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Merry Christmas (2024)

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- Merry Christmas!

- Merry Christmas!

- Everyone is so happy.

- Yes.

People must think we're happy as well.

But I am happy.

What about you?

I don't know.

But Jerome is definitely happy.


Annie's father.

My husband.

He's celebrating Christmas

in his girlfriend's bed in Orlem.

I'm sorry.

"The night is darkest before dawn."


Excuse me.

Over here!

Can you pass the screwdriver?

That's the one. Yeah.

Thank you.

- Hey! Albert!

- Hi, Uncle.

- When did you arrive?

- Just now.

Give me a minute.

I forgot to tighten the screw.

That's it.




You've come back after so many years.

The entire city is lit up

to welcome you home.

Come on.

Your mother was unwell,

but she always kept her home

neat and clean.

Albert, she passed away peacefully.

She didn't suffer at all.

I used to feel bad when I read

that the food wasn't any good there.

Your mother's eyes had weakened.

She couldn't read.

So, I read your letters out loud to her.

She wanted each letter

to be read ten times.

Thanks, Uncle.

Thanks for everything.

Come on, Albert.

One minute.

Hold on. I'll be right back.



Welcome home!

I made this wine myself.

It's a hobby.

Now that I'm retired...

- Is this Arabic? "Yadhoom?"

- Oh, no!

I invented this name.

Since the dawn of time,

this world has been turning.

Do you know the reason behind it?

We're all looking for that one moment.

And when that moment arrives,

we understand that

every aspect of life has been...

in sweet anticipation of it.

When I had the first sip

of the wine I made...

I realized I had found

that special moment.

The Japanese have a name

for all their philosophies.

So, I invented a name as well.


You may not find your

"Yadhoom" moment in this bottle.

You might find it elsewhere.

But when you do,

make sure you recognize it.

Grab it. Hold it tight.

Don't let it go.

I'm off!

Oh, yes!

Dinner is at our place tonight. Okay?

My wife is making chicken curry.

No, Uncle.

I'll be going out today.

Oh, good idea! Go on.

Is Mr. Devraj there?

My name is Albert Arogyasami.

Tell him I called.


Here. Okay?

- I'm going to keep it there.

- Yeah.

Ten rupees.

Hello, sir.

How may I help you?

I'll take this one.

Albert? Celine's son?

So you're back!

- How was Dubai?

- Too much discipline.

Hello, sir. How many?

Just me. I'll go to the bar.

Okay, this way, sir.

Please come.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

These scars...

On this heart of mine

Everyone says...

They are pointless

These heartaches...

Are worth the pain

So, I'll keep falling...

In love

I'll keep making this mistake

I'll choose him

Whether he loves me or not

I'll choose him

Whether he loves me or not

Just for the hell of it!

Chetan, some warm water.

I'm expecting a call.

Let me know.

- Sorry, sorry...

- No, no! Please come.

Is there a teddy bear at that table?


And there's a lady and a child.

Please tell the lady that

I had to leave for urgent work,

and not to wait for me.

Thank you so much!

Please continue.

Shall I cut it for you?

Let me do it.

Excuse me, ma'am.

He had to leave for some urgent work.

- He said not to wait.

- Sorry. Who?

The guy in the suit... red tie.

He didn't mention his name.

Thank you.

Annie, stop.

Don't make that noise.

He really did have urgent work.


This lonely city

Eat your food, don't play with it.

- Eat.

- This thirsting city

Oh, time!

Won't you stop passing us by?

Who knows

-It may be in my reach

-Annie, don't play with your food!

- You've made a mess.

- That abundant

Love of yours

-Nights refuse to end


Do you want some ice cream?

Excuse me.

One strawberry ice cream, please.

The stars

That shine and fade

Wrapped in night's embrace

Hidden in their folds...

Are our unlived moments

Forever losing my heart

To a stranger

Forever losing my heart

To a stranger

I'll keep making this mistake

I'll choose him

Whether he loves me or not

I'll choose him...

Whether he loves me or not

For the hell of it!

Three tickets.


Right here.

This is fine.

You want to pee?

Let's go. Hurry up.

No. Leave the teddy here.

We'll ask the gentleman.

Excuse me.

- Would you mind...

- Okay. Sure, I'll take care.

Thank you.

He tried to run away twice!

I held him tight.

What happened?

No. You just had ice cream.



A movie is no fun without popcorn.

What's your name?


Annie, how's the popcorn?

Do you like it?

Annie, won't you talk to me?

Why not?

She can't speak.


I'm sorry.

And the nose got longer!

And longer! And longer!

Thank you.

Shall I get you a taxi?

No. We live nearby.

- We'll walk.

- Okay.

Can I drop Sir Teddy home?

What about the film?

I've seen it before.

It's been my favorite film

since childhood.

I'd keep checking

if my nose was getting longer.

Not now.

Back when I was a kid.

- I see.

- Sir is getting sleepy.


Do you live nearby?

Yes, behind the fire station.

I see.

We live near Bahram Manzil.

It's Christmas.

Your family must be waiting for you.

I'm on my own.

My mother passed away last year.

I was missing her a lot.

So, I decided to go out for the evening.

I don't remember my parents at all.

They passed away

when I was Annie's age.

It's difficult to say

whose loss is more significant.

What work do you do?

I tear down beautiful old houses

and construct small apartment buildings.

