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Horror, Scary, Halloween Movie Collection.
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Sue-On (2023)

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Once upon a time,

the news went viral about a Korean ghost

who was out haunting humans.

The ghost came out of the television,

scared humans,

and then went back into the television.

But one night

when the ghost came out of the television,

a kid turned the TV off.

The ghost then got stuck.

She thought of a way

to return to where she came from.

But she had terrible luck

because she was stuck in a village.


What is wrong with my bike?

Why does it feel so heavy?

It's not going forward.


What is this?

Why am I not moving?


Where did Sue On go?

She should've come out in this scene.

Where could she have gone to?

This is boring!

What happened to you, Halim?

You're shaking.

And what's with the blanket?

Last night, Tok, a ghost haunted me.

- A ghost?

- Yes!

- What ghost?

- It was Sue On.

- Ju-On?

- Not Ju.

That's the Japanese ghost.

This one is Korean.

She's Ju-On's cousin.

- Ghost cousins?

- Listen.

How do you know she's Korean?

Last night, Tok,

she was at my house and she spoke Korean.

I didn't understand a word she said.

Then, she wanted to crawl into the TV.

Get in!

She told me to change the language.




This is not a Tamil movie!

How are you?



Testing. One, two, three!

This is okay.

What a relief!

Thank you, dear.

Don't make things up, Halim.

Korean ghosts don't speak Malay!

You're saying that

because you haven't seen her.

Let's wait and see!

I don't believe you.

That Korean ghost

couldn't have spoken in Malay.

But you can find many Malays

trying to speak Korean.

Well, because Malays are obsessed

about becoming like Koreans.

He's right!

Calm down.

I know how to solve problems.

A friend of mine is an expert

in solving problems.

He'll be here in a while.

- Okay? Be patient.

- Where is he?

Be patient.

Peace be with you,

residents of the graveyard.

In the name of Allah,

the Most Gracious and Merciful.

Every soul shall taste death.

I think he's a true shaman

because he's using Quranic verses.

You don't know that for sure.

Every soul shall taste death.

All the wealth we have now,

as soon as we pass on,

will automatically belong to our heirs.

Don't let our heirs steal from one another

and drown in conflict

because of our own failure to plan.

Forget about it, Mr?

Mister what again? Mr. Hans.

What's with the English name?

For your information,

we don't have wealth

to pass down to heirs.

Will you calm down, Wanu?

Let's hear what he has to say first.

- Please continue.

- Thank you, sir.

Of course.

An estate worth more than 70 billion

that belongs to Muslims

is still frozen and unclaimed.

Perhaps a portion of that

was left by your forefathers.

Really? If that's true,

we can all be rich.

Hey, simmer down!

Listen. As of now,

we're talking about the ghost,

not about property or estates!

What is the matter with all of you?

- Peace be with you!

- Peace be with you too!

- Hey!

- Wait!

I know him. That's Hans Isaac!

No! It's Hans Legacy.

I see you're giving a talk about

Wasiat and Hibah.

That's right.

You should give your full attention.

This is good.

When you're gone and all rotten,

you won't be a burden

to your children and family.

You get what I mean? No more

inheritance disputes among them.

One second, Mat Dosa.

It's a surprise to see you here.

When did you return from Kuala Lumpur?

We didn't know you were back.

As a matter of fact, I just arrived!

I thought of going straight home.

But I saw the hall was full and chaotic.

So, I dropped by to check in

and see what was going on.

Here's what's going on, Mat Dosa.

It's about our beloved village.

First, there were rumors of zombies.

Then, last night, Alip here had

an encounter with a ghost.

- That's right!

- Was it Kak Limah's Ghost?

She went to the village next to us.

This is Sue On!

How many ghosts are there

in this neighborhood?

Who's there?

We look the same.

She must be a friend.


Who are you?

I'm Sue On.

I'm Pontianak Sundal Malam.

Pontianak Sundal Malam?

Why are you crying?


I'll keep you company, okay?

Unto you too be peace,

Allah's mercy, and blessings!


Your T-shirt suits your face.

Both look sinful.

You wear the same top every day.

- Is this the only one you have?

- They look similar.

But the posters on them are different.

Here comes another one.

You wear this day and night.

Don't you feel warm?

Don't you have any different attire?

Hey, I wear whatever I want.

Mind your own business.

Unto you be peace,

Allah's mercy, and blessings.

Unto you too be peace!

Thank you for coming

to this ad-hoc meeting, everyone.

I think I've figured out

the reason and cause.

Let's hear first what Mat Dosa has to say.

The floor is yours, Mat Dosa.

In the name of Allah,

Most Gracious and Merciful.

I think

that the problem in this village

is nothing different than the usual.

It has always been the same issue.

Ghosts and zombies. That's it!

You're right.

You're absolutely right, Mat Dosa.

This village has seen

too many zombies and ghosts.

