Lonesome Soldier (2023)

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History/Civil Wars, Cold w*r, WWI, WWII, Rebellions, Revolutions and more! w*r movies collection.
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Lonesome Soldier (2023)

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What the hell

are you doing, kid?



What's happenin' to me?

What do you think?

I don't...

Maybe it's...

Maybe it's for the best?

The best?

What the hell

are you talking about?


Just 'cause you're dyin',

it doesn't mean

you have to end up dead.

Tell me, you ain't

gonna make it that easy.

I-I f*cked up, man.

I know, kid. I know.

Am I gonna be okay?

Not my place,

but my gut is telling me...

it ain't your time.

- What do we got?

- Unresponsive.

- Possible overdose.

- Checking vitals.

- Male patient maybe...

- That's my son!

Ma'am, please.

I can't let you back here.

It's just for medical personnel.

Lawler, I got

that wheel for you.

Can you get

one of these, please?

It's a 3.15.

Where did you say it was?

On the shelf in the back.

Good afternoon.

I'm looking to get

an oil change?

Jackson, phone call for you.

Lawler, turn that sh*t off.

What can I help you with, sir?

Just need an oil change.

No problem.

We can do that for you.


Can't, Mac.

Gotta head out early.

Playing a show tonight.

Yeah, fine.

Uh, I can do it for you.

Thank you.


Hey, Bobby. What's up?

Yeah? Wait.


You're sh1tting me. Tonight?

No f*cking way.

Are you... are you serious?

All right, all right.

Uh, yeah, I'll wrap up here.

I'll be right over.

All right. Sounds good.

I'll see you soon.

f*ck yes! Woo!

Yeah! That's what

I'm talking about.

What's all that yellin' about?

Scott Thompson's

coming to our gig tonight.

- Who?

- Scott Thompson.

The GM of the Cowboys,

it's a bar up in Nashville.

They pay like five grand a gig.

We could be signed

by the end of the night, man.

Oh, yeah. Just as long

as you all know

it ain't like the movies.

Oh, go f*ck yourself, Lawler.

You're in the band too.

Don't be late.

I gotta go, Mac.

Where the hell

are you going, kid?

To the Raven.

Well, it's two hours

till closing.

I know that, Mac,

but Bobby's counting on me.

- We gotta practice.

- Well, fine.

But I can't let you leave early

every time some hotshot

from Nashville comes into town

to live Bobby's dream.

That's not fair, Mac.

Come on. It's my dream too.

Is it? Or is it the money?

Why can't it be both?

What's wrong with wanting

a little stability, huh?

You want stability, kid?

Join the f*ck' army.

It's your answer

to everything, Mac.

Maybe I will.


Boys, what an amazing

f*cking show.

- Hell yeah.

- I need to find Scott.

Relax, little brother.

Just give it five minutes.

You crowd him,

you're just gonna scare him off.

Yeah, you'll probably

scare him off.

I'm gonna go get us

a f*cking gig.

Never listens.

I'm good.

That wasn't enough

of a rush for you?

Nothing's ever rush enough.

What, uh, what do you think

our chances are?

I wouldn't get

your hopes up, Harlow.

But hey, even fat girlies

like you sometimes.



Way to go, nephew.

Oh, you make your mama so proud.

- You were amazing.

- Mom.


Go. Good God.

Remember when you used

to kiss me like that?

You boys sure know

how to pull in a crowd.

- What ya's drinkin'?

- Oh, yeah.

Since I'll probably end up

buyin' like usual,

uh, seven Jamesons

and a, uh,

Luca Mariano Single Barrel

for the missus.

Amy, how you doing, girl?

Slam, the usual?

Yes, ma'am.

He was a no-show.

I told you.

Ah, don't stress it, kid.

How can he say he's gonna come

and then just, like, not show?

No call, no sorry?

I'm sorry, baby.

You can't keep waiting

for people.

I mean, hell,

I'll get us our own gig.

Statewide tour.

I'll book out

the whole damn summer.

That's a great idea.

We can take Lawler's van.

The hell we are.

Yeah, you guys should.

You're so good.


Pump those brakes, kids.

Dreams are nice and all,

but, uh, at the end

of the night,

everyone's gotta

wake up to reality.

Your mom and I can't fund

your dreams forever.

I don't need you to, John.

I have a job.

Not one where you can make

an honest living.

No offense.

Is that what you all

think of me?

Just chasin' a stupid dream?


Okay. I'll see you all later.

Jackson, baby.

Excuse me.

Honest living, huh?

Well, the last I looked,

there are plenty of f*ck' cars

that need fixin'.


Tell 'em, Mac.

- What?

- That wasn't fair.

It's true.

We've been working doubles

twice a week

to fund his pipe dreams.

Yeah, and I would work twice

as much if he needed it.

You know what, everybody?

I'm... I'm feeling a little tired,

so I'm gonna say goodnight,

but y'all have fun.

Life ain't ever the way

you planned it, Bobby.

I'm not trying to be an assh*le,

but, uh, I ain't gonna lie.

I had dreams once too.


Jackson's a hell of a player

but, uh, he ain't your way

out of this town.

We'll see.


I hate it when John's right.

Who cares what he thinks?

You're so good, baby, and, like,

people love your music.

People in this shitty-ass town.

Plus, it's not my dream anyway.

Well, I support you

no matter what,

whether you wanna be a rock star

or a mechanic

or a garbage man.

What if I was a soldier?


I talked to Mac.

I'm not making enough

at the garage.

He recommended it.

I'll make some more money

and give you some flexibility.

Being a soldier is the opposite

of flexible, Jackson.

It's not like I'm being

a jarhead or anything, it's...

National Guard is like

two weekends a month

after basic.

It's 40 grand plus benefits.

I ain't getting sh*t at or any...

- Jackson. No.

- No, I'm serious.

Christy, Christy,

I'm serious, babe.

We can make this work.

This is a good idea.

And I promise you,

I will not go to Iraq.

But you... you don't know that.

Because I'm not gonna

be one of those girls

who sits at home waiting

for a man to return,

like, I'm not.

I know.

That's why I have

another question for you.

Christy Marley,

will you marry me?

I can't believe it.