I'm an architect.

You must have seen the ad?

"Here, you don't buy a house,

you buy happiness."

Can happiness be bought?

What do you do?

Nothing great.

I have a small bakery.

Family business.

We supply butter biscuits

to schools and government canteens.


Nothing like dipping a butter biscuit

into some hot tea!

You make the world a happier place

every morning.

If you don't mind,

shall I carry her for a while?


- She's heavy.

- She's light as a feather.

- Merry Christmas!

- Merry Christmas!

- Everyone looks so happy.

- Yes.

People must think we're happy as well.

But I am happy.

What about you?

Jerome is definitely happy.


Annie's father. My husband.

He's celebrating Christmas

in his girlfriend's bed in Orlem.

- You know, in life...

- Yeah, yeah.

I know.

"The night is darkest just before dawn."


No one should be alone during Christmas.

I thought to myself,

why should I stay home feeling sad?

I'll also go on a date.

Take revenge on my husband.

Sort of.

My date was impressive

on the phone.

Successful investment banker.

But I guess he turned out to be

a pretty bad investment.

How come?

I warned my date I was married.

And I had a daughter.

But he didn't expect me

to bring Annie on our date.

After exchanging greetings,

he said that he needed

to use the washroom.

- You know what happened after that.

- Yeah.

He didn't even finish his beer.

I've let go of many things in life,

but I've never let go of chilled beer!

Can I offer you a drink?

Anything fermented will do.

Except for dosa batter.

It's a joke.

Please come in.

Thank you.

Your house is beautiful.

It's a bit of a mess.

Whisky? Wine?


Sorry, I forgot, there's no ice.

Is that okay?

Yeah, that's okay.

Please help yourself.



She can sleep through a storm.

Didn't you notice?

The movie was really loud,

but she slept through it.

What will you have?

Give me a minute.

I'll tuck Annie into bed.

- Jerome?

- Our honeymoon. In Mauritius.

You both seem very happy.

Who frames pictures of themselves crying?

I must go and tidy up.

Santa will come tonight.

He'll bring Annie lots of presents.

Close your eyes and go to sleep.

Thank you, baby...

for not letting Mummy go mad.

Oh, my God!

What have I done?

Hey, you haven't touched your drink.

Were you waiting for me?

I'm not that nice of a guy!

It's my second.

The fish that I'm holding

is a blue marlin.

It took Jerome two hours to catch it.

But two seconds

after the photograph was taken,

I made him throw it back

into the sea.

It must still be swimming somewhere.

Does a fish remember?

Of course.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

My heart is as light-headed as rum cake

Everyone looks sweet and kind

This is a special day

Love isn't far away

This is a night of magic and mystery

When a red cherry meets a dry sherry

Blessings rain down from the sky

With colors that please the eye

Let us hold hands and dance

Our words will turn to prayers

We will dance and sway

You and I

Without a key

The door of our hearts will unlock

Merry Christmas to you and me!

Merry Christmas to you and me!

Just this once

This heady feeling

Is slowly overcoming me

Just... this once

Let me lose myself

In the deep blue sea

Just this once

This heady feeling

Is slowly overcoming me

Just... this once

Let me lose myself

In the deep blue sea

This night is a starlit night

A night when lovers lose their hearts

Love is an obsession

Love can bring peace

All roads lead to this moment

This night is a starlit night

A night when lovers lose their hearts

Love is an obsession

Love can bring peace

All roads lead to this moment

Without a key

The door of our hearts will unlock

Merry Christmas to you and me!

I've never done this before.

She knows how to dance.

I usually only dance in my head.

Don't know why...

I let myself go today.

What I meant was I've never invited

a stranger into my house before.

But it feels good.

I just might do it again.

Very good idea. Please continue.

- Invite me as well.

- Okay.

- Cheers!

- Cheers!



Are you single?

Or did you hide your wedding ring

in your pocket upon seeing me?


It's beautiful.

Whose is it?



It's a long story.

The short version?

You know that romantic movie?

Dil Diya Dard Liya.

I thought only men experienced

love at first sight.

But Rosie fell for me as well.

Then came the promises,

the poetry, the dreams,

and then the villains.

My mother didn't like Rosie.

Rosie's husband didn't like me.


Rosie was my boss' wife.

We ran away to Goa.

We were very happy for two months.

Then a thick envelope

arrived at our hotel.

It was from her husband.

It had their divorce papers. Signed.

I bought this ring...

hoping to surprise Rosie.

But I got a surprise.

Rosie left me a letter saying

she was going back to her husband.

End of the story.

Why are you still hanging onto that ring?

The day I forget her,

I'll throw it away.

The day you throw it away,

you'll forget her.

Do you still think

she'll come back to you?


She's dead.

So sorry.

It was seven years ago.

I left town.

My mother d*ed while I was away.

I've come home today after many years.

If the person we love dies...

or the love they feel for us dies...

we are the ones who really die.

- One more?

- Yes.

My story also began

seven years ago.

I was in a bad relationship.

Jerome was my boyfriend's friend.

He had one of those Kawasakis.

Every time I heard the sound

of his bike, it made me happy.

When I rode behind him on his bike,

my problems vanished.

I'd lie to my boyfriend,

saying I was going to see a film...

and meet Jerome instead.

Mind you, we were just friends.

I'd share all my problems with him.

He understood me.

