01x22 - Future Shock

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "FlashForward". Aired: September 24, 2009 – May 27, 2010.*
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Constructed around a high-concept narrative where a mysterious event has caused nearly everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for 137 seconds, during which time people see what appears to be a vision of their own life approximately six months in the future: a global "flashforward".
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01x22 - Future Shock

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Forget what we saw. We're here, and
I don't want to waste any more time.

I've been keeping a secret from you.

Keiko--she's in Los Angeles.

Keiko Arahida.
Your mom has posted your bail.

This ring is
a quantum entanglement device.

This little thing prevents
people from blacking out?

Hellinger wants to help you.
Who's Hellinger?

Hellinger's our boss.
You're going to die,

but your daughter's gonna be
better off when you're gone.

They had me install
a piece of software.

I can find out who made it
and where it came from.

You get me into N.L.A.P.
I'll tell you who caused the blackout.

Janis, this guy has been
lying to us about everything.

And now you want
to take him to N.L.A.P.?

How the hell do you trust this guy?

Her heart has stopped b*ating.
She's gone.

No, no!

You do the math. You're both
part of the equation, both of you.

I cannot be in that house
with you tonight.

At 10:00 P.M.,
you have to here with me.

On April 29th,
I'm gonna be on a bender.

So why not start now?

Today's the day
daddy's a die.

Why are we stopping,

'Cause we're just gonna
sit here for a while.

Okay. Oh, wow, look!
That one's shaped a star.

Oh, look at that, mom.


Flight number 37...

I'm looking for
a Keiko Arahida.

I believe
she's being held here.

Was. She was released
an hour ago.


did--did she say
where she was going?

Not in English.

Well, do you have
a phone number for her?

Um, uh, there's gotta be some
sort of intake file, right?

You got a warrant, officer?

Listen, this Keiko--
I've never met her.

But I saw her
in my flash-forward.

I-I started drawing her. I have
20 canvases in my house of her.

She was wearing this t-shirt
of a Sushi restaurant

just outside of Tokyo.
So I flew to Japan.

I flew to Japan
because of a t-shirt.

But I didn't find her.
I didn't find her,

and I thought
that was my only sh*t.

I know that
she's here in L.A.,

and now maybe
you have a phone number.

She changed my life
just because I saw her.

That was really
your flash-forward?

Yeah. It was.

That's amazing.

Because in my flash-forward...

I had $100 in my pocket,

and I couldn't figure out
for the life of me

how it got there.

This isn't right.

I saw her alive.

So did you.

I saw her.


A pulse?

Yes. Very faint.

Stay with me, Trace.

I'm begging you.

Stay strong.

Stay with me, Tracy.

Stay with me.

Just live, and we'll wind up
where we're supposed to be.

That's it...

The la Honda access point.

This is mile 6

of the accelerator's
10-mile length.

We get in there,
I can get to the mainframe,

find the software
Hellinger's men had me install,

and use it to destroy them.

You'll use it
to help us identify them.

Right. That's the deal.

One of us needs
to get this device

close to the security guard's
access card.

Then it'll transmit
its code to my cell phone.

Okay. We'll just get the rig
close to the security guard

that we're trying
to completely avoid.

That sounds simple.
Good stuff, Simon.

This is gonna
get us inside the gate.

This is gonna get us
inside everything.

I know you don't trust him.

I trust you.

If you're here, I'm here.

What's the matter?
What's going on?

I don't know.
Something's not right.

I think I did it back in my apartment.
Okay, we're going to the hospital.

No, no. We have
to do this tonight.

We're not gonna
get a second chance.

The FBI's not gonna
let him near that machine.

Catching whoever is
behind the blackout

is more important
than anything else.

You need to do this.

Please. Do it for me.


don't tell me
I won't regret doing this.

I already do.

Let's go.

♪ Flash Forward 1x22 ♪
Future Shock
Original Air Date on May 27, 2010.

Your snapping
on Hellinger like that--

I take some responsibility.
I let it happen.

What the hell
are you talking about?

We were so focused on finding
when the next blackout is,

I haven't seen
what's been going on with you.

Yeah, I've been
meaning to talk to you

about your priorities lately.


