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St. Patrick's Day Movie Collection.
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Wendell & Wild (2022)

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[street noises]

[wind blowing]

[melancholic tune plays on music box]

[doors rattling]

["Ma And Pa" by Fishbone playing]

♪ There once was a ma that wanted her... ♪

[man] Are you kidding me?

Rust Bank Brewery
is the heart of this town.

No deal, Mr. and Mrs. Klaxon.

- [man on phone] Do you realize who I am?
We are not selling the brewery.

Not to you or anyone else.

- [man on phone] Wait, wait!
Got it?

You shut that down, Delroy?

It's over, Wilma.

I told him more beer, less prisons.


- Did real good here too!
- [money rattles]

I love that!

My library is set for the year.

- [child belches and laughs]
- [man laughs]

- [Wilma] Time to go, Kat.
- Okay. [laughs]

- Before you put Mr. Fawzi out of business.
- [Kat] Daddy!

- [Delroy chuckles]
- [Fawzi] Bye-bye, Kat!

[Kat laughs]

["Ma And Pa" continues]

What's that, Kat?

Uh... Uh, dessert! [chuckles]

No, honey, you'll pop.

[engine starts]

["Germ Free Adolescence"
by X-Ray Spex playing]

[thunder rumbles]

Delroy, honey, pull over.
I don't like this.

W-We'll be fine, Wilma.

Look, almost home.

♪ I'd like to get to know you... ♪

- [crunches]
- [thunder crashes]


- [screams]
- What, baby?

Watch out!

[brakes squeal]

[Delroy] No!

[Kat screams]

[Wilma] Delroy!

[Delroy groans]

[Kat] Daddy!

- Kat, you need to swim like we taught you.
- [Kat] No!

- Mama! Aren't you coming?
- Right behind you, baby!

Mama, I'm scared!

Now, listen to me, baby.

- You need to take a deep breath.
- [Kat whimpers]


[inhales sharply]

Now, go!

[dramatic music playing]

[gentle ethereal music playing]

[teenage Kat] One scream,
and my parents were gone.

Figured I'd just hate myself
for the rest of my life.

But... fate had other ideas.

They say everyone's got demons, right?

[voices laughing faintly]

[teenage Kat] My demons have names.

- [laughing continues]
- [siren wails in distance]

[demonic voice] Soul Jockeys!
On the double!


[demonic voice laughing]

Welcome to the scariest place
in the Underworld.

I'm your host, Buffalo Belzer,

and this is the Scream Faire!

- [laughing]
- [souls screaming]

["Ghost Town" by The Specials playing]

- [screaming]
- [stomach rumbles]

[pulse throbbing]

[screaming continues]

♪ This town ♪

♪ Is coming like a ghost town ♪

[souls gasp]

♪ All the clubs have been closed down ♪

♪ This place ♪

♪ Is coming like a ghost town ♪


♪ Bands won't play no more ♪

[souls exclaim]

♪ Too much fighting on the dance floor ♪


- [Belzer laughs]
- [screaming]

- [sizzling]
- [screaming]

Ooh, ouch.

- [chains snap]
- [screaming]

[Belzer] Look at you go!




[hairs chiming rhythmically]

[gulps] Ah!

[mimics chiming]




[continues mimicking chiming]

- [groans]
- [brakes squeal gently]


Okay, that's it!
W-W-Wild, you're doin' it again!

- Doing what, Wendell?
- Stealin' the hair cream!

That's just a bad plug right there.
That's what that is.

- Why'd you plant it?
- It's not a bad plug.

You're depriving that plug
of its rightful nutrients.



Need I remind you?

It's your fault
Belzer put us in jail for treason!

And if he goes bald,

he'll skin us both alive!

[Wild] Both?

I'm not worried, Wendell.
You're the one sh**t' blanks.

- [Wendell growls] Get... Get... Hey!
- Oh!

As your older brother,
I demand you regurgitate that cream!

Now, why would I do that? Wendell...

fresh cream ain't gonna
revivify a bad plug.

Did you just admit
you've been stealing it?

- Uh-huh.
- Why?!

'Cause it tickles my tummy.

That's the dumbest thing I've...
What? [choking]


[coughs] I'm gonna k*ll you!
I'mma throttle you from here to next Tue...

[stomach rumbles]

Oh, hey, you right!
That does feel kinda good.

- Yeah, and the best part...
- Oh?

Three, two, one,


Ooh, yeah!


- [both exclaim happily]
- [trippy, ethereal music playing]

- Whoa.
- [both chuckle]

[both laughing]


I'm having a... a vision, Wild!

[Wild] A green-headed girl.

You see her too?

I do.

She seems so real!


[Wild] Deaky!

[Belzer] Get up!

- My mutinous sons!
- [both exclaim]

- [Belzer] And back to work!
- [Wendell] Whoa! Uh, whoa!


I felt her hand.

Me too!

["River" by Ibeyi playing]

[Kat] With my folks dead,
the next five years were hell.

Yeah, I got into a little trouble.

Okay, a lot of trouble.

But at 13,

I got a do-over
at this fancy girls' school, RBC.

Only problem...


...it was back in Rust Bank.

♪ Come to your river ♪

♪ I will come to your river ♪

♪ I will come to your river ♪

♪ Come to your river... ♪

[breathing heavily]

♪ Wash my soul ♪

♪ I will come to your river ♪

♪ Wash my soul again ♪

[brakes squeak gently]

[Kat continues breathing heavily]

[crows cawing]

You okay, Kat?


The bridge. You had a panic att*ck.

I'm fine, Ms. Hunter.



[voices speaking cheerfully]

[Kat] Dad's brewery.

When did it burn down?

It was at your parents' memorial.


You were already
in the group home upstate.

You didn't need more bad news.

Was anyone hurt?

It was bad.

[melancholic music playing]

[Kat] Home definitely wasn't
what it used to be.

Seems that brewery fire
had a domino effect,

and the whole town had d*ed.

What's this Klax Korp?

[gasps] My old house!

[Kat] Good memories...

they can hurt the most.

But it wasn't just a do-over.

Something else up at that school
was pulling me back.

Something that knew what I was

before I did.

[gentle nostalgic music playing]

[engine backfires in distance]

[engine rumbles faintly]

[church bells chiming]

[brakes squeal softly]

[Ms. Hunter] Rust Bank Catholic.


[Kat] Townies call it "Crust t*nk."

Okay, townie.

What sort of girls go here?

Prize poodles. All Best in Show.

Whoa! It's Dad's Cyclops!

[Ms. Hunter] Some other stuff too.

Rust Bank Catholic was the first school
to sign up for "Break the Cycle."

I promised you would behave.

Yeah, well, I didn't.

Can you at least try?

I bet my grandma's
fry bread recipe on you.

What the... What?

So, you make this work!

- [animal bleating]
- [gasps]

- [bleating]
- [Kat] Huh?

- Pinch!
- Punch!

First of the month!

- [all laughing]
- [girl] Now you say...

- "A slap and a kick for being so quick."
- [Kat] What?

Too slow!

No returns!

- [all laugh]
- [bleating]

We are... Siobhan!



- And this is Gabby Goat.
- [bleats]

Welcome to...

RBC Girls!


- Don't be shy, Katherine Koniqua Elliot.
- It's Kat!

We've noodled up another idea.

It's the cutest!

[both] Kay-Kay!

Ugh! No, thanks!

New name, new beginning!

It's your do-over, Kay-Kay.

- And we're going to help you heal.
- [snaps fingers]

There's holistic goat yoga each noon.


Feed your soul, not your waistline.

Evenings, we meditate for the environment.

The earth resonates beneath our bums.

And best of all...

Our "Fashion for World Peace" event!

Who knows?
"Prison Chic" could be the next big thing.

Now, let's get you moved in.

Hey, don't touch!

- What is it?
- It's vintage.

Touched it!


[suspenseful music playing]

[energy pulses]

- [grunts]
- [groans]

- What the...
- [voice laughs]

Hey, you!

[Siobhan] Did you see what she did?

Kay-Kay just saved my life!


Let go of me!

- This way, Miss Elliot.
- [nun] Headmaster's waiting.

[bleats happily]

What's going on, Siobhan?