He gave me the courage

to get out of that mess and...

I did.

I left my boyfriend.

It wasn't long before

Jerome proposed to me.

I was a little surprised,

but I was so happy.

Our romance was like one of those

giant wheels going up and up and up.

Three weeks later,

we were married.

But as quickly as

the giant wheel went up...

it came crashing down more rapidly.

Then I saw Jerome's true colors.

One day I went to see a film.

When I came home,

Jerome was furious.

He knew I used to lie about watching

a movie in order to meet him instead.

So, he was convinced

I was doing the same thing to him.

He became so suspicious

that he never trusted me again.

He suspected everything I did.

He'd pick a fight over nothing.

He started using dr*gs...

behaving completely psychotic.

Half the time, he wouldn't come home.

One day, I followed him

just to see where he was going.

I saw him with some girl.

When I confronted him,

he said I was to blame.

That I had driven him to this.

Classic abuser technique.

Blame the victim instead.

I could've tolerated that.

Then he started thinking...

He started thinking

Annie wasn't his child.

The way he behaved with Annie...

Suddenly, one day,

Annie stopped talking.


enough about me.

Can you only make swans?



Rabbits. Boats.

My mother taught me.

Oh. I thought you were making

a flying swan paper wish.

- Flying swan paper wish?

- Never heard of it?


It's a Japanese ritual.

Make two more.

I'll show you.

Make a wish, make a wish.


Oh, no!

I couldn't think of anything.

It's okay. We have plenty more.


Try it.

My turn.

Last chance.

What did you wish for?

It won't come true if I tell you.

Please! That's a superstition.

And what is this?

This is also a superstition.

Okay, tell me.

If I hadn't kidnapped you today,

what were your plans?

The plan was to meet a beautiful lady

at a restaurant,

go to a movie with her,

go home with her,

and have a couple of drinks.

And then?

Only she could say what happens next.

Choose one.

Good choice.

I'll be right back.

Annie's asleep.

We'll be back within the hour.

Is this dress okay?

It's gorgeous.

Where are we going?

Time travel.

Seven years ago,

when I first wore this dress...

I was single.

I was neither married

nor did I have any responsibilities.

When I was a free bird!

And you were...

I don't know.


What would you say if you met

my suspicious husband downstairs?

I'd say, "Merry Christmas."

"Hi, sir. How are you, sir?"

I'd introduce myself.

Amazing! You still haven't

told me your name.

Oh, sorry! My name is...

Never mind.

Let's remain strangers.

It happened one lonely night

Alone she was, in a lonely town

I asked her

"Haven't we met somewhere before?"


She lowered her eyes

Her gait changed

She came a little closer

Then steadying herself

Softly, she said something to me

That made my heart quicken

What did she say?

Yes, we have met

A thousand times

I am the rising desert sand

You, a passing caravan

Lost in each other's embrace

I am the rising desert sand

You, a passing caravan

Do you believe in God?

I do, on nights like these.


But when I stand before Him someday...

will He believe me?

Like you have your dress,

I have a time travel spot.

A strange thing happened

One lonely night

In the crowded city

I met him among the throng

I asked him

"Haven't we met somewhere before?"

He looked at me with a hint of a smile

He said he felt the stirring of a memory

A secret, long hidden

What was it?

- "Albert, the ultimate."

- Yes, we have met

A thousand times

I am the rising desert sand

You, a passing caravan

Lost in each other's embrace

I am the rising desert sand

You, a passing caravan

The fire station.

Don't you live nearby?

First left.

Shall we go to your place?

Can I tell you something?

When I first saw you

at the restaurant,

I was reminded of Rosie.

Do I look like her?

Not at all.


This is my home.

My parents.

That's me with my father.

I was in seventh grade.

I'll be right back.


My neighbor made it himself.

This is my first time trying it.

- Cheers!

- Cheers!

It's good, right?

That's my room.

It was opened today after years.

"Night Rose..."

- You can't read that!

- Hey!

Give it back.


No, no!

Give it here.

Okay, fine.

"Night Rose. Part 3.

By Gilbert."


If it became famous, my own name

shouldn't become infamous.




No, no, no.

Mr. Albert!

Oh, my God!

What have you written?!

I'm sorry.

How old were you?


Are you okay?


Wine stain.

My favorite dress.

You're probably getting late.


Time travel isn't as easy

as I thought.


Don't be sorry.

These three hours were like

a beautiful dream for me.

Before an alarm goes off

and I wake up,

I should go.

It's almost midnight.

Let's bring in Christmas together.

Your burning swan wish really works.

My name is Maria.





Is he alive?


Annie! Annie!

- Jerome...

- Calm down.

What the hell!

Calm down.

Calm down. It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

No, don't go there.

Just sit. Sit here.

Relax, okay?

I'll see. Wait here.


Is that his g*n?


It's Jerome's.

An ambulance...

We should phone the hospital.

He's dead. His body is cold.


Call the police, please.

Call the police. Hurry!

I don't understand.

What is this?

It's the note...

I left for Jerome.

No. We mustn't touch anything.

Let the police come.

What happened?

I must go.

I shouldn't be here.


I must leave before the police

get here, Maria.

What do you mean?

I was in jail for m*rder.

- I was released earlier today.

- m*rder?


What are you saying?


I m*rder*d her. I k*lled her.

I'm sorry.