Sir, we've found two b*mb
in the FBI with timers.

There are probably more.
Call in the b*mb squad. I'm on my way.

Guess you're coming with me.

Hands on the wheel.

Hands on the wheel.

Get out of the car slow.


I need help!

Ma'am, what are you doing here?

What's taking so long?

(Whisper well, she has
to get the reader closer.
(Whisper well, she has
to get the reader closer.

Trying to
find Pacific State Hospital

on Old la Honda.

Ma'am? Ma'am?


Come on!
Wait. That
looked real. She was hurting.

I need an ambulance
at la Honda access point.

He's getting her
to a hospital. Come on.
La Honda access point.

We should be home now.
It's almost 10:00.


Well, we're not.

So then...
things can change?



What are you doing ?

Hi, Charlie.

Uh, sweetie, why don't you
take Dylan to the car

and go get him a juice box?

Okay. Come on, Dylan.

How did you find us?
Uh, well, actually, um,

my people called your people.

The bodyguards?

In my flash-forward,
I think I was on the verge

of--of figuring out
something really crucial,

but I think for that to happen,
I have to be at your house.

I have to recreate
those conditions.

Tell you what--
why don't you let yourself in?

And then you recreate
all the conditions you want.

Listen to me. Listen.

You're part of it--
you and Charlie.

It's like Gabriel said.
You're part of the puzzle.

How, exactly?
I don't know.

I just know that you are.

This is bigger than you and me.
We can't stop it. I've tried.

Mark pushed me away
to save the world--
no, I can't push you away.

Don't you understand?
I can't do this alone.

Maybe you should.

You're part of the equation,

and I cannot do it
without you.

What, uh,
what are you doing here?

Did you find her?

They just released her.

I got a contact number
for her.

It's, um...

It's the restaurant
where I saw her

in my flash-forward.
Turns out it's in L.A.

It's all coming true for you.

Look, Bryce, I-I...

I just wanted to say
that I'm sorry.

You know, she flew all the way
across the Pacific Ocean

just to meet you, and I...

I tried to keep you apart.
No, I'm sorry.

This whole thing is my fault.

I'm sorry.

I've been ignoring the truth,
the feelings that I had.

I know it sounds crazy,

but I love her.

This whole thing with her
was meant to be.

I mean, I put these on
this morning

without a second thought.

It wasn't until half an hour ago
that I realized

this is what I was wearing
in my flash-forward.

- I gotta go.
- Yeah.

You should go.

All liquids, gels
and aerosols

must be in 3-ounce or smaller


No, no, no, no, no.
Hear me out. Wait.

Hear me out.
Whoever put those b*mb in there

is targeting
something specific.

So we need to figure out what.

So help me, Mark, all
the glorious choirs of heaven,

if you step out of this car, I
will have your head on a plate.

I'm gonna send over
a driver.

Stay in the car.

You need a friend,
so I tracked him down for you.

Someone to keep you company
while you wait.

Hello? Aaron, it's Mark.

Listen, I'm okay,
but I talked to Wedeck,

and I need to know
what's going on with you.

I don't know.

I just kind of lost it.

And then...

And then I started to drink.

You know...

Sometimes what happens
in the world makes us forget

it's all up to us.
We have choices--

you, me...


You choose what's next,
and you'll wind up

right where
you're supposed to be.

Take care of yourself,


Agent Benford.

Been celebrating?

A little.

Had to get back
to the office, though.

Loose ends.

There's nothing
to see up there, Mark.

It's a fool's errand.

Last time I listened to you,
I took my eyes off the prize.

Not gonna happen again.

I have to go.

Got a little errand to run.

I have a new goldfish
named Sadie.

Can I see it?
Come on. It's upstairs.

I want cookies after.
Dylan, that's not how we ask.

It's okay.
Mi casa es su casa.

That means my house
is your house, too.
It's my house, too.

Come on.


Uh, 9:33.

27 minutes
till your epiphany.

Yeah. Uh...

okay. I think I'd better
get to work.

All right.

So how--how does this work?

We just take our positions
at 10:00,

wait for your breakthrough?

Yeah, I think I'll
keep my shirt on this time.


What the hell?

I don't know what happened.
Open this door.

