Blue Star (2024)

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Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Hockey and more sports Movie Collection.
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Blue Star (2024)

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Hey, catch the ball.

That's like it!

Hey, Ranjith!

Can you see the relay?

Are you able to watch?

Moron, I have to take a shower.

Bloody mug-face!

Stop yelling continuously.

- Sister, please bear with me.

- Don't' shake the antenna.

Hey, Aathur woman.

My boy has been begging to you.

What's the hurry?

Why can't you take a shower later?

Hey, old hag.

Let Susila sister come...

- I'll tell her about this.

- Hold it right there.

- Susila is not a Queen of England.

- Granny...

- I can handle her.

- ...please stay calm!

Calling me an old hag!

As if you are young lady...

- ...and we're holding your youth.

- Granny, calm down.

Make the run.

Hey, hold the antenna!

- Some sons I have, I say.

- Hey, hold it right there!

Laying all day in the house is useless,

with no jobs.

Get down from the roof!


You would've hurt yourself.

Always watching TV.

- Hey!

- Stop chiding only me.

- You don't question the eldest.

- Get lost!

Ma, how many times should I ask you

to get cable TV?

Of course, you see money is raining.

Children of God should not watch TV.

I don't have 50 per month

to waste on cable TV.

Ma, it's best you get cable TV.

I can't be holding the antenna

on the roof.

I don't care about it.

I'm not the help in this house.

Hey, you too watch the match.

Hey, you'd know if you climb the roof.

- Eh?

- You don't even tell me the score.

The roof can't bear my weight.

As if you're Mike Tyson!

Why can't you get cable for the house?

I will bear the charges

from my pension money.

Listen, I've told you many times.

Don't you dare interfere

when I'm disciplining them?

They never touch the books.

Whether it's inside or outside the house...

All they care is about cricket.

I keep tearing them down,

and you keep putting up posters.

I will continue to tear them down.

One day, I will break the bat

and use it as firewood.

This is a challenge from Children of God.


- Mother!

- What is it?

Please come over here.

What is it?

I think it's going to rain.

Ask Kamatachi to bring down

the clothes from the terrace.


It's going to rain.

Go and bring down the clothes.

Get lost!

Hey, Kavitha, please come with me.

Get lost!

Yours Truly,

Sachin Rajesh

Kamatchi, did you see my Maths notebook?

It's surprising to see you look for books.

You see...

Tomorrow the teacher won't be

coming to the class.

So, he asked me

to teach the class tomorrow.

I have to prepare for it.

My brother is a Maths genius!


He's very fluent with "Two" tables.

Rajesh, why don't you teach Kavitha too?

Poor thing does not know anything.

I'll have my revenge when you get caught

with your boyfriend.

My brother is not good at Maths.

But he's an amazing at cricket.

He just not plays the sport.

He plays it to win!

He'd do anything to win.

He's a cricket fanatic!

But yeah... he's a little crazy!

Is the bus late today?

Brother, drop me at the SR gate.

They don't seem to get caught.

- Machi, that girl is checking you out.

- I'm checking her out too.

Step aside, my dear

If brushed against,

Fire will catch on

Taking the opportunity

We boys want to show off

With swag!



We are Arakkonam folks

The sassy folks you see at the market

Are my people

Welcome, my Chief

Take a seat

We gonna throw the ball

Strike it

Show your might

If someone troubles

Give them back

In the Panchayat meeting

Show them your brawn

Show them who you are

They cannot ignore you

Hey, stop the car.

We must clear this ground and level it.

The former owner has been

fooling people...

into thinking the land belongs

to the temple.

We should keep up the charade!

Do you see the bullock cart?

- From that point till here.

- Fine, work up the deal.

Cross your legs and sit

You belong to the clan of Ravana

It is time you rise

Do it right away

We are gonna stand on the roof

With the trophy that we win

Let us dance to the music

Cross your legs and sit

You belong to the clan of Ravana

It is time you rise

Do it right away

We are gonna stand on the roof

With the trophy that we win

Let us dance to the music

It's okay you continue.

I'll wait for you.

Tomorrow I need to come early.

- What time will she come out?

- It's time!

- What's your name?

- Thaenmozhi!

- Your name?

- Anandhi!

- Where do you live?

- Perumbachai!

Do you know Ranjith?

I know him!

That brother is an amazing guy.

Whenever he rides the bus,

we have fun!

Give my regards to Ranjith.




Step aside

Step aside

Step aside I say

Step aside

Step aside

Step aside I say

- Here, take it.

- Ma, this is atrocious!

We are the mighty ones

Don't you challenge Blue Star

We are the mighty ones

Don't you challenge Blue Star

Come on.

Throw the ball

You shouldn't indulge

We'll skin you upside down

Off you go

- Hurry up!

- Brother, 100 grams for me.

- Hey, we'll go inside and eat.

- Hey, hide it well.

Where's Arakkonam?

Right here!

Where's Arakkonam?

Right here!

Come on!

Where's Arakkonam?

Right here!

Oh, no!

Where's Arakkonam?


Get lost!

Issa railway gate-u

Issa dangerous route-u

Create a scene

This is Blue Star bat-u

Hey, train to Madras

We're important people

If we pick head,

We get tail

This is Arakkonam style-u


Cross your legs and sit

You belong to the clan of Ravana

It is time you rise

Do it right away

We are gonna stand on the roof

With the trophy that we win

Let us dance to the music

Cross your legs and sit

You belong to the clan of Ravana

It is time you rise

Do it right away

We are gonna stand on the roof

With the trophy that we win

Let us dance to the music

Hey, Paruthi, I told you to bowl offside.

You never pay heed to me.

I get you.

But I don't know to bowl offside.

Hey, what's wrong with you guys?

Come here, now!


Your body alignment is off!

Your body alignment should be

in line with your leg.

Are you cow herders?

Don't you have any sense?

This is last warning!

Bowl well.

If you continue to play this way...

Under 16 district level...


That was a super ball!

You bowl well!

- Are you a cow herder?

- No, sir.

I'll throw you out!


Don't you have any sense?

If you continue to bowl this way...

I will throw you out!

Got that!

Son, come over here.

Your body alignment is not

the issue; you bowled a wide.

It's in the right posture.

When you release the ball

your bowling arm is wavering.

How do I fix it?

Your bowling arm is natural.

So don't worry about it.

How do we use the non-bowling arm?

To aim!

If you sharply aim the stumps...

When you release the ball,

your non-bowling arm should follow

the bowling arm.

Like this!

Like this!



- That was a super ball!

- You bowl well!


Hey, I've been waiting for you.

- Give it to me.

- Let go!

What happened?

You completely ignored me!

Like you didn't notice me at the station.

Hey, I was discussing the match

with the boys.

So I didn't realize it.

Why don't you talk to me

about cricket?

It's not like I don't watch cricket.

Since childhood I've been watching cricket.

Is it?


Fine, tell me,

who's your favourite player?

I like Chris Gaines.

So, you do watch cricket!

Why do you sound surprised

at anything I say?

Is cricket reserved only for boys

to watch and play?

- I did not mean it that way.

- Please explain then!

You'd know a woman's prowess

if you let us play cricket.

Why do you like Chris Gaines?

More than a batsman and a bowler...

I like the all-rounder the best!

You don't say!

I'm an all-rounder, too, Anandhi!

