13x03 - Salt & Vinegar

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Vera is a nearly retired detective chief inspector of the fictional Northumberland & City Police, who is obsessive about her work.
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13x03 - Salt & Vinegar

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Scott, we need to talk.

I said not now.


- Tyler.
- Don't, Mam.

Come on!

Can we just go?

Cheer up, pet.
You're scaring the customers off.



'DI Joe Ashworth. Leave a message,
and I'll get back to you.'


Er, just to say
I hope everything went well.

Oh, I mean, as well as can
be expected, with your dad's move.

Er, you'll be with family,
so there's no need to call me back.



- Mark.
- 'Er, Ma'am.

'Sorry to disturb you on a Sunday,
but a body's been found

'It's a bit of an odd one.'

- Ma'am.

Not the Sunday afternoon
we had planned, eh, Mark?

Yeah. Body's in the chippie.
Discovered around 1pm by a worker.

- Oh. And is that her?
- Yes, Ma'am.

She says it's the co-owner,
Scott Rhodes.

- Co-owner?
- Yeah, the other's a Ross Simmons.

Kenny's trying to contact him,
but no answer yet.

Oh, well, tell him to keep at it.

Er, we've got CCTV
in the front of the shop,

but only during opening hours.

And you can access the kitchen
from round the back anyway.

Right. And is that where the body is?

Yes, Ma'am. Er, you'd better take
a look for yourself.

All perfectly preserved for you.

Actually, it makes things tricky.

He seems completely solid,

so I'll need to gently unfreeze him
before autopsy.

Can you tell how long he's been in there

from the level of freezing?

Not in any precise way.

- Was he dead when he went in?
- Hm?

Well, what about this blow to the head?

Looks bad, but I can't be sure
it's what k*lled him.

Well, it couldn't have helped.

But it might have been the cold
or suffocation.

Or a fall. Or hit with a heavy object.

Well, if you're hoping for
a m*rder w*apon,

it seems a bit too clean in here.

TOO clean?

Even for somewhere with
a level 5 hygiene rating.

Aye, and a dead body in with the chips.

And look here.
Can we get the lights, please?


Despite a strenuous clean-up effort,


So, whatever happened
likely happened in here.


Now, why would somebody
scrub the place clean thoroughly...

...and then leave the body
in the freezer?

I don't know. That's your department.

We've got a card from a pocket.
Name on it's Scott Rhodes.

- And there's also a phone, but...
- Oh, that'll need defrosting too?

Er, no sign of forced entry,
but they might have taken his keys.

Did your lot unplug the freezer?


It was already unplugged
when he was found?

Not sure, but the freezer
must've been running until recently.


- Sorry, I'm running late.
- Joe.

- Is she inside?
- Er, yeah. She's just in the front.

- SIGHS: What are you doing here?
- I heard there was a dead body.

You shouldn't be on call.

Me dad's settled in at the hospice.
He's well looked after.

There's nothing more I can do,
and I want to work.

OK. Well, the deceased's
one of the co-owners,

and we're still looking for
the other one.

And I was wondering...

about this, too.

Cleared out before closing?
Or are you thinking burglary?

I'm thinking we need to check.

- Scott was here last night.
- Steph?

What'd you get from the lass
who found his body?

Name's Rachel Lim, Ma'am.

Lives nearby with her six-year-old.
She's in a real state.

But I got out of her that Scott Rhodes

was here yesterday when she left.

Shop closes at 11. Rachel helped clean.

She left around midnight.

Why was she in today?
Shops shut on a Sunday.

Said she got worried about the gas.
Popped back to make sure it was off.

Only to find the body.

What about other workers?

Er, yeah. An Ant Daleson
was on yesterday,

but he left earlier.

Rachel said he's worked at the shop
for years.

And a Ross Simmons.

So, both the owners, Ross and Scott,
were here when she left?

Er, no. Ross went a bit before.

Mentioned wanting to get away
for a drive down south,

for a business meeting today.

A business meeting? On a Sunday?

Yeah, Kenny's still trying
to contact him, Ma'am.


His business partner dead
in his freezer?

He's a person of interest
from the get-go. Kenny, any luck?

Er, sorry, Ma'am, no.
Just goes to his voicemail.

He's turned it off.

- All right, let's get an alert out.
- Aye.

Let's get his details
to the ports and airports,

and let's put a track on his vehicle.

What about the deceased's next of kin?

Yeah, the homeowner
at his registered address

is a Carrie Hawton.

Er, no-one home when uniform attended,

but a neighbour said she'd be at work.

Right. Let's go find this Carrie Hawton.

Anything on Ross Simmons
I want updated as soon as.



I'm so sorry for your loss, pet.

Sit yourself down. Come on.

Do you need me, er, to do anything?

Well, we will need a formal
identification at some point.

I mean, did he have any other family
we should contact?

No. It was just him.

His dad d*ed last year.

That's when Scott moved back
from London.

We got together, and he moved in...

six months back.

I've a lad. Tyler.

Scott was good with him.

Not many men
would've taken on a teenager.

When did you last see Scott?

Yesterday teatime.

I made chicken curry.

Scott never really ate at the shop.

He didn't like fish.

And what time was that?

Five-ish. I'd a shift from 6:30.

- You work overnight?
- Yeah.

Finished at 2:30 in the morning.

And when you got back, was Scott home?

- I don't know.

When I'm back late, I sleep on the sofa.

I just assumed I'd missed him
when I woke.

Came in today for another shift.

He hadn't called? Left a message?
That didn't worry you?

It's like that lately.

Like ships in the night.

What with my shift pattern
and the chip shop being so full-on.

Any problems at the shop?

I don't think so.

Ask Ross Simmons.

Oh, aye, aye. We will, pet.

Now, can you think of anything
out of the ordinary

that happened recently?

No. No, nothing.

Well, his car got damaged, I suppose.

Outside ours. Scored down the side.

And then a tyre got slashed.

Any idea who did that?

Assumed just kids. Random.

OK, pet. Thanks.

A partner with enough cash
to rescue a small business,

and she's working night shifts
in a warehouse?

Well, maybe she doesn't want
to rely on him?

I mean, six months living together
isn't that long.

And in any case, he wasn't stuffed
into their home freezer, was he?

We need Ross Simmons. What?

His car's been flagged
several times driving south.

Are they on to his bank card?

Well, yeah, but apart from buying
some service station coffees...

Yeah, well, what with that
and the camera sightings,

that should narrow the focus.

Oh, and Mark says Ant Daleson,
the other worker at the chip shop,

- he'll meet us at his home.
- Right.

Anthony Daleson?

- You the police?
- Aye, we are, pet.

- Ta, mate. See you again.
- All right.

Sorry to keep you.
I had to get back from the hospital.

- Oh. Everything OK?
- Hmm?

Oh, not for me. My brother.

Come in.

And is your brother OK?

Er, yeah, now.

Finn's epileptic.

Had a seizure
he wasn't quite coming out of.

Well, we could've met you
at the hospital, pet.

