Gods of the Deep (2023)

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Space, Time-travel, Futuristic, Aliens, Sci-Fi movie collection.
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Gods of the Deep (2023)

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- Dr. Goldstein,

Rover 7 made it back

to the surface, it seems

to be working.

Everything's been recorded.

It can't be left alone.

- We found them.

- Ah, Mr. Peters,

there's someone waiting

for you in your office.

- Waiting for me?

- James Peters?

- I'm sorry, do I know you?

- I'm Dr. Julia Goldstein.

I work for the

Pickman Corporation.

It's inspiring to see

you've been following

in your father's footsteps.

A researcher.

Must be in the blood.

- I'm sorry, but I'm

not interested

in any more talks or

lectures about my dad.

I've written just about

everything there is to know,

so buy my books, I do my

own research now.

- I know.

The Miskatonic

astrobiology program,

partially funded by us.

- Look, I'm not interested

in any more handouts

from the Pickman Corporation.

- Mr. Peters,

what if I were to tell you

that Pickman is

selecting candidates

for some new research?

An expedition.

One might say it's an


dream come true.

- An expedition?

- Our teams have been doing

research in the Antarctic

and Southern Atlantic oceans

for the past seven years,

until a few months ago when

we found something unexpected.

Our team mapped a trench in the

Antarctic continental shelf,

west of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

between South America

and Antarctica.

We've collected over 12,000

square kilometers of data,

and we found a new

deepest point in the ocean

of 37,000 feet.

- How can that be possible?

- We knew that the continental

shelf was unusually deep,

but it was something

else, on the ocean floor,

that, uh, caught us by

surprise, shall we say.

This is footage from a

remote control sub

we sent down there.

- What is that?

It looks almost man-made.

- Well, we have a theory that

it's some kind of portal.

- To where?

- That, Mr. Peters, is what

we're going to find out.

Pickman wants you to

join the expedition team.

I have some people I'd

like you to meet.

Thank you, everyone, for

attending at such short notice.

You're finally about to

see why this interruption

to your busy lives is

so very worth your time.

I'll make the introductions.

This is Gordon Atkins,

head of the manned

submersibles laboratory

at London's Royal Society for

Improving Natural Knowledge.

Uh, he's agreed to lead

our expedition,

and is by far the most

qualified man for the job.

Christine Harris,

marine biologist

and member of the European

Marine Biology Symposium.

James Peters is developing

our discovery programs

at the prestigious

Miskatonic University

and is something of an

expert in the field

of Pickman Corp's

early research.

Joseph Meeker is our safety

and communications officer.

And finally, Hank O'Connell,

our lead engineer.

Hank, the floor is yours.

- Hello, everyone.

I'm really very pleased

to meet you, finally.

I expect you will be wondering

what it is I've engineered.

Through the Pickman Corporation,

my team have managed to build

a deep-diving submersible

like nothing that's ever

existed before.

This is Providence 3.

250 tons, built with

syntactic foam,

capable of withstanding

the huge compressive forces

of the water at 37,000

feet and below.

- Impressive, Hank.

- Makes you wonder what happened

to Providence 1 and 2 though.

- So state of the art

that it can safely

take us into this

ancient opening

in the earth's seabed


- I'm sorry, into the opening?

Didn't you say you sent

remote operated vehicles

in that never came out?

- Oh, yes, some have

made it back.

- Some?

- Listen, we aren't

going to pretend

that this isn't a

risky expedition.

We wouldn't launch Providence 3

with a crew on board if

we weren't 100% certain

our technology was safe.

- Test dives have been completed

with highly satisfying results.

Now all it needs is a crew.

- What do you expect

us to find down there?

- What if there's nothing but

pitch-black, watery abyss?

- The ocean is the last

great frontier of our world.

Now, I have dedicated

my whole life

to seeking out the unknown and

the incomprehensible,

and this gateway might be my

greatest discovery.

It demands to be explored,

Ms. Harris.

If something built

that structure,

just imagine what might

lie within it.

Secrets of the ocean.

And there is a hidden

world beneath us,

gentlemen, ladies, unseen

by human eyes,

because up until now we

have been unable

to create the technology

necessary to take us there.