That's why I like you a lot!



You called me a...

Don't speak like this in front

of my Mother.

Listen, I can't watch my mouth.

I speak my heart.

And I have no regrets.

My dear, it's your mouth and your wish.

You speak your heart!

But my Mother is way above you.

Hell's going to break loose.

Have you ever watched me play?

I have seen you play.

You run fast after hitting the ball

like Michael Bevan.


It's fun to watch!

Tell me something.

Why do you like to be a keeper?

A keeper has a clear view of the ground.

When a new batsman arrives

and taps the bat on the ground...

I can judge in which direction

he's going to bat.

Based on that I'll change the fielding

and bowling line up.

That's why I like to be the wicket keeper.

It's fun!

I'll inform when I play at Welfare School.

Would you like to come and watch?

As if I'd get permission.

Even if you play for Indian team...

I can only watch you play on the TV.

You're going to play at the

playground in the next town.

I won't get a chance to watch.

Listen, Ranjith...

do you wish to play for Indian team?

I have better business to tend to.

I want to play for our town.

- It's a long story.

- What? Tell me.

Every week on Sunday my mother

will take me to the church.

But my heart will only yearn to

play cricket at the playground.

Every year, during the temple carnival,

they organize a cricket tournament.

In that tournament, our team Blue Star...

versus town's team Alpha

is a huge match to look for.

Are you folks ready?

Please chant with me!

Because this match is considered

equal to the India-Pakistan match.

It will be sensational!

The match fell on a Sunday.

Hey, look to the front.

And I was stuck in the church.

And I was a substitute in the match.

When they asked everyone

to close their eyes to pray...

"Hey, Ranjith, now is the time."

"Get up and run."

And I ran to the playground.


My brother, too, followed me.

If you ask me cricket or Jesus?

I pray to Jesus that Blue Star team

should win the match.

On that day the ground was

swarming with people.

The Alpha Boys who always feel

they're above us...

When it comes to cricket...

every time they taste defeat.

The main reason for it is Emmanuel brother.

The reason why I am crazy about cricket...

I would say

it's because of Emmanuel brother.

Not just me...

But boys from neighboring towns

and cities...

love the game of Emmanuel brother.

He's our Kapil Dev,

Vivian Richards and everything.

His game is fantastic!

The wickets were raining down.

Kaali brother was hurt on that day.

As I was a substitute

they sent me in to play.

At first, I was very nervous.

I could not play.

Emmanuel brother came to me...

He asked me not to fear.

He asked me to play stroke

and he'll handle the rest.

His words of wisdom gave me courage.

And I started to play.

I was running to score a run...

I got run out.

I was full of tears.

But he never complained.

Instead he came and appreciated my game...

and gave me a pat on my shoulder.


Gopalan was anxious

that Emmanuel would win again.

He wanted to win this match

at any cost.

Last two balls

and we need six runs to win.

And it's the last wicket.

The bowler bowled the ball.

Emmanuel brother played an amazing sh*t.

The ball was flying high in the air.

Everyone is looking at the ball.

Vinayagam fielded in straight

and caught the ball.

But he stepped on the boundary

while he caught the ball.

All of us saw him step on the boundary.

He too knew it.

- Out! Out!

- But he swore he did not step on it.

The entire crowd is saying it's Out.

But our team said it's a six!

The umpire was clueless.

If the umpire says it's Out,

the colony folks will fight.

And if he gives it a six,

the village folks will fight.

But the umpire went neutral...

and declared it dead ball.

Emmanuel brother said he'll handle it

and stood in the ground.

But the Gopalan...

knew it's impossible to win

with Emmanuel

and instigated a fight.

He instigated a fight

and asked to b*at them up.

And people from the other side

came running to fight.

On seeing it, our folks,

too, started to run.

A huge fight broke out.

The village and the colony folks

fought each other.

In this riot,

Mani hacked Emmanuel brother's leg.

Don't spare anyone.

b*at them all.

Since that incident the two teams

were banned...

to play against each other.

A written order was issued by the Police.

After that, there was no cricket

tournament during the Temple carnival.

Even if we play cricket on that ground,

it'll be at different times.

The team that first places the stone

on the ground can play.

It does not matter who.

At present,

I'm the Captain of the Blue Star team.

Rajesh is the captain of Alpha Boys.

Rajesh is a good player.

But he is quite weird.

Alpha Boys claim to be

the best players in town.

I want to defeat them.

We do play with other teams.

Until now we both never played

against each other.

I'm waiting for that day.

I'm not getting a chance.

I'm waiting for the right chance.

No matter where a match

is organized

they won't even prepare a chart

that involves us.

They claim as far as Emmanuel brother leg

was fine Blue Star won...

And they mock us everywhere we go.

The match where they hacked

Emmanuel brother's leg...

I want to play against them

in a Temple carnival's match...

And make them realize hacking

Emmanuel brother's leg was wrong...

Also, prove them Blue Star is still

a winning team... a captain!

I want to show them we're

the best team in Arakkonam.

That's enough for me.


When shall I teach you cricket?

Yeah, right!

My folks won't approve.

It's not going to happen.

Shut up and leave!

- Hey!

- Too much you are.

Hey, Anandhi!


- Ma!

- What is it?

Why did he take my shirt?

- Oh, God!

- Does he not have a shirt?

I neatly wash and press my clothes.

And he wears them after my hard work.

Hey, he's younger to you but keeps

his clothes washed and pressed.

You don't seem to change.

Hey, it's your brother.

Let him use it.

He has two pairs of hands and legs.

- Too much!

- Step aside.

One day I'll get you.

It's a never-ending fight for clothes

between you two.

As if anything good comes out of it.

If I see you both near the playground,

there is no food for you guys.

Stop nagging the boys all the time.

They never pray to the Lord.

Only then will they be blessed with a

career in medicine or become a collector.

No one in this house fear the God.

How often should I ask you to

get me a pot of water?

You don't seem to move.


It's best you stick to

what I asked you of.

If I find out you were gawking

at women...

- As if you'd spare me.

- Father, get one for me too.

All of you pile on chores for me.

Some children I have.



Why did he come here?

Even a day late,

they send men home for collection.

Do I have to remind you?

My, Mama, sent for as you did not

pay last month's interest.

I missed my payment this month.

I'll pay you next month without fail.

You have an excuse every month.

You know to borrow money

but don't pay on time.

I'm facing a crunch this month.

I'll pay you next month.

I'll be back tomorrow.

It's best you pay up.

I will pay up!

Why are you glaring?

Ma, why did you borrow from him?

In this area, no one else

is ready to lend money.

Ma, how much did you borrow?

It's mere 1000.

I consolidated the previous petty loans

and borrowed from him.

But you see...


Month end the scholarship money

will be credited.

Pay him with that money.

Hey, I have to pay donation to church

with the scholarship money.

Stop glaring and go take a bath.

The water is getting cold.

What happened?

Why do you have a long face?

I have mentioned earlier...

about Rajesh!

I think my mother took a loan from him.

He came home...

and called my mother by her name.

He is as old as me.

How much do you owe him?

I will give you my chain.

You just replace it with a fake one.

I'll manage.

Thank you for asking though.

Why can't you keep smiling?

But you keep a sour face like Dravid.

Hey, don't you have any sense?

Why are you being close with him?

Is this why you deck up in the morning

to meet him?

