Detective Conan Movie 10: Requiem of the Detectives (2006)

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Detective Conan Movie 10: Requiem of the Detectives (2006)

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Damn, got passed again.

If you were going to rent a car, you might as well have rented a better one.

I agree.

It would've been better if we took the train, wouldn't it?


Shut up!

It was the client who told me to bring you guys with me! I had to rent a car big enough to hold you all!

Five seconds left...

If you don't turn the steering wheel... You'll crach into the wall in five seconds.

It's amazing!

It's like a castle!

Then, maybe a king lives here?

Don't be stupid. Of course not, it's just a hotel.

Well, it's right in front of Miracle Land.

So if people living like kings were to get together at this hotel, it wouldn't be surprising.

Oh yeah, I've heard this hotel will welcome its ,th guest soon, right?

Doing pretty well, aren't they?

So it seems.

Uhm, excuse me, but... Are you Detective Mouri?

Oh, yes.

We have been awaiting you.

I am your client's secretary, Takada.

It's a bit sudden, but please come this way. You, take care of their car.


Please, this way.


You can see all of Miracle Land from over there!

Oh, I'm sorry.

Please sit and wait in these seats.

C'mon, be quiet and sit down.

Yeah... Man...

Well then, please wait a moment.

Wow, I'm so excited.

What's wrong, Conan-kun?

Somehow, this chair doesn't seem to match this room.

Come to think of it, that's true.

Maybe they ran outta money!

There's no way that's true. It's a high class hotel after all.

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

These are why we asked the children to come along too.

What exactly is this?

These are Miracle Land's Free Pass IDs.

While Mouri-san working...

We thought it'd be nice to let you kids have fun at Miracle Land.

Could it be that the client is the owner of this place?

No, it's nothing like that.

We're renting this suite on an annual basis.

Wow, that's pretty impressive.

All right, everyone please put them on your wrists.

Tightly, so they don't fall off. If you lose any of them, we can't issue you another one.

Mouri-san, go ahead.

It's OK, I won't be going to the amusement park.

Don't say that.

If you finish your work early, you'll be able to have fun with everyone.

I guess so.

These Ids can only be used today...

Until : PM, Miracle Land's closing time.

All meals and drinks are free. Please have as much as you'd like.

All right!

Thank you vary much.

Let's go, Conan-kun.

We would please like you to stay.

I'm very sorry.


Is he the ,th guest at this hotel or something?

Well, something like that.

Are you serious?

So nice...

Well, let's go ahead and get in line.

I've heard the normal wait for the Super Snake is around two hours.

That's right.

Then, Conan-kun, we'll see you later.

Hey, I wonder what the ,th guest wins.

At least we know it's not an eel rice bowl.

Man, aren't you lucky?

For the ,th guest... There's probably an awesome prize.

We don't want to be interrupted.


I'm not really the ,th guest, am I?

There's confetti already on the ground in front of the hotel.

Oh, really?

Yes. The ,th guest came about an hour ago.

Then, why'd you make him stay?

That's what the client wants.

Hey, what's this? What's going on?

Thank you for coming.

I am your client.

Please forgive me, but circumstances do not permit me showing my face.

The reason I called you here today is because there is a case I would like you to solve.

What kind of case?

Figuring that out is also a part of your job.

I will give you a series of hints.

Use them as a basis for your reasoning and solve the case.

But, why'd you choose me?

You are the fifth detective that I've hired.

Then, what about the other four?

One is investigating.

Two quit. The last one could not solve the case...

So he remains here.


You know him?

He's a detective that I've worked with before.

I gave you the investigation report, didn't I?

How long do you plan to keep me locked up in here?

Let me out!

Detective Ryuu, you were unable to solve the case.

What'd you say?

Incompetent detective have no right to live.

What's this?

- That ID is the same as ours. - Yeah.

Damn! What's with this?

It's all right, it won't hurt a bit.

You'll be at peace in an instant.

You don't mean... The one that k*lled Mogi and Souda...

Goodbye, Detective Ryuu.

Hey, wait... Wait a second...

Damn it...

Composition Four.

In other words, there were plastic expl*sives built in...

To the Miracle Land ID that Detective Ryuu was wearing.

Hey, Ryuu just said that Mogi and Souda were...


Those two detectives were renowned all around the world.

But they were just fools who wasted my valuable time.

The time-limit for you is : PM tonight.

Find the truth behind this case before then.

If you cannot solve the case by the deadline...

Your IDs will also explode and you'll Follow in Detective Ryuu's footsteps.


I would stop.

The ID won't come off by just pulling at it.

And if you do manage to remove it before I deactivate it, it will explode.

Damn you...



What about Ran and the others' IDs!?

The children's IDs are almost the same as yours.

What'd you say!?


Their IDs have an additional feature.

This is a rough sketch of Miracle Land.

There are multiple sensors positioned around the premises.

When their IDs enter Miracle Land, the sensors will detect it and detonator will activate.

If they pass by the sensors again to exit Miracle Land, their IDs will detonate.

To follow them each individually would have proven troublesome.

That's why I implemented this.


Haibara! Can you hear me, Haibara!?

Damn it...

Haibara! Haibara!


Haibara, don't go inside!

What's wrong?

That doesn't matter, just don't! Stay out of there!

But even if you say so...

I'm already inside.

You're a VIP, right?

We only give those IDs to special guest.

Is that so?

Please have fun.

Thank you very much.

Did something happen?

I'll contact you again later.



If by : PM tonight you solve the case... And uncover the true criminal...

I'll pay you however much you wish.

However... If you cannot solve the case in time, I'll detonate all of the IDs.

Take me to there that man is, right now!

That's impossible. Even I don't know where he is.

What'd you say!?


All of your actions are being monitored.

There's a GPS built into your ID.

It'll do you no good to run to the police.

You're saying you'll press the detonation switch?

Damn you!

This kind of talk is a waste of time.

The first hint:

I will only say this once so listen carefully.

TAKA - .

What's that mean!? Say it again!

I told you I would only say it once.

There are hours left until the time limit.

So, will you solve this mystery?

For my sake...

And the children's?


Mouri-san... Please take this.

It's a hotline to the client.

Actually, you can't call him directly.

It's only for receiving instructions from him.

If you solve the case...

Call me using the number in this cell phone, and then return here.

And then, we can carefully listen to the truth.

I'm high-school detective, Kudou Shinichi.

While visiting an amusement park with my childhood friend and classmate, Mouri Ran...

I witnessed a man in black in the midst of a suspicious transaction.

While caught up in watching the deal...

I failed to notice his partner sneaking up behind me.