How did she see it coming?

I don't know.

But I have a feeling Kay-Kay's
the best thing to happen here

in a long time.

[bleats groggily]

- [cheerful French choral music playing]
- [knocking at door]

My door is always open!

Ah! Welcome home, Miss Elliot,

to Rust Bank.


- [accelerating]
- [exclaims]

- Whoa! [groans]
- [both groan]

[treadmill whirs to a stop]


[grunts] Oh, ow.

- Ooh!
- [back cracks]

And welcome to RBC Girls!
[chuckles nervously]

I am Father Level Bests.

And now, you're gonna kick me out.

Oh, no!

You just arrived, Miss Elliot.

But you shoulda broke your back.

I... [laughs]

Uh, God willing,
we're going to break the cycle.

A second chance for girls like you. Yeah.

This school's in trouble, isn't it?
You need that "Break the Cycle" money.

Ah, and you... You need a fresh start.

I told them,
bring this damaged child home.

Surround her with the best and brightest,
and Katherine Koniqua Elliot...

[Kat] It's Kat!

...will flourish.


You're an RBC Girl now. [laughs]

[nun grumbles]

- [cell phone rings]
- Huh?

A-ha. The Klaxons.

[hissing and rattling]

[intriguing mellow music playing]

[nun] Do not dawdle.

[hisses, stops rattling]

["I Am a Poseur" by X-Ray Spex playing]

♪ I am a poseur, and I don't care ♪

♪ I like to make people stare ♪

♪ I am a poseur, and I don't care ♪

♪ I like to make people stare ♪

♪ Exhibition is the name ♪

♪ Voyeurism is the game ♪

♪ Stereoscopic is the show ♪

♪ Viewing time makes it grow ♪

♪ Grow, grow, grow, grow ♪

- [music plays faintly]
- [door slams open]

- [music gets louder]
- [all gasp]

[Sweetie] Whoa.


♪ I like to make people stare ♪

♪ I am a poseur, and I don't care ♪

♪ I like to make people stare ♪

♪ My facade is just a fake ♪

♪ Shock, horror, no escape... ♪

- [music stops]
- Huh.

You're the assassin!

No, that brick was loose.

Eyes ahead. You're drawing attention.

- Thank God you saved her.
- I didn't.

- She got lucky.
- She, uh...

We used to be friends.

You liked that prize poodle?


Why were you up that tower?

It's an art project
for when the snow melts.

I'm Raúl.

I don't do friends, Raúl.

Bad things happen to people I'm close to.

Like what?


[whispers] They die.



[wheels rattling]



Sorry I'm late.

Adaptable nature.


Now, this spectacular creature
is called Thaumoctopus mimicus,

the mimic octopus.

[mysterious music playing]

It's the only creature that can change
its body shape to fool predators and prey.

[taps softly]

[Siobhan] Holy biscuits!

[Sloane] Ooh!


[Kat] Wow!

[Sweetie] Oh, my!


That's amazing.

Now, you look like an adaptable girl.

It's Kat.

Well, come on up, Kat.
Get a close-up of this marvelous mollusk!

[all] Kay-Kay!

[tapping heavily]

[menacing music playing]

- [hits glass]
- [gasps]

- [Siobhan] Oh, no!
- What's happening? [exclaims]

- [Siobhan] Gabby!
- [rumbling]

[Sweetie continues exclaiming]

- [electricity crackles]
- Ahh!

[breathing heavily]

[nun] Okay.

Slow, deep breaths, Kat.

[breathing slows]

Um, let's take a look.

- Oh!
- [Kat gasps]

What's... What's on my hand?

Ah, okay.
You've never seen this before, right?


Uh, well, the mark proves
that you're special, Kat.

But it has to be our secret.


- [nun] That's how I can protect you.
- Protect me from what?

That stupid octopus. It bit me, right?

- It wasn't the octopus.
- You're just protecting your job!

Tell no one, Kat!

So, what do we believe
just happened? Sweetie?

[gasps softly] Kay-Kay is a sorceress!

No, she's clearly telekinetic.
Her mind can move matter.

Well, I would posit
that Kay-Kay is an interrupter.

A disturber of the status quo.

Oh, come on, Siobhan, leave her alone.

It's none of your business, Ramona.

- [sighs]
- I'm sorry, Raúl. I keep forgetting.


Look at it.

Our faire is so much better
than Belzer's dump!

But you couldn't keep your mouth shut.

I know.

I was braggin' to the wrong demon.

Duh! When Belzer found out,

he called this an insurrection,
a rebellion!

Now, we're stuck here for life!

Guess we got what we deserve.

"We"?! You have not g*n
to get what you deserve.

- [distant shrieking]
- [gasps]

[shrieking approaches]


[chirps and squawks]


- Whoa.
- It's a bearzabubble!

From the Land of the Living!

[childlike voice] Good news, cousins!

You've got a Hell Maiden!

[both gasp]

That's the girl in our vision!

Same one!

[childlike voice] Yes.
I've marked her hand so you'll know.

Marked her hand?

[childlike voice] Rejoice!

It's a new day in your miserable lives.

Hell Maidens are real, Wild.

Imagine! She could summon us
to the Land of the Living!

But... But demons aren't allowed up there.
I mean, Belzer claims it's dangerous.

Dangerous? Wild, he never even been there.

Then that's where we'll build our faire!

What?! [laughs]

That's amazing, Wild. You're right!
He would never know.

- [laughs] Stick it to the man!
- [Belzer snores, rumbles]

Shh! Not so loud.
We're right under his nose!

So what do we do now?

Think it's time to see our Hell Maiden.
Got any spare hair cream?

[laughs] Let the re-visioning begin.


[woman] Look at them.

[light jazzy music playing]

Bloody council members
in their tiny houses.

They blocked our prison before, Lane...

and I'll blow beets
if they block us again!


I'm not optimistic, Irmgard.

Can't bribe them,
and they're... they're too clever to be...

[mimics slashing] "...retired."

[man clears throat]

Well, I have good news.

We have a new girl at RBC.
[chuckles softly]

[ball rattles]

Full tuition!

Sweet Siobhan told Mummy all about her.

Now the state's paying him
to take in criminals.

That's our business model, Bests.
How dare you compete with Klax Korp!

[laughs nervously] Well, technically,
it's not competing if you have no prison.

- [grumbles]
- He's right, Lane.

We need our own council members
to win the vote.

Oh, yes, uh, the old-guard members.
They would vote for you!

Ooh! Where do we find them, Father?

In the finest mausoleums in the cemetery.

[both] They're dead?!

It's over, Bests.

We are no longer going to
prop you and your precious RBC up.

Irmgard, Lane, I vouched for you
the night of the brewery fire.


[whispers] Pop his clogs.

[menacing music playing]

What's that, then?

- [grunts]
- [Father Bests groans]

[Lane coughs and grunts]

[sinister organ music playing]

[ice shatters]

[Irmgard] Drowning is so peaceful.

[Lane] Indeed, sweet Irmgard.

[wind whistling]

- [slurps]
- [door creaks]

Really, Raúl, your art project, now?

It's the final part of the mural, Mami.

[cell phone rings]

- Hi, Irwin. ¿Que pasa?
[Irwin indistinct on phone]

What do you mean,
"alleviate the situation?"

- [Irwin indistinct on phone]
- But I am your top-earning paralegal.

My success rate is higher
than anyone on staff.

[Irwin indistinct on phone]

[groans softly]

But you know that I'm fighting
to keep my house, right?

What am I supposed to do now?
I have a son to feed.

No! A son, remember?


I'm still investigating the fire.

Look, Win, those workers were my friends,

my neighbors.

I... I know the Klaxons are dangerous.

But if I can link them to the fire,
we can stop the prison for good.

- All I need is an eye wit...
- [Irwin indistinct on phone]

Oh, so that's it? We're done?