Aren't you ashamed?

Why are you yelling at me?

I know how to carry myself.

You shut up!

- Ranjith, look.

- I'm talking to you!

Hey, Anandhi, you better listen to me.


Shall I tell your parents?

Go ahead!

I'll handle it.

- I'm talking to you...

- Hey, what's your problem?

Hey, I'm speaking to my cousin.

What's to you?

- Get lost!

- How dare you push me?

Pipe down!

Hey, get lost!

You made a mistake by hitting me.

Stay right here!

I'll mess you up!

Hey, get lost!

Anandhi, come on, let's go.

You go ahead.

I'll follow.

Hey, how come they're playing?

I have no idea.

Why the hell are they playing?

Did you place the stone last night?

Hey, Ravi!

I did place the stone.

What do they think of themselves?

My uncle renovated this playground.

- Hey!

- Looks like they're planning a meeting.

Why are you people playing now?

What's the matter?

They placed the stone first

and claim to play first.

Hey, who threw away the stone?

We placed it first!

You, people, threw it away

and kept your stone.

- Hey, don't point fingers.

- What else do you want me to point?

What the hell?

Can't you see we're talking?

You too talk!

Don't act too smart!

I'll break your jaw!

Hey, don't you understand?

We placed the stone first.

It's best you guys pack up and leave.

- Before I lose it.

- Hey!

- Didn't we place the stone first?

- Yes we did!

Let them wait.

You threw away our stone...

You must've done it on purpose.

Fine, let's come to an agreement.

Let flip a coin and decide.

Let's play three balls each team.

Whoever scores high...

they'll get play first on the ground.

- You have a point.

- Okay?

Rajesh, don't agree.

Hey, they're talking nonsense.

Hey! They're scared!

Look at them chicken out.

- Hey!

- Look at their faces!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Calm down!

Calm down!

Obviously, they'll be scared.

- Poor thing!

- Hey, who said we're scared!

Flip the coin!


Heads! We choose batting.

Bring it on!

Hey, get lost!

Hey, give me the bat!

I said give me the bat.

Don't spare them.

- This is our chance to b*at them.

- I'm going to ram them!

I'll show them the prowess of Alpha boys!

Hey, bring me the bat!

Hey, we'll handle them.

Awesome brother.

Let's play.

Here you go, Sam.

Come on, Sam!

Come on!

Come on, bowl!

Come on, bowl, Sam.



Hey, catch it.

Super! Super, Rajesh!

Well played.


- Get lost!

- We'll get him in the next ball.

Sam, don't get worked up.

Calmly bowl.

We'll get them!

Sam, that's good bowling!

Good bowling!

Sam! Sam!

Machan, catch the ball.


Get lost!


Machi, don't worry.

We'll make it.


8 runs in 3 balls.

How do we make it?


We have to make it.

If not, it'll be embarrassing.

The match is not over yet.

Come on, Ranjith!

Nail it brother!

Come on, Ranjith.

You can do it!

Come on, Ranjith!

Don't spare them!

Hereafter, we'll be the first ones

to play on this ground.

Come on, Rajesh!

Come on! To this side.

To this side.

That's about it.


Come on, Ranjith!

Come on, Ranjith!

Come on!

Come on! You can do it.

Don't worry.

- Oh, no!

- There goes your chance.

Get out of the ground!

Rajesh that was amazing.

Guys eat dust!

Current, the bat is broken.

What would they do now?

They're done for good!

Hey, German!

- Hey, where's he going?

- We're doomed!

I pity them!

- What is he doing?

- I don't know.

- Look at him.

- Did he get him a stump?

What the hell is he doing?

Come on, Ranjith!

Ranjith, brother, don't spare them.

Come on!

Come on, Rajesh!

Machan, bowl hard!

Hey, Current, don't lose the catch.


Now, do you realize which team

is incredible?

Aren't you ashamed to be proud

over a three ball match?

You could not even win a three ball match!

I dare you to play another match!

If we defeat you here...

the people won't know

about our achievements.

Shall we play a match

during this temple carnival?

Are you ready?

Until there's a competition,

everyone is best in their own eyes.

Instead of locking horns in vain.

Let's play a match,

and we'll know who's the best.

What do you say Ravi?

Sure let's play!

Do you think the people will agree

to a match during the carnival?

That too between these two teams!

Hey, I'll speak to my Mama.

We have to play a match

during the carnival.

I will defeat them!

I will defeat them in front of the people.

This is to inform the people

of the village...

Tomorrow in our village

there will be a panchayat meeting.

All the men, women, elders, and youngsters

are requested to participate...

and grace the meeting with your presence!

Ranjith, we should somehow play

a match against them.

Hey, Emman brother is coming.

Let me talk to him.

Hey, Ranjith!

- Huh!

- I heard you came looking for me.

What's the matter?

Brother, after your last match...

there was no tournament conducted

on this ground.

You should convince the elders

to organize a match.

Please brother!

During this carnival,

we have to organize a match.

The old case is still unsolved.

Despite graduates,

they're not able to find a job.

They're affluent.

Why do we have to poke the bear?

During that incident

we should've ended it good.

We missed it!

- A cricket match is crucial!

- He is right!

Our boys are at each other's throats

as there's no opportunity to play.

The problem that originated during

a match should end with a game.

Sports bring discipline.


This carnival there should be

a cricket match.

Yes, there should be a match!

Are you not happy

that the village is at peace?

Hey, calm down!

It's not like only a match

will cause fights.

Like Emmanuel mentioned

sports brings discipline.

Also the boys will keep order.

Many have landed a job

because of sports.

Listen sports is important.

Fine, do as you wish.

Hey, that's awesome!

As far as there's unity

it's good for the village.

I hope you don't lose to them.

Sister, donate as much as you can.

It's for the God.

Please donate.

Listen Gopal...

you should handle everything this time.

No matter the cost I'll bear it all

for the deity's ritual.

- Go ahead tell him.

- This time, there's folk dance...

a band,

- And cricket...

- What?

My nephew did mention about it.

- On the temple's ground?

- Yes!

Is it imperative to organize a match?

Yes, Mama!

We need to play against them.

Didn't you renovate the ground

for the boys to play?

- Inspector is your man.

- So?

Request him to provide security.

Fine, you people carry on!

- I'll discuss and get back.

- Sure!

Look at him glare at us.

We'll handle him during the match.

Hey, will you pass the exam this year?

You don't go to coaching class.

But you're punctual as a Romeo.

- Brother, one ink pen.

- Sure!

Brother, this is the twenty bucks

I owe you from before.

- Thank you, brother.

- I don't want it.

Let's go!

Hey, what are you doing?

Brother, don't touch this currency.

I will go home and bring another currency.

- Hey!

- I promise!

- You can keep my watch.

- I understand.

I see you daily.

I understand.

You can keep it.

You can pay me tomorrow.

"The moment when your fingers

touched this lifeless twenty bucks."

"The twenty bucks would double up

with joy."

"But I am alive, and when will you

grace me with your touch."

We've seen them play with other teams.

We should not underestimate them.

All of the them are good players.

They call themselves a cricket team.



And Bharath!

If we get their wickets,

we're good.



And then Current Kunji!

A match after years of gap.

Let's not worry and play with grit!

Weren't you waiting for this day?

Stop showing your teeth!

I'm talking about something else.


You and your team have a weakness.

