01x04 - Part Four

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Masters of the Air". Aired: January 26, 2024 – present.*
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Based on the 2007 book Masters of the Air: America's b*mb Boys Who Fought the Air w*r Against n*zi Germany by Donald L. Miller and follows the actions of the 100th b*mb Group, a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress heavy b*mb unit in the Eighth Air Force in eastern England during World w*r II.
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01x04 - Part Four

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[DOUGLASS] Know that you
are always in my thoughts,

from the moment I wake till the
moment I rest my head at night.

But even then, you fill my dreams.

You are and always will
be the only girl for me.

I hope.

Regensburg-Schweinfurt mission

was by far our largest and
costliest battle to date.

We lost Biddick, Claytor,
Van Noy, and their crews.

We didn't know who was
k*lled or who was captured.


There's the 12th.


Well, better late than never, huh?

[BUCK] Better have that
ice cold beer for the boys.

Don't count on it.

All right, fellas, let's hustle up.

Yeah. Get your things, boys.

We're going home.

[BUCKY] Now.

[CROSBY] Courage took
many forms during the w*r.

Allied airmen like
Sergeant William Quinn,

who successfully
parachuted to the ground

had only one way to avoid capture,

the help of foreign friends.

If anyone was caught
helping a downed flier,

they were either thrown
into a concentration camp

or ex*cuted.

The risks were enormous.


there. I'll be right back.


[PATRON 1] Psst...



[SIGHS] Bailey.

You're alive.

Anyone else make it?

[STAMMERS] You're the first
familiar face I've seen.

Who's he?

That's Bob.

[STAMMERS] Uh, which group
you say you're from again?

- You're a g*n?
- Yeah.

Hey, you guys sure must have
kicked the hornet's nest.

They came after us with a fury
I ain't ever seen. [CHUCKLES]

[QUINN] We got our share.


Been drinking out of a
trough since yesterday.

What about you?

[STAMMERS] What happened to
Baby Face? Everybody else?

You. Come with me.

[PERSON] What is your name?

Sergeant William Quinn.

Serial number 6391477.

[PERSON] Please write down your answers.

What was your mission?

To b*mb a Messerschmitt factory.

Your position?

Radio operator.

Write down your answers, please.

Do you like baseball?


Who did Babe Ruth play
for before the Dodgers?

Babe Ruth never played for the Dodgers.

Uh... [STAMMERS] ... he
played for the Yankees.

And before that... [STUTTERS]
... it was the Red Sox.

What is the statue in Trafalgar Square?

I don't know where that is, sir.

Have you never been to London?

stationed in East Anglia.

You need at least a two-day
pass to get to London.

I've never had two days' leave.

Write today's date on
the top of your paper.

What is your national anthem?

Star-Spangled Banner.

Can you sing it?

♪ O say can you see ♪

♪ By the dawn's early light ♪

♪ Just how proudly we hailed ♪
♪ At the twilight's last gleaming ♪

♪ Whose broad stripes
and bright stars... ♪


I haven't been grilled that hard
since my social studies final.

You're telling me. I thought I'd failed.

Bob, you have a light?

- Yeah. Hey, you got one for me?
- Hmm.

- No!


Why did you do that?

He was an infiltrator.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I
talked to him for an hour. Okay?

[STAMMERS] Quinn? You talked
to him. He was American.

German. They have tried many
ways to infiltrate our network,

but we always catch them.

You could've made a mistake.

We don't make mistakes.

[CROSBY] Twenty-five
was the magic number.

If you survived 25 missions,

they sent you home and
built bond tours around you.

How are the boys gonna take
it if Dye doesn't make it?

It'll either be one hell of
a party or one hell of a wake.

[CROSBY] In the fall of 1943,

Captain Glenn Dye and his crew
were the first to get close.

- Boys.
- Major.


Tommy, you came to watch.

These boys, they keeping
you out of trouble?

- Well, they're keeping me in trouble, John.
- I bet.

Hey, Billy, Sammy, you working
with these ruffians now?

- Unless you're gonna give me a job.
- So come work with us.