Nah, you're all right. Mum's with him.

It's just Scott, you know?

I mean, I just can't quite...

- Hmm.
- Ah.

Have a seat.

Oh, me mam had a little pot like that.

You've worked at the chippy
for a long time, Mr Daleson?

Yeah. From right back
when Mr and Mrs Simmons had it.

After they retired, Ross took over.

And that's when Scott
Rhodes came in as a co-owner?


We haven't been able to reach your boss.

- Have you any idea where he could be?
- Thanks, love.

Er, no. Sorry.


And were there any tensions at the shop?

- People got on?
- Pretty much.

Ross and Scott could argue a bit.

Oh, aye? What about?

Er... the business.

Were you there all day yesterday?

Yeah. From food prep in t'morning.

Er, Ross is in charge of the kitchen.

Rachel came in early,
to wipe down before opening.

And how long was Scott there?

Er, he stayed till... till closing.

Ross let me get away early.

Er, I usually stay to tidy up, but...

...me brother'd been feeling funny,
and, erm...

he had his seizures in the early hours.

Oh, well, he's in good hands now, love.

OK, listen up, everyone.
I know it's Sunday and all that.

Now, our deceased, Scott Rhodes,
co-owner of Simmons' Fish Shop.

He was a saviour who stopped it
from going under by all accounts.

And yet, he ends up dead,
in their own freezer.

Now, we're still trying to locate
the other owner, Ross Simmons.

The chippie was previously
the family's business.

And there may have been some tensions

between Simmons and Rhodes.

Well, I've asked for a latest
update on his whereabouts, Ma'am.

Rachel Lim...

and Ant Daleson.

Both were there yesterday.

She found the body
just before 1pm today.

Kenny, dig into his mobile,
social media.

See if there's any suggestion
of disagreements between these two.

- Will do.
- Mark, start checking alibis.

- Find out who had a key to the place.
- Ma'am.

- Er, I've also retrieved the shop CCTV.
- Good.

And finally...

Carrie Hawton,

who was the deceased's girlfriend.

Now, the poor lass has lost her partner

and a father figure to her teenage son.

Er, I did a quick background check
into her, Ma'am.

She's no previous,

she's had the same address
the last 15 years,

since her parents d*ed,

and one sister,
but she lives in Bristol.

- Right. OK.

Go home, and I'll see you all
nice and early.

Ma'am. We've got Ross Simmons.

A patrol car in South London
pulled him over.

I want him in that interview room
first thing tomorrow.


Must've been worrying,
getting pulled over by the police.

- Yeah.
- Is that why you kicked up a fuss?

Refused to get out the car?

Well, I'd had a glass of wine.

Was worried that's why I'd been stopped.

So, what was it took you down south?

Meeting a business contact.
Half business, half pleasure.

We'll have to contact him.

Of course.

Now you two
hadn't been partners very long.

Half a year?

We knew each other ages ago,
from school.

He'd moved away, done well.

When he come home, he said
he was looking for a new investment.

I jumped at the chance.
Needed to refurb the shop.

And you didn't have the capital
for that?

Mum and Dad took what they'd saved
to Spain with them.

They'd planned to let the place go.

But I thought
I could do something with it.

It's been hard. The energy costs.

Picked up some bad reviews
online too. Didn't help.

Well, that must have been stressful.

Now, you didn't lock up on Saturday.
Rachel did.

That's right, yeah.

Just wanted to get home,
get to bed before the drive,

so I gave Rachel my keys.

And both Rachel and Scott were there
when you left?

What about the till?

Is it emptied at the end of every shift?

Er, it should be, yeah.

But so many payments
are cashless these days,

sometimes I just leave it.
I think I did on Saturday.

- Sorry, Ma'am.
- Excuse me, love.

It's the, erm, shop CCTV.
There's something you should see.

So, this is Saturday, 11:52,

just before opening.

Well, well, well.

So, nothing unusual happened?

Just a typical Saturday?

Who is that?

Trevor Armley.
We used to get fish off him.

He wasn't happy when we stopped.

We can see that, love.

Now, I'm gonna need his details.

- We don't have enough to hold him.
- Ah, maybe not.

But we're not done
with Ross Simmons yet.

Let's see if we can confirm
he was at home

until his drive south on Sunday.

And meanwhile,
I need to talk to this fella...

Trevor Armley.

And Rachel Lim.

She was the last person to see Scott.

Still feels strange
that she was there on a Sunday,

when she wouldn't normally have keys.

Aye, you're right.
You go see her. Take Steph with you.

I'll go talk to this fisherman.

And, Mark?

See if you can trace
any rotten online reviews

the chip shop apparently got.


Now, come on, love.
I mean, it's pretty clear.

- Scott report me to you lot, did he?
- Ah, no, no. No, love.

No, he's been found m*rder.

So you can imagine this gesture of yours

has us asking questions.


No, I... I wasn't...

I was saying
their business would be dead.

- Scott behaving that way.
- In what way, love?

I run as a small operation, right?

A day boat my sons take out.

I deliver fish, fresh.

Ross loved how it would fit his vision.

Fresh, local.


- Ah, but he'd stopped using you.
- Yeah.

Before the end of the initial agreement.

On Scott's say-so,
Ross just rolled over.

Kept saying that Scott
was the money brain.

So, what's this, then, hmm?
Dispute resolution?

I called Scott.

He ignored me.

Was slippery, that one.

Now the next thing I hear,

he's spreading rumours about
the sustainability of our fish.

- Any truth in those rumours?
- No!

But if our accreditation
gets suspended...

that is a disaster. You just...

You don't do that.

What about the rest of the day?
Where were you?

- Did you see Scott again?
- No.

I was back here.

Then I was at a friend's till late.

A poker night.

You can ask the lads.

Oh, I will, love.

- Yeah?
- Rachel Lim?

Northumberland and City Police.
Can we have a word?



Sorry about this.
I'll clear it up for you.

No, you're fine.

Er, so, you told me yesterday

you went back to check the gas was off.

Er... yeah.

Why did you think that Scott
or Ant hadn't done it?

Because Ross had asked me to lock up.

But as Scott was still there,
he said he'd do it.

He'd normally be long gone by then.

I just wanted to make sure
it'd been done.

I felt responsible.

Did you notice that the till
had been emptied?

Ross normally clears it.

Just didn't on Saturday.

Are you accusing me of something?

You unexpectedly found yourself
with the keys,

knew no-one would be in Sunday,
and now the till's empty.

Scott used to take money from it.

From the till?

The co-owner?

On top of taking advantage of us.

Taking advantage how?

I worked at Helliwell's before.

The chip shop
at the other end of the road.

Scott poached me.

Offered me more shifts and a pay rise.

Instead, I got fewer shifts
and less money.

He did it to annoy Pat Helliwell.

And why would he want to do that?

Because Pat and him
don't like each other.

And he hated that the Helliwells
got more business.

What he paid was below minimum.

Weren't legal.

Well, neither's taking money
from the till.

You said that Scott
would normally be gone.

