Missionary (2023)

Thanksgiving, Dramas Movie Collection.

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Thanksgiving, Dramas Movie Collection.
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Missionary (2023)

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(dramatic music)

(peaceful music)

Yes sir

- Look at you.

- You like?

Never have I had it

like this I swear

When you go I wanna

meet you there

Never had it like this, on God

Tryna be anywhere you are

Never have I had it

like this I swear

I do, I definitely do.

Well, that wasn't so hard...

Or maybe it was.

Never ever have I had

a n*gga that I trust

To hold it down

Never ever have

I had one I trust

When I'm not around

Never had one perfect for me

But now I do so now I feel

Never, never had you

Never ever

Never had, never had


Never have

Now I can take drink


Don't be so anxious.

I got this.

I got one, yeah I got one

Oh yeah

sh*ts up

'Cause I got one,

yeah I got one

Now it's sh*t's up

'Cause I got one,

yeah I got one

Never have I ever

Never have I ever

But now I have

Never have I ever

Never have I ever had

one love me better

Never have I ever had one

That could get me

in the pouring rain

And make it better

weather, never

This some new sh*t baby

I'm glad we getting to this

Baby I'm glad you

make me do this

You know it's sh*t's

on sh*t's for this sh*t


You've been a

very, very bad boy.

Put it on, bitch.

Yes ma'am.

When I'm not around

(crop smacking)

Never had one perfect for me

But now I do so now I see

Never, never had

Never have I ever

Never, never have, never have



Never had

Now I can take a drink to that

sh*ts up

Now I can take a drink to that

Oh yeah

sh*ts up 'cause I got

one, yeah I got one

Oh yeah

sh*ts up, 'cause I got

one, yeah I got one

Now it's sh*ts up

All right, don't move.

'Cause I got one

Yeah I got one

Never have I ever

Never have I ever

But now I have

But now I have

You lying cheating bastard.

I should k*ll you both.

(g*n f*ring)

Oh, oh, oh

Never, but now I have

It's like the Mariah character.

It's too much. I'm

gonna take it out.

Oh, frankly girl, I

love the new revisions,

but what does your husband

have to say about it?

Oh, I could never show him.

And why not?

Oh no, you don't

have to write that.

I just don't think he

would like it. That's it.

You don't think he'll

like it or support it?

Oh no. He's very supportive.

He is just so image conscious.

I mean, with the new city

hall, the bid to design,

his firm can't

afford any bad press.

Renee, you are

writing a romance novel.

You're not dancing

at The Pink Slip.

It's not a big deal.

That's all I'm saying. I was

just asking your opinion.

That's it.

May I have my book back?

Tell me, the Mariah character,

girl you paint such

a vivid image of her.

Is this someone you know?


I just keep having

dreams about her.

- Dreams?

- Yes.

I see her all the time.

Maybe it's someone

I've seen on TV?


It's not a big deal.

Tell me about

the main character,

he has no resemblance

of your husband.

Actually, they're

polar opposites.

I don't see why

that's a big deal.

Renee, can I just tell you-

- [Isaac] Sorry I'm late.

(footsteps shuffling)

(door clattering)

Hey babe.


(kiss smacking)

No, you're fine.

We were just discussing-

The new bid.

Yeah, I was just like Candace

like how important

that is for you.

Not just for me

for our family.

Candace, how are you?

I'm good, thank you.

- Right.

- So I heard

you're in the midst

of a new project.

Um, not yet. We still

have to win a bid.

There's some heavy hitters

going after the city bid,

but I think my little firm

has a great chance at, um,

at winning it.

Don't be modest.

Basically it's in the bag.

Well, yeah.

You know, I heard you

mention your family.

So has the children

talk resumed?

Yeah, we definitely been

talking about children again.

We just don't know if

now is the right time.

When did we agree on that?

When I told you I don't

know if I'm ready yet.

So now you're unsure?

I don't know.

She thinks she's

starting a new career

with this little book

idea thing I don't know.

Little book?

Isaac don't you think

it would be nice

if you supported your

wife in her ventures?

Let me stop you

right there okay?

I support my wife in

anything she wants to do.

I just think this book idea,

I don't think now is

the right time for that.

Well, if not now, then when?

I see what you're trying

to do. Okay, let's not.

Okay. All right,

let's put a pin in that.

But tell me how's sex?

The same.

So did you go to

any of the sex classes

that I referred to you?

No, because there

isn't any issue.

Isaac. Could we

try something new?

Isaac, sex is

not an ugly word.

It's a beautiful

thing if you let it.

I've just always been taught

that sex is for procreation.

All right? Not for pleasure.

Well, it's for both.

Oh Lord. The rhythmic nature

of sex and sexual stimulation.

Oh my goodness, I mean

just the physical,

the physical and psychological

loop of pleasure.

Oh my, come on.

You two are married.

Just explore.

(phone ringing)

Oh, I gotta get back to work.

All right, I'll think

about it all right?

(somber music)

(door clacking)

Here take this.

She's a great sex coach

and I highly recommend her.

Moving on, dark red

You's a hustler, homie

When you're out

in these streets

You show less, yeah

You deserve it honey

And I seen that

you're always hamish

Since we were little kids

You always hated

That's why we click, clicked

I like how you

chase after your joy

Baby you could know

'Cause you already know

I was just like you

Compass moving one direction

You's a hustler homie

When you're out

in these streets

You show less, yeah

You deserve it honey

And I know if that was

(music fades)

(waves crashing softly)

Hey babe. Carl's here.

- Hmm? Carl.

- Isaac.

Been a long time my friend.

Yes it has. Yes it has.

Well, I'll leave

you boys to it.

Thank you Renee.

I swear you are

one lucky bastard.

I don't know what

she sees in you.

Well luck has nothing

to do with it. Drink?

You got anything

stronger than that?

Afraid not.

Oh well it's worth

a sh*t. (laughs)

Now do you mind telling me

why you drug me all the

way out to the beach

knowing I hate wind and sand?

- Yes. My bid package.

- Oh good.

All right.

(paper rustling)


All right.


These numbers

aren't high enough.

This is what we discussed.

Well now we're having

a new discussion.

Carl if I push my

numbers any higher,

the city would not

agree to my budget.

