03x08 - The Decision

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Valeria". Aired: 8 May 2020 – 2 June 2023.*
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Set in Madrid, the plot revolves around Valeria, a writer who feels that something is missing in her marriage and writing.
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03x08 - The Decision

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- [sirens wailing]
- [dog barking]

♪ No sé si me he colocao ♪

♪ Y no me he enterao ♪

♪ Estoy enganchada ♪

♪ Me siento rara ♪

♪ No entiendo nada ♪

♪ Na-na-na-na-ná ♪

♪ No me gusta verme así ♪

♪ 'Toy embobada ♪
Ahora ya no siento na-na-ná ♪

♪ Y no sé si me he equivocao ♪

♪ Bipolar si te tengo a mi lao ♪

♪ Joder, esta puta cabeza... ♪



♪ Y no me he enterao ♪

♪ De tanto veneno... ♪




MAY 01

♪ Qué coño ha pasao... ♪

MAY 02

MAY 03


MAY 04

♪ Ahora ya no siento na-ná... ♪

MAY 05

♪ Bipolar si te tengo a mi lao ♪

♪ Joder, esta puta cabeza ♪


♪ No sé si me he colocao ♪

- ♪ Y no me he enterao... ♪
- [laughs]

♪ De tanto veneno... ♪


- ♪ Que no te he contao ♪
- [knocking at door]

[inhales, sighs]



Damn it.

[keys jingling]

[door opens]

[door closes]

[inhales deeply]

- [screams]
- [spray hissing]

[group scream]

[Lola groans]

- What, are you crazy? [coughs]
- My f*cking eyes!

- What are you doing here?
- Did the toilet brush touch me?

- Tell me the brush didn't touch me.
- You gave me a key in case of emergency!

- What emergency?
- I don't know! For example?

My wedding's in 24 hours and we haven't
heard from you since Lola's 30th.

I answered your messages!
I told you all I was writing!

- Seven days, no breaks?
- [Lola growls]

- [Valeria] Yes!
- Come on. Come on!

It's time for you
to start spilling the tea.

- [Nerea groans]
- [Carmen coughs]

♪ Qué coño ha pasao... ♪


You're saying
you locked yourself up to, um...

To think, yeah?

I think taking some time to reflect
is very smart, Val.

[Lola] Mmm.

[Carmen] Uh-huh..

[driver] Where to?

[Nerea] Tell him to take you home.

- [Carmen] Oh, no!
- [Lola] No, no, no, no, no!

[all] No, no! No, no!

Please, step on it. Someone
tell the driver to get us out of here.

Yeah, get... get us outta here. Please?

♪ ...rushes in... ♪

- [distant sirens wailing]
- Are you coming with?

- [Lola] No!
- [Carmen] Really?

- [Lola] Step on it!
- [Nerea] She's doing it again.

- It isn't good for you!
- [Lola] We talked about this!

I know, I know. It was a big mistake.

Well, yeah!

I really swear I thought
I was over it, but, uh...

When I saw him there, at the party,

with that cologne...

- He smells so good.
- Mmm.

And... And he looked at me.
He looked at me!

Those damn green eyes
looked right into my soul...

- [groans]
- Okay, okay, relax.

- You left with him.
- [Valeria sighs] Yes.

- You shouldn't have. Yes.
- [whimpers]

But if that was useful for you
to talk to him and clear things up,

well, that's a good thing, right?

[keys jingling]

♪ Une la noche negra
Lo que la mañana vuelve a separar ♪

- ♪ Para'íto el carro al otro lado... ♪
- [Valeria] I feel really bad.

Mmm, okay. So if it's talking
we're talking about, they didn't do much.

- Right?
- [Valeria] Mmm!

- [Carmen] Hmm!
- Uh, no, not even a little bit.

- ♪ Une la noche negra lo que la mañana... ♪
- Do you have condoms?

- Yeah.
- Good.

♪ Para'íto el carro
Al otro lado de la verja ♪

♪ Tiene conexión
Con lo que haces cuando te acercas ♪

♪ Me siento chico ♪

♪ Said it's all good ♪

♪ Si to' es pa caerte en gracia ♪

♪ Y me asusta hasta tu querer ♪

♪ Clavé en mis carne' el alambre... ♪

I mean, I like it.
It's an unusual setting. [gasps]

[yelps] Ugh, warn us, hmm?

- Then we went for that chair.
- Ah!

Got it, you f*cked all over the house.