I have to go, Maria.

You'll get into trouble because of me.

The police will think

we conspired together to...

You know...

Get out now.

Please leave. Please.

I'm sorry.

- Get out.

- I'm sorry.

Get out!

I am sorry.

Get out!

- Just get out of here, please!

- Yes. Just one minute.

What are you doing?

Just leave it!


Get out, please!

Please go!

- Get out!

- Yeah, Maria.

- What do you want?

- Yeah, Maria.

Get out!

- Yeah.

- Just get out...

Yes, yes.

Don't you understand?

Get out of here!

- Just get out!

- Yeah, Maria. One minute.

I'm sorry, Maria.

I wish I could've helped you.

Leave! Please just leave!


But why?

What have I been saying?

I didn't hear you.

Albert, this is not going to work out.

- I'm going back home.

- Why?

- Why?

- Gosh! It's not practical!

- Didn't that strike you before?

- You still don't get it!

I love you.

And I love you.

This is why I like you.

This is exactly why

we belong together.

And we just discussed

why that's not possible.

Okay. Fine.

Make me a dosa.

Fresh mollagapodi.


I could eat your dosas forever.

Your dosas make me high,

so my words slipped out.

If I have any skill at all,

it's making dosas.

Like RD's music.

Einstein's equations.

If the world remembers Albert,

it will be for his dosas.

For the rest of my life,

I'd happily feed dosas

to you and our three kids.

One will look like you,

the second like me, and the third like us.

We'll give the girl a boy's name

and the boy a girl's name.

All their names will start with a Z,

so their teachers will call them last.

For the past two days,

I've been thinking about

how to propose to you.

Then I had this idea.

No more dosa for me.

I'm asking for the last time.

Please, Rosie,

let's get married.


you're k*lling me.

We were chatting happily.

About a home, family, and children.

Then I proposed.

I don't remember after that.

Sometime later, I saw that...

she was lying there dead.

The police station or the court.

I'm ready to confess.

I k*lled Rosie.

I m*rder*d her.

One black coffee.

- How much?

- Two rupees, sir.


Four coffees.

Hello, madam.

It's too late to be roaming about

with a child.

We're going to the church

for Midnight Mass.

Ma'am, it's Christmas.

There are drunks everywhere.

It's risky.

Get a taxi for madam.

Ma'am, come this way.


Thank you.

Drive them carefully.

Bye-bye! Ta-ta!

Cute baby.

Excuse me...

Sorry, brother.

Brother, sorry.

Sorry, brother! I'm sorry!

Sorry, brother.

- Merry Christmas.

- Merry Christmas.

Ring Christmas bells, merrily ring

Tell all the world Jesus is King

Ring Christmas bells, merrily ring

Tell all the world Jesus is King

Loudly proclaim with one accord

The happy tale, welcome the Lord

Ring Christmas bells

Sound far and near

The birthday of Jesus is here

Herald the news to old and young

Tell it to all in every tongue

Ring Christmas bells, merrily ring

Tell all the world Jesus is King

Loudly proclaim with one accord

The happy tale, welcome the Lord

Come all you people

Join in the singing

Repeat the story told by the ringing

Ring, ring, ring, ring

Ring Christmas bells, merrily ring

Tell all the world Jesus is King

Loudly proclaim with one accord

The happy tale, welcome the Lord

-Ring Christmas bells, merrily ring

-Ring, ring

-Tell all the world Jesus is King

-Ring, ring

Come, all you people

Join in the singing

Repeat the story told by the ringing

Ring Christmas bells, sound far and near

The birthday of Jesus is here

Herald the news to old and young

-Tell it to all in every tongue

-Are you okay? Let me help you.

-Ring, ring, ring, ring

-Be careful.

-Ring, ring, ring, ring

-Yeah. Okay.


Be careful. One more.


This is the last one.

One second.

Let me just make you sit here.



Just keep an eye on her.

The hospital is nearby.

I'll get the car. Okay?



For God's sake, go away.

Please go.

Are you fine?

Your watch.

I found it in the church.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah.

Please take care.

Come, let's go.

Just two to three steps.

Yeah. Come on.


That's nice.


One sec.

Can you drive?


Sit in front, baby.

Which hospital?

Bombay Hospital is close by.

Let's go there.

No, I don't need to go to the hospital.

I'll be fine.

- Please drop me home.

- Sure?

Where do you live?

Rose Manor.

Just behind Bahram Manzil.

You must be Rose.



My name is Albert.


Let me just help you.

Annie, give me the teddy.

Feeling better now?

I'm so sorry you missed Mass

because of me.

No, not at all.

Not a problem at all.

- Can I offer you a drink?

- Yeah, why not? Sure!

What do you say?

A small one?

Come on, let's go.

It's Christmas.

Your family must be waiting for you.

Excuse me.

The Good Lord knows how to keep me

in the right place at the right time.

I'm a lone wolf!

Here we are.


- Fancy lift!

- Thank you.

This is a very old building.

- Please come in.

- Thank you.



It's a bit of a mess.

Come, baby.

What can I get you?

Whatever you have.

Whisky? Wine?

Whisky is fine.

Oh, sorry.

I forgot, there's no ice.

- Is that okay?

- That's okay.

- Please help yourself.

- Thank you.

- Music?

- Yeah. Why not?

- Will you have some whisky?

- Yeah.

What's your poison?

