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Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV (2016)

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Wake up, Noct. We're almost there.

We in Caem already?

Not quite.
Just stopping once more to top off the t*nk.

I'm starving!

You and me both.

Wake me when We get there.

Ready to order?

What to choose, what to choose.
What're you getting, Noct?




Burgers and drinks for four.
I'll leave the details up to you.

Thaff waff cloff!

Don't talk with your mouth full.

Think she recognized you?

Doubt it.

Be more careful from now on.

We don't want to cause a sce-


Quit babying him, or he'll
never outgrow that picky eating.

I appreciate the advice.
If you could, tell him that yourself.

Why me?

Because f say it every day.

It ain't my problem.

Come on, you two. No fighting at the table!

We're not fighting.

Pipe down. Trying to eat here.

Well, that's a first.

Come on, we gotta get on the boat soon.
Can't we all just get along?

I told you: we're not fighting.

Oh? Well, if you say so!

We're set to arrive in Caem tomorrow.

If all goes well, that is.

Indeed. We're likely to run into the empire
along the way. Lucis is no longer-


The hell, man!?

What a mess. Could we get some napkins?

My bad!

The Kingdom of Lucis, now under
imperial occupation, plunged into anarchy

following the death of its royal family.
In its first steps toward quelling the unrest,

the empire has established
a provisional government in the Crown City.

Discussions regarding
just who will fill the positions

in this government
are already well underway.

By including candidates with
no political ties-

Look-over there!

Let's go.

Didn't expect those buckets of
bolts to sniff us out so quickly.

Think they're coming for us?

We need to find a place to hide.

Lucis and Niflheim were at w*r
for a long time.

Then Lucis lost.

The news says the royal family's dead and
the imperial army's overtaken the Crown City.

But I'm still alive.
Alive and on my way to see Luna.

And I've gotta stay alive.
There's still so much I wanna tell Dad.


Foods ready!

Better than bean soup, I guess.

You can say that again.

No one's forcing you to eat it.

This is good.

Time to chow down!

Wonder how much longer we'll
be able to eat in peace like this.

The time will come when we need
to take action and reclaim our home.

I guess we can't always be together...

Stop that.

How many have you taken?

Too many!

They'll make a fine record of our journey.

Right! This started out as a road trip to
Noct and Luna's wedding,

but then all that stuff
went down at the capital and...

To be honest, I didn't think
we'd make it this far together.

After all, I'm just your average plebe.
I'm more trouble than I'm worth.

You can say that again.

Hey, ouch!

On my own... It would have been impossible.


But I'm not on this journey alone, so...
Thanks. For coming this far with me.

Heh. Took you long enough.

Happy to be of service.

That so?

Coffee, anyone?


Me, too! Me, too!

Early day tomorrow.
Better quit while you're ahead.

Come on, I can't not' have this coffee.

Fine. But bed right after.

I'm not even sleepy.

Then let's play a game!

First, we prepare for tomorrow.

Wonder how Luna's doing. Any idea, Noct?

Who knows.

"Who knows"? You know, don't you?

Course he does.
That's why we're crossin' the sea.

He's more concerned than anyone
about Lady Lunafreyas well being.

I'm going to bed.

Whoa, you're turning red!

SHUT up!

Seems he ain't outgrown puberty, either.

Getting through won't be easy.

Damn. Why'd they have to be here?

Looks like they're on high alert.

But this is the only way through.

You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

You bet I am.

Then let's give it a sh*t!

But we can't sh**t blindly.
We need a plan first.

Noct, go all out from the start.

Take out half their numbers in the first swipe.
You'll be our diversion.

Got it.

Thank you!

Quit messin' around.

All right!

Keep it UP!

Was this. . .a trap?

Noct. . . is that. . .'?

Yeah. No doubt about it. That's definitely...

What IS that!'?

That is...the monster
that nearly took Noct's life.


Prompto, watch the road-

Oh! A deer! Did you guys see that?
You saw it, right, Noct? Noct?

Again? Any more shut-eye and
they'll stay shut for good, y'know!

Just doing his royal duty.

Well, lest we disturb him.