But at some point,
you must've talked, right?

[Víctor] Is that his book?


I'm glad I'm here.

Finally, time proved us right.

What we have is much stronger
than any commitment.

You're not really the best person
to talk about commitment, are you?

And you are?

I'm sorry?

Don't give me that look.

Am I the only one here
who makes bad choices?

You were looking at me the whole party.

All night, you were chasing me,
even though you knew I was with Bruno.

And you didn't look at me?
Of course you did.

You looked at me, and you wasted no time
putting me in your taxi,

bringing me home and f*cking me,
as soon as he wasn't looking.


[sighs] Val.

Val, I'm sorry. Okay?

But I always hate getting made out
to be the villain in your movie.

Look, deep down,
we're not so different, you know?

As soon as you got scared with Bruno,
you just moved away from him.

It wasn't because I was scared.
It was for you.

Because maybe I thought that
a part of me was still in love with you.

[scoffs] A part
that's very naive, apparently.


Val... [inhales]

- I'm sorry, okay?
- Get out.

- [Víctor sighs]
- Get out of my house now, please.

[door opens]

[door closes]


♪ And you spend your time ♪

♪ Wasting mine ♪

♪ Wasting mine... ♪

When I finally calmed down, I left
the room and started writing everything.

- I needed to pour that anger onto paper.
- Val...

Why am I unable to choose
what's good for me, like any mature adult?

I don't think this has
anything to do with being mature.

I think it's just that you're

missing confidence.

You don't owe them anything, Val.

You owe yourself.

- You're right. That's it, it's over.
- [Carmen] Yeah?

- This conversation is over.
- Okay.

- You're getting married.
- Yeah.

[Valeria] Did you ask Borja
about his other engagement?

No. No, I mean,
he was so wasted the other day,

and he doesn't remember anything,
but I have a lot of questions.

I don't know. What happened?

Did he get cold feed at the last minute?
Did he get spooked?

[sighs] I have no idea
how to talk to him about it,

and it's 24 hours before our wedding.

Twenty-three. [chuckles]
We've been chatting for an hour.

I decided on marguerite daisies
for every table.

Oh! [chuckles] That's good!

- [whispers] Are you kidding?
- What?

The ex-fiancée's name
is actually Margarita.

It'll be beautiful, right?
I'm wild for marguerites.

- Oh!
- Mm-hmm. That's good!

Well, if you like them so much,
why didn't you marry one?

- [breathing shakily]
- What are you saying?

She's nervous. Don't listen to her.

Well, let's decide
who will officiate the ceremony.

- Oh, that's sorted.
- Yes. You'll like it.

- Under control.
- Yeah?

- Hmm.
- Yeah. Under control.

- We don't have to worry.
- [Miriam] Nerea!

- Tell me.
- Uh, sorry.

Um, all right. I don't want to be
the one to hit you where it hurts.

What do you want me to do
with Nuria's seat? Leave it, take it out?

- Uh... Remove it. Thank you.
- Ah, okay. You got it.

Let's see, um... what more?

Uh, Carmen, do you have
the wedding notebook I gave you?


- I left it at the house.
- [Borja] It's in your purse.

- [sighs]
- Is it? [laughs]

Yeah. Uh... Yes. Yes! Oh, wow, it's here!

To make sure
everything you wrote is in order.

Everything is in order.

- I'll feel reassured if I see it.
- You really don't have to.

- Why do I have the feeling that I do?
- Because you don't. It's not necessary.

- It's not a big deal, right?
- I mean it, you don't... [sighs] Fine.

Thank you.

Let's see.


- [laughs]
- [closes book]

It's empty.

- Uh, understand that, with the pregnancy...
- Yeah...

Using your pregnancy is a bullshit excuse.

- This isn't necessary.
- [Nerea] Carmen!

Everything is in here!

Me and Borja have everything
organized perfectly.

- Because we're a good team.
- [Carmen] Yeah.

- Do you have everything?
- Yes. Everything.

Yeah. Fine. One minute.
I'm gonna organize with Miriam.

- We can check the grounds.
- Let's go!

- Be right back.
- [Carmen] Sure.

I'll call my mom and tell her
to buy a bouquet at the local florist.

Okay. Tell her no olive leaves.

- I'm really allergic.
- Okay.

I will go call the jeweler
because I gotta get the rings.

- I haven't even tried mine.
- Uh-huh.

- And the little gifts for the guests.
- That sounds great.

No, Borja.