That man forced me to swallow poison... And when I came to...

My body had shrunk.

If those guys found out that Kudou Shinichi was still alive...

They'd come after me again and put those around me at rick.

At Professor Agasa's suggestion, I decided to conceal my true identity.

When Ran asked for my name, I became Edogawa Conan.

In order to obtain information on those guys...

I went to live with Ran, whose father is a private detective.

Those who know my true identity are...

Professor Agasa...

My parents...

The High School Detective of the West, Hattori Heiji...

And my classmate, Haibara Ai.

Professor Agasa has crafted many inventions for my reduced self.

Haibara was once a member of the Black Organization, but... In order to escape them, she took the same drug that shrunk me...

And her body shrunk.

And finally, there's one more...

Kaitou Kid.

Whenever he shows up, things get troublesome.

Even though I've become smaller, my mind remains the same.

The unbeaten great detective...

There's always only one truth!

Damn! What's with this traffic jam!?

My daughter's life is on the line!

Get out of the way already!

So make sure you don't leave Miracle Land!

If you leave the area, the IDs will explode!

And of course, stay off the Super Snake!

A part of that rollercoaster goes out over the ocean!

Hey, are you listening, Haibara!?

Yeah, I understand.

If you don't solve the case by : PM...

We'll both be blown to bits, right?

It's interesting, don't you think?

"Interesting?" You...

Hey, Haibara!

What're you doing? Hurry over here!

Well, I'll put our lives in your hands...

Mr. Detective.

But I don't get it.

What does this "TAKA - " mean?

Hey, the dash can be read as " no ", right?

Then, "TAKA" is a district?

Yeah. Also, - equals -.

If we take away the equals sign, it becomes - - .

Got it! Takashima Town!

The third district of Takashima Town, huh?

Hey, which way's the third district?

It's not here.

There's no third district in Takashima Town.

What're you saying?

Gimme that!

Damn... I guess we're back at square one...

Maybe not.

This area's been in redevelopment, so the districts may have changed, right?

Takashima Town, --?


Have the districts changed around here due to the redevelopment?

It became Minatomirai. There was a third district.

Do you have a map?


But do you really think this place is somehow related to the case?

We have to believe it is.

Speaking of which...

Why is he having you, an elementary school student, assist me?

Maybe he thought you weren't good enough by yourself.

It's definitely strange.

Why did he want just me to work with Uncle?

Why in the world...

What's that!?

Who's there!?

You can't live here, it's gonna be torn down next week.

Must be hard for you as well, with a kid and all.

No, nothing like that!

Of course not.

Mister, have you been living here long?

Yeah. Since this hotel went bankrupt two years ago.

Has anything out of the ordinary happened lately?

Anything at all?

Lemme see...

Oh, that's right!

A big white bird flew by the other day.

A big bird?

It sh*t right past me in front of the sun!

When was this?

It was my birthday, April th.

Oh that day, a weird car parked outside in the morning.

And then some real estate agent came and closed off that basement.

What weird car?

It's weird because there are never cars here.

When I left in the morning, there was a car that looked new parked in the garden.

But when I came back in the evening, it had turned into an old second-hand car.

At night, that car had its parts taken and turned into a skeleton.

Why did they close off the basement?

Well, it was the machinery room.

I guess he's gonna sell the machinery and make some money.

About what time was that?

It was in the evening.

What was that!?

Hey, brat, what happened?

So this is where you were.

Geez, don't scare me like that.

This is...

What's that?

I found this.

What is it?

This is...

A ski mask, gloves... And a Government p*stol?

A receipt?

Abril th, Yokohama Bypass.

Uncle, April th... Isn't that when the weird car was parked outside?

Yeah, he said that the car changed.

It changed?

I got it! This is where a fugitive changed cars!

Some criminal who did something with a ski mask and Government p*stol.

All that's left is ti find out what the case from April th is.

If we know that, then the rest will be easy.

Who're those guys?


They're definitely not just civilians.

You don't think they've come back for this bag, do you?

It's possible...

All right, I've got it!

You jump out and distract them.

In the meantime, I'll get to the car, save you, and we can get away.

I'm telling you it'll be fine! When they see you're a kid, they won't just start sh**ting.

What's with you? Don't you trust me?


Whatever, just go!

Wait up!


Damn, at a time like this!

Stupid second-rate car!

You're under arrest!

Arrest!? You all are...


It's the same as that day, the big white bird...


It's him.

The one who flies through the darkness on his white wings...

It's Kaitou Kid!


lnspector, I've located Kid!

Right now, he's on the roof of the Miyama Building, above the devil statue!

All right, I got it.

President Miyama, Kid has appeared.

I see. Let's have a look.

Well, even the amazing Kid won't be able to cr*ck my new security system.


Damn! Yokomizo here.

Kid is flying from the Miyama Building towards Landmark Tower.

I repeat, Kid is flying towards Landmark Tower!

Go after him now!

Looks like the police's stakeout was all for nothing, huh?

This security system's perfect.

lnspector Yokomizo!

We have apprehended one of Kid's accomplices.

We're bringing him to the station.

All right, I'm counting on you.

I've been telling you that I'm not Kid's accomplice!

I'm Mouri Kogorou!

This is bad...

At this rate...

All of your actions are being monitored.

There's a GPS built into your ID.

It'll do you no good to run to the police.

lD Number ... lD Number ... Now approaching Kanagawa Police Headquarters.

Hearing those voices gets you kind of exited, doesn't it?

But I'm already tired of waiting in line.

I wonder how much longer it'll take.

Let me see...

Since we can say three people in line is one meter...

And since the line's about meters, that means people.

Since people can ride the Super Snake each time...

If there are people, that's about rides.

One ride, including the time to get on and off, takes about ten minutes, so minutes total.

That means it'll take about three and a half hours.

Amazing, Mitsuhiko-kun!

We still have to wait that long?

I'm so hungry...

If the professor were here, he'd give us one of his lame quizzes to k*ll some time.

I know, right?

In that case, I'll come up with a quiz today.

You will?

I can't?

No, go ahead!

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to answer it.

All right, here we go.


Miracle Land Quiz!

Everyone wants to ride the Super Snake at least once.

Out of you all, who's most fit for this attraction?

I've got it! The answer's Ai-chan, isn't it?


Because Ai-chan seems like one to like snakes.

I actually hate snakes...


Then it's me, right?

Like the Super Snake, people always make me wait.

What's that about?

When I go to get you for school in the morning, you always make me wait.

That's wrong, too.

And you, Genta-kun?

Maybe it's me. Because snakes kind of look like eels...

