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Bank robberies, Heists & Crime Movie Collection.
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Final Heist (2024)

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So, uh, he started kicking yet?

She won't be kicking for another few months.


You really going with that, huh?

Oh, yeah. A mother knows.

A mother knows.

Hey... it's the last one, right?

Yeah, last one.

Because you promised me. I mean, we promised.

Yeah, baby. Last one. I promise.

Here on out is just you, me, and junior.

You really want this family? Really?

Yeah. Of course I do.

What about all this?

What about it?

I mean, you're really going to give up all this?

For you?

Yeah. Absolutely.

After this one, we won't need another one.

-That's true. -We all set inside?

All right. Good to go.

Exterior security cameras are off.

He's coming out.

Hey, handsome.

Here we go.

Hey, Weaver, I gotta take a leak.

Now? Really?

I'm sorry, man. I drank too much coffee.

-Okay, hold on. -All right. Thank you, man.

How you doin' today?

What was that?

We're going in.

On our way.

This a joke?

Afraid not, Weavy.

The seat's a trigger. Pressure plate.

You get up, you release the pressure, and then...

What do you want me to do?

Well, you definitely shouldn't get up.

And, uh... just sit tight.

We're really fast.

Its not the money. You know that?

-What? -Can we discuss this later?

It's the action you love.

And do I love you more?

Is that your question?

Yes, baby.

More than anything in the world.

Happy now? - Alarms are on.

The silent alarm was triggered. They know you're there.

Wait. Who triggered the alarm?

-Freeze! -Is that a security guard?

There's no armed security at this branch.

Well, we're staring at one right now.

Okay, brother.


We're unarmed.

-I said freeze. -Okay.

We're just gonna get in the van... drive away.

Nobody has to get hurt.

Police are enroute. Three minutes.

We got to go. We got to go!

Let's go!

Liev! Oh, my God, Liev!

-Liev! No! No! -We gotta go.


No, please!

No! Liev!

No! Liev! -Shh. Shh...

Well, what if I fall?

What? No, you're not gonna fall.

You've practiced this a thousand times.

-You're a pro. -I'm a pro?

-Mm-hmm. Be brave. -You always say that, mom.

I know. Come on, now. Give it another sh*t.

There it is.

Mm. Okay, wait.


-Good morning. -Morning, Carl.

She's doing so good.

Way to go, Sofia.

Nice one.

Way to go.

Nice one, Sofie.



Baby girl, Sofia!

Sofia? Sofia? What's wrong?

Mi Amor. Hey, Sofia, baby girl.

Hey, hey. Hey.

This is Dr. Rylan, I need an ambulance

at 220 Bay street now.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, it's okay.

It's okay. It's okay, right?

Baby girl, it's okay.

She's stable.

That's good news.

How did I not see this? What, what did I miss?

You didn't miss anything.

Her pulmonary valve in her

right atrium is underdeveloped.

Th-there's no way you could have known until now.

How do we fix this?

She needs heart surgery.

I spoke to a colleague of mine.

She is a top cardiologist, okay?

And she says we can take a donor's tissue

and use it to extend her pulmonary valve.

Instead of replacing it altogether,

it'll allow her to grow a new one.

Of course, the-the challenge is finding a matching donor.

That's why the nurse checked my blood?

And unfortunately, you are not compatible.

You are type B. She requires type O negative.

I know her father is deceased, but is there anybody else?

Is there any other family?

There's no other options?

Aside from a complete heart transplant, no.

I'm sorry that the wait list is just too long.

We're talking months and Sofia is dealing in weeks.

Unauthorized number.

Outgoing phone calls can only be made

from an authorized list.

You cut my phone list.

I can't call out.

It's my prison, Grissom.

My rules.

I determine what's right, what's good,

and what's bad for my inmates.

I think it's pretty clear you could care less

what's good or bad for these inmates.

Why now?

You've been no problem for years.

Why rile things up now?


I guess I found my calling.

And what is the name of this journalist

that you've been talking to?