Only this time,

it's another species of ghost.

That's right!

Calm down, everyone!

Let him finish what he has to say first.

Please continue, Mat Dosa.



In that case, why don't we do this, sir?

Why don't we split into two groups

and head out tonight?

One will be led by Wanu,

and the other by me.

We head out and hunt the ghost tonight!


That's right, sir. We can't wait too long.

It's like that disease.

What do you call it? Covid!

The longer we wait,

the hairier it becomes.


That's a good idea. I fully support that!

Good thing you're back, Mat Dosa.

Our YB Li here is not reliable at all!

From the very beginning until now,

the only plan he has is

to gather us up for meetings.

Don't say I don't care.

I do care, okay?

We needed to discuss this first.

Now that we've discussed it,

we can come to an agreement.

Agreement leads to blessings.

Blessings bring about safety.

Am I not right, Mat Dosa?

You sound so perky.

Tell me, Pontianak.

If you don't tell me about it,

how can I help you?

I'm sad, Sue On.

Humans are not afraid of ghosts anymore.

What's the point of living as a ghost now

if humans are not afraid of me anymore?

Pontianak, look at me.

Maybe you're not scary enough.

Come with me.

Give it back!

Who's there?

- Who's kid is this?

- Give it back!

She smells like pre-loved items.

Give back what you stole!

Then I will leave this place.

What I stole? What are you talking about?

Are you high or what?

Hey. Did you take any part

of her motorcycle or anything?

- No!

- We didn't.

- Hear that?

- Give it back and I won't hold a grudge!

For real?

You accuse us of stealing

and hold a grudge against us?

Give what back? Wait!

What do you want?

- Give it back!

- I'm not scared!

Are you scared?

Dear God!

She brought her friend.

She's inviting me for a drink.

But I don't drink anymore.

You're saying?

She gave me the head thing.

She hurt her neck, I guess.

What is she saying? I see!

She's speaking Korean.

But she looks Burmese!

You're not scary.

That one was scary.

Hey, don't leave me here!

Why were they scared of you?

They weren't scared of me though.

Pontianak, maybe it's your approach.

You've been too soft with them.

Don't cry, Pontianak.

I think

I can help you.

How can you help me?

You have to help yourself first.

You need to upgrade how you scare people.

Be scarier.

- I thought I was scary enough.

- Not at all!

Goodness! You talk too much for a ghost.

- Hear that?

- You should skip all the talking.

You need to be calm and relaxed.

Take a cup of Kopi Songkok first.

But get the green one.

The red one is too thick.

You might not be able to handle it.

The point is, skip all the talking.

"Give it back!" What's with that?

It's too draggy!

That's good.

I'm sorry.


He was right!

Pontianak, change your expression.

Look scarier.

- Look scarier.

- I'll try.

- Yes, give it a try.

- Okay, I'll try.

Try the red coffee now.

I'm sorry.

Pontianak, that won't do.

- That wasn't okay?

- That was funny.

Let me try again.

Pontianak, you're a ghost, not an animal.

- Should I try again?

- Yes. You're a ghost! Focus.

Okay, this will be my last try.

That was too much noise.

I was unconscious.

Was that okay?

That was okay.

You scared me.

- Sir!

- Sir!

What's the matter with you?

We got chased, sir.

- It was a Korean ghost.

- Ghost?

You mean

that Sue On ghost?

Mat Dosa, what do we do now?

Here's what I think, sir.

Tonight is the time we head out

and catch that ghost.

That's right!

Sir, Mat Dosa,

I don't feel well now.

I'm feverish.

- Please excuse me.

- Yes.

I can see you're shaking hard.

You should go home and rest.

I'll go home now then.

Please excuse me.

What the heck?

You see that, sir?

He's not shaking anymore.

He was lying, obviously!


Let me ask all of you.

Who else is not feeling well?

Raise your hand.

We're doomed

if all of you raise your hands!

Is everyone feverish?

I can't catch the ghost alone!

What a disaster!

Mat Dosa!

- Come on!

- Hurry up!

I got you nervous, didn't I?

Forget about it. Now, we go as planned.

Split into two groups.

Wanu, you take one group.

You take that side.

The Right Village.

I and the other group will take this side.

- The Left Village. Clear?

- Okay.

Repeat it then.

Your group will take that side.

My group will take this side.

Brilliant! Let's go now.

- Let's go!

- Move it!

Why are you following me? What did I say?

There are zombies on that side, Mat Dosa.

We'd be dead if they ate us.

Fine then. Your group will take this side.

Our group will take the other.

- Let's go!

- Move it!

Why are you still following me?

It's just that

I think Sue On's on that side.

I feel embarrassed about seeing her.

Your words are bigger than your heart.

- Let's get going now!

- Hurry!

What's wrong? Why are you so quiet?


It's just a football game.

One has to lose for the other to win.

MU was so close to losing. Nil to one.

Oh, come on!