I get to change

my dumb last name?

Is that a yes?

Yes. Yes. Of course. Jackson.


- Mrs. Harlow, Mr. Harlow?

- How's he doing?

John Miller.

What happened to Jackson?

Jackson suffered an overdose.

He's in critical condition.

An overdose?

Because he's non-responsive,

I need parental permission

to operate.

Yeah. Yeah, do it,

do whatever he needs.

Oh, my God.

How f*cking dare you.

- Excuse me?

- Don't play dumb with me.

I know it was your idea.

Joining the army never even

crossed his mind before.

- Oh, calm down.

- No!


I didn't forge his f*cking

signature, you know?

He came to me for advice.

I advised him.

He's not a child.

That's just the point.

He is a child.

He is my child.

Jackson's a g*dd*mn man

for Christ's sake.

He's getting married.

It was his choice

to serve his country.

You oughta be proud of him.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

How'd that choice

work out for you, hmm?

Oh, maybe we should ask Mom.

Oh, wait, we can't,

because she left,

stuck me with your sorry ass.

Get the f*ck outta here.


Don't worry, baby.

She'll come around.

Just focus on being

the man I know you are.

You always know exactly

what to say, Mrs. Harlow.

Focus on your training

right now, kid, all right?

And blow some sh*t up for me.

I'll do my best.

You see that blonde

out there waving at me?

Pity who's ever her man,

she wants the D.

- Hmm.

- Careful.

That's my wife

you're talking about.

- Your wife?

- Yeah.

Hell yeah.

Hey, don't... don't worry,

don't worry.

I can't leave my girl anyway.

She's so loyal.

Always stays by my side.

Richard Douglas.

Friends call me Ritchie.

Jackson Harlow.

Jackson Harlow.

That's a good name.

On a scale of one to ten,

how nervous are you?

Probably an eight,

if I'm being honest.


If you're an eight,

I'm a f*ck' five.

f*ck you.

Make that a two.

Love you.

Get the f*ck off now!

Now! Let's go!

Let's go! Let's go!

Don't you dare

f*cking look at me!

Move it,

move it that way.

Keep walking, maggot!

- Stop eyeballing me.

- Move it, move it!

- Okay! Okay!

- Okay, okay!

Do I f*cking look

like Oklahoma to you?

Stand up f*cking straight.

What the f*ck

are you looking at?

- Eyes forward!

- Who the f*ck

brings a purple suitcase

to boot camp?

Open that sh*t up.

Because I gotta see

what goes inside

a f*cking purple suitcase.

Open it! f*ck that.

My recruiter said we could bring

whatever we want, sir.

I don't give a sh*t

what your recruiter said.

Get the f*ck down.

Is that a f*cking pushup?

You look like

you're banging your sister

behind the barn.

Do you enjoy banging

your sister, recruit?

- No.

- No what?

No, I'm not banging my sister.

We don't give

a sh*t who you f*ck,

you stupid inbred.

But you sure as f*ck

will refer to us as Sergeant.

Yes, Sergeant.

Where the f*ck

did you squirm up from?

Perth, Sergeant.

I know Perth.

Only reason you stop

in that sh*t town

is if your car breaks down.

Yes, Sergeant. I work at

a mechanic shop there, Sergeant.

Of course you do.

Now drop and give me 50.

Yes, Sergeant!

Welcome to basic, ladies.

It's all uphill from here.

Speaking of uphill,

we're going on a run.

But before we do that,

I'm gonna introduce you

to a little word named


Inspections are random.

It can happen at any time.

The process is simple.

We say inspection, you strip.

Starting now. Inspection!

Strip now! Do it now!

Take it off! Take it off!

You may not like running,

but you're gonna learn to

'cause in my army,

we're as fit as we are lethal.

You look tired, grandpa.

You wanna sit down?

No, thank you, sir.

- Sir?

- No, thank you, Sergeant!

Are you refusing a direct order?

No, Sergeant!

Breaking ranks,

give me 50 pushups

for every f*cking year

of your life.

Yes, Sergeant!

He has you

in your underwear

because this is your last

moment as a civilian.

Your final transformation

is a useful cog

in the big green machine.

Oh, sh*t.

What's your name, recruit?

Sam Greene, Sergeant.

Where the f*ck

are your underwear?

Don't own any, Sergeant.

I prefer to free ball.

I can't see why,

but you know what?

So do I.

Now, since recruit Greene

prefers to free ball,

you're all gonna free ball.

Tighty-whities off boys, now!

Take 'em off!


Is it a beer

or a whiskey kind of day?

Uh, neither actually.

Well then, what do you want?

Is there some sort

of bartender code

where if I tell you something

you're not allowed

to tell anybody else?

Hmm, something like that,

unless you're fixing

to k*ll someone,

then I'll have to tell

the sheriff.

Right. Well, um,

in that case, I...

Christy, how are you?

Um, I'm fine.

Can I get some water, please?

You don't look fine.

Yeah, let me know

if you need a little

something to help out.

I don't need any dr*gs.

- Thank you.

- Suit yourself.

Well, you'll be happy to hear

that the tour's finally

coming together.

Should have everything lined up

by the time Jackson's back.

I don't think Jackson's

gonna go on tour, Bobby.

He has responsibilities now.

We're married.

That's funny.

His idea of responsibilities

is to go off and play soldier.

Leave her here all alone.

Sounds like

a perfect husband to me.


Sorry he's drunk.

We both are.

Well, have a good night,


It's daytime, Bobby.

Well, so it is. So it is.

f*ck is up, Tucker?

Everything okay?

Sarge is gonna have

your f*cking ass

if he finds you out after hours,

which means now

he's gonna have mine too.

This has been a lot, man.

Coming out here,

you tell yourself

you can do anything

when you get here.

You start to question it?

Yeah, I get that.

My dad is real tough

with me too though.

He's strict, m*llitary.

Yeah. My pops took off

when I was young,

but, oh,

my momma was a hard ass.

Still is.

My mom always know

how to make everything okay.

sh*t, even when she got sick.

She's all right?

No, they had her on a machine,

they gave her some meds,

had some surgeries,

but that was just

to alleviate things.