What is it?

Your fielding is off.

Fielding is off?

Care to explain?

When a fielder throws the ball

to the stumps

another fielder does not cover him.

- Throw here.

- You're giving away an overthrow.

And to catch the ball only one is running.

Only if two run to the ball

one can get it and throw.

But during a wicket

everyone run to the ball.

And lose the catch.

During that time if one says "leave it."

The others should move away.

I may not be right.

Cricket is not going to put

food on the table.

It will!

If you play well, it will.

He will get a job at ICF.

I will make the application.

Wait and watch the appointment letter

will come home.

When the coal dispenser's son

gets appointed as a Railway officer,

it brings pride.

Yeah right.

That too in this village.

Pride is in abundance.

You speak about pride in vain.

You pride will be pissed on.

It'll be embarrassing to lose to them.

Where are you throwing the ball?

Throw to the stumps.

- Hey!

- Hey, that's it!

Hey, look at him.


That's a doughnut, my friend.

It's a delicious treat to eat.

What the hell are you doing?

Can't you follow the ball?

If you're not interested

don't come to play.

Look at them losing it.

Hey, Mathi, don't run your mouth;

focus on practice.

Hey, they're looking.

Don't go!

Hey, come on bowl!

Hey, Ravi, you've been bowling wide.

Are you not interested?

Now do you realize

who's the best team?

We have to chase them away!

Our victory is confirmed.

How can you tell?

Come to the playground you'll know.

After this they won't be able to face us.


Hey, watch out!

Parents send them to study

and they're romancing.

Could you give me your picture?

For what?

My nephew is refusing to eat food.

I'm going to use your picture

to scare him. So that he'll eat.

You're incorrigible!

I hate the weekends.

Hey, don't you love me?

I asked for you picture.

Can't you ask for mine?


- Hey!

- Let go of my hand.

- Come on...

- I have to go home.

I'll get my friend's bike

and drop you home.

Drop me home?

Why don't you stay at my place

for a couple of days?

Let go of my hand.

I have to go home.


What happened?

Hey, I'm speaking to you!



Ranjith, freshen up and get ready.

I have to pray today.

I'm speaking to you

and you're ignoring.

Get up!

I said, get up!

- I said, get up!

- Ma! Ma!

Hey, what is it?

How dare you raise your voice?

For sure the God will intervene.

Watch out for the judgement day.

What's wrong with you?

All these years you were

fighting with him.

Now when I threw water on him

you're reacting.

Ma, you threw water on my book.

Show me.


Hey, where did you get the twenty bucks?

Did you steal it from your

Father's pocket?

Since morning your Father has been

eating my ears off.

Ma, do I look like a thief to you?

If I ask Father is going to give me money.

It must be your eldest son.

Ask him.

Always nagging me.

What would you do with so much money?

- Give it to me.

- Let go. I'm leaving.

Eventually you will come to me.

Sam, granny bought you many things.

Buy me some betel nuts, son.

Get lost, Gran!

Hey, why are you getting dressed up?

- Nothing Ma.

- Bring me a pot of water.

Ma, is Ranjith home?

I'm coming!

Are you guys headed to the playground.

No Ma!

I heard about a match on the carnival day.

Please don't participate in it.

There are evil people out there.

I will take care of him.

Don't worry!

Ranjith, if I see you near that place...

Ma, don't worry.

Don't go over there.

It'll end up in a fight.

At least you buy me betel nuts.

I will surely buy it

on my way back home.



If I diligently pray...

there will be no match

and everyone will be wasted.

In Arakkonam district, Perumbachai village

in accord to

Maariamman temple carnival

cricket tournament is organized.

What makes it important is...

due to an incident six years ago

a decision was made not to

conduct any matches.

I'm sure everyone is aware of it.

As two villages are going to

come together.

- Mano, you pad up.

- Due to Brother Gopalan's effort...

the people and the elders of this village

have decided to conduct this match.

Aasir Brother is felicitating

Brother Gopal with a garland.

The next match...

It's between Perumbachai colony

Blue Star team

versus Perumbachai's Alpha team.

Who are these guys

in white uniforms?

Boss, over here.

Over here!

They look like league players.

Hey, where did you bring us?

You can park here!

Brother, who are they?

Who are they?

This is new!

Welcome, Boss.


I request you to play for our team.

Hello, we are league players.

- Hear me out...

- Wait! Who are the opponents?

They're colony boys from our village.

If we play in your team

they won't stand a chance.

That's what we want!

They brought in league players.

How can they bring in league players?

It's specified in the form that we can

bring in players from outside.

Hey, we'll handle them!

We don't have a kit.

But nothing to worry.

We can face anyone we want.

We'll play the game!

Take this as advance.

After the match I'll pay you balance.

Where do we sit?

- We're running out of time.

- Over here.

Team captains come to the field

and toss the coin.

Hey, Ravi, Vasanth, hurry up!

- Get going.

- The other teams are waiting.

- Come on. Hurry up.

- There's no space over here.

The match is about to begin.

If you speak to the boys.

They'll be inspired.

- Hello!

- You mean these guys?

No need.

We can handle it.

- I think he did not ask before.

- If we win the toss pick batting.

Ask both the captains

to come to the field.

- Head or tail?

- Head!

The coin is being tossed.

Play well.

Hey, give them a new ball.

Brother, did you lose the toss?

Can't you make it on time?

Opening batsmen:


Bharath is bowling now.

- That's fantastic bowling!

- Super Bharath!

Bharath is a star bowler.

- Next ball...

- Great bowling.

This is a fantastic ball, too.

Super Bharath!

I thought he'd strike,

but he missed it.

The game is getting interesting.

It's been a while

since a match this interesting.

- The batsman is checking the soil.

- Why is he checking the soil?

Come on, come on, Bharath!

Maintain offside!

That's a fantastic sh*t!

The ball flew over the boundary.

- It's a Six!

- Awesome!

Super Boss!

Nandagopalan scored the first six

of the match.

Let's wait and watch

Nandagopalan's game.

Come on, keep bowling.

Machan, we're going to win!

Come on, Bharath!

Good sh*t!

Catch the ball.



Hit it!

Sam, think before you bowl.

It's so funny.

Playing with these kids is like

net practice for us.

- It's boring.

- You play your game.

Watch me now!

Come on! Come on!

Keep it up!

Come on, keep up the pace!


That's it!

You nailed it Sam.

- Hey!

- Oh, no!

As expected, for his team...

What's wrong with you?

- ...he made a wicket.

Sam is rocking with his performance.

The next batsman is, Venkat.

What is it?

Over here.



- That's great, Bharath!

- Hey!

The score is at 58 for 2 wickets.

Come on, Rajesh!

The next batsman is the captain

of Alpha team, Rajesh.

He's a fantastic right-hand batsman.

Sam is bowling.

There goes an amazing boundary.

Rajesh, keep it up.

Keep scoring!

Throw it here!

Continuous boundaries!


He scored on all sides of the field.

Fantastic sh*t!

- Stay there.

- Boss, we can score.

That's it!

- Another single...

- Boss, 1 run?

- There he goes again.

- Make the catch.

That's a sixer!

Nothing to worry.

Sam, let them score.

Don't worry.

It was a fluke!

In this tournament,

Alpha team is playing a great match.

Sam is getting ready to bowl.

Here comes the next ball.

