03x41 - The Touchstone of Ra

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "House of Anubis". Aired: 1 January 2011 – 17 June 2013.*
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Follows a group of English boarding school students try to solve a mystery involving their dormitory named after the Egyptian god of death, Anubis.
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03x41 - The Touchstone of Ra

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This is graduation day Anubis style.

Ah! We've got the caps.

We've got the gowns.

Dad! We've got the Egyptian God Ra raining down his anger.

This is the day The Osirian dies.

And exciting news! Ooh! This afternoon, you've all been invited to the Cornelian Museum, for a tour of their ancient Egypt exhibition.

You need to work on your definition of exciting, dad.

Why is it always Egypt? And so it just remains for me to announce, our most exceptional student, our Valedictorian, who is Mara Jaffray.

- Congratulations.

- Thank you.

And that concludes your final lesson.

School is out! How about a little decorum, please? Be careful.

No running in the halls!
- I'm so happy for you!
- I know!
- I cannot believe it!
- Quiet!
- Five minutes.

- Bye, see you in a few minutes.

- No more homework.

- No more school Ever.


No more Sweetie.

- Quiet!
- No more teachers.

- No more books.

- Oh, my gosh.

- Who are you?
- Hi.

We're new.

And what, you're gonna take our room? Yeah.

It's so sweet and small.

Luckily, I packed light.

Squee! Roomies! How excite!
- No, wait, who are you?
- I'm Erin.

- Uh huh.

- Erin.

I'm Cassie.

Newbies? No more school! One thing for it.

Fridge way! Absolutely! Marshmallow frittata.

Should I eat it or patent it? Trudy there's a stranger in the kitchen.

Oh, uh, Dexter.

But you can call me Dex.


Middle school's got bedbugs, so the newbies are moving in early.

Well, come on, everyone.

It's your field trip, Victor's waiting.


Sweet said that we could go too, Trudy.

Oh, sure, take our home, our field trip.

What's next, our lives? Well, come on, everyone.

Yes, and you.

Everybody out.

All right, come on.

Not bad.

- Dude.

- Dude, really? My frittata.

Uh, Trudy.

Thank you.

Fabian, are you coming? I I don't get it.

I work hard.

I ace every test, save the world a few times.

- Look, it was always just gonna be Mara
- Yeah, but I wrote the best speech.

I had this k*ller geology gag on page 49.

Look, you're gonna love it.

Look, let it go.

Dude, let it go.

Okay, this week is our chance to kick back, all right? Hi.

- Thanks for listening, Eddie.

- Hi.

I am totally lost.

Is this Anubis House? Sure is.

Hi, I'm Eddie.


- Whoa, are you okay?
- Yeah, thanks.

My hero.

Oh, look, another one.

Oh, Patricia, you know I like it fizzy.

Come here.


Rutter, Miller, Williamson.

I might have known we'd be waiting for you three.

And what is that? Another stray? Um, I'm Sophia.

I just enrolled at the middle school, uh and, um And they said something about bedbugs.


Anyway, you you must be
- Mr.


- Rodenmaar! Have we met before, young lady? Um I don't think so.

All right.

Well, come on, guys, let's get to the museum.

Don't want to miss the bus.

Right, Vic? Right, Vic.


Aren't you even gonna pretend to be interested?
- I'm very interested.

- I meant in the exhibits.

Me too.

Take exhibit number one The preppy one with the hair.


- Anyone you like?
- No.

I mean Maybe Dexter.


Dex eats his own toe jam.

Look, we need to find senior dates if we want to crash the grad party.

And it looks like the new girl's already b*at me to the American.

That one is already taken, by me.

And F.



, if you want to make it through this week alive
- Remember that we're the seniors.

- And you're the amoebas.

Actually, the plural for amoeba is Really? Never mind.

Come on, let's catch Eddie.

Isn't it odd that they only bandaged up the mummies? What about all the daddies? Ooh, hey, two more days, and it'll be Alfie and Willow the college years.

Ah, I can see it now.

You guys big guys on campus.

- The biggest.

Right, Willow?
- Enormous.

What's wrong? Aren't you excited? Oh! The biggest day of our lives.

Massive excite.