Well then you're gonna

have to get more creative.

With what? There's

barely any wiggle room.

If you wanna get this bid,

I'm gonna need

these numbers higher.

Yeah, I'll figure it out.

Maybe if I go with the

marble columns this time

instead of stone

you can add there.

Same as before. 10%?

I was thinking

a lot about that.

I'm actually gonna need 17.


Do you want the bid or not?

I do.

Good, glad we're

on the same page.

All right I'll

head to the office

and I'll make the adjustments.

All right, sounds good.

Soon as it's ready send it

over to Michelle at the office.

- Okay.

- Always a pleasure Isaac.

All right, thank you.

- Talk to you soon.

- Okay.

- Hey Carl leaving already?

- Yes, my lovely,

the city never sleeps and so

I've gotta get back to work.

Always good to see you.

Thank you.

All right. You love

birds have a good one.

Hey babe, can you

put this in the safe?

Sure what is it?

The bid.


Oh, and I just came to

warn you Jada's here.

Jeez. She probably came

to borrow some money.

Listen, I have to

head to the office.

Do not let her borrow any money.

- I won't.

- Rene.

- I won't.

- All right. I love you.

(kiss smacking)

(waves crashing)

(Jada sighing softly)

- Where's Isaac?

- Oh, he left.

He told you not

to lend me money.

What? No.

Oh whatever girl. I

love the new book so far.

But I think Deedee should

cut Sean's balls off

and feed them to him.

Yeah. Well what

fun would that be?

You're letting him

off the hook easily.

Put his ass on a meat hook.

Even in love stories

men can't keep their

dicks to themselves.

All they think about

is sex, blowjobs,

and can I just

stick the head in?

Well, not all.

Oh, I take it my brother's

not handling therapy well.

Oh, he's handling

it in his way.

We have no problems.

Get his ass drunk.

You know your

brother doesn't drink.

- Got it. So roofie his ass.

- Jada.

What? Listen, it's time

for him to loosen up.

I don't think that's

ever gonna happen.

Yeah, my father held him

to a different standard.

Maybe that's why he got everything

and left me with nothing.

Yeah I see, you

guys are so different.

She gave me the card of a

highly recommended sex coach.

- Tika Shine.

- Ever heard of her?

No. Seems legit though.

How so?

She has her name

on a nice card.

He doesn't want to

try anything new anyway.

I could punch him in

the face for you. Wah!

[Rene] Jada.

(Jada laughs)

Go home.

(Jada laughs)

Oh yeah, sure,

of course but...

But you need to

borrow you some money.

Ding, ding, ding.

Also, I feel like words

like borrow are so subjective.

I like to stick to

words like have, keep,

never have to repay.

Jeez. Do you have

an ounce of shame?

None but that's

why we're besties

'cause you have it

for the both of us.

Now I take Cashapp,

Venmo, Zelle, pick one.

Cash? Oh. (sniffles)

You know me so well, come here.

Okay. You're an idiot.

Now leave so I can

get back to the book.

Ooh, I like it. Can I get

a peek at the new chapter?

Uh no, it's top secret.

Ugh, I'm hurting inside.

You never told me the

title of the book.

I was gonna tell Kim about it.

I think I'm gonna

call it "Missionary."

- Ooh, I like it, spicy.

- Yeah?

Yes. That is it girl.

Now I'm gonna go spend this

money I just grabbed before.

Oh my God. Goodbye.

(peaceful music)

Let it rain for you

Let it breathe, oh yeah

Oh yeah

Yes sir.

I assure you that

we can do this job

if you just allow

my firm to show you.

I see.

Okay. Well they are a

very good firm as well.

Okay, I understand.

Thank you sir. I will try my-

- Yo.

- Very best sir.

Alright, thank

you for your time.



I take that was

an unpleasant call.

I don't get it.

We designed seven out of the

12 major buildings in this city

and we still have to compete

with the bottom feeder firms.


- No offense.

- None taken, man.

Hey I take all your

unwanted clients,

I mean somebody gotta do it.

Obviously still it

for grabs, right?

It is, that means

more butt kissing,

more freaking dinners

and bad jokes.

More time missed

with the wife.

Yeah. Well we both knew

what we were signing up for.

Yeah here go Nancy,

here's these drawings

of the restaurant.

Nice. You are a life saver.

Hey if It weren't

for you guys, man,

I would be underwater right now.

Cool. You wanna

grab some lunch?

Uh sure.

- Hey yo.

- I know that ain't

brother can't get right.

- Front and center.

- Hey.

- Oh snap.

- Hey man,

man stick up your-

Watch your mouth.

What you doing in town man?

- I'm back for good.

- Yeah northeast was cold

like I said up there.

It is cold that way.

Nah bro, trust me,

I was with your girls.

You know what I'm saying?

They kept me real warm.

It is my fault. Something

you don't know nothing about.

But nah, I'm here 'cause

I'm getting married bro.

And I got a new job.

Hold on married?

Yeah, married we all

know can't get right

can't never do right.


Come on man. Well I'm

doing right you know?

- Ain't no way.

- Things change.

People change. I'm changing.

- I'm glad-

- I'm changing.

- Ain't no way.

- I'm glad to hear.

Of course you are.

Your ass been married

since high school-

- Oh funny. Ha ha ha.

Ayo, so that means you

and Renee, y'all still a,

she still putting

up with you or?

There's nothing gonna

change about that all right?

But look, we was on our

way to grab some lunch.

You here, you care to join?

- You paying?

- I got it.

Well, I'm eating. Let's go.

The job. What

kind of job is it?

You know, top secret.

Listen, all jokes

aside, for real,

I'm telling you I got you.

Okay, Mr. CIA agent.

What you a Colombian

drug Lord or something?

What you got going on?


Well you know, I'm

a double agent.

On my days off, little

espionage. Come on bro.

Let's be for real

bro is you hungry

or we gonna talk

about my nine to five.

- Come on man.

- Y'all crazy bro, you talk.

Are you gonna want

my social too?

I'm gonna k*ll you two,

or maybe I should just k*ll you.

Oh (dramatic music)

And keep her.


(kisses smacking)

What are you

thinking? No, no, no.

That's not right, two women?

What are you thinking?

(keys clacking)

- Babe?

- In the kitchen.