So why hadn't he on Saturday?

And when you were in there yesterday,

why did you open the freezer?

To let it defrost.

I wanted the fish to go off.

I figured any waste would annoy Scott.

Look, I was just angry
at the way he treated us. OK?

MARK: Printouts of the bad reviews
the chip shop got, Ma'am.

All within the past few months.

But they're pretty vicious.
It's more like trolling.

Are we sure these are genuine?

Well, there's a few different names.

Well, that's no guarantee

they're not all written
by the same person.

Check for any similarities
in grammar, spelling, punctuation.

And get on to the cyber team.

Maybe they can tell us who posted them.


And Kenny?

Can you fast track
the shop's finances, please?

- Personal accounts too.
- Ma'am.

Definitely something funny
going on in that shop.


It was Rachel
who switched off the freezer

because Scott was short-changing them.

Said she wanted everything to spoil,
so she opened the lid.

And listen to this.

She used to work for Pat Helliwell,
that rival chip shop.

Scott poached Rachel from her.

Seems there was some bad blood
between them.


So, let's go get some chips.

So, how long are your lot
gonna be hanging around for?

It's hardly good for business,
police officers everywhere.

Well, neither is m*rder, love.

He was m*rder? Scott?

We heard the two of you had some issues.


So, now someone's taking me seriously?

Do you know, I tried to tell
the council about all this.

- Salt and vinegar?
- Please.

So, come on.
What had you going to the council?

Look, I've had a shop on the same
street as Simmons for decades.

Now, there's a bit
of friendly rivalry, you know,

but never any problems.

Until Scott Rhodes.

He was trying to drive me
out of business, simple as that.

And how'd he go about that?

You name it.

Dirty tricks.

Right... He stole the staff.

Used my bins until they overflowed.

He even tried to steal my customers
out of the queue.


And there was even...
[UNDER BREATH]: ...a dead rat.

A rat?

Found its way into my kitchen.

What, and that was Scott Rhodes
as well, was it?

Well, how else did it get in?

Well, I wouldn't like to speculate,

Look, love, my shop is clean, right?


I've even had the whole kitchen
refitted a month ago.

Everything in there is gleaming.

Well, I'm pleased to hear it.

Thanks, love.

I kept it.



I froze it.

So, if you wanna analyse it
you know, forensics or whatever...?

- No, you're all right, pet.
- OK.

Not finishing those, then?

Check with the council.

See if she actually did
raise complaints.


Kenny, what's up?

Er, something from Scott's mobile,

There's some texts from
a few weeks back that jump out.

Jump out? Why?

One is to a contact called Ollie Keeble.

There's Scott telling him
to back off from Carrie.

So, who is this Ollie Keeble?

- That's for hogging the ball, mate.
- I'll pass it back.

- Yeah, right.
- I scored, didn't I?

That's Ollie over there,
in the g*n top.

Right, thanks, love.


MAN: Hey. Hey!

Tyler, break it up. Break it up now.


Tyler told me about Scott. It's awful.


Carrie Hawton's lad?

Yeah. He's one of the lads
that's just been scrapping.

But I didn't have much to do with Scott.

JOE: No?

"I know you want her, mate. Unlucky.

"She's mine."

Now, why would he send you those texts

about you and his missus
if you barely knew him?

Tyler has some issues with his temper.

They've gotten worse.

So I spoke to Scott.

Wondered if something
was going on at home.

And he reacted badly?

Told me to get my nose out and then...

Well, you've seen.

Must have got my number from Carrie.
Started behaving like a bully.

You ever been in a relationship
with Carrie?


Scott THOUGHT I liked her, but...

Look... I just want what's best
for Tyler.

I want him to be a top footballer.

- He's good, is he? Tyler?
- Yeah. Very.

Could be a big thing for him
if he got scouted, but...

he's his own worst enemy.

Now, if you don't mind,
I need to get this lot stashed away.

So which version of Scott Rhodes
do we believe?

Hmm? A successful businessman who saves

an old friend's family business
from going under?

Or, someone who pinches his rival
staff and underpays his workers?

He took on an angry teenage lad.

Carrie said he was good with him.

Er, I looked into his family.

No living relatives.

The dad d*ed last year like Carrie said.

Scott sold his house
and inherited his car.

So maybe he used the money from the
house, to put into the chip shop.

But he was already well set up,
wasn't he?

Er, no. He was in debt, ma'am.
Quite bad, actually.

He had an Individual
Voluntary Arrangement set up

to pay off some creditors.

Well, that's definitely not
the image he was selling.

Er, might not be connected, ma'am,

but Scott's phone
over the last few months,

there been a regularity of calls to
a contact listed as "New Supplier".

Long conversations, too.

- Well, did you trace the number?
- Not yet, ma'am.

Get it up on his handset.

New supplier.

I'm gonna ring it!


WOMAN: 'Babe! I've missed you!
Where've you been?'

Who am I speaking too?

'Who are you?'

Detective Chief Inspector
Vera Stanhope, love.

Northumberland and City Police.

And we're going to need a little chat.

No. No. I spoke to him on the weekend.

We saw. On Saturday.

I tried Sunday.

Didn't answer.

Didn't leave a voicemail?

Didn't text to see if he was OK?

In fact, you never texted him.

He said not to.

And you know why, don't you love?


Because of his... home situation.

But he was sorting it.

He told you
he was gonna leave his partner?

And did you believe
he was gonna do that?

Course he was!
Why wouldn't he, when he knew...

How far along are you, pet?

Seven weeks.

He was honest from the start.

But there was a kid at home.

Looked up to Scott.

So, he had to let them down gently?

Yes! Because he cared!

About me. Them.

Had so much on his plate.

The young people he mentored.

He visited an old woman.

Had the staff at the restaurant
to look after.

Did you ever go to the chippie?

- Chippie?
- Aye.

You mean, the fish restaurant?
No. I never went.

What am I gonna do? Who would hurt him?

He was just a lovely,
caring, decent man.

He really was a piece of work,
wasn't he?

Lining her up to replace Carrie!

Aye. But younger.
More money he could tap.

Carrying his own bairn.

Just how he would have seen it.

What if Carrie found out?

Aye. Or Tyler.


- Carrie?
- Hmm.

So, first you're telling me
Scott was drowning in debt.

And now that?

We are so sorry, love.

With who?

What? You won't tell me?

- Well, it wouldn't be appropriate.
- Appropriate?

You didn't suspect
he had money troubles?

Not even when he was keen
to move in here?

And you never wondered
if he was cheating?

No. I didn't.

If that's all you came for...

Is your son home, love?

Tyler? Why?

He was part of Scott's life.

We need to talk to everyone.

- Now?
- Aye.

Tyler? Can you come down?


Oh, pleased to meet you, love.

I'm DCI Stanhope.

This is DI Ashworth.

What do you want?

Well, I want to hear about Scott
from you, love.

- Did you get on?
- Yeah.

- Mum seemed happy.
- They say he was cheating.

What? Seriously?