I'm not telling you anything.

I was afraid you're gonna say that.

Did you sleep?

Sofia's father isn't dead.


Made a choice... for Sofia.

I thought it'd be better for Sofia

if she believed he was dead.

Okay, so if he's alive...

there's hope.

I haven't spoken to him in many, many years.

Do you know where he is? Can you get a hold of him?

Hello. Willa Grissom.

Here to see my husband Liev Grissom.

-Mrs. Grissom? -Yes?

Follow me.

What happened?

He was att*cked... by a couple of inmates.

There was an altercation.

Mrs... Grissom?

I'm Mason Locke.

I'm the warden.

I wasn't aware that... Grissom had family.

Apparently, there was a disagreement

between your husband and a few of the other inmates.

May have been g*ng related.

Not sure, but we're investigating.

No, he would never get involved with a g*ng.

In prison, Mrs. Grissom...

inmates often find that they must align themselves

with a g*ng... for protection.

Liev Grissom didn't need anyone's protection.



prison will change a man.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Loss? What?

Your husband.

He's been beaten quite severely. He's in a coma.

Doctors don't expect he'll recover.

Well, he's stronger than you think.

I knew the man.

But still... I wouldn't hold that hope.


I came here for something very specific.

It's my daughter's life we're talking about.

She's six years old. She's got her whole life ahead of her.

I understand, Mrs. Grissom, I really do.

But we're talking about consent.

And a person like your husband,

who's in a coma, cannot give consent.

Oh, believe me, he'd give consent.

He would do anything for his little girl.

You know that for a fact?

How many years has it been since you visited your husband?

Hmm? And we're talking about heart tissue?

Something like that would take a court order.

Okay, well, let's do it. Let's get a court order.

Because right now you're telling me you're

not even gonna try.

Mrs. Grissom, your husband is serving 25 to life

for armed robbery. A man is judged by his actions.

No, there's something else going on.

The only thing keeping your husband alive...

are the machines that he's hooked up to.

In my infirmary.

And to be quite frank with you,

it's a drain on my medical staff

and on my prison resources.

That-that's really what you're concerned about? A budget?

This is a man's life we're talking about.

I've already petitioned a judge.

A decision is expected next week.

Well, what decision is that?

To end life support.

No, you, you can't do that.

I can and I did.

It's already done. You have a nice day.

And again, I'm sorry for your loss.


I need your help.

-Hey. -Hey.

You're here. Both of you.

Hey, Willa.

-How is she? -Stable.

She's grown.

And beautiful. Girl mama.

How are you?

Well, my baby girl's in trouble.

-And I know I said never again-- -Oh, hold on now.

But I think this is the only way I can save her.

Willa's got a plan.

You don't even know what she's gonna say.

Six years and she finally reaches out.

I think I know what she's gonna say.

The answer is no. That life is gone.

I have a real job now. A career.

Cybersecurity. For some big deal company.

An investment company and it's a lot of responsibility.

I'm responsible, too.

-Wait. -I'm in training.

Cage fighting is not

being a responsible adult.

Why don't you try it sometime?

Wait, you-you two kept in touch?

Uh... yeah.

I mean... a little.

Am I the only one who stuck to the plan?

We haven't talked to Hailey.


So you actually want to break into a prison?

The-the place that we've been avoiding all of our lives?

No one would expect it.

It's Sofia's last chance.

Once the judge makes his decision and okays

pulling the plug, then she has no chance.

So we talk to a lawyer. Get...

-Talk to the judge. -You wanna avoid prison?

I wanna avoid a courtroom. What if they start asking questions?

Figure out who we are. Then what?

No one's really looking for us anymore.

The-the heat is finally off.

-Kenzie, it's for Sofia. -Come on.

Gotta get the g*ng back together.

You miss it and you know it.

So is this really the only way to save her?

Wouldn't be asking if it wasn't.

Well, I do have some vacation time saved up.


Hey, how long were Hailey and Liev a thing?

Not long. Before Willa and Liev got together.