- Gladly.
- Sure.

- Couple of eager beavers over here.

Lil, don't worry about Dye. Twenty-five
missions. He'll be here soon.

Thank you, John.

See ya, boys.

- [SOLDIER 1] Hey there, Major.

- Hey.

[BUCKY] You look like a w*r
bond poster. Very handsome.

[SOLDIER 2] Feel like
a w*r bond poster too.

- [SOLDIER 3] Hey.
- Gentlemen.

It means a great deal
coming from you, Major.

- [JACK] How you doing, Bucky?
- Jack. How are ya?

- Sun's out. Can't complain.
- Croz.

- Major.
- [SOLDIER 4] Hey, hey, hey. Look here.

- It's Dye.
- There he is.

- [SOLDIER 5] Twenty-fifth mission!

You're going home!



[SOLDIER 6] You're going
home, you lucky bastard!

He stole your move.

He stole your girl.


[DYE] You wanna go see
the boys? Follow me.


- Well, there he is.

Look like you're having a swell time.

[STAMMERING] Watch out for the lady.

Oh, no, no. I'm... I'm going that way.

- Come on, Bucky. Too much.
- That's too much? That's too much?

- His mom d*ed.
- [CHEERING] There he is.

There's our very own Charlie Robertson.

Charlie? Who's Charlie?

No runs, no hits, no errors.

Yeah, he's the last guy
to throw a perfect game.

[BUCKY] Till now.

You get to go home before Florida?

Uh, yeah. Three days.

Yeah, maybe go hunting with
my pops, let Mom fuss over me.

Then I'm dropping by some stations

to prove that 25 can actually,
you know, get done. [CHUCKLES]

- [SCOFFS] Yeah, by the skin of his teeth.

We're all that's left, aren't we?

Twelve crews out of...

Thirty-five that flew in from Greenland.


That's right.

We're just happy for you, Dye.

That's right. We are. Very
happy for you. Very happy.

And to the fellas who aren't
here tonight, who should've been.

- Drink to that.
- Yeah.

[BUCKY] Yeah, cheers to that.

Gentlemen, I'm gonna
go check on the boys,

make sure they aren't
celebrating too hard without me.

- Charlie Robertson.
- What's he trying to do?

One down.

Stop staring.

- I'm not staring.
- You're staring.

You did? No.

Neither of you is bothered by this?

I'm hot and bothered.

- It's Nash. Nash is Nash.
- No, I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about the giant shindig

'cause one crew isn't
going home in a box.

Why? Why you always got
to say things like that?

[PILOT 1] Well, look who it is.

Watch out, fellas. Here
comes twinkle toes. Oh.

- [PILOT 1] Okay. Oh... Oh.

[PILOT 2] No... No, don't encourage him.

He's gonna scare off all the ladies.

[PILOT 1] Nice moves.

Gentlemen, what have I missed?

I'm eyeing broads while Pappy
here is trying to dour the mood.

- In other words, nothing.
- Sour.

- Hmm?
- The mood. It's "sour the mood," you mean.

No, no. All I said is it's
not a good sign for us.

One crew making it
merits a blowout bash?

All pilots do that. [CHUCKLES]

- You know they're on to you, right?
- I hope they are.

- Fellas?
- Thank you.

- Gentlemen.
- Major Egan.

Major Cleven.

Rosenthal. Nash.

That's right.

Copilots, uh, Spatz and Lewis?

- Speas. Sir.
- Speas.

Lewis, sir. But people
call me Pappy. [CHUCKLES]

- All right.
- You boys, uh...

You were pilots before the w*r?

- Lawyer, sir.
- Lawyer?

- I practiced, uh...
- Where'd you learn to fly a B-17?

- Laredo. Nine months, 12 hours a day.
- Uh-huh.

- g*n training. Lieutenant Nash too.
- Mmm. Mm-hmm.

Well, you boys, you come
with a hell of a reputation,

I'll tell you that.

Are you talking about us
flying in our skivvies, sir?

I'm not following.

Well, we were known for
flying in our underwear.


All of you?