MU is the King of Comebacks.

I bet you they will win.

Not like Liverpool!


I came from Indonesia.


I hail from Perak.

I memorize every step you take.

I know you.

- My dear wife.

- Honey!

- Yes, I've been looking for you!

- Pontianak!

Why did you turn into a beauty?

You should be a ghost!

Hey! Stay out of this.

In Malaysia,

any ghost that gets nailed

will turn into a beauty.

No! You're meant to be a ghost.

- Come here.

- No, no, no, Sue On!

I'm okay this way.

Besides, I don't want to be a ghost.

Haunting humans is tiring.

You are right. It is tiring.

- Sir.

- Yes?

Do you bring an extra nail? Give me one.

- My love.

- Honey, do you have an extra nail?

- No! That was the last.

- You only brought one?

That's all I had.

Sue On, I'm sorry.

- We only had one nail.

- Okay.

Take care of yourself, okay?

- Honey, let's go home.

- Of course! I can't wait!

Honey, where did you get that nail?

I met with a man.

He said he was from Batam,

but he had a Kelantanese accent.

- He gave the nail to me.

- He did?

I want to go home.

I want to go home.

I want to go home.


What's up?

Why do all Malaysian ghosts cry a lot?

The previous one I saw was crying too.

And now you are.

Do all Malaysian ghosts love to cry?


I'm not crying. I'm just sad.


Who are you?

You can call me

Sue On.

- What about you?

- My name is Pocong.

Po cong?

You said you saw a ghost crying.

Who was it?

It was Pontianak.


She usually wails.

Why was she crying then?


Tell me why you're sad.

- Are you sure you want to do this?

- Yes.

I don't understand you kids these days.

You're not scared of ghosts.

Unlike me.

I'm used to them.

But if you're adamant,

I'm not going to stop you.

Do it.

- If you see anything, don't run off.

- We won't.

- Are you ready?

- Don't block my view!

- Let me get my job done first.

- Lower it!

- Take one!

- Hi, everyone!

Welcome to our YouTube channel.

Tonight, we have a paranormal experiment.

We're going to find a Pocong.

Before we start, don't forget.

What are you doing, Mr. Shaman?

I'm invoking the ghost.

You want to see a Pocong?

It will come out from over there.

What's next? Stay tuned.

Sir, how much longer will it take?

You're using me for free

and now you're pressing me.

Who is it that woke me?

Sir, how long has it been

since you became a Pocong?

- What?

- He just talked!

That was so cute!

Is it fun to be a Pocong?


We've found a new phenomenon.

From now on,

if you want to see a Pocong, find him.

Isn't he scary?

That's so scary! Can you do it again?

- What?

- Just one more time.

I hate her so much.

So uncivilized!

It's fine if they were filming!

But she came to a graveyard

wearing a skirt.

I wish she'd gotten bitten by a leech!

They didn't even bother

to fix the lighting. Amateurs!

They're ruining the industry!

Pocong, how do you know

they were amateurs?

I was a member of a film crew.


If I can help you,

would you accept my help?

Are you sure? I'm not confident.

Hey, Pocong! Don't say that.

As ghosts, we must be confident.

Sue On.

Sue On.

Sue On.

Hey. Mat Dosa,

what are you waiting for now?

Go on! Catch her!

What's wrong with you?

You could've scared Sue On away!

If she runs off,

it'll be harder to catch her.

Wanu, be quiet, will you?

What should we do now, Mat Dosa?

It's okay, sir.

I think I should slow-talk with her.

- Right?

- That's right.

If she refuses,

it's up to us to use the hard way.

You're right.

- I'll go now.

- Go on.

- I'll go now.

- Go on. Go!

- Keep me in your prayers.

- Of course.

Look at that.

- I will go now.

- Go already!

- Talk to her.

- Talk.

Peace be with you.

I wish you well.

Excuse me, Sue On.

The truth is, I'm no expert

at getting rid of genies

or demons or ghosts.

But I think

- Go on, talk to her!

- Keep talking.

I think I'm the only reliable one

in this village.

It would be better

- Keep talking.

- Talk to her!

It would be better

if you left this village.


Wait! Wanu.

A Korean ghost couldn't have known

our traditional song.

I'm curious too.

That song gives me dj vu.

You're right.

- Hey, don't even think about it!

- What do you mean?

You were going to dance, weren't you?

- No, we weren't!

- No!


- Mat Dosa!

- Mat Dosa! In front of you!

- The ghost!

- Turn your head! The ghost!

- The ghost!

- The ghost! Mat Dosa!

She smiles!

Is this really necessary?

You look amazing, Pocong.

It's impeding my speech.

Fine, take it out.

- Wait. Something is still inside.

- Pocong!

- Oops! It's my teeth.

- Are you happy now?

You're so good at this.

Sue On.

This is amazing!

They're like Dato' Afdlin Shauki's pants.