Don't you dare hang up on me! [sighs]


[line ringing]

[phones ringing]

["The Wolf" by The Brat playing]

♪ The star-spangled wolf
Comes side to side ♪

♪ This land was made for all ♪

♪ So hard to grasp the logic ♪

♪ Coming from its rabid paw ♪

♪ You say this democracy ♪

♪ Believes in our equality ♪

♪ You lied ♪

♪ The wolf and the lamb ♪

♪ The wolf and the lamb ♪

♪ We are the lamb ♪

♪ The country runs right through us
And it... ♪

[airbrush whirring]

♪ Living off the poor man's labor ♪

♪ Sucking all our spirit dry ♪

♪ We say this democracy ♪

♪ Is laced with their hypocrisy ♪

♪ It's true ♪

♪ The wolf and the lamb ♪

♪ The wolf and the lamb ♪

♪ We are the lamb ♪

[gentle nostalgic music playing]

[gasps, winces]

[gently inhales, exhales]

I really, really need to talk to you.



[exhales heavily]

[dreamy, echoing audio]

[Delroy] Look, almost home.

- [crunches]
- [chittering]

- [screams]
- What, baby?

[Wilma] Watch out!

- [Delroy] No!
- [Kat screams]

- Delroy!
- [splashing]

[Wilma] Listen, listen to me, Kat.

You need to swim like we taught you.
All the way up.

- Aren't you coming?
- Right behind you, baby!

Mama, I'm scared!

Now, listen to me, baby.
You need to take a deep breath.

- [splashing]
- [inhales sharply]

Now, go!

[ethereal music playing]

[heart b*ating]

[water whooshing, bubbling]

[muffled scream]

[distant siren wailing]

[Kat gasps]

[coughs, breathes heavily]

- [chittering]
- [Kat gasps]

Who are you?
What are you doing in my dream?

Greetings, Hell Maiden!


Uh... [clears throat]
You... You've got the mark, right?

[nun] Tell no one, Kat!

What mark? I don't have a mark.

Sure, you do.

It's right there.


- What do you want?
- [Wendell gasps]

We are Wendell and Wild.

- Your personal demons.
- Who?

Well, you can summon us
to the Land of the Living.

- Why would I do that?
- 'Cause we'll give you whatever you want.

Huh. Only thing I want is my parents.

And they're dead.

Uh-huh. Conference.

- We can't raise the dead.
- Well, we do know how to lie.

Oh! I like that plan.

- No problemo!
- That's right! You do your bit...

And we'll bring 'em back alive.

That's ridiculous.

- Well, I mean...
- What do you got to lose?

[breathes deeply]

Fine. So what do I do?

- Okay, now, first, find Bearz-a-bub.
- [Kat] What's a Bearz-a-bub?

Finds Hell Maidens for demons.
Found you for us.

- Well, it marked your hand so we'd know.
- [Kat] Then what?

Then, you take it
to the grave site next full moon.

- It'll tell you what to do.
- [Wendell] Oh, yeah, one more thing!

[Wild] You gotta have a witness!

[Bearz-a-bub laughing in childlike voice]


[breathing heavily]


[mysterious music playing]

[exhales heavily]


- [floor squeaks]
- [grunts]

- [thuds]
- [groans]

[breathing heavily]

[door creaks]

[rattles softly]


[exhales heavily]

[suspenseful music playing]

- [rattling and thumping continue]
- [grunts]




[eerie music playing]


[man] Thief!

[melodic whistling in hallway]

[door creaks gently]

[whistling continues]

[tense music playing]

[Kat gasps softly]

[man humming melodically]

[man] Sister...

Helley is a...


- Huh?
- Eh?

[exclaims] Come back here, spy!


- [thuds]
- Hmm?

Oh, Helley.

You should have returned it.

Now, we'll both be in the dark.

Wakey-wakey, souls of the danged!

It's your Scream Faire Daddy! Say my name!

[all] Belzer!

Say my name!

[all] Belzer!

[Belzer] Say my name!

[souls in distance] Belzer!

[hairs chime rhythmically]

Jeez! Can... Can you believe
that vainglorious blowhard?

It's love him, can't leave him.

Danged souls have to praise him!

At our faire, folks'll be lined up
wantin' to get in!


Only, how are we gonna pay for it?

I know how.

[Wendell] Yes, Wild?

[Wild] Remember that rich soul
of the danged?

What, the... the Nigerian Prince?

[Wild] Yeah. He said
if we helped him escape, he'd...

[Wendell] That's nothing but a scam, Wild!

[Wild] That's sound financial planning!

How 'bout I snap your horns off,
rub 'em together, and make a fire?

Ugh! Disgusting!

[whimsical music playing]


[tick squeals]



Stop the cart. Stop the cart!

- All right, okay!
- [giggles]

That tick was dead.

Why you messin' with me, Wild?
We got a serious problem to solve,

and... and you up here talkin'...


[mysterious music playing]


Do it again!


See, Wendell?

I bet folks would pay a lot
to come back from the dead, right?

Yeah, sure, only that was just a tick.

We need to test the cream
on something bigger.

[Wild] Hey, Spark Plug...

[gentle classical music playing]

[mewls happily]

Uh, what if we can't
bring him back to life?

I couldn't live with myself.

Me neither.

[Wendell sighs]

Look, a full moon'll be rising soon!

Got our very own Hell Maiden
to summon us up!

We'll dig up her parents
and test the cream!

And if it works?

There'll be plenty of dough
to build our faire! [laughs]

Oh! Gonna need transportation funds.

[tick chittering]

[cheerful French choir music playing]

[both]...we commend our brother...


A full moon.

[button clicks]

[whirring slowly]

[cheerful French choir music continues]



[all sobbing]

[Gabby breathes heavily]


[strains and growls]


Kay-Kay, sometimes it's harder
to let go when you've just met.

No, it's not.

Father Bests saved your life.

Maybe he was just trying
to save the school.

Kay-Kay, it's customary to cast
one's carnation on the lowering coffin.

Not Kay-Kay! Not my custom.

Time to say goodbye, Kay-Kay.

[growls] Fine!


- Oh!
- Aw!

[school bus engine starts]

- You're comin' with me.
- What for?

I need a witness, and you're it.

[gentle intriguing music playing]

[Kat grumbles] Why do those poodles
keep bothering me?

[Raúl] They want you to be like them.



Wow, you were a poodle too.

I... I tried to be but...

You're not nearly as annoying.

Siobhan's okay, considering her parents.

[Kat] Her parents?

[Raúl] The Klaxons. Klax Korp?

[Kat] She's a Klaxon?

[Belzer snoring]

[mellow music playing]

[Wendell grunts] There we go.

And... boom, done, okay.

Oh, gosh! Did I make
a sculpture or a mirror?

You know what I'm sayin'? [laughs]

Oh. Nope. That's not gonna work.


Well, there we go.


I'm doin' somethin'...
I'm doin' somethin' important.

Come on, Hell Maiden, summon us up!

[melancholic music playing]

Ms. Hunter said it was bad.


Come on.

My mother thinks the fire was on purpose.

Needs a witness to prove it.

[Kat] Hmm.

[bird hooting forlornly]

[exhales heavily] Your parents?

[Kat] Mm-hmm.

You're, uh, gonna make a shrine?


Okay, now, tell me what to do.

About what?

Not you, Raúl, the bear.

[grunts and grumbles]


[Bearz-a-bub] Hand me to the Hell Maiden.

Hell Maiden?


[Bearz-a-bub] Good. Now, repeat after me.

[Raúl] What's going on, Kat?

Look, I made a deal.
I'm bringing my parents back.



[Bearz-a-bub] Per Virginem
facultates, infernum...

Per Virginem facultates, infernum...

[Bearz-a-bub] ...aperire portas...

[Kat]...aperire portas...

[Bearz-a-bub] ...ut redeat
daemones parentibus.

...ut redeat daemones parentibus.

- [thunder crashes]
- [Bearz-a-bub giggles]

[Belzer snoring]

[cheerful eerie music playing]

[creatures squawking]

[Wendell] I've got the cream here.
I'm gonna put this...

- [energy pulses]
- [mimics neighing]

[Wendell gasps] It's the summoning!

- The summoning!
- The summoning spell!

- [squawks]
- The summoning spell!


Let's go!

Flap it! Flap it! Flap it! Flap it!

- Flap it! Flap it!
- [Wild] Here we go!

[Wendell] Attaboy, Sparky.
Attaboy, Sparky.