[PAPPY, SPEAS] Yes, sir.

That's what the kids
are doing these days?

In Texas, those forts get so hot,

you could fry an egg
on the instrument panel.

Is that so? [CHUCKLES] We hadn't
heard about the... the underwear,

but we, uh... we heard
you're outstanding pilots.

We're happy to be in the w*r, sir.

We've been requesting a
combat position for months.

Now that we're here, feels like
we're actually gonna do something.

Yeah, you'll do something, all right.

- Enjoy yourselves.
- [ROSENTHAL, SPEAS] Yes, sir.

- Oh, boy. Why'd he have to mention that?
- I mean, what am I thinking,

talking about my skivvies in front of...

- You're fine, you're fine.
- Pray for me, gents. I'm going in.



Lieutenant Herbert Nash.


[NASH] Like Helen of Troy.


I can't believe you came
halfway around the world

to hand out coffee and doughnuts.

[CHUCKLES] I wanted to
help, and this is what I got.

Tough break with this lot.

Yeah, I'm not complaining. [CHUCKLES]

I bet you give that look to any
chump who wants some breakfast.

Well... I could be the last
pretty face they ever see.

Well, how am I supposed to tell?

Tell what?

Whether you just feel sorry
for me, or you wanna kiss me.




- I'll bet you like her smile, Buck.
- Major Egan. Major Cleven.

I, uh... I heard you were
already on 20 missions.

Around there.

Well, he's at 21.

Any advice?

Try to stay alive.

For at least 11 missions.

Yes, sir. What, uh...
What happens after that?

Ah, you b*at the odds.

Or you didn't. You know?

Thank you, Major. Major.

- [BUCKY] You have a good night.
- You too.


All these are, uh, new faces...

We go down, they won't remember us
either. Like we never existed, Buck.


What does it matter?

Nothing, I guess.

My boys.

- Colonel Harding.

[HARDING] Listen up.

I just had a mood-k*lling
conversation with Doc Stover.

Now, he thinks you sissies
could be getting flak-happy.

- Not us, sir.

I told him w*r is w*r,

and the longer you go at it,
the more it screws a man up.

And it's been that way since
the first caveman son of a bitch

picked up a club and
went after the other.

Did cavemen go for head-shrinking?

- No.
- [MUTTERING] Not that I know of, sir.

You're damn sure not.

[GRUNTS] What counts
is that you soldiers

show up ready and able to fight, hmm?

What you do between
battles... [CHUCKLES]

- I like your style, sir.
- [SOLDIER 1] Yes, sir.

Aerial combat like this hasn't
been around since the cavemen, sir.

Well, of course not, Red.
Every w*r has its novelties.


Who the hell decorated this fiesta?

Well, I put together a committee, sir.

[HARDING] The damn plane
looks like it's in a nosedive.

- Fire 'em. Fire the committee.

[JACK] I won't bother next time.

Come on, get in. Come here.
Got something to tell ya.

You know how we could end
this whole thing tonight?

We fill up one of our forts with as
many 500-pounders as she can hold,

we b*mb the hell out
of h*tler's hidey-hole.

I'm sure Red and Bubbles could
locate that mustachioed little f*ck.

Yes, sir.

Now... Now who's flak-happy?


You are.

You are.

No, you are. Sir.



Mmm. Single fillies.

Come on, boys. Let's get the lead out.

- Single fillies.
- Order's an order.

- Let's go, men.
- Hey, Tatty. Tatty. Tatty.

You know you can't resist.

- Congratulations are in order.
- You know you can't resist.

[BUCK] You need a break.

I think the colonel ought
to fix you up a weekend pass.

Mmm. You should come.

London. Let's do it up,
Buck. Paint the town red.

Yeah, maybe next time.

- Come here, Meatball.

You wanna dance? [GROANS]

[BUCKY] I'm telling Marge, Buck.

[CHUCK] When I left for w*r, of all
the things I thought could happen,

none of them was spending
a month on a Belgian farm.

We have more downed airmen than
people we can trust to guide them.

Yeah, I know. I'm one of the lucky ones.

