Marco: 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother (1999)

Movies which are prequels, sequels or based upon the TV series.

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Movies which are prequels, sequels or based upon the TV series.
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Marco: 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother (1999)

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Genoa Italy

Here in Genoa, I spent my childhood days

It was hard times

At that time, many Italians were leaving their homes

In search of job opportunities abroad




Won't you show me your smile before I leave?

The emigration ships were packed every month with many travelers leaving Genoa and Naples

Heading to South America

Some of them migrate with their families

Others leave them behind

They crossed the Atlantic Ocean to reach Brazil and Uruguay

Sometimes Argentina too

Marco, my little boy, do you still refuse my farewell with a smile?

..that any human being in this world

He must have gone through many hardships in his life

You have to have the courage to get through them one by one

And you will find that over time you have grown into a great man

Bye or Marco

No, don't go!

Please, let me pass

Please forgive me!

Mom!...don't leave mom!

My mom

My mom



Please don't leave, mom

Stop! Son, don't run like that

Please don't leave me mom!



My mom

My mom


Be a good boy and don't tire your father

!Don't forget to write to me




From the Apennines to the Andes

A year later



I'm starving

We have to hurry up for lunch, we don't have much time


It's been two months since we last received a letter from my mother

I've never been a month behind writing since I got to Argentina

It is also her habit to single out a message for each of us

welcome back

I left you lunch on the table

I am going

That's it

Well, leave it to me

You have received a package, sir

Please sign the receipt

Gather your audience and don't miss our exciting show!

You will laugh till you cry

Welcome receipts

Thank you, please wait a little while

Go ahead, this is your fee

I thank you

By the way, I received a telegram from Michelangelo's ship

She informs me that she will arrive at the port of Genoa in two days

On board is a message from your mother

the day after tomorrow?

A message from my mom?

What do I serve you?

Brother Tonio, are you back?

Come on jump.. jump high

Marhi or Amedio

At least my dad's supposed to come home early today

He must be busy

And do not forget that I did not inform him of my arrival that day

Can't you stay with us until dinner?

Unfortunately I can't

I have to start studying for the exams


And I have some office work to do in the hospital

Excuse me, Marco

I think you fine

This is how my father does every day

He doesn't care about me, you, or even my mom!

And he always has no time for us!

All he thinks about is work and nothing else

He even works on Sundays

I understand how you feel

But I know that the same is difficult for our father as well

an idea! Let's have our lunch outside

Then after that

I don't want any lunch!

Hey Marco!

Where are you going?


How simple is your life

Little monkey, would you like to dance too?

I own two beautiful dancing shoes

I put them on my feet and I dance and spin

I have a very beautiful brooch

My bouncy pin will sing and spin with me

Who are you, sir?

A respectful and kind man

Allow me to give you the flowers that adorn my hair

you are amazing

The doll really looked like she was dancing

Fiorina, you'd better invite your friends inside

!my sister

What's your name, boy?

Marco Rossi

My name is Kunshita

And that girl with a frowning face is called Fiorina

As for this little girl, she is called Julieta

Monkey, monkey!

Don't, you'll scare the monkey away

Monkey monkey




Let's go

Watch this

nice to meet you

Good news

There is a ship that leaves in five days and for half the price of the ticket

We will be able to secure the amount if we put in more effort

The problem is after we arrived

It doesn't matter, we'll manage as soon as we get there

Let's go to a new land

To Argentina!

I apologize

Can I really go to Argentina for half the ticket price?

Of course, the offer also includes children's tickets

And who are you?

!my dad

He passed out!

I told that doctor several times

That I will pay for my daughter's medication as soon as she is well

I beg you, Mr. Rossi, I'm sure she'll get better

Please, she needs medicine

I'll talk to the doctor, wait a second

Help yourself

Marco, do you want to see your father?


Are you Mr. Rossi's son?


So if

I am grateful

Your father is a good man that you should be proud of

Give her medicine



Thank you with all my heart

Wait at the pharmacy


Here you go

Ammar or Marco?

Dad! Mr. Pipino has a fever


He needs the doctor quickly


I know how keen your father is to help the poor

As I know for sure

That the clinic does not run its affairs without his presence

But of course everything has limits

I wonder if his work was worth sacrificing his family for

You have a cold

Cold? Is that all?