And I really like eel rice bowls!

So close!

What happens to Genta-kun, since he loves eel rice bowls so much?

Even if you ask me what happens...

It seems like he gets hungry.

I see.

Super Snake in Japanese is chou hebi. That can mean super heavy.

So, Kojima-kun, with his massive weight, is the correct answer.


I thought that Ran-san would be different, but...

In the end, hers are just as lame.

[Kanagawa Police Headquarters]

Oh, Conan-kun, are you all right?

Inspector Megure!

What happened to Mouri-kun?

I heard they arrested one of Kid's accomplices?

Oh, Nakamori-kun.

Megure, you rascal...

What are you doing here?

It seems like Mouri-kun's been mistakenly arrested.

So when they said Kid's accomplice... They meant Sleeping Kogorou?

I have a duty to protect the secrets of my clients.

Didn't I tell you that if Kid is your client, you're an accomplice?

But, why were the Kanagawa Police staking out that building?

Because they received a notice from Kid.

That building is the Miyama Corporation's main office.

On the top floor, President Miyama displays all of the various jewels he's collected, but...

Unlike the last time he came, nothing was taken.

Did he get in before?

Yeah. On April th, a huge diamond was stolen.

I think the security system has been upgraded, so...

President Miyama's pretty pleased with himself.

Abril th?

But, I thought Yokomizo-kun was in the first division.

Isn't Kid assigned to the second division?

There have been some strange people after Kid's life lately.

Since some officers were injured in the middle of all of this, the first division joined the investigation.

They're after Kid's life.

Looks like somebody's calling.

Excuse me!

Detective Mouri...

Or, is this Kudou-kun?

So it is you... High school detective, Kudou Shinichi-kun.

The fast that you came with Detective Mouri surprised me.

I really wanted to have you investigate this as well.

But I didn't know how to contact you.

So you couldn't solve the case and went to the police, huh?

No, we didn't come here on our own.

At the hotel ruins, Detective Mouri was arrested by five policeman on a stakeout.

Honest, aren't you?

This guy... Did he know? That the police were there...

No matter.

So, what was at the hotel?

We found a ski mask and g*n used to commit some crime.

Good work, Kudou-kun.

Now, here's your second hint:

Go to the cafe terrace at night.

The café terrace at night?

You'll know where it is...

If it's really you.

I'll definitely solve this case!

So please disengage Ran and the others' IDs!

Hey, are you listening?


The one you love...

Do you know how painful it is to lose the one you love?

Work hard so that you won't have to...


Why? Why does he know my true identity?

This guy...

Who is this guy really?

The line's not moving, and I'm getting more and more hungry.


Speaking of which, we haven't had lunch yet, have we?

In that case, I'll stand in line while you guys go eat.

Is that really OK, Haibara?

But I feel bad for leaving Ai-chan here alone.

I guess...

Then, I'll stay with Haibara-san!

I'll stay, too!

Then, me too...

Don't be stupid, at that point there's no reason to do it.

Then let's do this:

We can take turns every thirty minutes.

How about we start with Ai-chan?


Then, I'll see you in thirty minutes.

All right! Let's go!


Please go on ahead.

I wonder how long I can keep this up...

[Yokohama Osanbashi Pier]

If I could analyze one, I might be able to figure something out, but...

There's a chance it'd blow up.

I can't do anything here.

I see.

Oh, that's right!

I gave it a power-up.

Thank you!

Have you figured it out? Where the "café terrace at night" is?


Where is it?

Café Terrace at Night...

Was painted in by Vincent van Gogh.

It depicts a dim gas lamp illuminating a café terrace...

Near a street where horse-drawn carriages frequent.

Gas lamps and carriages...

The first place in Japan to be illuminated by gas lamps... Was Basha Street.

You overpowered it, Professor.



Thank you.

Sorry to keep you all waiting.

We're still here? I guess my estimation was off.

We'll switch off with you now.

If you would.

You like this stuff, don't you, Ran?

These places geared towards kids.

Sonoko! What're you doing here?

Look, the Red Castle Hotel.

They're having a party tonight to celebrate their ,th guest.

We're here because that hotel was funded by my dad.

So, here I am at this amusement park k*lling some time.

Hey, where'd you pick that up?

It's not like that! This is something from one of my dad's clients.

He must be a VIP, then.

I lost my ID so I thought I might've dropped it.

That's right!

I could get you and the kids an invitation to the party, too.

Or better yet, how about just the two of us go to the Red Castle?

These kids have IDs, so they'll be all right.

Especially this one, she seems to be good at holding her own.


Right now, at the restaurant there, they're hosting a cake buffet.

Also, with this ID, you're free to go in and out of Miracle Land.

What is that could be here?

Don't move.


How was it? Were you scared?

You wish.

You got here at a good time.

Lend me your mind for a sec, Kudou.

What, Kudou? You, too?

Then, you also...

Yeah, Kazuha's a hostage.

But, she has no idea-she's just having fun at the amusement park right now.

The number you dialed isn't within our service area or isn't currently on.

As such, we are unable to connect you at this time.

Geez, what's up?

He told me to have fun waitin' as he had somethin' to sort out quickly.

I really feel like Ran-chan, the way she's always waitin' for Kudou-kun.

Huh, Kazuha-chan?

Ran-chan, is that you?

Kazuha-chan, it's been such a long time!

So you came here?

Where's Hattori-kun?

Work, W-O-R-K.

I see. How boring.

Huh, Kazuha-chan?


We're going to a cake buffet, wanna come?

I really love cake!

Then, let's go.

C'mon Ran, we're going!


{\pos(.,.)}[Basha Street]

I see...

So she's been taken hostage as well.

Yeah. But not just Ran, the four kids, too.

Also: The client seems to know... That I'm Kudou Shinichi, somehow.

He knows your real identity?

Well, I'm not sure, but...

Hey... Could they've figured out about that poison shrinking you?

Those men in black...

What's up?

The ski mask, the g*n, and the getaway car...

I see!

It was an att*ck on that armored car!


Is that what he was talking about?


Can I have a minute?

What is it, boy?

Has that armored car ever been att*cked?

Yes, it has. I think it was April th.

Since you have a business here, the police musta questioned ya about it, right?

Would ya mind telling us the details as well?

I think it was about this time...

Don't move. Stay still.

It all happened in a flash.

I couldn't tell if i was awake or dreaming.

I guess that means it was skillfully done.

Thank you, ma'am.

Wait a second!

You boys... Today is the worst day of your lives!

You should go home and rest.

Yeah, we'll do that.

Right after we make it the best day of our lives.


Don't go running off on your own, I've been looking for you!