You told Nerea that you would take care
of the little gifts for the guests.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, but I didn't do that.

[sighs] Well, we... We won't make it!
I have to go get the dress, and...

We have plenty of time.

You seem very relaxed. Almost
as if this wasn't your first wedding.

And you seem very nervous.

- If there aren't any other complications...
- [phone chimes]

...we have time.

Oh my God. [sighs]


- Your face says there's a complication.
- [sighs]

It's Rebeca, Valeria's sister.

She says she can fit us in
for an ultrasound today at five.

Or we can wait until next week.

[teacher] This actually needs
to be redone.

- Look it over over the weekend.
- [Lola] Okay.

- And Monday, we'll check it.
- Thank you. Very much.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I know it was wrong to leave like that,

but, I uh... I was there,
looking at all of you, and suddenly,

I realized I didn't fit in at all.

- But I wanted to be able to...
- Lola, you're right. You didn't fit in.

One thing about this is funny to me,
but not for the reason you think.

You left because you think that you're
too mature to be with someone my age.

The irony is that, at the end of the day,
you only proved you're the childish one.

I wasn't sure I would give this to you,
but I don't wanna keep it.

Happy birthday, Lola.

["Years" by EJ Marais plays]

♪ You may go to a good school ♪

♪ You may write a page or two ♪

♪ You may have an education ♪

♪ To be the head of a corporation... ♪

- I'll call you, Paco, okay? Let's go.
- ♪ Believe me, honey... ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ What they say isn't real... ♪


- But we don't have a meeting now, do we?
- No.

No, no, no.
I'm not here for a meeting. I'm...

I just came to speak with...

Well, uh...


Uh, I have to...

I gotta make some calls. So then, I'm...

We don't have much time,
but I'll wait downstairs.


[Valeria] I remembered you would be here
for some interviews. [chuckles]

- [Bruno] How are you?
- [Valeria] Fine.

- Hmm?
- I finally finished my novel.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

- Are you here to talk about the novel?
- No. No, of course not.


The other day, at the party,
I was hoping to go home, but I saw...

Stop. Stop.

- I just wanna be honest with you.
- I know, but I don't need details.

[sighs] Val, you don't have to be honest
with me. You don't owe me anything.

Just be honest with yourself.

I've told you, I was already sure.

When you're sure about it too, call me.

[chuckles] Welcome to the screw-up club.

[both laugh]

[gasps] sh*t!

[Lola] Ooh! What a color!

- You're gonna look so hot.
- Yeah?

- You'll be incredible.
- For sure.

- Yeah.
- It was hard to find.

- Seriously?
- I didn't know what to wear.

- [Lola] Unconventional.
- [Nerea] Photo.

- It is, right?
- Yes.

- Wow!
- Getting married is bullshit!

- But you look beautiful.
- Sure! I look like a blood sausage.

You're not a blood sausage.
By the way, they're yummy, like you.

You look yummy as well.
You're so, uh... What happened?

My pregnancy is what happened.

I wished all my f*cking life
that I had big boobs,

and they pick today to show up?

- I mean, seriously?
- It's no big deal, Carmen, I'm sure.

- I'm sure we can fix this. Right?
- It's impossible.

The seamstress isn't here,
and it'd take more than one day.

Well, find a new dress, then.

We wouldn't have time
to make any alterations.

- I'd have to charge you for both dresses.
- Oh, perfect, just perfect.

- Everything's perfect!
- Calm down. Just a minute.

- May I?
- Yeah, sure.

- Yeah? Okay. Okay. If we lift this up...
- Yes, but be careful...

- Lower the boob...
- No, no, no.

- Ow!
- You're trying from above.

- Pull from the bottom.
- That'll make the shape all wrong.

- I know what I'm doing.
- No, my boob doesn't go that way!

- No, like this...
- No, not like that...

- No! Stop it, you can't do it!
- [Nerea] Okay...

They're enormous, you can't do anything.

- I'll cancel the wedding!
- That's insane.

- Okay, you're exaggerating a bit.
- Yeah.

It's only a dress, love.

- Yeah.
- [Carmen] No.

It's not just a dress.

My wedding's today.

I still haven't been able to talk
to Borja about his previous engagement.

I don't have the bouquet, I didn't try
the ring, we didn't get the little gifts.

Borja has to go meet his family
and relatives coming from Sevilla,

and your sister gave us an appointment
today at five to do an ultrasound.

But since I'm unable to go because I'm
getting married, I have to wait a week.