Hey! Ignis!

Have you forgotten our encounter
with the empire yesterday?

They can't be far behind.
We need to be more-

Then let's keep it on 'til they get here.
We gotta unwind at some point!

You more than anyone, Iggy!
I mean, you always look so serious.

That's just his face.


Eyes on the road, Prompto.

I'm watchin'-

You're not. Let me drive-

The hell, Prompto!?

What happened?


You Okay?

A dog, huh.

Ignis! Break out the first-aid!

Is he injured?

Yeah. There's a thorn stuck in his leg
and he can't move.


C'mon, let's go.

Prince Noctis,
how many servants do you have?

A hundred?

No way! More than that, right?

Then how many?

A thousand?

Prince Noctis!


I'm home...

My favorite...

It's okay, I got you!

There. All better!

Ya hungry?

I've got treats, too.

Someone's probably missing you a lot.
Guess I better put up some flyers...

Hey, watch it!

Oh no, I'm late!

I'm home!

Tiny... Snowball... Tiny?
Too plain. But you are pretty small.

Hey, stop that!

You need to dry off first
or you'll catch a cold.

Look, your legs are still wet.
Wait, calm down!

You'll be all better soon, Tiny.

Your owner must be worried sick.
We've gotta get you back home, don't we?

What's your owner like anyway?

G'night, Tiny!



Tiny! Tiny!

Tiny! Tiny! Tiny!



Pryna! Pryna!


Gentiana! Pryna's back!

That she is.

I'm so glad you're all right.

It says "Prompto"... But who-

It shall be known.

For me?

Smells nice.

Dear Prompto,
I hope this letter reaches you in good health.

My name is Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

I believe you are the one
who found my dog, Pryna.


My heart was heavy
with the thought of losing her.

But we were happily reunited, thanks to you.
You have my gratitude.

I had sent Pryna to see Prince Noctis.

Prince Noctis?

You're friends with Noctis, aren't you?

I heard he's usually too busy
to play with his schoolmates,

so I suppose you don't get to
see him very often.

Regardless, f hope you can
continue to be a good friend to him.

Me? And Prince Noctis? Friends?

Does that mean she wants me to talk to him?

This girl Luna...
Lunafreya is counting on me... Me!

I can do this.

H-hello, Prince! Would you-AHH!

Everything all right?

Y-yes, it looks fine...

Oh... Uh, here you go...

Not that.

Huh? S-sorry...

You're heavy!

Well... See ya!


W-wait! Would you-AHH!

I knew it. There's no way we could...

No! We Will be friends.

I can do this!

Hey there!

I can't. Not yet.

Hey there! Keep it up!

Oh, um, hey...!

No, not yet!


It's okay... But, um...

I wanna be a good runner. Got any tips?


Hey there!

Hey there!

Hey there!


Hey there!

Hey there!

Something the matter, Noct?

No, it's nothin'.

Is that the prince?

Duh! Wow, I can't believe
we go to the same school!

What should we do? Should we talk to him?

No, I couldn't!

Hey there, Prince Noctis!


I'm Prompto! Nice to meet you!

Don't I know you?

There ya go, boy.

That your mom?

Now don't wander off anymore.
It's dangerous on the road, y'know!

We there yet? Wait. Where are we?

Pit stop.

Medical emergency.

C'mon, let's get goin'!
Caem's just over the horizon!

Hey, Noct.


You think I can meet Lunafreya
when we get to Altissia?

Why wouldn't you?

Guess you're right.


Looks like meat's on the menu tonight!

Not so fast. We've got company.

And they don't look too happy.

Damn... Like one wasn't bad enough.

Guess we're in for a feast tonight!

Uh oh, they found us!

What timing.

Should we run?

And leave the meat?

I don't Want to, but-

Sweet! We lucked out!

Don't speak too soon!


You really are the king's shield!

How are you holding up?

I could do this all day. We'll let the numbers
decide who eats like a king tonight.

That a challenge?

If you can make it one.


You can do better than that.




It's dinner time.

So how are your classes?


Our definitions of "fine"
aren't the same, you know.