- [neighing stressfully]
- [Wendell] Shhh...

[Wild] Easy, Sparky, easy. Here we go...

[Wendell] Way to go, Soul Jockeys!

- [squawking]
- [Wendell exclaims] Whoa!

[Belzer snores, rouses]

[Soul Jockeys squawking]


- [Belzer groans]
- [Wendell moans in fright]

[whispers] Go back to sleep,
go back to sleep!

Ooh, that was close!

[Soul Jockeys squawking]

[cheerful eerie music continues]

[thunder crashes]

[earth rumbling]

[dramatic classical music playing]

[gasps] What?

[gasps] Yes!

[Sparky neighs]

[Sparky whimpers]

- [neighing]
- [Wendell] Hi-ho, Hell Maiden!

We're here!

- [chuckles]
- Whoo!

[Wendell] Um... Yoo-hoo?

Don't be shy, now!

[tense ethereal music playing]

No, no, please!

Come on!

Say something! Tell me what to do! Please!


[groans in frustration]

They lied to me!

[sighs sadly]


[tense ethereal music continues]

[Kat winces]


[chuckles nervously] Hi, Sister Helley.

Why weren't you two on the bus?

- Uh, Kat needed me to be a witness?
- It's my fault.

Didn't want to see
my parents' grave alone.

I see.

Well, we have a long, cold walk back.

[eerie music playing]

Eh, she'll show up at some point.


I say it's time to test the cream!

Look, a fresh-dug grave!

- Time to eat dirt, Sparky!
- [neighs]

[Sparky whirring]


[whines happily]


- [Wild] Here we go.
- [Wendell grunts]

Ooh, that is one
messed-up man of the cloth.

Sure, but if we can raise him up,
we can raise up anyone in the cemetery.

[grunts curiously]

- [Wild] Wendell?
- Mm-hmm?

[Wild] It's not working.



- [Wild] It worked!
- [Wendell] Whoo!

["Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate playing]
♪ I believe in miracles ♪

- [coughs]
- ♪ Where ya from? ♪

- [Wendell] Who did it?
- [Wild] We did it!

Dear God! I'm in Hell!

No way, Padre!

You're back
in good ol' Rust Bank, fully alive!

[chuckles nervously]

Thank you, Lord, for this miracle!

Not Him! We brought you back!

- What?
- Wendell and Wild!

You? But you're demons.

[Wendell] Don't worry, Padre.
We are the Magician Morticians.

The artistes of the afterlife.

[Wild humming melodically]

- [Wendell chuckles]
- [Wild] Okay.

♪ How did you know I needed you so badly ♪


[Wendell and Wild] Ta-da!

Y-Y-Your work is remarkable!

Now, as far as payment goes...

Um, uh, I have to pay you?

How much?

[Wendell] Everything you've got.

Yeah, we're gonna build
the best bemusement park ever!

- We're gonna call it the Dream Faire!
- Huh?

And you, and all your neighbors
around here, gonna pay for it.

I... I... I need to show you something.

- [Sparky] Huh?
- [Father Bests] Come.

This... is Rust Bank.

Take a look.

No jobs.

No banks.

No people.

Go ahead,

raise all the dead you want,

but there's no one here
to pay for this faire.

[both sobbing]

What's to stop us from puttin'
your janky ass back in the ground?

Yeah, your janky, t*nk ass.

- [dramatic music]
- [whooshing]

He's right, Lane.

We need our own council members
to win the vote.

Oh, yes, uh, the old-guard members.

They would vote for you!


W-W-Wait! Wait.

I just had a vision.

Uh, uh, the Klaxons, uh, would
gladly pay for your services.

- Enough to build our Dream Faire?
- With all the trimmings?

Uh-huh. All that,
and enough to save my school.

[Sister Helley] Well, here we are, Kat.

Just tell me one thing before you go.

Is our secret safe?



I know what you are, Kat.
You're a Hell Maiden.

But how could you know that?

I'm... kind of an expert.

And you do not want
certain parties finding out about you.

Why do you care about me?

I care because I was just like you.

[Kat] Oh, so you were stupid too!

- You aren't stupid, Kat.
- Stupid enough to get my parents k*lled!

Stupid enough to just watch 'em drown,

not even try to help!
Stupid enough to believe they could ever...

Stop! It couldn't have
all been your fault, Kat.

You're nothing like me!

[sad gentle music playing]

[sighs heavily]

- [gasps]
- [bleats]

We were so worried, Kay-Kay,
when you didn't get on the bus.

- Where were you?
- You gonna arrest me, Klax Korp?

- Arrest you?
- You are the prison people.

Why, yes, private prisons.

With trauma therapy,
full detox, and whole-being cleanses.

You ever been inside a private prison?

Well, no.

["Young, Gifted, Black, In Leather"
by Special Interest plays on boom box]


I didn't think so.

[Sloane and Siobhan cooing and laughing]

[Sloane] It's the cutest.

That dream you had...

Maybe it was just some students
messing with you.

I said they were demons, Raúl!

My personal demons. And they lied!

Hmm. Maybe demons aren't
the most trustworthy creatures

to make a deal with.


[mic feeds back on PA]

- [Father Bests] Good morning, RBC!
- [gasps]

[Father Bests]
It's your very own Father Bests.

Reports of my death
were greatly exaggerated.

- [chuckles]
- What?!

[Father Bests] So, I am back on the job,

guiding this glorious institution
into the future.

- [gasps]
- [bleats]

It's dear Father Bests!

- Alive!
- Oh, my God!

All right, everyone!

- Everyone, okay. Please, stay calm!
- [students squeal and shout]

- Just...
- It's got to be a miracle, right?

[exclaims happily]

- Whoo!
- [students cheer and laugh]

[sizzling, slithering]

[door rumbles]

- Come on!
- [grunts]


[suspenseful music playing]

[growls] They were supposed
to bring my parents back, not you!

[chuckles nervously]

Oh, uh, my-my... Oh, my!

Really, Miss Elliot?

[both] Ugh!

Perhaps, I'm just more important

than your parents.

Oh, you creepy old dude!

Forgive me, Father,
but you wouldn't even be here without Kat.

How is that, exactly?

She's the one who summoned those demons...

- [grunts] Shh!
- Ow!

Well, if you can't explain yourselves,

I have better things to do.

[mic feeds back]

Code seven, code seven!

Hostage situation in the headmaster's...

- What?!
- [Father Bests] Penguins deploy!

We're not holding you hostage.

Uh, children, life is precious.

[chuckles] Right now, you're wasting mine.

- Girlie, move it!
- [Kat groans]



[phone ringing]

[Lane] What the bloody hell?

Bests' phone!


[Sister Helley] Father Bests, undead.

- Hmm.
- How's it possible, Manberg?

Remember your first demon, Helley?

You were just 12 when we captured it.

Yes, made me summon demons,

just so you could add them
to your stupid collection.

I made you my right foot of justice,
and you quit on me!

It had nothing to do with justice!

It was entrapment.

It was wrong.

[groans mildly, grunts]

[Manberg chuckles]

There's a new Hell Maiden
at RBC, isn't there?

She's... She's safe!

My bear would've told me she'd arrived,

given me time to train and protect her.

But you stole it from me.

And the new Hell Maiden
has stolen it from you.


[air rushing]

I'll be waiting, Helley.

[cheerful accordion music playing]






- [chuckles]
- [music stops]

- No laughing.
- Back to work!


[cheerful accordion music resumes]

[second hand ticks loudly]

[light switch clicks]

Manberg was right.

- [both snoring]
- [accordion wheezes discordantly]


[locked door rattling]

[Sister Helley] Sister Daley!
Sister Chinstrap!

[suspenseful music playing]

- [both snoring]
- [knocking]

[Sister Helley] Come on, wake up!

You're going alone?

They're demons!

My demons, Raúl, my problem.

[suspenseful music intensifies]

[Sister Helley] Open the door.

- It's an emergency!
- Oh!

- [bangs on door] Chinstrap!
- Oh!

- [Helley] Wake up!
- Ooh!

Now, where are Kat and Raúl?




It sounded just like him on the phone.

It couldn't have been.

We drowned him right here.

