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Random Movies that just don't fit anywhere else yet. Miscellaneous Movie Collection.
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What the hell is the Wi-Fi


I've been sending JoinMyTrip emails

and no one's even opening them.

I totally answered.

Oh, my God,

you answered to say that

you weren't going to go

to Florida.

I mean, that was a given.

It was never even on the table.

It wasn't an option,

so it doesn't even count.

That's like nixing the tiramisu.

Nobody wants the f*cking tiramisu.

- I do. I love tiramisu.

- Of course you do, honey.

- Listen, I love this platter.

- Mmm.

What's the Wi-Fi password? -No idea.

The kid's got my phone.

Nora, sweetie, do you have a bowl?

Like, a real bowl for the dip?

Yeah, sure. This isn't a real bowl?


- What's the Wi-Fi password?

- Hey, if you get on,

- can you check something for me?

- Yeah.

And maybe something,

uh, green or red, you know,

something where the color

really pops.

- You got it. Okay.

- Uh, Nora, Wi-Fi?

- Uh, "home sweet home."

- Oh, and you know what?

Maybe a little bit of jicama as


You're amazing. f*ck

Shannon, no one eats jicama!

- I eat jicama!

- Babe, you want these?

Oh, baby, what are you doing with those?

Please throw them out.

Mmm, that's good. Um, f*ck, is

that ours?

Our what?

Not me.

Kate? Kate, please.

Just don't throw up in the pool.

I'm not gonna throw up in the


Daddy, look!

Whoa! Cannonball.

We're applying to the science


Oh, my gosh, that's great.

That's so amazing.

- Remember Ben in kindergarten?

- Yeah.

He had the rocking chair,

every chewable on the market.

- Right, right.

- Look, look at this picture.

- He's even wearing a lab coat.

- One sec.

Oh, that's adorable. Yes, love?

Oh, hey! -My mom said

you'd give me a bandage.

- What happened?

- Max pushed me.

Oh, I'm sor... Where... where

did... where?

On your... I don't even see...

Does it hurt?

- Not really.

- Okay.

Well, there should be some

in the pool house, okay?

I don't like princesses. I like


You don't like princesses,

but you like... Oh, all right.

What is it? What happened?

She's not breathing.

What do you mean, she's not


- She's not breathing.

- Somebody call 911!

- Oh, sweetheart.

- Somebody call 911!


You don't have to wait with me,

you know.

I know. But Dr. Crosby said, you know,

until we find the right balance, it's...

Half the country is on meds,


You don't see them being

driven around by their exes.

It's fine. Shelby doesn't mind.

Oh! Well, that's nice.

I know, such a big heart. Too


Got two stray cats

living on the porch now.

Wow. Cats.

Yeah. She's really helped me

get over...

I mean, sorry, not get over...

Get through everything.

- You know, letting go.

- I'm so glad.

- Not that it's not okay to not be okay.

- Mm-hmm.

Thanks. Thank you.

She... she has a podcast,


It was called a must-listen by

Christian Countdown last month.

Uh, Rolling Holy.

Uh... I know, I know, it's a cute name...

but it's number six on the charts.

- Oh, gosh.

- Yeah.

I'm gonna have her

talk to David this weekend.

You know, he's got that show on,

um, whatever network it is.

But, uh, you know,

podcasts are huge right now.

I'm sorry, this weekend?

- Wow. They're doing it? You're going?

- Well...


- it is a tradition.

- Our tradition.

And to honor that,

Shannon decided to host.

- Without me.

- For you.

Without you.

Look, you know they'd love to

see you.

- Oh, I'm sure.

- When you're ready.

Which, um, actually...

- there's something that, um, I've been...

- Listen, I'm sorry.

Do you know if it's time?

Uh... -I really don't

wanna cut it short.

- The session?

- Right. Uh...

Listen, are you sure that this

is the right way to be moving on?

I mean, you know Lily.

I just wanna make sure

she's helping

and not hurting.

Um, I'm gonna head back

and use the restroom

if that's okay?

Come on, Nora.

Thanks for the ride, Michael.

I'm so happy you've healed.

That's not fair, Nora. We deserve

another chance. We both do.

You're allergic to cats.

Not anymore.


What a blessing.

I hope you have fun this weekend, Michael.

Letting go.

You definitely deserve it.

Nora, please don't...

What do you mean, plateau? It's

repeat exposure, that's how it works.

Michael has a new girlfriend.

- Does he?

- Mm-hmm.

She has her own podcast.

It's, like, on some top-ten list

or something.

Oh, please. Anyone can have a podcast.

You're making actual change.

Besides, you've only been

with us for like, what?

- Two months.

- That's nothing.

It used to take you two months

to pick out an outfit.

Oh, my God. Really? -In high

school, Gary! Kids are mean.

Not to you. God, she was so cheerful.

I mean, like, happy-happy.

- Was I?

- Anyway, they're your friends.

- And yours.

- Oh, yeah?

You call being the hook-up to my

weed dealer brother a friendship?

- How is Walt?

- Oh, my God. VP of Sales,

Midwest division.

But, I mean, pharmaceuticals

are huge right now.

Anyway, patience. Memory is tricky.

Yeah? We got lots of loose ends.

How will I know when I'm ready?

You'll know. We'll know.

Okay. Let's start with the bird

cam, and let's get our baseline.

- Okay.

- Okay, does that feel good?

- Mm-hmm.

- Okay. Thank you, Ger.

All right. Let's get those

birds going.


Busy day in the garden today.

Oh, no. Her nest. Again?

Yeah, it was a hawk this time.

They'd been circling the day before.

There were, like,

three or four eggs in there.

That is so sad.

Well, you can't use old wood

to make a new nest.

- She's starting again.

- I know.

Are those eggshells?

So morbid, right? Talk about

not turning the trauma wheel.

Well, you know what? Birds aren't

exactly known for their brains.

I thought they were smart.

Oh, are they? I don't know.

I mean, they're birds.

Yeah, they have tiny heads.

At least she won't forget.

Memory is the enemy, okay?

Don't be that bird.

You're right. You're right. Let's

try, Lily. Let's see if it's time.

Okay, all right, all right. Gary's

gonna come get you hooked up.

No, no, no.

Without the headset. In person.

No. We are getting there, okay?

Your startle reflex is... -Nonexistent.

I don't even flinch.

Which is how we know it's


Okay, are you going this


I heard Shannon's hosting.

No. I mean, maybe. No, I

mean, I'm just... I'm having...

- I haven't...

- They didn't even invite me.

Have you been sleeping?

Okay. Gary, can I... Oh, he's

right there.

Can I get two milligrams of


Okay, girl. Get the dizzle.

Maybe I don't need it. Maybe I

should try.

It's not that easy. We would need Bob

to sign off. We would need releases.

To see our friends?

Look how far you've come, Lily.

You're practically a doctor now.


Maybe now they'll stop

hitting you up for, like,

free yoga or Walt's weed.

Right? Right.

So Shannon's hosting, right?

She's got the room.

She's got more than the room.

She has a whole lake house now.

Her grandpa finally kicked it.

Yeah. A whole house.

Really? Like in my sim?

Well, it was easy to replicate,

and I figured you would go there


- so it would be, you know...

- Familiar.

- Yeah.

- How perfect.

Well, not yet. I mean, we

still gotta build it out.

It's... it's early. -K-ville, though.

That's not far.

Special delivery. We're out

of two, so I got you a four.

Oh, wow. You ate this morning,


Lily, come on.

I'll be your surprise guest.

Oh, it would be a surprise.

- And they would be...

- So happy to see me.

- Well...

- Okay, let's get you hooked in.

- Okay.

- I will check your levels.

I'm not getting hooked up. -What

are you talking about? No, wha...