Yeah, but she's still a little bent over it?

Just mind your business. Oh, uh, funny thing.

Most security systems at government facilities

are installed by a private company.

A-And the install's usually impeccable,

almost impossible to penetrate.

But their own systems lack that same kind of awareness.

And you can hack the company that installed

the prison security system?

Already did.

And I also found an encrypted file

on the warden's personal files.

It's encrypted real tight.

Kenzie, we're not after him.

People don't encrypt their grocery lists.

There might be something in there that we can use.

No, look, just focus on the goal.

Print those out for me, I'm gonna study them

and find a weakness. A way in.

Okay, I'll print 'em out full size.

And I'll just get a wide format printer shipped to my office.

Careful, ordering online.

I got it.

Of course you do. See?

You've been waiting for Willa's call as long as I have.

Oh, actually, we're gonna need somebody

on the inside to scout the place.

I mean, they know my face, so it can't be me.

-Well, we gotta call Hailey. -Absolutely not.

-But that's her job. -Let it go, Flynn.

Well, I can't do it.

Well, I have a job to do.

So do I. I'm the driver.

There is a posting for a library prison assistant.

It's definitely not me.

You don't have to be able to read the books.

You just need to be able to find them.

And, we will work on that.

What, you need a master's degree to be a librarian?

I-I can easily forge a legit looking resume.

All you have to do is pass the interview.

- No. -Just a..

Just a little bit of prep,

a little bit of charm.

Yeah, and we can work on that, too.

We can try to work on that.

We can try.

Willa, see, this is what I was talking about.

This is the prison power plant.

It leads right into the infirmary.

And the security cameras in here

are offline for system maintenance.

Wait, wait, you can't access the cameras?

I-I can access the files, I can access the servers,

but I cannot hack into the security system.

Okay, so that's a way to get into the

building but how do we get into the gate?

That's what I'm working on right now.




She does the inside, I'm the driver.

-So you ambush her? -We're not complete without her.

-What does that mean? -Are you serious?

How are you gonna run a heist without her?

-We can do it... -I think you know...


I got this.

You would have called her sooner or later.

What were you thinking bringing her in here?

-Are you serious? We need her. -Maybe.

But why would you bring her?

How is she?

She's stable. For now.

That's good.

Flynn tells me we're back in business.

Not exactly.

Flynn won't give me the details.

But she told me... it had something to do with Liev.

I can't do it.

They know my face.

I visited Liev a few times over the years at the prison.

-Why would you visit him? -Because I missed him.

Hailey, that is not helpful.

Come on. I missed all you guys.



It wasn't like that.

He was only interested in Sofia.

I didn't have anything to share.

But I guess he kept accepting my visits, hoping I would.

Apparently, I was the only one that did visit him.

Yeah, because we had an agreement.

We didn't wanna risk exposing ourselves.

-That wasn't fair to Liev. -It was his decision.

Willa, you gotta stop coming here.

It's too risky.

It's worth the risk.

Not for Sofia.

If they find out that you're involved...

they will put you in prison, too.

And Sofia will lose both her parents.


I love you.

You have no idea how hard that was.

But we did it for Sofia.

Okay, great.

Now that that's settled...

We need to get you a proper interview outfit.

Wait, what? - Yeah.

What's wrong with my outfit?

Everything. Yeah, everything's wrong.

I'm Hailey.

I know you don't remember me, baby girl, but I know you.

Your mom and dad are real proud how strong you are.

She's an angel.

Yeah, she is.

Hey, what, what is this?

She needs to know her daddy's thinking about her.

He's not thinking about anything right now.

-Don't say that. -Can't have a photo of Liev.

What if someone makes a connection?

No one is gonna make a connection out here.

No, Hailey, it's not safe. I'm her mother. It's my call.

She needs to know.

She doesn't know who her father is.

It's my daughter and how I raise her is none of your business.

You can't keep him away from her!

If she were my daughter, this would--

Well, that's the thing Hailey, she's

not your daughter!

You know... I don't know what you think this is.