A great man he is.

You don't know him though.

- Is he a ghost?

- No!

Let's go now.

One more time.

They're still not back.

- Can I really do this?

- Pocong!

I've been trying to make you see this.

We are ghosts. What must we have again?

- Confidence!

- Self-confidence, Pocong.

- Yes.

- You can do this.

What key? C-minor?

Look! It's Pocong!

He brought along a friend. Let's go!

Mr. Pocong, why don't you

introduce your friend to us?

We have a large audience here.

Wow! Mr. Pocong has hands!

Stop right there!

Where are you running from?

- We got chased by a ghost.

- Ghost?

I thought you were always chasing ghosts.

Yes, we were. But the ghost

this time was different.

- What ghost?

- It's a Pocong!

What's different is that

the Pocong waved his hands.


- He waved his hands?

- It doesn't matter, sir.

We're leaving now.

From what they told us,

the ghost was definitely not a Pocong.

I bet you it was Sue On!

- How do you know?

- Of course!

Pocongs don't wave their hands.

Their hands are tied.

- So, what now, Mat Dosa?

- He's right.

What do we do now?

- Let's find her.

- Let's go!

I miss home.

You miss home?

Don't you like this place?


No matter how amazing a foreign place is,

we will always miss home.

Don't you know that?

It's not that I don't know.

But this is home to me.

I've never been elsewhere.

Oh, Pocong.

Fine! Where are you from?

Korea, Pocong.

What? Korea?

- How did you get here?

- Through the TV.

All ghosts come out of the graveyard

and then we return to the grave.

If you come out of a TV,

how can you go back?

Through a TV, of course, Pocong!



We wasted our time

searching for the previous spot.

There was nothing there.

He's right. There was no ghost there.

The kids obviously lied.

This is so typical of us Malays.

We associate graveyards with ghosts.

- What now, Mat Dosa?

- Wait. Sir.

Why are you asking him?

You should be the one

making the decisions.

You're the local leader.

You shouldn't be asking

other people instead.

Yes, I'm the local leader.

But we should give the young a chance

to voice their opinion.

Right, Mat Dosa?

The young?

I've never met a local leader like you

who loves to give chances

to the young like me.

I think

it'd be better for us to call it a night.

I think that Sue On ghost

must be asleep by now.

He's right.

In that case, I'll leave now.


That's right, Mat Dosa. I agree with you.

Let's call it a night now.

When the sun rises tomorrow,

we'll continue

looking for Sue On.

It'll be easier to see in the daylight.

But ghosts don't come out

during the day, Wanu.

That's enough.

- We'll gather tomorrow night.

- Agree!

You can go home now, sir.

- Everyone can go home now.

- Let's go home!

- We'll meet up tomorrow.

- Hurry! Let's go home!




Mat Dosa!

Sir! Mat Dosa!

Nab, it's been a while.

- Have you been well?

- I'm good.

What about you? How are you doing?

Praise be to Allah, I'm well.

Just a little bit occupied.

After everything that happened before,

I moved to Kuala Lumpur.

Don't dwell on the past, Mat.

I'm here, aren't I?

I can fill the void in your life.

That's okay, Nab.

I don't feel like falling in love anymore.

I've thought long and hard about it.

I think

I'll change my gender preferences.

Don't be ridiculous!

It was just a joke.

Wow, Mat Dosa!

You got yourself a girlfriend

who looks like Erra Fazira!

Isn't anyone checking your night curfew?

I'm a nobody.

No one cares about me.


Can I ask a question?

Of course.

Do you still love me?

This is a tough question.

I do.


If you do,

why don't we get married?

How can I?

How can I marry a woman

who lives in two worlds?

Two worlds?

Please! I'm straight, you know?


I mean

you live in a different realm than I do.

How can we be together?

It will cause harm.

Like what happened to our neighbor.

Our neighbor got married

and it ruined their life.

I don't want to ruin my life.


a lost kite?


You're troubling yourselves at this late

hour in the forest holding my hands.

I can walk myself.

Mat Dosa, are you seeing this?

Double barrel!

You have a voice like an angel!

You sound like a cassette.

- I do?

- Yes.

My mother said the same thing.

My mother said another thing.

Is it true that I look like Awie?

- It's true!

- Really?

It's your eyebrows.

Just the eyebrows?

But that's fine.

- Mat

- Yes?


Actually want to apologize to you

for what happened in the past.

I mean, because of that,

the whole village calls you

Mat Dosa.

That's okay. Forget about it.

It's water under the bridge.

You know the villagers.

They judge without knowing

the whole story.

Come to think of it, what did I do wrong?

I was just doing business.

Finding prospects,

calling prospects,

selling all kinds of items.

I drove a big car in the village.

What was the name of that car?

That's right! A "Moostang."

You mean a Mustang.

- What's that again?

- A Mustang.

Yes, "Moostang."

And they accused me of being a pusher.

