahead.

Quincy, my word.

Now look, there's another
coffin around here somewhere.

So I want all you guys
to spread out and find it.

We have to find that
one coffin. You got it?

All right. Take off, move.

Let's pray we're not too late,

Sam, and that they find the body
before it contaminates the water.

We're doing everything
we can, Quincy.

I'll see you later, Sam.
Please don't announce me.

You make me feel like a train.

What's the matter?

I don't know how he found
out so quickly about my having

the county engineers search again,
but Brady's on his way over here.

Good. I got a lot to say to him.

Oh, good grief. Now don't say
anything you'll be, ah, too sorry for.

I'm not the one
who's gonna be sorry.

Son. Powell, Phelps!
Come over here.

What right have you to send a
county crew onto private property?

Well, we believe there was a
health hazard in the area and, uh,

that gives us jurisdiction.

Well, all of the bodies
have been recovered.

All except one. That one
happens to have typhoid.

You are really
something, Mr. Brady.

You know that? You're a
member of the cemetery board,

able to make rules
for your own industry.

You're head of Elysian Fields, one
of the largest cemeteries in the county.

Memorial park, please.

Well, it's a graveyard like Park
Knoll and you've sucked it dry.

Watch what you
say to me, Quincy.

You watch it. You got all the
money out by naming it a religious,

non-profit foundation,
and then you dumped it.

- Are you finished?
- Not half. You're nothing

but a parasite living off the
personal tragedies of others.

And when there was
possibility of danger

to your political ambitions
you used your position

on the board to
squash an investigation.

- Aah!
- And all in the name
of the almighty buck.

And you try to pass yourself
off as a man of compassion,

a man for the people. You
sent after votes like a piranha.

Then you borrowed money from
the endowment fund and gave it

to legislators all the way up the
line and that my friend is bribery.

You'll never be
able to prove a thing.

Actually, we can, Mr. Brady.

These reports indicate that
you personally tried to prevent

the truth on Park
Knoll from coming out.

We also have affidavits
showing substantial

loans to members of the boards
of supervisors, state legislators,

anybody who would serve
your interests and your industry.

I think the State Attorney General
will be very interested in this evidence.

I suppose you know what
this means. I think I do.

I'm gonna get my hand slapped maybe,
but there are a lot of people in on this...

important people.

Mr. Brady, when we
get through with you,

you're not gonna be in any
shape to win a popularity contest.

Oh, there is the
question of money.

You owe the county approximately


-for county work
done on your property.

Did you count the crew
that went out today?

Oh no, I didn't. Thank you
for reminding me, Quincy.

And let's not forget
the coroner's office.

Oh, ah, I'm sorry, Bob,
just, uh, send me a bill.

Thank you, d*ck. You'll
have it before you leave.

Yes. It's Cliff Collier.

Hi Cliff? What did you
find? That's terrific. Yeah.

Thank you. They found the body.

Well, in that case, we'll, uh,
retain the health hazard alert.

Oh, we have to do that, sure.

Until at least we check
the reservoir and all other

waters for contamination.

Oh, at least, absolutely, sure.

Oh, Mr. Brady, there
is one more thing.

If you would give Mr. Rodriguez
and his three friends a terrific funeral,

I mean with nice
caskets, a lot of flowers,

music coming from the bushes,

maybe Mr. Morales would
deduct it from what you owe him.

But it would have to take
place in the Elysian Field,

Albers got the Communicable
Disease Unit over to East L.A.

They tracked down every single
one of Antonio Rodriguez' friends,

got them inoculated, right
along with the families.

Did you read the newspaper
headlines about Brady

- withdrawing from the race?
- Yeah. It's gonna cause

- quite a scare on state level.
- You think it's gonna make a

- real difference
in the long run?
- I keep hoping it will, Sam.

Quincy, I heard, uh, Carlotta
Rodriguez had to go to Mexico.

Yeah. It's gonna
be rough on her.

Hey listen, I've been
meanin' to ask ya.

How did your boat
make out in this storm?

'Cause of your phone call in
the rain, I shredded my dock lines,

I broke my g*n
and ripped four fenders.

- That's funny, huh?
- Call in and
charge it to Asten.

Are you kiddin'. I would
rather go into a cage and face

a thousand lions or eat one
of Danny's Mexican dinners.

Here we are. A little hotsy
totsy food mother used to make.

- I thought you were Italian?
- And I serve oriental food.

- My mother is oriental.
- Ah so.

Are you sure you can eat
Mexican foot with your ulcer?

Are you kiddin'.
The ulcer's all better.

I told ya, I'm the doctor.

Hey, Quincy, I wouldn't.
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