Now, now, it's not the time to be fighting.

Why's that dark-skinned Osakan brat here?

The same reason as you.


Give me back the client's cell phone!

Don't you think it's time you told us the truth?

Well, even if you say it that way...

There are limits to what a detective can do alone.

Wouldn't it be better to let us handle it from here?

This is Mouri.

It's Detective Mouri this time?

No matter.

You're on Basha Street now?

It isn't good for you to be working with the police.

Damn! Are you watching us?

Are you trying to break our agreement, Mouri-san?

Definitely not!

This was unavoidable.

Mouri-kun, who're you talking to?

Morons, morons - the useless police must perish!

What now?

Morons, morons - the useless police must perish!

Damn it, what's with that statue?

Morons, morons - the useless police must perish!

Hey, couldn't that be dangerous?

Watch out, get away from that statue!

It's gonna blow!


segundos para la explosión.














Send an ambulance! This is an emergency!

Damn you!

Next time, it will be your kids...


What's wrong?

This ID, it started flashing a little while ago.

Mine, too.

You know anything about this, Sonoko?

This is my first time seeing this.

You can ask the guard up ahead.

Geez... The police nowadays can't even see bombs that are right in front of them.

What'd you say!?

Isn't it your fault this happened!?

Let me go, you have no evidence of that!

Honestly, it's annoying!

Stop following me around!


I'm glad I left the police. I wanna live a long life.

You two, let's go.

lnspector, is this all right?

It's fine.

Ran and the children are being held hostage at Miracle Land.

They're wearing IDs on their wrists that will explode if they leave.

Please protect Ran and the others discreetly - Mouri.

I asked the inspector to look after Ran and the others.

Well, whether this turns out for better or worse... Depends completely on us now, huh?

So, did you get anything?


On April th, an armored car was att*cked on this street.

Also, Kaitou Kid stole a diamond from the Miyama Art Museum on that day, according to the police.

I see.

Well, anyway, I'll go on my own from here.

Don't do anything dangerous.

What do you think?

We're likely finished with the hint regarding Basha Street.

What else can be reasoned from this?

Actually, there is more. A hint we haven't solved.


The hints I got were:

The café terrace at night and YOU CRY.

Omae wa naku in Japanese.

He gave you a different hint?

It looks like it.


Using the alphabet, it's... Y-O-U C-R-Y.

Y-O-U is...


The marine university on the outskirts of Yokohama... Yokohoma Kaiyoudai.

Yokohama Ocean University.

What's left is C-R-Y then.

I'm not sure about that either.

I guess we'll have to head over there. To Y.O.U.

All right then.

Ran, hurry.

Excuse me.

Yes, what do you need?

Uhm, why is this red light on my ID blinking?

Anunciaremos un llamado a un cliente...

I'm not sure...

Miss Mouri Ran of Beika...

I've never seen one before.

Is that so?

Miss Mouri Ran of Beika...

And her friend, Miss Tooyama Kazuha:

If you are here, please report to the medical station immediately.

What could it be?

Maybe something happened to those kids?

We should go.

Sorry Sonoko. Can you go on alone?

I'm fine. You should hurry, something may have happened to the kids.

I'm sorry.

I'll go mope now...

What is it?

She fainted in the park.

It looks like a light fever.

Is that so?

I'm sorry.

Don't worry, it's all right.

But why did you call Kazuha-chan as well?

This is the first time I've spoken to this girl.


Isn't it obvious?

Having two people by your side is better than one.

Right, right!

She needs to get some rest.

Will you stay with her?

Of course!

Stay with me, always.

I thought she was just a cold child, but she's actually cute.

This acting is so tiring...

Cry, cry, cry...

It could be the abbreviation for some class.

- Or a club? - Right.

Aside from that...

Yokohama Hanzai Kenkyuukai...

Crime Research of Yokohama.

I think this club is closest to what you're looking for.

Who're you?

I am Hakuba Saguru.

Someone in the same position as you.

In more ways than one.

The same position?

You're a high school detective and the son of a police chief, right?

Yeah. But I still can't b*at you, elementary school detective.

I see.

We have that in common, as my father is the Osaka Police Chief.

That isn't all.

You too?

Someone precious to me is also at Miracle Land.

Well, we can talk while we walk.

"Wasting time is a cry-ing shame."

Waste too mush and we'll and up in tears.

I guess so.

[Crime Research of Yokohama.]

Hey, anyone there?


Coming in.

There's a lot here.

Hey, look at these pictures.

They look like snaps of their members.

We should photograph these.

I agree.

The client?



You're doing better than I anticipated, Hattori Heiji-kun.

I can't believe YOU CRY has got you this far.

I'm impressed with you all.

Ya know... If ya want us to solve this case...

Why don't ya make the hints easier?

If it were easy to solve, it'd be no fun for me.

After all...

I'm testing your respected detective skills...

To see whether or not you're qualified to solve my case.

What now?

There will be no more hints.

I'm counting on you, my young detectives.

Hey, hold on now!

Damn, he hung up.

No hints...

What do we do now?

Target is Yokohoma Ocean University. Take care of it.

Oh, you guys...

Is there something you need?

No, we're just...

Coming to this university next year. We're just looking around.

Well, if you do come here, be sure to join our club!

Why, of course.

Say, say, miss!

What are those pictures up there for?

Those are photos of the club presidents in chronological order.

Then, why did you take down the third president's photo?

Because look, there are hooks up there beside the last picture.

And you can see slightly lighter patches on the wall next to each picture from the third to the end.

This is because you took down the third president's picture for some reason...

And moved the rest of them over one space, right?

Am I wrong?

The third president, Itou-san, was expelled.

Wasn't that Itou Jirou-san?

No, it was Itou Suehiko-san. Know him?

Well, kinda.

I think... This is him, right?

No. This is him.

Oh, is that so?

What an actor...

Sorry. I guess it's not the Itou-san I know.

{\pos(.,.)}[Osaka Police Headquarters]

ltou Suehiko?

Hei-chan, who's this Itou guy?

I dunno, Ohtaki-han - that's why I'm asking you.

Does the chief know?

No, it's secret.

Secret, Hei-chan?

Well, I'll await your call.

Hey! Hei-chan!

Just goin' out for a smoke...

How about having some food at the school cafeteria?

If my blood sugar drops, then so does my thinking speed.

ldiot, dun have time for that.

We're awaitin' a call here.

They say, "Warriors have to pretend to have eaten when they cannot."

But they also say, "One that is hungry is unable to win the battle at hand."

Besides, I've already figured out what you're waiting on.