I drove a big bike

and they accused me of being a pusher.

You tell me what names

they haven't called me.

Nothing I do is ever good enough.

That man from the next village,

he's clearly scamming people.

You know what scamming is?

Forget about it.

He just bought and distributed

a big bag of rice

and they appointed him a local leader.

He donated sugar

and they appointed him a leader.


But in my case, nothing I do is right.

- What business did you do?

- MLM!

Nab? Nab!

Did she get scared by the word MLM?


What's so hard? One finds two,

two find two, four find four!

Hey! Mat Dosa, where did all the girls go?

- They just disappeared.

- They did.

They are not humans.

They're elves.

- How can you be so sure?

- Because I know.

I'm no ordinary man. I have a sixth sense

when it comes to reading people.

I can even recognize a she-male.

Paranormal beings like them are easy.

But, Mat Dosa,

aren't they the nicest beings?

Of course, when they are in that form!

If they came looking ugly,

would you still think they were nice?

Ugly? No!

Wow! Missnin!

Mat Dosa! Wanu!

- What's up?

- What's up!

It sounds like Pekan Danok came to us.

A new sound system! I bet it's expensive.

Gosh. This is from when the government

allowed EPF withdrawal.

- Come again?

- EPF withdrawal!

So I grabbed this.

It wasn't too expensive.

It's got a Cikaro seat.

That's a rare item!

You, Missnin.

The government allowed EPF withdrawal

for survival, not to waste it like this.

This is not wasting.

Other people did house renovations

and bought new sofas.

That's wasting.

- You're not working today?

- I'm on sick leave today.

Besides, upgrading my sound system

took three to four hours.

You know Malay vendors. They're slow.

When did you grow fond of flowery prints?

I had some saved up from the EPF money.

So, I bought this

to look rare and stylish.

So, look at me. How do I look?

Could that be the ghost?

But why are there two of them?

- Beats me!

- Where are you going?

Hey, Wanu! Mat Dosa!

Be careful.



I guess this is the ghost

they were talking about.

I need a TV.

The TV must play my movie.

Then I can cross over.

I can go home.

- So, you came out of a TV?

- Yes.

So, you're a celebrity?

You're famous?

What should we do?

We'll watch them.

Here, I'm very famous.

But back in Korea,

I'm just an ordinary ghost.

That doesn't matter.

You're still a film star.

- So, you need a TV?

- Where do we find a TV?

I may know a way to help you.

Why do you sound like

a frog calling the rain?

- Would you like my help?

- I would.

- But what do you have in mind?

- Okay.

Come with me tomorrow night

to the end of the village.

There's a plant that makes charcoal.

The security guard at the plant

loves watching movies.

All kinds of movies.

Where did they go?

Where did they disappear to?


Why can't I open your door?

Why can't you open it?

It's the Chinese technician

who repaired it just now.

- Help!

- Slowly! You're going to break the handle.

Hang on!

Give me one second!

- Help!

- Patience!

Not too rough! It's a new car.

Why is it not opening?

Hurry up, Missnin.

Patience! It's a new car.

Hurry up!


Hey! Give me one second!

I can almost open it.


You see? It's open now!

Do you have a lighter?

I can't remember where I put mine.

Why don't we go now?

I'll get inside now. Let's go.

I'm in a hurry. Shall we?

Can you move a little?

Move a little.

We don't want your clothes to get

stuck in the door. Move away.

Move a little.

What a relief!

I'm glad I'm in the car now.

Thank you, baby. I love you, baby.

Where are you going?

The town, of course! What about you?

To Kuala.

We're heading to the same destination!

Oh no! Why are we heading

to the same destination?

Let's ride!



Sir! Peace be with you!

Sir! Peace be with you!


Why is he taking so long

to answer the door?

Peace be with you too. I wonder who came.

Who's there?

It's Mat Dosa!

It's been long since we last met.

Wait, you're not in KL anymore?

You've moved back to this village?

I still live in Kuala Lumpur.

I thought your house

was at the other end, Miss Yah.

- Yes

- You.

What's going on?

What's with the ruckus, Mat Dosa?

Why are you here at this hour?

I'm usually asleep at this hour.

What happened?

Make way!

What happened?

What is that sound?

Mat Dosa, how could you run ahead of me?

You left me alone back there.

Even the ghosts were not as fast.

Calm down.

Missnin, why were you running?

- Where's your car?

- My car?

The Pocong sat on one side

and the Pontianak on the other.

You have to help me. My sound system!

It was about RM 4004.

You have to help me. My sound system!

- That's not including the lights.

- Enough!

We'll find a way

to get your car back, okay?

What is going on here?

Just get right to it. It's my bedtime now.

- What is the problem?

- Here's the thing, sir.

Calm down. What happened is,

the three of us got chased by the ghosts.

- The ghosts?

- Hold on. Wait here.

Where did you see them?