Your mission as the crew

of Providence 3

is to be that interface

between our technology

and that new dark continent

we aim to explore.

- These files contain the

key data collected so far,

and outline the expedition.

You'll need to complete

two months of training

before the dive.

Read them closely.

You have 24 hours to decide

whether you're in or out.

- James.

I'm so glad you came.

Walt would be so proud to

see us exploring

the unknown together.

- Thank you, Mr. Pickman.

It's a lot to think about.

- It is, but I wouldn't want

to make this trip without you,

it wouldn't seem right,

for Walt's sake.

I need you there.

- I've been counting

down the days

to finally meeting in this crew.

We've worked so hard,

overcome so many

challenges to get this far.

- All right, who wants

another drink?

- No.

- Ooh, yes, please.

- Yeah? Gotcha.

- Thank you.

Well, I don't think

we'll be eating like this

at the bottom of the ocean,

so I'm gonna enjoy it

while I can.

- You up for it then?

- What, a voyage the

deepest part

of the planet

anyone's ever been?

How could I walk away from that?

- Aah, there's

nothing to b*at it,

being out there in the deep sea.

Firsthand research, it's

what we're born to do, right?

- You know, I just,

I can't comprehend

the water pressure at

30,000 feet or whatever.

- Weight of an entire

ocean pressing down on you.

If anything goes wrong.

- All right, now I'm worried.

- You now, you're putting

your life in my hands.

- Very capable hands, though.

- Okay, here we go.

- Cheers, team.

- Cheers.

- It's not really what we were

designed to do though, is it?

- It sounds risky.

- Ah, expect the unexpected...

First rule of deep

sea exploration.

- Wow, well, we'll all sleep

better tonight knowing that.

Thank you, Gordon.

- You've done this before then?

- Ah, many times.

Never this deep though.

We'll be setting a new record.

- Everything you do is five

times harder in the ocean, okay?

Just remember that.

- But you're still going

along with it, all of you?

- Well, look, it's like

the old man said,

"It is the chance of

a lifetime."

- Well, team, to Providence 3.

- To Providence 3.

- Guys, I need some fresh

air, I'll be right back.

- Hm, do you want me to

get you another drink?

- No, no, I've had enough,


- Sorry. Ex- excuse me.

Hey, you okay?

- Um, doesn't it

scare you at all?

- Um, I don't know.

- I have this, um,

respect for the ocean.

I mean, it's my life,

but I know it can turn

on you in a heartbeat.

So you think the others

know who you are, Peters?

Or they haven't put two

and two together yet?

- So you noticed?

- Yeah.

I mean, obviously I

had to research Pickman

when Dr. Goldstein contacted us,

you know?

See what he's into. His history.

What was it like growing up

around something like that?

I mean, the stories and,

and the legends,

and all the theories.

- I'd rather just

have my dad back.

- You mean they really

never found him?

That wasn't some hook

just to sell more copies?

- Gone without a trace.

- I'm sorry.

- Hey, it's okay.

Um, it was a long time ago.

- Look, Jim, I don't

think they would

send us down there and

spend all this money

if they weren't certain there

was more for us to discover.

- What you think there's

something they're

not telling us?

- If I go on this expedition,

I need to know that

I'm coming home.

This is my son.

He's, um, he's seven months old,

and I'm all he is got.

My parents are

looking after him.

- And what's he called?

- Sam.

Uh, look, I, I know what a

huge sacrifice I'll be making.

I mean, with the, with

the training and,

and the trip, and the time

away from him is gonna k*ll me,

but if everything goes to plan,

I'll be back before his

first birthday and...

Maybe I can live with that.

- And what if it

doesn't go to plan?

- Something tells me

these things rarely do.

- Mr. Pickman.

- Thank you.

- You all ready there, Jim?

- I can't say I slept

much last night.

Just goin' over and over

everything, you know?

Everything that could go wrong.

- That's normal, Jim.

- You know shouldn't

smoke so much, Captain.

It increases anxiety

and tension.

- I like to be tense, dear.

It keeps the senses sharp.

You wanna ciggy, Jim?