Don't underestimate it, your condition may get worse

The worst part is paying the doctor's fees

A showman like me can't afford to pay

Oh! I got a fever!

My father


You are the first person to view my review

My dad didn't say it outright, but he thinks I lack talent

All I'm good at is taking care of my sister, Julieta

He is right

I'm not good enough to perform

And if my father and sister face a problem, you see me unable to help them

Everything I do fails in the end

..but at that moment, me

Yes, the doll did look like she was dancing

I was really amazed

Your thank you, Marco

The Peppino family will leave for Argentina after five days

They asked me to accompany them

I didn't tell you, Dad, but I was saving my money all the time

Hoping to visit my mother in Argentina one day

Dad, I am determined to go to her at any cost

Take it easy, Marco, I can't let you go

I don't know what Mr. Pipino told you this

But the journey to Argentina is a long and arduous one

Even the adults themselves


I understand your concern for your mother

I am the one who makes the decisions in the end

But three months have passed

There in Buenos Aires

Your mother's sponsor is Mr. Mikens

He will contact us if anything happens

Got it?

I don't want you to argue with me about it again

I apologize

The ship with my mother's letter on board has finally arrived

!my lady

I have come to receive my mother's letter

my lady?

Why mom why?

Undoubtedly, something bad happened to her

If only I could travel to Argentina to help you, Mum

Marco hasn't visited us anymore lately

It's hard for him to see us as we prepare to leave for his mother's

Indeed, he was very much looking forward to going with us





Was your girlfriend on that ship?

Everyone leaves

That ship, too, will sail for South America in ten days

You will dock in the Brazilian capital, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

My son sneaks up on deck?

The descriptions we received indicate that he is Marco

I didn't have to tell him anything at all

Is this boy your son?

It's Marco

I learned the whole story

You have a brave boy whose eyes made me cry

How about you let him travel with us?

But this ship will not go to Argentina

We have a shipment that needs to be moved to Buenos Aires

I'll talk to the captain in Rio de Janeiro about getting your son with her

What do you say sir?

Please, Dad, let me go to Argentina

I have to check on my mother's condition

If you will take me home

Trust me I'll run again


Will you go to her instead of me?

Thank you very much, Dad

Finally, tomorrow we will arrive in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil Rio de Janeiro

What an old and worn out ship

She is coming from Naples, and her next stop will be Buenos Aires

The captain knows about you

So no need to worry

Thank you

Here's some food

..not much but it

Ammar or Marco?

Chef Leonardo

I don't know how to express my thanks to you


We pray that you find your mother as soon as possible

Now take care of yourself

You are present

monkey this

Take, Amedeo

It usually falls to the ground

Come on.. Amedeo

Where are you from boy?

I'm from Genoa, and my name is Marco Rossi

My name is Federico from Sicily

And this is Lenarta

As for this little boy, he is called Nino

nice to meet you


Your father cannot leave Genoa

Because of the nature of his important work

...before my mother passed away

I did not behave well with her

That's why I have to find her

I make sure she is fine

Oh boy!

This is how the real Italian is

Marco Genoa, you are truly brave

And I, Federico, tip my hat to you


What? What will happen to us?

This ship is definitely doomed

Don't lose control of the ship!


..the ship will

The ship is sinking

it's the end


Calm down everyone


Said Federico

Here he came today

The time has come to leave

I love you, my dear Bella, but goodbye

Bye Bella, bye bye

Be brave and don't lose your Italian pride

Come on, let's all sing

Here he came today

The time has come to leave

I love you, my dear Bella, but goodbye

Bye Bella, bye bye

I will take the path to freedom

Lightning may shine in the sky

I love you, Bella, but bye

Pull yourself together and listen to them

I will face the fierce winds and find a way to a new morning

Argentina Buenos Aires

Fifty-five pesos and sixty cents

You have become rich

This is for a return ticket

Be careful not to lose it


Excuse me, I want to spend lira

And now we must say goodbye, Marco

Thank you for everything

Farewell, Uncle Federico

Farewell, Mrs. Lennarta

Take care of yourself, Marco


Goodbye or Nano

Goodbye or Marco


I see autumn has come here

Isn't this strange

Sorry boy, are you okay?

It's my fault, I didn't notice you

It's okay then, bye

I apologize

What's up?

How do I get to Los Artes?

Los Arts?

Can you read?