This ordinary mom thing, this new life.

You think it's best for Sofia?

It's not, 'cause it's not you.

It's not your truth.

I know the real Willa.

And Sofia deserves to know her too.

Been having lots of visitors, huh?

Speaking of visits, did he agree to donate the tissue?

Yeah, yeah he did.

That's fantastic.

Is that him?

She looks like him.

I-I told you, it's all very complicated.

Look, I don't mean to pry.

I just don't know much about your past.

Carl, it's drama I don't want

you to get yourself dragged into.

I'm your friend.

Drag me in.

I can't, okay? I can't.

Who is that woman that just stomped out of here?

And-and those people yesterday, who are they?

Are they family?

Sort of.

What does that mean?

They're friends, Carl, okay? They're old friends.

I just feel like something's going on. Are you in trouble?

Yes, something is going on.

My daughter's life is on the line.

I'm just worried about you, okay?

Well, thank you, for your concern.


- I don't know if I can do this. - You got this.

Hailey, gave you the drill, everything she knows.

Yeah, but I'm not Hailey.

I think you did great in the interview.

I-I'm afraid I'm cosplaying as a librarian.

No, no, no, what did Hailey tell you?

Believe my truth.

Hailey's a pro.

She wouldn't let you do this, if she didn't believe in you.


Now go Dewey the sh*t out of those decimals.

What does that mean?

-Security key. -Hmm?

-Your badge. You know? -Oh.

First day?

Yeah. First time in prison.



Step forward.

Turn around.

Can I look in your bag?

Okay. You can go.



Is your bike outside?

I rode in on it.

It's not often you see a librarian

with a bike like that.

You ride?

No, but I always wanted to learn how.

I'm Jayden.


Nice to meet you.

You know, this is my favorite room in the entire place.


Oh, yeah.

Big reader. Just like you, I imagine.

You know, I got a lot of work to do.

Got to get settled in.

Of course. I'll leave you to it.

Cafeteria back there.

Power plant here.

That means...

That's infirmary.

What are you doing here?

Oh, hey.

Uh, I got lost. Got all turned around.

Where were you headed?

Cafeteria. Needed a cup of coffee.

Back this way.


Good news is the cafeteria's

right around the corner.

Bad news is coffee sucks.

What is-what is this? Wait.

Really? Oh, you cannot be serious.

Whoo. All right.

What do you think?

Uh, well..

Uh, it's gonna need a paint job. Definitely.

We can do that.

H-how many guards are at the loading dock?

- Just the one. - Okay.

So we hide in the truck, sneak in through the loading dock...

Hailey, you're gonna need to figure out a way to distract

this guard until we get to Liev.

And I'm gonna need that key.

I can't get a key.

The second a key goes missing,

that whole prison's gonna go on lock down.

If we had g*ns... g*ns open doors.

No, no g*ns. No g*ns. We don't do g*ns.

-That's a Liev thing. -It's an our thing.

-I'm just saying. -No.

Just get me a picture of the key.

A-as many as you can from all angles, and I can make us one.

-Thank you. -You're welcome.

Oh, goodness I'm worried.

You weren't lying?

Big reader.

I grabbed something for you.

Not as intellectual, but one of my favorites.


Card, please.

You gonna check the bag?


All set.

-Thanks. -Have a nice night.

Anna. Hold on a minute.

I wanted to ask you...

Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?

-Uh, oh. -I know, we work together.

We kind of work together.

I mean, we work at the same place.


I'd like that.



Can you give me the filament?

-Filament? -Yeah.

Oh, hey, you know that encrypted file, I finally got in?

Kenzie, I thought I told you--

There's a bunch of abuse complaints.

Like withholding patients' medications,

unjust solitary confinement.

And none of this was filed with the CDCR.

He's been holding them in this encrypted file.

Yeah, we know he's crooked, but how does that help

us save Sofia?

Who's this?

Willa, I know you're in there.

Carl?! What?!

What?! What...

What-What-What're you doing here?