- It's going to the off side.

- Catch Ranjith!

Great catch, Ranjith!

In 10 overs, the Alpha team

is at 96 runs for 3 wickets.

Nandagopalan is scoring...

left, right and centre

to make up for the loss.

Last ball.

Nandagopalan, a great sh*t.

This, too, is a sixer.

Nandagopalan has scored

half a century.

- Well played.

- Come on, keep it up!

Alpha team's innings end

with 3 wickets in 12 overs...

That was a good game.


The first innings has come to an end.

No one has scored this high

on this playground to date.

Alpha team has scored 120 runs.

From Team Blue Star...

Boss, what about a fielder here?

...the batsmen

have arrived on the field.

Team Alpha looks excited.

Bala is bowling the first over.

Fantastic ball.

Amazing bouncer!

- Play patiently.

- That was a fantastic bouncer.

Next ball! They're not able to

face Bala's bowling.

Next over...

Play with your bat.

They're swinging the bat

but no contact.

- These people are rough.

- You're right!

Next ball from Bala to Mani.

- Out!

- Howzzat!

Go wide.

Come on, go wide!

- Don't you understand? Go!

- That's it. Bowl!

Bala is bowling.

Hey, fantastic ball!


- His height is a great advantage.

- It was an easy wicket.

Machan, awesome!

Ranjith, you go and bat.

Blue Star's game is sloppy

at the moment.

Here comes Blue Star's Captain, Ranjith.

- You go to square leg.

- Shall we put him here?

- He's good at...

- Hold on, what is it?

Can't you see I'm setting up fielding?

- Do you need another fielder over there?

- Come on!

Fantastic bowling!

- They can't face it.

- Ranjith lost his chance.

Let's see if he's able to

play next ball.

That was an amazing length.

That's great.

They're not able to play.

- Blue Star is in a dire situation.

- I could've played.

Let's wait and watch

if Ranjith can make a difference.

Now we have Bala returning to bowl.

Ranjith is going to bat.

The ball is charging towards

the boundary.



That's a fantastic sixer by Ranjith.

With the first sixer,

Ranjith is boosting the team's score.

The next boundary is on the offside.

- Hey!

- What's wrong with him?

Ranjith is scoring on all sides

of the field.

- Keep running!

- Ranjith, slay the pitch!

Let's try one over.

I know this batsman well.

Thank you.

They're discussing

who'd be bowling next.

The next over is by Captain Rajesh.


Get out of here!

Captain Rajesh,

that was fantastic bowling.

Rajesh has proved he's a captain.

Move to the front.

Next batsman is Ammukutty.

Move to your right.

He's an aggressive player.

Current catch the ball!

Ammukutty got out as quickly

as he got on the field.

Hey, Current don't overdo it.

Hey, have patience.

For now play singles.

Later we can score higher.

- Please listen to me.

- Next batsman is Sam.

Who's going to bowl the next over?

Give me the ball.

I wonder who's going to bowl?


Bala, he will bowl.

Learn from him.

Come on!

Are you a fool? It's just the first ball,

and you're swinging.

Hey, stop swinging!

Play patiently.

- The next is a single run.

- Come on, make a run.


Sam and Ranjith are playing

a good partnership.

Oh, damn!

There goes another boundary.

Ranjith is rocking.

He's bowling to the leg-side.

The next ball is going to be a sixer.

Keep bowling to that side.

Ranjith is ready to face the ball.

- Ranjith is injured by the ball.

- Damn!

- Hey! Hey!

- Well bowled!

Hey, Ranjith, what happened?

- Can you play?

- Are you okay?

Can you play?

He needs first aid.

He's done.

He's badly hurt.

Take him away.

Where are you going?

You're next!

Ranjith is retired hurt.

Fantastic bowling.

Well bowled Bala.

Keep it up!

Did you see his delivery?

It's a fantastic win for Alpha Team.

Unable to face Bala and Sriram's bowling...

The Blue Star team lost by 35 runs.

On behalf of the organizing committee

and the people of the village...

Hey, Sam, did you see that?

- I don't know how to face people.

- It's humiliating.

To lose like this, they were showing off.

You were showing off

but nothing to prove.

Alpha team won by 35 runs

against Blue Star team.

Thanks a lot, Boss.

If not for you...

Will we get our payment tomorrow?

For sure!

Let's go!

Come on, machi.

Let's go.

We request the teams to be ready.

I will bring it in the morning.

I hope it will be in tomorrow.

Boss... Boss, thanks!

Get ready for the toss!

Shortly the next match will begin.

I was afraid you guys might lose.

- We wouldn't, Mama.

- You guys rocked!

- Thank you.

- Awesome!

- I'll take a leave.

- Okay.

- I'm leaving.

- Sure, brother!

Brother, you worked hard

to clean up this ground.

But you let the boys play cricket.

I don't get it.

The ground is always ours!

You did watch how our boys

chased them away.

You're right!

Ranjith, winning and losing

is part of the match.


Oh, God!

Hey, we should not have

lost to them.

- Brother!

- Hey, Ranjith!

How's your hand?

The swelling is still there.

It's hurting a bit.

You'll be fine.

Does your mother know about the injury?

She must've been mad!

- She was crying.

- Why?

She believes her plea to the God

punished me.

After that they played two more matches.

The opponent team had four league players.

But nothing compared to our match.

Brother, we shouldn't have lost to them.

Ammu, refrain from pondering

to whom you lost.

But figure out why you lost.

Important thing is to rectify the mistakes.


Can you come to the tea shop

near MCF at 09:00 a.m.?

We'll head to Puttur and get you plastered.


- See you in the morning.

- Sure, brother.

You're here to fulfill my needs.

There are 100 others out there

who are ready to replace you.



If you don't get it.

Then understand and continue to work.

- Idiots!

- Shankar, I'll be back after a tea.


Hey, stop!

- Hey, Velu, please raise the volume.

- Okay, brother!

- Hey, Ranjith!

- Brother!

- Hey, Mano!

- Come, come.

Hey, what is this?


Looks like the swelling didn't go down.

It's better!

Better than yesterday.

It's best we get it checked.

- Velu, three teas.

- Sure!

Did you take permission from work?

- Good sh*t! Good sh*t!

- Why is he coming over here?

Who is he?

Remember the local match

from last week.

- Hi!

- He's the captain of that team.

- Boss...

- Welcome!

- As promised, we won.

- Right!

I was afraid Ranjith will win it.

But you got his wicket.

But Ranjith was able to play your bowling.

Oh, no, I forgot about it.

Sorry for the delay.

- Here you go.

- Take it.

- Is it all there?

- Yes it is.

- He won't leave I think.

- Let him be.

Let him watch us play.

You bowl.

Well bowled.

Listen, bring your foot to the front,

and play.

Play with front foot.

He's bowling above.

You're doing it wrong.

You'd know if you play.

Sure I will.

What are you doing Bala?

He's talking too much.

Let him play.

He'll know.

Why aren't you playing front foot?

You step forward and play.

Go ahead and play.

You'll know.

He should not touch a bat again.

We must show him who we are.

I'm ready!

Hey, Bala, knock him out.

Don't spare him.

Teach him a lesson.

- Come on!

- Now you're talking!

Come on!

That's an amazing length.

That's the length!

Hey, be gentle, dude!

How dare he asked me to

step in the front to play?