But as long as you're enjoying yourself...

You didn't eat your carrots.

I hate carrots.

That stuck-up prince!

You said something mean!
I'm telling Papa!


Haha! Stop it, Gladdy!

Just blowing off some steam.

Do you really hate him?

Yeah, I hate that spineless brat
from the bottom of my heart.

But, isn't it your job to protect him?


You're supposed to be the king's shield,
just like Papa!

If it were King Regis, yeah.

But I'll never protect that punk.
Not like he'll ever be king anyway.

Wait-how come?

Go to bed!

Tell me, tell me, tell me!

I said "go to bed"!




You dummy, what're you doing here?

I'm not a dummy. You're a dummy!

Did you come here alone?

Yep! I came to see Noct.

What? You know you can't-

Why? You see him all the time!

Because it's my job!

No fair, no fair, no fair!

Shall I ask for an audience with the prince?

Yaw. Thank you!

Now stay here.
They're asking the prince right now.

Where're you going?

Back to work.



Prince Noctis, where are you going?

For a walk.

Where's Prince Noctis?


They're so shiny! I'll give them to Gladdy.

Where'd she go?


He's gone!?

He hasn't returned from his walk yet.

Where the hell'd he go?

Iris, you need to go-



Hello!? Hello!?




Come on, let's head back.

What's your name?

Do you know the way?

Yep. I come here to play sometimes.

Even though you're the prince?

Even though I'm the prince.

That exit will be our little secret, okay?


My brother's gonna be so mad...

Your brother?




Where were you!?

You had me worried sick!
Well? Say something!

What's all the commotion, Gladiolus?

My sister went missing and
caused an uproar in the palace-

It wasn't Iris's fault.

What I?


Tell me what happened.

I went outside to play earlier
and asked her to come with me.

You are a child of royalty.

Do you understand you are in no position

to simply leave the palace
without telling anyone?

Did you ever consider your carelessness
might be putting Iris in danger?

You're grounded.
Now go take a bath.


My sincerest apologies to the both of you.

No. It was my fault
for taking my eyes off of her.



A-actually... It wasn't Noct's fault.

What I?

I was chasing a kitty and got lost...
Then Noct. . saved me.

He saved you?
Like I'm gonna believe that.

It's true!

But he said he asked you to-

I'm sorry.

What, done already?


Project from my tutor.
I have to do it 'cause I'm grounded.


Even if you can't go out,
you can still train, right'?

I think I've got enough to do already.

Come on, you're not the only one
being punished here.

Get up!

Dang it!

You still got a long way to go.

But... You got guts.

Iris told me the whole story.

What story?

The real one, where you covered for her.

Thank you.

You don't need to...

But that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you.
You got a lot to learn before you're king.

Then teach me.

That's why I'm here.

This time, I won't lose!

Give it your best sh*t.

Whew, I'm b*at!
Time for steak?

Not until we replenish our spice supply.
We'll have to return to town and buy more.

Can't you buy them in the next town?

It's quite a distance.

But I'm starving now!

So what's the score?

Four here.

Damn. Me, too.

Ugh, I can't win.

I ain't gonna make it easy for you.

Now who's ready for some steak?

"Thanks, Noct!"
"A gift"

Are we there yet?

Not quite.
And we're unlikely to arrive within the day-

Camping again?

Isn't there somewhere we can stay?

We can return to Lestallum
and spend the night.


Alright! I knew Iggy'd understand.

You're too soft.

Better not to run ourselves ragged.

This is heaven!

Lucky for us they had a room open.

Let's check out the food stalls!
I'm craving kebabs!


You two coming?

Nah, I think I'll stay here.

I'll stop by to get ingredients later.
You two go on ahead.

Okay. Let's go!

And don't stay out too late.

Where to first?


Hey! Where'd you get that?

Sorry for the wait.
who're you?

The shop's over there. Bye now!

See ya!

Nutmeg and cinnamon, please.
And two pouches of black pepper.

Here ya go.

You can eat 'em just like that.
They make great jams, too.

Then I'll take these.

Whatcha makin'?
...Oh, that again.