Wouldn't you say the Yokohama Police Headquarters is closer than Osaka's?

This is an annoyin' guy...

Right, that's right.

Next time you're around, I'll take you out.

So I can count on you, Ao-chan.

Please hurry.

Who was that?


Was that your cousin Aoki in the Kanagawa police?

Well, it's just been so long since I heard from him...

No need to hide.

It's something for Heizou's son, isn't it?

He called me as well.

What, he called you, too?

You've been tricked, Ohtaki.

Is there something going on with my son?


Come with me, we'll discuss the rest in my office.

It'll be easier if you just tell him everything.

Well, see...

This is becoming troublesome.

Well then, I'm counting on all of you.

Inspector Megure!

I'm going to go say hello.

I'll come with you.

He's taken care of Heiji in the past too.

Then, I'm gonna go ride the Super Snake.

Seeya later!

Wait a second!

You shouldn't get out of bed!

Go stop him, please!


Got it!

Inspector Megure?

Ran-kun, and Kazuha-kun!

Why're you two here today?

Is there a case?

Oh no! I'm on break, just on break with Shiratori-kun is all.

And you two came to Miracle Land together?


Huh, Ran-chan?

It's the kids.



This can't be!

[The Super Snake is currently out of service due to a machinery inspection. We apologize for any inconvenience. Miracle Land]

That's what you get for trying to sneak out and ride it.

All right, back to the infirmary.

I'm really sorry.

Please bear with us as we undergo a safety inspection.

I'm going to begin giving out postponement tickets now.


Thief! That man's a thief!



lnspector Megure... What's he doing here?

Hey, Takagi-kun?

What're you doing?

Oh, no, see...

You were checking out cute girls during our date, weren't you?

No way, I wouldn't not-not do that...

What was that? I'm not sure what you meant.

Is that right?

I'll just pretend I didn't see the inspector...

This curry looks great!

I'm so hungry!

Eat up.

Delicious! What's in this curry?

Disgusting! What's in this curry?

It's all wheat flour.

So, who's Itou Suehiko?

On April th of this year...

Itou was placed on the most wanted list, after he was thought to have att*cked an armored car on Basha Street.

I see. So that's why the club took his picture down.

That's not the most interesting thing.

After graduating, he owned and operated an investment advice firm.

That firm, Far East Office, was home to a m*rder case.


See? Interesting, isn't it?

All right!

Let's go over there now...

To that Far East Office.

Geez, he finished it...

I'm back.

Welcome back, Sensei.

I'm sorry, Kuriyama-san. But could you possibly get me something cold?

All right.

Yes, this is Kisaki.

Oh, dear? What is it?

Weren't you supposed to visit Miracle Land today with Ran and the others?

Wait a second - "case files"?

What're you doing?

A lot's happened.

I'm in quite a mess.

I understand.

The April th armored car robbery, correct?

I'll call you when I have something.

Yeah, that would save me.


Hey, Eri...

Do you think I can solve this case?

"Investigating takes legwork." Isn't that right, former officer?

Yeah, that's right!

I'm counting on you!

Yeah, I got it.


Come in.

Excuse me.

Oh, didn't you just get a phone call?

Yeah, I did...

From someone I really dislike.

Right, Goro-chan?

Her husband, then.

[Unauthorized Personnel Prohibited From Entering Beyond This Point]

By saying "Prohibited"...

They're begging us to enter...

As detectives.

The m*rder victim was Nishio Masaharu.

He was the Sales Manager at Far East Office.

He was sh*t by a r*fle.

At university, he was a classmate of the company director, Itou.

That means...

Nishio was also a member of the crime research club?

That's right.

Over here.

"Over here"?

Isn't that my cell phone?

- When'd you... - Look at this.

The front row in the picture.

In the middle is the club president, Itou Suehiko.

On his left is the one who was m*rder*d, Nishio.

Hey, who's the woman on the other side of Itou-san?

That woman is Shimizu Reiko.

She's also someone who worked with them, but...

She committed su1c1de May th.


It was during the time that the police were questioning her.

About Nishio's m*rder case?

I guess they pushed her too far.

This is where the sh**ting incident occurred.

Everything's covered in dust, so...

They probably haven't been here since then.

Well, back then, the blinds and window were both open, right?

From that building's restroom, the culprit sh*t Nishio.

The r*fle used was a Charter Arms AR-...

With scope and sil*ncer attachments.

There were eight empty casings left in that restroom.

It seems the culprit sh*t all eight in a row.

One of the b*ll*ts got Nishio in the back of the head...

k*lling him instantly.

Later, they found the plans in Nishio's desk...

That Itou had drawn up about robbing the armored car.

That's why they placed Itou on the most wanted list.

Then, why did they investigate Shimizu Reiko?

That I don't know.

Look, Hattori.

For someone sh*t in the head, is this enough blood?


Over there, we have a large pool of blood.

What's going on?

The blood on the seat had flowed straight down...

Look at this.

It looks like one of the casters got sh*t and broke off.

I see. That's how it happened.

Yeah, it must be.

Hattori here.

It looks like you've made it to the next step, Hattori-kun.

Yeah, somehow.

Do you know what case I want you to solve now?

Nishio Masaharu's m*rder case?

Hey, could you really be...


What the...

A bike?

Whatever it is won't be good, right?

Who're they?

Perhaps they're here to spice up this game?

Like the client said.

Maybe a bit too much.

This won't work, let's split up!

All right!

I got it!

All right, it's just us.

Come and get me.

You're an ugly one.



Coward! Not fair to use a g*n!

I wonder if Kudou got away...

How unfortunate...

Some paint got on my shirt.

A man wearing a baseball cap and a jumper, right?

But he may have taken them off.

That's possible, too.

What's wrong?

Doesn't he look suspicious?

That man in yellow?

Look, his hair has layered out.

He must have been wearing a hat earlier!


He probably got rid of it along with his jumper and the bag he stole.

As expected of High School Detective of the East Kudou Shinichi's girlfriend!

I'm really not his girlfriend...

Some cola spilt on the culprit's shoes, right?

Yeah, that was my plan to leave evidence.

That's my bag!


Amazing, Genta-kun!

That's not true, Ayumi-chan.

You shouldn't lie, Genta-kun.


I saw it all.

Oh, did you rally?


It's just an old woman...


Hey, Ayumi!

Is that him, Ayumi?


His left sneaker has cola spilt on it.

He's just lingering around.

Isn't that suspicious?

There's no doubt.


Let's follow him.

This isn't good.

Those guys... Where are they?



You won't get away!

Move! Out of my way!

Move, move!

You're in my way!