Hey, what are you doing?

Nothing. Getting a drink.

It's late.

Yeah, I know,

the mayor called.

Looks like we have a

lot more work to do.

Oh no I thought

it was in the bag.

Yeah, well I did

too, but you know.

Yeah I do. You hungry?


Your food is in the oven.

Thank you baby.

Guess who I saw today?


What? How is he doing?

He's doing great,

uh, getting married.

- Mr. Can't get right?

- (laughs) Apparently.

So he's bringing her over

tomorrow night for dinner.

You don't mind, do you?

Oh of course not.

Thanks baby.

Baby, it's worth it now

I'm looking for

a good vibration

Tryna celebrate, but

Ain't no celebrations, yeah

Tryna get paid, yeah

I don't got patience for real

I'm now late, I'm MIA

Got the temptation

Brown skin girl it's your day

I'm not here to play

I know you want it all

But I can't give it all away

(upbeat electronic music)

Yeah, shorty celebrate

What are you reading?

Oh, nothing.

This a how to book.

Oh okay.

I know you feel the situation

Girl, you in some things

And you keep

running back to him

And keep pulling me

Closer, closer, closer

(light clicks)

(somber music)

(Isaac sighs)

- Hey.

- Hey.

- You asleep?

- No.

You want to try again tonight?


(both laughing)

Falling down

Hey, what are you doing?

I thought maybe we could

try something new tonight.

Why would you think that?


Okay, what did we talk about?


(somber music)

Oh, sex is to procreate.

Not for pleasure.


(somber music continues)

(Rene moaning)

Now I'm falling, falling down

(Rene moaning)

(g*n f*ring repeatedly)

Now I'm falling, falling down

(waves crashing)

Now I'm falling, falling down

(peaceful music)

Now I'm falling

She can't k*ll both

of the characters.

Where would I go from there?

(doorbell ringing)

Right now?


I'm hungry.

(waves crashing)

So how's the chapter?

I don't know.

- Uh?

- I'm stuck.

I can't figure out

this one occurrence.

[Jada] How about let me

read it and I can tell you.

[Rene] Uh how about not.

[Jada] Suit yourself.

I'm here to help.

[Rene] I have to work

through it on my own.

[Jada] The problem is...


- Nothing. Nevermind.

- Whatever girl.

So, Tika SHine lady, I

looked her up last night.

Okay, and?

And she's legit like I said,

apparently she's

helped lots of couples

get their spark back.

Maybe she could help

y'all dry asses.

So should I call her?

I don't see how it could hurt.

Isaac's just under a

lot of pressure right now.

He may not want to go.

Listen, she's having

a class tonight.

I'll go with you. We roll

up, see what it's about.

And if she weird, I'll punch

her in her face and we leave.

Can't tonight.

Malik's in town?

Malik? Like the

male thot of college?

The very one.

Oh, I never had

my chance with him.

- What? Ew.

- Girl yes,

I heard about him.

What did you hear?

I heard that he got

a meat farm down there,

a hurricane tongue

and he do tricks.

Ew. No thank you.

Listen, I gotta go do my hair.


I'm crashing your party.

Uh no you are not.

Why not? Malik shouldn't

have to eat alone.

He won't. He's engaged.

- To what?

- Jada.

- I mean to who?

- No idea.

Whatever. I'm coming anyways.

Call her, set up an appointment.

(Rene sighs)

(dramatic music)

- What's up bro?

- Stressing bro.

The contract

still up for grabs?

Yeah, maybe we

came in too hot.

Man, don't question

yourself man.

Your firm booked some

high profile jobs.

Yeah, but I need this one.

I wanna scale up my firm

and the prestige on this one

would put me head and shoulders

above the competition.

Well don't worry

about it. You'll get it.

Yeah. What's this?

Yeah, yeah.

- It Rene?

- Yeah,

she's stressing

about dinner tonight.

What time is it again?

Hm, seven.

Hmm, I got a question.

And I have an answer.

Bro when brother

Malik come in town,

you always roll

out the red carpet.

Why you never

invited me to dinner?

You are invited tonight.

I mean before.

Peter. You live here man.

Why do I need to invite

you over for dinner?

I got you.

Hey, good job on that

restaurant by the way.

Hey, I aim to please.

Hey, is that convenience

store job up for grabs?

Oh yeah I had to

hold on to that one,

until we landed a city job

I can't give out any

more work right now.

What? Bro you

should have told me.

I just did.

Isaac, you know I

need this job man.

I just hired two guys.

I mean, what am I

supposed to tell them?

That's not my problem.

You entered into this agreement

knowing things are temporary.

Yes. Temporary

until next year.

That's what you said.

Well, things

have changed Peter.

You know what?

Don't worry about it.

I'm out bro.

Peter, come on, Peter.

(somber music)

(sighs) I can

get used to this.

So what's wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

I just needed

someone to talk to.

Okay, well I'm listening.

I have to get

something off my chest.

It's about Sean.


don't tell me you found

out about another woman.

No, nothing like that.

I just think I'm falling

outta love with him.

What? How?

Y'all are perfect

for each other.

I know, that's why

I feel so terrible

but he doesn't feel

my sexual desires.

Wait, Sean Gaither does

not feel your sexual desires?

No. He's boring.

Besides, there is

something else that I want.



(peaceful music)

(doorbell ringing)

(dramatic music)

Um hello? Rene?

Oh yeah, I'm sorry.

I'm Tika.

Can I come in?

Yes, yes, come in.

(door latching)

Oh wow.


Nice place you have here.

So I understand you're

having some issues.


And thank you so much for coming

on such short notice.

No problem.

Okay, so we're trying to

find that spark once again?

More like for the first time,

my husband doesn't believe

sex should be for pleasure.

Okay. May I ask what

does he think sex is for?

- Having kids.

- Oh, okay.

So how often do you have sex?

Not very often.

Almost never,

and when we do, it's always

in the same position.

Which is?



So what do you need from me?


Hey babe. You're early.

Yeah, I had to put myself

together for this dinner party.

I'm sorry, who's this?

- Well she-

- Hi, I'm Tika Shine.

Hello. How can I help you?

- Well, I was contacted by-

- I called her.

- Okay and?

- And...

She's the woman

Candace recommended.