Yes, but with bananas this time.

You sure like baking, huh. How come?

Hm, well...

Looks good!

I hope you don't mind me
using the kitchen.

Don't mind at all!
You're always baking something.

I didn't know
you had such a sweet tooth, Ignis.

It's not me, per se...

Good evening.

Tomorrow's the math test!

I'm so bad at math!
No-I'm bad at everything!

Bet you're doin' just fine, though.

I don't get extra credit for being the prince.

Well, later.

Your Highness, please ban exams!

Don't mind me.

I mind the vegetables...

Don't. Your diet is far from ideal.

You need to consider the nutritional value of
your food and learn to cook for yourself-

Yeah, yeah.

Remember to wash your hands
before dinner.

The comics are on the shelf.

Lady Lunafreya's notebook is in the drawer.

I suggest you write back soon.

I know.

And may I ask where that button's from?

My uniform, I guess. Didn't notice.

No matter.

I'll fix it once I get home.
Leave your uniform out.

I'm stuffed.

No room for dessert?

I tried using a different type of honey.

How is it?

It's...not quite the same.
It was sweeter, and flakier.

I see...
Perhaps a pie crust will do the trick.

This is good, though.
Aren't you gonna have one?

Of course. Coffee?

Yeah, thanks.

I'll take my leave
so you can set to studying.

I know I've told you before, but be sure
to close all the doors when you go out.

Locking the front door alone won't suffice.


Also, remember to separate your garbage
and don't just leave it in your room.

If you think someone will come by
to pick it up, you're mistaken.



Yeah, yeah.

If you can't prove yourself
capable of living alone,

you'll be moved back to the palace. And...

This is a political report.

Please have a look at it.
I'll be by later to explain in detail.

Can it wait 'til after exams?

I understand your studies are important.

But you are first and foremost
the successor to the throne.

Do bear that in mind.

No way! Noct, studying!?
Hey, whatcha eatin'?

Breakfast. Want some? No?

Well, maybe just a bite.

Whoa! What is this?



When I was a kid,
I spent some time in Tenebrae.

And I had this amazing dessert there.

The only problem is
I don't remember what it was made with.

I told Ignis about it,
and now he's trying to make it for me.


No success yet, though.

What, this isn't good enough?
And since when does Ignis bake?

This increased imperial activity is troubling.

It's only a matter of time
before Lucis is targeted.

We must ready the Wall.

The Imperial Army is
still strengthening its forces,

so it's likely
the recent att*ck on Galahd was

merely a test of their new weapons.

Reports say our magical power was
inhibited during the battle.

Do they intend to break through the Wall?

We can do nothing but
speculate at this point,

but give orders
to be prepared for anything.



Your Majesty.

How is Noctis?

He has begun his final exams.

I encouraged him to study,
but his level of preparation is...questionable.

As for his life away from the palace...

I'm concerned about his dietary balance.

But I think it will improve with proper guidance.

Thank you.

But of course.

Has the Wall taken such a toll on
Your Majesty?

It would appear so.

Only the king can create the Wall
and protect his people.

If something foul should befall me,
the heir of Lucis must take the throne.

But I will end this w*r before that.

I leave Noct in your care.


It's over! It's finally over!

Least the first day is.

One day is more than enough.

Oh, it's the king.

Huh? Did he always use a cane?

You're late.

I thought your exams ended before noon.

I was at the arcade.

Did you study for tomorrow's tests?

Why're you here?

I brought your uniform-and this.

Have you read the report?


I suspected as much.
It doesn't look like you've touched it.

The w*r with the empire
may have ended 30 years ago,

but we cannot let our defenses down
just yet.

The news is being regulated,

but we receive reports of
local skirmishes from time to time.

I know.

Thanks to the king and the Wall, though,

Lucis has been able to enjoy peace
for the past 150 years.

As a king must sacrifice his own strength
to create the barrier,

His Majesty has avoided the public eye
to concentrate solely on the Wall.

However, it seems as though
he's lost the ability to summon weapons.

Are you listening?

Do we have to talk about this now?

If not now, then When?