Hereafter, he won't bother us.

What's happening here?

Who the hell is he?

Don't you have any sense?

Who gave you permission

to let him in here?

Sorry sir!

This is not a place

where anyone can play.

- You idiots!

- Sir!

I'm not anyone.

I'm Nandagopalan's friend.

Sir, he's not my friend.

I don't know who he is.

Hey, first...

First, ask him to get out.

Hey, get out!

Get out!

Hey, go! Out!

Sir, don't you lay your hands on me.

I said get out!

- I said get out of here!

- Sir, don't push me.


Security, call the Police

and throw him out.

Did you call the Police?

Go! Get out of here!

Go! Out!

- Let go!

- Keep him out of here!

Get out!

Get out from here.

Let go.

I'm going.

I'm telling you.

Let go. I'm going.

What did I do wrong?

You stepping in here itself is wrong.

- Get out!

- Brother, let go!

Hey, hold this for me.

- What happened?

- I don't know.

- Let's go and check.

- Throw him out.

- Let go. I'm just talking.

- Get out!

How's it wrong to play two balls?

It's wrong that you stepped in here.

I am asking why.

Sir, why are you being

hard on him for no reason.

You're not doing your job

that's why they're stepping in.

- Get lost!

- Brother!

- Hey!

- Bloody rascal!

How dare you lay hands on me?

- Why did you b*at him?

- Don't mess with me.

I'll thrash you!

This is what happens

when you let the strays inside.

Throw them out.

Bloody rascals!

You people should remain where you belong.

What the hell?

- You're creating a scene out here...

- I'll k*ll you!

How dare you raise your hand on me?

Hey, close the gate!

Bloody rascals!

- Sir, first give us a chance to explain.

- Sir, b*at them to pulp.

Shut the bloody gate.

Creating problems at the playground.

How dare you lay hands on me?

Do you think the Government

will sit ducks?

Sir, arrest them!

It's not that easy to play at this ground.

To play at this ground...

you people should be qualified.



If you dare to return to this ground.

This will be the result of it.

- Get out of here!

- Come to the station and speak.

- Step away.

- Sir, please let them go.

Sir, please let them go!

Sir, please let them go. Sir!

You people are not allowed to

step inside that ground.

Eh! Not did you step inside the ground...

but got into a fight.

Sir, they are students!

You're planning to file a case.

Students should remain students.

But they laid their hands on him.

For what they did I would've

remanded them for 15 days.

Sir, I'll fulfill the formalities

you ask of.

Hey, come along!

Not you both.

Just you!

Come on, get up!

Come on!

Gopal, where's Ranjith?

Listen, I convinced the Police

not to file a case.

Pay him 1000

and they'll let him walk.

Let's go!

- 1000?

- Why would I pay for him?

In my family, no one has step foot

inside the Police station.

But my son indulged in a fight...

and never in my wildest dreams thought

he will pay a visit to the Police station.

Ma, I did not b*at anyone

neither did I indulge in a fight.

I went to sign the register.

As if you're the President

who went to sign it.

Listen, "Whoever conceals his

transgressions will not prosper."

"But he who confesses and forsakes them

will obtain mercy."

I did not quote this.

But psalm 28:13 quotes it.

Here you go!

You can fool me.

But God is watching you.

Be careful.

Some husband I have.

As a father, you should be

responsible to fetch him a job.

But this family has a mind of its own.

I don't really get you.

Our son has received a call letter

from the selection committee.

It's a huge thing.

Are you aware or not

about the sports quota?

ICF will be grab him

for his spectacular performance.

Yeah right.

As if they were waiting for him.

Father, the shoes are tight.

They're tight is it?

Once I get my salary I'll buy you

new ones. Adjust for now.

Okay, Father.

Hey, Ranjith!

Please read the prayer.

- Father!

- What is it?

I don't want new shoes.

I don't want anything.

Why bother when they don't respect us?

Why won't they respect us?

If you're talented,

they'll respect you.

Listen, go and give your best.

I'm sure you'll get selected.

If you land a good job you and

your future family will be happy.

Look at me.

Working with iron in railways

has damaged my hands.

I'm saying it because

I want you to have a good life.

They will pick you for your talent.

Go and play, my son.

Go ahead.

- Okay, Pa.

- Go!

Play well!

- Your name?

- Ranjith!


- Batch number?

- Seven!


Sit over there.

They'll call you.

Sir, two bowlers and two batsmen.

Ashwin, come here!

Come, come, come.

Hurry up!

Go and get ready to play.

Let me check with him.

Please keep it over there.

- Sir!

- What do you want?

I'm from Batch-1 when will you call me?

Just because you have a call letter

we can't let you play right away.

Go and wait your turn.

They don't understand at once.

They issue call letters to every moron.

And they make our lives difficult.

It's the committee's fault.

60 and 70 are batsmen right?

Where are you going?

Hey, they won't call us.

I'm leaving!


- Did we send in next player?

- Yes!

Next, send in...

Sir, that's the third batch.

Third batch?

I think it's the second batch.

Just play.

It's all fixed.


Vanakkam, sir.

Good morning, sir.

- Send in two players.

- Okay, Sir.

- How many are required?

- Two batsmen and two bowlers.

And one all-rounder, sir.

Give, sir, the details.

Here you go, sir.

- Check the list.

- Note down his name.


- Sir!

- What is it?

Sir, I was here before them.

I said, I will call you.

Go and wait out there.

Just because you have a call letter

we can't let you play right away.

We'll call you when it's your turn.


Not that they'll nail it

if we let them play.

They issue call letters to anyone

and everyone.

It's become a headache handling them.

I wonder where they come from.

Who's on the next list?

Both are bowlers, sir.

Hey, catch the ball!

Hey, what is he doing?

- Who is this joker?

- Oh, god!

- He couldn't catch a ball.

- I wonder why they even try.

- Incorrigible...

- Look at his face.

As if he's going to catch the ball.

Hey, pick up the balls.

Isn't that why you came here?


This is not a place

where anybody can play.

Only the qualified should play

on this ground.

Son, I'll pay next month.

Okay, brother!

Please have some more.


Where's your ring?

He must've given it to someone

as engagement ring.

- You shut up.

- Hey, can't you shut up?

I'm pissed as it is.

Pipe down.

Get lost!

What happened to you?

Hey, girl, can't you stay quiet?

Always picking fights with him.

He's not your only child.

Was I adopted?

Yeah right you were adopted.

Finally you found out.

You never help me with chores.

After years we played

in front of the village and lost.

And at the Police station...

Emmanuel brother begged to the Police.

Did I embarrass myself in the selection

that my father pinned his hopes on?

When I told him...

his face went pale, Anandhi!

My team had too much faith in me.

As a captain I lost.

I got defeated.

Oh, God. Hey!

Look at me!

Look at tears in your eyes.

In ITI you failed too many times

in different subjects.

Never have I seen you get so emotional.

Come on.

Don't cry.

If something makes us cry...

that means we are true to it.

But they made you wait at the selection

and humiliated you.

Even I am pissed to even hear about it.

It's not like they're great players.

I swear...

Those guys are nothing compared

to your prowess in the game.

In a way it's a good thing

you guys lost to them.

If you win at the first chance,

you won't know its importance.

Anandhi, you're talking like Emmanuel brother.

Good people speak the same frequency.

You idiot!