Oh, cute tools.

You wonder what they were used for.

"Egyptian organ removal".


Dude, you don't think Willow's having doubts about college with me, right? Well, she is only human.


So, uh You made a big impression today On Victor.

I mean.

So embarrassing.

He probably hates me now.

He hates everyone.

Don't sweat it.

You know, I don't think this room's open to the public.

Maybe we shouldn't be in here.

Oh, look.

This one's gorgeous.


Dexter, what are you doing in here? This place is so educational, I needed a nap.

Can none of you read? "No admittance".

Uh sorry, Sir.

We were just Wondering what this Stone is.

We have exhibits in the main hall dating back 12 dynasties.

Yeah, but this one's so pretty.

It arrived last week.

They call it the Touchstone of Ra.

One of five stones that makes up the Pyramid of Ra.

It has powerful magnetic qualities.

That makes two of us.

It was sent away by a local collector years ago.

But it slowly found its way back.


That's amazing.

Legend says he who completes the pyramid Can claim all the gold of Ra himself.

Gold? As in gold gold? Generations have clawed their way towards this prize Cheating, betraying Slaughtering each other To get the gold.

That's just a fable, though, right? Out! Mr.

Cornelian, what a fascinating day.

Thank you so much for inviting us.

I don't recall inviting anybody.

Uh, but that letter you sent to Mr.


Never heard of him.

If I had invited a crowd of trespassing delinquents, I'd have remembered.

How odd.

Uh, time to go.

Anubis residents, this way, please.

Thank you.

Come along.

Are we all here? One, two, three, four, five, six.

We all here? One, two, three, four, five, six.

- Oh, amazeballs, Trudes!
- Oh, food! Yeah.

Only for people who are graduating.

And not from diapers.

- Oh!
- Pushy.

No pushing.

No pushing.



Form a line.

Now! A little early for graduation, isn't it, Mr.

Sweet? An exhibit went "missing" During your museum visit.

You heard Mr.

Sweet! There will be a bag check.

Form a circle.

Quickly! Okay, whoever's got it, can you just own up to it? I'm starving.

- Do you have a bag?
- No, just pockets.


Open your bag, please.

Thank you.

Nothing yet.

Fabian, look.

The Stone.


Do you have a bag? Alfred Lewis.

You have some explaining to do.

But that it wasn't
- Edison, did you take this?
- No.

It was in my bag, but I have no idea how it got there.

Get out.

Get out! Victor? What is it? My destiny.

What on Earth is going on here, Victor? And what are we going to say to the museum? Just leave that to me, Eric.


Cornelian Yeah, Victor Rodenmaar here, hello.

Yes, we've conducted a thorough search, but I'm afraid the Stone is not here.

- What's happening?
- What on Earth? Hello? Hello? Did you see that?
- Here, Eric.

- Thank you.

Oh, good after you.

Let's see what's going on.



We had better go out and check the mains.

Why did you tell Mr.

Cornelian we don't have the Stone? It has to go back to the museum, and surely you knew that.

Why would Victor lie about the Stone? What's going on? Is it the electrics? Ah.

Early curfew for you all.

In five minutes precisely, I shall want to hear a pin drop.

He actually said it.

That's his catchphrase.

Dude, we know.

This is creepy.

I really hate the dark.

It's just a power outage.

- Right?
- Oh, yeah.

And so, uh party tonight? I'm thinking cellar dare.

Okay, newbies, first thing we do is scavenge.

- Follow me.

- Yay! Let's go.

Okay, if there's something going on with that Stone, we need to tell the others.



So to the right is where Victor stuffs all the pets he's k*lled.

I don't think Victor would like us snooping down here.

Aw, you scared? No.

Of course not.

You know he spends most nights down here brewing potions, gassing butterflies.

Dressing dead weasels in tuxedos.

Hanging from the ceiling like a bat.

What was that? It came from over there.

- Jerome!
- What? What? It's good training.

They don't call this place creepy towers for nothing.

- You can let go of Cassie now.

- Alfie, that wasn't funny.

Oh, Willow.



Dexter and Sophia heard the legend, but Dexter was pretty into it.

Yeah, but why would he set you up? I don't know.