- You didn't know?
- Of course not!

I'd have told mum!

He was the one worried about that.

What do you mean?

He made jokes.

Said one of my coaches was
in love with Mum.

Ollie Keeble?

But there was nothing was
going on there, was there, pet?

Don't be ridiculous. No.

- Are you sure about that?
- Aye.

OK. Thanks for your time.

I didn't spot any big anger
issues from the kid. Did you?

Well, maybe it only comes out
on the football pitch.

What is it?

Domestic CCTV.


And I'm pretty sure it covers
Carrie Hawton's house.

Check her movements for Saturday.

And that of her lad, Tyler.

He said he went to see a mate
round about five.

And check the days Carrie
thinks Scott's car was damaged.

Ma'am. Oh. and er, postmortem, ma'am.

Paula's ready for you.

At last! Right, you coming?

Finally got him thawed, then?

It's trickier than just
popping him in the microwave.

So, what you got for us, then?

Well, first off, there's no
vasoconstriction or petechiae.

So, he didn't suffocate.

He was dead
before he went into the freezer.

Was it this whack
to the head that k*lled him?

It's possible.

Well, any idea how it was inflicted?

There was nothing embedded in the wound.

So, something metal.

Stainless steel, perhaps.

And yes, it caused a skull fracture,
brain contusion

and a subarachnoid haemorrhage.

- Oh, and there's something else too.
- What?

I only saw once he was thawed
and undressed.

Penetrating trauma.

Caused an intra-abdominal
vascular injury.

- A Kn*fe wound?
- From a thin blade, yes.

Damaged his right renal artery.

He'd have bled out pretty quickly.

And that's what k*lled him?

Either trauma could have.

The Kn*fe wound probably be more lethal.

But impossible to tell
which was inflicted first.

So, he was hit then stabbed.

- Or stabbed then hit.
- Or both together?

Whack. s*ab.

Very balletic.

You can see it's tricky.

Though you've the right idea on angles.

The blow to the head and the depth
and direction of the s*ab

suggest both att*cks were delivered
from the front,

facing the deceased.

And now you're seeing the other problem.

The top blows on the left of his head,

the s*ab on the bottom right.

One would be delivered by
a non-dominant hand.

Or we have an ambidextrous k*ller.

Or there where two assailants.

You hardly need me here.

But anything else?

Just time of death.
I can narrow it down for you,

if you find out
when he last had chicken curry.

Well, I can tell you that.
It was about 5pm on Saturday.

Then judging by how digested
his stomach contents were,

I'm pretty confident he d*ed
between 11pm Saturday

and 2am Sunday morning.

Right. Thanks, Paula.

One useful thing, anyway.

OK. So, the postmortem
has helped, timeframe-wise.

And we've discovered apart from
his head wound, he was also stabbed.

Whilst throwing the curveball,
we might have two assailants.

So, we're looking at pairings
with motive and opportunity.

Now Kenny, have we confirmed
the alibi of the girlfriend, Carrie?

Yeah, the warehouse confirmed
she showed up for her shift.

And er, I've started on
the camera's covering her house.

Er, we've got her leaving and
returning at the times she told us.

Yeah. What about her lad, Tyler?

Er, yeah, got him leaving, too.

I talked to the friend, and he
confirmed that Tyler crashed there.

And the fish supplier, Trevor,
was at his poker night.

OK, shop workers.

Ant Daleson?

Well, his mother confirms he was home,

until he had to rush off to the
hospital for his brother, Finlay.

I confirmed the admission time
with the hospital.

Rachel and Ross Simmons
are a bit harder.

Rachel picked her boy, Matthew, up,
from a friend's around 12.

Ah, well that's hardly enough time
to commit a m*rder

and then scrub the place clean, is it?

Two assailants. Maybe one cleaned up.

Now Ross's car wasn't flagged
until the Sunday.

And we still haven't confirmed
where he was overnight.

Ma'am? It's the cyber team,
about those reviews.

They're all from the same IP address.

So it's likely that they come
from the same person.

And they can narrow down the
location to around Menton Road, TS5.

That's Rachel Lim's street.

RACHEL: He was rude. I got angry.

So I secretly posted a review.

Scott saw it, was furious.

Thought it looked bad.

So, you wrote more.

Did Pat Helliwell know?

Pat? No.

She didn't put you up to it?


I burnt my bridges
with Pat just by leaving.

And what about Scott?

Because if he found out
you'd written these...


...you'd have argued.

- Fought even?
- What are you...?

No! Scott had no idea.

So, it was a secret. No-one knew?

Well. I wondered if maybe Ant...

He gave me a funny look when Scott
was mouthing off about them once.

But never said anything.

No. It was just me.

So, you just wanted
to kick Scott where it hurt.

Well, she admitted
she wanted to hurt him.

Yeah, but we already know she
picked up her bairn around midnight.

So who was it cleaned up?

Ross? Maybe he didn't have
an early night after all.

Why would he want
his business partner dead?

Plus, she was the one
who discovered him.

Aye, well.
That's a double bluff too far.

Especially as she wasn't even meant
to be in the shop on a Sunday.

Er, ma'am? I've got something
on that domestic CCTV.

We can see who keyed Scott's car.

- Who's that...
- That's Tyler Hawton!

Ah, not so keen on Scott after all,
is he?

Er, and there's more, ma'am.

Er, I spotted it while trawling
back through the footage.

Er, whizzed through some other dates

and I've got him on several occasions.

- A random pedestrian?
- Er, no.

Not when five minutes later...

He's there for much longer this time.

I've got him on three other days.

That hoodie. Can you zoom in on that?

- What's that logo.
- That's Southwall Football Club.

That's the coach. That's Ollie Keeble!

VERA: Something was going on at
home, what did you mean by that?

I was worried about Tyler.

He hadn't come to training
for a couple of days.

What were you doing there?

I said, I was worried about him.

Aye. There's worrying,
but then there's stalking.

- Stalking?
- Well, what would you call it?

It was just... concern.
I wasn't harassing anyone.

Someone said I was?

Well, they might, if they saw this.

What did you think was gonna happen?

Just that Tyler might bring
his aggression home.

How was hanging
about his house gonna help?

I don't know! I just...
I wanted to do something.

Be close. Seeing as Scott didn't care.

Well, maybe Scott's worrying
was justified.

And you really do have feelings
for Carrie.


I mean...

I just want what's best for her.

Did you talk to Scott?

What do you mean? When?

Last Saturday night at the chip shop?

The night he d*ed!

No. No, Scott was... I'd never...

Look, I was nowhere near there
that night! I told you.

I'd matches during the day
and drinks in the evening.

Yeah, then you were home alone.

Well, it's clear to me
he has feelings for Carrie.

Did his background
check give us anything?

Nah, no previous.

He was a landscape gardener for years,

but his passion lies
in football coaching.

His alibi checks out till
he left the pub just after 11.

But no-one to corroborate after that.

OK. Well, we're gonna
have to let him go.

We should speak to Tyler
about keying Scott's car.

