01x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Domino Day". Aired: 31 January 2024 – present.*
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Domino isn't looking for love - she's hunting for victims. Haunted by her need to 'feed' on others, her magic might destroy her and everyone around her.
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01x06 - Episode 6

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What's it like, then,

not being a witch?

Something just feels

a little bit off.

You shouldn't be here.

Yeah, she broke up with you.

What have you done to him?

He's dead, Sammie.

If I can reverse the

severance spell,

I might be able to bring him back.

It's not my fault. If Domino hadn't

got herself severed,

she could have brought him back.

So the Lamia

is effectively defenceless?

I have to get my powers back.

A syphon? Is that going to

be enough?

Not on its own,

but with the help of the Banished,

we take her powers.

I am an Obeah woman

..guided by my ancestors.

I invite you to this realm.

She calling on us again.


I could get used to this.

A man was k*lled today.

A good man,

by the dark witch Silas Read.


This is why we need your guidance.

Domino Day, the Lamia

..she needs her power to bring

him back.

So the severance worked.

She a human now, then?


You never stop being who you are.

WHISPERING: Exsilii spiritus,


You just get lost

Sometimes never to be found again.

I call on you, the Banished

..arise from the endless nightmare

that holds you.

So you want your power back

now, child?

I need to bring my friend back.

Bring him back at the cost of other


At the cost of your feeding?

We'll help her.

We'll find a way to manage it.

It's a risk!

Grant me the dark sight,

that I may commune with you,

that you may move into this realm,

and take your revenge upon

Domino Day, the last Lamia.

Bringing back the dead is

a dangerous business.

Let the child try.

It wasn't the boy's time.

We might know a way.

The two realms

Side by side

In different periods

All the same.

You need to go back to your roots.

Find out what you lost.

Make peace with yourself

and your bloodline.

And hope you can find your way back.


Bring us the Lamia.

Jules knows her potions.

Don't worry, we'll look after you.

This will do the trick.

Puts you in a sort of trance,

lets you access the pathways of

the subconscious.

It could take a while to kick in.


Are you OK? Mm-hmm.

Domino, are you OK?





Is that a Lamia?

What does she want?

How dare you come here.

She seems weak.

Who are you? You sent us here.

You know.

You are not welcome here.

I'm not leaving until I get

my powers back!

A powerless Lamia.

Can it really be?

You're my mum.

What did they call you?

The people you left me with

called me Domino.

After your dad's domino piece.

I had my powers severed and I need

them to be restored.

I was told to come to you for help.

The magick of a Lamia is a blessing

and a curse.

How would you know what I've

suffered? You left me.

I never wanted to leave you, Domino.

I had to.

I wanted you to be safe.

I wanted to protect you

..from the Elders.

From me.

I wanted you to have a normal life.

I hoped you'd never

discover your powers.


Domino. Look at me.

You are not welcome here.

Don't listen to them!

What if she never comes back, Kat?

Give it time. She's strong.

Don't worry. You're safe.


Mum. Mum! I'm OK.

I'm OK.

What was that?

What is this place?

They're called the Banished.

They were sent here by our kind

and this place

..they call it the Endless.

It's nothingness that never

becomes something.

But why are you here?

There's so much you don't know.

I was raised by the women

of my family,

and we were the last of our kind.

The final Lamia survivors.

And then I met a witch.

A man who wasn't afraid of me.

And then you came along.

And you

..you filled our lives completely.

Your father, David, defied

the Elder law to be with me.

He let me feed from him.

We lived off-grid.

Constantly moving to keep the Elders

off our trail.

But then they found us.

We managed to escape, but it took

everything I had.

I was so weak.

And the hunger

..I've never felt anything like it.


..that last time

I couldn't stop myself.

He d*ed in my arms.

And so I sent myself to the Endless.

Here, I don't have to feed.

This is the only place where

everyone is safe.

This is what I deserve for what

I did to your dad.