This will make things easier

Go straight this way

And you will find a board in the corner with the name of the neighborhood written on it

Then you have arrived

Thank you uncle

Los Arts, dorm #

Finally we are in Los Artes, Amedeo

Residence No.

Dorm No.

Dorm No.

from here

He's next!

In that house my mother lives

Is anyone here?

one moment please

What do I serve you?

I am Marco, son of Mrs. Anna Rossi



I come from Genoa in Italy

Isn't this Mr. Meekins' residence?


Mr. Meekins' family moved out of here about two months ago

They moved!

To where?

If I remember correctly, they moved to Cordoba


Specifically to San Martin Square in Cordoba

But I'm not completely sure

It's okay I'll go there

Thank you, madam

One ticket to Cordoba, please

Ashrun Bizo

What's wrong with you boy?

My money.. I lost it

I don't have time for your games, boy

Next please

Honestly, the money was here in my pocket

Get out of the way or this

All passengers on the Cordoba train must board immediately

Everyone get up!



Where are you going?

Let one of you catch the boy

Stand there!

Wait for me

This is dangerous!

I got you

Let me go

I have to take that train

Please stop him, someone stop him

You almost k*lled yourself by doing this

How can I meet my mother now?

I'm tired, let me sleep a little, Amedeo

ladies and gentlemen

Today we present to you a comic tragedy

heroine of this tragedy


Marco, Marco




Fiorina, I...I


So if

Your mother is in Cordoba now

This explains why we can't find it here

Actually I am very glad to see you guys

Now I will find my mother in Cordoba for sure

without any money?

In this case I will go on foot

impossible! The distance to there is more than km


There in Cordoba I will be with my mother

This is my consolation, I must go

my dad

my dad

no no

I will not travel to such a far place

Please, dad

I said no means no

Going to Cordoba would cost us a great deal of money

Come on everyone, get ready for tonight's show

I own two beautiful dancing shoes

I put them on my feet and I dance and spin

I have a very beautiful brooch

My bouncy pin will sing and spin with me

Who are you, sir?

A respectful and kind man

Allow me to give you the flowers that adorn my hair

I have a very beautiful brooch

My bouncy pin will sing and spin with me


Well done

You have been well received by the public

Go ahead, this is your lot

By the way, sir, do you have any friends in Cordoba?

Maybe, but I don't remember

Today marks a new beginning for Lucky Peppino

We are sure to be very popular in the distant city of Cordoba

Let's go out there and do our best

I see you're in high spirits, Dad

My dream will come true in Cordoba

Our new duo of Fiorina and Amedeo

The audience will be presented with an unmissable show

Come horses, lead us to Cordoba

What is there, or Marco?

the sky

what is the matter with her?

I've never seen the sky so wide before


Cordoba is one of the most ancient cities in Italy

I have always wanted to see this ancient city

Lam Yatbagh to Al-Qalil or Marko

Right, I can't wait to see her

Marco, do you know why my dad decided to take you with us?


He didn't do it just for you

what do you mean?

My mother abandoned us and left us

Right after my sister Julieta was born

She didn't even think of saying goodbye

I just left

The weather is cold

She never loved us and never liked the puppet show

That's why my father didn't stand in her way

Sorry, I acted selfishly


I'm just sad for Julieta

As for me and my sister, we don't need a mother

We all know how excited you are to meet your mom

However, my father is the one who feels you the most among us

So, Marco, don't think we're doing you a favor by going to Córdoba

Do you understand me?

!Let's go

Dad woke up!

My sister suddenly collapsed, wake up dad

Hurry up, my father

my sister

The analgesic seems to have taken effect

Thank you very much for your help

Its current status is stable

You must take her to the hospital as soon as possible

hospital! Is her condition that bad?


But we must get to Cordoba

Her current situation does not allow her to travel

At least.. I have to get the boy to Rosario


Please understand, Fiorina, that this is the best solution for Marco

Colonel Barrientos?

The man is retired and is considered one of the most prominent figures in the city of Rosario

I was told to call him in an emergency


Tomorrow morning, Sister Margarita will go to Rosario

You must go with it

There is this colonel who will help you if you need anything

Syed Babino

Let me stay with you until Conchita's condition is better


You should not forget the goal for which you came all this distance

It's for my mother.. for me to find her

Then you must go to Rosario

If it were up to us, we'd accompany you there

Promise me that you will introduce me to your mother when we meet in Genoa one day

I have to stay with my sister in her illness

So I can't come down to say goodbye to you tomorrow

Marco, I am sure you will find your mother

To Fiorina... I leave in your hands a picture of my mother

Hoping to meet you again one day

..and until then





I bring a formal letter of recommendation to the colonel


The colonel is not at home right now

Yesterday he left for Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires?