Wasn't no cure for what she had.

What was her name?




That is a beautiful name.

Yes, it is.

Yes, it is.

- Come on. Let's get outta here.

- Okay.

All right, we're clear.

You're gonna get me

so f*cking k*lled.

Up, up, up!

Let's go! Let's go!

Get the f*ck out of there now!

Let's go!

Move, move, move!

I want two rows

and I want 'em now!

Two rows!

Line up!

Who belongs to this?


I'm not gonna ask twice.

- Sarge, I...

- Sarge, I belong to it, sir.

For some reason, recruit Douglas

got the not-so-bright idea

to smoke after lights out.

Fortunately for his health,

I found out...

and I will help him quit.

Unfortunately for his body,

that means misery...

misery for you all.

Get a shovel.

Yes, Sergeant!

You, here.

Yes, Sergeant.

Circle up.

Now! Circle up.

Bad habits are best left buried.

Start digging.

Six feet.

Are you deaf, son?

I said start digging.

You know what?

I think we're missing something.

Do you know

who we're missing, Douglas?

No, Sergeant.

Well, in order for this

to be a proper funeral,

we need a name.

A name?

For your cigarette, Douglas.

Name it.

Viola, Sergeant.


I'm not sure

if you named your cigarette

after a ship or a hooker,

but either way, it's done.

And now we can have

a proper burial.

Come on, Douglas, dig faster!

Pretend it means

something to you.

That's better be sweat

in your eyes

because if you're crying

from digging a hole,

then you're not fit to soldier.

This is not a place

for mama's boys.

It's a place for men.

You ain't gonna wash out on me,

are you, Douglas?

No, Sergeant!


What is it, Harlow?

Permission to get a shovel,


What for?

To help Douglas, Sergeant.

Permission denied.

Sergeant, I was there with him.

And like you've been telling us

since we got here,

he's my brother.

You just might amount

to something someday, Harlow.

You got 60 seconds.

Yes, Sergeant.

Sergeant, permission to help.


On the b*ttlefield,

you will constantly

be vulnerable to indirect fire.

a*tillery, mortars,

rockets, death from above.

Being able to quickly create

cover by entrenching

may save your life.

That's deep enough.

Put this in the middle.

I said the center.

Try again.

Close enough.

Get out.

Say a eulogy.


What part of your pea-size

brain got microwaved

to have you question

every f*cking thing I say?

Give a f*cking eulogy, Douglas.

Um, it was a good cigarette.

Show some respect.

Her name was Viola, remember?

Viola was good to me

and she helped take the edge

off of life's troubles.

She was always there for me

when I needed her.

And I'll miss her.

- Amen.

- Amen.

Very moving, Douglas.

Training element two, three,

I want you up and ready at 0600.


Yes, Sergeant!

Not you, Douglas.

Do you really think

I'm gonna leave a six-foot hole

on my property?

- No, Sergeant!

- That's right.

Cover that f*ck up.

And I want it as smooth

as a pancake.

The operation was a success.

However, he's still

in critical condition.

He suffered an anoxic brain

injury due to lack of oxygen.

That's common with overdoses.

His last brain scans

came back negative.

What's that mean?

He's in a coma.

Without there being

any detectable brain function,

the chances

of Jackson recovering

are less than one percent.



There's nothing more

we can do for him here.

Okay. If you... if you can't

do anything for him,

then, um, then who can?

Who... the VA?

Jackson's a veteran.

Think about this for a second.

- Florida's f*cking far.

- Stop.

If you're saying

what I think you're saying,

- just don't even start.

- Hell now, I'm getting

in trouble for things

I ain't even done yet.

Well, what?

You think I'm wasting my time?


Is this about the money?

'Cause that'd be

so f*cked up, John.

It's not about the money.

We'll cover the trip.

I'm worried you're just

prolonging the inevitable.

Look, I... I wasn't there for him

when he needed me before,

and that is not

gonna happen again.

Well, I...


- There he is!

- Hey, John.

Good to see you.

- Welcome home, nephew.

- Hey. Thank you.

- Oh.

- Did you miss me?

Oh, well, a little less now.

Hey, Mama. I'm home.

Well, go wash up.

Dinner's almost ready.

- It's okay.

- Yeah.

Oh, you... oh, come on.

You know it's messy.

Oh, Mac, I gotta say,

I'm a little disappointed.

I didn't get to blow

anything up.

I just, uh, ran endless miles

- and dug a bunch of holes.

- Really?

Huh? I guess things changed

a lot in 50 years.

- Hmm.

- Guess so.

Yeah. What are all those

ribbons for, Jack?

Means he didn't got

his d*ck blown off in basic.

- Hmm.

- That's not funny.

Jackson worked

his butt off for those.

Well, I thought

you'd earn them for valor,

- you know, like in Iraq.

- Are you going to Iraq?

Thankfully, no.

The guard only sends over people

that, uh, request it.

So I'm not going

anywhere anytime soon.

Well, and that's a good thing

too because Daddy Jackson's

gonna have his hands full

in about seven months.

I knew it!

I knew it. There's one soldier

who's not sh**ting blanks.

How about that?

How about that?


Welcome to dadhood.

You'll never sleep

another night.

It's what I've been told.

But hell,

I'm not the one pregnant.

You got anything stronger

than beer, John?

- Or did you, uh, drink it all?

- I drank it all.

Which is a problem

'cause I got a prostate

the size of a watermelon.

Oh, no.

Take a break, Mama.

I can do it.

No, I got a system.

I know you have a system.

I learned it from the back

of a wooden spoon.

Mama, how long

are you gonna stay mad at me

for joining the Guard?

I need your support in this.

All I wanna do is support you.

But I have seen where this ends.

My mama was a wife of a soldier,

and it changes everything.

I don't wanna end up

raising your child.

I need another beer.

You gotta stop

punishin' the kid.

You can punish me if you want,

but not him.

He's as scared as you are.

But nothing bad has happened.

But he's about to have a baby.

The boy needs his mother.

You're the last one who should

be lecturing me, old man.

Stubborn woman.

Thank you, thank you.

I know we just took a break

but f*ck it,

we're gonna take another one.

We'll be right back, thanks.