So you ran away. I couldn't stay.

Not after what I did.

I hurt someone, too.

That's why I need my powers back.

I need to make it right.

I need to save him.

Can you help me?


You can't want your powers

back for someone else.

I thought that by giving up

my powers, I'd feel complete.

But I feel the opposite.

I feel like

..something is missing.

I need this, for me.


It was my great-grandmother's.

It contains every spell

a Lamia can cast.

Only we can read it.

They appear when we need them.

We Lamias have the power to do

incredible things.

That's why they fear us so much.

If you have this power, Domino,

you must learn to control it.

Be better than me.

You're back!

Did it work?

Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Valdas, capiemdum, absterkayal.

My mum helped me.

She exiled herself to this place

called The Endless.

She gave me this. Yeah?

Apparently, there's all these spells

that only Lamias can do.

I bet you there's something in here

that can help Leon.

Domino, I know you want to use your

Lamia magick to bring Leon back.

Why is it empty? But interfering

with life and death,

it never ends well.

The resurrection spell.

I've found a way, Leon.

She's got her powers back.

What? How?

One of the coven finally talked.

This is going to be harder

than expected.

You said she loves you,

we'll exploit that.

We need to create a trap,

lure her in.

I'll get her coven,

we can use them as bait.

And then we use the scold's bridle?

Yes. But you will have to break

her down first.

At that point the coven will

strengthen our spell.

The bridle will drain her

of her powers

..and I can transfer them

to my ring.

We need to move fast.


What's up with you?


I think I've f*cked up, Ger.

Esme called me. I

She tricked me.

Jules, what have you done?

I told her Domino was here trying to

get her powers back. I

I know, I know.

We've got a problem.

I'm sorry. Esme knows everything.



Domino Day, where is she?

She's not here.


What the hell is that?

My altar.

This is my magick.

And Domino's allowed hers.

Where is she?


So I suppose I'm just going to

have to make use of you, then.


Not only have you betrayed me,

but you know this goes against

Elder law.

You have forced my hand.

Now you're all coming with me.

Above the ground, beneath the skies,

I stand a Lamia.

Hear my cries.

Behold this man before me.

Let him rise.

Above the ground,

beneath the skies,

behold this man before me,

let him rise.

Above the ground,

beneath the skies,

I stand a Lamia,

hear my cries.

Behold this man before me,

let him rise.

I honour this power,

and will pay the price.


Now you must pay the price.

A life for a life in sacrifice.


a life in sacrifice.

Keep this safe for me.


You need to come to Esme's

right now.

If you want to see your coven alive

again, you'd better come here quick.

If you dare touch them



VOICEMAIL: Hi, you've reached

Sammie. I can't come to the phone

right now. Oh, f*ck.

f*ck! f*ck!

I should have stayed out of all your


But I am going to make this right.

I am going to bring you back.

I will bring you all back.

And then I will be out

of your lives for good.


Do you know where Silas is?

Who? Silas.

Nah. Just drink and feel it, babes.

Domino?! Sammie! Domino.


ECHOING: Domino. Domino.

Domino. Please. Domino.

I still can't believe you thought

you were the only witch in

the world.

ECHOING: Domino. Domino.

I'm wearing a red tee.

Domino? Domino? Domino?


Wait, no. Sorry, I

Vedita, what?

What are you doing here?

Mate, I don't know you.

What the f*ck he do to you, eh?

SILAS'S VOICE: Are you enjoying your

trip down memory lane?

Silas, stop hiding.

You wanted me all to yourself,

well, here I am!

Aren't you tired, DD?

Tired of destroying

everything you touch?

First me.

And now Leon.

I know you're just showing off.

But you are hiding.

Do you want to know why?

Because you are afraid of me!



Help, Domino!

SILAS: Apple clearly didn't fall

far from the tree.

You know what? You're right.

You are a f*cking leech.

He's possessing them,

but I managed to break free!

Hold on to me.