Just give me a minute.

I'll tuck Annie into bed.


Come, baby.


Christmas has just turned merry!

What the hell is that?

- An old habit.

- Strange. Cheers!

Beautiful tree!

Tastefully done.

Look at this bird.

Amazing piece!

What are you looking at?


Know what I see?


Class whisky, class decor,

class music.

And above all, class lady.

This chap doesn't look classy.

It's definitely her husband.

- What is it?

- Nothing.

What do you think?

He's out of town? Divorced?

Or the poor guy is dead.

I definitely think that he's no more.

Come here.

What's the deal?

A gorgeous woman alone

with her young child on Christmas day?

You know that movie,

The Merry Widow?

You haven't seen it?

What do you do?

I'm an architect. In Dubai.

An architect? In Dubai?


You're here on your Christmas break?

I run a catering business.

High-end parties, celebrity weddings.

In fact, I've catered

for seven parties today.

There's one on a yacht right now.

What do you say?

Should I give it a sh*t?


She's all alone, man.

She even fainted.

She needs a little company, right?

Stay in your limit.

Why does Albert Pinto get so mad?

She didn't even look at you.

You can give it a sh*t as well.

I'm not stopping you.

Let's see who she chooses.

One stays, one goes.

Gentlemen's agreement.


What's with your attitude?

- This is the last warning.

- What warning?

I think I dropped my watch

in the church.

Did you check your bag?

How could her watch fall into her bag?

It must be in the church.

Let's go back. We'll find it.

Annie's asleep. Let's go.

We can come back quickly.

Yeah, of course. I'll drive you.

Anyway, who'd steal from a church?

We'll drop him off on the way.

Albert, your house is on the way, right?

It's a great idea.

- Ronnie, do you mind? The music.

- Yeah, sure.

The note's for my husband.

In case he comes home early.

- May I?

- Yeah, sure.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

I'm so sorry about all of this.

- No, that's okay...

- Actually, it was my mother's.



Thanks for the drink, ma'am.

No problem.

- Have fun.

- For sure. Merry Christmas!


Annie, it's me. Santa.

Mummy will be home soon.

You can come out.

Don't cry in front of Santa.

Very good.

Mummy will be back soon.

Shall I tell you a story till then?


What story shall I tell you?

About the swan?

Or the fish?


Many years ago,

in the sea,

there lived a baby fish

and a mummy fish.

They both sang beautifully.

A nasty demon happened

to hear them sing.

Oh, beautiful!

The demon kidnapped the mummy fish

and flew far away with her.

The baby fish was upset and weeping

but managed to swim ashore.

There she met a wise man

who was jogging.

He asked her, "Who are you?

What happened? Why are you crying?"

The baby fish told him

the whole story.

The wise man said...

"I will give you wings

so that you can find your mummy.

But what will you give me in return?"

The baby fish answered, "I love singing.

You can take my voice."

The wise man exclaimed,

"Okay! Done deal!"

The baby fish now found it had wings

but no voice.

Seeing that the baby was so kind,

the wise man gave her a teddy bear

and said, "He's your friend.

He'll help you."

So, they flew off

in search of her mummy.

Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!

At last, they found her.

The demon had locked her into a cage,

tortured her, and made her sing.

The baby fish tried her best

to rescue her mummy.

But she was only a child.

What could she do?

The baby fish cried inconsolably.

Her tears fell on the teddy bear.

Lo and behold! Magic!

Home sweet home!

The teddy bear kept growing

until he was as tall as a coconut tree.

He lashed out at the demon

and started to blow like a fierce wind,

crushing the demon's house

and his teeth.

The demon ran away.

By the way, you dance really well.

Thank you.

Mummy and her baby

went to thank the wise man.

"Sir, I'm very grateful to you.

But please give my baby her voice back."

The jogging wise man said,

"No, it's not possible.

But there's a way.

From today onward...

you'll never cry.

Always be brave.

One day, you'll meet a magician

who will say...


and your voice will return."

They were happy to hear this,

and mummy and baby fish

dived back into the sea.

Did you like the story?



Shall I tell you the story of a swan?


Oh, sh*t!

-Mummy's back,

-Don't touch anything!

- I should go.

- Annie! Annie!

- Annie!

- Is she okay?

Annie, why aren't you asleep?

I'll call the police.

Are you okay?

Did you see anything?

No? It's okay.

It's okay.

Mummy's here now. Okay?

Mummy's here.

- My name is Ronnie Fernandes.

- Go to sleep.

I'll be right back.

Look here.

Sleep next to Freddy, okay?

I think it's a case of su1c1de.

Go to sleep.


Note down the address.

Second floor. Rose Manor building.

Do you know Jupiter Bakery?

That's the building.



Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

We haven't touched anything.

Get out.

Get out.



Is Annie okay?

- She's fine.

- Thank God.

Let me sit with Annie for two minutes.

- Yeah. Sure.

- She'll sleep soon.

Yeah, you take your time.

The police are on their way.


Annie, don't worry!

Some of Mummy's friends

are coming over.

I'll be back soon.

When darkness falls

After the clock strikes midnight

A thief is seen lurking about

On a dimly lit street

A cry is heard

Thief, thief, thief!

In the shadowy lanes

When darkness falls

After the clock strikes midnight

A thief is seen lurking about

On a dimly lit street

A cry is heard

Thief, thief, thief!