Nobody's here, so leave now

Excuse me.. but the colonel is supposed to help me get to Córdoba

Nobody informed me of that

I know exactly why you came here

You have come to ask for a job and a place to stay, aren't you right?

Not true! My mother is over there in Cordoba

your mom?


I came from Italy looking for it

But now I lack the money and the friends to count on

Many people like you come here asking for help

Their argument for that.. no friends, no money, and letters of recommendation

I know it's hard for you to believe me

But the matter is not what you think

Come on admit you came here for the money

Don't think that such a lie can fool me

a lie?

Exactly, who would believe you came all this way here alone

You only came for money and nothing else, beggar


I don't lie

Watch out!

Are you okay boy?

Marco! Are you Marco?

This is me, Federico, we were in the same boat

Uncle Federico?

Of course, now tell me what happened to you

Uncle Federico!

Attention, gentlemen Italians!

This boy in front of you came from Genoa to Argentina on his own

The poor fellow was scolded by a stranger

He has been accused of lying for money

And expelled as stray dogs are expelled

This terrible

Or for the child

Money did not motivate him to come to Rosario

Please tell them the story, sir

This boy sitting in front of you is called Marco

Marco came to this country alone in search of his mother

whose messages were suddenly cut off

After she was sending it monthly to her family

But as soon as he arrived in Buenos Aires, he was shocked by her departure from the aforementioned address

It was his bad luck that all his money was stolen

However, all these obstacles did not deter him from continuing to search for his mother

He finally found that she had moved to Córdoba

And so he arrived in Rosario, hard-won

Although he was carrying a letter of recommendation

It was the treatment he received

It really is a terrible story!

It really is a terrible story!

He is a good boy who loves his mother

I will do anything to get them together again

Uncle Federico

Here we go, asking for help from you guys

I see twenty Italians in front of me in this place

If you each donated pesos

The boy will be able to get the fare for the train to Cordoba

that is all what I have

Let us unite our efforts to help this poor boy

Or are you going to abandon him as if he were a stray dog?

Impossible! Let me help!

Come on, Mr. Rizal, let me go to my pocket

Use this hat!

Well, put the money in here

Hand me the hat

Pass it on to us! Hey, it's my turn!

You little one

This is financial compensation for the ill-treatment you were subjected to

Find your mother, and be happy in her shadow

..I am

Thank you all

Thank you uncle

This is the favor that was presented to you today

You should give it back someday if you are in need

When the time comes, do what you can to help


On to the next stop... Cordoba

Finally you will meet your mother tomorrow, Marco

Thank God, I'm happy for you

thank you

thank you

Thank you all

Finally.. I will see my mother



Is this Mr. Meekins' Inn?

..I apologize

In this house my mother resides, Amedeo

Excuse me.. is anyone here?

!Said McInnes, Said McInnes

Oh boy!

Did you come to see the Meekins family?


They no longer live in this house

They moved to Tucuman about a month ago


They were not long in coming here

Is it far from here?

Six hundred kilometers to the north

Six hundred kilos?

Are you cold, Amedeo?

Let's look for a place to sleep

We will go to Tucuman tomorrow morning

Let me.. let me go

Are you well?

Are you his partner?

You filth, you don't belong here, go back where you came from!


There is no reason for you to be so rude to me

Yeah, act like a gentleman?

what did you say


I will never forget you two

My name is Pablo

My name is Marco, and this is Amedeo

Nice to meet you

It would be my pleasure

Well, come to my house, I'll make you dinner

But I can't

what is stopping you? Where do you live tonight?

not yet

Then you will be my guest tonight

Thank you, Pablo

Welcome back, brother

dinner is ready

You should be in bed, Joanna

I feel so much better today

who is he?

Siddiqui Marco

Good evening, nice to meet you

good evening


His name is Amedeo

Nice to meet you, Amedeo

I will bring more food

No, I will do this for you

You go back to bed

Here, Amedeo, here

My sister looks very happy

We are not used to the influx of visitors

I am happy to have you with us

Marco, will you let me sleep with Amedeo?