Not as lucky as him.

Let's go!

Come on, Romeo.

Hey, brother.

[CHUCK] Where do you think
they're taking us? Any idea?

[QUINN] I don't know. I'd imagine
across France and into Spain.

[CHUCK] Yeah, I wonder.

And if we'll ever see any
of the other guys again.

The way Alice was going
down, I... I doubt it.

But Hinton got out.

Yeah. Yeah, course. I'm sure
Baby Face found a way out.


[QUINN] Hiya.


Is she your daughter?

[GUIDE] Michou is your guide.

[SCOFFS] She's barely a teenager.

She's your guide, and
you will do what she says.



What'd she say?

I don't know.

Give it to me now.


Come on. That isn't necessary.


If the Germans find this,

what do you think they will do
to Louise and her family, hmm?

They would t*rture
them until they talked.

And when they get the names they
needed, they would sh**t them.

And then they would find the
next one and do the same to them.

Like pulling the thread on a sweater.

I didn't...

I'm sorry.

It was stupid of me.


What does that mean?


stupid means dead.


Na zdro... Na zdrowie.

- Na zdrowie.
- Na zdrowie.

- Na zdrowie. [IN ENGLISH] Yeah.
- [IN POLISH] Na zdrowie.



[IN ENGLISH] So, how did
you end up in London? Hmm?

With this drink, you are buying
light conversation, not a tale of woe.

Well, I wasn't aware
I was buying anything.

So, you're not trying
to get me into bed?

Oh, I hadn't thought that far ahead yet.

- I suppose if you were looking to buy...
- Uh-huh.

... you could get one in Piccadilly.

No need to come all the
way to Hammersmith. [SIGHS]

Is that where I am? [CHUCKLES]

A major in the Air Corps,
but not a navigator.

No, pilot.

You know how to tell
if a man is a pilot?


- He'll tell you. [CHUCKLING]

My husband is a pilot.

So, you're married?

- How long have you been a soldier?
- Since before the w*r.

- How long you been out of Poland?
- Since the Germans invaded.

Yeah, I saw the newsreels.

That's why I joined up.
Even before Pearl Harbor.

An American hero.

Maybe I wanted a adventure.

Where's the husband?

Some pilots live to fight another day.

He stayed.

He wanted to be a hero, like you.

Last year, I found
someone from his squadron.

He said Pavel was sh*t down
over Silesia in the first week.

He's either a prisoner of w*r
or rotting in a potato field.


Maybe we are drinking his spirit now.

Do you want to take me to bed?

Take me dancing first.




Never been on the business
end of a b*mb before.

[CAFÉ PATRON] Business.
A funny word for death.

I've dropped a lot of those things.

Probably done a lot of k*lling.

Hell of a job.

Does it weigh on your conscience?


Don't bother. The Germans deserve
every last one of your b*mb.

Some believe there is a difference
between w*r and senseless m*rder.

They don't.

What do you believe?

I believe we should be
as merciless and severe

as they were to my people.

That would be fair.

Yeah, but...

[SIGHS] ... if there was
any balance to all this,

my ticket was punched
a long, long time ago.

There is no balance.

Just one event after another.

The worst come out untouched.

The innocent dead.


But you know one thing?

- [KISSES] The closer you are to death...

... the more alive you feel.

- Every second is a little death.

And I thought that I got
dramatic when I drank.



See you up there, Buck.

- Scratch another one off.
- Yeah.

[GRUNTS] Good luck, buddy.


Do you want a doughnut?


- [SOLDIER] Thanks.
- It's hot. Be careful.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- [HELEN] Any coffee with that, Lieutenant?
- Please.

- You miss me?
- [CHUCKLES] All four hours we were apart?

Well, this'll be longer.

How will I manage?



Think you might be the
last pretty face I ever see.

[STAMMERS] Don't say that.

And damned if you ain't the prettiest.



I will see you later.

You bet.

- Oh, look, it's our very own Adonis.
- [NASH] Knock it off.

- [NASH] No.



[CROSBY] Our first attempt
to b*mb Bremen was a disaster.