Please, you have to be careful with that.

Please, I need you to stop touching.

- You stop touching!

- Hey, time out. Gary, over here.

Nora, you don't just show up, okay?

That's not how it works.

Do you want me to get Bob

or somebody from up on four?

Oh, f*ck Bob. What the f*ck

does Bob know?

He is trained in the five

stages of grief.

I thought there were seven.

- You're thinking of seven habits.

- That was such a good book.

Yeah, well, he doesn't know

grief like I know grief.

- Oh, okay.

- So f*ck him.

There are seven f*cking stages

to mine.

All right, all right. Well, we're gonna

put this on, and then we're... Nora!

- You are wasting time.

- He is starting over, Lily.

Look, we're gonna get a


We're gonna watch the bird cam.

Maybe she made a new nest.

I don't want a f*cking baseline.

- I don't want a new nest!

- Hey!

Memory is the enemy.


Hey, babe, did you get ice?

I told you to get ice.

Yeah, yeah, I got it.

I got it right there.

Um, got a bag, put it by the


One bag?

Well, the store,

they were down to two,

and I didn't wanna

clean 'em out, so.

Of ice?

- Well, it's hot, babe.

- Exactly!

Okay. Don't worry about it.

I'll go to the store

and I'll get some more.

No, Tom, it's too late.

Come on, Mark is probably...

Okay, you know what, then?

I will... I will make some.

- I'll go into the house and I will...

- What? Watch water freeze?

- Is that what you're gonna do?

- You're so... Oh, I love you.

You're gonna watch water freeze?

Okay. -I love you!

- Yes, okay. Leave me alone.

- I love you, Shannon.

No, he's not staying there.

We told some assistant that,

like, a billion times.

I didn't say that!

No, linens! Linens. Jesus, who the

hell needs designer f*ck' lemons?

What? Oh, f*ck off.

How's your mother, David?

Very funny.

It would've k*lled him

to build a cell tower out here?

Hey, man, does this

look upside-down to you?

Dude, uh, wrong person to ask.

So it's a wireless weekend,


Oh, yes. Yes, totally. Yes, I


And also, Tom would love help with

these chairs. So sit, come on, build.

Come on, I got you, bro. I got


Hey, thank you. Um, yep.


Uh, just one last call.

One last call.

- Oh, one last call.

- Last call.

- I don't believe you.

- Yes.

Yes, hi. Hi, David, yes.

Remember me?

Well, uh, f*ck you, and I need

to speak to business affairs.

Thank you.

I mean,

what are they sh**ting at?

I've seen, like,

three squirrels.

Well, two now.

- Hey, babe?

- Yeah.

That light in the shed? It's


- I thought we fixed that.

- We?

You. You, babe.

I love a woman who can get

things done.

When the guy comes to fix the

hot tub, he can do the shed too.

- All right.

- Oh, my God! This is amazing!

Ah! It's like a late 80s summer


Minus, you know, the wine coolers,

making out with the neighbor,

and taking a sh*t in the bushes!

- What is up?

- You made it.

Oh my God. I can't believe

I haven't been here.

Hoarder. You house hoarder!

- You've totally been here.

- Have I?

Yes, my baby-moon, remember?

Before Ryder.

Oh, God. Well, I was tipsy for

a lot of that, so, fresh eyes!

You're so sweaty. What, did you walk

here all the way from Walnut Creek?

I just got confused.

I thought it was closer to town.

I had to stop off at the mini-mart

for, you know, essentials.

- The guy didn't wanna wait... Hello, hello!

- Hey! Katie, fist bump.

Oh, no, fist bumps

are for four-year-olds, Tom.

Give me some hugs.

All righty. You want a drink?

Can I get you a drink?

Yes, please. I would love...

Another six-pack,

'cause one's never enough.

Oh, good. My sponsor's here.

Spouse, sorry, spouser.


Guess I won't be

working the steps this weekend.

- Which were always so effective!

- It was kinda hard to work step nine

over the sound of you having sex with

strangers you met on the internet.

Oh, God! Here we go.

And wine comes in four-packs, not six.

I'm not a heathen.

Well, once it's pull-tab,

it's pretty irrelevant, right?

I mean, you're basically

drinking booze from a juice box.

Okay. You come inside with me, and

the boys are going to build furniture.

Yeah, we're building chairs.

Well, Tom is.

Well, you know. Gotta sit


Everything was rotted through

when we got here,

- so I figured while I have you...

- Oh, my God, totally.

David loves building furniture.

He goes to a very peaceful place.

If someone could open a hardware bag

without blasting lug nuts everywhere...

Who opens bags with scissors,


- Everyone!

- No one!

- Okay, Kate! Come on.

- I'm coming.

Well, it's good to see you,


Oh, God, whatever. Eat me.

Okay. Yeah. You don't hear that

every day.

- I hear it a lot.

- Uh-oh.

Well, you know what? We'll let them do

their thing and we'll do our thing, huh?

We'll have a man weekend.

A "meekend." How about that?

Did you ever go see Dr. Bindle?

You can't tell? Don't I seem

calm, consciously uncoupled?

No, no, you do, you do. Just...

Do you mind? Tiny slices.

We did go.

It was... Well, he's still

sleeping in the attic,

and we're still

getting divorced eventually.

But at least we can share

fridge space

without sh1tting

in each other's yogurt.

You know? I mean, it would

be far more satisfying

to wrap his balls in cheesecloth

and have them permanently pressed...

I'm so sorry.

Thinner slices. Just, like...

Are you gonna, like,

tweet the cheese plate?

Well, not anymore.

No, we're good. We're good.

I just wouldn't say we're


Oh, God, man. Who is?

Hey, I'm just gonna

keep working on my novel,

playing some fantasy football.

A little guitar. BingingWildwood.

Bro, that sh*t is crazy.

Those f*ck, they keep eating each other.

What the f*ck?

Yeah. Kinda makes you appreciate

what you have, you know?

Right. Right.

So you guys are...

There's a lot of paperwork


- Divorce, you know.

- Yeah.

Plus, we, uh, you know, we still

have sex every now and again, so...

Nice. Um, yeah, we're still, uh,

checking that box. So... yeah.

- Anyway, I get it.

- Oh, do you, though?

Tom doesn't seem like a sex-with-strangers-I-met-

on-the-internet kinda guy.

No. No, he's too...

lazy for that.

- Probably, but...

- Too nice to waitstaff?

Well, you know, after everything happened

and I was contagious with misfortune,

he was like this sweet, sad,

collaterally damaged dog

just waiting to be re-homed.

What is that?

Oh, God, it's the wiring.

The guy was supposed to come

weeks ago.

It's the shed, the hot tub.

There's no AC,

and with the weather

we've been having...

- Here's hoping we don't fry.

- Mm-hmm.

- Oh, God.

- Wow.

- What is this for?

- Mine didn't come with that.

Jesus, it's heavy.

Yeah, okay. Well, let's not,

you know...

Maybe they include this so, uh,

when you assemble it backwards,

you got to smash it.

- Right. Right.

- Instead of starting over.

Well, I'm guessing you got the

bench here.

sh*t, dude.

Yeah. Hunters, opening weekend.

- Should we be wearing something bright?

- Brighter than those shorts?

These are nice, dude.

No, you're good. You're good.

Hey, um... would you say

you're having more sex now

- or when you were married?

- God, I don't know.

I mean, maybe now, but it's a

pain in the ass, man. Don't do it.

Plus, married dudes live longer.

They've done studies.


It doesn't matter. They just do.

Anyways, I've seen Shannon

at a school board meeting.

I would not wanna see her in

family court.

- No, you don't.

- No.

sh*t, man.

Does it feel like

we're the only ones here?