- Nah, no thanks.

- You wanna dramamine?

- Ooh, you have some?

Hey, uh, how far are we goin'?

- You'll see.

She's out there waiting for us.

- Command Center,


we are awaiting crew's

arrival at Providence 3.

- Morning, Dr. Goldstein.

- How long?

- We are launching in one hour.

Weather conditions are

looking perfect

for another cup of hours.

- Where's our feed?

- P3 rear cam one and

rear cam two,

we have a clear signal.

P3 front cam is live.

And the rover cameras will

be activated upon launch.

We're all set for them.

Crew approaching P3.

Commence launch operation

in T minus 12 minutes.

Standby for entry.

- Welcome to Providence.

- Okay, team, let's go, go, go!

We've got 20 hours of

life support!

It takes one hour and 30

minutes to get to the seabed.

Let's not waste any oxygen.

- Chris.

- Man, oh, man, this is

not a simulation anymore.

- You ready to pilot that thing,


- I have a dreadful

feeling I'm looking

at my own very expensive coffin.

- What, two months training

wasn't enough for you?

You're collecting rock

samples, not landing on Mars.

- What's the difference?

- This is Providence 3

to DP control.

How do you copy, over?

- We're receiving you

loud and clear, P3.

- Okay, you have a good

comms voice here.

Is that you, Ms. Rachel?

- How's it looking out there,


- Life support's good,

O2 level's good.

- Oh, we're groovy.

Apart from the fact

there's 1000 horrible ways

to die down here at the

bottom of the ocean,

we're feeling pretty

great about it.

- Okay, Mr. Pickman?

- More than okay.

She's remarkable.

- Hatch is secure, Captain.

- Roger that, Hank.

Be advised, we are in position

and go for launch ops.

- Three minutes to commence

launch operation, over

- Roger that, DP control.

I'm gonna open the vent.

- We are clear to vent.

- Opening now.

- Don't worry.

If it buckles, the

whole thing will implode

at hypersonic speed,

and we'll be jelly in a

matter of micro seconds.

- What?

- You won't have time to

even know it's happened.

- Pre-dive safety briefing's

already completed.

- All right, P3,

let's do final checks.

- Final checks.

- Vision one, CO2 is

running at 0.3%.

Scrubber fan is running.

Depth gauge is working.

Compass is working.

- Okay, and I think we're ready.

DP control, we are

clear to launch.

- Affirmative.

- Good luck on your

voyage to the deep, P3.

You have permission to dive.

- Copy that.

Heading down.

- Say goodbye to the

surface world.

- Approaching 20 meters.

- Vents are secure.

- 40 Meters.

- P3, what's your speed?

- Vertical speed, 3.4 knots.

I have good control.

- Copy that.

- We're losing light already.

- Approaching 100 meters.

- Okay, team, good job.

- Right on course.

- 10,500 meters.

Five minutes 'til target depth.

- In 400 meters, we've

set a new record.

- The pressure lock.

Once the rover is fully

submerged, we seal you in.

then we activate the exit doors.

Then, you're on your

own out there,

ready to explore the deep.

Just remember you're training.

Piece of cake.

- Hank! Jim!

You need to come see this.

- What is it?

- Turn up front spotlight.

- Are you ready to see

this in person?

- We're here already?

- X coordinates minus 106,

Y coordinates minus 79.

- DP control, we have arrived.

- Just keep talking,


- We're looking at a

huge carbonate structure,

a circular gateway.

It's unreal.

- Yeah, planet earth's butthole,

just where I wanna be.

- No volcanic activity

causes this kind of detail.

These rocks were put here.

- By what? They're the

size of houses.

- All I know is that this

place will teach us more

than we've ever dreamed.

- I'm easing us into

the gateway.

Speed is 2.3 knots.

Spotlights are facing forward,

but we're just headed

into absolute darkness.

- P3, you must keep

talking to us

as you move into the gateway.

- The signal is currently

running at 100%.

Everything's stable.

Picture is all good on

front and rear cams.

- We're loud and clear.

- Gordon!

- P3?

- Everything's shutting down!

- What's going on down there?

- I've lost thrusters.