- There he is.

- Hey, man. Good to see you.

- Good to see you.

- Pull up a chair.

- Ritchie, this is Bobby.

- Jackson's battle brother.

- Nice to meet you.

- Yeah.

- My brother Lawler.

- Battle brothers?

More like f*ck brothers,


It's good to see

you too, Lawler.

Blah, blah, blah.

Where's Amy at?

What the hell, boys?

Get your ass back up there!

Give us a break, Amy.

Or, you know, pay us.

Taking five to say hi

to an old friend.

- Hi, Amy.

- Jackson!

I didn't know

you were back in town.

Oh, wow.

You look good in green.

- Oh, thank you.

- Hey.

Would either of you

fine soldiers like a drink,

- on the house?

- Your town.

What are we drinkin', Bobby?

Uh, let's do two Luca Marianos

and a well whiskey.

And what would you like,


Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Let me guess.

You know what 50 Cent says,


"Henny for my n*gga!"

I'll be right back.

I gotta take a piss.

He's jokin'.

Yeah, that's, uh,

that's just Lawler, man.

Yeah, it's real f*cking funny.

I need a smoke.

Sorry about that.


Well, it's good

to see you, Bobby.

- See you around.

- Yeah, I'll see you in a bit.

You know, maybe it's time

I try one of those.

Fresh out.

You're really this pissed

about a joke?

I just don't get it.

You're right, you don't get it.


Are you pissed at me?

Yeah, Jackson.

I'm f*ck' pissed at you.

I'm pissed at Lawler,

I'm pissed at this whole

g*dd*mn country,

if you really wanna know.

Then why are you

servin' it, huh?

Explain that to me.

I don't think

you would understand.

Oh, you don't think

I'd understand?

No, I don't.

What wouldn't I understand, huh?

What makes your problems

so special, Ritchie?

Huh? I mean, I get it,

I'm sorry

your momma passed away.

Well, my daddy left me

when I was a little kid,

and I'm about to be

a father myself.

If that's what you understand,

I'm somebody's child too,


You get that?

I'm fighting for my daddy

who's in a wheelchair right now

because they serviced

every other soldier

before him in Kuwait.

Oh, and his daddy,

who's in an unmarked grave

somewhere in Europe

because some officer

didn't think a dead n*gg*r

was worth getting shipped home

alongside white soldiers.

And I thought I was fighting

for you too.

You were supposed to have

my back in there, man.

You're supposed

to be my brother.

I do have your back,

and I am your brother.

My brother woulda knocked

his ass out...

Why? Because of a stupid

f*cking joke?

It wasn't a joke to me, Jackson!

Do you understand that?

People that look like me

have to fight

for every single f*cking ounce

of respect...

Oh, don't give me that bullshit!

...that that...

Don't give me that sh*t!

Yeah. That's how respect works!

You have to fight for it.

You have to f*ck'

earn that sh*t!

Nobody just f*cking

gives it to you.

Sergeant gave it to me...


You know what he did

right after we passed basic?


He walked up to me

right before we got on the bus,

he didn't even say nothin'.

He just handed me a cigarette.

sh*t, he even gave me

his lighter.

I earned his respect, finally.


You know my momma passed away

three weeks before basic?

And I will never forget

what she said to me

when I told her I joined.

She said, "Men always wanna jump

up to protect somethin',

but who's protecting them?"

And I watched her fight

for her life every f*ck' day.

So it makes sense I wanna save

everyone else's, right?

Even if they don't want it.

So yeah, I'm fightin'

for my daddy,

I'm fightin' for his daddy,

I'm fightin' for you,

and I'm even fightin'

for little punk-ass b*tches

like your boy Lawler in there.

'Cause ain't that what love is?

f*ck, I'm sorry, man.

I got your back

from here on out.



All right. Here we go.

I think that's it.

Babe, I think I got it.



Think they make

these things easier...



You promised me.

You promised me that you'd be

here to raise our child,

you promised me

that you wouldn't leave.


They're expanding

the campaign in Iraq.

It's not optional anymore.

I did promise you.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

- I know.

- This wasn't supposed

- to happen.

- I know.

Come here.

- I'm sorry.

- I know.

It's gonna be okay.

We're gonna figure this out,

we're gonna be okay.

We're gonna be okay.

This is for you, Dad.

Just make it home safe.

- Hey.

- Hey.

I guess Mac will have

to repaint the crib pink, huh?

No, he won't.

Our little girl's a badass,

she'll love it just fine.

Yeah, she will.

Do me a favor and hold on

to this for me while I'm gone?


Of course.

I love you two so much.

I'm gonna miss everything.

No, you won't. Don't say that.

You'll be back to raise her

right alongside me.

- Hmm?

- Yeah.

I'll be back before you know it.

Before I know it? Mm-mm.

I better know exactly

when you're coming back, okay?

Yes, ma'am.

Come, man.

Oh, I'm gonna miss you, man.

Hey, just don't get your arm

blown off, all right?

You can still play guitar

with one leg.

All right, Bob. I'll do my best.

I'm gonna miss you.

Now, listen. Keep your head

down, do your job.

Now you're already a soldier,

so don't be a hero.

- All right?

- Yes, sir.

Oh, Mom.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I'm gonna miss you.

I'll miss you, too.

Uh, we all raised you

to follow your convictions,

so, Jackson, I'm so proud

of the man you've become.

You just... you promise me

that you're gonna

come home, okay?

- Mama...

- No, I just...

I don't need you to mean it.

I just... I just need to hear it.

Okay. I promise.



I'll skip

the pleasantries, Mrs. Harlow.

I've reviewed your son's chart

and I don't...

Sorry, uh, if this is

the temper-your-

expectations speech,

you can just save it.

I know that my son is there.

My expectations are nothing

short of a full recovery.

I understand.

And I've heard of the lengths

you've gone through

to help your son.

But facts are facts.

Okay, let me just stop you

right there, doctor.

I've heard

every variation of give up

from doctors, from friends,

even from family.

Let me ask you,

you work with soldiers.

How many of them just give up?

I hear what you're saying.

I wish I could fight

for every single one.

Then could you help me, please?

Help me fight for him.