Well, summer's done. It's hunting season.

The locals take over.

Well, we're kind of locals.

Right, babe? I mean, we just

gotta ease into it, you know?

- Let go a little.

- I let go.

Yeah, yeah. No, you do.

Thank you. Anyway, Tom and I,

after everything happened,

we just wanted a way

to escape the city, you know?

- And I can't believe it's only been...

- A year.

- Exactly.

- Almost to the day.

It's so f*cked up.

Has anyone talked to her?


Not since that whole

celebration-of-life thing at school.

I mean, I... You know, I tried to

stay in touch for a while, but...

That was very satisfying.

- Biodegradable, right?

- What, the golf balls?

I don't know. I thought they

were yours.

- No?

- Oops.

So, what, uh... what kind of

wildlife do you get out here?

Ducks. -I mean what

kind of furry wildlife?

- Please, ducks.

- They're not wildlife?

I mean, they're ducks.

I don't know. Like, squirrels,


Right, babe? -We're not

really woods people, guys.

- What the f*ck? Then why are we here?

- Someone had to host.

And the whole, you know,

nature-is-cleansing thing.

And no one else offered.

It might as well be me.

At least I could put together a

cheese plate. No offense to Nora.

I think this was Lily's idea.

Remember when she was texting

everyone about her healer

and, like, drinking chloroform

and whatever?

Oh, yeah, it was chlorophyll.


- Well, sorry. Not a scientist.

- She is persuasive.

Yeah, she's a free spirit.

Very free spirit.

God, I just never understood

Nora's thing with her.

High school. Years that don't


Maybe it's guilt, you know?

I mean, we all got out,

had lives, came back.

- She's exactly where we left her.

- Her brother had very good weed.

You know, what is she,

like, a therapist now? Or a...

- I don't know.

- A life coach? That's cool.

Well, it's always the crazy


- Speaking of which...

- Oh, my God.

- Is that...

- Of course it is.

I mean, only Lily could convince

a fisherman to be her ride.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Welcome to paradise. -I forgot

how adorable this place is.

I mean, I would've been

here every weekend.

Well, you know, Grandpa was

alive until recently, so.

- Yeah, these vibes, they're so good.

- Yeah?

Yeah. -Did you sage it?

I bet you saged it.

I do... I... I mean, Tom has

allergies, so.

Okay, Lil, I'll put this

in the house for you.

Oh, thank you, Tom. Still tall.

- What is up? Hey.

- Hey.

- Wow, you look good.

- So good.

- Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi.

- Hi, hi.

You know, I didn't tip him.

- You think I should've tipped him?

- Well, yeah, probably.

Isn't he, like,

a cab on water or whatever?

No, I think he was just

a fisherman.

Local flavor.

I mean, he didn't say much.

He's probably psyched to have more

than just dead fish on his boat.

Well, maybe the no-bra thing

silenced him.

Oh, God. Well...

- He did look stunned.

- I'm sure.

- Okay, let's go.

- Okay.

I guess it's just gonna be

that kind of weekend.

It doesn't have to be. It's

just starting.

- I can't believe this is all yours.

- Yeah, right?


Yeah, look at the, uh... look at

hour hand.

- Whoo. See that?

- Diamonds?

Gothan dag!


- Hey!

- Yo!

What's up?

- How you doing?

- Hvat segir thu!

What is that?

That is Old Norse, my friend.

I'm getting back to my roots.

Language of the Vikings. Yeah,

except less village sacking.

Oh, come on, man. Sack a


You know what sacking is, right?

It's not like a county fair.

You know what?

I should learn a language.

Finally get to Paris and write

my novel.

My God, now you wanna go to


Yeah. And hi, I'm Tom. Nice to

meet you.

Shelby, hi. Thanks for having


- Oh, absolutely.

- Shelby, uh, sorry, Dave. David.

- Daveed. Whatever works.

- Hi. Kate.

Hey. -I'm sorry, I

didn't know where to park.

- I had no idea it was...

- Oh, the two miles?

Yeah, Grandpa didn't like

visitors parking down here. Sorry.

Eg segi allt gott.

Oh, boy.

All right. So, hey, man, are you

playing fantasy football this year?

- I didn't see your name on it.

- Yeah. No, no, no, no.

No, fresh start. You know, Shelby.

You know, I'm on a path.

- Hi, I'm Lily.

- New me.

- Right.

- You've probably heard a lot.

- Well, you know, it's all true.

- Oh.

Oh, my God, you're so tiny.

Tiny, little fairy.

All right.

So, are you guys, like...

Did you come together?

- Oh, God. No, no. No.

- Oh, no, no, no, no.

- We can't even...

- We kinda still live together.

Yeah, but we don't drive together.

I used to have to go limp

- in the front seat like a rag doll.

- She is the worst passenger.

Apparently it's safer,

so my body just knew what to do.

- And our therapist said... Well...

- Our ex-therapist.

- Suggested...

- That we drive separately.

Oh, I hear you.

When Michael drives,

I just close my eyes

and let Jesus take the wheel.

She does. And He does.

It's not really safe to drive

in sandals either, though, so.

Hey, Mike. I'm gonna grab

these bags for you, okay?

- Oh, no, no, no. I'm fine.

- Yeah?

Yeah, no. About the bags,

if they drip, um, it's because...

Well, it's not all... I mean,

some of it's closed,

but some of it's...

Deer meat. I usually bring my


That way I know

it's been humanely slaughtered.

Right. Okay. -See, this

way it won't get on the rug.

It comes out with a little bit

of bleach,

but I'll just use a little bit

of cooler space.


Oh, gosh. Do y'all have any

more ice?


They were huge. Like pterodactyls.

They just kept...

So, what are we doing?

Oh, just, uh, one emotion.

Anything that comes to mind.

Well, we're in this cycle right


Saturn's trajectory

and its forcefield

is essentially being att*cked

by all the carbon particles put

in the air from h*m* milk.

It's affecting the entire

animal kingdom.

But the dairy lobby is so strong,

no one's talking about it.

That sounds kinda fake.

Shelby does a lot

of deep dives for the podcast.

Springa inn Ginnungagap.

"Leaps into the void."


Oh no, no, no. It's just one emotion

per strip. You've got three here.

Sometimes I feel three things.

Okay, well, just for the purposes

of the game, I'm just gonna... Yeah?

You said you were gonna

take the weekend off.

We haven't seen each other in months.

It's a party game.

- Yeah, you're right.

- What about pigeons?

We still have

pigeons?-Rahvns, rahvns allt!

It was ravens, you know, that Noah sent

to test the water levels after the flood.

How the ravens go, so go we.

Did they die, or... I feel

like I didn't read that one.

"For the Lord will execute judgment by

fire, and by his sword on all flesh,

and those slain by the Lord

will be many." Isaiah 66.

Shelby, could I get you something to drink?

Some wine, tequila?

- I'll just have water.

- Swim time! Who's coming?

- Shannon, give me a lift!

- Okay, no, but wait, wait, wait.

- No, I thought we were gonna...

- Later, later. Come with me.

In a few more cocktails,

I may no longer float!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but it's been a

big year, and I wanna make sure...

Tap or seltzer?

Good Lord's water is fine by me.

I mean, how is that where

Michael landed?

I don't know. Farthest

distance, least familiar.

I mean, I used to always

fantasize about running away

to work in a gas station in


I mean, just for a life

of managed expectations.

Oh, yeah. I mean, that's a lot

of standing upright, but...

But maybe that's just what it

is now.

Faith, you know? For young


Choose your own Jesus.

When I was a kid, it was like parents

playing tambourine in a gymnasium.

- Ooh, creepy ones?

- No, no. Regular.

Well, things have changed.

- People are...

- Panicked. Fervent. Feverish.