My invisibility will protect you.

Where's Silas? Oh, I don't know,

but they'll be back any second.

Help me wake them up.


Sammie, come on!

Come on! Come on!

SILAS: Sucking the life

out of everyone around you.


The guest of honour is here.

Caught in our trap.

Now the real party can begin.


This is still hiding, you prick!


We're here, DD, because you wouldn't

help me get my magick back.

You left me no choice.


Well done, Silas.

You were right. Her magick may be

powerful, but she is weak


He was right about one thing -

you really are a bitch.


These are my rooms,

and only my magick works

in this circle.


This scold's bridle has been

in my family for generations.

My great-grandmother used it

during the Lamia purge of 1908.

Elders found it very effective

for k*lling,

but what a waste of resources.

Put it on.

Wear it.

The Banished

..all those lost witches

and lost souls

..drained and disappeared

by the Lamia

..come, take your revenge.

Drain her of her powers.

Silas, start the spell.

Alere Lamia.

ALL CHANT: Potestatem trahe.

Alere Lamia.

Potestatem trahe.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Alere Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Potestatem trahe.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.







ALL CHANT: Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her




THEY CHANT: ..from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.


Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

It'll be over soon.

Feed from the Lamia.


Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia


You feed off those you love.

MUFFLED: Feed from the Lamia

You cannot control your power.

Domino? Look at me.

Look at ME.

I know you, Domino.

I see you.

You CAN fight this.

You need to draw

your strength from within.

You're not alone.

Domino, if you have this power

..you must learn to control it.

Own the power

before it owns you.

I've got you.

You can fight this.

THEY CHANT: Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

We're losing them.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.


Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.

Feed from the Lamia.

Draw forth her power.


I could make her break her own neck.


You were actually going

to take my magick for yourself.

Not everyone can handle

such great power.

You know what? You're right.

I thought I couldn't handle it,

I thought it would eat me alive.

But now I know just how strong I am

and just how weak you are.


Help me

I honour this power

and will pay the price.

A life for a life and sacrifice.



Go. We've got this.

You should stop Silas.

So what now, DD?

You going to send me away again?

You can't, can you?

You need me.

You love me.

I outgrew you a long time ago.

So you're going to take mine, too?


I'm going to take the only thing

you have ever cared about

..your power.


Is his magick gone?

His aura seems weak.


But for the first time,

I knew I could stop.

I knew you could control it.

Is he still alive?


But I took his power.

We don't speak of this night again.

We keep our heads down,

and if anyone asks,

we didn't see Esme tonight.

I know I'm still a Lamia,

and I'm always going to need

to feed,

but I can control it better.

And you've all risked

yourselves helping me.

The resurrection spell that

I cast on Leon,

it needed a life for a life.

I chose to give it Esme's.

I know you had your doubts,

but I have to see that Leon's alive.

And then I'll leave,

leave Manchester,

get out of your lives.

Esme was planning on doing

far worse to you tonight.

This whole f*cking house

is breaking Elder code.

I'm sorry

I dragged you into all this.

We will help you.

Thank you.

A dead Elder ain't going

to go unnoticed,

so we need to be quick

and get rid of Esme.

So we're burning a body, then?


Why hasn't it worked?

I just wanted

to bring him back so badly.

I know.

But it's not meant to be.

But it's OK.

You're not alone.

You have us now.



Come and join us.

What Esme did to your altar

I'm so sorry about your ancestors.

Don't be. I can rebuild it.

I can still hear them

..still feel them.

Their wisdom and protection,

it can never be destroyed.

Welcome to the coven.

We need to seriously

rethink our initiation, guys.


CHANTING: Give this body to the fire

so the dead will rise.

WHISPERING: Give this body

to the fire

so the dead will rise.



# I am flesh

# Bones

# I am skin

# Soul

# I am human

# Nothing more than human

# I am sweat

# Flaws

# I am veins

# Scars

I am human. ♪
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