There goes your suspect.

- I'll stay here.

- Okay.

He's probably going looking for Sophia.

Patricia, the easiest way lose a guy is to be possessive and jealous.

Jerome? Here now.

I'll behave.


Can you feel that?
- Earthquake!
- I am out of here! What? Jerome! Guys? The door's jammed! Hold on to something.

Joy! Joy! Grab onto the wall! Click! Thud! In the name of Ra I come to collect the touchstone.

And my revenge on this house.

What was that? Sophia? Oh, Eddie, thank goodness.

What is that thing? And why does Victor want it? Eddie? He wants he wants the gold The gold of Ra, like the museum dude said.

We need to hide this.

You guys better stay in your rooms.

Victor's going to build the Pyramid of Ra! Mwah
-ha Guys? Guys? We need to call a Sibuna meeting.

A what? Sorry.

None of my business.

I just Didn't want to be alone and thought I could help maybe.


Victor's gonna be back soon.

Let's go to the cellar through the secret passage.

I'm gonna you know.

Come on.

Come on.

Well, if it isn't the mains, Eric, I don't know what it is.

It's an old house, Victor.

Call an electrician in the morning.


Another one of their mindless dares, I bet.


Victor's coming lights off now.

Mara, hide.

Secret passages? This place is amazing.


It's already open.

Oh, look, Mr.

Sweet, someone's had a party and not invited us.

Quite a feast.


Ah! The lights are back on.

Perfect timing.

Look what we have here, Mr.


Hmm? Come on.

- Upstairs.

- And look what I found.

As you are well aware, the cellar is strictly out

Come on.

Quickly! Come on.

That Stone Is part of the Pyramid of Ra.

Oh, yes, the one that's supposed to rain down gold.


A century ago, an alchemist found four of the pyramid's stones.

But the final one, the touchstone, belonged to the Master of this house.

- It's Frobisher Smythe.

- Yes.

The alchemist wanted to join forces and share the gold, but Frobisher refused.

Why? When the pyramid is built, a human sacrifice is required.

In exchange for Ra's gold.

- Frobisher wouldn't hear of it.

- Hmm.

So he sent the touchstone away.

And buried the others somewhere in the grounds of this estate.

I have searched for them many times over the years, but without success.

I knew this day would come.

Who's there?
- Ooh.

Uh, hi, Mr.


- Don't you "hi, Mr.

Sweet" me.

Get up there, you stupid boy! Hup, hup, hup! We're good.

We're good, guys.

Victor wants to build the pyramid to get all the gold? But he has to sacrifice someone first.

Would Victor really do that? For all the gold of Ra, he might.

This is a private conversation, Agent pigtails.

I want to help you guys.

Please? And I can totally keep a secret.

I promise.

Hmm? I say let her stay.

Okay, uh Welcome to Sibuna.

On a trial basis.

All right, Victor said the stones are buried in the ground.

Okay, we have to find them before he does.

- Yeah.

- Okay.

What is going on here? Victor is talking about human sacrifice, and You're welcoming Sophia into some secret society.

What's Sibuna? Boy, are we recruiting today.

- Did somebody place an ad?
- Alfie.

Why is Victor talking about human sacrifice and magic stones? He's lost it.

It all sounded pretty weird to me too.

And you've only been here five minutes.

Does everybody know about your secret club except me and Joy? Actually, uh Joy Joy knows.


Have your secrets.

I'm going to the police about the stolen artifact.

No, no, no, no, no!
- Let me go.

- Shh!
- Where are you taking me?
- It's Victor.

We got to go.

And how is my graduate task force doing? On track, on time, and on target.

We are all on it, across it, and totally over it.

Right, so we have graduation caps and gowns.

Right, Jerome?
- Check.

- Check.

- Photographer for the class photo.

- Check!
- And, ooh! The Valedictorian medal.

- Willow was taking care of that.

- Willow?
- Yep.


-check! Oh.


You keep that up, Willow.

And you'll soon get that credit you need for business ed.



What's all this about extra credit? And where's the photographer you booked? Right here! Look.

I have spent the last three summers photographing fairies.

Surely I can manage a photo of my classmates.