But that seemed a lifetime ago now.

We were ready to try and
hit those U-boat pens again.

No one more than Major Cleven.

[SIGHS] Is it cleared?



Well, sh*t.

Major, sir, I have a problem with
the left magneto in number two.

It's giving a real high drop on run-up.

Now, I'm pretty sure
it's just the points.

I can fix them while you taxi.

Three engines?

I can do this, sir.

That's crazy. What, you're
gonna ride the wheel?

Give it a whirl.

Yes, sir.

[DEMARCO] I don't know about this, Buck.

Fixing a magneto on the
hardstand, yeah, that's one thing.

But on the move?

Lemmons says he'll do it, he'll do it.

Believe. Believe.

Yeah, yeah.

How we doing there, Lemmons?

We gotta lead this squadron.

On it, Major. I'm
going as fast as I can.

We got two planes left, Buck.

We got two planes in front of us.

[LEMMONS] Yes, sir.

Right, we got one left,
Buck. It's now or never.

- We got one left, Lemmons.
- It's not too late to scrub, Buck.

- We could pull over on the right there.
- We're number one.

- We're number one.
- Almost there, Major. [GRUNTS]

Come on, Lemmons. Come on. Let's go.

Go, go, go.

Should be good to go.

Come on.


- All right.

[LEMMONS] Go get 'em, boys.

DeMarco, admit it. You're wrong.

All right, I'm wrong. Let's go.

[LEMMONS] Yeah, baby.

Go, go.


Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.


[ENGINEER] Come on. Let's
go! You got it, Baby.

We're about to enter the station,

so there's going to be a lot of Germans.

Do as I do.

If I pull out my identity papers,
you pull out your identity papers.

If I look at my watch,
you look at your watch.

And whatever you do, do not speak.

[IN FRENCH] All right?

[IN ENGLISH] Uh, are we going?

No, I'm gonna make pee-pee.

[QUINN] Now?





You, uh, think they'll separate us?

I don't know, Bailey.

There's, uh... [STAMMERS] There's
something I have to ask you, Quinn.

It's been gnawing at me.

About the crash.

- Is Baby Face...
- Bailey, I, um...

Is he dead?

couldn't get him out.

The hatch was jammed.

I-I really tried.

I left him there.

Little Baby Face.

I... I tried.

I don't know.

I would've done the same thing.

[IN FRENCH] Tickets, please.

And please prepare your papers
for the authorities at the station.

No, sir, that's for the authorities.

Your ticket, please.

[MICHOU] Just a minute, sir.

Excuse me.

- Hello, sir.
- Hello, miss. Ticket, please.

- [MICHOU] Here.
- [CONDUCTOR] Thank you.

Ticket, sir!

Sir, sir. I need to see your ticket.

[MICHOU] They are deaf.
They don't hear you.

[CONDUCTOR] Look in your pockets!

What's wrong with you? I
told you they were deaf.

- He doesn't understand.
- Come on, why is he running away?

He got scared. Put
yourself in his shoes.

- [IN ENGLISH] Wait.

- Stop. Stop. Stop.

Stop running.


You're going to turn around, and
then walk back calmly to the cabin.


Do you have your ticket?


Take it out.

[IN FRENCH] You found your ticket?

- Yes, miss?

[PASSENGER] Sir! Someone has
stolen a poor lady's suitcase.

[CONDUCTOR] Yes, yes. A minute, miss.

Just sit down and be calm.

[PASSENGER] You're not
going to do anything?

Calm. Very well.

Over there. A little thief!
You'll see. He's a redhead.


[IN ENGLISH] Don't do that again.


You been here the whole time?

This is Manon.

We've got a long way to go.

We'll get you to Spain,
and then home to England.

But you must keep your head.



You do anything like that
again, I'll knock you out.


[LEMMONS] Wrist tight only.

[ANNOUNCER 2] Clear the hardstand.

[GROUND CREWMAN 1] Oh, God. Come on!

Get ready, boys.

Clear the hardstand.


[GROUND CREWMAN 2] Let's go, guys. Time.