At the end of the village, Miss Yah.


Don't the villagers get upset

at finding them living together?

- It's being in close proximity.

- Hush!

She is his youngest wife.

It's the trend now for local leaders

to marry young women.

I didn't know that.

Hey, Mat Dosa.

You have meaty biceps.

They look more manly than

Transformers Megatron, Optimus Prime.

You've only seen my biceps.

Really? Out of this world!

Are you ready?

You've changed into formal attire.

I'm taking complaints.

I must dress appropriately.

- He just wants to claim overtime.

- Watch it.

Mat Dosa, why didn't you catch the ghosts?

I'd have been doomed.

It's not just one ghost.

It's two! How could I have caught them?

What's your plan now?

Sir, why do you have

to ask him that all the time?

You should let him be the local leader.

- Then he can take a young wife.

- Calm down.

Here's the thing, sir.

I overheard them discussing it.

The ghosts were discussing it.

Tomorrow, why don't all of us,

the entire village,

meet up at the public hall

after the Isha prayer?

What's the plan?

I'll tell you when we meet.

This looks shiny enough.


- How are you?

- Hey, Mat Dosa!

- Hi! How are you?

- Hi, Mat Dosa. We're good.

Mat Dosa, why are you looking around?

- Why don't you get one?

- No, thanks.

You work in Kuala Lumpur.

I'm sure you earn a lot. Just get one.

I don't want to.

My friend who lives in the next village

installed this handle in her canoe.

A Harley handle in a canoe?

- Peace be with you!

- Peace be with you too!

- Mat Dosa!

- Peace be with you too.

- Come, sit with us.

- Wan?

Wan, can you make an iced lime tea

for me with less sugar?

- Do you want anything to eat?

- Ten boiled eggs.

Wow! I bet it smells rotten

when he passes wind.

Listen, Mat Dosa.

What about our plan for tonight?

Is it still on?

Of course it's on!

So, what do we have to do?

The usual.

After the Isha prayer tonight,

which is close now,

after it, we'll have a discussion first

at the public hall.

Then we go to Halim's house.

- But why my house?

- Don't ask me!

I heard them talking about

going to the charcoal plant.

That's your place.

My house is at the south end.

Perhaps the ghosts meant the north end.

Listen, Halim. In this village,

you're the only movie addict.

You watch movies

not for the sake of just seeing them.

You like to find excuses

to scoff at people.

That remote land really suits you.

That way we can filter out

negative elements

and stop them from polluting this village.

What's wrong with you, Wanu?

- You always have a problem with me.

- That's enough!

We're trying to solve this ghost thing

and you're bickering.


Me and

This comb and I can never be parted.

How is that comb of any help?

This is all I have.

- I don't know how it can help.

- Wanu, what do you have?

I I'm a manager.

I'm a manager and I wear a tie.

How does being a manager help?

I mean, if there was no manager,

who would run everything?

The food, the catering, the laundry

Who'd be in charge of that?

What about you, Dan? What do you have?

Mat Dosa, the truth is, I really want

to help with catching the ghosts.

But unfortunately,

I cannot close this stall.

You know how bad the economy is right now.

But never mind.

If you need anything, Mat Dosa, tell me.

I'll get it for you.

Let me tell you. You can find

anything at Manjoy Gadget.

Speakers, microphones.

We even have these flawless lights.

Just name what you need.

I'll give it to you.

- What was that again?

- No!

You don't know what flawless lights are?

You live in Kuala Lumpur

but you don't know what they are?

What's with that?

Why are you wearing big flowery prints?

Next time, pick smaller flowers.

You can't outshine me.

Get that changed tomorrow. Understand?

Where is Mat Dosa?

He told us to meet up after Isha

and he's still not here.

Such a typical Malay!

Not true to their promises!

I'm sure something came up

when he was on his way.

How do you know?

In most cases, what makes people late?

Because something came up.

It's common sense.

If that's true, why wouldn't he call?

The entire village can't wait

to catch the ghosts.

Honey, lend me your phone.

- I left it at home.

- Then it's useless even if he calls.

You left it at home.

Sir, don't you worry.

He may be nicknamed Mat Dosa,

but he has never sinned.

If he says he's coming, he will come.

- Come on!

- How can I not worry?

He's the only one who can make decisions.

The whole village is waiting

to catch the ghosts.

Hey! You're the local leader.

You can make decisions.

Don't say that out loud.

I became a local leader

only because the relative

of our next-door neighbor

is an icon in politics.

So I got appointed a leader.

Otherwise, you wouldn't have become

the wife of a local leader.

I knew it! You won 22 million votes.

That didn't make any sense.

It turns out that

you're a good-for-nothing.

- Peace be with you!

- Peace be with you too!


- Peace be with you.

- Peace be with you too.

Mat Dosa, why were you late?

The villagers are eager

to catch the ghosts.

Why are you dressing like a rock star?