We're borrowing this!

Stop now!



The security guards will be here soon.

Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong!


Oh no!



Don't move!

If anyone moves, I can't guarantee the safety of this child!

Number is approaching the main date.

Which is that?

Number , Yoshida Ayumi.

I see.

Not another step.

If you come any closer, this kid dies!

You, let her go!

Take me hostage instead!

Don't try me, old man!

Then, take me!

Let me do it. It's my fault she was captured.

You guys can't!

I mean, we of course can't let civilians become hostages.

Quit talking!

I'm not exchanging hostages!

You there, you better not move until I'm past the gate.

This kid's life is at stake here.

Not good... If they keep going...

Hey, this is the entrance.

Exit's next door.

Just get out of the way!

You can't order me around.

Follow the rules.

Honestly, someone of your age should be able to follow the rules...

Arrest him!


There's an unlimited supply of hostages here!

Stay back! If you don't, this woman will...

What're you gonna do?

"What" am I gonna do?

What're you gonna do?

Tell me.

Excuse me, coming through...

Sorry, I finally got the ice cream...


Inspector Megure!

What are you doing here?

That's what we should be asking you.

Oh, well, actually...




Hey, Kudou!


You're finally awake.

Where are we...

Old Agasa's car.


Don't push yourself.

I've put it in a splint for now, but you may have a fractured bone.

Hattori... You rescued me?

No, Hakuba did.

He called the old guy, and when he turned up...

He was holding you in his arms.

Then, this old guy called me, and here we are.

Hakuba did...


He said he had something else to look into and left before I arrived.

What time is it!? How long has it been!?

It's been two hours, making it : at night.

Only an hour and a half left...

For now, we're going back to the Red Castle.

You've figured it out? The criminal that k*lled Nishio-san?

No, we're just going back.

There's nowhere else to go, is there?

Oh yeah. While you were asleep, Ohtaki-han called me back.

He gave me some information.

Something else related to Nishio's m*rder case.

On the night that Nishio was sh*t...

A car flipped near the containers at the docks.

The driver was Itou Suehiko.

He was critically wounded and barely survived...

Being stuck in the intensive care unit for a month.

The police looked into the car that was involved in the accident.

They found the hydraulic piping had been tampered with, and also...

Found a r*fle with a sil*ncer in the trunk.

Although the fingerprints were wiped...

They confirmed that r*fle was the one used to k*ll Nishio.

So, did they arrest Itou?


About two months after the accident, the doctors began allowing visitors.

But when the police arrived...

We're coming in.

Itou had disappeared.

Afterwards, Itou couldn't be located...

So they placed him on the most wanted list.

They began suspecting him of attacking the armored car while he was still in the hospital.

Then, this Itou is the culprit?

Yeah, there's no doubt that Itou sh*t Nishio.

They found Itou's footprints at the sn*per's position...

And found gunpowder on his clothes.

They found eight shells at that location, which is the maximum amount that could be loaded at once.

And all of the r*fle marks match, but...


We found traces of mascara on the r*fle's scope.


That means it came from whoever looked through the scope. Is that about it?

That's right.

It's rare type of mascara.

They looked into each of the women working with Itou and Nishio and found only one that used this mascara.

It was Shimizu Reiko.

The one who committed su1c1de after that incident?

The Madonna of the Crime Research of Yokohama Club.

She was friends with both the dead Nishio and the missing Itou.

After they graduated, she joined Itou's company with Nishio as the manager of their library.

The criminals responsible for attacking the armored car were Nishio and Itou, then?

Itou may have had a motive for k*lling Nishio, but...

Could Shimizu Reiko have had one as well?

According to her co-workers at the company...

Nishio was interested in her and she was bothered by it.

The police pressed her about the mascara on the scope and the inconsistencies in her alibi for the night of Nishio's m*rder, but...

All the way to the end, she never spoke.

And then, on May th...


She just jumped!

They never found Shimizu Reiko's body, but...

The police determined that she couldn't have survived due to the fierce ocean currents.

Itou disappeared from the hospital eight days later.

With the two suspects in Nishio's m*rder having disappeared, the trail went cold.

Of course, Itou's company went bankrupt without its president...

And who bought it out but the Miyama Corporation.

Are they connected to the Miyama Art Museum, the place where Kid stole the jewel from!?


The president, Miyama Souichirou, was in the same criminal reswarch group, and was four years Itou's senior.

It seems Itou followed Miyama quite a bit.

Speaking of Kid, Ohtaki-han found out something interesting.

On April th, during a heist, Kid ran into a group of burglars on the run after robbing an armored car.

There was apparently a bit of a firefight.

A firefight?

Well, since Kid doesn't use g*ns...

It must hane been the robbers sh**ting at him.

The most likely reason being...

Because Kid saw their faces... Right?

Yeah. Apparently, at the scene, they found...

Government and Charter Arms amm*nit*on.

And since then, someone's been trying to take Kid's life every time he shows himself.

Well? isn't it interesting?


But it's not enough to narrow down who sh*t Nishio-san.

It's true.

We seem to be missing something important.

That reminds me, Mouri-kun called me earlier to talk about some important witness he found.

Well, the day Nishio-san was sh*t, one of the janitors heard several metallic sounds coming from the restroom, and...

After that, he saw Itou-san run out carrying a golf bag.

The metallic sounds were probably the shell casings falling onto the floor...

And inside that golf bag was a Charter Arms AR-.

That decides it, old man.

So, where's Uncle?

He said he solved the case already, so he went to go report to the client.

Is Uncle going to...

Implicate the wrong suspect!?


Step on it, Pops!

Full speed!

Got it.

I knew you'd come, Kaitou Kid.

You set things in place non the roof this afternoon, and it looks like you finally found your way in here.

I'm not going to let you take the jewels.

I don't steal jewels unless I make an announcement first.


I came here tonight to bid you farewell.

After all, I don't want my life to be endangered any longer.

As expected of Kaitou Kid. Looks like you found me out.

Yeah, for the most part.

But there's something I didn't get.

The stolen diamond was returned to you...

And yet, you still kept trying to k*ll me.

I finally figured it out today.

You're very protective of your junior classmates, right?

I couldn't let you go, having witnessed my cute juniors' game.

Even though a guard d*ed, it's still a game?

Accidents happen in every game.

Just like you witnessing it.

When one of my cute juniors asks for my help, I have to do something, right?

And what kind of spell is this?

Did you seriously think I would come in here... Without a trick up my sleeve?

Do it! k*ll Kid now!

What is this?

Fear not. It's just sleeping gas.

You didn't notice?

I've broken in here several times... Since April th.