Candace? I'm sorry,

what's your name?

- Tika.

- That's Tika.

Thank you for coming.

Please leave me your invoice,

but you could be leaving now.

Fair enough.

You have my card.

We won't be using

it, but thank you.

(Tika scoffs)

What's happening?

Nothing. I'm sorry.

I didn't know you'd

be home this early.

Well I am all right?

Now Renee, we are fine.

Yeah we are.




What did we discuss? Keep our-

- Keep our marital

issues among us.

Right we don't

need someone coming

and asking all these questions.

You're right.

Okay. So enough with

all that all right?

I love you.

Love you.

(Isaac laughs)

[Isaac] Okay.

(somber music)

(Rene sighs)

(dramatic music)

Walking by this

(singer humming)

Nothing's got me

feeling like a lady

(plates clinking)

(footsteps thumping)

Hey, do you see the

stain on my jacket?

- No, I don't see anything.

- You sure?

- Yeah.

- How do I look?

Look amazing, baby.

- Of course.

- What about me?

You look great.

(doorbell ringing)

Get the door.

(somber music)

(Isaac exhaling slowly)

[Jada] Nice heels,

nice house girl.

Oo, y'all got money.

sh*t, okay. (laughs)

- What's going on?

- How you?

What are you doing here?

I'm here to partake

in the festivities, bro.

- Jada.

- Bro relax.

Are we good?

- Yo.

- My frat.

Hey, somebody I

want you to meet?

Mm mm, my baby Tika.

- Mm.

- Something...

Something I missed?

Um we've met.

Yeah, I owe you an

apology all right?

I was very rude to you earlier.

Yeah, he's been

under a lot of stress.

- Clearly.

- Earlier?

Don't you remember the rude

client I was telling you about?

- Oh. Oh, you d*ck face.

- Stop.

Hey, come on man, you know

I'm playing with you bro.

- Okay, well let's start over.

- I'd love to.

- I'm Isaac formally.

- I'm Tika formally.

- Now how can we drink?

- We are a non-drinking house.

Yeah, I'm trying

to get pregnant.

Aw that's cute but I need you

to pop that bottle open man.

Let's go.

(peaceful music)

(all laughing)

- Yo. That so funny.

- I'm telling you.

That's what they call

this man, can't get right.

- Can't get right?

- That's right.

What he say? This is not

your teeth, not your teeth.

I'm telling you.

(all laughing)

- Yo. (laughs)

- That.

(both laughing)

And I got you

I know you're calling,

tell me all your problems

(all laughing)

- You next.

- No, I'm trying.

(upbeat electronic music)

I shift so my eyes flow

Moving all on my mind, oh

Say you up in my fit, cold

Air drop me your ass though

Pillow talk on the timeline

I need you in my waistline

We'll don't all the FaceTime

I need that face to face time

And when you touch down

You know tuck down,

get to touching on me

Touching on

Make that fueling

from us fooling

'Cause I'm running on E

You still with

it, can I get it

Do you got it for me

And if you do

Come feel me up




Come feel me up

(sultry electronic music)


Come feel me up baby

Can you feel me up baby

Take a pill on

me, it's us baby

We ain't like it,

only trust baby

Just frustrating

waiting up lately

This for real ain't

finna play baby

I ain't really

with no gameplay

You know you feel the

way that I'm saying

Hey f*ck it down,

f*ck it down for me

f*ck it up like an MVP

Say you ain't

finna play with me

That's that sh*t I need baby

You got me feeling some way

Bruh. Come on bro.

What's up with you?

Come on.

What is you doing?

That's enough

dancing for one night.

Man it's never

enough dancing, man.

[Jada] That's my

brother, the party pooper.

Listen my guy, you know

he just coming in town.

We got a lot of

catching up to do.

Right? I feel that Malik.

Well I'm still lit. So

can we at least play a game?

- I'm down.

- Me too.

- Yeah?

- I guess.

(footsteps shuffling)

(Jada sighs)

(Pete sighs)

All right man,

so what's the game?

- Truth or death?

- No.

It's called bullshit.

Interesting name.

It's a truth or drink game.

Man what is that?

Just drink it.

Okay, so who's gonna start?

How about you?

Okay, how do we play?

Well you say something

like I've had sex in a park

and if someone has done it,

then they take a drink

and if no one has done it,

then you take a drink.

Okay, let me think.

All right now

let's make it spicy.

None of that kitty bullshit.

[Rene] Okay.

I have only hugged my

high school sweetheart.



What kinda boring

sh*t is that?

We're boring people.

Man, listen, I'm about

to turn this sh*t up.

I ain't come here for all this.

You feel me?

I haven't ate no, ah,

no coochie all year.

- I'll drink to that.

- Jada.


sh*t, I'm experimental.

You are a disgrace.

That means a lot coming

from you Mr. Perfect.

We couldn't have all

f*cked the same person

since high school.

High school bro?

You ain't got no other

butt since high school?


Well I drink to that too.

- T!

- Well my turn.

Talk your sh*t.

I have never masturbated.

- Hmm.

- Mm.

Gotta have my d*ck.

Well I jack my d*ck

like twice a day.

Oh my God, girl.

You really never fixed yourself?


Bro what's going

on in your bedroom?

My bedroom is not the

subject of tonight all right?

Hey look man,

all we saying is what we

have like three questions.

n*gga, your sh*t is

still topped off.

Brother we live by

two different standards.

What most boringest

d*ck on the planet?

Man, I'm just playing with you.

All right it's my turn.

I never had oral sex.

(glasses clinking)

f*ck bruh.

Alright, look game

over. Game over.

Why because you're lame?

No, because this is

silly and immature.

Aight bro. We just having fun.

No how was bringing

someone most intimate

moment having fun?

Isaac could never

have fun as a kid.

Jada, you could

be quiet all right,

because I don't recall

you being on a guest list.

Oh, there's a list?

Sex and intimacy isn't

something that you can,

you need to keep locked away.

You can share your experience.

- We don't have any.

- Oh.

I don't get it

how am I a bad guy

because I don't kiss and tell.

We don't kiss Isaac.

That's the problem.

Ladies, can I get a minute?

Let's talk for real.

(Tika clearing her throat)

Oh, well y'all

supposed to leave.