Wait, what's with the g*ng?

I see! They are ghost-busters!

They usually carry p*stol at the back.

Hurry up! Everyone's waiting

to catch the ghosts.

I'm sorry. My name is Awie.

These are my friends. The Wings.

Actually, we

have a show at the far end of the town.


we need to use the toilet.

The kid at the front there said

we could use the toilet

at this public hall.

So, can we use your toilet?

Enough with your silliness, Mat Dosa.

Go on and hurry. Everyone's waiting.

Thank you.

I have a question.

Are you somehow related to Ebby Yus?

What's up, bro?

Thank you for letting us

relieve ourselves.

Where are you going, Mat Dosa?

You said we were going to hunt the ghosts.

Sir, he is not Mat Dosa.

Look closely. He's Awie

from the band Wings.

Can't you see?

- How do you know?

- I know!

Listen, Wings. I'm a huge fan.

Your songs When I was in love,

all your songs were relatable.

I like your eighth album.

Hey, Missnin! You got it wrong.

This is Awie from Search.

This is his song.


You watch too many movies

from the '50s and '60s.

That's Lefthanded.

If you're Wings,

what is Apek from Senario doing with you?

He's not Apek. He's Black, a drummer.

- That's him.

- Awie.

Can we take a selfie?

Of course.

- Let's do that.

- Where's the camera?

No one has one!

Why are you all looking so gloomy?

It's his fault. He forgot his phone.

- We didn't get to take a selfie.

- A selfie?

- With whom?

- The Wings!

- For real? The Wings were here?

- Yes!


My mother said that

I look a lot like Awie.

Do you see the resemblance?

We look alike, no?

Sir, I can guarantee you

that this is Mat Dosa.

- How can you tell?

- Because they look alike.

There are only two people on the face

of this earth who look like Wanu.

One at Mohd. Khalid Village,

and the other here.

So he really is Mat Dosa?

Mat Dosa, let's head out

and find those ghosts now.

- Now.

- Let's go! Now!

Mat Dosa, I don't see Sue On.

She'll be here, sir.

The three of us overheard

their conversation yesterday.

Be patient.

Are you sure we only need a TV?

Don't we need incense or something?

Those won't work. She's a Korean ghost,

not a Malay ghost.

We won't need incense.

They are sophisticated, you know?


Take the villagers and wait

at the other end.

- Mat Dosa.

- Yes?

Be good. Be strong and chill.

How long has it been

since you last ate wooden shoes?


Hey, this is the charcoal plant

I told you about yesterday.

Sure. But hurry, Pocong.

- Give me time.

- You're too slow.

There it is!



why are you holding my hand?

Is it hard for you to let me go?

- Do you like me?

- No!

It's not like that.


The TV is playing your movie.

But that 40-inch LCD TV

is placed right outside.

Don't you feel suspicious?


I don't feel suspicious, Pocong.

It's a TV. It's the reason


It's my only chance to go home, Pocong.

I know that.

- Pocong

- Be patient.

My clothes are all dirty after being here.

I want to go home, Pocong.

I think this is a trap.

- Let's see.

- Look around.

Look around.

Pocong, why did you scream?

- I got scared.

- Pocong

Pocong, we've looked around.

Nothing is out of place, Pocong.

Please, I want to go home.

Of course, you can go home.

- Missnin.

- Yes, Jimi Kamal?

I always see you holding a cigarette,

but you never light it up. Why?

Smoking is not good for our health.

So why are you sucking that cigarette?

Just to pacify my lips.

- Would you like to try?

- No, thanks.

It's not good for our health.

In that case, shut up.


Don't be reckless.

Be wary.

Once you get near the TV,

jump in quickly.

Pocong bye!

You treat me like a municipal light bulb.

It's the ghost!

Mat Dosa, pull the rope!

- Get inside!

- Pull the rope.

- Pull the rope!

- Get inside.

Jump in now! Stop waving and jump in.

Everyone, att*ck!

- att*ck!

- Catch her!

Catch her! Make way!

- Move! Catch her!

- Pocong!

Hey, villagers! It's the Pocong!

- Catch him!

- Get him!

Hey, what is this?

Get him!

Are you trying to use silat?

You're not Maznah, are you?

It's not her! Thank you, God.

It's Sue On! Who's going to watch her?

Sue On is here! Come here right now!

It's Sue On!

- Hurry!

- It's a w*r zone! Watch it!

Hurry! I'm about to wet myself.

- Hurry, I'm going to wet myself.

- It's Sue On.

- Move!

- Hurry!

Get her.

Hey, it's the Pocong! Catch him!

- It's the Pocong.

- Get him!

Sue On, just jump in!

Don't worry about me. Jump in!

You clapped your hands

the other day, didn't you?

Let me go! Hold him!

Do you have a lighter?

Sue On is here! Hurry and come!

I really need to go now!

Sue On?

Catch Sue On!