And the reason I came here to set up on the roof in broad daylight today...

Was that I wanted to make sure you knew I was coming.

I wanted to ensure you would appear here with your assassins.


I'm sure the police I called for want to hear all about it.

Let's not forget your cute junior who's sleeping behind this curtain.

I guess she's cooler than him, huh?

Well! I'm sure those two have some interesting information to share.

Especially concerning the stolen items filling this art museum.

It's Kid!

Kid's up there!

It looks like we've reached the goal of your game...

But it's the worst outcome for you - an own goal.

Open up, this is the police!

Open the door!

Hang on, Ran.

Thank you for your work, Detective Mouri.

The client is expecting you.

Come in.

Detective Mouri has arrived.

You must be tired, but there's not much time left.

Proceed with your report.

The cases you asked me to investigate took place on April th:

An armored car robbery on Basha Street...

And the related sh**ting of Nishio Masaharu, a m*rder case.

I'm going to meet the kids at Miracle Land.

Look after Kazuha for me.

I got it!

The two who help up the armored car were:

Itou Suehiko and Nishio Masaharu.

But, a guard put up a fight, and Nishio accidentally k*lled him.

And then, four days later, that same Nishio was sh*t and k*lled.

The police believed the criminal responsible was Shimizu Reiko, a co-worker who had been being courted by Nishio.

But I don't think so.

I think their true reason for k*lling him was because he meddled in their plans.


The person who k*lled Nishio Masaharu was...

Wait a second!

You two!?

You two, Detective Mouri is giving his report...

Oh, no!

Hey, what's wrong!?

Are you all right!?

Detective Mouri, hurry and finish.

Like I was saying,

The culprit that sh*t Nishio-san was...

Sorry about that, Uncle.

Not good! The monitor shut off!


Damn, which button is it?

What's that?

The client could be back there.


Earlier, when we called that Takada, I heard something in the background.

The same noise I heard while talking to the client.

I see.

We're running out of time.

Let's go.

It's pretty dark in here...

What choice do we have? Let's go.

Welcome, Kudou Shinichi-kun...

Hattori Heiji-kun.

We meet at last...

Far East Office President...

Itou Suehiko-san.

Well done. I knew I made the right choice putting you two together.

Just as we thought.

You'll have to pardon my appearance.

It's due to my handicap, you see.

From the accident at the pier, right?


When I found out I wouldn't recover, I shut myself up in here.

I asked one of my friends to invest my hidden assets.

Including toward Miracle Land.

Was that Miyama Souichirou-san?

Outstanding! You figured out even that little detail?

Wanna hear our report? We're short on time.

Have you found the truth for me?


I don't have much time left.

That's why I needed a detective who could solve this quickly.

A renowned detective who had not just brains, but the toughness to match.

Now, tell me... Tell me of this truth you've found.

On April th, Nishio Masaharu was k*lled at Far East Office...

And the sh**t in the restroom in the adjacent building was...

Shimizu Reiko.

She made you out to be the culprit in Nishio-san's m*rder.

She also tried to k*ll you in an "accident".

It can't be!

I sh*t Nishio from that restroom!

Are you two as useless as the police!?

Are you!?

It's true that you sh*t the r*fle from that restroom...

But it was after Shimizu Reiko did.


[Cleaning Underway. Please use the facilities on another floor.]

You actually missed.

With all seven rounds.

Seven rounds?

That r*fle's magazine should hold eight.

Well, you panicked and ran out without collecting the shells from the restroom...

Not noticing how many sh*ts you'd fired.

By that time, Nishio-san had already been m*rder*d.

How is that possible!?

I saw him fall to the floor with one of my sh*ts!

Actually, one of your sh*ts blew a caster off his chair by coincidence.

Then, one of my sh*ts could have "coincidentally" hit Nishio, too!

What's wrong with you? Why would someone sit around while their room was sh*t up?

Then, my first sh*t could have coincidentally...

The blood on the chair that Nishio-san was sitting on...

Had ran downward toward the seat before drying.

That's how we knew...

That Nishio-san was k*lled by a true sn*per with a single sh*t...

And that there was an amateur who sh*t around the room after Nishio-san's blood had dried.

Just from that, we couldn't tell who was the true sn*per, but...

When we heard the testimony of Uncle Mouri's witness... We understood it.

That witness said he heard several metallic sounds from that restroom...

And then saw you running out with a golf bag.

The metallic sounds were the ejected cartidges hitting the floor.

The fast that there were multiple sounds proves it was you who caused the damage.

In other words, the sn*per was Shimizu Reiko, and...

The one who sh*t and hit the caster...

Thinking they'd k*lled him as they saw him fall from his chair, was you.

Inside the golf bag was a Charter Arms AR-.

Before the crime, that bag was handed to you by Reiko-san.

Isn't that right?

That's true, but...

How can you know Reiko sh*t him?

The proof was on the r*fle scope.

There were traces of Shimizu Reiko's distinctive mascara.

It can't be!

After you got the bag from her and sh*t from the restroom...

You drove to the pier to dispose of the w*apon.

Reiko was likely the one who tampered with your car as well.

Most likely, her motive was to keep the money from the armored car robbery all to herself.

She was in the car during your heist as well, right?

While fleeing, you encountered Kaitou Kid.

He saw your faces, so you decided to k*ll him.

But instead, you ended up trapped in a zigzag network of alleys...

And began f*ring.

They found them in those alleys:

The government and r*fle rounds.

No matter how well you can drive...

It'd be impossible for you to hit Kid with a r*fle or handgun while taking such sharp turns.

In other words, there were two more with you.

Who were using the r*fle and the Government.

That puts Nishio Masaharu-san and Shimizu Reiko-san in that car with you.

Actually, most of the evidence was found by the police.

The witness that Uncle Mouri found was also interviewed by the police.

Armed with such information, they interrogated Reiko.

You see... Even from the beginning, this case didn't need...

A great officer, nor a great detective.

Well, this mystery is solved.

Please release Ran and the others' IDs.

Lies... Reiko wouldn't do that...

A lie...

Lies, it's all lies!

It's not a lie.

As we thought, you're alive.


Is that Reiko!?

You weren't exactly reliable...

As my partner.

Nishio-kun wasn't either.

He was always so violent.

If I'd stayed with him any longer... I would've been in danger.

ltou-kun, you're too petty.

You tried to show off every time we talked.

Being with you wasn't fun at all.

I saw you hiring detectives...

So i let you live, seeing that you were taking all the blame, but...

That ends today.

Don't worry about the assets Miyama-san is handling.

I'll take good care of them.

Miyama-san, too?

