03x12 - The World According to Molly

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks". Aired: September 7, 2003 – January 23, 2007.*
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The show chronicles the boyhood adventures of Piggley Winks, an anthropomorphic pig from Ireland, and how he relates these stories to his grandchildren as a grandfather in the modern day.
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03x12 - The World According to Molly

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♪ Jakers!

♪ Jakers! It's

♪ Jakers! It's the

♪ Jakers! It's the tales

♪ Jakers! It's the tales

♪ Jakers! It's the tales
of our

♪ Jakers! It's the tales
of our pal

♪ Jakers! It's the tales
of our pal Piggley

♪ Ireland is the
world he loves so well

♪ He wriggles out of spots
that are downright stickley

♪ How he does that
only he can tell

♪ Piggley, Ferny,
Molly And Dannan

♪ Never miss a chance
to have too much fun

♪ In Tara or Raloo

♪ Lots of excitement
for everyone

♪ Curiosity's in a hurry

♪ Leaving no time
to stop and think

♪ The line between wild
and crazy gets blurry

♪ Jakers! The Adventures of
Piggley Winks

♪ Something in the way
his eyes start blazing

♪ Tells us he's on
to a brand new plan

♪ His lips curl up
it's downright amazing

♪ Looking for mischief
well, he's your man

♪ Piggley, Ferny,
Molly And Dannan

♪ Never miss a chance
to have too much fun

♪ In Tara or Raloo

♪ Lots of excitement
for everyone

♪ Jakers! They go to bed
just to wake up early

♪ To get in trouble
or on the brink

♪ The line between wild
and crazy gets blurry

♪ Jakers! The Adventures of
Piggley Winks

♪ Where're you going
to my pretty maid

♪ Where're you going
to my pretty maid

♪ I'm going a-milking,
sir, she said

♪ Sir she said, sir she said

♪ I'm going a-milking,
sir, she said

- Well now, what's this?

- [Sean] Come on, Meg, please!

- Just show us one time!

- [sighs] Later.

- You always say later!

- Just show us now!

- Tagging along with your
sister again, are you boys?

- Meg let us play ball with her

and the other
big kids today!

- Is that right?

- They kept bugging me,
so we let them play.

- We were playing fast pitch

and Meg kept throwing
this awesome knuckle ball!

Nobody could hit it!

- Uh-huh!

And now she won't
show us how to do it!

- I will show you.


- Show us now!
- Come on, please?

- Boys, your mother just made

some fresh lemonade
in the kitchen.

Why don't you go
and help yourselves?

- All right!
- Let's go!

- Thanks, Grandpa.

They were really
bugging me today!

Wherever I am, whatever I
do, they want to do it too.

- [chuckles] Well now,

that's all part of being
the oldest child, I suppose.

I remember me
little sister Molly

used to follow me
everywhere as well.

- Didn't it drive you crazy?

- [chuckle] Oh yes!

At times it drove
me positively mad!

And speaking of Molly,

this package came
from your aunt today.

It's for you!

- For me?

It's not my birthday.

It's an old book.

And a letter.

"Dear Meg.

"I know how much you enjoy
the wonderful stories

"your grandfather tells you
about growing up in Ireland.

"So I think it's
time that I share

"some of my stories
with you as well."


[giggles] Look at
this drawing, Grandpa!

It's Raloo Farm!

- Well, would you look at that?

I remember now, your
aunt Molly drew that

when she was only
four years old.

You see, I started
keeping a diary

and, since Molly wanted
to do everything that her

big brother was doing, she
started keeping a diary as well.

She was too young to write,
so she drew pictures instead.

- See, Piggley?

This is you!

- Looks more like a potato.

- [giggles] Potato.

- Aunt Molly says, "You'll
notice that many of the pictures

in my diary." [Aunt Molly
voiceover] - In me diary

are of me big brother Piggley.

That's because, to me,

he seemed to be the greatest
person in the entire world.

He got to go to school,

and learn about things that
I had never even dreamed of.

He was the best at
every game we played.

And he was able to help
our parents on the farm,

all on his own!

He was so big and so clever,
I thought the world of him.

- [chuckling] I was quite
fond of her as well.

- She says that each picture
in the book tells a story.


This is from when you were
in charge of the sheep!

- [Grandpa] Ah yes, I remember.

[playful music]

That was the first
real responsibility

I was given on the farm, and
I took it very seriously.

Me dad told me how
important it was

to move the sheep to new
pastures every now and then.


- [Meg] Wait a minute, Grandpa!

[record needle scratching]

I've already heard
you tell the story.

I want to hear how
Aunt Molly tells it.