Room clear?


f*ck, f*ck, f*ck.

I think I k*lled a baby.

I think I just k*lled a baby.

- f*ck.

- Hey, hey, hey.

- No, no, no.

- I think I just...

Hey, look at me,

you can't be like this.

- Man, no. I just k*lled a...

- It's not your f*cking fault!

- Jackson, that's a fact!

- That's not your fault!

- Alpha 3...

- It's a baby, Jackson!

- ... is the building clear?

- It is my f*cking fault.

Can I get a f*cking

g*dd*mn minute?

For f*ck's sake!

- f*ck!

- Jesus!

This is Alpha 3,

building is secure.

Five enemy KIA.

Alpha team is good.

We are movin' out.

All right. Let's go!

I just k*lled a f*cking baby.

I just k*lled

a f*cking baby, man.

That's a f*cking baby, man.

- I just k*lled... yes, I did.

- You did not do that.

- Yes, I did. Yes, I did.

- That's not your fault.

- We have to move on.

- They didn't say anything

about a baby, Jackson!

- I know!

- They didn't say anything

- about a baby!

- I f*cking know that!

But I gave you the order,

you need to pull yourself

the f*ck together

right f*cking now!

All right, soldier?

Look at me!

- Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay!

- Dig f*cking deep!

We have to move the f*ck on!

All right?

- Come on! Let's go!

- All right. Let's go, let's go,

let's go! Let's go.

You used to always ask me

if it was a whiskey

or beer kind of day.

Do we even need to ask anymore?

That's not what you said.

You're not holding up

your end of the deal.

This sh*t takes time,

you know. Be patient.

I'm not a very patient person.

Give me a minute.

Why, it's Mrs. Harlow.

How goes it?

Who's the new girl?

Uh, Marissa.

She's just a friend.

She works for the pops down

at Middle Lane Pharmacy.

- She's Mr. Bill's daughter?

- Uh-hmm.

Hi, I'm Christy.

Hi, Christy.

So, how's our little

soldier doing?

Honestly, I don't know.

We were supposed to Skype today

but working the time difference

sort of messes everything up.

Well, that sounds about right.

I am sorry that the tour

didn't work out.

Yeah. Bobby's taking it

pretty hard.

I tried to tell him

it was a dead end,

he just doesn't listen.

Maybe it's a good thing

Harlow left.

He didn't leave.

He was called away,

he was just following orders.

All right. Whatever you say.

You look like hell, though.

No offense.

I'm fine.

Sure you are.

If you ever want something

a little stronger,

that'll make you feel better,

give me a buzz.

Damn it, Simpson, one more curl

and them puppies will pop.

Deflate smaller than your d*ck,

we all saw it at f*cking basic.

Yeah, coming from the guy

saving the hajis money on a*mo.

Smoke another cigarette.

Those goat f*ck

won't have to k*ll you.

Oh, that's my plan.

I'mma wear

a big Iraqi sign that says,

"Don't sh**t me,

I have lung cancer."

Think those f*ck even know

what lung cancer is?

Even cavemen know

what cancer is, dumbass.

You guys should shut

the f*ck up.

And for f*ck's sake,

how could you be joking around

with the sh*t

we've went through, huh?

Why are you such

a f*cking ret*rd?

And why don't you do

another curl,

f*cking practicing jerking

other dudes off, f*g?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Ooh.

Yo, what the f*ck's

your problem, man?

- Touchy, damn.

- I'm trying to talk

to my f*cking wife.

Internet's not f*cking working.


Hey, it's just blue balls, man.

- Mm.

- What did we say about talking

about other guys' wives?

- That's off f*cking limits.

- Hey. Yo, chill.

Say another word, f*ck.

Afraid she has her hands full?

- Oh, f*cking...

- Hey! Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Get off! Get off!

Guys! Guys, guys! sh*t!

Calm down!

Six weeks just turned to six

more months in this sh*thole.

We're f*cking f*cked!

Active duty just got extended.

- sh*t! sh*t!

- What the f*ck is this?

What the f*ck?

f*ck! f*ck!


Christy is gonna k*ll me.

f*ck. f*ck.

And I thought

that was a gift.

Um, no question, you know, uh...

Hang on, sis. Look...

This is what the troops

signed up for.

Oh, it isn't, it isn't.

... you know,

the troops.

I know you fought

so hard your whole life.

I just... I need you to fight

a little while longer.


Oh, Jackson.

I-I'm so sorry.

I-I know

we haven't always

seen eye to eye,

but, you know, you-you always

give me the strength to go on.

Don't you know, right now,

I'm giving you all my strength

'cause I-I know

that you are still here.

And I-I know

you're gonna be okay.

I know you're gonna be okay.

Does anyone know where

the f*ck that's coming from?


Check, again.


f*ck, cover me!

Harlow, what the f*ck!

Jackson. Jackson.

Hey, Jackson. Can you hear me?

Can you hear me, baby?

Oh. Oh, my God.

Thank you, God. Thank you.

Doctor! Doctor,

come quick, doctor.

You're okay.

You're okay. You're okay.

Hi, baby. Hi.

- Hey. Hey. You're okay.

- Can you hear me?

Doctor, I told you

my boy would fight

if you gave him a chance.

Oh, thank you.

Thank you, doctor.

- I'll be right back.

- Oh, baby.

Where's, uh, Christy?

Where's Katie?

- Oh, um...

- Why aren't they here?

I-I-I don't know, honey.

She was supposed to be here.

I went

by the house earlier

and there was no answer.

I didn't wanna be late myself.

You know, she's been

really overwhelmed lately.

She's been leaning

a lot less on me

and more on her mother.

But we'll stop

by the house one more time.

All right. You and me,

and the rest of the family

will be working on the spread

that your mother's been

preparing since this morning.

We'll pick up the girls

and we'll head out back

for a nice welcome home dinner.

All right?

Come on, let's go.

Okay, Mac.


We'll see you guys there.

Any advice, Mac?

Stick to cars, less complicated.


You want me to wait?


My car's here,

which means she's here.


I'll see you at dinner tonight.

Wish me luck.

Good luck, kid.


Hey, Christy, are you okay?


- Hmm.