Ah, well, now's a good a time...

Ma'am? The chip shop accounts.

Er, we've been working together
to see how they fit

with the deceased's finances.

It's true that Scott was paying
staff under the legal minimum.

we should speak to HMRC about that.

Yeah. And while he was squeezing them,
he was increasing his own salary.

What? Well, he was probably
paying his debts?

Er, well,
a big chunk of it went there, yeah.

But there's something else.

Regular payments coming
into Scott from another source.

He put's that money
into a separate savings pot.

And then uses it for things
like servicing his car,

buying clothes, flowers for Sophie.

What is the source of that money?

Another account under Scott's name,
with a different bank.

He was hiding his tracks
about something.

So, it seems. Er, we've requested
access to the second account,

so we can trace
where the money originates.

Well done, you two.

- Keep at it and let us know, hmm.
- Ma'am.

We know it was you keyed his motor.

Can show you the footage if you like.

You also slashed his tyre. Right?

But... Scott was...

He was good to you. Wasn't he?

- You can stop defending him now, Mum.
- Defending?

He was cheating, remember?

Oh, is that why you did it?

No. I didn't know. I told you.

Why, then?

I overheard him talking about me.

What? No. To me?

Saying what?

That she was a bad mum.

Cos she were never there,
always working.

And that he was getting fed up
of playing stepdad

to a needy, whiny child.

- He said that?
- He was upset.

I said don't defend him!

I'm not! Because it's true!

I haven't been around, have I?

So, is there anything else
we should know?

Right. I didn't know he was cheating.

But I did see him arguing with someone.

- When was this?
- Saturday evening.

Thought it was mum at first,
but it wasn't.

Whoever it was,
she was really yelling at him.

And where was this?

In town. Not far from the chippie.

This woman that Tyler saw Scott with...

You think it could be Sophie Jenson?

What, his bit on the side?

Nah, Tyler said he thought
it was his mam at first.

But Sophie's blonde,
fancy clothes, nothing like her.

Plus, she said she'd never been
to the chippie and

I'm inclined to believe her.

So, who was it, then? Another lover?

I don't know where he finds the time.

Kenny. We need to trawl through that
street CCTV again,

near the chippie.

Saturday, post 5:30.

We're looking for Scott
arguing with a woman.

Ah, right, ma'am.

Got a couple of things
on Ross Simmons, ma'am.

He emailed Scott a few weeks back.

Suggesting that they dissolve
their partnership.

Ross said they had
a good working relationship.

- Did Scott reply?
- Yeah. It was pretty curt.

They agreed to, er,
dissolving their partnership.

But it meant that Ross would
have to walk away from the shop.

What, give him the family business?

Yeah. Oh, and the other thing.

Er, Ross's trip down south on Sunday.

Yeah, what?

Well, the contact confirms the meeting.

But he thought that Ross was going
on to another meeting in London.

But he didn't know who it was.

He didn't mention that, did he?

- No.
- So, we're back to Ross.

We're gonna need another chat.

MARK: 'Ma'am, I've spoken with
Scott's insolvency practitioner,

'and he was the owner
of a catering company.

'But his mismanagement
led to it going bust.

'Left Scott on the hook
with a load of debt.'

And where's this company located?

'Er, South London.'

- 'Croydon.'
- Croydon?

That's where Ross Simmonds was
pulled over by the police, isn't it?

- 'Yes, ma'am.'
- Right. Thanks, Mark.


So, Ross was digging into Scott's past?

MOBILE RINGS Aye, it sounds like it.

Joe Ashworth.

OK, and is... is that...?

Yeah. No, er, I understand.

Thank you for letting me know.

- That your dad?
- Yeah. Er...

The hospice. He's lost consciousness.

Do you wanna go there?

- No.
- Right.


Where you going?
I thought we were going to see Ross?

Well, he can wait.

Why don't you go and see your dad.

He won't even know I'm there.

Fine. Say he doesn't know.

But you will.

There's the dementia.

Besides to the fact
he's drugged to the eyeballs

for this infection he's got.

None of this was unexpected.

Look, all I'm saying,
is that when it was my dad...

...I was glad I took the chance.

I came home... because I thought
it might bring us closer...

But the dementia
had taken him away by then.

And I worry about me and my lad and...

It's easier with the girls.

They have their spats.
But they're close.

They are sisters together.

You and your lad'll be fine.

But you'll never forgive yourself if
you don't say goodbye to your dad.

Honestly... I think I'm more use here.

Let's go and see Ross, eh.

OK, come on.

Sermon over.

ROSS: Look, I am really sorry...

- Sorry.
- Come on...

- What do you mean?
- Mr Daleson? What's happened?

It's Ross.

He's saying we won't open again.

- What? Never?
- Never!

Well, maybe you can help us.

What about?

Did you know, it was Rachel
who posted those rotten reviews

- about the chip shop?
- I guessed.

Saw how she looked when Scott
was shouting about 'em.

- But he didn't know?
- Scott? No.

Rachel would have been out the door
if he had.

How are Carrie? And Tyler?

Well, they're in shock.

So, you know them, then?

Sort of.

I don't think Scott
was kind to them, either.

Carrie was in the shop once
when I took Finn to hospital.

Even offered us a lift.

Scott was tutting about me going
and Carrie told him to give over.

Was lovely about it.

How is your brother?

Oh. Er, discharged
from hospital today, hopefully.

Right, you go be with your family, love.


Not open today?

Can't see us coming back
from a m*rder on the premises.

Now, you told us you had a good
working relationship with Scott,

- didn't yer?
- Well. Yeah. Mostly.

But you wanted to dissolve the
partnership. We've seen your email.

And you met someone else in London,
last Sunday.

Now, what was that meeting about?

I met with his old partner.
In South London.

Told us how badly
Scott mismanaged their business.

Now why keep that meeting a secret?

Because it showed how stupid I was!

I should've checked out Scott
at the start.

But he swaggered round
like some big success.

Told us his previous business issues
weren't his fault.

I was a mug.

Got into a partnership. Got trapped.

Lost everything my parents built.

- You buy that?
- Ah.

I mean, would he really investigate
his partner's business dealings

in London, after he's k*lled him?

Maybe we need someone else's insight.

Pat Helliwell?

Aye, she's known
the family for years. Come on.

- Oh, aye. What now?
- Erm...

We just wanted to ask you
about Ross Simmons, love.

Ross? What about him?

Well, how do you feel about
him coming back to take over

- the family's business?
- I were pleased.

Would you not have preferred
your rival shop to just disappear?

Well, there's always been room
for two of us before.

That's why I was so disgusted by Scott.


Do you think he was involved

in those dirty tricks you told us about?

Well, not unless the apple fell
very far from the tree.

No, his folks, they were good people.

And I knew Ross from a bairn, you know.

I weren't too sure about him trying
to reinvent their shop, though.

Would yer?


- Not a fan of gentrification, then?
- No.

Rachel Lim, she worked for you?

Yeah, till Scott pinched her.

Any concern about her honesty?