- [Aunt Molly Voiceover]
When our Dad put Piggley

in charge of the sheep,

he was determined to be the
best shepherd in all of Ireland.

And he was!


[marching band music]




[snaps fingers]

- It appears your Aunt
Molly remembers things

a bit differently than I do.

- She really looked
up to you, Grandpa!

You were her hero!

- Yes, well now,
perhaps it wouldn't hurt

to read a bit more
from your Aunt Molly.

- [Aunt Molly Voiceover]
Though I loved your grandfather

very much, and still do,

I must tell you that
he was not perfect.

- What?

What does she mean, not perfect?


Oh dear, Molly must
have drawn that

the year she was learning
how to play the fiddle.

Oh Jakers! My ears still ring
at the thought of it.

[screeching fiddle music]

- Oh, Molly me darling.

That was just lovely.

Wasn't it dear?

- Oh, ah, yes, lovely.

- No, it wasn't.

- Of course it was Piggley.

- If you say so.

- Thank you, Piggley.

- Oh, right.

- [Meg] Are you sure that's
what you said, Grandpa?

- [Grandpa] That's
the way I remember it.

- [Meg] Well here's how
Aunt Molly remembers it.

[smooth fiddle music]

- Oh, Molly, darling.

That was just lovely.

Wasn't it dear?

- Oh yes, lovely.

- Well, I say she stinks.

I've heard better sounds
come out of a donkey's nose.

They should to arrest you
for crimes against music.

[evil laughing]

I know I didn't say all of that!

[sigh] But I suppose that
is what it felt like to her.

It's a mighty big
responsibility we have,

being an older brother
or sister, isn't it?

- Yeah.

I guess it is.

- Well now, let's see
what's on the next page!

I'm sure it'll be better!


You don't have to
tell me what that is!

It's the time me father
brought home a new bicycle.

Well, it was new to us anyway.

- It took a bit of elbow
grease to get it back in shape,

but I think you'll be pleased.

- What is it, dad?
- Let me see!

- Hold your horses now,
don't be so impatient!

- [gasps] Jakers!

- There you are, Piggley.

- Me own bike!

How can I ever thank you
for such a wonderful thing!?


- You taking good care of it
will be thanks enough, Piggley.

- I will, Mammy!

You've got my word!

- Do you know how
to ride it, Piggley?

- Of course!

It's like I was born to ride it.

And someday you'll learn
to ride it as well, Molly.

Not as good as meself,
but good enough.

- Oooh, I wish I had a bicycle.

- Don't worry, Molly.

When you learn to ride,
you can always borrow mine.

- I can?

- Anytime that I'm not riding
my bike, consider it yours!

When the day comes
that you can ride,

I'll share my bike
with you equally.

I'll let you borrow
it whenever you want.

We'll be like partners!

Fair and square!

Out of the goodness
of me own heart!

- Hold it, Grandpa!
[record scratching]

That's not the way Aunt
Molly said it happened.

- It took a bit of elbow
grease to get it back in shape,

but I think you'll be pleased.

- What is it dad?
- Let me see!

- Hold your horses now,
don't be so impatient.

- [gasps] Jakers!

- There you are,
Piggley and Molly.

This is for the both of you.

- Yippee!

- Love the color dad.

I really wanted a
bike how did you know?

- Oh thanks.

I love this bike.

It's the prettiest
bike I ever saw.

- Ferny and Dannan
are gonna love it too.

I'm not gonna let them ride it,

but they're gonna
love it all the same.

- I mean look at the
bell, it rings so cute.


- I know the two of you are

really going to enjoy
this bike together.

- Oh, sure we will.

- Now Piggley, you're
to see to it that Molly

gets the use of the
bike half of the time.

- Of course as soon as she
learns to ride. [snickers]

- Now looking back on it,

perhaps my dad did say something

about it belonging
to the both of us.

But in my own defense,

Molly didn't even know
how to ride the thing yet.

- Grandpa.

And you're always
telling us to share.

- [clears throat] Yes, well,

I never said it was
an easy thing to do.

Let's read on.

- Oh, here's a drawing of you

riding the bike
for the first time.

- Now that I remember as if
it just happened yesterday!

I had added me own
personal touch to the bike.

- Are you going to teach me
how to ride the bike, Piggley?

- Sure I am.

And the best way
for you to learn

is to just watch me for awhile.

A long while.

So you just sit right here

and I'll show you how it's done.

Then later on, you can try!

- That's sounds great, Piggley!

[bell ringing]


[Grandpa Voiceover] I couldn't
wait to show my new bike

to my friends.

- [gasps] Oh, Piggley!

♪ Oh we're rollin',
rollin', rollin'

♪ Along

Oh hello Millie, hello Katrina!