Ah! I'm blind! No.



You get to the back.

You all look wonderful.

It's gonna be fabulous.

Hello, mummy.


So last night Pretty crazy times, huh? So what's the intel? Oh, well, it feels like a horrid dream.

I'm just trying to forget about it.

Happy thoughts.

So why were you sneaking out of Eddie's room? Why didn't you tell me about this secret Sabina? Sibuna, and I never really was in it to tell you anything.

I'm sorry.

Hi, guys, come on.

Get on stage.

You're late.


Everybody say "squee!" Squee! Where are they buried? Blast! We need a new approach, Corbierre.

If maps will not lead us to those stones, then perhaps the touchstone will.

What? This is open.


No! Gone.

In your name, I will finish it.

I have their trust now.

And we shall wreak our vengeance on the Frobishers and on their house.

Tomorrow Ra will have his sacrifice.

And those children will get a graduation that they will never forget.

I couldn't believe.

I couldn't believe it.

Really? Wait.


She's got a business idea, though, there.

- She's good.

- Willow's Portraits.

Really good photography, though.

- Oh, drop it.

- She's an artist.

Eddie? The touchstone's gone.

It's gone.

- Okay, who took it?
- Uh, Victor? Yeah.



You were the only one alone with the Stone at the museum.

You weren't napping.

- You were about to steal it.

- No! Must have gone back for it when we left the room.


You need to talk to Sophia.

She has an alibi me.

- Okay, you can't blame this on her.

- Look, I think we should hear Dexter out.

- No, no.

Where is it, Dexter?
- Why won't you believe me? Sorry I'm late, guys.



Hi, Dex.

Now, Dexter was just leaving.

- What happ
- The touchstone's gone.


But, who how? It's not just the touchstone we need to worry about.

I mean, the other stones are buried somewhere, we need to find them and dig them up.

Okay, so any leads before one of us gets sacrificed? No, nothing.

I think you might find this useful.

Look, Mara, if you've come here to No, no, no, no, no.

Wait, wait, wait.

This photo, it's from the Cairo Telegraph, uh, 1890.

- Is that our alchemist?
- Let's see.

Nice fez.

- What's he got in his hands?
- It's a Canopic Jar.



Yeah, the Egyptians used to store a mummy's brains in them.


All right, anything on the other side? Uh Neckties.

It's an article about neckties.

Um Maybe the first letter of each line spells a message?
- Okay, what does it spell?
- Uh Mu
-fi Mu
-to Muffin top.

I think this is what you're looking for.

Coordinates? Someone wrote them out while leaning on that clipping.

Leaning on the clipping.


That's totally where I was going with it as well.

Mara, if you weren't already getting that Valedictorian medal tomorrow We need her in Sibuna, guys.

You think you can help us out, Mara? Okay, I'll help you.

Since you so obviously need me.

We need to search where those coordinates are.

We should do it tonight, see if we can find the other stones.

Yeah, all right.

Fabian, get us a map of the estate.




- So you ready for this dig?
- Yeah.


Hey, you dropped your key.

It looks really pretty.

Oh, yeah.

The key to the estate.

Kind of a long story.

My Gramps' family built this place.

- Wow, you're a Frobisher?
- Yeah.

That's amazing.

This way.

Put it on the stage.

Okay, let's see what we managed to dig up.

Oh, it's like the worst yard sale ever.

No pyramid stones.

Victor definitely said they'd be buried in the grounds.

Should we get back to bed? No, we can't risk Victor finding us with this stuff.

What about this box? Ooh! You were saying? It's a Canopic Jar, right, Sophia?
- May I?
- Yeah.

I'll take that.

Thank you.

Well, well, well.

A midnight excavation.

I assume that's the reason for this gathering And for the large holes in the front lawn.

Mutant Moles? I shall be writing to your parents about this vandalism.

Including yours, Sophia.

Not a good start.

Nicely done dad, why are you picking on her, it was all of us? Edison.

Sophia! You get back here! Sophia? Sophia! Sophia, are you What are you doing with that? You stole that Stone, didn't you? Patricia and Dexter are right.

You're the one who framed me.

Such a worthwhile field trip.