Oh sh*t, that went from

sugar to sh*t real quick.

Come on Rene I have

something for you.

(somber music)

(Jada laughing)

(Tika laughing)

(footsteps thumping softly)

Bro. What's going on bro?

Nothing man.

Everyone is riding my damn back

because I'm not some

sexual neanderthal.

No offense.

None taken,

but bro, that's not the issue.

The issue is people don't care

if you don't like sex or not.

We care that your

wife seems unhappy.

She's fine.

- You think?

- All right.

(glass clinks)

You sure about that?


This is the moment I've been

waiting for my whole life.

I could feel my palm sweating,

my heart pounding, butterflies

crowded in my stomach

but at that moment there

was nowhere in the world

I would rather be.

Watching her stare back

at me gave me anxiety,

then it happened.

(peaceful music)

Go home!

- Why I gotta go home man?

- Because you,

you're not helping.

Oh, I can help.

Gimme like an hour with Rene.

What? Are you serious?

Hey, yo, chill.

Hey, Peter, Peter,

call a ride share.

You're tripping bro. Go home.

For real, for real.

I see what's happening.

It's the f*ck turbo

twins back together again.

Oh, Peter ain't sh*t huh?

It's like f*cking old days.

Old days? Old days.

Oh listen bro, you in

here tripping, bro.

I told you to call a

ride share. You tripping.

You drunk as hell.

You outta order bro.

We talking about bro wife

and stuff? Bro go home.

For real. For real.

Man f*ck y'all

n*gga man. I'm gone.

Well f*ck you then.

Get your ass home.

(somber music)

It was more than I

could have ever imagined,

how soft her kiss is,

how gentle her touche is,

the way her hair smells.

How passionate she looks at me.

This is the feeling I've been

searching for my entire life

and I would k*ll to keep it.

Hey what do you think

they're doing in there?

Not a damn thing.

Besides I was talking

about your ass.

I'm saying why

is it a bad thing

to only be with one person?

About only even wanting

to be with one person.

Bro it is not. It's just

not in our human nature.

We meant to explore,

bro, not to be tied down.

Bro life is more than just

making money and making kids.

But it should be more

than about sex also.

It is.

It's just sex helps with

the in between moments.

You know, when you pin

your wife against the wall,

you can hear her scream.

Mm, it brings so

much emotion out.

Her never seen that side of her.

Look bro, you want to

get rid of the therapy,

get rid of the looks

and everything else,

make love to your wife.

So you making love to

your woman every night?

Yeah or somebody else.


Bro you heard me.

Hold on. What are

you talking about?

We're swingers.

That's our lifestyle.

So you don't care if another

man touches your woman?

Yeah I'm cool with it,

whatever she want.


I could never imagine

someone touching my wife.

(upbeat electronic music)

On, and on

Been a long day,

need the night long

Might turn up I

might bite down

Ain't no telling

though right now

Been a long day,

need the night long

Airplane mode on my iPhone

Soon as we get to it, we go

What better time

than the present

What better time

than right now

Call me whenever you're ready

Call me as soon

as you touch down

I know that I can get menace

I just don't know

how to pipe down

'Cause I've been

waiting so long for this

And it's right now

Nights like this

I'm rolling up, so

let's get high babe

We alone tonight babe

Only in the night babe

In the lights you fade

The atmosphere never'll

feel the same way

Only in the night babe

Only in the night babe


Tonight's the night babe

I'm rolling up, so

let's get high babe

Do you love me now babe

Deedee, Deedee,

what about him?

(dramatic electronic music)

Deedee, no!

(g*n f*ring)

(laptop slamming)

(Isaac clears his throat)

(chair scraping)

Hey, I had a talk with

Malik last night and I,

I plan to be better.


(dramatic music)

Hot box my hide out

Hit this, in this vibe out

Hit this but don't slide out

Tryna know what

that mind about

So good that you mine now

I guess you belong to me

I guess it was time to see

I guess it was time for me

To show you the way it go down

When it go down,

look at you now

I guess you belong to me

I guess you belong to me

You have been waiting to see

Now you got your lips

So special

You're so special

'Cause once I

get a hold of you

You never get your soul back

Soul back, soul snatched

Give me that

Your soul snatched

'Cause once I get a hold

you never get your soul back

Soul snatched

Your soul snatched


'Cause once I get a hold

you'll never get your soul back

Soul back

Soul snatched

Soul snatched

'Cause once I get a hold,

you'll never get your soul back

It's mine right

'Cause I'm right

I'm up for a challenge,

I'll get your mind right

In daylight, in my time

Whenever, wherever,

you know the vibe right

I had to try for myself

I keep this mind in myself

Not like anyone else

That's what I get

Guess you belong to me

I guess you belong to me

'Cause now you see

And you just got your

Soul snatched,

your soul snatched

'Cause once I get a hold

You never get your soul back

Soul back

Soul snatched

Your soul snatched

'Cause once I get a hold

You never get your soul back

Soul snatched

Your soul snatched

'Cause once I get a hold

You'll never get

your soul back

Soul back, soul snatched

Your soul snatched

'Cause once I get a hold

You'll never get

your soul back

You done got your

soul snatched

You ain't never

get your soul back

You just got your

soul snatched

You won't get your soul back

- Is he dead?

- Yep. I think so.

What are we gonna do?

We gotta hide the body.

I've never seen a

dead person before.

Me neither.

He looks like he's sleeping.

Yeah. Well he's not.

Come on. We got work to do.

(dramatic music)

(keys clacking)

(both characters groaning)

(dramatic music)

(phone ringing)

- Hey.

- Hey. You okay?

- Yeah.

- Crazy night.

Yeah, it was.

I can't stop thinking about it.

[Jada] Okay so don't,

enjoy that sh*t, girl.

I can't do that again.

[Jada] Why the hell not

because of my brother?


- Did you like it?

- You know I did.

[Jada] Well see if you can

get him to join next time.

- Isaac would never.

- You never know

unless you ask.

(phone clacks)

(Rene sighs)

- What's up fam?

- Man.

That good huh?

You don't know the half, man.

Well why don't you tell me?

We had the most amazing

sex this morning, bro.

I, I just don't know man.

I just don't know.

I don't know, bro.