- P3, come in.

- We're losing them.

- Try to get a better signal.

- I am trying.

- Activate emergency power!

- DP control,

are you reading?

Come in, DP control!

Rachel, can you hear us?


- We've lost them!

- Hey, everybody just cool it,

all right?

- Gordon, are the thrusters

still malfunctioning?

- It's everything, Hank.

Everything has shut down.

- We're still sinking.

Depth is approaching

1100 meters.

- I'm dropping our weights,

we can't just sit here.

- No, no, stop. Stop!

- Hang on, Gordon, not yet.

Give it a chance.

Remember where we are?

We made it.

- I've gotta find Pickman.

- Wait.

Take this.

- I guess we're on our own

down here then.

- Jesus, Pickman!

- We found them.

- All right, we're back on.

- P3, do you copy?

Come in P3.

- DP control, we copy.

- What happened down there?

- It looks like we lost power

when we entered the portal.

We've definitely stumbled

on something here.

- Three hours of radio silence,

you don't know how glad

I am to hear your voice.

- Three hours?

Did she say three hours?

- Please repeat, DP control.

How long did you say

we were out of contact?

- Three hours and 12 minutes

since your last transmission,


- That's impossible.

- Hank, check our life support.

- Life support has decreased

approximately three hours.

She's right.

- What does that mean?

- We're not

getting anything up here, P3.

There's disruption on the feed,

a lot of static interference.

- Oh my God.

- Describe what

we're looking at.

- Uh, okay.

Um, I hope you can hear me

clearly enough.


we're drifting above

a huge ancient ruin.

There are decayed stone

structures as,

as big as mountains.

How could there have

ever been life down here?

- Sunlight could have

never reached this place.

- That implies a whole

new basis of life.

One that doesn't need the sun,

only water.

- And darkness.

- Maybe it wasn't

always underwater.

- There's something

on the seabed.

- What is that?

- Uh, maneuver the camera.

Pan, pan down.

Get a better view of it.

- Rachel, are you seeing this?

- I think I'm getting something.



- That looks like some kind

of life form, doesn't it?

- Copy that.

- Impossible.

- It's definitely some

sort of remains,

buried under centuries

of sediment buildup.

- I want to get a

closer look at that.

Where is Mr. Peters?

- He's right here.

- Peters.

- James, I need a tissue sample

from that deep sea organism,

whatever it is, understood?

- Copy that.

- This is the payoff.

The answer to our

deepest wonders.

So many secrets we must know.

It's on you, Jim.

- Are you gonna be all right?

- Yeah.

I'll be all right.

- Repressurizing lock.

Brace for launch, Jim

Rover clear for launch.

- Opening pressure lock

outer doors...


- Launch successful.

- You okay?

- Just don't let anything

happen to him out there.

- Jim, are you receiving?

- Life support's

all good.

There is more current

down here than I expected,

but I've got good control.

- Okay, take her down.

- All lights facing down.

Increasing vertical

speed to 1.4 knots.

- You doing good, Jim.

38,000 feet.

- Oh, man, it feels pretty

lonely out here right now.

- We're right here with you,


- Guys, are you seein' this?

- We have a clear image

from all rover cams.

- Gently now.

- 300 units of

down thrust.

- Take it easy, Jim, you're

right on top of that thing.

- Look at that creature.

- Gordon, what was this?

- Starboard 20

degrees and ease her down.

- Whatever this

thing was, it's colossal.

Up close, could have

been as tall

as the Empire State Building.

- Okay, Jim, you can't

afford to waste much time.

Get the tissue sample,

get the hell out of there.

- Affirmative. I'm in position.

- His depth gauge isn't

reading anything,

should we be worried?

- We haven't got time

to worry. He's doing fine.

- Nice and easy.

- Oh, Jesus, it's like

whale blubber.

Looks like some sort

of cephalopod.

- Deep-sea gigantism on

an epic scale.

- I can't understand how

it hasn't deteriorated.

Maybe the dissolved

oxygen levels down here?

- Makes you wonder how

long it's been dead.

- Guys, check out rear cams,

something moving out there.

- Moving?

- You didn't see it?