Miyama-san met his end as well.

He was caught by Kaitou Kid.

After all of this, the one to survive...

Will be me!

Wait a second!

Kudou, don't move.

That's a Walther PPK.

It holds eight b*ll*ts.

When she runs out, I'll go for her.






Sorry, I'm ambidextrous.

Use it, Kudou!

In the air, your leg won't matter!

I see!


Reiko, what happened?

What's wrong, Reiko!?


Please disengage the lDs.

It's all right to release them, right?

Right, send an ambulance now.


What's wrong?

An error?

She did more than she thought!

Hey Kudou, you got this?

Not everything is fried.

We just have to find the working parts!

I guess this is it for me, Kudou-kun...

Your voice even sounds like a child's...

Hattori, is there still an error?

Yeah, it hasn't changed.

It really is set to a timed expl*si*n!

What the hell!?

At : exactly...


What should I do?

I really wanted to ride the Super Snake...

It's been under maintenance this whole time.

But my dessert is late!

Don't complain, this is all on the inspector.

You're pudgy as ever, Inspector Megure.

As always.


Uhm, Inspector Megure? Has something happened?

Why do you ask?


The police officers are all gathering here.


Inspector Megure?

Oh, Shiratori-kun!

Excuse me, Ran-kun.


How is it?

All of the customers and employees in the restaurant have been evacuated.

Now, it's only the kids... As well as us police.

I see.

What're you doing, Shinichi?


By exchanging secrets...

A man and a woman become closer.

The greatest secret to share...

Is to commit a crime with the woman you love.

You see...

Robbing that armored car was my way of showing Reiko my feelings for her.

But then, that fool Nishio sh*t that guard... Effectively ruining my perfect plan.

Perfection doesn't exist.

There will always be a loose cog somewhere.

If you try to force it anyway... You'll simply ruin everything.

And even if you reset to the beginning...

Compensating for what you've lost is up to you.

You were just too scared...

To reset.

That may be true...

Please work...

What's this?

If I don't stop the time limit, the lDs won't release either!


Are you all right?

Are you still not feeling well?

No, I'm all right.

Well, let me know if you feel sick again.

Yeah, I will.

And still, Conan-kun didn't show...

He bust have stayed with Detective Mouri all day.

He ran off without us again!

Conan-kun is the best at sneaking off alone.

Have you heard anything from Mouri-kun?


I see.

When there's one minute left, I'm doing in.

I can't leave the children alone in there.

I see.

It's :! There's no time, Kudou!

That's right! He uses wireless connection!

If the wireless connection's not working...

It could work if we connect directly!

A bit more...

All right, it reaches!

OK, it's back up!

We did it!

And now to disable the time limit.

Please enter password.

Hey, what's the password...

Hey Kudou, this guy...

It's all right, he just fainted.

Probably from the shock.

What is the name of the person you love the most?

That's minutes.

You, please wait out here.

Yes, sir...

Everyone was pretty surprised, huh?

I was completely cool.

So, did you have fun today?

I wish we could have rode the Super Snake.

But that rocket ride sure was fun, huh?

Yeah, I wanna ride it again!

Itou was in love with Shimizu Reiko!

Incorrect password.


The one he loves isn't Shimizu Reiko!?

Incorrect password.

Entry of another incorrect password will result in immediate system shutdown.

We're outta time, Kudou!

Who is it!?

Who does Itou love most? Who!?

You tried to show off every time we talked.

But then, that fool Nishio sh*t that guard... Effectively ruining my perfect plan.

I've got it!

[Itou Suehiko]

What're you typing, Kudou!?

The time limit has been disabled.

That's it...

Yeah, with that, it's over.

Well done, Shinichi.

I was able to remove the time limit, but not the area limit.

So make sure to collect all of them, Professor.

All right, we'll get them now.

Kudou-kun, and Hattori-kun...

You two are the absolute best... Detectives.

And you are the absolute worst person.

Hey, you two, are you all right!?

All right, take off your IDs and place them in here.

We have to give them back?

Well, it's closing time here.

That's too bad...

Handkerchief, handkerchief...


I thought I lost mine.

What's this from?

It looks like paint, but... Where'd that come from?

All right, I'm taking these.


We apologize for the inconvenience today.

The Super Snake has now reopened.

Even though it's past closing time...

We will run the ride one last time today.

All right!

Are you all right, Hattori?

Nothing to worry about, this's just a scratch.

That's right, do you know why he thought you were Kudou Shinichi?


That? Your fingerprint?

Do you remember the chairs in that room?


Only because they didn't match the rest of the room.

The armrest of the chair caught my eye.

Most likely... There's a sensor on the arm rests that can read fingerprints.

This fingerprint belongs to Kudou Shinichi.

Since that guy's eyes are damaged, he thought I was Kudou Shinishi.

I see now.

Oh no! It's past ten!

It's gonna blow!

It'll come off now, the ID belt.


This, this!

It's true! Thank goodness!

I'll take that.

Hey, hold on!


I guess that mean this case is closed, right?

By the way, let me down.

You don't want to push it on that leg.

There you go!

The best way to heal is to ride on this girl's back.

Shut up!

That must be cool.

What a kid...

Inspector, I've recovered the lDs.

It's definitely all of them.

Send them to the lab without the kids noticing.


All right! It's time we hit the Super Snake!



We got it all to ourselves!

Heiji, aren't you glad they sell spare pants?

Fool, I dun need 'em!

All right everyone, hands up!

Talk about going too far.

You don't have to put your hands up if you're scared.

Who's scared here? When it's time to put my hands up. I'll...

No! No! No!

You're too into it now, Heiji!

Hey you!

Take that off, Genta!


What're you doing!?

Hurry up and get rid of that!

The ride goes out over the sea, outside the area limit!


What're you doing!?

Move and die!

Yes, ma'am...

Got it!


Back there!

No good!


You can't! Stop him!

Don't! The bars are all liked together, so if you break yours...

Everyone's bar will open!

That was great!

They even had fireworks!

It must have been a bonus!

I didn't get to enjoy it...

Why's that guy here?

He's been with us since the middle of the investigation.

Geez, that Ryuu...

He accepted a bribe to fake his death.

He must've been lying about those other two detectives he mentioned as well.

Does he need money that much?

Such a disgrace.

Yes, Mouri Detective Agency.

A TV ad?

What kind of ad?

For sleeping pills?

It should be easy since I'm always sleeping?

Geez! Who do you think this is!?

I don't care how much you're paying!

That much?

I'll do it!


I knew it.

That's Sleeping Kogorou for ya...

It's my pleasure!
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