Man, you know,

it's a beautiful

part of our life is

rules are meant to

be broken you know,

what's there to me is

just an arbitrary ideology

that only you can

f*cking change.

That's very ambiguous of you.

Take it how you want it

but how did Renee want it?

Oh, careful.

Maybe there's a silver

lining in all of this.

Yeah, how so?

I'm trying to get pregnant.

Okay. Well, there you go, bro.

I just don't know if I

could, you know keep this up.

- Bro, you got this.

- Bro.

- Question?

- Yeah.

You think we can stay

here a couple nights?


Listen, she getting

her crib renovated.

We had an Airbnb,

but it got canceled

and the game's this weekend

so nothing is available, bro.

Bro. I'm, I'm not trying to-

- Bro, Isaac, it's me, bro.

Come on. I'm not trying

to move in with you.

It for a couple nights.

All right.

I'll have a talk

with Rene all right?

Bro, much love. Appreciate it.

(dramatic music)

Hey you, you good, fam.

You going to pull

all the f*cking jobs

right from under me, man?

Peter, look, I had to.

You could have gave me

a f*cking heads up first.

What explanation do I owe you?

I been carrying your agency

for over a year, damn it.

Then you know this sh*t

is going to bury me, man,

and you know this man.

Listen, maybe you,

you need to cut it out.

You know everyone isn't cut

out to be a business owner

and if you want I

can hire you here.

n*gga, f*ck you, and

this bitch ass agency man.

Tripping, man.

Isaac, man you

ain't sh*t, bro.

Oh, I'm not sh*t?

Me? When I've carried you?

Because you ain't do

this sh*t by yourself.

Yo daddy carried your ass.

And you know that sh*t,

everybody know that sh*t.

You think you better than us,

but you would be us

if it wasn't for your

daddy being rich, n*gga.

Cool off, bruh.

Yeah watch out man.

Let me b*at this n*gga ass

because I promise you he

gonna get over on you.

He gonna get over

on you eventually.

Listen if you don't go

now, I'll call the police.

Just like I f*cking thought

your bitch ass man, this

sh*t ain't over with.

Tripping, man.

No condition

To leave your weather today

I can see the lightning

How's the book coming?



Oh, hey babe.

The book, how's it coming?


For the longest time

I could not figure out

how I wanted to take

the Deedee character

and then last night

it just came to me.

That's awesome.

You want me to give it a read?

Oh no not until it's ready.


You usually jump at the

chance for me to read it.

Well maybe before, but now

I want it to be a surprise,

a pleasant surprise.


(kiss smacking)

Okay. I talked to Malik today.

Oh, about what?

They need a place to

crash for the weekend.

Oh, and what did you say?

I told him I needed

to talk to you.

- Would Tika be coming also?

- Unfortunately.

Okay, sure. Let 'em.

You sure?

Yes, very sure.

Okay. I'll give him a call.

I'll get dinner started.

All right. (laughs)

(upbeat electronic music)

How do I deal with

what I'm feeling

Maybe I just don't

I just don't

What you doing

I'm in (all laughing)

- Wow.

- Oh damn girl.

That was amazing.

- Thank you.

- I loved it.

I'm glad you did.

You sure can eat.

- Hmm? What?

- She sure can.

But anywho, bro, how do you

plan on closing that big deal?

I don't know.

The city's still trying to

find a way to close this deal

for whatever reason.

You know, I told babe

if anybody can do it,

Isaac can do it.

And I also see Isaac

got a bottle of liquor.

What's up with that?

You and your woman

drink? Correct?

Oh, all day.

Something like, let me see.

Get you right, baby.


Oh no. Thank you.

Come on bro. Really?

I'm dry.

- Fill her up.

- Excuse me?

- Pour me a sh*t.

- Uh what are you doing?

Drinking. Which

you should join us.

Yeah, bro, hey, you're

not scared, ain't it?

I'm not scared all

right, I just don't drink.

Pour another one for him.

(upbeat electronic music)

What are you doing?

(upbeat electronic

music continues)

(upbeat electronic

music continues)

(somber music)

(sultry electronic music)

(sultry electronic

music continues)

(Rene and Tika moaning)

(dramatic music)

(Isaac gasping)

(Isaac groaning)

(fabric rustling)

(water splashing)

(somber music)

(water splashing)

- What-

- Morning Sunshine.

What are you doing?

Nothing bro, making

some eggs, I got you.

(Rene and Tika laughing)

[Tika] It's a

good show. (laughs)

What's this?

Oh hey babe, you was

f*cked up last night,

so we let you sleep.


Look, it's your

favorite cartoon.

This isn't right.

What was I thinking?

Isaac calm down.

No, don't tell me

to f*cking calm down.

You two gotta go now.

- What? Why?

- Because I said so.

Bro you good?

No, I want you and her

out of my f*cking house.

Bro. What's

happening right now?

- n*gga, get the f*ck out-

- Isaac!

Renee unless you wanna take

your broke ass home with them

I said suggest you

shut the f*ck up.

Guess Peter was right.

You just a straight bitch.

Yeah. Well, at

least I have a career.

Now get the f*ck out.

(somber music)

(dramatic music)

(Isaac knocking)

Hey babe, I know

you're upset with me.

I'm upset with myself.

Sorry ain't a damn thing

I messed up your plans and

I shoulda never put

my morals to the side.

I should have just

stuck to what I knew.

I apologize for you

You have my word.

I want to get it back

to where we were.

Girl, he isn't about you

If you wanna climb

a mountain top

Girl you top

You got to, yeah, yeah

If you wanna climb

a mountain top

Yeah you top

You got to

She never said

it's all for you

You can never tell me

It's all for you, girl

I know you wanna figure

out what we should do

About this now

I just wanna take

my time with it

And it's so late to single out

I'm already about you now

I don't wanna waste

my time with it

If you wanna climb

a mountain top

Yeah you top

Yeah you've got to babe

If you wanna climb

a mountain top

Yeah you top

You've got to

She never said

it's all for you

You can never tell me

It's all for you, girl

If this is a dream

that you're making

We can go as far

as you take it

This can be

whatever you make it

You got to replay, babe


You got to

She never said

it's all for you

You've got to

You can never tell me

It's all for you

(peaceful music)

(cuffs latching)

The way you got me

All in my feelings

The way you got me

All in my feelings

I go get the weed on the way

I pick up the drink on the way

The way you got me open, babe

Is how I want you

I get something

to eat on the way

Tell me what you

need, I'm on the way

I just want you open, babe

The way you got me


I want you the way you got me

All in my feelings,

feelings, babe

I want you the way you got me

All in my feelings, feelings

I want you the way you got me

All in my feelings,

feelings babe

I want you the way you got me

All in my feelings,

feelings babe

(Rene moaning)

Feeling babe, feeling babe

All in my feelings,

feelings babe

The way you got me

All in my feelings

The way you got me

All in my feelings

I'll go get the

weed on the way

(peaceful electronic music)

(test clacking)

(phone ringing)

- Hey.