I don't know what happened.
Wait, let me just-- now, Simon!

I don't know what happened.
I knew you'd try to pull something,

you sociopathic, lying son...

You're welcome. Come on in.

Your friend asked you
to trust me.

Janis wanted me to help you.
I do not trust you.

This is the last piece
of leverage I have left.

And now you have it.

Let's get to work.

Shall we?

Confirming devices

on floors five,
six and ten, over.

You got a det time?

36 minutes and counting.

Copy that.

What's the update?

b*mb, Mark. We've located them
on at least five floors.

This is bigger
than Hellinger.

Yeah. He's just
a link in the chain.

They're coming after Mosaic.

Are you about to do what
I think you're about to do?

Your chances of making it
out of there are not good.

I need you to do
something for me.

If they're
coming after Mosaic,

Lloyd Simcoe is not safe,

Now I've got this covered.

I'll secure Simcoe.

- You can find him at--
- Your house.

It's what I saw. It's...

It's where I'm going, right?


Lock it down.

You should know
I also saw myself

telling another Agent
you were dead.

Lloyd Simcoe's key.
We need him alive.

Same goes for you.

I'll keep that in mind.

Mom, come here!

My God.

He got into your lipstick
and just started writing.

It's the formula
in my flash-forward.

This is what I saw.

How is that possible?

I always assumed
I'd written it.

I guess Dylan must have
memorized it this afternoon.

Is he in trouble?


Can we get cookies now?


Uh, Charlie, why don't
you take Dylan downstairs

and show him where they are?

I will,
but he already knows.

Come on, Dylan.

So what is this?
What does it mean?

This equation
somehow links the Q.E.D.,

the blueprints
and the flash-forward

all together.

But it's a math problem,

How would it possibly tie
all those things together?

It's the tachyon constant.

It's the greatest mystery
in all of quantum physics.

And I have to solve it...

Right now.

Evacuate the entire building!

Clear, blue team! Clear!

I've been waiting for you.

I'm really happy to see you.

Everything's gonna be okay.
That's what we saw, right?

I haven't felt her move
in three hours.

We're gonna get you
an ultrasound.


He's where?

He's in the building
with the b*mb...

where I left my car keys.

We've got 23 minutes
until the building goes.

We've gotta get Benford.

The answers will come.

You sound so certain.

At 10:00 P.M.,
the answers will come...

because they will.

It's not about equations.

It's not about the two of us
just physically being here.

It's about this moment...

Right here.

I've fought it
and resisted it,

and yet here it is.

It happened.

The future happened.

All of it?

Somebody means business.
Yeah, you got that right.

You want up or down?


Go for it.
I got you covered.

I'm exactly where
I'm supposed to be.

I'm sorry.
You can't come in.

Please, please. I'm--I'm
supposed to meet a woman here.

I learned Japanese.

Private party...

ah! Keiko...

Thank you.

Try a different street,

When I can get to one.

I mean, the traffic's nuts.


I need to go. Thank you.

All right, everybody.
It's almost 10:00.

Five more minutes till
we catch up to our future!

You installed the software.
Now you can't find the file?

I'm just not seeing it yet.


Helps me cogitate.

You know,
Janis is gonna be okay.

How do you know?

She saw it in her flash-forward.
All righet's get going.

Someone could walk
in here any second.

It's almost 10:00.

I'm supposed to send
Lloyd a text.

What is that, math?

It's an equation for
a damped 1-dimensional wave.

It was Lloyd's e-mail signature
for years...

A damped wave.

He used to call it
his "tearful good-bye."

That's cute.
Is that physics humor?

Well, I'm supposed
to send him something.

He saw it.

An inside joke
for an inside joke.

Four, three, two, one!

It's 10:00, everybody!

It's the text from--from Simon.

A wave.

Good God.

I have to make a call.


It's me.
Did you cr*ck it?

Look, the constant I've been
looking for--it isn't a number.

It's a wave.

If I plug the wave
into the blueprint equation,

I get an interval which, if
added to the previous blackout,

tells us--
tells us what, Lloyd?

As precisely as I can tell,

the next blackout is
sometime in April 2010--

which means
it's in the next two days.

Mark? Mark?
Are you still there?

April? April?