I'm sorry. I-I followed you.

Why the hell would you do that?

Because you've been acting so strange lately

and with everything that's-that's going on...

What exactly is going on here?

Carl, you cannot be here.

You don't work from home.

You don't have an online business.

I do. It's...

It's a cover to justify my income.

And your aunt didn't sell you the house, huh?

I don't have an aunt. And I paid for it cash.

Next you're gonna tell me your name isn't Willa Monroe.

Who are you?

Carl, I'm your friend.

Okay, I'm your friend and you can't break into a prison.

I have no other option.

You literally have every other option.

Anything other than this insanity!

It is insane.

-Breaking into a prison. -Hailey--

You know, first time for us. Breaking into a prison.

- Let me handle this. - First time? Really?

W-what do you think, how do you think

you're gonna get away with this?

I'm doing what I need to do to save my little girl.

Yeah, and if you fail?

Then what becomes of Sofia?

I'm doing this, Carl, and it's gonna work.

We do need a surgeon to go in with us.

Take the heart tissue.

I can't be involved in any of this.

You're gonna have to do something about that.

No, he's not gonna say anything. We're fine.

Not that.

He is into you.

That boy is in love.

Willa, you need to listen to me.

Liev is Sofia's only chance.

And that is not debatable.

And in good conscience...

No matter your... criminal, absurd plan...

time is of the essence.

I only know him by reputation.

And it's not very good.

But he may be able to help.

I never gave this to you.

And Willa...

If by some miracle you pull this off...

I will make sure we are ready.

Who's Flynn?

Um, a nickname.

Come on.

You know, I have to go.

Whoa, something I said?

No, no, I just...

I should, I should go.

You're not really a librarian, are you?

Of course I am.

Are you that reporter?

Wait, what?

The inmate in the coma. Grissom.

He was talking to a reporter. That's you?

Are you undercover?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Is that what this is about? Me and you.


I had nothing to do with it.

It's all on the warden. I was just doing my job.

It wasn't an altercation.

The warden, he ordered the b*at down.

He's got a tight grip on the place. Inmates, guards.

And you, too?

I didn't think he'd end up in a coma.

I believe you.

We all got something in our past were not proud of.

Anna. I like you.

I have to go.

This can't be the place.

Oh, it's the address he gave me.

Are you sure we can trust Carl?

As sure as I can trust you.

Same skills, new career.

Go figure, right?

I do miss the blood.

Yeah, butchery takes skill, sure.

But a surgeon's skills are far more precise.

How did you lose your medical license, exactly?

Found myself with an addiction to analgesics.

Performed surgery while under the influence.

The patient d*ed. The family sued. They took my license.

I got to keep the addiction, though.

Had to get rid of that all on my own.


Opioids. Painkillers.

Fun while it lasted.

Hold on.

Oh, uh, this donor, living or dead?

-Living. -Oh.

It's-it's a simple tissue extraction.

In and out, quick.

Nothing quick about that kind of procedure.

It'll take some time. At least 30 minutes.

-Okay. -How much?

Twenty five K to start.

That's a retainer.

Another 25K on the day of.

And another 50K on completion of services.

A $100,000?

- Cash. - For tissue?

Not even a whole organ.

Discretion costs.

You wouldn't be here if this were legal.

-Done. -Hold on.

Willa, that's like everything you have.

Pretty much, yeah.

How are you gonna live?

Save Sofia now. Worry about that later.

That's 25.



Aren't you gonna count it?

I know what 25 in cash sounds like.

The when, the where, that's complicated.

I like complications.

-Ugh. -Good.

You guys aren't vegetarians, are you?

Girl, get me out of here. Let's go.

Oh, we'll call you.

Come to say your goodbyes?

I don't even know him.

Well, either way...

warden's gonna get what he asked for.

State's sending a doctor tomorrow

to officially pull the plug.

Come on, Willa. Pick up. Pick up.

All right.

Give it a sh*t.

-Damn it. It drove here fine. -Well, I believe in you.

Here we go again.