[eerie music playing]

[both scream]

- You're supposed to be dead!
- You look bloody hideous!

I like my new look.

[Irmgard growls]

- [whimpers]
- Get him, Lane!

- [Lane] Come here, you little...
- [Klaxons grunting]

- [grunts]
- Oh!

Gonna pop your clogs permanently!

Wait! I-I-I can get you the votes!

- Ah!
- For our new prison?

- How?
- [sighs]

The council votes tomorrow!

[snaps fingers] These are my partners,

Wendell and Wild.

[mellow cheerful music playing]

Um, we raised Padre, here.

From the dead.

Now, they can raise
the old-guard members you need.

The ones rotting in the cemetery?

Sure! Have 'em all cleaned up,
ready to vote by morning.

- [both laughing]
- Yes!

Get those prison votes,

and we'll make you rich.

Rich enough to build our Dream Faire?


We'll pull the permits,
fast-track construction...

And Bob's your uncle!

[clears throat] What about my school?

Of course, Father.

RBC shall have
our full financial support now!


Those brewery workers are
in the same cemetery.


By the way, do you plan to raise
anyone else from the dead?

Well, uh, our Hell Maiden's parents...

No, no! No, no, no, no, no!

If you raise anyone else in the cemetery...

It's no funfair, no RBC money!

- What? Hey, wait a minute...
- I promise!

Just your voters
will be raised. [chuckles]

Fine. Toodle-pip!

[Wendell] Well, there they are, Wild.

[Wild] The old-guard graves?

Exactly. All parked in a row.

[Wild] How convenient!

[both laugh]

[Wendell] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

- [Sparky whinnying nervously]
- What's wrong, boy?


[both] Ow!

Where were you?

[both] Hell Maiden!

Stop! Stop it!

You promised my parents!

Ch... Wha... You weren't here!

Yeah, you weren't up in here.
So, we... we made Bests our guinea pig.

- Uh-huh.
- Check this out.

Ooh! What's that?

Oh, that's our secret sauce.

That stuff'll bring my parents back?

- Yep.
- Um...

Great! Let's go!

Klaxon said game over
if we raise anyone else!

- Ho-Ho-Ho-Hold on, now! Hold on.
- [Wendell] Not just yet! See...

That... That... That's not
how it works... anymore.

- Mmm.
- Well, first, you got to... to...

- [whispering]
- To swear allegiance.

- That's right!
- That wasn't the deal!

[clears throat] Hell Maiden,
do you promise to serve us...

[whispers indistinctly]

[both] For all eternity!

- You've gotta be kidding me.
- [Raúl] Stop, Kat!

- Stop!
- [Sparky groans]

- [whirring]
- Leave it, Raúl!

- The heck is he doin' up there?
- [fingers snap]



[in demonic voice] swear it.

[suspenseful music playing]



What'd you do, Wild?

Wasn't me, Wendell. Skull mouth did it.



Uh, for your first task...
[whispers indistinctly]

I know! Get us some take-out.
We're starving!

[gasps] Only place left
is... Fawzi's Falafel.

I'll help.

Oh, no.

You and Sparky got graves to dig.

Warned you, Raúl,
bad things happen to people I'm close to.

- [demonic voice hisses]
- [Wendell and Wild laugh]

[funky music playing]

[Wild] Come on, we haven't got all night.

[male singer] ♪ Let's wake 'em up ♪

[Wendell laughs]

♪ Don't be scared, come on ♪


[chorus] ♪ Raisin' the dead, what we do ♪

[Wendell] One...

♪ Do it, do it... ♪

[Wendell]...two, three, four, five...

♪ Do it, do it ♪

- [Wendell] Six.
- ♪ Wake up, dead man, work to do ♪

♪ Do it, do it ♪

- Ahh!
- ♪ This magic cream ♪

- Here we go!
- ♪ Will make our dreams reality ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

[all exclaim]

♪ Wake up, dead man, time to rise... ♪

- Welcome back!
- [shivers]

- Good to see you!
- [gasps]

[skeletons growl softly]

[both exclaim]

- ♪ This magic cream ♪
- [male singer] ♪ Yeah, sure ♪

[chorus] ♪ Will make our dreams reality ♪

Makeover time, let's go!

Makeover time!

♪ When the dead do the voting ♪


♪ Dreams come true
Dreams that come to life ♪

[Wendell] Come on out.

♪ Get up, dead man, don't be late
Get it, get it ♪

- Remember, vote pro-prison!
- [screeches]

[all moaning, growling]

♪ Vote for us, then celebrate ♪

[Wendell] Woo-hoo!

- Whoa, that group was challenging!
- Little dab to celebrate?


- What are you doing?
- [Wendell laughs]

Ticklin' our tummies.

Hey, we earned it.


There won't be any left for Kat's parents!

[slurring] I love
that little Hell Maiden, but...

If we raise her parents,

the Klaxons won't build our Dream Faire.



- [Wendell snores]
- [burps softly]

- [Sparky snoring]
- [Raúl groans]

[suspenseful classical music playing]

[Wild snoring]

[Middle Eastern music plays
faintly on speaker]

I am so happy you're back, Kat!

Rust Bank needs some bright colors.

Smells so good, Mr. Fawzi.

You want the hot sauce, right?

- Yeah.
- Take the whole bottle.

- And hey, don't be a stranger, hmm?
- Thanks.


[tense ethereal music playing]



[bird hooting in distance]

[dramatic choral music playing]






What... h-happened?

Uh, hey. You two need to head to town.

Find Kat.

[Wilma] Kat's here?


What's your name, son?

Raúl. Now, please, hurry!

[lid creaks]



- [gasps]
- You stole our cream, Raúl.

Raised up our Hell Maiden's parents!

[both roar]

[thunder rumbles]

Something ain't right up there.



Wake up, you bums.

Got a hair emergency.

Wake up, c'mon, wake up!


Ugh. You boys look terrible.



Soul Jockeys!

On the double!

[distant squawking]

[cheerful old-timey jazz playing]


What the...

- [growling cheerfully]
- [Kat gasps]




[both exclaim happily]

- [glass shatters]
- [groans]

[Kat] Hey!

[breathing hoarsely]




[party noisemakers blowing]

How many dead folks have they raised?




[exhales heavily]


[tender music playing]


- [energy pulses]
- Ah!

[mailbox rattles]

[energy whooshing]

[grunts and growls]


[door creaks]

["Germ Free Adolescence"
by X-Ray Spex plays faintly]

♪...If your gloves are sterilized ♪

♪ Rinse your mouth with Listerine ♪

♪ Blow disinfectant in her eyes ♪

[gasps softly]

[music playing clearly]

♪ He's a germ-free adolescent ♪

♪ Cleanliness is her obsession ♪

- ♪ Cleans her teeth and... ♪
- [records scratches]


Is that you, Kat?

You've grown so much!

Mom! Dad!

[eerie music playing]


[both whimper]

- [Wilma sighs]
- It's... It's okay.

I got you back.

- Aw!
- [Kat chuckles]

[Kat sobs happily]

[Wilma] Mmm.

It's so wonderful to see you, Kat,
but how is this possible?

Why are we alive now?

Doesn't matter, does it?

Hey! I still have the Cyclops, Dad.

That boom box could shake
a room. [chuckles]

And this too, Mom.

Was wondering where that went. Hmm.

[Delroy] I swear
I told these people no deal.

Damn Klax Korp signs are everywhere!

You're a lot tougher, aren't you?

Had to be,

since I...

I k*lled you.

You... You didn't k*ll us, Kat.

Only reason you crashed
is 'cause I screamed.

It was an accident, Kat.

You were only eight, Kat.

- [energy pulses]
- [Delroy] Your... Your hand!

- [groans]
- Whoa!

Wha... Wha... What?


Wh-Whoa! [grunting]

[Delroy breathing heavily]

[sighs] Look, I made this deal
with some demon brothers.

- Demons?
- Demons? Why?

Because they promised
to bring you back to life.

[laughs] And they did!

It wasn't demons. It was...
It was this kid, Raúl.


Said he was your friend.

I... I don't have friends.

- He's in danger, isn't he?
- Maybe.

If he's in danger,
then we gotta go help him.