You're the successor to the throne
and someday-

My dad's going to die?

I didn't-

That's what you're saying!
When my dad dies, I have to be the king!

Shouting won't change the truth-

Well I don't wanna hear your "truth"!

I see you won't listen to reason.

But you ought to at least think it over.


What's wrong? Did ya b*mb the test?

Shouldn't you be in school?

We were just heading home!


Iris isn't home yet.

You've been skipping practice lately.
Hope you haven't gotten too rusty.

Focus, Noct!

I can't.

Hey, you can't give up already.
The king's counting on you.

I know!

I know.

I know.
I can't become the king like this...

But...I don't wanna think about
my dad dying.

Noct's been slacking off lately.

Was he with you?

Earlier, yeah.

If he tries to skip out on training again,
bring him by.


But...I never know
what goes on in that head of his.

I sometimes wonder
if he even understands his position.

Give him a little more credit than that.

Is something burning?

Did you cook?

Tried to.


Regrettably, I didn't bring anything today.

Not bad, once in a while.

So... Which trash does a frying pan go in'?

It's not trash yet.
I'll bring the proper cleanser next time.


I spoke out of turn last time.

Last almost had it.

Oh, you mean the sweets?

I could definitely go for some more.

Very well.

We're baaack!

Oh, something smells good!
What'd you cook up this time?

See for yourself.

It's been too long!
Well, don't mind if I do!

What flavor is this? It's so good!


Not quite.

"Way too sweet"

It's a pleasure to meet you, Prince Noctis.

I am Lunafreya of House Fleuret.

Has your wound healed yet?

Please, I ask that you rest if it still pains you.


Introduce yourself, son.

I'm. . . Noctis.



Be safe, Noctis.
Know that I watch over you always.

The Chosen King alone
can wear the Ring of Light.

The King chosen by the Stone
grows stronger with the Oracle at his side.

With the Ring in hand,
the King can dispel the darkness.


Noct. . . is that. . .'?

Yeah. No doubt about it. That's definitely...


Focus, Prompto!

Sorry! It's just...isn't that a daemon!?

Ignis! Don't tell me
the empire's usin' daemons now!

I'm as surprised as you,
even considering who we're up against.

Never thought
I'd see this stupid snake again.

Guess it means
the empire was behind that, too.

She's outta control!

Noct! Let's pull back for now.

Even His Majesty failed to slay this serpent.
You don't stand a chance as you are-

I didn't ask for your opinion!

Things are different now.

The fireflies were so pretty.
Shoulda brought a bottle...

Your father will be happy
just to hear about your day, Prince Noctis.

It's such a pity he couldn't make it today.

He doesn't care.

What was that!?

Oh no!

I'll have a look.


A daemon!?

What is it doing here!?

Have they broken the Wall!?

Protect the prince!

Check for survivors!

Your Highness.


Noct? Noct!

Are you all right, Noct?

We gotta get outta here!

Then go!

But I'm staying.








Sorry. Just had to cool off.



You're not in this alone, y'know.

It's not over yet.

This plebe's got your back!

Ready, Noct?

As ever.

Then let's so.

You look like a real snake now!




Is it dead?

It's dead...
It's dead!




I won't let anyone hurt you.


So what're we gonna do
when we get to Altissia?

Dunno. What's say we crush the empire?

We can't let them get away with
what they did to Lucis.

Think we can do it?
It's four of us against all of them.

You can call it quits if you're scared.
We got a job to do, but you're free to go.

"Go"!? After all we've been through?
But I-

You're pissed.

You're pissed they took what's ours,
and you wanna take it back. So do we.


Think you can handle that?

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared,
but we gotta take it back.

No, we will take it back!

I can't wait 'til we get to Altissia!

You just wanna meet Lady Luna,
don't you?

She might just wanna see me, y'know.

What!? But you said I could meet her!

Did I?

You did! I gotta meet her, Noct!
C'mon, Noct!

Give it a rest, Prompto!

Settle down, or you'll sway the car!

I need a nap.


There is so much I must discuss with you.

Please, be safe.

Sorry for the wait, Luna.

I'll be there soon.
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