Rachel? No. Good worker.

Bad judgement,
trusting Scott Rhodes, though.

Did she ask for her old job back?

Well, I'd already filled
t'position, you know.


So, are these the bins you say
Scott was overfilling?

A bit late to go after him
for it now, in't it.

- This your lock-up?
- Yeah.

I see there's no padlock.
Is it always open?

Well, there's nothing valuable inside.

And did Scott ever dump stuff in here,

- as well as the bins?
- Well, how the hell do I know?

I mean, I don't go in there
every five minutes.



Look. What is going on?

What is all this stuff?

It's rubbish. It's from my refit.

Ah, was a month ago, wasn't it?


Look, I need to arrange a collection.

I just thought that the scrappers

might want to scavenge
some of the metal first.

Mmm. Anyone else use this lock-up?



Is this yours?

We also found a dented chip pan
in your lock-up.

Now, we're awaiting
forensic confirmation.

But we believe both these w*apon
were used to k*ll Scott Rhodes.

And you're saying,
you think I put 'em there?

That I had something
to do with his death?

Well, didn't you?

You said you were disgusted with Scott.

Right, does anything link them to me?

Besides where they were found?

Look, do you really think
if I had hurt him, if I had,

then that I would leave

the smoking g*n right
outside my own shop?

OK. Then, who else do you think
might've put them there?

Could be anyone!

I mean, you saw yourselves,
that area is not exactly secure.

That's how Scott managed to use me bins.

He was hardly hiding
his own m*rder w*apon, was he?

- Anything on them?
- Both were cleaned thoroughly.

But we found residual traces
of blood in the Kn*fe blade housing,

- inside the handle.
- Enough for a decent sample?

Enough to confirm a match
with our deceased. Or not.

I'll let you know when we do.

But if you're hoping for additional
DNA, to point to a perpetrator...

What? Nothing at all?

We might need something trickier
to scrub clean.

Ma'am. I'm struggling here
trying to find Scott having

this argument
with a mystery woman on Saturday.

What, there's nothing?

Well, the CCTV coverage isn't great.

Ah. So we still don't know
who this woman is?


I've got something,
on Scott's accounts, ma'am.

Those payments to him?

So? Where was the cash coming from?

He was passing it
through the other bank account.

But originally it came
from a personal account

in the name of Heidi Stokes.

So, who's she?

What's her connection to Scott?

Well, her main connection
isn't with Scott, ma'am.

It's with Carrie. Heidi Stokes
is Carrie's grandmother.

And when did a grandmother
come out of the woodwork?

I had to dig a bit.

Er, so Carrie's parents d*ed
in a car crash, years back.

And we knew she had a sister in Bristol.

But what we didn't know,

is that Heidi is
Carrie's paternal grandmother.

She implied she never saw family.

Yeah, never mind what Carrie implied.

I'm more worried about what Scott said.

- Scott?
- Yeah. To Sophie Jenson.

That lass he got up the duff.

She rattled off a list of people
Scott said he cared about.

And said he visited an old woman.

And you think that was...?

We need an immediate welfare
check on this Heidi Stokes.

I'm not waiting till we hear
what uniform finds.

Steph, pass us that address.

Hey, Joe! Joe! I'll drive.

We should speak to the first responders.

And we'll need the neighbours
talked to, as well. Joe!

Joe, wait.

We had to force entry, ma'am.

It's not looking good.

PARAMEDIC: Nice and gentle.

So, Scott was visiting her
because he cared, was he?

Uniform had to force entry.

Paramedics said
she was barely conscious.



They're getting some fluids
into her, now.

So she's covered in bed sores.

Likely from months of lying in here.

Do you need a minute?

Scott was taking her money, wasn't he?

He got Heidi Stokes' details
and arranged the transfers

from her bank account into his.

All the while leaving her in this state.

- And who else knew? Carrie?
- Well, we'll find out.

How could she not have?

Aye, you're right.

Come on. Let's bring her in.

- Arresting me on suspicion of what?
- Elder abuse.

Come on, love.
We'll talk about it at the station.

- Take care of the lad.
- Yes, ma'am.

Come on, keep going.

- Mum? What's going on?
- I don't know.

- Now, come on. Come on.
- Leave her alone!

- Station. Right now.

Wait. You can't just take her!

No! You can't take her!

Step back! Now!

- Get off me!
- DI Ashworth!

- What do you think you're doing?
- Leave me alone!

- Mum!

Get off.

Calm down. You need to calm down.

Just tell me what's happening.

Just gonna ask your mam
a few questions. OK?

I'm sorry. That was unprofessional.

Well, I should hate to step
out of line round your house.

It was just seeing that woman,
in that helpless state.

And knowing what me dad's been through

You know, if someone had...

Maybe you were right, about me working.

Well, maybe you should step aside,
Joe. We can manage.

All right, if you'll excuse me, ma'am.

- Ma'am. Carrie's being processed.

- She's ready to be interviewed.
- Ah, right.

OK. Is there anything else
I need to know?

Er, uniform spoke
to one of the gran's neighbours,

who identified Scott's photo.

Confirmed that he went in and out.
Always seemed pleasant.

And also, she said there was a woman
hanging about on Saturday

and she rung
Heidi's doorbell several times.

Did you get a description?

Mid-30s. Brunette, ma'am.

- Could that be Carrie?
- Er, we could check.

Do a virtual line-up with the neighbour?

That's a good idea.

And did this brunette enter the house?

Er, the neighbour says not.

So if it was Carrie,
she couldn't get in?

Er, maybe Scott controlled access?

Er, one more thing, ma'am.

The neighbour said that Scott
himself showed up at midday.

And the woman was still there.
And they argued.

Maybe Carrie hadn't known
what Scott was up to,

and found out somehow?

Would give her a motive to hurt him.

Well, let's see what she says.

Now DI Ashworth has been called away
on a personal matter.

Steph. Do you want to join?

Yeah. Yeah. Of course.

We don't have any photos
of your gran herself as yet.

But perhaps you can imagine
an emaciated, vulnerable old woman.

The state she was in.

And we have evidence he was helping
her set up internet banking.

DC Duncan.

Relevant paperwork
collected from her house.

Scott visited the bank's website
from his work laptop.

He was syphoning off her cash, love.

Set up regular payments to himself.

Used it to buy fancy clothes!

I didn't know he was doing that.

Ah, but you knew
he was visiting your gran?

Why weren't you doing that?

You never even mentioned you had a gran.

Cos I haven't seen her in years.

When I got pregnant, Gran disapproved.

Even after Mam and Dad d*ed
and I was on my own.

My sister'd run off.

Scared to end up like me.

I was left working crappy jobs.

No support. No money for childcare.

And Gran still didn't wanna know.

It must have been you
who put her and Scott in touch.

She had a stroke earlier this year.
Minor one.

The hospital called me.

And they told her she was
gonna need home care, hmm?


My sister hadn't been around for years.

Scott saw I was torn.

Said he could help. Check in on her.

Sort a cleaner. Meals on wheels.