I don't wanna wait a week.
I want to know if everything's fine now!

You're serious?

- No bouquet?
- No.

It's not the time, Nerea.


- Your wedding is very important.
- Uh.

But it's just one day in your life.

- May I?
- Yeah, sure.

- If this goes well...
- [Carmen] Mm.

...it will be forever.

- Yeah. [gasps]
- Mm. You have to go get that ultrasound.

- Hmm?
- Okay.

Yes. You have to go.

- What about the rest of all the things?
- Well, just leave all that to your team.

- So what's left?
- Well, everything. We need the rings.

- My finger is Carmen's size. I'll go.
- The bouquet is with Puri.

- I can get that too. Hmm?
- [Lola] What else?

- The little gifts.
- Maybe we can forget them?

No, no, no. We cannot forget the gifts.
There is no wedding without gifts.

I'll take care of gifts for the guests.

A little bag with party favors,
like a countdown bag. Easy.

We actually have another shop
with some dresses for rent.

That would be much cheaper.

- Oh.
- Ah!

- [Valeria] Well, maybe...
- You.

- Yeah.
- No, that's impossible.

I have to stop at my office
and get to the venue before the caterers.

Besides, I don't have a car.

- I can take you.
- [Valeria gasps]

That's perfect.
So that's everything, right?

- Yes?
- Yeah?

[Nerea] Yes.

Thank you, ladies. I love you all.

- [Lola laughs]
- [Carmen exhales]

- The team?
- [Valeria] Yeah.

The team!

- [all laughing]
- The team!

- The team.
- A super team you ladies are.


- Wait, I can't hold them!
- Come on. Come on!

["Narcotic" by Liquido plays]

[phone chimes]


♪ So you face it with a smile ♪

♪ There is no need to cry... ♪

Miriam, change of plans.

I'll be late to the venue because
I have to get a new dress for Carmen.

You'll have to cover for me.

- And I have to get the chocolates.
- [car engine rumbles]

♪ Release me with a kiss ♪

♪ Have I tried to draw the veil? ♪

♪ If I have, how could I fail? ♪

♪ Did I fear the consequence? ♪

[clears throat]

- ♪ Dazed by careless words... ♪
- Seat belt.

♪ Cozy in my mind ♪

♪ I don't mind ♪

♪ I think so... ♪

- Show me? This one, yeah?
- ♪ I will let you go... ♪

- This one is a bit loose too.
- ♪ I don't mind... ♪

- ♪ I think so... ♪
- No.

♪ And I touched your face ♪

♪ Narcotic mind from lazed ♪

♪ Mary Jane... ♪

Is this one for Borja?

- [Valeria] Hmm.
- I'll check in the back.

- I think we have one that might work.
- All right.

See? Some of us
are not made for commitment.

- [unenthusiastically] Ha-ha.
- [chuckles]

I'm joking, but, Val,
I'm really sorry about what I said...

Hold on a second.

- I'm gonna ask you a question.
- Sure.

What's different?

All this new interest you have in me,
is it because of Bruno?


Please be honest with me, Víctor.



I'm scared that I might... lose you,

that you'll pull away because you've
met someone you like more than me.

Val, I want us to be together.

You and I are bigger than any word.


- Let me be your date to the wedding.
- [Valeria laughs awkwardly]


Let me think about it.

[chuckles] Alone.

- How about this one?
- [gasps]

♪ Hoy en ti brilla el sol... ♪

- Now it fits. It's perfect.
- ♪ La razón de mi vida llegó... ♪

[Víctor] I'll wait for your call.

- ♪ Veo en ti la ilusión... ♪
- So, please, call me.

♪ Tu mirada me inunda en calor ♪

♪ Siento en mí la emoción ♪

♪ Quiero quedarme y conocerte ♪

♪ Quiero acercarme, escucharte y tenerte ♪

♪ Eh-eh-eh-eh ♪

♪ Contigo me encontré, eh-eh-eh, eh-eh ♪

♪ Quiero cuidarte y protegerte ♪

- ♪ Darte mi gloria... ♪
- Hello.

- ♪ Mi alma y mi suerte, eh-eh-eh-eh... ♪
- [Rai] Stop it.

- Let's get started.
- ♪ Contigo me encontré, eh-eh-eh, eh-eh ♪

- I've been checking your homework...
- Hello.

What are you doing here?

Your friend from the language school
told me where you work, and

I came halfway across Madrid


What is it?