Of course, Amedeo will be happy about that

Thank you Lek or Marco

Marco, you really are a great boy


Come on.. let's clear the table

Tamasaki or Joana

What is the matter?

You have a heart att*ck

She shouldn't have exhausted herself

!This terrible

Be strong please

We should call the doctor, Pablo


No doctor will come here

But the fever almost kills her


How do you know we didn't go to the hospital?

Nobody accepted our help

As soon as they find out where we live

So that their treatment of us is worse than the treatment of animals

Marco.. where are you going?

Asmadi or Joana

Hold on

Good evening, I know it's late but it's an emergency

A little girl has a fever

Is this relief?

in the San Pedro neighborhood

San Pedro neighborhood?

A. Yes

Sorry I can't help you, the doctor is not available right now

!please I beg you

Please.. open the door

!go from here

Otherwise, I called the police

Otherwise, I called the police

Please.. I need help, there is a sick girl

Who's at it?

Where does the patient live?

It's in San Pedro

San Bedro

If it is about money, I have it

The patient is a young girl with a high fever

Do you have twenty pesos?

Seeking a doctor at such times costs a lot

If I use this money now, I can't go to Tucuman

What is with you?


Send for a doctor, please

This injection will lower her temperature

All you need now is rest and you will be fine after that

Thank you very much, Doctor

Thank God, you will be fine.. Thank God

I'm happy for her, thank God, Amedeo


My mom

Just wait, soon we'll be together

Hear me, Marco.. This is the only way to get to Tucuman

Don't worry, I've done it many times

Hi or Marco

We succeeded

After equipped

Listen, don't make any movement or sound no matter what

promise me

I promise you

Take this

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Marco

You saved my sister's life

I am ready to do anything for you

I will never forget this favor

I hope this coat can help you warm your body

Thank you, Pablo

Be careful not to let Amedeo slip away


Don't let him get away!

He's a hacker!

You are trapped

Let me.. leave me alone!

silent! I will teach you a lesson you will not forget

Take this

Don't forget the promise.. Don't forget your promise to me

I made a promise!

Stop making that fuss




stay still!

Forgive me.. forgive me, Pablo

What is that monkey!

Where are you Amedeo?

Show yourself, I know you're here

Get out now or you'll hurt your monkey

Let's search the other cart


Please don't hurt Amedeo

If we follow this track, Amedeo, we will come to Tucuman

Wait, comrades!

Please take me with you to Tucuman


I beg you to wait



Are you cold, Amedeo?

But there is very little left

And then we'll be with my mom

My mom

You see, Amedeo, it's my mother

She's there

My mom

Why are you going? My mom

Wait for me, mom

..sorry mom

I can't continue walking

I can't take another step

My mom

My mom

Thank you uncle


That's it

Finally, I will be with my mother

I beg your pardon.. I beg your pardon

What do I serve you?

My name is Marco Rossi and I come from Genoa

Marco Rossi?


Sir.. what a disaster, sir

Are you really Marco Rossi?


How did I get here? Didn't you get my message?

Marco... Thank God for bringing you to us

Listen Marco

Would you please follow me

My mom

..My mom

Mother Mother

What happened to you, mom?

My mom

Taal or Bani

Let me!

My mom

Open your eyes and look at me

Did not you know me?

It's me, Marco

My mom

My mom

My mom

Mr. Mikens, what's wrong with my mother... what's wrong with her?

Syed McInnes

Syed McInnes


Syed McInnes


..Sid Meekins

Please save my mother

I beg you

I don't want my mother to die

Please help her

Please help her

Save her


Help mom please

Help her


..My mom

I am here by your side, I will never leave you

I will always be by your side please

Do everything you can to heal quickly not leave me

Do not leave me alone

Don't die

Don't leave me, mom




Marco or dear

My mom


My mom

My mom

My mom

And my beloved Marco

mother Mother

Let's go back together to Genoa

My father and brother are all waiting for you

They are waiting for our return

My mom

My mom

Doctor, thank you very much for everything you do

Let this gratitude motivate you to help those in need

I hear you're interested in medicine


I also heard that your father works in a clinic


My dream is to become a doctor

So I can help people

Just like my dad

..when your dream comes true

come back here

We will look forward to the day when we meet again
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