Is Annie okay?

Please sit.

Can I get you some water?

The police are on their way.

Please don't worry.

Will you wait till they come?

Of course, Maria.

I'm here for you.

What do we tell the police?

The truth. What else?

We have nothing to hide.

You fainted in the church,

and I helped you come home.

You offered me a drink.

Then you realized you had lost your watch.

When we returned from the church,

your door was ajar. And your...

Don't look there.


let's not involve Albert.

The poor guy is here on a holiday.

He'll get unnecessarily entangled

with the police.

Maria, please don't worry.

I'm here.

- Are they Parsis?

- No, sir. Christians.

You take the elevator.


Didn't you go back to the church

to look for your watch?

And you found it at once.

So what took you so long?

The child was alone at home,

and the church is nearby.

Sir, I'm to blame.

It's not her fault.

I'm in catering.

I had seven parties going on tonight.

I was needed at one of them,

so we stopped there.

Everyone was dancing...

the Christmas spirit.

We didn't notice the time.

- You met for the first time today?

- Yes, sir.

Are you married, sir?

Yes, sir.

Did you know that?

She doesn't care.

And this?

It's Jerome's.

Do you know about this g*n?

I was always against the g*n in the house.

But he wouldn't listen.

He said it was for his safety.

- He had enemies.

- What enemies?

He didn't really have any, sir.

He imagined them. He was paranoid.

You mean he had mental issues?

No, sir. dr*gs.


What kind of dr*gs?

Don't know.

He would come home high,

out of control.

Then he'd start fighting.



Tell me...

Be careful.

- Please sit down.

- Yes.

Sit down. Get some water.

The post-mortem report

will be in tomorrow.

You'll have to pick it up

from the police station.

Can you stay with a relative

or a friend tonight?

Baby, did you hear anything

while your mummy went back

to the church?

She isn't talking, sir.

She just stares but doesn't speak.

Hello! What's your name?

We're your mummy's friends.

Excuse me! What are you doing?

She can't speak.

She's having treatment.

Sorry, I didn't know.

By the way,

put some honey

under her tongue every day.

It will help.

So I've heard. Let's go.

You want to sleep?

Let's go to sleep.

Sir, it's an open and shut case.

Slap the lady twice, and she'll talk.

Let's get an arrest warrant

and see her in court.

An open and shut case? How?

Sir, the husband and wife were

at loggerheads.

She was having an affair

with the caterer.

The husband smelt a rat.

He pretended to leave the house.

But he didn't,

wanting to catch them red-handed.

He was drinking while he waited.

Didn't you see that generous bar

of theirs?

What a bar!

But we're on duty, sir.

So when they came home,

the husband att*cked them,

- but he was drunk and slipped.

- Look upstairs.

- Sir, what I don't understand...

- Downstairs as well.

Did the g*n go off by accident,

or was it fired on purpose?

Sir, they're in it together

and claiming it's su1c1de.

Come, sir. Just look at her books.

All crime fiction.

They stole a plot...

Hey, what are you doing?

This is a crime scene.

Sir, I've lost my wallet.

It has my driver's license, cards...

You can't do that. Milind!

- What are you doing?

- Sir.

Sir, it has my driver's license

and credit cards.

- Okay. Come with me to the station.

- Why, sir?

I've told you everything I know.

It's Christmas. My family is waiting.

- I have a family as well! Come with us.

- Sir, let's go.

- Phone your family from there. Let's go.

- This isn't fair.

- Come on.

- Do good, get nothing in return.

We have to seal this room.

Decided where you'll sleep tonight?

I will drop you there.

I have no family. I'll stay here.


You sure?

Maria, you can use the rest

of the house,

but this room stays sealed till

the post-mortem report comes back.

There's been such a terrible

incident here,

yet not a single neighbor

has appeared.

Are you all alone in this building?

There are offices on other floors.

They're closed for Christmas.

We own the bakery downstairs.

The workers will be in tomorrow.

Can we inspect the bakery?

What time does it open?

What will you have, Maria?

Whisky or wine?


So you made an exact copy of your

living room on this floor.

It must've taken you a long time

and much planning.


Wow, Maria. Wow!

Jerome's body was lying

in the room downstairs.

And here... the birdie.

I b*rned all your swans.

But I didn't notice the birdie.

What do you want?

What do you want?!

Why are you following me

around like a mad dog?

You m*rder*d Jerome.

I have no right to judge you.

You must have your reasons.

Tell me how you did it.

I'll help you.


When it comes to m*rder,

I'm seven years your senior.

You both seem very happy.

Who frames pictures

of themselves crying?

Jerome didn't know I was stealing pills

from his stash of dr*gs.

I spiked his whisky this evening.

He drank it and fell asleep.

By this time tomorrow,

I could be in jail.

But Annie will be rid of Jerome forever.

I rehearsed it mentally

a thousand times.

When the music upstairs

reached a crescendo,

I would fire the g*n.


It's okay, Jerome.

Go back to sleep.


Merry Christmas.

Oh, my God.

What he did to Annie...

made me want to k*ll him,

not once...

but a thousand times.

Now what?

Everything here must be destroyed

and burnt in the bakery furnace.

It's Christmas, so it won't be odd

seeing smoke from the bakery chimney.