You were right.

Everything you said to me this morning...
is the truth.

I behaved like a child, and I'm sorry.

I accept your apology.

But... mmm...

Yeah, sure. I, uh...

I'm gonna...

Uh... Okay. Why don't we get started?

I want every one of you to choose a color,
the... the one closest to you,

and the idea is to outline the...


I love you.


She said she loves you!

- [Lola sobs and laughs]
- Yeah, yeah, sure. Yeah, I heard her.

I love you.

- f*ck, I love you, I really do.
- She said a bad word!

I'm sorry.

I've been an ass...

I don't care what other people think.

All I care about is how I feel when
I'm with you, and I feel really good.

But she's a little old for you, isn't she?

Yeah, a little bit.

And I'm only gonna get older.

- Are you going to ask her to marry you?
- [laughs]

- That's a rather personal question.
- I cleared a drawer for you in my closet.

If you want... If you...
If you wanna leave your things there.

If you don't,
you don't have to use the drawer.

I mean, you can use it or not.

♪ Quiero acercarme, escucharte... ♪

[kids] Ooh!

[Lola] Why is the little girl with braids
looking at me like she wants to k*ll me?

I'm her crush.

- [laughs]
- Hmm.

- Her crush?
- Yes.

- [both chuckle]
- Okay.

Guys. Guys!

One thing, since I'm here now,

does anybody want to do an activity
that's really special now?

[all] Me!

I'm not leaving the best chocolates
in the world in your car.

- What's wrong with my car?
- What's wrong with your car?

It got you here, didn't it?
What do you want?

- A limo or what?
- Come on. Okay.

- Give me that, and you wait here.
- Don't want any help?

- No. I got it. All good. I'm serious.
- It's no problem. If they fall...

Listen, I'll get these,
then we'll find a dress for Carmen.

- Don't come up.
- Okay.

[Georgina sighs]

Do you live here?

What are you doing?
I told you to wait downstairs.

It's just temporary,
while I start the company up.

I invested everything in it,
and this office costs big bucks.

- Why didn't you say anything?
- I didn't tell anyone.

If I tell my friends,
they'll want me to live with them, and,

well, I've worked hard to be independent,
and I want it to stay that way.

[sighs] Come on.
I've got everything. Come on.

[Rebeca] Well, right, I'm ready.

- I forgot about the wedding, you know?
- [Carmen] It's all right, don't worry.

We just wanna know as soon as... you know.

- [Borja sighs]
- [Rebeca sighs] Let me see.

- Are you nervous?
- Mm.


Okay, so tell me. Any spotting?

[Carmen] Um... no.

- [Rebeca] And symptoms?
- Mm, well, all of them?

- [chuckles] Why don't we take a look?
- Stop it, Borja.


[Rebeca and Borja chuckle]

[Borja sighs]

- What's the matter?
- [gasps] It's nothing.

Carmen, we're getting married. I know you.

Well, that's what I thought.
Hmm? That I knew you.

- [Borja] What's this about?
- [Carmen] It's about Margarita.

Margarita? Who told you about Margarita?

- [scoffs] Move.
- [sighs]

You, drunk as a skunk at Lola's party.

- What?
- Now is not the time, okay?

[clears throat]

- I can leave you alone for a moment?
- No.

Yeah, no, I just... Today's a special day,
and we're a little bit... [winces]

- You know what I mean?
- Well, "special".

Maybe you've been through this before,
and you're only telling us today.

- [clears throat]
- Carmen.

What if I was engaged to her? Huh?

- Come on.
- I never got married to her.

I didn't marry her because
I knew it wouldn't work. Understand?

Uh... Carmen, shall I insert the probe?

I didn't marry her because she wasn't you.

- I'll just go ahead.
- [bleep]

But, tell me,
how do you know what I'm like?

[yelps] I mean...

I thought I really knew
what you were like.

I had no idea you were religious
and that you had been engaged.

Yeah, well, I just hope there's
more things to learn about each other.

- [fetal heartbeat]
- Or else this marriage will be boring.


[both laugh]

Okay. Wait a minute, what's that noise?

[Rebeca] It's your baby.


♪ La razón de mi vida llegó... ♪

- [Borja gasps]
- [all laugh]

- Is it this one here?
- Yes. Be careful, the image...

- But, is this in here?
- Yeah, it's in there.

- [Carmen sobs]
- [Borja laughs]

- Oh, it's so little.
- Wait, I'll move it. Look.