- Don't you think?

- I do, yeah.

Yeah. -Max is really

into dinosaurs again,

so we're constantly reading about

the extinction of the species

and it's harrowing. I mean, I feel

like we are on the cusp of it,

you know? Re-extinction.

We're all gonna be dead and

they'll start over. New amoebas.

Yep. It's free-floating anxiety.

My kids have it too.

Just waiting for the other shoe

to drop.

Yes, the apocalypse.

Forever preserved in

a layer of sediment and lava.

Well, on that note.

- You like that?

- Oh, God, yeah.

Yeah? That's your kidneys

telling you to let go.


You know, I'm usually so focused

on my client's needs.

It's nice to just, you know,

be along for the ride.

I roll for Jesus. That's my

therapy every Friday night.

Yeah, Shelby's on a team.

They're pretty good.

- The Pinto Holy Rollers.

- Oh, so cute.

Hey, do you have, like,

a PhD or something?

No, no. No, I mean,

nobody really does that anymore.

It's not cost-effective.

Ours is a very targeted program,

and it helps people with

trauma, depression, phobias.

So, therapy?

Without the therapist. We put

the healing in your hands.

- Oh, gosh. Is that safe?

- Oh, absolutely.

I mean, you're not covered in

spiders, you're not flying a plane.

- You just think you are.

- I have this recurring dream...

where I'm parasailing

wearing a sandwich board.

Nothing underneath.

It's actually very freeing.

For a while, I had this one where I

was stuffed above the ceiling tiles.

You know, the... the ones

with the tiny little holes?

And this old woman came through

with a giant spackler

covered in, like, nut butter.

And she just started

filling them in, one by one.

Anyway, Tom. Uh, we tailor each


Simulation... to the client's

needs, put it on repeat

until they don't need it


You can see the trauma being

flushed out of their system.

I was incredibly hairy growing


Mama would find me in the kitchen

trying to burn off all my arm hair.

- It always grew back.

- Well, they say a third of us

were originally birds. Land dwellers,

sky dwellers, water dwellers.

We all get eaten up by someone.

Anyway, that's when I found the Lord.

"For every beast of the

forest is mine." Psalm 50.

Oh, speaking of, here comes Shannon.

Are we hungry?

- Starving.

- Yeah.

Oh, I'd love to put

my deer meat in the fridge.

I don't think it'll keep out


Okay. Who's on deer meat?

I like to put the liver and

the heart in the cheese drawer,

otherwise it'll just freeze

right up.

Oh, God.

Oh, my God! Nora. I

didn't even see you there.

f*ck, are you okay? You're


I was looking for something.

And I fell in.

Oh, f*ck. Okay. Uh, Shannon!

Uh, here. Um, here, put this on.

We didn't even know

you were coming.

I didn't want anyone

to make a fuss.

Well, do you have clothes?

Do you have a bag?

- I'm not staying.

- Well, of course you're staying.

- Don't be ridiculous.

- Nora!

When did you... I'm so glad

you're here.

- Oh, my God, you're soaking.

- Yeah, she fell in, apparently.

Oh, okay. Right, right.

Well, um, let's get you some...

- Well, I have clothes. She can borrow...

- No clothes?

- I'm not staying.

- Oh, of course you're staying.

Don't be absurd. Michael!

- Nora.

- Michael.

I thought I'd stop by to say hi.

I honestly almost sh*t myself.

Like, fully sh*t myself.

- She looks so lost.

- Yeah.

"Naked I come from my mother's womb

and naked I shall return there."

- No.

- Job.

No, no, no, not naked. She


I'm sorry, why is Nora here?

- I have no idea.

- Was it Michael, you think?

I told him to, but I know he


- Well, it wasn't me.

- I did.

- What the f*ck?

- What?

- I knew I should've bailed.

- She said she was ready.

I could be home jerking off in

my attic.

"Like Jesus rising from the

ashes..." -It's trigger therapy,

and you're her triggers.

I'm sorry, you're her therapist


- It's more of a spiritual guide.

- Oh, my God!

- I'm still working on my hours.

- This seems advanced for that.

Well, it's not like we don't

trust you, because yoga was cool.

Oh, my God. Just say it, Tom.

It's dangerous, it's selfish,

and it ruins our weekend, which we

deserve because life is hard enough.

Her life is a little harder.

Well, one of my biggest triggers is flesh.

Bloody flesh in particular.

So I keep it with me until I can

experience it in my life without anxiety.

- I'm afraid to ask.

- Look, Lil, we're here to relax.

- This is...

- It's not helpful to her.

Right. It's not like she's not


Well, you're wrong. It's

cathartic, and it's life-changing.

Here's hoping.

And if nothing else, at least we'll

have some great conversations,

some fresh air, and home-cooked

baby fawn.

Can I get you something?



To drink. Do you want a soda,


How did you meet Michael?

Oh, um, in grief group.

- I thought he might have mentioned.

- No, he didn't.

You're not really friends with

them, huh?

Oh, well, I mean, they... they

seem nice.

It's just Michael keeps things


Well, he's sad, you know. It's

not like he's forgotten or...

Do you have any kids?

Not yet, no.

But actually... -Well, when

you do, you'll understand.

It's, um... it's just different.

I didn't even know if I wanted


My parents...

Well, Daddy was a big drinker,

and... and my mom,

she was a manager at Craftway,

so, pretty crazy hours.

So you carry bloody meat around

in bags

to make yourself feel better?

- As a reminder, I guess.

- Yeah.

That we all end up in the

cheese drawer.




- I won't bite, you know.

- I know.

I know. It's just, you know, Nora's here.

And Shelby. I'm trying to...

Be respectful.

- Yeah.

- It's sweet.

You know, in... in grief group,

really, they... they recommend

that you...

- Don't f*ck your wife's friends.

- Okay.


- It was a difficult time.

- Yeah.

- And now it's not?

- Look, I'm just, um...

I'm trying to, uh...

- You know, I owe it to...

- Shelby?

She's 25.

You really think you're her

last stop?

She gets me, okay?

Yeah. She doesn't judge.

She will, though.

They all do, eventually.

But not me.

'Cause I was there,

and when you remember that,

you'll be back.

Excuse... excuse me.

And he would just sit there

with a crossbow.

- He was focused on these wolves.

- Uh-huh.

He thought they were

trying to get his rabbits.

- Mm-hmm.

- Oh, God.

David, can you go get one of

those bug lanterns from the shed?

- Now?

- Oh, my God.

Before they eat us alive,



You're gonna have to crawl around

in there, 'cause Tom's too tall.

All right.

Oh, God. Anyway,

he was a big believer in

personal punishments.

Eye for an eye, Leviticus.

Been around forever.

Not really Jesus at his finest,

though, is it?

Yeah, I bet you never

left the coop open again.

And you could probably

m*rder a chicken in your sleep.

"Give them great meals

of beef and iron and steel,

they will eat like wolves and

fight like devils." Shakespeare.

I was wondering where you went.

I thought you ran off

like a little rooster.

Shannon, I love the decoration

and the house, the interior.

I remember it from

the one time I was invited.

- It's okay.

- Where's Nora?

I thought she was with you.

- Maybe upstairs. Should I go...

- I'm sure she's fine.

She can't have gone far.


Anyway, that's my next project. Clean

out the shed, get rid of all the...

- Axes, crossbows, and g*n.

- Exactly.


- Hi.

- f*ck.

- I'm so sorry to scare you.

- f*ck.

Hey, I thought it was

wireless weekend, sir.

Oh. Yeah.

I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

- So dark in here, right?

- Yeah.

Yeah. Michael wanted an axe, so.

Oh, my God. You think they'd

have k*lled it by now.

How is that deer heart, Shelby?