But I just got you back!

Friends are like family, Kat.

We do whatever we can for them.

[grumbles fiercely]
Fine, fine! I'll take care of Raúl.

You two just stay in the house
where I can find you again.

Save him, baby.

But be careful.

[Wild] Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
What are we gonna do, Wendell?

[Wendell] If the Klaxons find out,
our faire is toast!

- [Wild] You gotta tell the Padre.
- [Wendell] No, you have to tell him.

[Wild] You're older, Wendell.
You have to do it.

[Sparky whirring]

Pipe down, Spark Plug!
Can't hear ourselves think!

- [thuds]
- [Sparky whimpers]

[suspenseful music playing]

[Sparky slurping]

[Raúl shivering]

[adventurous classical music playing]

[breathing heavily]


[Kat grunts]

[Sparky sniffing and grunting]

- Kat!
- Shh!

[demonic voice] I swear...


- You hear somethin'?
- [sniffs]

I smell somethin'. Our falafel dinner?

You greedy bug's turd!

You ate our Hell Maiden!

[Wild] Oh, and you ate
little Raúl as well.

I am literally traumatized!

I'mma miss this cream when it's gone.

Yeah, well, not as much as old Belzer.

[menacing music playing]

Where are they?

[squawks meekly]


So, you took my last two sons
to the Land of the Living?

[chirps meekly]

With my magic hair cream?


See? That wasn't so hard, right?


[muffled screaming]


Thanks for saving me.

We're still not friends, Raúl.



You stole Bearz-a-bub.

- [gasps]
- [demonic voice growls]

And you summoned your demons.

Let go! My parents are waiting.

Your... dead parents?

It was my fault they d*ed.

I had to get them back. Let go of me!

Demons can't bring back the dead.

Well, they had this magic hair cream.



Raúl, tell Kat's parents
I'll need her for a while.

[grumbles] Why should I do
anything you tell me?


[gasps] You too?

That's right.

- [grunts]
- [demonic voice growls]

[both grunting]

- [rattling]
- [demons grumbling]


- [Kat groaning]
- Manberg, we need your help.


My bear!

Oh, have you missed me, evil thing?

Now, Manberg.

Fine, fine.

[Kat groans]

- [screeching softly]
- [Manberg] Wow.

- She has sworn allegiance to her demons.
- [Kat grunts]

- [growling]
- And the fever is spreading.

My fault.

- Well, only one thing to do...
- [Kat straining]

Full quarantine!


[gasps] You...
You don't understand, Manberg.

Kat's demons are raising
an army of the dead!

A whole army, you say?

Yes! And we'll need
two Hell Maidens to stop them!

[whirring stops]

So, now what?

- [Kat groans]
- Blood-bind us, Manberg.

Blood-bind could k*ll you.

Just do it!

[Kat winces]


[ethereal choral music playing]

[energy surging]

Now, open the Redemption Chamber, Manberg.


[ethereal choral music intensifies]

- [speakers overlapping]
- [doctor] Worst bunions ever!

There's nothin' to be happy about anymore.

Don't need this kind of aggravation.

Some say Rust Bank is already lost,
a ghost town.

- Oy!
- So, why block Klax Korp again?

Because I know they caused
the fire that k*lled our friends

and destroyed this town.

- You're preaching to the choir, honey.
- Let's get to voting!

Of course, ladies.

All here in favor of Klax Korp Prison,
raise your right hand.

- [all] Boo!
- Over my dead body!

Now, all opposed.

- [doors rumbling]
- [all gasp]

[teeth chattering]

- [gasps]
- Ooh! Zombies?

- [Fawzi] Corpses!
- We're being invaded!

Uh, perdóname, but this is...
is council members only!

- [cheerful old-timey music playing]
- [all grunt]

Colonel Bumstrop, is that you?


- [arm thuds]
- [sighs]

My Lord, Cassandra,
it's the old-guard members!

But they d*ed! Years ago!

In my professional opinion,
these men are alive.

Come on, Doc, you're just a foot guy.

- [Colonel grunts]
- [doctor] Podiatrists are real doctors...


[clears throat]

It seems they do have a right to be here
and the right to vote.

Mariana, have you lost your mind?

I have to, Fawzi.
All living council members get to vote.


[sadly] All those in favor
of Klax Korp Prison,

raise your right hand.

[all grunt]


The yays have it, six to five.

Holy moly! Can that really be correct?

- Their votes actually count?
- [grunts cheerfully]


They won. [sighs]

- [Fawzi groans]
- [woman] No!

[Lane laughs] Finally!

Oh, excellent work, Father!

- Hear, hear!
- [glasses clink]

This'll keep you in wafers and wine.

Eh, my school and my partners thank you.


Ah, and bless you, my child.

[gasps] F-Father Bests!


Siobhan! [chuckles]

Come join the celebration!

We've finally won the vote!


Mummy, Daddy,
I know the truth about your prisons.

And what is that, Siobhan?

Well, you make a pile of money
for every prisoner you take.

So you pack them in like sardines,
provide crap food, crap medical,

dangerous conditions,
and zero rehabilitation.


I am proud of you, dear.

That's our business model, exactly.

Don't some people deserve
a second chance? Like Kay-Kay?

Oh, we love those Break the Cycle kids.

Going to bus them in
by the hundreds to your school.

Then, we make it impossible
for them to succeed there.

And when they fail...

Our new prison will be waiting
with open arms.

[horns honk in distance]

[menacing ethereal music playing]

You're really going to do it, aren't you?
Demolish Rust Bank?

[Lane] First thing tomorrow!

The governor's coming, the press.
Everybody will be there.

- [laughs]
- Promise you'll be there, Siobhan.

All smiles?

Uh, I have to go now.

I... I have to feed Gabby.

I want my promise!

[sarcastically] Oh,
I'll be there, Mummy. I promise.

That's my girl!

[glasses clink]

Kat, your memories
are what fuels the fever.

My memories?


Time to face your past.





[energy pulses]

[ethereal music playing]


- [chittering]
- [screams]

- [brakes squeal]
- [splashing]

[tense melancholic music playing]

[coffin lids slam]

[sign creaking]

[cash register rings]

[music intensifies]

[children chattering happily]

[laughing meanly]



[boy screams]

[gavel booms]

[camera flashing]

[Wendell and Wild laughing]

[in demonic voice] I swear it...


Your memories made this monster!





[groans] Ow!


- [groans]
- [monster laughs]

Make it stop, Sister Helley, please!


Only you can do that, Kat.

- [monster laughs]
- [groans]

It's too strong...

You are stronger!

Go on now, own your memories!

[grunts fiercely]


[chain rattles]

You've tortured me for years. [grunts]

[screeches meekly]

But you made me a survivor! [grunts]

[screeches and gasps]

And crazy powerful!

- [debris rattling]
- [screeches]


[air rushing]

- [thuds heavily]
- [debris rattles]

I'm in control of my life now!

- [grunts]
- [monster crashing]

Not you!


[Sister Helley screams] Kat!

Partners! Look!

We're rich!

Come on, what's wrong, huh?

We saved RBC and the faire!

[sighs] Can't keep that money.

- Why not?
- [Wendell] Um... [clears throat]

Raisin' the dead didn't stop
with the old guard.

You... You raised Kat's parents?

Wasn't us.

Was our ungrateful gravedigger!

Him?! Oh, no, no, no, no, no!

Yes! Hitch up the wagon!

- [Sparky grunts happily]
- So what's the game plan, Padre?

Ding-Dong Ditch... with a twist!

[Sister Helley distantly] Kat! Kat!

[gentle suspenseful music playing]

[voice singing ethereally]

[Sister Helley grunts]

You did it.

And now...

[magical music playing]

...your power.

[Siobhan] Touched it.


I... I can see the future.

- [sighs]
- [thuds]

[Kat] Oh, no.

- Helley's in trouble! Open up!
- [banging on door]

I'm coming for you, boys.


[souls screaming]


- Soul Jockeys!
- [screeching]

[flames roar]



[vinyl crackling]

["Freakin' Out" by Death playing]

♪ Why is my head
Spinning 'round in my dreams ♪

♪ It's a time, it's a place ♪

♪ Why are these lights
Poppin' up in my face? ♪

- [doorbell rings]
- It's Kat!