- Wake up.

Are you okay?

What's going on?

Hey, hey.



But you're not supposed

to be back until Wednesday.

It is Wednesday, Christy.

What's going on here?

Where's Katie?

She's with, uh, my mom.

But you weren't supposed

to be back until Wednesday.



Why weren't you there today?

Let me get,

uh, Katie from the crib.

Oh, she'd love to see you.

Yeah, you do that.

Gloria. It's Jackson.

Yeah, I am. Well, thank you.

Um, listen, is Katie there?

- Don't say anything. I just...

- Yeah, I'm here.

Do you know what she was doing

when she asked you

to watch my daughter?

She was getting high, Gloria.

- Jackson.

- She was getting high.


Listen, I'm coming

to get my daughter.

You should probably do the same.


Wait, wait, Jackson.

No, don't, don't go.




Please stop.

Dinner's getting cold.

Can we start without him?

Damn it, John.

Give the kid a minute, will ya?



I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Jackson, everything okay?

Yeah, yeah, roger that.

I'm sorry.

Honey, what are you doing?

- I can't get 'em clean.

- Okay. Okay.

You know what?

You know what, baby,

baby, they look clean to me.


- Okay.

- Okay. Come on.

Everyone's waiting on you.

Let's go eat.

Okay. Okay.

- Okay.

- Okay.

Huh? Here he is, everybody.

So, let's eat.

So, Jackson,

did you...

...k*ll any t*rrorists

over there?

I'd rather not talk about that,

if that's okay. Um...

it's over now.

And, uh, I think...

I think I'd just like it

if everything, you know,

went back to normal,

if that works for everyone.

Copy that, soldier.

Normal it is.

I'm just proud

to be sharing a table

with a real American hero.

Please don't call me that.

We, uh, got some

fireworks for tonight.

Celebrate your safe return.

That'll be fun.

Titans lost again.

What else?


Mega Millions jackpot

went for 370 mil.


John's still an assh*le.

I'll say cheers

to my son's safe return.


Hi, this is Christy Carlos.

I'm not here to take your call.

Please leave a message

after the sound of the beep.



How's Katie?

Hmm, how's Katie?


she's still a little shaky.

Almost like, uh,

she's scared of me.

Ah, give it time.

When I came home from w*r,

your mom wouldn't come near me

for the first month I was back.

She kept calling me

the stranger.

- All right?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

Letter came for you.


when you went away, it was like

my heart stopped b*ating.

I just could not handle

being alone with a newborn.

I'm sorry and I'm lost.

I have no idea

what my life has become.

And I'm not good

for you right now.

Always know

that you are my hero.

Love, Christy.

She's gone, Mac.


Well, sometimes

you gotta let 'em go.

If it's meant to be,

uh, she'll find her way back.

She's not coming back.


How's business?

Uh, slow.

Ever since the plant

moved south, it's, uh,

like a ghost town around here,

but I got a mechanic that quit.

So, uh, I got

a few extra shifts.

Yeah. I really

appreciate that, Mac.

Anything I can do to help, kid.

You got some more work to do,

or you're able to take a ride?

I got something to do.

It's kind of important.

Yeah, sure.

Thanks, Mac.

You did the right thing, kid.

Thanks, Mac.

Specialist Jackson Harlow,

welcome home.

I know it's been a long road.

Before we begin,

can I get you anything?

My dog tags.

And what power would you say

they hold over you?

I feel naked without 'em.

I'll see what I can do.

You've had quite a journey.

I'm curious.

What kept you going?

I made a promise to my mama.

Sounds like a good reason.

Didn't really have a choice.

Sometimes the choices we make

bring us down a path

we never see coming.

When you came back,

instead of facing your fears,

you stopped fighting.

I don't think you need

to worry about that, doc.

I have a lot of people

to fight for.

I just don't give a f*ck

about myself.

That's okay for now.

We'll work on it.

We all have to learn

how to love ourselves

just as much as we do

with those closest to us.

Good luck, doc.

It's not about luck.

It's about how much work

you're willing to put in.

It's about how far

you wanna see yourself grow.

Does that make sense

to you, Jackson?

Well, I appreciate the optimism.

This ain't the first time

I've been f*cked up

and needed help.


See, that's the thing, doc.

Same person

that helped me before,

is someone that

f*cked me up this time.


where's the money

you promised me last week?

I'm not a f*cking bank.

Just 'cause

you're Lawler's brother

doesn't mean

you get this sh*t for free.

- Well, I was thinking...

- Who's that?

That's Specialist

Jackson Harlow.

He used to run with us

in the band.

In fact, he's the second

most talented guy

we've ever had

come out of this town.

That is, until he went

and signed himself away

to the f*cking government.

I like soldiers.

Oof, married too.

Was married, but if you ask me...

Bobby, shut up

and introduce me to your friend.

Jackson, this is...

- I'm Marissa.

- Hi.

I'm Jackson.

Nice to meet you.

Oh, well then,

it's good to have you back.

And you seem happy to be back.

But listen, I'm sorry

to hear about your friend.

Amy, can we get

a couple of sh*ts for...

- What was the name again?

- All right. Coming up.

Make that three, baby girl.

Get down!

- The f*ck, Jackson!

- Get off!

It's okay.

Okay. Breathe.

I'll take care of him.

It's okay.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

I gotta get out of here.

I gotta get out of here.

- So let's get you out of here.

- I gotta get out of here.

- Come on.

- Okay.

Come on.


Hey. It's okay.

You're gonna be all right.

I know. It's just...

- Hard? I know.

- Yeah.

Here. Take this.

This will help.

And what was that?

I got you.

My dad and I are pharmacists,

so consider me a doctor...

and your medicine.

Does the doctor need

a ride home tonight?

I wasn't planning

on going home tonight.

What's your address?


You left that at the bar.

This is nice.

Sorry. We can...

We can go somewhere else.

Tell me something.

Tell you what?

Do you always freak out

when sh*t breaks, or is that

a more recent development?

It's a little more recent.

I mean, when I first got back,

my family got

these fireworks to celebrate,

and when they went off,

I went off.

Other than that...

That's like PTSD, right?

Like, wake up in the middle

of the night

screaming kind of thing?