- Hey.

Um it may be nothing,

but I took a test today.

- And?

- And it's positive.

That's great baby.

Let's celebrate today.


What's wrong? You

sound disappointed.

It's just that

the book is done now

and I haven't even g*n to

look for a publishing deal

and now I have things going.

How is a baby gonna-


Listen babe, we're

going to make this work.

I promise this won't get

in the way of anything.

Hell, I'll even be

a stay at home dad

while you at your book tours.

That's my girl. I got us.

(peaceful music)

(peaceful music continues)

If you thought you knew

everything I'm thinking

I promise you


I bless your heart

for thinking you too

You took me in your feelings

Not for you baby.

- Hey girl.

- Hey.

So glad you called me.

You sure you're ready for this?

I know that you ready

I can not think straight

'cause this begins

And I wanna tell you more

I don't wanna die no more

But if you were mine

- So what do you like-

- Shut the f*ck up.

I'm in charge.

I'm sorry.

I'll tell you

I'm first for you

I just wanna talk to you

'Cause I know

You're so dope

But if you were mine

I think we'd be fine

If you were mine

I would work

I feel like you want this.

I just wanna talk to you

Let's go.

'Cause I know

She's chosen fellas. Sorry.

Never really felt safe

from the rest with you

It was given (dramatic music)

(upbeat electronic music)

Never have I had it

like this I swear

Where you go I

wanna meet you there

Never had it like this on god

Tryna be anywhere you are

Never have I had it

like this I swear

Feel your heart b*at,

breathe your air

Never one that's

down for whatever

Never have I


Never have I ever had

a n*gga that I trust

To hold it down

Never have I had one I

trust when I'm not around

Never had one perfect for me

But now I do so now I see


Never have

Never have I ever


Never have, never have

Right bitch.

Now I could take

a drink to that

I could take a drink to that

Oh yeah

sh*ts up, 'cause I got one

Have you ever experienced

extreme pain and

pleasure before?


(whip cracking)

(Pete groaning)

(character laughing)

(dramatic music)

But now I have

Never have I ever

Never have I ever

(music intensifies)

[Jada] Love the new look.

- You okay?

- Yeah.

Just haven't seen

much of you lately.

Oh, well yeah with the book

and everything going on I-

- Oh, okay so it

hasn't nothing to do

with all them dicks

you've been sucking?

Excuse me?

How did you-

Doesn't matter.

What are you gonna do?

Nothing. As long

as you pay me.

Pay you? Jada we've

been friends since-

- I know how long you think

we've been friends, bitch,

but I don't like you.

Perfect Renee with the perfect

life, husband, and marriage.

So you're jealous of

me and your brother?

Bitch yes.

This n*gga gets everything

because he's perfect.

Well, I was always

the black sheep.

He got the money, the business.

What the f*ck did I get?

You as a best friend?

You're gonna pay or this

goes online everywhere,

but they'll go to Isaac first.

Then I can watch

your perfect life

come crashing down around you.

You have 24 hours.

How much?

Oh damn, the most

important part.

2 million.

Oh and Isaac called and

told me about the pregnancy.


Does he know it may not be his?

Call me.

(somber music)

[Isaac] f*ck come on, come on.

He said at three o'clock.

Come on, it's getting

late. Come on.

(phone ringing)



Nice to talk to you.

Hey, the city closed on the bid.

- That's great news.

- Not quite.

Your bid didn't

come in quite right.

Carl I thought we

had an understanding.

Oh, we did.

I just found someone a little

more creative than you.

Creative? Do

you know who I am?

Do you know what my

father was to your town?

To your campaign?

Of course I do.

Why do you think I made sure

you got all those huge bids?

You do know what

I can do to you.

You do know how I

can bury you, right?

Isaac? Check your phone.

You know what that is?

That's all of your

accounts and transactions

you've sent over

the last five years

in case you don't realize I

have you nailed to a wall.

So if you mention

anything about me

or our business to anyone,

you got a lot of

sh*t coming your way.

Do you have any

ethics about yourself?

You wanna talk

to me about ethics?

Maybe you should ask

around about your father

a little bit more.

Who got the bid?


(somber music continues)

(Issac laughs disbelievingly)

(chair clattering)


f*ck, f*ck, f*ck!

(Isaac thudding)

(Isaac panting)

(phone ringing)

[Peter] This is Peter.

I'm not sure what you mean.

Well, Isaac, I'm

tired of carrying you

and our agreement

was never permanent.

(both laughing)

Oh man.


Hey man, you all right?

I catch you at a bad time?

Yes. It's a very bad time.

I can leave. You

want me to come back?

No. Come on in.

All right, man.

Check me out. I got these

pictures you asked for.

- You did?

- I did.

- Is she...

- Mhm.

It's her leaving Level

Three, two weeks ago,

and she go there

pretty consistently.

I mean like it's gotta be

at least four times a week.

Four times a week?

What is this a bar?

Oh no. It's way

more than that.

People go there for anonymous

sex, you know strippers.


Oh, okay.

I got, I got it.


It has to be an

explanation for this.

Oh ha. It is.

But I don't think you

going to like the answer,

but I can keep digging

into it if you want me to.

No, you've done enough.

All right, recognize him?

My frat. How often does he go?

[Investigator] Hmm?

Four times a week.

On the same day as Rene?

Actually, yeah.

Around that, yeah.

- Baby.

- What you say?

Listen, you can go all right?

Thank you. Appreciate you.

Sorry for your time.

Yeah man. Appreciate you.