And all it took was a few bedbugs and a forged invitation to the museum.

So sweet of you to bring the touchstone home for me.

Good old heroic Eddie.

I let you in.

I trusted you! What's going on? Guys? Say good
-bye to your pyramid, Sophia.

Smash! What's going on? Dex! For once, your timing is perfect.

Find Sweet, and bring me that jar.

Eddie? Dexter.

Put that back.

No! But I can't let you take this.

No! Stop! Dexter! You idiot! Where's the rest? Yeah well if you're looking for someone to blame Dexter, hold him! Submit to my will.

I won't! Nobody can resist the Stone's control.

Yeah, well, you're not the only one with a secret identity.

The Osirian, the protege of the great God Osiris Is a boy on the eve of his graduation.

Such a shame you won't live to see it.

What do you mean? No, no! No! Eddie? What happened? Thank you.

- So balloons, ribbon
- We don't have any cake.

- This is why you go get it.

- Bye, Fabian.

- I can't.

- But I like French Toast.

We should sneak a look at that jar.

If it is the alchemist's it might be able to tell us something about the pyramid.

Sweet's upstairs with Victor.

Now's our chance, let's go to school.

Has anyone seen Eddie since he ran off with little miss sunshine? He and Sophia have disappeared.

You better watch that.

Um, Patricia, why don't we go upstairs and look for Eddie and Sophia? Not helping.

Come on.

We're here to make friends, Cassie.

I am.

Watch this.

So Alfie Guess you're looking for a date tonight.

Since you and Willow fizzled out.

- Cassie!
- Wait, who fizzled?
- Do you know something?
- Uh, ooh, well, yeah.

I thought that you guys Okay, Willow, I know you wanted some space, but why are you being so weird about college? If you've gone off me, you should just tell me.

What? No.

- Oh, forget it, we are fizzled.

- Oh, don't say that.


I need another credit.

If I don't raise my grade in business ed, I can't come to the same college as you.


Sweet gave me one last chance just to organize the graduation, and I forget to order the Valedictorian medal.

Wait, so if we can find a medal before tonight, then you're in the clear? Oh, babe.

Leave it to Alfie.

Coast clear.


The Canopic Jar.

It's got hieroglyphs on it.

Can you read those symbols.

This is kind of what I do.

Maybe you could go and get us some hot chocolate.

So I'm your sidekick now.


No, you're the Valedictorian.

And I'm a hieroglyph guy.

The symbol of Ra? Medal suppliers, medal suppliers.

- Alfie?
- KT?
- What are you doing here?
- Trying to save Willow.

- What are you doing?
- Looking for Eddie.

He's been gone ages.

What? Oh, that's our class photo.


Take that off.


Click on that one.



Sophia? Huh.

Like a relative or her mom? Let's look at some more.


It's the same girl.

Try '73.


Who is she? Where are you, Eddie? I'm not sure this look is really me.

That's why I love it.

And so will Dex.

Graduation in t
-minus five hours.

So the party's in t
-minus nine.

Time to synchronize wardrobes.


Sure you don't need a little style fix, Patricia? Oh, come on.

Don't you want to feel like a Princess? Hey, sunshine.

Do you know where Eddie is? Off being heroic somewhere? When you get a boy like that, you should get him tagged.

Or dress to impress.

- Oh, that is really pretty on you.

- Thank you.

Do you think Eddie would like it?
- Mara, have you seen Eddie?
- No.

And why are you dressed like a bridesmaid? Whoa.

Someone getting married? The next person who mentions this loses their teeth.

Where's Eddie? We don't know, but we need to find him fast.

Look at these.

It's Sophia.

She's in all of them.

But that's that's impossible.

Unless she's been taking the Elixir of Life.

Kooky on the outside, crinkly on the inside.

Okay, time out.

The elixir of what? It keeps you young.

Victor's been on it for half a century.

She could be the same age as him or older.

- What does she want here?
- The pyramid? The Stone? Like the alchemist.

Maybe she's Mrs.


Or his child.

Huh? Okay, clearly I'm the only one who bothered to read the whole article.

"The alchemist, accompanied by his devoted daughter"
- The alchemist had a daughter.

- Mm hmm.