- I've almost finished

the incision.

I can't see sh*t out here.

- Gordon, I'm picking

up movement.

- Impossible, nothing

could be alive down here.

- It's reading a life-form.

- It's reading Jim.

- This is too big to be

Jim, this is massive!

- Well, then it's reading wrong.

Everything's glitching

since we entered the portal.

- Jim needs--

- We don't say anything

until he's got the

sample, he's nearly there.

- He might be in danger!

- One more minute and

he has got the sample!

- He might not have a minute!

Let me talk to him!

- Stop!

- The corporation did

not spend all of this money

for us to come back

with nothing!

Let Jim do his job!

- All right, guys,

I got it, I got it.

- Okay, Jim.

- Gordon, please get

him out there.

- Is the sample secure, Jim?

- Just a little longer.

- The sample is secure,

but I've lost my starboard

horizontal thruster.

Guys, I've got a lot of

failures here.

This isn't looking good.

- Don't panic, Jim.

- Jim, please respond!

- He's not hearing us.

- Signal's gone.

- Hello? Gordon?

- It's moving again,

whatever it is.

- We've just lost


with port.

Something's scrambling

our radios out there.

- Don't lose him!

- What the f*ck is that?

- I'm not

going any closer.

- We're not leaving without Jim!

Take us down!

- Are you insane?

- This is

what you wanted, Pickman,

an encounter with the Gods?

Aren't they as

immeasurable as you recall?

- DP control,

permission to abort.

- Permission denied,


Retrieve that rover before

you begin your ascent.

- Are you not seeing this?

Permission to abort!

- Permission denied, Gordon.

I'm not losing that sample.

- Hank, fill the pressure lock,

we're bringing him in now.

- Some strange

electromagnetism in the air.

- Argh!

- Gordon, take us down!

- What is that?

- g*dd*mn it, Gordon,

take us down!

Get out!

- No!

- I'm taking us down.

- No, we're too close!

- f*ck!

- Hank, help me!

- Christine!



- P3, my thrusters are back.

- Your air supply is

not looking good,

get as close to us as you can!

We gotta move!

- Gordon, I'm heading back!

- Jim, prepare to board.

- No, no, stop!

Gordon, stop!

Don't open the outer doors!

Christine! She's in the

pressure dock!

- What?

- She's in the water.

Open up the inner doors,

the inner door!

- There isn't time!

- You'll blast her

into the ocean!

She'll die, Gordon!

Jim, you'll have to hang on.

Christine ah, I'm coming.

Hurry up!


No, no.

Come on, gimme a hand!

Help me get her out!

- Gordon, the doors

aren't opening.

Gordon, I'm outside.

- Jim, hang in there,

we've got a problem!

Chris is trapped in the

pressure lock!

- What?

- You'll have to wait

for the pressure lock to reseal!

I can't let you in!

- Christine!

- Hank, quick,

Pull her out.

- All right.

- What the f*ck?

- That's it, grab it.

- Pull up.

- Come on, quick. Quick.

- All right, Joe, help her.

- Help her? She's f*cking dead!

- Well do something, you're

the f*cking safety officer!

Gordon, I'm closing the

pressure lock.

- Hank, we're

taking on water!

The front end is compromised!

Hank, what's going

on down there?


- Gordon, I think we lost her.

- Never mind that, Hank.

Check the bunk rooms.

I'm reading severe

damage down there.

This whole sub is gonna go down

if I don't drop weight now!

Jim, I'm opening the

outer doors.

- Hold on, I'm getting

into position.


- God, Jim, get

your ass in here now!

- Pickman, get up!

Get out of here!

- 10 more seconds, Gordon.

- Hurry!

- Gordon, the entire bunk

room's flooded.

I'm sealing off this corridor.

Drop weights now or the

water will drag us down!

- The pressure doors are

still closing.

Jim's in there!

- We don't have time, Gordon!

And we, we can't ascend with

this much water on board!


- Five seconds, Hank!

We can wait five seconds!

It's too late, Jim,

I'm dropping weights.

Hold on!


does anybody copy?

- DB control, we're

leaving the bottom

at X minus 278, Y minus 78!