The baby's fine.

Good heartbeat.

But it's a boy.

It's a boy?

You disappointed?


Just surprised.

Future is like that.


God, we're almost
through this thing.

Finally go back to
the way things used to be--

where the only stuff we see

is what's
right in front of us.

Welcome to the future.

Who did this?

The rings are different.
They moved.


Make it look right.
You make it look right.

Gabriel. Gabriel.

Gabriel. Gabriel.









O. U.


T. E.


N. P.M.

April 29th.


The blackout--
it's in 12 minutes.

The command system
won't let me access it.

What was it you said earlier?

Now the only thing we can see
is what's right in front of us?

Whoever did this may have
copied the entire mainframe,

created some kind of clone.

Wait. So what
you're looking at is a...

A fake, designed to prevent me
from getting in.

They knew I'd be back.

Remember me?

Now all I have to do is backdoor
into my archived account,

compare the system,

compare the code...

I have no idea
what you're talking about.


You got it?

Downloading it for you now.

I don't know who you
work for, Mr. Hellinger,

but whoever they are,
they won't be very happy

that you didn't
prevent this...

Not at all.

Whatever you'll need

to track the bastards
is in here.


Hey. Sweetie, go.

Go. Go play with Dylan.

Mark Benford is dead.

He ran into the building.
Doesn't have a chance.

Okay. Hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey. Are you okay?


What happened?

You went off the road
into the lake.

I-I wasn't even sure
you were with us.

Then I pulled you
out of the car,

and you started fighting me.

Hey, come on.
Hey, you must be freezing.



Hey, it's okay. It's okay.

In my flash-forward, I...

I saw myself saving you.

And all these months...

I thought maybe I failed.

I'm, uh...

I'm really happy
that I didn't.

You saw me?


Okay. An ambulance is
on its way, okay?


My name's Ed.



What is it?

Someone's accessing
the mainframe from outside.

What does that mean?

It's a different
command system

originating off-site.

They have control.

Commencing activation sequence.

What have you done, Simon?
Put your hands up!now!

You lying son of a bitch.

Hey, I didn't do this, Demetri,

not then
and certainly not now!

I'm going to let them
do this to me, Demetri.

I won't let them turn me
into a monster,

to use my machine, my mind.
Millions of people, Demetri--

millions of people
don't deserve to die.

Know what?
You want to stop me?

You want to stop me
from doing what I'm doing,

which is trying to shut down
this machine?

Then you're going
to have to sh**t me.


It's Mark.
You're still in the building?

Get the hell out now!

The next blackout--
I figured it out, Stan.

It's gonna be at 10:14 P.M.
Pacific tonight.

Call the White House, EBS,
NTSB, everyone.

This place is about to go
in three minutes. Move now!

Make the call, Stan.

Assistant Director
Stanford Wedeck. Yes.

Put me through
to the White House now.

Credible information
that another global blackout

will hit in minutes.
Reporters speaking at once
in foreign languages)

(Rings, beep
(Rings, beep


Livy, listen very carefully.

The next blackout's
about to happen.

Take Charlie,
get her somewhere safe.

It's gonna happen
in about two minutes.

Tell her I love her.

I love you both.

Please be safe, Mark.
Good-bye, Livy.

"President Segovia has issued
an evacuation order

"in light of credible reports

that another global blackout
will hit."

He's urging immediate steps
to be taken

to ensure public safety
and is appealing for calm.

You might want
to put that ring on.

You know what? I didn't see
my future the last time around.

I'm not gonna miss it this time.
You want it?

I've seen my future.

This is it... right now.

What did you see?

You might want to sit down
for this one.


Hang on!
I am!

Just hang on!

♪ I'm coming up only ♪

♪ to hold you under ♪

♪'m coming up only ♪

♪ to show you wrong ♪

♪ ooh ♪

♪ ooh ♪

♪ really too late to call ♪

♪ so we wait for ♪

♪ morning to wake you ♪

♪ it's all we got ♪

♪ to know me as hardly golden ♪

♪ is to know me all wrong,
they were ♪

♪ at every occasion ♪

♪ I'll be ready for a funeral ♪

Charlie, what is it?
You gotta tell me.

They found him.
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