- This is its little head.
- Yeah, I see it.

- Is this their leg? Look, it's moving!
- Yeah.

[Carmen] We're having a baby.

♪ Eh-eh-eh-eh ♪

- You have to tell your friends about this.
- Listen.

- No...
- I saw you all in the dress shop.

You have that kind of relationship. If one
of you lives in an office, you tell them.

You don't have to be ashamed, Nerea.

- I didn't say I was ashamed.
- No, you didn't.

- But I know you think it.
- Look, I appreciate the advice.

- But you might as well ignore me as usual.
- Excuse me? I don't ignore you.

- You absolutely ignore me.
- When have I?

- All the time.
- You're tripping.

- You're impossible to ignore.
- Georgina, please, be honest.

- No, you're serious? You mean it?
- Yes. Just admit it.


The f*ck is the matter with you?
You're the one who has a girlfriend.

I did.

I still would if it wasn't for you.

Nuria broke up with me because
she thinks I have feelings for you.

And do you?

Nerea, I'm so into you. Really. Very much.

But I'm not the girl you're looking for,
and I can't be.

I won't organize
little family dinners, or...

or get you little gold necklaces
and things like that.

Well, you know what I've been
looking for, but not what I want.

Nerea, please. It's just...

I don't want little dinners or necklaces.

I like that you're a disaster,
that you challenge me.

I like that when we work,
you follow me around

and that you can just talk
about photography for hours.

I just like you.

Oof! We have gotta get that dress,
or your friends will k*ll you.

- [sighs]
- Yes.

- [Nerea] Wait a minute. Turn right.
- [Georgina] What?

Yeah, let's go downtown
to find something for Carmen.

I won't make the same mistake again.

This isn't about what I'm looking for.
It needs to be perfect for her.

You just have to trust me and turn around.

[doorbell rings]

Oh, here it is.

- Here you are.
- You look beautiful.

[Puri] Oh, thank you,
but please don't be so formal.

Juan, this is Valeria.
She's a friend of Borja and Carmen's.

This is Juan, my husband.

She's brought you your shoes.

Hi, how are you?

Carmen told me about... the...

About the stroke.

It's fine. You can say it.

He's looking very handsome.

Oh, give me...
give me a Kleenex, can you, please?

You have some snot.

Let's see.

You're a gorgeous man. Right?

Hmm? [chuckles]

And today,
he has a bit of a cold, you know?

That's it.

It must... It must be quite hard.

Yes, it is.

But this man, this man is the best thing
that happened in my life.

And I'm sure we both miss
the moments of passion,

and the conversations, and the arguments,

but, anyway,

we still love each other, hmm?

And don't say anything to Carmen,

because I get a kick
out of being the wicked mother-in-law,

Even though I'm sure
that what she has with Borja is love too.

How can you be so sure?

What I mean is... how, um...
how can you be sure that it is true love?

It's very simple.

You just have to ask yourself
if the person in front of you

would be willing to wipe your nose
if they had to.

And I'm sure my Juan would do that for me.

You see, when everything else is over,

and things are coming to an end,

that's what's left.

It's love.

Come on now.
We're going to your son's wedding.

- Can you believe it?
- The wedding!

sh*t. Sorry.
See you at the wedding, okay? See you!

♪ Esa cara me tiene emboba' ♪

- ♪ Ella mira desde arriba... ♪
- [Valeria] Excuse me! Let me through!

Thank you! Thank you!

♪ La quiero a morir, resucita ♪

♪ Esa cara me tiene emboba'... ♪

That's it! I've got everything!
Bouquet, rings, everything.

Oof! That's it. Oh.


- [Carmen] Mm-hmm.
- No!

- Yes, it is.
- Is it really? [gasps]

- Yeah. [chuckles]
- [gasps] This is it.

- No.
- No?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

- No?
- No. No! Puri put olive in the bouquet.

She did It on purpose, I know!
She hates me!

- I wouldn't be so sure of that.
- Ugh!

- Girls! Girls!
- Yuck!

- I have all the little gifts!
- [both] Oh!

- This is incredible! How did you do it?
- Holy sh*t.

Have you heard of child exploitation?
I have a lot to tell you! So I...

- So, I...
- The dress! I have the dress!

[sighs] Girls. I have the dress.

- [Carmen] Show me?
- ♪ Esa cara me tiene emboba' ♪

♪ Ella mira desde arriba ♪

- ♪Yo la rezo todos los días... ♪
- [all gasp]

♪ La quiero a morir, resucita ♪

[sneezes] Ugh!