- Oh, God!

- Yeah right!

- Ma!

- Come on!

You should scream, Anandhi.

- Hey!

- That's all you care about me.


Look, I'm going to pinch you again.

You should scream, Aa-Anandhi!



- Close you eyes.

- Why?

You close your eyes and I'll tell you.

Wow! You were right here with me crying.

When did you get this?

- Give it back. If don't want it.

- I want!

- Do you like it?

- Yes, I like it!

- Hereafter, don't buy anything.

- Why?

I'm not fond of jewellery.

What are you fond of?

Tell me what you like, I'll get it.

It's not something you can buy

from a store.

What is it?


Tell me what you like.

I'll buy it for you.

I wish to bat at the playground.


- Come on.

- Hey!

- Come with me.

- Where are you taking me?

Come with me.

Rahul, let me play give me your bat.

Come on, play.

Wow, Anandhi!

What is it?

Reecho of the train

Is searching for you

Like a ringing drum

The heart is pounding

Your swinging hands

Your signals

Is throwing me

Into the Eden garden

In the rails

That cross your place

My life seems to end

Words that I have not even uttered

To my mother

Are floating in my mind

Within the blanket of dreams

I try to stop the time...

...passing by

Like the rain water running

on the ground...

I am slipping by

You shower kindness on the heart

that is in pain

You care

Amongst all the redolence

that graze me...

Only your scent stirs my soul

Even after the earth vanishes

The only rail lines that do not vanish Love, my dear

My love

My love

Current, you sound excited.

I'm nothing less than Mark Waugh.

Emman, hey!

We welcome our respected brother

Poovai Murthy...

on behalf of the family

and the music troupe.

I've heard many names in Tamilnadu

There's no one greater

than Poovaiyar brother.

There's no one greater

than Poovaiyar brother.

If you did your work.

You must fight and win it.

Brave leaders.

Be ready!

The future is waiting for us.

k*ll the cowards in your hearts.

That's it!

I wish the bride and the groom

a blessed and prosperous life.

Welcome, brother.

How are you?

I hope the children are studying.

They should speak English fluently.


- Hey, Sasi.

- Dude, I don't get any of it.

The boy who I mentioned

who is behind Anandhi...

- He is here with his boys.

- Who is it?

- is that him?

- We should not spare him.

The dancing guy in green shirt.

Come on, brother is calling.

Hey, wait, bring the gift.

Brother, come on.

This for you.

- Hold the gift.

- Come on!

- That's enough, Ranjith.

- Everyone please have your meal.


Hey, can't you watch out?

How dare you?

I'll k*ll you.

Where are you from?

Hey, don't you dare?

It's okay, you arrive before them.

How does it matter?

How dare you raise your voice

in my territory?

Hey, what's your problem?


Hey, son, let's not fight

during new beginnings.

- Guys leave.

- Come with me.

- Can't you hear me?

- Brother, what's the problem?

- Nothing to worry.

- Don't create problems.

I said don't create problems.

I'll handle it you leave.

- It's best you leave.

- Come on, let's leave.

- It's best you leave.

- I ought to!

I dare you to cross Arakkonam station.

You overthink of yourself.

It's better you stick to your business

shut up and leave.

If you don't we'll k*ll you!

Listen, don't speak out of your turn.


Shut up and leave.

If you don't then you won't

make it out of here.

Bloody, how dare you?

Hey, don't fight!

Let go!

- Let go!

- How dare you run your mouth?

Hey, I'll k*ll you!

Don't bring area into it.

Hey, thrash him!

Stay right here.

We'll be back!

Hey, please hear me out.

Hey, Rajesh!

Hey, Ranjith, calm down.

Hey, why would you?

We'll sort this out in the morning.

Come on, let's go!

Go! Go safe!

We'll discus this in the morning.

Let me tell you all something.

They've announced a tournament at MCF.

Why don't you both teams

join hands and enroll?

If the both the teams combine...

no league player can defeat you.

Due to the incident at the ground

they fired me.

Are you serious?

It's a freaking lawnmower job.

We need to prove our worth to them.

We should not spare them

for humiliating us.

On the day of the selection not just me

but many were humiliated.

My point exactly.

They look down on us as street players.

We are not to be looked down upon.


Will you both join hands and play?

Today when you joined hands

no one could b*at you.

We must unite!

That's it!

That's it!

What do you say?

Please stop here.

How could you agree

to join hands with them?

That too we have to play

under their team's name.

What's in the name?

Hey, Ranjith, how can we play

along with them?

Let's enroll as our team and win it.

The hell you'll win!

We did observe their game.

Every sh*t looked like we watch on TV.

We've been yearning to play

in this tournament.

Last time you used money to fix it.

Similarly, fix it for tournament too.

Why should we join hands with them?

You saw what the

league players did to us.

If two teams join

half the players will be idle.

How are you going to select the players?

Everyone is a good player.

We'll be playing the cricket ball

not the cork ball.

I'll select players based on their

performances with cricket ball.

We'll know during the practice.

Anyway, your brother will be

on the team.

Of course,

the elder brother is the captain.

Hey, I won't be biased.

We must practice.

Best performer will play in the match.

Even if I don't perform.

I'll step down.

Let's join hands with our people.

When did they become our people?

Venkat, you're an important player

of this team.

How can you not trust me?

Hey, consider sports to be sports.

Let's play one tournament.


Don't take this tournament lightly.

This is an opportunity.

We should not miss it!

Hey, come with me.

- Vanakkam, brother.

- Welcome Rajesh.

What's all this?

Shake hands with each other.

Do you want individual instructions?

Shake hands.

Hey, go ahead.

Go ahead!

Ranjith and Rajesh!

They have printed a form

for the tournament.

Here, read it!

All the matches will be played on the mat.


Brother, what does it mean?

- It says mat!

- What is a mat?

We're not used to play on the mat.

This tournament will be played on the mat.

Practicing is not important.

But we have to practice on the mat.

Only then you can play

with the cricket ball.


How much is a mat?

To buy a second hand mat

it will cost you 2000.


Did you say 2000?

Brother, I'll buy the mat.

It is not the right thing to do.

It's best every one pitch in.

Then the mat will be owned by the team.

Let's all pitch in and buy it.

Ranjith and Rajesh, at Chepaulk...

you can find a good deal on the

second-hand mat, Raghav says so.

Go over there.

- [IN HINDI] Where are you going?

- Gurkha bhaiya!

- Can we buy the mat here?

- No, no! Get going.

How dare you ask us to leave?

Hey, calm down!

Aren't we out-of-towners too?

I wonder what hardship he's going through

to come here for a job.

And you're troubling him.

He can't understand matriculation Hindi.

And you expect him to get you.

Listen, come over here.

- What do you want?

- Cricket mat!

Are you okay with a second hand mat?

- How much is it?

- How much do you have?

First, state your price.

A new mat at the store is 5000.

I have two mats with me.

It'll cost you 1500.

It will be as good as new.

Super mat!


- What do you say?

- Okay!

Have you decided?

- Okay, show us the mat.

- Come with me.

They're here to buy the cricket mat.

Listen, give 500 advance.

Brother, we'll check out the mat

and then pay him.

Pay up front if you need it.

If not off you go!

- They're thinking too much to pay.

- Fine, pay him.

Brother, mat should not be torn.

We can check it out later.