♪ Freakin' out ♪

♪ Freakin' out
Freakin' out, freakin' out ♪

[Delroy] Almost there, Kat.

Hey, baby!

- Hey! You!
- [Father Bests whimpers]

- What's goin' on?
- [Father Bests] Oh, no, oh, my!

[Wilma] I can see your hat.

- Ding-dong!
- Gotcha!

[Delroy] Who are you?

♪ Freakin' out
Freakin' out, freakin' out ♪

♪ Freakin' out
Freakin' out, freakin' out ♪

♪ Freakin' out, freakin' out... ♪

- [gasps]
- [parents grunting]

♪ Freakin' out ♪

[music gets louder]

♪ There's a sign on the wall... ♪

- [grunts, groans]
- [Sparky neighs]

♪ There's an eye, there's a heart ♪

♪ That's pumpin' faster
As we run through the park ♪

Sister Helley.

♪ Freakin' out, freakin' out ♪

[knocking on door]

[Kat] She passed out, cracked her head.


Talk to me, Helley.

[Sister Helley] You don't get to smack me.

You're alive! [laughs]


What about Kat?

[sniffs] Hmm.

Good. You broke the fever, Helley.

She is clear.

[sighs] Thank you so much, Sister Helley!

We made it.

This... This new power...

It'll be unpredictable
at first, but then...

- [door opens]
- Thank God, Kat! I've been looking all...

- [rattling]
- [demons grumble]

More demons?

[claps] I collect them.

- Why are you here, Raúl?
- Your parents, Kat.

They're gonna put them back
in the ground. I just know it!

I'm going to k*ll Wendell and Wild!

With two Hell Maidens, we cannot fail!

Go ahead, Manberg.
This Maiden needs a moment.

Fine, but don't be long.

[gently suspenseful music playing]

- [punk music playing faintly]
- Kay-Kay? It's me, Siobhan.

And your biggest fan!

Fine. I... I deserve the silent treatment.

But there's an emergency.

["Fall Asleep" by Big Joanie playing]
♪ I want to get down with you... ♪

[Siobhan] Kat?

- Bad goat, Gabby! Put that down!
- [Gabby bleating]

Gabby, stop! Where are you going?

- Gabby!
- [bleating]

[Delroy and Wilma whimpering]

Hey, aren't you forgetting something?

- Oh.
- Yeah. [grunts]

- [sighs]
- Huh?

So, any last words?

Huh. I thought you'd be taller.

I am taller.

[chuckles] Are those cartoon mallets?

What? Cartoon mallets?!


Ah, yes. May the Lord look kindly on you

and give you everlasting peace.

[both growl]

[both chuckle]

- [groans]
- Ow!

- All right, here it comes!
- [parents] One, two...

- Boom!
- [Wendell and Wild] Ow!

- Kat was scarier when she was three.
- [Wild whimpers]

And I'm way scarier now!

- [Wild] Hell Maiden!
- You're alive!

Let my parents go!

It's, um... [chuckles]
N-No can do, Hell Maiden. You see...

Uh, you s... What...
You still got 800 tasks to complete.

That is right. So, as your masters,

we order you to turn around and, uh...

[both growl]

Pfft! You're trippin'!

I'm not your puppet anymore.

Dang right!

[cheerful ethereal choral music playing]

[both groan]

- Spark Plug!
- [Wendell] Help, Sparky!

You disappoint me, Father.

[whimpers] Oh. Oh, no.

[Delroy] Kat.

- [Wendell moans]
- [Wild shrieks]

- [grunts]
- [yelps]

Why'd you do it?

Uh, they... they...
they were just my size, and I...

Not the boots, my parents!

Why were you putting them in their graves?

P-Padre here said it was the only way.

To save our Dream Faire.

And it was the only way to save my school.



[Kat] Gabby Goat?

- [Siobhan] Hello?
- [bleats]

- [Manberg] What?
- [Wendell] Who's she?

[tense music playing]

[demons snarl]

What's going on here, Kay-Kay?

[grumbles] Well, for starters,
Sister Helley and I are Hell Maidens.

And if you call me Kay-Kay one more time...

O-Of course, you are a Hell Maiden, Kat.

[sighs] Father Bests,
my parents don't want to save your school.

- Huh?
- Or build some funfair.

- But they already paid us.
- [Gabby bleats]

- [bleats]
- Ahhh!

Wh-Wh-What is this?

It's how they pay all Klax Korp personnel.
Worthless in the real world.

[Wendell and Wild sob]

I need to show you something.

[wind whistles faintly]

You were right, Kat, about my parents.

Private prisons.

We have to stop them.

[menacing music playing]



[bulldozers rumbling]


[Kat gasps] It's too late.

What... What do you mean?

There's not gonna be a Rust Bank anymore!

You saw the future.

[thunder rumbles]

["Cult of Personality"
by Living Colour playing]

What's going on?


[Wilma] Delroy?

[Wild] It's him!

♪ Look in my eyes... ♪

- [all gasp]
- [Belzer] Fee-fi-fo-fum.

I smell the blood of two thieving bums!

[thunder rumbles]

Oh, this is better than the undead army!

Where's my hair cream?

You stole it!

Now he's gonna k*ll us!

Everyone, down to the hearse,
and don't draw attention!

- [Wilma groans]
- [Belzer] Wendell?

- Wild?
- [Kat grunts]

- [Wendell whimpers]
- I know you're up here!

[sniffs] Now, come on, boys,

I'm not going to hurt you.

- [Belzer laughs menacingly]
- [Wendell and Wild whimper]

My greatest prize ever!

- [vacuum whirring]
- [Belzer] What the?!

Who's messing...

- [Wild] Come on!
- Let's go!

There you are, my thieving mutts!

Scream Faire Daddy's gonna strum...


[Sparky neighs]


Uh, no, you don't!


[Wendell and Wild cheering]

- [Wild] Yeah, all right, man!
- [Wendell] Yeah!

[ethereal choral music playing]

All right!

[Belzer grunts]

- [both scream]
- [Manberg yells]

[Siobhan screams]

[Belzer] Got you! [laughs]

- [Father Bests screams]
- [wagon crashes]

[Wendell and Wild gasp and groan]

Why did you do it?

Wh-Wh-Wh-What, steal your cream?

Come to the Land of the Living?

Well, why wouldn't we?

[both] Dad!

My Scream Faire did not need
some radical new design!

Does now.

[Wild laughs]


My cream... It's all gone!

- [growls]
- [both whimper]

[Kat] Raúl's art project.

[Belzer] A parent... protecting their child.

What we all try to do.

Every parent.

Not me.

There were others before you
that ran away.

We had siblings?

"Hell with them," I said.

"They'll be back,
tails between their legs."

But they never came home.

[Siobhan] Hello, up there!

[clears throat] Demon Lord!

It's Buffalo Belzer.

Fine, Mr. Belzer.
I, Manberg the Merciless,

am a sworn enemy of demons,

but not of families.

Is that you, Belissa?

I have all your missing children.

Go on.

Let my friends go, and they're yours.

I accept, Manberg the Merciful.


[Manberg mutters]

[Belzer] Gnasher, Wincer, Heddie.

Look at you, Zostril!


Let me tell you,

uh, reports of my death
were greatly exaggerated... [babbles]


He dead again?

Gave him plenty of cream.

Dang, you raised him
from the dead with hair cream?

Well... yes.

Come on, boys, that stuff just don't last.

"Stuff don't last"?

- [hairs thud]
- [Belzer] Don't be long, sons.

Can't build a new faire
without the designers.

- You mean us?
- We'll make you proud, Pop!

That's right!


"Stuff don't last"?
What about my parents?!

No, a-a-all that's required
is a... a fresh dose of cream.

Worked for Padre.

It's empty!

- Squeeze it right, be enough for days.
- Weeks!

Hmm. Now we have loved
every single second with you, baby,

but Rust Bank's in trouble.

What if that last bit
of magic could help save our town?

I already told you it's too late!

No, Kat, you can change that future.


My mother thinks the fire was on purpose.

Needs a witness to prove it.

Raúl, raise a dead brew worker.