I started to think
maybe I could visit her...

Oh, so why didn't you, love?

Scott said Gran didn't want me there.

Was still bad-mouthing me,
even when she was weak.

Scott's been dead five days, love.

Did you not think to check in on her?

I've been trying to get my head
straight. Be there for Tyler.

Besides, he told me
all the support was set up.

If I had known
he was taking her money...!

You'd have what, love?

Did you think he was nicking
your inheritance, is that it?

- What? No!
- Hmm.

Did that make you angry?

Look, I didn't know he was in debt!

I didn't know he was cheating!

He took me for an idiot!

We have a witness can place
a dark-haired mid-30s woman

at Heidi's house on Saturday.

Well, it wasn't me.

I haven't been there
since my parents d*ed.

- So, do we keep hold of her?
- What?

Well, of course we do!

Maybe someone else found out

that Scott was mistreating Heidi
and helped Carrie to punish him.

Well, Paula did say there were
possibly two assailants.

Yeah, well, Ollie Keeble? Tyler?

Ollie AND Tyler?

Look, I want
everyone's alibis going over.

We can access Carrie's phone, too.

Kenny, did Mark set up that virtual
ID yet, with Heidi's neighbour?

Mark's gone down himself, ma'am.

Er, the hospital rang, ma'am.
Heidi's awake.

Well, maybe she can tell us herself,
if Carrie was there.

Ah, no. This is best one-to-one, Steph.

You get on with Carrie's phone.

That's Scott. He visits. Helps me.

I haven't seen him for a few days.

- Haven't I?
- Oh, no, you won't have done, love.

So, how'd you meet him?

Scott? Oh. My granddaughter.

Last time I was here.

In hospital. A stroke.

And he helps you, does he?

I was suspicious at first.

But he was so polite.

And helped me organise
all kinds of things.

And did Carrie never visit?


Aye, your granddaughter.

Aye. Little Carrie.

I really wanted to see her.

Scott told me she wouldn't come.

- You're with the police?
- Aye. That's right, love.

And where's Scott?

Has something happened?

Now, I just want to know
if Carrie came to visit you, pet.

- Carrie?
- Aye.

- Your granddaughter.
- Granddaughter.

Oh. I saw her.

And when was that, love?

- When?
- Mmm.

Must've been... I...

I saw her through the window.

Paula. You've found something?

We've found some cleaning cloths
among the general waste

with blood on them. Results aren't back,

but hopefully we can confirm
the blood on the clothes

and the Kn*fe is Scott Rhodes.

Oh, tell me there's something else?
Other DNA?

It's possible.

Er, if we find any,
I'll obviously try and match it.

How was Heidi, ma'am?

Well, she suggested Carrie
had been outside the house.

But I doubt her testimony
would stand up in court.

- Mark! Did you see Heidi's neighbour?
- Er, yeah.

She didn't pick Carrie's photo, ma'am.

Said that she couldn't be sure.

But seeing as you needed
alibis double checking,

I called in on the warehouse
that Carrie works at

and spoke to the manager.

Now they confirmed
that she started her shift on time,

but that she left early
because of a family matter.

Did she? How early?

Missed the last few hours.

So, 12:30, maybe?

Erm, said she was picked up
in a car by someone.

Manager reckoned it was a woman.

I've requested the car park CCTV.

Hang on, Tyler told us he saw
a woman arguing with Scott.

And he thought it was his mam, at first.

Now could that be the woman
outside Heidi's house?

She's just told me that she saw her
granddaughter through the window.

But Carrie has a sister, doesn't she?

Crystal Hawton.

And now you're telling me
a woman picks her up from work

in the middle of the night.

We need to find this sister.

And my guess is she's not
in Bristol. Get onto it.


Are you still here?

- Nice.
- Er, that was the hospital, ma'am.

Heidi's got a visitor.

And we know it's not Carrie.

Cos she's banged up here!

- 'Transactions confirm Sunderland.'
- OK.

- Yeah, thanks, Mark.
- What?

Crystal Hawton's bank card's
been used in Sunderland.

Now we think she's travelled
from Bristol last Friday.

Yeah, day before Scott was k*lled.

Yeah, and er, she rented
a short-stay accommodation.

Right. Get Steph to pull a photo
of Crystal from anywhere.

Get it circulated,

and I want uniform at
the hospital to meet us!

Yes, ma'am.


Why the curtains drawn?

- Er, Heidi Stokes, love. Is she OK?
- Yeah, she's fine.

Does she have a visitor?

Yeah, she has had a visitor.

You should be with your dad.

He's comfortable.
There's nothing more I can do there.

At least I can be useful here.

You're no used to me, Joe.
Not in the mood you're in.

You see me struggling, I'll go.

It's definitely Crystal, ma'am!

Er, the nurse has just identified
the photo that Steph sent.

She said she's only just left.

Well, she could still be
in the building.

Check this floor first.

Then main reception
and alert hospital security.



Is that her?


Hey! Wait!

She's heading for the car park.
After her!

Sorry. Police.



Dropped these?
You're coming with me, Crystal.

Ma'am. Carrie's call logs.

- And what's this number?
- Crystal's.

Rang Carrie several times last Saturday.

We also found several demands

from credit card providers
inside her car.

Well, maybe she needed money.
Maybe that's why she came home?

There's also bruising
to her wrist and neck.

- Bruising?
- It's fading, but still visible.

She's refusing a medical examination.

Are they left or right-handed?

Carrie left, Crystal right.

Spotted when they were being booked in.

- Mark?
- Ma'am.

You stayed away for years,
didn't you, Crystal?

Determined not to end up
like your sister? Pregnant.

- And stuck in dead-end jobs.
- And you didn't.

You had a very different life.

Till it went wrong.

Crystal needed money, didn't she?
So, she comes home.

Goes to see your gran.

Maybe hoping for a hand-out.

Now it was Crystal the neighbour
saw, outside the house, not you.

And phone records confirm
that she then called you.

Did she say she was worried
about what she'd seen

- through Heidi's windows?
- No comment.

We know that Carrie rang Scott.

And he turned up at Heidi's.

You confronted him. Right? Argued.

We've a witness to another argument.

Later on that day in town.

Was there a third one, Crystal?

Did you meet Scott that night?

Maybe he asked to
at the chip shop, after it closed?

No comment.

It's no good pretending any more, love!

Crystal's car was caught on CCTV
picking you up, from work.

And then you both went to that
chip shop together, didn't you?

No comment.

What about the bruises on your neck?

Did a discussion with Scott
get a bit out of hand?

Turn into a fight?

No comment.


- They've agreed not to talk.
- Course they have!

There's plenty of circumstantial
evidence to say

that they went to the chip shop,

but nothing definitive,
to put them there.

So, let's find something.
Track their movements.

ANPR on Crystal's car.

Cell site data and GPS
from both their phones.

In the meantime,
let's go harass a pathologist.

Do you know how many strings
I pulled to get

these results fast tracked?

The blood on the cloths
is confirmed as Scott Rhodes'.