I mean, yeah, that's...

that's part of it.

But it's also something else.

You see, when...

when you're over there,

you're always on edge.

You're always alert,

on the lookout for...

a roadside b*mb or...

or a sh**t

in the second-story window.

And that's good.

That's a good thing.

That's what keeps you alive.

Always on edge?

Always on edge.

That's a good way to say it.

But when you come home...

that is still there.

And it never stops.

It f*cking stays.

It doesn't go away.

You're driving,

just driving down the road,

it doesn't go away.

The bar, it doesn't go away.

It just doesn't f*cking go away.

My head, just won't f*ck'...

I just want it to stop.

I just... I just want it

to stop and it won't stop.

It's okay.

It doesn't stop.

Hey, have you heard

from Jackson?

He was supposed to pick up

Katie two hours ago.

I haven't.

I'm worried about him.

Oh, I'm sure you got nothing

to worry about, darling.

What do you say

about date night tonight?

Go to Alfonso's.

Been a while since

we had a night to ourselves.

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Hey, hey, hey.

It's just us.

It's just us. Breathe.


It's okay.

All right.

Try this, this will help.

Hey, calm down.

What would I do

without you, baby?

I don't know.

I'm sorry. Here, come here.

You need anything else, Mac?

I'm all finished for the night.

Well, is it closing time



Well, nah, go ahead.

It's all good.

Sounds good, Mac.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Hey, kid.

How you doing?

I mean...

with everything?

I'm fine.

I know it ain't easy.

Now, that guilt

you got inside of you

will tear you up.

And I taught you

how to push it down

just like any soldier...

and move on.

Okay? So...

But I'm here for you, all right?

If you need to talk,

I'm here for you.

Thanks, Mac.

I appreciate that.

I love you, kid.

Now get out of here.

Copy that.

Mac, you all right?

Mac? Mac! Mac! Mac! Damn it.

Jackson, you okay?

I'm fine, Mama.

You want me

to take you home?

Uh, I just need a minute.

Thank you.

I told you,

don't be a f*cking hero.

What about

the f*cking job you promised?

Are you gonna live

off your mommy for the rest

of your sad f*cking life?!

And why don't you ever

give me f*cking flowers?

I work my f*cking ass off

while you sit around here

like a loser

feeling sorry for yourself!


Are you listening to me?


I'm leaving!

I don't do cheap dr*gs,

do you not see

what you've become?

Look at this place!

Where are you gonna go?

Far away from you!

You're like a disease.

You're making everyone

f*cking sick.

I'm done giving you

second chances.

You useless piece of sh*t!

Where the f*ck are you

gonna go, huh?

Where are you gonna go?

What are you gonna do? Huh?

You're gonna hit me?

f*cking hit me!

Come on! Hit me! Hit me so...

You can't even hit me.

You're pathetic.

Come for me again

and I'll f*cking k*ll you.

No wonder your wife left you,

you sad excuse for a man.



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


f*ck! Please

don't f*cking k*ll her!

f*ck. f*ck.

f*ck! f*ck!

Pick up the f*cking phone.

We're sorry.

The number you have reached

is not in service.

Please contact...

I got you.


There you go. There you go.

What the f*ck?

Hey, don't talk.

Just breathe.

Hey. There you go.

Wet your whistle.

That's it.

That's it. That's it.


The hell you find me?

Only mechanic shop in Perth.

Although it...

seems to be closed now.

Been sitting in my van

the last two days

waiting for you.


Well, since I retired,

I've been traveling


to visit different gravesites

of fallen soldiers I trained.

I figured you could show me

where Corporal Douglas might be.

Show my respects.

It's all my fault.


Your brother d*ed

so you could live.

What if I don't wanna

live anymore, huh?

If I'm tired of living, Sarge?

I wasn't trained for this.

You had f*cking

trained me for this!

You turned me into a k*ller!

You turned me

into a f*cking k*ller!


No. I didn't turn you

into a k*ller.

I taught you how to fight.

I taught you how to fight.

I don't wanna fight anymore.

I am done fighting.


The fight never ends, son, okay?

And you're trying

to hang yourself?

That don't make the pain end.

It just pushes it on

to somebody else,

'cause you're too p*ssy

to keep fighting.

Look at me.

Look at me!

Yes, Sarge.

I didn't train no pussies.

Start digging, soldier,

and dig f*cking deep.

Nothing else, you can tell 'em,

I trained you how to dig.


You can definitely

tell 'em that.

We're soldiers, Harlow.

We keep fighting

till we get k*lled,

not till we k*ll ourselves.

And it's gonna sound dumb

to you, but...

you're one of the lucky ones.

You made it back.

Now, the...

the fight's not over.

It's just...

it's just different.

Find, uh, Corporal Douglas

buried in a cemetery

outside Dunlap.

Do me a favor, Sarge.

Pops lives a couple miles away.

Could you stop by?

He loves hearing the...

That digging story.

Yeah. Yeah.

Thanks, Sarge.


Let me give you a lift home.

I got ya.

- I'm sorry.

- No.

- No.

- I'm sorry.

No, no.


You're okay.

Hey, where all these pills

come from?


Oh, God.

I'll never understand

how that girl

came in your life.


Bobby introduced us...

after I got back from Iraq.

I didn't realize her

and Lawler were peddling

this sh*t together.

I gotta go, Mama.

What? Jackson.

Hey, where are you going?

Hey. Hey!

Hey, don't you forget

tomorrow is Katy's birthday.

I swear I'm getting

the f*ck out of here.

Oh, where are you gonna go?

You're gonna leave me behind?

It depends if you're

coming with me or not.

The hell?

What the f*ck do you want?

What the f*ck, Harlow?


You really wanna do this?

Okay then.

What the f*ck are you doing?

He sold dr*gs to my wife.

Is that true?

Jesus Christ. She needed

a little pick-me-up, all right?

She was upset.

She needed a break from life,

and you weren't here

to give it to her, soldier boy.

I was. I was here

to give it to her.

Where the f*ck were you...

Stop! Stop!

You're gonna f*cking k*ll him!

f*cking worthless piece of sh*t.

You left your wife.