Your looks can stir up a storm

Turning my world upside down

The night tells us to break the silence

Yes, I feel a little tipsy

Yes, you're a little surprised

The night tells us to stop being formal

In your lonely

Empty home

Let me hide there like a secret

In that empty

Space in your heart

Let me hide there like a secret

Steadying the heart is hard

Splitting apart is easy

The night tells us

To break the silence

This is Ronnie's.

He was looking for it downstairs.

Best to burn it.

Time stands still

Lost in me and you

-When our lips met

-Thank you.

- Just this once. Okay?

- The world stood still

We'll spend the night searching

For that elusive dawn

-We'll be closer

-Thank you.

As the morning light spreads

I don't how it feels

to k*ll someone in a fit of rage.

But to plan it

and know I'm going

to k*ll him on Christmas Eve...

that was t*rture.

In the restaurant, when you told me

my date had run away,

I thought, there goes my alibi.

But I was relieved as well.

Now Jerome would live a little longer.

So I figured I'd take Annie

to the movies and then go home.

When I saw you again in the cinema,

then I knew Jerome was gone.

k*lling in a fit of rage,

then regretting it for seven years...

"Why did I do it? Why? Why?"

That's t*rture as well.

Though I hardly know her

She seems so familiar

- Maria, we have an eyewitness.

- The night tells us

- Not one but two!

- To stop being formal

In your lonely

Empty home

Let me hide there like a secret

Let me hide!

Let me hide!

Let me hide!

Let me hide!

Ronnie Fernandes.

What a character!

The builder I worked for

had ads like this.

"Happy family."

This is a real family.

Let's not burn it.

I'll drop it in the lost and found box

at church.

When this is all over,

we should take a happy picture

of us together.

I did all this to save Annie.

But if things go wrong

and the police discover the truth,

what happens to Annie?

My mother always used to say,

"God helps those who help themselves."

And what about "Thou shalt not k*ll"?


v*olence is better than sacrifice.


Doesn't Sir Teddy look like

he's grown overnight?

Tell Annie it's from Santa.

Choose one.

Good choice.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Maria.

Do you know the story

of the man-eating tiger?

There was once a man-eater

in a jungle.

It terrorized everyone

for miles around.

No one could catch it.

The police came

from all over the world.

America, Scotland Yard,

Germany, Japan, China.

No one could trap it.

Then our police were asked

to catch the man-eater.

People said, "The world police have tried,

what can these guys do?"

Our men made their way

into the jungle.

Two hours later, they emerged...

and announced,

"The man-eater has been caught!"

Everyone was stunned.

"Wow! Where is it?"

"We will parade it

in the city square tomorrow."

A large crowd gathered.

Everyone wanted to see the man-eater.

The next day, a huge cage appeared

covered with a sheet.

When the sheet was removed,

there was no tiger...

but a bear.

A constable then picked up his stick

and began b*ating the bear violently.

The wounded bear began to cry,

"Forgive me, forgive me.

I confess I am the tiger.

I am the man-eater. Forgive me."

That's what the bear confessed.

Isn't that wrong, sir?

Sir, the post-mortem report.

"The b*llet went through his chest,

smashed his ribs,

pierced his heart and lungs."

- m*rder? Or su1c1de?

- It says "su1c1de."

They're unable to tell

the precise time of death.

And the whisky bottle?

The lab report?

The lab opens late, sir.

We'll get it tomorrow.

Seems we're the only ones working.

- Leave it on my table.

- Yes, sir.

But why did the bear confess

to being a man-eater?

Why did he do that?

The bear understood

that no matter what

punishment was given to it,

it could not be worse

than a policeman's stick.

Our stick makes the bold and brave

tremble with fear.

Is Ronnie still carrying on

like a broken record?

Give me that.

Give me that parcel as well.

You don't need a stick

to get them talking,

our canteen food does the trick.

A man called Albert lives

on Fire Station Road.

Bring him in.












They said it was urgent,

so I used the spare key.

- Are you Albert?

- Yes.

Come with us.

I hope there's nothing wrong.

- No, Uncle. It's about my parole.

- Okay.

I called my parole officer,

but he was out.

- He's there now. Let's go.

- Yes.

- Two minutes. Let me go to the bathroom.

- Hurry.

Do sit down.

Hey, Albert, what did you think

of my Yadhoom?

It was superb, Uncle. I loved it.

I made it myself. Want to try it?

Hurry up, sir!

He won't be long.

Let's go to the police station.

Last night, you brought a girl home.

I didn't tell the police.

See the magic my wine weaves!

Close the door.

I've asked you many times.

Just hear me out.

Go on.

Sir, Ronnie is a good man.

A very good man.


We have a catering business.

He can't even chop an onion,

let alone m*rder someone.

Sir, trust me. I'm his wife.

We've been married for 12 years.

He's a total coward. Trust me.

We have two kids, sir.

- That's...

- If he's innocent,

what are you worried about?

Get yourself something to eat

from the canteen.

- Albert, come.

- And pack some for your husband as well.

What did you do, Albert?

I called you here to discuss a case.

Have a seat.

- Sir?

- What happened to your face?

Case, sir?

Sorry, sir. I don't understand.

Where were you last night?

I returned home after seven years.

I decided to go out for the evening.

Where were you? In Dubai?

No, sir. Nashik Jail.

Nashik Jail?

Come. Come, my dear.

Ma'am, we've received

the post-mortem report.