You were right.

I usually am.

About Liev.

About Sofia knowing her father. About me.

I don't know, I thought we'd have more time.

That I could hold out for a while.

Watch Sofia grow up.

We grow old and then one day,

no one would care what we did in our past.

And then one day, Sofia found out

her father was a bank robber.

Would be quite the shock?

How do you explain that to a little girl?

You don't.

You let her be a daughter, and you let him be a father.

So much more he can do for her, even behind bars.

More than not having a father.

Trust me, I know.

Or maybe I don't.

I've never raised a child.

I just wish that...

-She was yours? -Mm-hmm.

Liev and I weren't meant to be.

We both know that.

But you were right.

I thought I could go at this alone.

I tried to be somebody that I'm not.

And I can't, I can't do it.

You are a part of her life as much as Liev.

Yes, she needs her mom.

She needs a dad. But she needs her tas.

She needs family all around her.

Hailey, I need my family.

So when we're done, we're gonna

have Sunday dinners at the table?

Barbecues in the backyard?

Why not?

We did it once, we can do it again.

This time we do it together.

It's never gonna happen.

You know that.

Let me-let me try this again.



Wait, wait, wait. What?

-Who told you this? A guard? -What's going on?

Tomorrow. Yeah, okay. I'll see you soon.


We go in tomorrow.

-Good morning. -Good morning.


Turn around.

Okay. Can I get your helmet?

Okay. You're good to go.

Thank you.

-Morning. -Morning.

Hello, beautiful.

What the hell's that for?

Just in case.

Just in case what?

I don't know. Just in case.

Please. Put it away. Just in case you blow us up.

No expl*sive, no g*ns.

All right, all right.

How you doing?

-Where's Sid? -He called in sick.

Hold on, you gotta...

-Yeah, I gotta run this. -Yeah.

-One second. -All right.

Security office.

Yeah, it's a front gate.

We've got a, uh, a new driver.

Uh, sure. Give me the name.

Helen Grear.

That sounds familiar. Give me one sec.

Yep. Got her right here.

The driving company was late in sending in her clearance,

but I've got it all.

Awesome. Thanks a lot, bud.

Okay, we're good.

All right, you're all set. Here you go. Uh...

-You know where you're goin'? -Uh, no.

You're gonna go straight through,

you're gonna cut to the left,

and then the loading docks are in the back,

and I'll meet you back there.

-Thank you. -Yep.



There you go.

All right.

Let's get you to sign on this.

-Whatever else, huh? -Yeah.


Hey, what's going on back there? Let's go. Keep going.

-That was it. -I think that's it.

That's it.

All right.

Oww. God, my knees.

-Oh. -Give me a second, would you.

-Yes. -Ah. Okay.

-Okay. -Ready.


All right. This is it.

-Where is she? -She'll be here.

Willa? -Oh..

-You're late. -You're early.

It'll work.

Yeah, Let's hope so.

It'll work.

-Ha! -Go, go.

It's this way.

You got this?

-You can head back now. -Okay.

Okay, well, this way.

-Can I help you? -We're from the State.

-We're here for him. -You're early.

Early is on time.

I'm gonna have to call the warden's office.

He was very clear. He needs to be here for this.

Yes, go right ahead. Call the warden.

-We'll get started. -No.

We wait for the warden.

We're on a schedule.

Nothing happens to that inmate without the warden present.

He was very clear.


Warden's office, please.

Uh, please hold.

-Warden's office. -This is the Infirmary.

I've got the doctor here to discontinue life support

for the comatose inmate.


The warden wanted to be here for this.

Hold, please.

Yeah. This is a process we shouldn't take lightly.

Our time is very valuable too.

-Don't you think? -Of course.

Yeah and it was a really long ride.

I don't wanna have to drive through the desert at night.

-I understand. -I don't think you do.


Yes. Let's get started.

Uh. Hold on.

I'll go find the warden myself.

Don't do anything until I get back.

Right, let's go.

Come on, now.

What I do with this?