You left your friends.

Should've d*ed out there

with your f*cking n*gg*r.

Let go of me!

- No!

- Let me go!

That's my brother!

Brother from a...

Get the f*ck out of my way.

That's enough.

Get the f*ck out

of my way, Bobby. Now.

f*ck him up.


Crawl away, you f*cking coward.

You're pretty good at that,

aren't you?

Get the f*ck out of here.

You come to my house,

start something

you can't finish.

Get the f*ck out of here.

Get the f*ck out.

Get the f*ck out.

Come on.

Get the f*ck out.


...the f*ck away from my family.

Stay away from Bobby.

Stay the f*ck away.

You f*cking p*ssy.

Have a nice life, Harlow.

Come on.

Leave him!



The heck?

Jackson, wake up!

I need my sh*t!

Wake the f*ck up!

I need my sh*t. Wake up.

f*ck, yeah.

Baby, I was the best thing

you had going for you.


You wanna do anything special

for your birthday today?

Um, like presents?

Ooh, presents? All right.

You wanna go to the park maybe?

- Yeah.

- You want anything else?

- Hmm, that's it.

- That's it?

- Uh-hmm.

- Okay. Well, maybe

I'll make you a cake too.

- Oh.

- You like one with Nerds on it?


Teresa, Katy. Good morning.

Is my son here?

No. Sorry.

His car is here.

Yeah. I mean, yes,

he's here, but he's sleeping,

- and I'd hate to wake him.

- Hmm, well,

it's his daughter's birthday,

so I bet he'd wake up for her.

He's not feeling

very well right now.

- Hmm.

- I'd give him an hour or two.

Okay. Well, you know,

Katy will make him feel better.

- Why don't you let us in?

- You can't come in right now.

Oh, my God. Jackson.

Jackson. Jackson!

Honey. Oh, my God. No!

Call 911! Somebody!

Somebody help me! Baby.

Oh, sh*t. Baby.


you're going home.

How do you feel about that?


A little nervous.


I keep having this dream.

I made it back,

and I'm almost home.

And I see my daughter

running toward me

off in the distance.

But something doesn't

feel right though.

I start to run

to try to get her,

and just when...

Just when I get there...

I watch her die over

and over...

and over again.

What do you think

this dream is telling you?

I got no f*cking idea, Doc.

It's not meant to save everyone.

You may be not been able to save

that little girl's life.

Right now, we have the chance

to save your daughter's life.

Look at the positives.

I can try but...

something keeps holding me back.

I, uh...

I don't know.

What if the dream just means...

even though I keep trying,

I'm always gonna fail

at the end?

You can look at it that way,

or you can find a way

to overcome your fear

and all of these thoughts.

Find a way to uphold

who Jackson Harlow...

truly is.

Jackson's being discharged

next month.


maybe we can

drive down together.

I can't.

Working overtime,

busting my ass

to pay off his hospital bills.

Well, can you set up his room

for when we get back?

He's coming here?

Yeah. He's coming home.

Honestly, how do you plan

on babysitting

both Katy and Jackson?

What the hell kind of thing

is that to say?

I mean, I'm his mother.

I'm just saying

it's gonna be a lot of work.

That's all.

He's coming home.

This ain't a negotiation.

The boy has problems.

He doesn't know

how to relate to people.

- He has PTSD.

- Oh.

That is a condition,

and it can be treated.

He just... he just needs

some time to heal.

It's gonna be a strain

on the family.

What happens if he comes home

and you can't handle it?

What then?

He's not the young dreamer

you let leave for the w*r.

Oh, don't you give me that crap.

I didn't want him going

- and you know it.

- But he went, came back,

and became a drug addict.

Instead of always defending him,

why can't you realize

he's a danger

to himself and to us?

He is my son, and I am

not leaving him in some home.

You know, the same character

and pride that motivated him

to join is gonna be exactly

what helps him heal

and overcome now.

I don't want the boy here.

I won't allow the boy here.

I'm sorry.

But I have to put my foot down.

Well, this ain't your house,

so you get out.


Are you okay?

I'm okay.

How are you?

I'd love to see you

and speak in person.

Where are you?

I'm outside.

I'll be right out.

For the record,

your mom told me not to come.

I can leave if you'd like.

You can stay.

You don't look so bad.

What were you expecting?

I don't know. A little more

m*nled-looking maybe.


I heard what Lawler did.

And I'm sorry.

I should have been here.

I came because

I have something to tell you.

Something important.

Can you just look at me

for a second?

You're still

the bravest man I know.

When I left, I'd...

I'd always hope we'd find

our way back to each other.

It's stupid,

but when I was gone, I'd...

I'd always be asking myself


What would Jackson do?

Oh, Christy,

you always knew exactly

what to say.

Come here.

It is good to see you.

You've seen our daughter?


She's so big.

Yeah, she is.

She looks more and more

like her mama every day.

I'm glad you're out, Christy.

Now, uh...

before we part ways,

is there anything else,

uh, you'd like to speak on?

Keep getting these,

uh... these headaches.

Uh, every morning

when I wake up,

it feels like a b*mb

went off inside my brain.

Would you like to medicate that?

No, no.

dr*gs just mask the pain.

And what's behind

this pain, Jackson?



- No. No.

- No. We gotta get home.


Come... Come here.

Come here!

sh*t. Come on.

Harlow, don't you quit on me.

You look like

f*cking sh*t. Harlow?

- f*ck.

- Medic!

f*ck! Ritchie!

Ritchie! f*ck! f*ck!



Wake up, goddammit!




Get me a f*cking medic!

Ritchie, don't you die

on me. Goddammit!




We were taught never

to leave cover,

but I thought I could save

that little girl's life.

Instead my best friend's dead

because of me.

Whoa. Wait.

Reverse roles.

If Ritchie had to leave cover

'cause he had to try

to save that child,

would you do the same thing?

Of course.

He was my best friend.

He was my brother.

Would it matter

if you left cover?

- No.

- Exactly.

Trying to save

that little girl's life

is what you had to do

to live with yourself.

Ritchie did what he had to do

so he could live with himself.

Why don't you try

to forgive yourself, Jackson?

Forgive yourself.
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