- In your purse.

In your purse.

- In here.

We've come to help with the graduation prep.

- Okay.

- Okay, good.


Is that my key? Allow me.

Don't do anything stupid, Patricia.

Not until we know more.

Of course, we do come at a price.

One invite each to the party.


Okay, I think that seems about fair.

- Goody.

- Let me help.

Okay, we got the glasses, a few boxes.

Uh, yeah, if you walk this way, Joy is waiting for these at the party.

Thank you.

Fabian, we think we know where Eddie is! Sophia had the key to the crypt.

Fabian, what's wrong? Who has actually held the touchstone?
- Me.

- Me.

And you, Eddie Cassie, and Victor.

The jar says that when the sacrifice is made Everyone who has ever touched the Stone Turns to stone.

So I'm gonna turn into a statue? Only if Sophia manages to build the pyramid.

And what about Victor? And what about Victor? Uh, we were wondering What he's wearing to the grad party.

Don't want him clashing with Patricia Again.

And now we are going to go and find out what Eddie is gonna wear.


Dex, I can't see.

Oh, it's no good.

I can't reach.

Shh! She's back.

- What?
- She's back.

Okay, okay, down.


Don't do that! Yeah.

Nice dress.

What are you trying to do, rescue us or catch a bouquet? Dexter? Oh, you can all apologize for hiring the wrong newbie later.

He's right.

Sophia is not who she says she is.

We know.

The alchemist is her dad.

- Huh?
- Yeah.

We need to get the touchstone back before she decides to sacrifice one of us.

Yeah, and I turn into a statue.

- What?
- Yeah.

You heard right.

Well, come on, guys, I'll look through her things in our bedroom.

Okay, I'll come with you.

You guys take the school.





Ow! Hey, KT, what are you doing?
- No.

- No.


Edison, that Stone is my destiny, not yours.

Give it to me.

No good.

Not falling for it this time.

- Uh!
- No! Please, you don't know what you're dealing with.

Give me the touchstone! Watch out! Victor.

- Get the Stone away from here.

- Ugh! Thud! The Stone.

It's affecting the house.

We have to get it away from here.

Back door.

Back door.

- Give it to me!
- No way! No! You're playing with fire if you build that pyramid.

I warn you get it wrong and Ra will punish you.

Eddie! Oh! No, no, no! Quick, through the window.

Let's go! No! What? Okay.

Let me get this straight.

Anyone who's touched that thing turns to stone? As if.

He's messing with you, Cassie.

It's all right for you.

You haven't touched it.

- Where are Patricia and the others?
- They went looking for you.

- We can't wait.

- Well, where are you going? We have to get this as far away from Sophia and the house as possible.

Eddie! This is way cooler than middle school, right? Hey! Wait for me! Is this silk? Ethically sourced wild silk from Madagascar, actually.

You are supposed to be bringing this graduation in on a budget.

I saved on the photographer, didn't I? And splurge on silk and hippy goody bags? What is this? Willow, do you have the Valedictorian medal for me? Medal? The medal for the ceremony, the medal that you said you ordered.


That medal.

Well I forgot.

I see.

Well, with everything else, this is a bridge too far, Willow! And I won't be able to award you the credit.

I'm sorry.

I thought I recognized Sophia.

She has never boarded in Anubis House before, though.

Why didn't Mr.

Sweet recognize her? I don't understand.

Why would she keep coming back to the school? To await the return of the touchstone.

The way the house is reacting suggests to me that the other stones are hidden in the house.

They could be anywhere.

Each stone will bear the Mark of Ra, so start the search.

Is it worth looking at the Canopic Jar pieces, in case they tell us anything new? Something else that you've told me nothing about, fetch me that jar! There's no need I've got the images stored on my laptop we can look at them there.

Let us hope that Eddie can keep the touchstone away from Sophia.

So we're on the same side as Victor.

Pinch me.

Okay, you take down here.

I'm gonna look in the attic.

And I'll research.


- What's wrong?
- Oh.


Sweet canceled my credit.

He found out that I didn't order the medal.


Willow, I found you a medal.

- It was in the classroom.

- Alfie! You're amazing.

It's a bit dirty.