[Valeria and Lola gasp]

[Valeria chuckles] Oh...

Oh, wow. I just... I feel so... me!

- Yeah!
- It's perfection.

- [Valeria] Mm-hmm!
- Thanks, Nerea.

And I got a good price.

- [all laugh]
- [Carmen] Really?

- [Valeria] You couldn't get it more right.
- No.

- I'll touch you up. Come here.
- Your lips.

- Val, can you fasten it?
- [Valeria] What?

- I see it.
- I couldn't reach the clasp.

- Be careful. Relax.
- My shoe's behind the chair. Ah!

- [yelps] A hairpin! Oh!
- [Lola] Hold me.

- There's no space.
- [Carmen] I'm falling!

- [Nerea] Come on, girls.
- [Carmen] Hold on!

- [Valeria] Finished. Okay.
- Time's running out. We have to go.

- Uh, by the way...
- [Lola] All finished.

I may have told Georgina
I'm in love with her.

- [Lola] What?
- What?

- I'm sorry?
- Wait, what?

- But we thought she wasn't your type.
- Georgina's amazing.

I like her, but it's obvious
we don't match, and I'm more, well...

- More...
- More what?

Well, more elegant.

- La-di-dah-di-dah!
- Yeah. No, stop it!

- Enough!
- Okay, it's just... No, wait a minute.

All joking aside, isn't it okay
if I'm more glamorous than my partner?

[Carmen] I think, with me and Borja,
we're actually well balanced.

What about Víctor and me?

- [Lola laughs]
- [Carmen] Eh...

- Hey. Ladies.
- Oh, look, it didn't rain!

- Beautiful clear sky.
- Just say what you're thinking to my face!

- [all laugh]
- [Nerea] All right, girls.

Now this is it.

- It's your moment.
- [all sigh]

- [Carmen] Okay.
- [Nerea] Okay.

- [Valeria] Whew!
- [Carmen sighs]

- Aww!
- [Lola] Mmm, thank you, girls!

[Carmen] Everything good?

- It's perfect. Beautiful.
- Aah! I'm really nervous.

I love you all! I'll see you after!

♪ All I want is the best ♪

- ♪ For our lives, my dear... ♪
- [Nerea] The bride is coming!

- Hi.
- ♪ And you know ♪

♪ My wishes are sincere ♪

- ♪ What's to say for the days... ♪
- [camera shutter clicking]

♪ I cannot bear? ♪

♪ A Sunday smile ♪

♪ You wore it for a while ♪

♪ A cemetery mile ♪

♪ We paused and sang ♪

♪ A Sunday smile ♪

♪ You wore it for a while... ♪
- You look so handsome!

♪ A cemetery mile ♪

- ♪ We paused and sang... ♪
- [sneezes]

♪ A Sunday smile... ♪

[both laughing]

- ♪ And we felt true... ♪
- Sh.

♪ And... ♪

[Valeria] Sometimes, we base
our romantic relationships on passion,

or on sudden initial infatuation,
which is so intense and thrilling,

but love

is more complicated than that.

♪ With buildings inside... ♪

And now that you are husband and wife,
you may...

- And you must.
- Hmm.

- Kiss the bride.
- ♪ We burnt to the ground ♪

- ♪ Left a grave to admire... ♪
- Hooray for the newlyweds!


♪ And as we reach for the sky ♪

♪ Reach the church of white... ♪
- Whoo! [laughs]

[Valeria] Love is... friendship.

- Trust.
- The caterer is great!

- [Valeria] Respect.
- I made a good choice! Do you like it?

[Valeria] It's letting others
be what they are.

Welcome to the family, Carmen.

[Valeria] And it should be easy.

Thank you!

[Valeria] Love is disappearing
when it's necessary...

[Rai] Yeah!

...but being there
when your partner needs you.

A wise person once told me that...

that love is having someone
to wipe your nose when you need it.


And I'm confident that Carmen and Borja

will be happily wiping each other's noses
for a very, very long time.

- ♪ You wore it for a while... ♪
- And so I...

- ♪ A cemetery mile... ♪
- [sobs]

- Hooray for the newlyweds!
- Hooray!

- [guests cheering]
- Whoo!

♪ Ooh, God, I'm nervous, can you tell?