It's su1c1de.

Once we've cleared a few formalities,

we'll hand over the body.

We need your statement

to close the case.

So, ma'am, can you tell us again

what happened last night?


Jerome and I were going

to take Annie out for Christmas Eve.

Jerome didn't show up,

so we went out alone.

We saw Pinocchio.

Then, we went to church

to attend Midnight Mass.

On the way from the church

to the hospital, Maria said...

- Tea?

- No, sir. Thanks.

Maria said, "I feel better.

I don't want to go to hospital.

Drop me home."

She explained the way to her house,

and as a formality,

she offered us both a drink.

While we were having a drink,

she realized her watch was missing.

She thought it had fallen in the church,

so Ronnie took her back there.

They dropped me home on the way.

I got home, had a glass of wine,

and fell asleep.

The police arrived

and brought me here.

- Stay here. I'll be right back.

- Yes, sir.

I don't know why but I felt dizzy

during Mass.

Ronnie helped me.

He brought Annie and me home.


Out of politeness,

I offered him a drink.

That's when I noticed

that my watch was missing.

I returned to the church

with Ronnie to look for it.

I found it. Then we went

to a party on a yacht.

When we returned home,

the front door was ajar.

- Jerome...

- Get her some water.

Sorry, I forgot something.

There was another man in the church.

Albert or Gilbert, something like that.

He helped me as well.

He came home with us.

When we went back to the church

to look for the watch,

he got off on the way.

I wasn't fully conscious,

so I forgot to tell you about it.

Thinking break.


What do you think?

Sir, there's something fishy.

Sure, it's fishy.

But we don't have any evidence.

What did the Dubai-returned say?

He's not Dubai-returned.


He m*rder*d his girlfriend.

He was released after seven years.

You think he'd commit m*rder

on his first day out?

Besides, his statement matches

Ronnie's and Maria's.

Let me talk to Devraj,

his parole officer.

When Jerome was k*lled,

her child was alone in the house.

The girl is mute.

If she could talk,

she could tell us something.

If you'd been at Grandma's dinner,

none of this would've happened.

Why are you nodding, Ron?

You're too much.

Please, baby.

Forgive and forget.

From now on, Christmas, birthdays,

weddings, funerals, all with the family.

You always say that.

- You never do it.

- Why? Last year, we were at Grandma's.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Thank you. And for your help yesterday.


This is my wife, Scarlett.

This is Maria, that's Albert.

- Hi.

- And this is Annie.


- I'm so sorry I ruined your Christmas.

- No, please don't apologize.

You know, Ron is a thorough gentleman.

All my friends call him "brother."

Know why? Because he's so helpful.

Neighbor, secretary, maid...

He rushes to help a woman.

- Baby, enough praise!

- No, you're very sweet.

It was Christmas Eve.

He should've spent it with the family,

but he was helping Maria instead.

Now, this is getting embarrassing. Please.

Ron, she's having a bad time. So...

Any time you need any kind of help,

just call him. He'll come.

- Give her your card, Ron. Go on!

- Yes.

He gave me his card last night.


Take down their statements

and let them go.

Yes, sir.


Mr. Ronnie lost his wallet.

Tell him to add that to his statement,

or we'll be blamed later.

- Write that down.

- Excuse me. I'm sorry.

Ronnie, did you lose your wallet again?

He's forever losing it.

- Madam, please step outside.

- Okay.

- Baby, please sit outside.

- I'll go.

I'll just come, my love.

- Sorry, sir.

- You want another pen? Here.



Sir, I know where the wallet is.

Where is it?

Actually, I hid it.

Do you know the sofa in madam's house?

- I hid it down the side.

- Why?

I thought I'd use the lost wallet

as a pretext to go back.

Get to know her better.

Sir, I was a little tipsy.

When I went back,

I couldn't find my wallet anywhere.

Madam, did you find his wallet?



Before Jerome's death,

the wallet was there.

When he was found dead,

it was missing.

Maybe a thief broke in,

m*rder*d Jerome,

stole my wallet,

and then ran away.

Anything else missing?

No, but I haven't checked.

That means someone did come

into your house.

Yes, sir.

When we find the wallet,

we'll have found the k*ller.

- Lakshmi, round up the local thieves.

- Sir!

I'm really sorry.

I should've told you before.

I was just a bit embarrassed.

If my telling the truth helps you

to catch an innocent man's k*ller,

- then I don't mind, sir.

- Mr. Ronnie, you're a good man.

- Thank you, sir.

- But don't lose your wallet again.

I'm really sorry for all this.

You were right, Lakshmi.

It was horny Ronnie who gave us the clue.


- Can I meet my wife?

- Yes.

Excuse me.



Come here.

You didn't mention your release details

in your statement.


- Show me your release papers.

- Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Sorry, sir. I've left them at home.

What's wrong with you?

Sorry, sir.

Leave a copy here tonight.

Okay, sir.

You can all go home.

But no one leaves town.

I might need to call you in again.

The case is still open.

- Okay, sir.

- Thank you, sir.

I'll let you know

when your wallet is found.

- Ma'am, thank you.

- Thank you.

Sir, thank you.


Where's your birdie?

You can't find it?

Shall I look for it?

Are you sure? Okay.

Cat's away, mice will play!

Birdie will find Annie today!

Let the birdie appear!


Did Mummy give this to you?

Then who did?

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