Set it up on that table

and turn it towards me so that I can see it

and then plug it into the back of the halter monitor.

Where? - The back of this monitor

right here, there should be a matching port.

You should be able to hook it up.

Oh, I see it.

Got it? -Yeah.

What's this? - That's for later.

Just set it aside.


We got to move quickly here.

Make sure you're ready.

All right. Almost there.

Where's the power?

It's that center button right in the middle. Yeah.

Give it a sec. There it is. Good.

Hey. Hey, Smith, you seen that driver?

Yo, we gotta move the truck.

Come on, let's go.

We gotta go.

Sorry. Been on the road all morning.

All right, well, we-we gotta go.

-Gotcha. -Come on. This way.

Okay. Gotta be gentle.

All right, Here we go.

Yeah, that's it.

Okay, we're almost ready.

-I was trying to find ya. -Yeah.

-Had to use the bathroom. -Uh-huh.

But we got a schedule here, so you gotta keep on it.

Got it.

All right.

Oh, right.

-Have a good one. -Uh-huh.

Okay, guys, everybody back to work. Let's go!


All right. It's gonna move slowly.


That's it.


He can't feel anything.

Just hurry up.

All right, Doctor Figler, I would like to get this

taken care of as soon as possible.

Warden Locke.

The doctor and the nurse are waiting for you

in the infirmary.

I'm sorry?

The people the State sent to discontinue

life support for inmate Grissom.

They're already here.

-Who was I just talking to? -Oh, Jesus.

What is that?

Everything you'll need

to finish your story.


Locke wants you to meet him

in the infirmary, now!

Excuse me. You can't interrupt the doctor while he's working.

He's with us. I told him everything.

They know we're here. The warden's on his way.

What? No, I'm not finished. I need more time.

-You have about five minutes. -I need 20.

No. We are not leaving here without that tissue.

It's everything we came for. Why are you stopping?

There's another way to get what we need fast.

-What? -I take out the entire heart.

Toth, that's gonna k*ll him.

But the man you knew, he's already gone.

They're gonna pull the plug later today anyway.

Yeah, but that means...

we're doing it. We're ending his life.



What's your status?

I delayed as long as I could. Headed for the gate now.

Hailey, they're on to us.

They-they know that we're here and Toth can't finish in time.

The only way is to take out his entire heart.

What do I do?

What would Liev do?

Everything. Anything.

Then that's what we have to do.


Tell Toth to hurry the hell up.

-Do it. -Okay.

I want the bed, pull these leads off his chest.

She's gonna know. I promise.

All right, we're gonna need a bigger container.

- And ice. -Where am I gonna get ice?

In the cold packs.

No sign of 'em.

- Yes. - Bring it.

You gotta go.

Yeah, that'll do it. All right, let's pack it up.

No, no, no. You go that way.

Okay. All right.

I'll hold them off as long as I can.

Flynn! -Coming!

Don't let that truck leave.

Lock it down! Lock it down!

He was like this when I got here.

You're telling me you did not see who did this?

You didn't see where they went,

and you got no idea where they are.

-Is that what you're telling me? -I got here as fast as I could.

Not fast enough, apparently.

-They took the heart-- -I can see that!

Okay. I want you to find them.

And I want you to find them now.

Do you understand what I'm sayin'?

Why are you still standing here? Go!

Well, clean this up. Jesus!

They're behind us.

Go, go, go, go.

D! D! D! Were in Cell Block D East!

Up ahead, turn left.

And at the end of that corridor, turn right.

I don't think I see the cafeteria.

I don't know where the cafeteria is.

Go, go, go.

Look alive, gentlemen.

Where the hell are you?

Lower left, lower left. Zoom in on that.

Lock the prison down now. Lock it down.

Be advised, this is Warden Locke.

We're locking the prison down now.

Lock it down now!

The librarian?

Mrs. Grissom.

We run towards the power plant!

Kenzie?! They're looking at us!

- Oh, this cannot be good. - Hurry up!

Come on!

Kenzie, where...