- Is it following you, Gordon?

- I don't know! Check the radar!

- No!

No, no, no!


I can't get the second

door to close!

It's jammed!

Ugh, I can't get out.

- Look at it, Hank.

Look at the devastation

they can cause.

Just one of them

against all of us.

- What?

- Our brilliant minds,

totally defenseless

against them.

- What are talking about?

- They're brilliant, Hank,


- No! No!

No, no, no, no, no!

Why won't you help her?

Why won't you help, dammit?

Jesus, no.


Come on, Chris.

Come on, don't f*cking leave

me down here without you.

Come on, please.

Come on, come on, come on,

come on.

Come on. f*ck.

Please, Chris. Please.

Come on. Come on.

Breathe, dammit.


Come on, Chris.

Come on.


Come on.

Come on, come on, just breathe.

Just breathe!

You're all right.

You're all right.

You're all right.

You're all right.

- Jim!

- You're all right.

You're all right.

Hey. Hey, it's okay.

It's okay, we made it.

It's okay. It's okay.


- Yeah, thanks.

- O'Connell's dead.

See for yourself if you want to,

he's floating in

between the doors.

The whole front of the

sub is underwater.

- Are you sure?

- Well, unless he

went for a swim.

- Well, you thought

Chris was dead,

look how that turned out.

- Hey, I'm not the one who fell

into the f*cking pressure lock.

She wasn't breathing,

how was I to know?

That we should all

just be grateful

that any of us are still alive.


- How long till we're back

on the surface, Gordon?

- Well, kids, can't

say for sure.

We've taken on a f*ck

ton of water.

- Hank said not to

smoke in here.

- Do you want one, Jim?

Help yourself.

We'll smoke in his memory.

- How long can we survive

like this down here?

- We've got three more

hours of life support left.

Can't see it taking us

more than two hours

to get to the surface.

But I can't be sure.

The longer we're down

here, the heavier we get,

the slower we ascend.

- Three hours seems tight.

- It is tight,

but there's nothing

more I can do about it.

Let's hope there's no

more nasty surprises.

- It's the tissue sample.

- Do you hear them, Jim?

Calling to us...

God's of the deep...

Howling to be perceived

by human minds.

This tiny specimen,

it's going to change

everything we know.

Everything we ever

thought we knew.

- Don't touch it.

- We need to get this down

to the lab and isolate it.

Quickly now, before it


- Maybe we should seal

it in the pressure lock.

- No, I want this preserved

properly in the lab.

- Pickman, this is something

that hasn't been out

of the water for

millions of years,

we have no idea what

we're exposing ourselves

to by bringing this on board.

- Ms. Harris, do you

really think you came

all the way down here

just to look at it?

- We didn't know we were

collecting living tissue.

- So many answers await us, Jim.

I don't have time to waste.

Careful, Joseph.

- Where you going?

- We can't stop them

examining that thing,

so someone who knows

what they're doing

should go supervise,

make sure they keep

it contained.

- Three hours, Jim.

I suggest you go with them

and make sure they do

nothing stupid.

I've not seen Pickman

like this since...

A long time.

He's not thinking straight.

- I don't know if any of

us are anymore.

- DP control,

we are a little

under three hours

from the surface.

The tissue sample is

securely aboard.

We've got one casualty.

O'Connell didn't make it.

- It seems like it's

mostly adipose tissue.

- Body fat.

This is a big piece you took.

- Yeah, no surprise it tried

to knock us halfway

across the ocean.

- Totally disconnected

from the body...

But still reactive.

I don't think I've ever

seen anything like it.

- Imagine what we could learn

from an organism like this.

The flesh that still lives on

after it's been severed

from the body.

- Oh, it still thinks it's

part of the sea beast.

I think that it senses us.

- And I say we leave it

the hell alone

and wait 'til it's safely

back at the research base.

- Hank built this so we

could do immediate research.

- Well, unexpected things

happen when we mess

with stuff we don't understand.

- And how do you know this

thing will still be moving,

active, secreting

slime like it is

once we get it back

to the surface?

- Guys.

- If you don't mind,

I'll take my chances.