No, no, no, Shelby doesn't eat...

Oh, I... I just keep it to remind

me that it was a living being.

Okay. That's cool.

- I don't actually hunt it.

- Well, it's very bloody.

- I only buy fresh.

- Oh, that's good. So, you're...

Honoring the animal. -Oh, like

the fish with the eyeballs in!

I think it's good to remember how

fleeting life is. That at any moment...

We could all be eaten.

Anyway, Tom. It is delicious.

What is the seasoning?

Oh, thanks. That's, um, well,

you know...

Shannon doesn't give me

compliments anymore.

- Oh, my God.

- So, just salt.

Tom is very good with tongs.

That's me. Gotta get my

tongs in any way I can.

So, Shannon. How's Maddie?

Still dancing?

Oh, yeah, she's good. She's


Third grade,

so all, you know, girl dynamic.

I can imagine.

- She has friends?

- Yeah, she does. Nice kids.

No pool parties, I hope.


Babe, let's not?

It's okay.

I guess it should be

sort of unseemly at this point.

No one's saying that.

Hey, can I get anybody a drink?

Uh, yeah. I'd like a vodka

soda, light on the soda.

I thought you were sober.

- No, not right now.

- Huh.

Is that okay? -I just

figured after what happened...

Well, we're adults, Nora.

We can have a weekend.

Model parenting was

never really your thing anyway,

- was it?

- What does that mean?

Getting drunk at a four-year-old's

birthday party in the park?

You said I was fine.

You said nobody noticed.

It was 9:00 in the morning, Kate.

You threw up under the monkey bars.

- We had to rope them off.

- I had food poisoning!

You had booze in a sippy cup.

- And yet somehow, your kid is still alive.

- Oh, Nora...

- We think about Hannah all the time, Nora.

- Do you? Sleep at night?

We haven't forgotten. Obviously it's

different for you and for Michael.

- How is Maddie's knee?

- Sorry?

I remember she scraped it that day, but

I don't know if she actually drew blood.

I do remember all the adults were

running around looking for a band-aid.

- Babe, let's go for a walk. Come on.

- Maddie was six. She fell.

- So we were making sure that she...

- Had the right f*cking band-aid.

We weren't in the pool, Nora.

We weren't watching her.

She wasn't our kid.

- She was with Michael.

- Oh, boy. Here we go.

- I'm sorry, but it's true.

- It is true.

But it takes a village, doesn't


Nora, it's okay to be mad.

It's okay to wanna poop your

insides out on the floor.

That's what Jesus is for. -Shelby,

it's okay. I got... I got this.

Oh, now he's got this.

Trust me, honey. Multitasking

was never his strong suit.

Don't do this, Nora. -Especially

when a woman is involved.

He suddenly has the mental

capacity of a pizza box.

Jesus, Nora. Can we just... -Hey, Lily.

You wanna chime in here?

Do a little bit of your therapy? -Uh, no.

This is Nora's journey.

- We don't interfere.

- Oh, nice.

So, sh*t-filled fan,

your work here is done?

Any time you wanna

start identifying your triggers.

Oh, can I go first? Because I don't

know if sleeping with my husband counts,

but that's always been

really triggering for me.

- Damn it.

- Oh, God, barely.

- What do you mean, barely?

- You slept with David?

I'm a sexual person. You know

I have different boundaries.

- You don't have any boundaries.

- He's not my husband.

- Well, you were my friend.

- Oh, was I?

'Cause you disappeared. All of

you did.

Nobody returned my calls,

except David.

Yeah. I'm sure he did.

- And Michael.

- Oh, did he?

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend.

Profound are the kisses of an enemy."

That one's a proverb. -Yes.

Thank you, that's so helpful.

We just have to hold on

until Jesus calls you home.

Shelby. -Not that we

should be in a rush.

Oh, I'm not. But I'll get there.

- Well, on that note, I think I'll...

- Yes, please. Me too.

Oh, God, I'm so sorry. I get so dark

these days. It's the medication.

- We're still tinkering with the dosage.

- It's okay. It's okay.

- I'm sorry, Katie.

- No, no. It's fine, it's fine.

- Totally. I think I just...

- You need a drink.

I do need one! Shannon. Anyone


I'll come. Maybe I should

have one after all.

I'm not sure...

that I can do this.

She's in a lot of pain.

Aren't we all? I mean, as a


You were there too? That day?

Yeah. I mean, briefly.

It was...

it was a lot.

It must be really hard for you.

It's amazing y'all stayed


White, red? Weren't you ros?

- I was vodka tonic.

- Oh, that's right!

Can I make you one? -I should

probably just have water.

I gotta take my meds.

Doesn't really mix well.

Oh, duh. Of course, been there.

Yeah. Antipsychotics, mostly.

Also horse tranquilizers

in case of emergency.

Instant blackout.

Oh, wow. Really? Since they...

I mean, I'd take anything.

You would. Remember how

scared I used to be of needles?

Oh, my God. Yes, the flu sh*t!

Passing out at the drugstore.

You took out that, like, entire

display case of nasal spray.

I did. God, I could be

a heroin addict now.

- I don't even flinch.

- So, is it helping?

Here and there.

- I can't imagine.

- No, you can't.

Remember in New York we used to

buy such cheap bottles of wine

that we'd have to break

the corks to get them open?

Oh, God. We had no standards.

Like, none.

- Three-buck chardie!

- Oh, how did we survive?

Nothing in our stomachs. Mild

eating disorders. No hydration.

I think I sh*t in the bathtub


I'm not totally sure, but...

- You did.

- Oh, yeah.

- Oh, yeah, those were the days.

- Yeah.

To living above 96th Street.

Oh, God. Well, that's what I get

for buying wine from the mini-mart.

- Well, salud.

- Nostrovia.




- Fear.

- Time's up.

Jesus. Rage.

Rage, okay. Yeah, nice, subtle.

- Dave and Katie, you're up.

- Oh, God, okay.

- Oh, I don't think I can do it.

- You got it!

- Ah, thank you.

- No.

They still haven't figured out

that black lung thing.

- Vitamin E or rat feces or whatever.

- Shannon...

- We have kids at home.

- Oh, busted.

You know what's so funny? When

you're not a mother anymore,

no one cares what you do with your body.

It's like you could skydive into work

they'd be like, "Well, there are

seven billion people on the planet.

One less won't make

a difference." -Babe.

There's your trauma talking.

This is good.

It's like when you're not tied to

sustaining the species anymore,

you're taxing the system, you


I say once a mother,

always a mother.

Okay, sorry. Can we do this now?

I don't like standing

while I drink.

Yes. Begin.

You're contributing to

the overall health of humanity,

putting love into this world to

help it hum at a higher frequency.

I wish I could believe that.

You manifest yourself

as kindness in all you do.

- Oh, that's nice.

- Psalm 145.

- Desire!

- God, yes. Thank you.

No, you cannot guess one another's!

This is a team thing.

Oh. -It... it's really

more about God than you,

but something to aspire to.

Okay, so now, why do we...

I'm totally just curious.

Why do we need a quote from Jesus

or whatever to illustrate the point?

I mean, can't we just be good people

without needing, like, a magical unicorn

- to show us how?

- Unicorns aren't real.

They aren't? -Well, no

offense, but neither is Jesus.

I don't need a talking horse or a mythical

sheep farmer to tell me what to think.

I can just kinda guess, right? I

mean, if I'm a relatively good person.

Are we, though? Are we good


- Disdain.

- Yeah! Whoop, whoop!

Oh, I give up. You two.

- Oh.

- f*ck!

Cold in here, dudes.

Start that fire now?

Oh, right. We just need some

more wood.

- I'll go.

- Oh, no, we, uh...