Ooh! Look! Shiny.

- Symbol of Ra.

- Ooh, I can use this chain.

- Uh
- Alfie, what's wrong? Hey, wait.

I need that.

Okay, this, um, might be valuable.

So Willow, I'm gonna need to hold on to it.


I just need it for the graduation.

I'll give it back after.

Please, Alfie.

Don't you want us to be an enormous couple together? Victor saved my life.

We were wrong.

He is one of the good guys.

Sophia's on her own.

- What?
- What are you guys doing here?
- Getting a slice of the action.

- So what's the plan? Is there a plan? If you told me running was involved, I would have made footwear choices.

And can someone explain what this has to do with Sophia? She's kind of older than she looks.

- Like a mature student.

- A really, really mature student.


What cream does she use? Eddie, we need to decide what we're doing with the Stone.

- And you guys need to go back and wait.

- Wait, no way.

We're coming with you.

I mean, they are gonna be staying at Anubis next term.

Someone needs to prep them.

Eddie, I don't think that that's the best idea Okay, look, trust me.

All right.

All right.

Take this.

All right, I'm gonna make you all honorary members of Sibuna.

- What's Sibuna?
- It's "Anubis" backwards.

Tell me there's a salute and cute uniforms.

- You guys, we're wasting time.

- Enough.



Do you swear to protect the secrets of Anubis House, and to always stand by your fellow Sibuna members? We swear.

- Sibuna.

- Sibuna.

All right, KT, we need Where's KT? Where's the Stone? KT!
- KT?
- KT? The sacrifice must wear the symbol.

What what symbol? The symbol of Ra.

What? What is it? Have you worked it out? Once the pyramid is built, there is no return.

A sacrifice must be made.

- Yeah, and if it isn't?
- Well Ra will not pour down his gold.

He will pour down his anger.

Which means? Which means Ra Will destroy the world.

Anubis House was built in 1890.

The same year Frobisher met Sophia's dad.

Mara? Frobisher and Victor's dad.

This is it.

The laying of the foundation stones, 1890.

All those symbols on the stones, they look like The symbol of Ra? Yes! Okay, what if I were to tell you that I'd found something Else with that symbol on it, like an old coin? I'd say, "Alfie, show it to me right now".

I was afraid you'd say that.

- Alfie.

- Look, I have got it.

I just Not on my person at this precise moment.

Have you checked the tunnels? Not in this outfit.

Wait, did I just say that? I was doing research Sophia's taken the touchstone and KT.

What? You must stop her from building that pyramid.

- Guys
- Before we all turn into statues.

Or the world end.

We can't just be thinking of ourselves in this situation.

Hey, quiet! I think I know where the other pyramid stones are.

The whole house is built on these stones! The cellar.

What are you all do here? Trudy, everyone must get to the graduation, it's about to start.

Come on, everyone.

You heard what Victor said.

Victor, wait.

Let me help.

Okay, I might be useful.

Osirian useful.

Very well.

Trudy, Eddie will remain.

- But
- Just go! Come on.

Come on, come on.

First chance I get, I'm coming to find you.

It's a date, Yacker.

All right, guys, time to step up.

Are you ready?
- Yeah.

- Sibuna.


They should not be here.

We need all the help we can get.

Very well.

Search for the symbol of Ra.

There he is.


Show Fabian and Patricia the coin.

This is splendid, Willow.

You've pulled it out of the bag after all.

Does that mean You have your extra credit.


- Alfie!
- Why did you do that? That's why.

- Hi.

- Uh, hello, people.

It's supposed to be the best day of our lives.

And why do you all look like the world's about to end, hmm? Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.

The graduation ceremony is about to begin.

We reclaim what was taken from us.

The touchstone is back.

It's summoning the other stones.

- Take cover.

- Cassie.

Look! The stones! Look! The stones are leaving the house.

Ah! Ah! The house is falling down! Not on my watch.

Eddie! I have everything I need to build the pyramid.

And my sacrifice will be a Frobisher.

Poetic justice.

Almost time to pay for the sins of your fathers, Frobisher.

Soon Ra's gold will rain down, you will be gone! Rodenmaar will be stone, and the House of Anubis will fall.