And yes, we did manage
to recover additional DNA.

Before you get excited,
it's not a match for Carrie

or Crystal Hawton's sample.

So what can you tell us from this DNA?

It's a man's.

Carrie and her sister were there.

I'd lend money on it.

Crystal was onto Scott.

She picks up Carrie at gone midnight.

And now we're told there was
a fella there, too. Unknown to us?

Well, I think we have to assume
we do know him.

But who?

I mean, it wasn't that fisherman fella.

His late-night poker game checked out.

Well, we can forget about Ross Simmons.

And we can let Ollie Keeble go
back to his football,

cos neither
of their DNA samples matched.

And Tyler would be a familial
match to his mam, and Crystal.

Not that I can imagine a teenager
getting the kitchen that clean.


How could...

Listen, whoever cleaned
that kitchen... was diligent.


And familiar with the place...

Ant Daleson,
he left the shop just after closing.

His mum confirmed he was at home.

He was there when his brother
was rushed to hospital.

- Joe, who made the 999 call?
- His mam.

Did he go in the ambulance?


I don't know, but I mean...

It would explain
the job not being finished.

Get Mark to check
with the attending paramedics.

Did they actually see him
in the family home?

And if they didn't,

get them to find out how
and when he did get to the hospital!


Hi. Sorry, love.

We need to have a little chat.


So, what's this about, then?

Cleaning cloths, love.

Found in Pat Helliwell's bins.

The ones used to scrub Scott's blood
from the chip shop kitchen.

And we believe your DNA is on them.

Cos you were there when it happened,
weren't yer?

With Carrie and Crystal Hawton.

All three of you.

I went home after work.

Well, according to the paramedics
who attended for your brother,

only your mam was at home with Finlay.

We've seen your phone logs.

We know that your mam called you

just after she called for an ambulance.

Now, why would she do that?

Call you, if you were
already in the house with her?

Well, I... I must've been.

You were still at work, love.

Still at Simmons Chip Shop.

And you took a taxi to the hospital.

See, it didn't make sense to me,

why someone would do all
that cleaning up

and then leave his body behind.

Didn't even dispose
of those cloths very well.

Not to mention the chip pan.
Or the Kn*fe.

But it was because of
your brother, wasn't it?

You needed to get to the hospital
for Finley. And your mam.

Just finished cleaning up when she rang.


Wondering where I was.

I asked mam to lie about
when I came home.

So you hid the body out of sight,

planning to come back
the next day to deal with it?

But Rachel Lim ruined that plan.

I'm sorry she had to see that. Scott.

He only cared about himself, really.

Didn't he? Not the shop.

Or Carrie. Tyler.

Tyler would come in sometimes.

Reminded me of our Finn.

I'd slip him a fish supper.

So, what happened that evening, love?

Scott were rude to Rachel.

Ruder than usual.

I got upset. Left early
and I just... walked round.

Over an hour. Trying to calm down.

- But then you went back to the shop?
- Yeah.

I were hoping Ross was still there.

Wanted to say summat.

But Ross had gone and so had Rachel.

And there was Scott.

He were attacking a woman.

And that ain't right.

And then what?

I got involved. And... k*lled him.


- What?
- Well, how'd you k*ll him?

I shouted.

And Scott went for me.

So I... I grabbed something.

Hit him.

And that was it?

No. I...

I snatched a Kn*fe from the side, too.

And I stabbed him.

- YOU did?
- Yeah.

And afterwards, Crystal told me
why Scott went for her.

And how they knew what he'd done
to their gran.

That blow to the head would've
been enough to stop him.

- Why'd you s*ab him as well?
- I was... angry.

Now, you remember
the first day we met, love?

You made us tea, in that lovely pot.

What? What? Yeah. Yeah, what?

Well, when you poured the tea...
you used your right hand, love.

It was Carrie, wasn't it,
who stabbed him?

She took the Kn*fe in her left hand

and stabbed him in his right side.

Now, you listen to me, love.

You stumbled into that fight.

You just wanted to talk to Ross.

No idea Scott was still there.

You certainly,
had no intention of k*lling him.

Now, if you take full blame for this,

you're looking at 15 years inside,
pet, minimum.

I k*lled him.

I'll take the full blame.

No, don't do this, love,
just don't do it!

I did it!

JOE: I see.

No. No.


He's taking it all on himself
to protect Carrie,

cos she was nicer to him
than Scott ever was!

And Tyler. Knew they'd be separated.

Well, he's gonna be separated
from his brother!

Him and his mam!

What's up?

Er, that was Celine on the phone.

Calling from the hospice.

They tried calling earlier.
To tell us I should...

Doesn't matter now, though.
It's too late.

He's gone.

Hey, Joe, I...

'There's no point
in still keeping quiet, pet.'

It all fits.

We've got ANPR flags on Crystal's car.

Heading towards the chip shop
and then back again within the hour.

Plus we've got GPS data on your phone,

which confirms everything
that Ant Daleson told us.

What... What'd he tell you?

That he'd k*lled Scott.

That he was planning
on taking the full blame.

But it was you who stabbed him?
Wasn't it?

Oh, I can understand
you being angry with Scott.

After everything he'd done.

And I don't believe
you intended to k*ll him.

Things just got out of hand,
isn't that what happened?

And I know you're not gonna let that
sweet fella

take the full rap.


It happened so fast.

Scott went for Crystal.

Then Ant.

I don't even remember grabbing
the Kn*fe.

So, he hit him, and you stabbed him.

Yeah, I did.

Well, I need to hear you say it, pet.

I stabbed Scott.

I just... I had to stop him.

Well, I'm sorry, to tell you Carrie.

You will be charged
with the m*rder of Scott Rhodes.

Room for one more?

- Call it a thank you.
- Oh.

For what?

Getting you back on the team?

Giving you advice you ignore?

So, you got a confession
from Carrie, then?

Justice was done.

I suppose you could say that. Erm...

We got the ANPR,
and GPS evidence to place her there.

Plus, we had a chat,
I told her what Ant was planning

and gave her a little perspective.

- What a mess.
- Aye.

So that least now
you can concentrate on your family.

Funeral arrangements sorted?

Aye. Tuesday. 2pm. St Mary's.

Up in Palmersville.

Aye. I know it.


You're ambitious, Joe.

And you take your work seriously.

And you'll go far.

I've always known it.

But career, money, and all
the other things people chase after.

They're not what people remember
in the end?

- No, they're not?
- No.

No, it's people.

Your people.

You know, you don't have to be
the strong silent type as a dad.

Is that why you stay up here?

You wanna make a connection to your dad?

We were on different paths.

But I'm glad we ended up
in the same space.

Ah, well. It makes it easier
to keep people at a distance

No, I have my people, Joe.

Not living with me, thank God.

And no family any more.

- But colleagues.
- Here's to that, eh?

To colleagues. And to fathers lost.

Aye. To colleagues.

And to fathers still with us.


- That's a lovely drop.
- You can come again.


I'm glad you liked that.
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