Oh, a witness.

If you squeeze it right,
be enough for two.

Three witnesses!

Meanwhile, we're gonna protect
Rust Bank 'til he gets back.

That's it, Kat!

Everyone, ready to hold that line?

- Let's do this!
- [all cheer]

[Sister Helley] Oh, yeah!

[crows cawing]

[protestors chant] Down with Klax Korp!
Down with Klax Korp!

Down with Klax Korp!

Down with Klax Korp!

But Lane,
Siobhan promised Mummy she'd come!

We have to start, Irmgard.
Governor Bribes.

[protestors] No more Klax Korp!

No more Klax Korp!

- No more Klax Korp!
- [clears throat]

Good morning, voters!

Today, it's out with the old

and in with the newest,
biggest construction project

in our state's history!

[protestors sigh and groan]

Now, my partners in crime,
Lane and Irmgard Klaxon!

- [protesters booing]
- [laughs] Thank you. Thank you.

No need, thank you.

When your governor offered us
millions to build our prison here,

we fell in love with Rust Bank.

A love sorely tested by that lot!

- [booing]
- We blocked you every year!

Should I do the honors, Irmgard?

- Don't mind if I do.
- [megaphone feeds back]

Gentlemen, start your engines!

- [engines start and rumble]
- [zombies growl]

And it's ready, steady...

Wait! Look!

[suspenseful music playing]


Dear God, Siobhan's been brainwashed!


Go! Go! Go! Crush them all!

[engines rumble]

Let's go!

That future ain't gonna happen!

[all cheer and yell]

["Wolf Like Me"
by TV on the Radio playing]

[Sparky neighs]

[Siobhan groans]


♪ Say, say, my playmate ♪

♪ Won't you lay your hands on me? ♪

♪ Mirror my malady? ♪

[zombie screeches]

♪ Transfer my tragedy? ♪

♪ Got a curse I cannot lift ♪

♪ Shines when the sunset shifts ♪

♪ When the moon is round and full... ♪

[Wild whistles]

♪ Gotta gut that fish, my mind's aflame ♪

♪ We could jet in a stolen car ♪

♪ But I bet we wouldn't get too far... ♪


♪ And bloodlust t*nk
And crave gets slaked ♪

[Manberg] My bear!

♪...changed my body's frame
But, God, I like it ♪


♪ My heart's aflame, my body's strained ♪

♪ But, God, I like it ♪

♪ My mind has changed my body's frame ♪

♪ But, God, I like it ♪

- [teeth chatter]
- [screams]

♪ My heart's aflame, my body's strained
But, God, I like it ♪

[bones clattering]

- [grunting]
- [shattering]


[Siobhan shrieks]

♪ I know it's strange
Another way to get to know you ♪

♪ We've got 'til noon
Here comes the moon... ♪

[Wild] Your parents!

[engine straining]

[Kat grunts]


[audio distorting, rewinding]

- [Wild] Wendell, look!
- [squawking]

- [zombies screech]
- [squawking]

[Wild] Good old Soul Jockeys.

[Wendell] Dad must've sent them.

[sirens wailing]

[both yelp nervously]

[both exclaim]


[brakes squeal]

Lane and Irmgard Klaxon,

you're under arrest
for arson and homicide.

What?! That's preposterous!

Can't prove a bloody thing
without witnesses!

[horn honks]

[Irmgard screams]

Officers, your witnesses.

Wait, wait! It was all her doing!

- My wife's the m*rder, not me!
- How dare you, Lane?!



[siren wails]

Good news, everyone!
Klax Korp is finished!

- You did it!
- [all cheer]

We did it!




[triumphant music playing]

[both coughing]

Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no.

Poor Hell Maiden.

Cream lost its magic.

Mom, Dad...

[groans weakly]

Tell us...

Tell us about Rust Bank, Kat,
in the future.

What... What do you see?

[inhales deeply]

Hold tight, and close your eyes.

[meditation bell chimes]

[Kat] Rust Bank's comin' back to life.

[hopeful ethereal music playing]

Folks comin' home.

I'm doin' stuff with Sister Helley

and Ms. Hunter.

[Wilma] So proud of you, baby. [chuckles]

- How much do we love her, Delroy?
- So, so, so much.


I love you too.

[sniffles and sobs]

[sighs heavily]

You know, once our Dream Faire gets built...

It's gonna be about the best afterlife,
upstairs or down.

What do you mean?

[scoffs] Your parents!

Yeah, get them an all-inclusive VIP pass!

That's ridiculous.

Well, now, hold on.
J-J-Just... Just check it out.

[chuckles] Wow!

[gentle instrumental hip-hop playing]



[Sister Helley] Holy moly!

Oh, my gosh!


[Kat] I was supposed to hate myself
for the rest of my life.

Mom, Dad, I... What do you think?

[Kat] But now, I don't have to.

I'm a Hell Maiden with amazing friends.

Even you, Wendell and Wild.

[Bearz-a-bub giggles]

["Boot" by Tamar-Kali playing]

♪ Her hair is short ♪

♪ Her legs are brown ♪

♪ Her lips are full ♪

♪ Her head hangs down ♪

♪ Her eyes ain't blue ♪

♪ Her ass is round ♪

♪ Her breasts are sweet ♪

♪ And she wears a frown ♪

♪ She is sweet tasting fruit ♪

♪ Whose juice is bitter tears ♪

♪ She is love's worn-out boot ♪

♪ Tattered and torn, you wear ♪

♪ Twist a virgin
'Round your dirty little finger ♪

♪ Love is gone, but the memory lingers ♪

♪ Twist a virgin
'Round your dirty little finger ♪

♪ Love is gone, but the memory lingers ♪

♪ Her hair is short ♪

♪ Her legs are brown ♪

♪ Her lips are full ♪

♪ Her head hangs down ♪

♪ Her eyes ain't blue ♪

♪ Her ass is round ♪

♪ Her breasts are sweet ♪

♪ She wears a frown ♪

♪ She is sweet-tasting fruit ♪

♪ Whose juice is bitter tears ♪

♪ She is love's worn-out boot ♪

♪ Tattered and torn, you wear ♪

♪ Twist a virgin
'Round your dirty little finger ♪

♪ Love is gone, but the memory lingers ♪

♪ Twist a virgin
'Round your dirty little finger ♪

♪ Love is gone, but the memory lingers ♪

♪ Twist a virgin
'Round your dirty little finger ♪

♪ Love is gone, but the memory lingers ♪

♪ k*ll a virgin
With your bloody little finger ♪

♪ Ate her innocence ♪

♪ And her virtue for dinner ♪

♪ Oooh ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, oooh ♪

[creepy choral music playing]

[funky music playing]

[male singer] ♪ Come on, y'all
Let's wake 'em up ♪

♪ Don't be scared, come on ♪

[singer laughs]

[chorus] ♪ Raisin' the dead, what we do ♪

♪ Do it, do it ♪

♪ Raisin' the dead
Make dreams come true ♪

♪ Do it, do it ♪

♪ Wake up, dead man, work to do ♪

♪ Do it, do it ♪

♪ This magic cream ♪

♪ Will make our dreams reality ♪

[male singer] ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

[chorus] ♪ Wake up, dead man
Time to rise ♪

♪ Wakey, wakey ♪

♪ Welcome back to paradise ♪

♪ Shake it, shake it ♪

♪ Now you have to pay the price ♪

♪ This magic cream ♪

♪ Will make your dreams reality ♪

♪ When the dead do the voting ♪

♪ Dreams come true ♪

♪ Dreams Faire come to life ♪

♪ Get up, dead man, don't be late ♪

♪ Get it, get it ♪

♪ Time to rise and animate ♪

♪ Vote for us, then celebrate ♪

[cheerful eerie music playing]

Hi, guys.

It's pretty late.
It's 3:30 in the morning.

And I just woke up
because I heard some noises next door,

in the room next door,
and you won't believe what... what I found.

Come with me.

[eerie music playing]


I'm going to open the door now.


[door creaks]


Hey, where are you hiding?

Come on.

Ah, here you are.

Hi, Kat. How are you?

What are you doing here?

Maybe she was getting bored
at the studio, alone.

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