- Jim.

- Whoa.

Chris, get away from it.

- It knows we're here.

- Can't we freeze it?

- I think we pissed

it off enough already.

- Pickman, Jim's right.

We need to keep this contained.

We should seal the lab,

we have no idea what

we're dealing with.

- I'm paying you to be the

biologist here.

- I am not risking someone

else's life for this expedition.

The science trip is over.

Jim, get him out of here and

help me lock this place up.

- You heard her.

- Dr. Goldstein.

- Joseph, tell me the

specimen is secure.

- It's been contained in

the onboard lab,

Pickman's already running tests.

I think you're gonna be

very satisfied.

- I hope so.

Don't underestimate the

value of that tissue sample,

protect it with your life,

because if it doesn't make

it back to the surface--

- Lady, if that sample doesn't

make it back, neither do I.

And believe me,

that tuna chunk will be

the least of my worries.

- You don't have to worry.

As long as that specimen

is delivered to me,

your safety is guaranteed.

- And the deal's the

same as before.

- Correct.

- Well then, we are

crystal clear, babe.

And I'm already taking

the necessary precautions.

Pickman's gonna be pissed.

- Pickman isn't

interested in riches.

- Well then, his loss

is our gain.

- Keep me


- Something's not right here,


There's some strange feeling...

I don't know.

- Just try to relax,

it's nearly over.

We've been down here God

knows how long,

and no one's ever

been this deep.

- Yeah, but maybe we were

never meant to come here.

You know, maybe nature never

intended us to find this place.

- Don't get hysterical on me,


- Have you seen

anything down here?

You know, heard anything?

Things you shouldn't see,

things that couldn't be here?

- Like what?

None of this was

meant to be here.

- Well, like when you went

into the water,

why did you do that?

Because you saw something,


Something made you do it?

- No, I fell.

- No, you saw something,

you, you, you chased after it,

like, like Sam floating

in the water.

- No. Jim, what's

wrong with you?

- Look, when I was out there,

I thought I heard my

dad over the intercom.

His tapes, his, his

old recordings,

they were playing at the

bottom of the f*cking ocean.

How can that be possible?

- Listen to me, you didn't

hear anything, okay?

You panicked.

We're all shocked. It's normal.

- I don't think any of

this is normal.

I just know I wanna get home.

- We will, but I need you

to keep it together, okay?

I need you.

Help keep me sane until

we're back on the surface.

I can't do this alone.

- We came to the bottom

of the ocean,

none of us were ever

entirely sane.

- You did great out there.

Your dad could never bring

back this physical proof

of things that people

didn't believe existed.

This is gonna shock the world,


You lived up to your name.

- Yeah, well...

I worry that might not

be a good thing.

- We're two hours

from the surface.

Do you copy, DP control?

Come in, DP control.

- It's October 25th,

day three of the

Peters-Pickman expedition

to the Antarctic Peninsula.

40 miles into the mountains,

we've uncovered something


Can't you hear that?

It's speaking to us...


- What's happening out there?

- Wait, Chris! hang on!

- Come on!

- Gordon!

- Gordon!

- Christine!

- Oh my God.


Jim, get it open!

- I can't.

- Get him out of there now!

- Hold on.

Chris, get out of the way.

Come on!

- Put down the a*, Jim!

- Pickman's in there!

- That's

Pickman's problem.

- You're not really gonna

use that thing, Joe.

- You open those pressure

doors, this ship fills

with water at a rate

so f*cking fast

the liquid will cut your

bodies in two.

Drop it!

- What, you just gonna

let Pickman die in there?

- Pickman's lost his

f*cking mind.

Don't you get it?

This was his dream, to

see those creatures,

those ancient sea gods.

And if that's what he wants,

I do not need to go

down with him.

- He didn't even know these

things were down here.

- Pickman knew.

He knew what they were,

and he knew they were

only sleeping.

- Exactly.

What do you think they

found down in Antarctica?

What do you think they've

been searching

for all these years?

- And he just let us

wake them up.

- Pickman did not spend

all of this money

for you two to have the

adventure of a lifetime.

We were sent here with a

clear objective.