Hold her!

- Don't let her go!

- Pocong! Run!

Save yourself! I'm okay!


I had nothing to do with all that.

Nothing to do with it?

She knocked me down!

This ghost is very strong.

It's okay. Calm down.

Mat Dosa, get her!

- Go!

- Keep me in your prayers.

- Go!

- Where are you going?


Hey, Mat Dosa!

It's Che We Batam!

- Che We.

- He looks familiar.

Che We Batam.

What brought you here?

After 25 years in Medina

and one and a half years in Trkiye,

I've learned to see the truth.

Twenty-five years in Medina?

He's on another level.

Can you let me pass?

- Make way!

- Please.

Che We.

I dare not fight them.

She was alone before.

Then there were two and three.

I'm sorry.

He dare not fight now.

Mat Dosa, what now?

It's okay.

Listen here, villagers.

No matter what, come what may,

whether it be genies, ghosts, or demons,

fear not!

- He's right. Yes.

- This is our village!

- He's right!

- We fight!

- He's right!

- We fight!


Sue On, I brought help.



Mat Dosa.

You said she was a Korean ghost.

But she looks like a Bangladeshi.

Hey, that's not nice.

I'm of mixed blood.

- I see, mixed blood.

- My mother was Korean.

My father was a Bangladeshi.

He had this.

- He had this?

- Yes.

- Similar to mine?

- Similar to yours.

Do I look like a Bangladeshi?

I told you! You find Bangladeshis

not only in Malaysia

but in Korea too!

They're great!

They've migrated all over.

So, what do we do, sir?

Why don't you let me make

the decision alone?

Finally, you're doing your job.

Sue On will live with me.

Why must she live with us?

I'm the local leader.

I should be compassionate

towards the people.

Besides, she has no family left.

Since she has no family left,

we ought to help her.

Not only is she young,

but she's also pretty.

Don't you dare!

Calm down, Miss Yah, sir.

We're here to solve this ghost's problem.

Right? I mean, Sue On's problem.

- Miss Sue On.

- Yes?

So, why don't you tell us,

how did this happen in the first place?

She hails from Korea.

She came out of a TV.

She haunted a girl.

She came out of a TV and haunted a kid.

Then she ended up stuck in a village.

Don't forget to watch Sue On,

Ju-On's cousin,

at your local theatre.


The flashback

is like a movie trailer!

In 25 years,

I've rarely been disappointed.

The knowledge that I've gathered from

Medina, in brackets, Jeddah,

is usually relevant

when it comes to these situations.

This is a rare event.

It's at an international level.

I'm sorry.

It must be handled accordingly,

or it will cause a muscle spasm.

A muscle spasm?

- What did he just say?

- What was that?

Frog and lizard maybe?

Regardless, I respect you.

Not only are you handsome,

but you're also smart and a visionary.

You came out with the idea to send her

back to Korea on a plane.

It didn't occur to me at all.

You really are a champ!

The procedure these days is so different.

We need a passport just to board a plane.

When did you ride a plane?

I'm a government servant

and I don't fly that often.

I flew recently.

Are you calling me a liar now?

I flew back to the village

from Kuala Lumpur.

Of course! You flew from Kuala Lumpur.

We're talking about international flights.

That explains why you didn't know.

- Really?

- Yes.

I think it's a new SOP. Right, Wanu?

Beats me!

I thought we only needed a passport

when going into Singapore.

Apparently, we need a passport too

to go to Korea.

Che We Batam, what's wrong with her?

She looks ugly

knocking her head to the TV.

Don't worry.

- I nailed the back of her neck.

- We're not worried.

She won't become a ghost again.

Mat Dosa, it's best you pull

the nail on the back of her neck.

- My heart goes out to her.

- What?

Are you out of your mind?

If she takes a bite at us,

we could get Hepatitis B.


I'll watch your back.

He's right, Mat Dosa. Just go

because the whole village

will back you up.

You know how the saying goes.

What's the use of thick eyebrows

if you can't talk to her?

Go. Relax and breathe easily.

He's right, Mat Dosa. We stand with you.

- Go!

- He's right! We're right behind you!


Go! Go, Papi!

Go! Go, Papi!

If anything happens to me,

please take care of Zainab.

We will. Go! Go, Papi! Go!

Okay. Hang on.


Listen, Sue On.

I'm asking you for the last time, okay?

You want to go home, don't you?

Okay. All right.

But you have to give your word.

There's a condition.

You must give me your word.

Once I pull the nail out

from the back of your neck,

you'll jump right into the TV, okay?

I want to go home.

How could you?!

Of course! Hold on!

- Shall we start now?

- I already said okay.

Give me a second.

Good God!

I said okay.

My God!

It's good that I scared them.

No, I was just kidding.

Thank you.

O villagers!

Thank you for helping me!

I will remember the good deed you did

until the day I die!

I mean, until I die again.


That was crazy.

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