♪ New girl, her name is Ariel ♪

♪ But in the hearts of the young ♪

♪ I don't wanna waste your time ♪

♪ And I look good tonight ♪

♪ Better just sh**t my sh*t ♪

♪ sh*t, sh*t, sh*t ♪

♪ Ooh, first move is the worst of it ♪

♪ Then everything comes alphabetic ♪

♪ When the b*at is a bop ♪

- ♪ Bop, bop, bop... ♪
- Ahem. Hello.

[both chuckle]


Sorry, I have a boyfriend.

Ah. Mm.


[laughs] How wild is that?

I have a boyfriend.


It was all wonderful.
Now I need you to clear away

the stuff from the caterers
and get the venue tidy and perfect.

- No problem.
- [Nerea] Please.

[Nerea] Thank you.

- Boo!
- [both laugh]

- Hey, we're still working. Hmm?
- Kiss me.

♪ I don't wanna waste your time... ♪

Okay. The wedding cleanup can wait a bit.

Come with me.

♪ sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, ooh... ♪

- I got you a juice, no alcohol.
- Thank you, my love.

- [gasps]
- Hmm.

- Listen, I had an idea.
- Uh-huh?

- Thank you. Mmm.
- [chuckles]

We could name our kid Borja, you know?
Like his father, little Borja.

I love you. Mm!

- There's no chance.
- Why no chance?

- Borja doesn't suit him.
- [Borja] Well, I'm a son.

[Carmen] We're not that kind of couple.

♪ Whoo-hoo-ooh... ♪

[Valeria] A relationship is a long road,
full of potholes.

So long that seasons change
along the journey.

There's an immense palette of colors,

but I forced myself to choose
between black and white.

Putting someone
between a rock and a hard place

isn't the right way to start anything.

It means denying them
the whole palette of shades.

Real love is color

and, sometimes, wiping noses.

Because that's what love does.

It heals.

♪ Uh-huh ♪

♪ Whoo-hoo ♪

♪ Take me tonight ♪

♪ Come on ♪



["f*ck TQ" by Eva Puc plays]

- [Lola] Hey!
- [Carmen] Oh!

- [Lola] Hey!
- Who invited that boy to my wedding?

- I'll go say hi to the girls.
- You better!

- [Bruno] Hey, how are you?
- Hi, I'm Rai.

[Bruno] How's it going?
Congratulations to the newlyweds!

[Carmen] Thanks, Bruno!

♪ Pa encontrarme contigo ♪

♪ Hasta que te veo y ♪

♪ f*ck, te quiero ♪

♪ Te quiero y no quiero ♪

♪ Así que f*ck, te quiero ♪

♪ Te quiero y no quiero ♪

♪ Así que f*ck, te quiero ♪

♪ Y no puedo olvidarme de ti ♪

♪ Cuando creo que te superé ♪

♪ f*ck te vuelvo a ver ♪

♪ Dame otro besito
Que yo me lo gano a pulso ♪

♪ De la cara bonita
Siempre ganas el concurso ♪

♪ Si esto fuera USA
Perreamos en fin de curso ♪

♪ Que no se entere tu mama
Que esta noche hay un intruso ♪

♪ Ayer me llamo mi ex y me dijo que ♪

♪ No quiere volverme a ver
Que ahora está con él ♪

♪ Y yo que no pensaba en ti
Que ya te superé ♪

♪ Hasta que te veo y ♪

♪ f*ck, te quiero ♪

♪ Te quiero y no quiero ♪

♪ Así que f*ck, te quiero ♪

♪ Te quiero y no quiero ♪

♪ Así que f*ck, te quiero ♪

♪ Y no puedo olvidarme de ti ♪

♪ Cuando creo que te superé ♪

♪ f*ck te vuelvo a ver ♪

♪ f*ck con F de fuiste tú
El que me hizo mal ♪

♪ U de un día más
Que te he vuelto a pensar ♪

♪ C de como coño esto
Me ha vuelto a pasar ♪

- ♪ K de que te den si no vas a llamar ♪
- [phone rings]

♪ Hasta que te veo y ♪

♪ f*ck, te quiero ♪

♪ Te quiero y no quiero ♪

♪ Así que f*ck, te quiero ♪

♪ Te quiero y no quiero ♪

♪ Así que f*ck, te quiero ♪

♪ Y no puedo olvidarme de ti ♪

♪ Cuando creo que te superé ♪

♪ f*ck te vuelvo a ver ♪

♪ Eva, Eva ♪

♪ Puc ♪

♪ f*ck ♪
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