- Hoo hoo!

- [cheers] Would
you look at that!

- Oh it's a beautiful
sight. [laughing]

- Wee, oh this is the best.

- [sighs] What a
grand time we had!

- Uh-huh.

But you forgot something.


- No, no, I can't think of
anything I forgot there.

- Aunt Molly?

You left her at the farm!

- Jakers!

I did, didn't I?

- [Aunt Molly Voiceover]
Piggley had told me to wait

for me turn, so I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

But Piggley never came back.

It was clear, he had more
important things to do

than be with me.

- [Mom] Molly,


- Well now,

there's another memory I'm
not particularly proud of.

- It's okay, Grandpa.

Sometimes I forget about
my little brothers, too.

- Let's read on, then.

I believe I'd like to hear
what else Molly has to say.

- Okay.

- [Aunt Molly Voiceover]
A few weeks passed

and though I watched Piggley
very closely every day

I still didn't know
how to ride a bicycle.

The only time I even
got me hands on it

was when Piggley
was off to school.

- There you go, Molly.

It's all yours, until
I get back from school.

- Oh, thank you Piggley!

Have fun at school today!

- Fun at school, [laughs]

that's a good one, Molly.

- Mammy, can you teach me
to ride the bicycle, please?

- I'd love to, pet.

But I'm up to me eyes
in making jam today.

- Oh, okay.

Can you teach me to
ride the bicycle?

- I'm sorry, love.

I really have to get
this tractor fixed.

- Oh.

- Piggley can help you when
he gets home from school.

Will you be alright until then?


- I'm home!

- Now can you teach
me to ride, Piggley?

- Oh, well, uh, I would.

But, uh, it's time
for me radio show.

Piggley Trotter, Private Eye.

You know I can't miss that!

Just try to do what
you've seen me doing!

- [Radio Character]
It was one of those cases

without any leads to go on,

so I had to play my hunches.

In the private eye game, you
have to do that sometimes.

And my hunch was that

something wasn't right about
Muscles Magillacutty's alibi.

So I decided to pay him a visit.

[injured wailing]


- Oh, it's just a
little boo boo, Molly.

There, better?

- [sniffle] No.

- Oh, you'll be okay.

You can still walk
and everything.

And someday, you'll even
be riding that bicycle!

- No I won't!

I tried to ride the
bicycle but I can't!

I can't get on it!

I can't stay on it!

I don't want to ride
it anymore Piggley!

- Molly, remember when you
couldn't tie your own shoes.

That was hard to do
at first, wasn't it?


And how about when you
learned to say the alphabet?

That took you a while.

- And now I can!

A, B, C, D, F, P,

- See?

You got most of them right!

That's because you tried
and you didn't give up.

- But I can't ride a bike.

I know I can't!

- I know you can, Molly.

Because once you set your mind
to it, you can do anything.

- Really?

Do you think so?

- I swear a Raloo oath on it.


- [Aunt Molly Voiceover]
And so, with Piggley's help,

I decided to try riding
that bicycle again.

- Ready?

- Ready!

- Then get set, and go!

- I'm all right!

- Turn Molly!

Turn, turn!

Turn the wheel!


Hit the brakes!


- Look at me, Piggley!

I'm riding the bicycle!


- You're doing it!

Go on, Molly!


- Molly!
- Molly, dear!


- Piggley taught me to
ride the bicycle! [giggles]

[sighs of relief]

- You taught yourself, Molly.

I just got you started.

- I want to go again!

Now I can do it all by meself!


- Well, it looks
like it's going to be

Molly's turn for awhile, son.

- That's okay.

She needs the practice.

- [Aunt Molly Voiceover] Piggley
taught me a lot that day.

Sure he taught me how
to ride a bicycle.

But he also taught me that,

if I put my mind to it,
I could do anything!

That lesson from my big brother

has stayed with
me all of my life.

And I thank him for that.

- Aw, that's the end.

I wish there was more!

- Oh, there is.

Molly had many diaries.

[chuckling] And many adventures!

- You know, Grandpa, even
though they drive me crazy,

I think I'm going
to be a little nicer

to Sean and Seamus from now on.

- Maybe you can even teach them

how to throw that
knuckle ball of yours!

- Yeah.

They'd like that.

- They might even
remember it someday

when you're all old and
gray like your old Grandpa

and Aunt Molly!


Now if you'll excuse me,
there's something I need to do.

[dial tone]

- [Aunt Molly] Hello?

- Hello, Molly.

- [Aunt Molly] Piggley!

I suppose Meg got
me diary today?

- Yes, she did.

And we both thank you for it.

It's lovely.

And by the way

is there anything
else you remember

that I need to
apologize to you for?
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