No, we don't chop down the trees

around here. We buy our wood in bulk.

- Oh, man. Uh, babe, about that.

- You didn't buy wood.

- There's a forest right out there.

- It's landscaping.

You don't pay a landscaper 20 grand and

then just chop it down a few weeks later.

- Come on.

- No worries. Yeah, no, I'll go.

- I'm... I'm a Viking.

- Chop at a neighbor's.

- Yeah.

- I'll come.

No, no, no. No, it's fine. I

got it.

But I want to.

I'm all right. Go ahead.

See? She's all right.

- Right, Lily?

- What?

Don't decapitate any rabbits.

Wolves, not rabbits. Why

would you decapitate a rabbit?

- One less rabbit, I guess.

- Good luck!

One last supper for the wolf.

So, are we supposed to just...

be chopping down trees, or... -I

think just wood that's already...

- d*ed?

- Yeah.

- Waiting to be hauled away?

- Exactly.

A Viking, huh?

Yeah, well, you know.

It's a new me. Fresh start.

With Old Norse? Does that come

in handy?

Yeah, well, that's, uh...

Shelby, you know, she does these, uh,

reenactment things on the weekend.

- It meant a lot to her.

- Right. Of course.

I can't believe we never went


We bought that huge tent with that,

like, pop-out lounge thing, remember?

And we told Hannah that if she did

one whole night in her bed on her own,

- we'd do it.

- Yeah.

But she kept coming in, asking

questions about cheetahs or volcanoes.

- Or if trees can have babies.

- At 2:00 in the morning.

Like clockwork. And then we'd all

have to cram into her little tiny bed.

Littered with stuffed animals.

Remember she had that pink

little sloth, or whatever it was?

You just touched it and it would

light up and sing for hours.

Couldn't turn it off.

Had to let it play itself out.

- We threw it away, right?

- Yeah, neighbor's trash can.

It was the only place far enough

where we couldn't hear it, right?

I mean, I'm sure they could,


Well, we did our sleep training

follow through, we read our books.

We had our united front,

and... never went camping.

So glad we stayed on message.

She didn't die mad, you know.

Whatever thought she had

in her little head before, uh...

- Before the panicked ones?

- Was of a loving, happy family.

If she could carry something

with her, it would be that.

Does it work that way? You get to choose

your screensaver before it all goes black?

You do. I have to believe that

you do.

Well, I guess we'll know when

we know.


That does not look sharp, that


You're really gonna have to

swing that.

- Are you saying that I can't swing it?

- Oh, no, no.

No, you're shockingly strong for

someone with a comp lit degree.

Thank you so much.

The perfect blend of Faulkner

and force.

Well, certainly the utter and

heartbreaking stupidity of words.

That, I have.


Life could have been so


Can I hold it?


It's heavy.

Ooh, it is.

I don't know, man.

I'm not sure what we could chop





Okay, Michael.

Lily wants to do some kind of

moon yoga with everyone, so...

Hi, Shelby.

Oh, my goodness gracious. You

scared me.

Oh, did you... k*ll something?

No. Oh, no, no, no. This is


Well... yes, probably.

Where's Michael?

- Maybe he left?

- Sorry?

You parked up the road, right?

We didn't wanna block anyone.

- And Shannon said there wasn't...

- I'd go get your car.

These reunions can get so


Probably the best time to leave.

His life was ruined too, you


He thinks about Hannah every


I'm sure, but that little part

of his brain that feels guilty?

That little part closes up shop,

and off he goes to work

or have drinks with his buddies

or have sex with someone like you

who doesn't remind him

of the life he once had.

And he may not be whole, but...

he's closer than he should be.

So he can't be happy again?

He's not allowed? -No, he can't.

She can't. So, no, sorry.

- He's gonna be a father.

- He was a father.


He tried to tell you.

It was important to him that

you knew.

You're gonna be a great mother.

He just won't be around to see


It's against God's law to take

a life.

Well, I guess he should've thought

of that before he took Hannah's.

If I see Michael, I'll tell him

you left.

You should have

an easy drive along the five.

- Does anyone else feel sick?

- Maybe it was the meat trio.

Shelby said she loved it.

Well, Shelby puts animal

hearts in plastic bags.

She's not exactly a food critic.

- Oh, my God.

- Oh, sh*t, Kate.

- I'm so sorry. I don't even...

- Did she just...

Oh, sh*t. Hey, do you have a

towel, or...

- I got... I got a napkin.

- Tom, hose!

Oh, all right. On it, on it.

No one's gonna wanna do trust falls now.

Just take this.

Hey, you okay?

You want a water?

No, I'm fine. I'm fine.

I just...

Oh, sh*t.

What? -Your, uh, your nose.

You're bleeding.

Oh, God. Oh, my God, gross!

Why is everything so gross?

Oh, my God.

Come on, where is this?

- You got a body in there?

- Oh! sh*t.

You scared... Oh, gosh. Kate got


- Oh, not surprising.

- Yeah.

Hey, is that blood? Oh, sh*t.

Oh! Someone else didn't

do wireless weekend.

Yeah, that's Shannon's for emergencies.

But, um...

- Oh.

- Yeah, we gotta get that.

Excuse. Come on, watch your

step here.

Oh, I used to love this song.

Remember that fundraiser

the first year at White Oaks?

Shannon made that embarrassing speech

about parenting and Kate blacked out.

I danced with Michael to this.

Weird. Is someone in the hot


No. It's broken, actually.

- I think we missed it.

- Oh, what the hell?

Gosh, that water looks warm.

I'd get in,

but I don't know if I'd get out.

I just... I'll get it.

Can you see okay?

Or do you want me

to turn on the...

No, no, no, no!

Don't touch that!

Do you know that voltage

just loves saltwater?

Which is in our bodies,

so it really takes a shortcut

through the human form to get,

I don't know, wherever it is

it's going.

Apparently it saves time. Who


Anyway, I would help you, but

I don't have rubber boots on,

and I was told that you never

touch a downed power line.

You know what?

I should probably turn this off

so that no one makes the same


It's a shame.

You really were

the nicest one in the bunch.

But as Lily says, you can't use

old wood to make a new nest.


Especially with so many hawks


You out here? -He is never

where I need him to be.

Oh, sh*t.

God, Tom! What are you doing?

You know that we are not

supposed to be using...

I called the electrician weeks

ago and he still hasn't...


Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh,


- Tom? Tom, Tom! Tom!

- Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!

- Oh, God!

- Hey, hey!

Do the thing! The thing with

the thing, the mouth thing!

- Wake up!

- We gotta take him in.

What do you mean, in?

In, like, a hospital?

- I mean, like...

- I don't know!

- Tom, Tom!

- Pull him out!

All right, buddy.

Keys, keys! Who's got the keys?

Tom has them. They're in that

pocket right there, right there.

- Got it.

- Okay. Okay.

- Kate, please stay here.

- What the f*ck? No!

Michael is missing, and Shelby

and Nora might come back.

No, I don't care. I don't give

a sh*t.

I'm not staying here to get eaten

by some f*cking forest monster!

There's no forest monster!

Jesus, Kate!

Whoa, sh*t! Open the door, open

the door, open the f*cking door!

- Oh my God, I feel sick.

- Don't you f*cking vomit on Tom.

Uh. Hey, uh, Nora? Uh, we gotta


- Tom's in, uh... in a kind of a bad way...

- Oh, Jesus Christ.

Hey, hon? Do you mind

moving the f*ck out of the way?

We'll be right back. Okay,


- Oh, my God! Okay, okay.

- Go, go, go!

- You've just gotta go.

- I can't just run her over!

You are an exec, David!

You can run her over!

Oh God, I gotta get inside.

I gotta throw up.

On the count of three,

we go inside, we leave the body.