Eleven, 12.

- Thirteen.
- Thirteen.

There's thirteen.

[SIGHS] Where are you, Buck?

- That's it.
- That's it, sir.

We got, uh, 24 forts.

Thirteen made it.

[SUCKS TEETH] Three mechanical returns.

That makes eight lost.

[SIGHS] That's 80 men.

- [GARCIA] Sir.
- Some replacements. Ah.

Kidd and Blakely.

DeMarco and Buck Cleven too.


Lieutenant Crosby?

I'm sorry, son.

Damn Bremen.


[STAMMERS] What's wrong?


They didn't make it.

Who'll look after Meatball?

[TATTY] Let me give you
a hand with those, Doctor.

Rosie's Riveters. 418th.

- Here you go.
- [SOLDIER 1] Thanks.

- [HELEN] You all good?
- Good to have you back.

- Take some coffee there.
- [TATTY] Coffee's on that side.



Come on.

[SOLDIER 2] It was as if we were
flying through a solid wall of flak.

- [SOLDIER 2] An FW rammed 'em head-on.

Both planes blew up.

[INTERROGATOR 2] What were the
conditions? Could you see the target?

- [SOLDIER 3] No, we flew through it.
- [SOLDIER 2] Squadron lead went down.

[INTERROGATOR 1] Did anybody
get out? Did you see any chutes?

[SOLDIER 4] I only saw
four chutes. That's all.


So, how'd you end up alone?

There was a... a lot
of confusion up there

after the lead of the 350th went down.

Our Baby with Buck Cleven and DeMarco.

The whole first element.

Nash and Speas too.

I didn't see any chutes.


I'm gonna get some more.

Give me a minute, Pappy.



It was hell up there today.

Lieutenant Nash didn't make it.

I'm sorry.

- Crank.
- [CRANK] Hey.

Did you see what happened
to Blakely and Croz's fort?

When? Where? How many chutes?

No, they dropped out of
formation somewhere over the IP.

And Buck?

Who's gonna tell Egan?


[GRUNTS] Good morning.

Morning? It's past noon.


Hair of the dog.

It's my head.

No, it's the hair of
the dog that bit you.

- It's the cure.
- Oh.

I have to go.

You have somewhere to be?


We should not make more
of this than what it was.

Oh, it was pretty damn good.
How much more can we make it?

Look, um, I'm gonna go out
today and I'm gonna drink.

I'm gonna have some fun.

I would like to do that with you.


My heart couldn't take another
pilot in the potato field.

I know you understand me...

[CHUCKLES] ... sweet man.




Excuse me, ma'am. Do you
know where I can buy a paper?

Just there. Round the corner.


Let me see her. Please, God.

- Thank you.
- [PARENT SOBBING] Just let me see.


Just let me see! Is
she dead? No, she's not!


Is she... Tell me wh... Is she dead?

Is... No, she's not! [SOBBING CONTINUES]

[BUCKY] Can I get one of those?

- Keep the change.
- [VENDOR] Thank you.

Norfolk 7322, please.


- This is Bowman.
- Red, Egan here.

How'd the game go yesterday?

Not as well as we hoped.

Was Buck in the lineup?


Did he have a good game?

He went down swinging, John.


Who else?

Most of the starting lineup.

Is there a game tomorrow?


[BREATHES HEAVILY] All right, uh,

tell Coach I'll be there by game time.

And, Red...

I wanna pitch.

[BUCKY] No use wondering, gentlemen.

You can all do the math as
to why I came back early.

Another mission.

[BOWMAN] The target is just
east of the city center.

[CRANK] There'll be a lot
of people in that cathedral.

We've never had a target this close

- to a city center before.
- Ah, Jesus Christ, Crank.

It's a w*r. Here to drop b*mb.

yesterday. But it'll fly.

That makes me feel better.

[BUCKY] Fighters 12:00.


Engine one's quit.

[BUCKY] Christ, engine four is done!

[HAFER] We got to get out of here now.

[HARDING] Do you know
where my group is landing?

[JACK] Where are our boys, Chick?
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