(somber music)

(picture clatters)

(somber music continues)

(suspenseful music)

(thunder crackling)

I'm sorry, but

I'm leaving you.

I got an alert that came today

you try to withdraw 500,000.

- I need the money.

- For what Renee?

- I told you I'm leaving.

- To be with who?

What? No one.

Can you move so I can go?

No, f*ck no.

Oh so we're cursing now

and obviously drinking.

So what?

I had a couple of

drinks, but that doesn't,

that doesn't add up

to all that bullshit

you've been pulling.

Isaac gets out of my way.

I have no idea-

- You've been f*cking

Peter behind my back.

You dirty, slimy bitch.

Who else? Huh?

Who else?

Anyone that can get

their f*cking d*ck up.

I am so f*cking unhappy

with this perfect f*cking

house on the prairie bullshit.

Always gotta be so g*dd*mn

perfect all the f*cking time.

Sometimes I just wanna

say f*ck the world

and scream from the chandelier.

But I know your pathetic

ass can't do that.

- Why Peter?

- Why not Peter?

Did you give Peter

my bid numbers?


- Is the baby mine?

- Hell, if I know.

Now if you got all your answers,

get the f*ck out my way.

No, no. f*ck no.

(Rene whimpering)

(somber music)

(Isaac grunting)

(thunder crackling)

(somber music continues)

Baby I'm sorry.

Wake up. I'm sorry.

(sniffles) I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Isaac. What the f*ck?


I'm sorry.

Rene? Oh sh*t.


Oh my god. Isaac, what

the f*ck have you done?

- I'm so sorry.

- Oh sh*t.

Oh my gosh, Rene?

Oh sh*t, she's dead.

- I'm sorry.

- Oh my god.

(dramatic music)

(buzzer blaring)

(footsteps shuffling)

Sit your bitch ass down.

The f*ck you looking at?

[Malik] Lemme get

15 bro. Lemme get 15.

Lemme get 15.

Bitch ass.

Let me get 15 15, bro. 15.

I really screwed the

pooch on this one huh?

Bro. How you holding up bro?

As as good as

anyone can I guess.

I'm only down to

one fight a day.

[Malik] Bro, that sucks, man.

I was trying to wait

for your trial to end,

but I'm outta time, bro.

My job's over.

Your job. What job Malik?

[Malik] Well the one I was

telling you about, the new one.

Why you here Malik?

(door rattling)

To give you the good news.

The good news?

See, you never got

the bigger picture, huh?

I get it though.

I guess it's hard to

see us common folk

from the mountain top huh?

[Jada] I f*cking hate him.

He stole everything from me.

After our dad passed he took

it all and now I'm broke,

and that f*cking

little wife of his,

I can't stand her ass either.

Trying to be nice to

that bitch kills me.

(dramatic music)

My dad was a very mean man,

but also very straight edge.

He was so hard on Isaac.

My dad believed that a man

should be the ruler of his home.

He could care less about me.

But when it came to Isaac, he

couldn't make any mistakes.

Isaac started to become

rebellious at 18, get into trouble

then he got arrested

on a minor weed charge

but that charge means

everything to me.

I had never seen

my dad so angry.

He was so angry that he

put a clause in his will

that if Isaac ever

got into any trouble,

he would lose everything,

the business, access to the

trust fund, it all comes to me

and that's why I need your help.

Baby, you know I got you.

When we're through with him,

not only will he

be out of our way,

but we will have everything

that they've worked for.

I just need to know one thing.

Do they have any enemies?

(kiss smacking)


But it was never about her.

It was always about you.

The people you hurt, the

people your father hurt.

- My father?

- Yes.

(suspenseful music)

(picture thumping)

Yes. Your father.

Oh, you forgot the

small business he stole?

The small business owners

he took advantage of?

I guess that's the only

thing he taught you, right?

I bet if you look

under your business,

there's a whole bunch of

bodies underneath you.

- But I loved all of you.

- Did you?

Did you really though?

Did you really?

Bro, the type of

love you showed,

you alienated

everybody, everybody.

I guess we just giving you

what you deserve though, right?

- Congratulations.

- Thank you, man.

Thank you man. Woo.

Welcome to the big time.

So you hold on, you set me up?

You made me k*ll my wife?

Bro nah, that that,

that wasn't the plan,

I just wanted to expose

you, disgrace you,

but I ain't gonna hold

you though, man, hell.

Hey, that's all you.

Mother f*ck.

[Fan] Excuse me

are you Tika Shine?

That I am.

Oh wow. I am such a big fan.

I love your book, "Missionary."

Oh, when I tell you I had cancer

and there was times I

had to just like lay

and read your book

and it got me through.

Hold on, hold on. It's so real.

I have your book. Can

you sign my book for me?

Oh yeah. Anything for a fan.

[Fan] Oh wow.

Tika Shine and signing my

book. Oh wow, thank you.

I appreciate you. You

have a good day now.

And listen though,

but I'm not here to be

the bearer of bad news.

I'm just here to tell you

everything that happened,

I made sure happened to

you, every step of the way.

So you gonna get what

you deserve in here.

No, no, no, you f*ck,

you know who I am?

f*ck, f*ck you, f*ck-

(somber music)

(peaceful music)

How did I get so lucky

I die when I look in in your

eyes, then I come back alive

When you touch me

You're the one for me

So here I am to

give all I have

I'm in love with you and

you know that it's true

You can always count on

me to carry you through

And if you get scared

Remember I'll be

right there with you

Here's what I'll do

I'm going hold you

All through the night

Oh lay your head

on my chest baby

And close your eyes

I'm gonna love you

Til I run out of time baby

Oh I'll be yours

If you'll always be mine

Hold onto my hand

In a world full of

crazies and fools

You are the one that

I choose to defend


And I'll never lead you astray

I can honestly say

I'm in love with you

And you know that it's true

You can always count on

me to carry you through

And if you get scared

Remember I'll be

right there with you

Here's what I'll do

I will hold you

All through the night

Oh, lay your head

on my chest baby

And close your eyes

I'm gonna love you

Til I run out of time baby

Oh I'll always be yours

If you'll always be mine

(peaceful music continues)

Mm, oh, baby

I'm gonna hold you

All through the night

Oh (music fades)
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