It's not "the body," it's Tom.

Oh, God, I think I sh*t myself.

And go!

Oh, no.

Oh, baby, I'm sorry. I love you,

I'll be right back. Holy sh*t.

- Oh, God, I'm so sorry!

- Leave the body! Now!

- Jesus!

- Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

- Oh!

- Oh, my God!

There y'all are.

Gosh. I, um...

Well, I ate all of the gummies,

and I think they were the

happy ones, 'cause I am jacked!

- Who wants a drink?

- I need water.

Oh, it's not exactly wat... Okay.

Nora's trying to k*ll us with an axe.


And Tommy's unconscious.

Or dead. He's probably dead.

Oh, my God, heart att*ck? That's

why I do intermittent fasting.

- Honestly, it does make a difference.

- No, Jesus!

He was electrocuted

in the f*cking hot tub!

Oh, I thought they fixed that.

- No, no. The electrician never came.

- Oh, that's not surprising.

We need an ambulance. Or a


The sea pirate that dropped you

off, do you have his number?

Why would I get his number?

He was, like, 80.

Oh, what the f*ck? Where's my phone?

It was charging in the bathroom.

Oh it's, um... it's in the shed

in... in a garden box by the gnomes.

Jesus! sh*t.

Well, wireless weekend, David!

We agreed.

- Get the f*ck away!

- Oh, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!

Please, help me.

Oh, my God, Michael! Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

Shelby left. I don't understand.

- What did you say to her, Lily?

- Nothing.

I was about to be a father.

Not with me.

- Lily!

- Oh, my God. Get him out.

- Get him out!

- We could give her Lily!

If we have to give her someone. She's

pretty high, she might not notice.

We're not giving her anyone!

- Oh, God!

- What is happening?

Okay, get to the kitchen!

- Why the kitchen?

- Go, go, go, go!

We gotta go, we have to go.

Don't worry, everything is fine.

I'm gonna lock the door.

This is not a big deal.

Nora, I want you to take

a deep breath, okay?

Let's try and find our baseline.

You know, sometimes, um, certain

phrases can trigger a sense of calm.

I need a bathroom.

Okay, look. I wasn't gonna say anything

'cause we don't like to interfere,

but none of this is real.

What? -Um, it's all

a sim... a simulation.

- It's a part of her program.

- My colon's unwinding.

Okay, so ClearMind is all

about finding a safe space

to release aggression

in a controlled setting.

Revenge fantasies,

but with a therapeutic goal.

What the f*ck? -It's like

death, but with a safety net.

So you're all fine.

I don't feel fine!

You know, the session is

taking longer than usual,

and I am having trouble with

host mode.

And I see... You know, I am sort of in

somewhat of a new territory myself.

- Oh, okay.

- Oh, God.

Am I bleeding? I'm bleeding,

aren't I?

You know what? I think that if someone

took responsibility for what happened,

that she would really wrap it


And you were there,

and you were there.

- And you were there!

- Yeah, for, like, 15 minutes.

You were flirting with

her husband in the pool.

Well, we obviously remember

things differently.

Not differently. Perfectly.

I asked Nora for a bowl 'cause I

wanted to help her with crudits,

and she assumed that Michael

was in the pool with Hannah,

but Michael was in the pool

with you.

Because you cannot stand

to go for more than five minutes

without feeling desired

by somebody else's husband.

Oh, yes, please let me f*ck

your sad, paunchy husbands.

Stop it. -There were 40

other people at that party.

Watching somebody else's kid

is not my job.

She's right.

It was Michael's job.

Oh, my God.

It's a g*n now. She's got a g*n.

Nora, put down the g*n.

And your job, and your job.

And really, Lily, your job.

You're right, Nora.

Our village has failed you.

You're bleeding.

- Make it stop.

- Maybe it's the Midazolam.

I tripled the dose since you

always had such a high tolerance.

That's right. This is all so that you

can tell the village how you feel.

Your anger, but with your words.

Oh, God, Kate! Kate!

I'm fine, I think I'm fine.

I just have to rest here.

- Oh my God, David!

- Nora, come on.

I want you to sit down.

It's not a multiplayer game,

Lily. So it's not up to you.

Well, we always been a team,


We're f*ck' kinder-buddies.

- Line leader.

- Super snooper.

- Yeah.

- Yes, you've always had my back.

Even when I shoplifted at

Lyman's in eighth grade.

You got candy bars,

I got community service.

- I know.

- Oh, God, I'm fine.

Remember junior prom, when you got

bored and you ditched your date?

- And you f*cked him.

- And you're welcome.

You're right, Lily. When sh*t

goes down, you're always there.


We're sorry.

We just...

Seeing you, it was so hard.

But we will never forget.

We will never forget Hannah.

It's too late, Shannon.

For Kate, Michael, Tom.

For you too.

What the f*ck? Lily, do


Oh, she can't. I've

disabled host mode. -What?

It was shockingly easy.

Just a tiny button.

How do you feel? Powerless?

End game, Nora. Right now.

Did you know that the average human

can only hold their breath for 30,

maybe 60 seconds underwater

before they start to take it in?

Even less for children. We're

so fragile.

Nora, please.

First, you hold your breath

until it feels like your brain

is on fire.

- Okay.

- Then you suck in water

and your larynx closes.

Once you've passed out and your

lungs are completely collapsed,

only then the body relaxes.

You've stopped breathing,

but the heart still beats.

Seven minutes.

It takes seven minutes to be officially

dead, which is actually quite long.

- That sounds awful.

- Oh, I'm sure it was.

But it only takes two minutes

to die from a g*n wound.

That's a strategically-placed


And I'm not a good sh*t,

so yours should be slower.

Nora, no!

Tom's still really, really

quiet, but maybe breathing.

I... I can't... I can't tell,

but the keys are gone.

The tires are flat. I don't...

We'll go to the neighbors

and they can drive us out.

I... I don't know

if there really are neighbors.

- I mean, the map isn't really built out.

- Bullshit, Lily!

A grizzled fisherman dropped you off,

and I don't care if he's an avatar

or a hologram or a Russian

teenager in his Nana's basement.

He's getting us off this

f*cking lake!

- Shut up!

- Jesus, David,

I don't even know what's happening.

I don't even know what's out there.

Oh, f*ck. f*ck! f*ck!

God, no, no, no!

f*ck! Oh, God.

- I know.

- What about town?

Kate went through town.

That's gotta be a way out.

I guess it is possible. But I...

I'm really too high for this.

Hey! You need to focus, Lily!

David, I had so many gummies.


Okay. In the game, in the sim,

you're on autosave, okay?

So the only way to regenerate,

the only way to begin again...

What, is to die?

Well, I mean,

technically Nora is Player One,

so it's not game over until...

Until she is.

All right, we gotta do it.

No! David! It's...

I mean, it's just...

It's a video game.

You said it's the only way!

- Clean slate, level one.

- Shh!

Maybe... maybe Tom's still alive.

Maybe Kate's still alive, huh?

Maybe even the Jesus freak.

- Oh, I don't even know if she's real.

- What?

She might be a real version

of a fake version of a real one.

She's from the Holy Roller


She came with the hot tub

and sh**ting range.

Oh, Jesus Christ. -Oh, he's

the final boss in that one.

And it gets so dark, David, but it

is popular with the church kids.

Well, I know what we gotta do.

Go get Player One.

Oh, no.

Maybe Shannon let her out.

Hey, Ka... Hey, Kate? Kate. Hey,


She's... she's probably sleeping.

Um, do you wanna help me move

her body to the couch, or...

This is f*cked up, man.

I need something stronger.

Where are you going?

I'm taking a break.

Well, that's not really an option for you.

You're an NPC.

And if anybody's

gonna be taking a break...