Freeze, on the ground now!

I said, now!

-Drop 'em! Both! -Okay.

Drop 'em both!

I said, drop 'em both!

Just in case.

-Grenade! -f*ck!


It's a dud.

Keep-keep your asses down.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!


Out of the vehicle now!

We have the driver in custody.

Give me the radio. Come on.

Tolentino, what side of the yard?

North side.

Stand by.

Holmes, you copy?

Yeah. Go.

Pick up the driver on the north side of the yard

and meet me in the power plant ASAP. Copy?

Copy that.

Heads up.

- Keep an eye on those monitors. -


Mrs. Grissom.

Holmes, bring her in.

Get off of me!


I have to say

you ladies really have some balls

trying to pull off a prison heist.

That belongs to me.

The hell it does.

Mrs. Grissom, your husband was a ward of the state.

My responsibility... my property.

You take this, my daughter dies.

Your husband was a convicted felon,

and he did get what he deserves.

Maybe your daughter

grows up to be just like him.

Or she gets what she deserves.

You're the m*rder*r.

You k*lled Liev in cold blood just to shut him up.

And, um just what is it you think you have?

Surveillance footage.

Cell block A.

It's over, Locke.


-No! -No!

Hailey. No, Hailey. No.

Hailey, no. Look at me. Look at me.

The case.

-Please. -Okay. Okay.

The librarian.

Or should I say, my little China doll?

We gotta go!

We gotta get out of here!

Come on.

We gotta go now! -

We need to get her out of here.

We need to get her out of here now!

- Help me. Help me. - Come on.

We gotta go!

My husband had no g*ns policy.

I ain't your your husband.


We need a ride out of here now!

I'm on my way! -

-Look here. Come on. -Come on.

Keep pressure on the wound.

Come on, here we go, come on.

Here we go.

Were prepping evac. Meet at the front gate.

We got an injured civilian! There's no time!

Open the gate now!

Come on, come on, hang in there.

- Yes, come on. - Get her in.

Get her in! -

-Come on! Come on! -We got her.

Come on, hang in there.

You gotta go.

Go, Kenzie, go!

All inmates accounted for?

Yes, sir. Head count's done.

Then we did our job.

No one got away.

Thank you.

Doctor Ronlin speaking.

Hey, you know that miracle we were talking about?

It's on its way, okay? We'll be in there in less than an hour.

Got it. Hey, hey, hey, we got incoming.



Getting the crew back... was a good idea.

Yeah, yeah, it's a great idea.

You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be great, okay?

Just stay with me, Hailey, okay?

Just hang in there, all right?

Hailey. You're fine. It's fine.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hang in there. Stay with me.

Hailey! Hailey! Hailey.

No. Stay with me.

Don't stop saying it!

Stay with me!

No! Stay with me. Please. Stay with me.

Stay with me, Hailey. Hailey, please.

No, you're fine. You're fine...

-Momma? -Yeah. I am right here with you.

Who are those people?

They're your family.

Am I okay?

Yeah, of course. You are perfect.

It couldn't have gone any better.

She's gonna be just fine.

Kinda like a miracle.

Let's go, Sofia.


Mom's life must seem pretty boring these days.

Well, I'll take boring. Thank you very much.

Sofia, you're gonna be late.

Oh, my angel.

Hi, tas!

-Hey, Sofrina. -Hey, Sofie.

Hey, you forgot to close the door.

It's okay, I got it.

Well, he got it.

Hailey told me to do something about him.

Believe your truth, right?

Hey. You be careful, okay? Precious cargo.

- Yeah, always. - Very precious.

Yeah, and you ladies, behave yourselves.

Okay, you too, apparently.

Oh, doctor's making house calls now, I see.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

It's cute. It's cute. I like it.

All right, well, it's five o'clock somewhere,

right? Who wants some drinks?

-Oh, definitely. Let's go. -Oh, my gosh.

What do you have? - Oh, well,

I've got a lot. Let's see...

Ooh! - Ooh, that sounds great!
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