Get the tissue sample

from the f*cking water goblins,

make it back to the surface,

and get filthy, f*cking rich.

So will you please

both move away

from the f*cking pressure doors!

- You think that specimen's

gonna make you rich?

It's gonna be harder

than you think.

- Oh, you think I'm scared

of a couple of brainiacs?

- No, that thing is growing.

You can go and look at it

if you don't believe me.

And I think it's having a

strange psychological effect

on our crew.

- Oh, you f*cking think.

- It doesn't just

exist physically,

it's in our minds,

it's in our thoughts.

Joe, I don't know if

you know this,

but I have a son waiting

for me back home.

He's 10 months old, and if

I don't get back to him,

if I don't see him again,

I swear to f*cking God,

you'll die down here with me,

and it won't be pretty.

- I don't need to listen

to this bullshit.

- Wait, don't agitate him.

- Jim!

- He's dangerous, Chris.

There's nothing we can do.

- Gordon?

- It's from the sea,

frozen in time and

waiting for the thaw.

- Jim, my boy, is it really you?

- Gordon, maybe you should

come downstairs

and lie down for a while.

- I always knew you would

find me one day, Jimmy.

They told me you would come,

but I prayed, I prayed

that it wasn't true.

Don't be afraid, Jimmy.

Death is not the end.

These are things I

should never have known,

things of nature never

intended us to find.

- Sit down, Gordon.

- I don't think that's

Gordon anymore.

- Show them, Jimmy.

Show them the way home,

back to their place

they once knew.

None of this insignificant race

will know how I tried

to warn them,

how they left it, too late.

- Get the f*ck away from me,


Don't make me use this.

- When they awake, it

is time for us to sleep.

- Jim!


- That's it, w- we've lost them.

- I can't get a signal,

there's nothing.

- Gordon!

- Move!


What have you done?

- Joe, stop, you'll

blow the windows!

Joe, what are you doing?

- This thing's going down,


back down to the bottom

of the ocean,

only I'm not going down with it.

- You can't just leave

us to pilot this thing.

- Pilot what?

It's scrap metal, lady,

open your f*cking eyes!

This thing is going down!

I'm sorry about your kid.

Now you wanna fight me now,


Try it.

You think we're just

gonna let you walk out

of here, bitch?

- No, I don't.


Are you okay?

- I'll live.

- Okay.

Get in the rover,

we've gotta go.

- What?

- Get in the rover!

- Where's Joe?

- Oh, screw Joe!

Come on, we gotta go!

- Okay, wait for me

here, I'll be a second.

- What? Where are you going?

- We can't risk someone

else finding it.

You know they'll come looking.

All right, whatever the

hell you are,

time to make calamari.

- Better hurry, Jimmy.

Five minutes until this whole

thing goes under.

This whole things gonna blow

when that door opens.


- Jim, we don't have

enough air supply.

- And that door's set

to open in five minutes.

This whole thing's

gonna implode.

- What?

- One of us needs

to stay behind to seal

the pressure lock.

Go on without me.

- No, Jim, we always said we--

- Just go!

- No, Jim!


- You going somewhere?

- Jim!

- Hey!

- You can't destroy them, Jimmy.

We woke them up,

and now it's all over.

- Jim.

Come find me, son.

Jim, you came for me.

Let's go together...

Together with them into

the depths of oblivion.

- Dad?

- Ms. Harris?

Ms. Harris, can you hear me?

It's okay, you're safe.

We're looking after you now.

- Jim?


- They've gone. Ms. Harris.

After communication was lost,

we picked up your rover signal.

They found you drifting.

Your oxygen levels were

dangerously low.

You've been unconscious

for a couple of days.

- You k*lled them.

You knew exactly what we

were going into,

you f*cking knew that!

- Ms. Harris, calm down!

Ms. Harris, please, relax!


- Neither of us got

what we wanted, did we?

You knew the risks.

No one must know what happened.

- Ahh!!!

- Ms. Harris, calm down!

- Ahh!!!

- What's wrong with her?

- Oh no.

No, no, no, no, no.


Congratulations, bitch,

you got exactly

what you f*cking wanted!

No! No!
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