Be my guest.

Well, you need to stay here

and stand guard.

Stand guard over what?

- Your dead wife.

- I'm pretty sure she's sleeping.

You know, you really shouldn't be vaping.

You heard Shannon.

I'm not Tom! -Well,

apparently there's studies!

Look where it got him.

Dead in the f*ck' hot tub!

I'm gonna smoke some rat sh*t

and vitamin E.

Oh, God.

Hey, uh Bob. This is Lily

from over on the third floor,

and, um, I was just wondering

if maybe...

I don't know, I'm having trouble

reaching, uh, one of my technicians,

and you know we're doing beta testing

over at ClearMind, so, um, well,

I... I was just thinking that

maybe you could pop down there

and see if the system's

still on or needs a reboot.

It is urgent.

I've been locked out of

host mode by one of the...

If you could just call me back.


f*ck. Toddler caps. Open.

That was Grandpa's. He

wouldn't want you touching it.

Well, then maybe you should

have emptied out the shed.

Okay. You don't have to do this, Nora.

It's not gonna bring Hannah back.

- You think I don't know that?

- Okay, well, then let's sit down

and you can tell me everything.

We could do like the third


- We could have a pillow circle.

- Boring.

I don't know what

Lily's been telling you...

That you can't use old wood

to build a new nest.

- So time for the wood chipper.

- Oh, my God!

Metaphorically. I don't think they

really have one on this level.

Nora, please.

You need help. You need...

You need a therapist.

A real one.

This is therapy. It's what

healing looks like. Right, Lily?

- That's weird. Where'd she go?

- I just assumed...

I mean, isn't she dead?

No. Not dead.

- Not yet.

- There you are.

I tried to get a hold of somebody at

the office, but there's nobody there.

So we're just gonna... we're...

we're just gonna ride this one out.

And Bob, he's not gonna be back

until Tuesday around 9:00.

- I k*lled Michael.

- Metaphorically.

Actually. But I felt calm.

Serene, almost.

I gotta say, your cue absorption,

it is quite impressive.

- Unbelievable.

- Isn't it?

They say it risks

deteriorating human connection,

but I think the simality is


Like life, only more so.

Oh, sh*t!

I'm confused. Does that... does

it hurt?

Of course it f*cking hurts!

What the f*ck?

It's all about

controlling your startle reflex.

Exposure without the excitement.

I feel nothing.

There's really... Oh, God! Blood, blood.

Really, really bleeding.

It's so vivid, right? You'd love

it, Shannon. The colors really pop.

Please, somebody help me.

I need an ambulance. Please!

Oh, I think I'd have to level

up for that, and I'm not ready.

I need a hos... hospital.

Nora, what is this? What are

you doing?

Oh, I had a memory restore.

Host mode, I guess.

Of Michael in the pool that day.

It was you he was talking to.

I was looking at you

because I wasn't sure.

And that moment I took

to figure out if it was my old


keeping my husband

from watching our child...

Because, I don't know, you were

bored or it was a challenge,

or because I was happy and you

were sad,

or whatever it is that really f*cked-up

people feel when they want what you have...

That moment of indecision, of


it cost me... well, it cost us...



Nora, the mind reconfigures.

No wonder you felt so guilty!

Anyway, I really hope

that you get your hours

- or your certification or whatever.

- Don't do this.

Nora, you... you'll lose


You'll lose memories you...

you love, memories you need.

Oh, like the one of my body

hitting the pavement?

Of cards piling up at our door?

What about memory... memories

of who Hannah was?

Who you were?

What does it matter who I was?

I'm wiping the slate clean,


For all of us.



What the f*ck, Gary? You can't

answer the f*cking phone?

- I was in the bathroom! You seemed fine.

- Oh, really?

Like a triple homicide

was a great time to take a piss?

Sorry, you know, I was

monitoring the cortisol emissions

- and not the k*ll rate.

- Yeah, not the k*ll rate.

Jesus Christ, I know.

I could've m*rder 'em myself.

Oh, my God, Nora. So vivid.

You did not need to be there.

Well, you didn't have to

sh**t me with a crossbow.

Or make me that high.

Or that overtly sexual.

Is that what you think of me?

- Did you sleep with Michael?

- Oh, come on.

Well, you seemed pretty

comfortable by the barbecue.

Uh, girl, that's all your brain.

Jesus, where were you even hiding?

Underneath the stairs?

That's not important.

Well, you went 30 minutes over. -I

thought you were never gonna wrap up.

I wanted to see if it made a

difference to hear from everyone.

Yeah, maybe on your co-pay.

I don't think your insurance

- is gonna pay for a double session.

- What about the memory restore?

- What do we say about memory?

- It's the enemy.

But it's all good, okay?

It is about the heart count,

not the head count,

and it's just a bunch of 3D

ultrasound images gathering in space.

- For now.

- Yeah, for now.

Girl, you did not k*ll Tom


- I wanted to k*ll Michael.

- Mm-hmm.

- But I let the girlfriend go.

- Yes, you did.

- I almost didn't.

- I was like, "You go!"

That was, like, next level. -I

mean, it's literally the next level.

And we are gonna get there.

Gary, let's hook her up to the bird cams

and get a baseline before we sign off.

- Okay.

- Okay.

All right.


Okay, girl, let's put on those


The nest.

- It's gone.

- Yeah, it fell.

You were in the game,

so I didn't wanna...

But you know what was in there?

A hawk with its eyes pecked out.

Oh, God. -Yeah. I don't

know if the other hawks

got mad at him or the bird

was just over his sh*t, but...

dead hawk.

Okay. Let's just be

glad you're not a bird.

So, what do you say?

You like Tuesday at 3:00?

Oh, I'm not gonna need Tuesday.

I'm ready to drop the nest,

k*ll a hawk, and move on.

Well, I think you're just


- It was a big day.

- They're all big days.

Gary? Can I get my things?

- Lily?

- Yeah?

I am so sorry. But thank you.

- Thank you.

- What are you doing?

Hey, what are you... Please don't.

What are you doing?

I'm really sorry, Lily, that

you're not gonna get your hours.

Are you kidding me? Nora, don't do this.

Please don't do this.

You know what, this is just

like you.

This is just like you, that I get

something for me, something for me.

Maybe I want a fresh start. You

drag me down like a f*cking anchor.

Hey! You're never gonna k*ll a

hawk, Nora.

It's just not in your nature.

You're just a sad little bird

in a borrowed nest,

just waiting for the wind to


Maybe it's time to make it mine.

Uh, what's the Wi-Fi password?

Daddy, look!

What is it? What happened?

Somebody call 911!

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Nora. Jesus,

I didn't even see you there.

f*ck. Are you... okay? You're


I was lost, but I found it.

Oh, okay. Oh.

Oh, f*ck, okay. Uh, Shannon?

Uh, here, come.

Hi! Oh, wow. Come, sit.

Were you... Where did you... We

didn't even know you were coming.

- I didn't want anyone making a fuss.

- Can I take that?

Oh, it's not heavy.

- Uh, did you bring clothes?

- I'm not staying.

Oh, don't be ridiculous.

Of course you're staying.

- Is Lily here?

- Uh...

Nora. Uh, when did...

I didn't know...

Um, I'm so...

So glad you're here.

Yeah, she was lost, apparently.

Can I take that for you? -Oh, no,

I thought I'd chop some firewood.

Oh, we... we don't

cut the trees down around here.

- No. We... we buy our wood...

- In bulk. I heard.

But Tom might have forgotten,


Right. Yeah. Yeah, sure.

- Let me get you a drink.

- Oh, I'm not staying.

Of course you are. Don't be absurd.

Don't... Uh, Michael?



I thought I'd stop by to say hi.
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