- Dude?
- I know where Sophia is.

How? The house.

It's talking to me again.

- What?
- Didn't know you guys fell out.

Eddie, wait! Welcome.

Welcome to this The most important day in the life of any high school student.

- I can't just sit here and do nothing.

- Look, I don't know what to do.

And it gives me great pleasure to hand this first diploma To our Valedictorian herself, Mara Jaffray.

Congratulations, Mara.


The sacrifice must wear the symbol.

The symbol of Ra.





I'm sorry, but I need to take that medal.

The Valedictorian medal, Fabian? Why, what is this, sour grapes?
- No, Mara, tell him to give it to me.

- I thought we'd agreed.

You are not the Valedictorian, Fabian, Mara is.

So in student parlance, "duh, get over it".

I Since when was Fabian such a sore loser? Stop! Think about what you're doing.

It's all I've thought about for the last 100 years.

The pyramid has been built.

So now a sacrifice must be made.

Or Ra will destroy the world! And so it makes me very proud to present Mara With our new Valedictorian medal.

Mara has also kindly offered to help me with the handing out of the diplomas.

Mara? Mara, the Oh, my.

Whatever happens, stay here, Willow.

Promise? Okay.

Where is everyone going? Uh, ladies and gentlemen, and students, there will be a short hiatus while Trudy.

Trudy, would you please hold the fort? Mara, you can't just walk Oh, dear.

Oh, dear.

Oh, dear.

Oh Oh, Victor.

What has happened? The graduation is just falling apart.

When I was a child, my father told me that my destiny Was to prevent the Pyramid of Ra from ever being built.

- If I fail
- What? What if you fail? The end.

We have one remaining hope Your son.

What has Edison got to do with any of this? Victor.

Vic Victor! Come, Frobisher.

Time to play your part.

No, KT! Let me do it.


I want her to do it.

The sacrifice won't work.

She's not wearing the coin.

What coin? That one.

KT, wait.

Eddie, what's happening? Ra's angry.

He wants a sacrifice.

Mara, stay back!
- Mara, come!
- Mara.

Mara! Stay back.

Oh! Get out of the way.

Ra must have a sacrifice! Stop her! No! No! Dad! Dad! Ah! Dad! Ah! Don't listen to Victor.

What did he mean? The Osirian will give his life so that the world may be spared.

You must destroy it.

I can do this.

- Eddie!
- No! Eddie!
- Eddie!
- Eddie! No! The prophecy came true.

He's alive! The Osirian may be dead, but the boy lives.

So what about his Powers? Gone.


You okay? Over here.

It was her punishment for failure.

I tried to warn her.

All right, Edison, up you get.

They say graduation day is the most important day of your life.

And now I understand why.

It's an ending and a beginning all at once.

And my advice to all you alumni is go party.

Like this is the last day of your lives.

Admit it, ladies, you can't resist me.

I'm not that random.

She sat there twisting her finger through her hair.

- Do we send it back to the museum?
- No, no, no.

It must be kept away from the others for good this time.

The touchstone needs a keeper.

That is my destiny.

I shall leave Anubis House and take it with me.

Wait, you're leaving Anubis House? Say good bye.

To all the party that's quite Miscreants.

So This is really it? And the whole place is still standing.

Despite our best efforts.

We did good, didn't we? Hey.

You know there's a party back there with our name on it.

Yeah? What are we waiting for? Alfie and Willow the college years.

Back on.

Joy, this is amazing.


And all surprisingly stress

Nothing like a near apocalypse to put stuff into perspective.

Well, that was a great speech, by the way, much better than I could have done.

You have this.

- No, no, no.

- You deserve it more than me.

No, no, no, no.

This is yours.

I guess we could always share it.


Yeah, that's good.

Guys? We just graduated, so let's celebrate.

- You want to dance?
- Yeah.


Do you want to dance? You hate dancing.

Well, I could make an exception for a superhero.

Well, I'm not I'm not anymore.

You are to me.

You got the face that they were looking for.

Oh, come on, Eddie.

All our friends are dancing.

You got the face that they were dreaming of.


You're a super star.

All right.

You got the face that they were looking for.
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