First pay up advance.

It's all there, brother.

- Don't speak too much.

- Come on, let's go!

- That boy speaks too much.

- He's still a kid!

- Trust is important.

- It's a good mat.

- Be patient and get it.

- Ramesh!

Go ahead!

Brother, where's the mat?

It's over there.

Where is it?

It's on the ground.

Can you not see it?

Ramesh, sell it to them.

I'm leaving.

Brother, what's this?

Once they clear the coffin,

take your mat.

Sit over there.

Please wait.

And you expect to watch my words.

There's a demand for this mat.

Serve tea to the boys.

- Here you go tea!

- How long would it take?

- Be careful.

- Hey, hold it right!

- Hey, hold it tight.

- Hold it tight!

Hold on, we'll fix it.

Hey, Bharath.

Go to that side.

- Here you say!

- Venkatesh, come to this side.

- Hey, I will stand here.

- Come on, bowl.


Come on, Rajesh, bowl.



Everyone gather.

Come to the mat.

Come on!

What did you observe?

Erm.. when we bowl in sand

the ball travels low.

But on the mat it's fast and bounces.

That's it!

All this while we played on sand.

- But now mat. Okay?

- We get it!

- We get it, brother.

- Come on everyone.

Hey, come on everyone.

You can't hold cricket ball

like you hold a cork ball.

This is the stitch.

Your two fingers should be above it.

If you bowl now the ball will seam.

If it pitches in the seam

the ball will travel faster.

One is in-swing.

Another is out-swing.

If you hold the seam and

pitch it in it's a in-swing.

Likewise if you pitch it outside

it's an out-swing.


Let you be controlled

Let you be stopped

Creating obstacles in your path

Let you be spoiled

Let you be hated

Let you be sidelined

To have patience, to refuse

Let it give way!

Come on!

If we go to w*r,

Who is there to conquer us?

This is Budhdha waging the w*r

after learning valor

To whom?

To whom?

We will announce to the world

Give us the way

As we walk

Quit the path

Quit the path

You should know who you are

Change is evident

It is enough if the elephant knows

its strength

You should know who you are

Change is evident

It is enough if the elephant knows

its strength

We're playing to defeat the Giant-11 team.

We should not lose to them.

I can understand your anger.

Like us they don't play twice a week.

They play on all the days in a week.

Like you perceive MCF tournament

is not so easy to play.

It's an important tournament.

If you play in this tournament,

you may get selected in Ranjit Trophy

or even in Indian team.

This tournament is an eye wash.

To make people believe

that the selection is not biased.


there's no other purpose to it.

More than winning this tournament...

it's a big deal to even play

in this tournament.

In the 5 tournaments,

11 b*ll*ts have won twice.

The rest of the three years

Team Giant-11 won the trophy.

It's not easy to win against that team.

To compete with them

we need more practice.

Come on!

Come on, boys!

Come on!

Once we lock our opponent...

in all aspects we need to

work more hard than them.

The hard work will give us

courage and confidence.

Be patient and focused like a leopard

Be patient and focused like a leopard

Super ball.

Sam, great bowling!

Be patient and focused like a leopard

We are the birds

That begins the w*r

If you understand,

Even a drop becomes an ocean

Let us hold our heads high

And surprise everyone

Seeing your game,

Let us oppressors become silent

Game is also a challenge for you

Don't be submissive

Do not let your heart break

Take the first step

Prove them wrong

Keep repeating it

Give us the way

As we walk

Quit the path

Quit the path

You should know who you are

Change is evident

It is enough if the elephant knows

its strength

You should know who you are

Change is evident

It is enough if the elephant knows

its strength

- Thamizh machan.

- Hey, that's my cousin.

- That's my cousin.

- Hey, Venkat!

Hey, have you teamed up with them?

I told you!

Come on, let's go!

Team Blue Star and Sputnik...

Please come to the field

to spin the toss.

Rajesh, you go.

Let's win the toss.


- Hey, that's super.

- I picked batting.

Who do we send as openers?

Let Babu and Venkat open.

Venkatesh and Babu are going to open.

The first ball has been bowled.

Venkatesh is playing stroke.

- He's a pro at playing stroke.

- Is he good bowler?

Nah, I'm just whiling away time.

You play well, don't you?

That's a fantastic ball.

Hey, let's go for another run.

There goes a wicket for Blue Star.

He got him out on purpose.


Keep up the bowling.

In 2 overs, 2 wickets and 2 runs.

Ranjith, come on, play.

Ranjith is down for batting.

That's a wide ball.

Next ball...

That's a great ball.

That's a four!

Excellent sh*t, Ranjith!

Hey, maintain this.

Ranjith's first ball fetched him

a boundary.

Hey, come on!

Hey. Venkat, make the run.

Why the hell is he not running?

- He will do it.

- That was an easy run.

I won't run for it.

Suriya's last ball.

Hey, don't come.

Go back!

Throw it here!

- Howzzzat!

- They got the ball.

- In 3 overs, 7 runs, and 2 wickets...

- He picked up the ball. Blue Star.

- Why did you run?

- He did it on purpose.

That's why I asked to bat.

But you let an outsider play.

Hey, don't you dare call us outsiders.

This is our team.

But you clanged on to win the match.

It won't work

if the partnership is not correct.

Ranjith is ready to face the next ball.

Back on the streets

Are the Blue Star Boys

Who's got the balls?

Who's got the--


Back on the streets

Are the Blue Star Boys

Who's got the balls?

Who's got the--


You guys are a no-ball

Declared by the dude, Gopal

This's a law-ball

A game-changing Blue Ball

Good game!

We're gonna play

Cricket... Cricket... Bro!

We won't go astray

At twenty-two yards...

...we're the Cricket Guards

We're the Gully g*ng boys

Now coming like a Boss

Ey! Who's the new player

on the field?

Blue Star!

Everything quakes

When the Chief arrives

Blue Star!

Even foes tremble in fear

Blue Star!

Fireworks will rain

Blue Star!

There's none but us!

Make them play

Make them run

Sending people to look for them...

You messed with the wrong bunch

It's a different kinda Cricket!

A kind, hard-to-comprehend

Try figuring it out

Lock horns if you dare

It's a Blue Star Cricket

125 runs, 5 wickets in 16 overs.

Will the Sputnik team achieve this target?

Let's wait and watch

if they'll achieve the target.

You go straight.

You go to the mid-off.

The opening batsmen from

Sputnik are Parthiban and Sathish.

- Hey, catch it.

- Throw it!

Well fielding!

It's a tight fielding by Blue Star.

Rajesh bowls again.


Sputnik lost their first wicket.

Next batsmen, Surya.

And bowler, Bharath!

Good length!

Looks like a maiden over.

Oh, bowled!

In 4 overs, 2 wickets down,

and is at only 6 runs.

Dinesh is batting.



It was my ball.

Why did you come for it?


Stop yelling.

Amazing partnership between

Dinesh and Surya.

- Hey!

- Another boundary!

Hey, Venkatesh!

- Go to the end.

- I don't have to listen to you.

Let the captain say it.

Hey, like he said.

Go to the end.

The batting is in full form.

In 12 overs,

the score is at 95 runs.

Hey, catch!


Leave it!

- They dropped the catch.

- That was my ball.

The players are indulging

in useless arguments.

What the hell?

I told you it was my catch!

- How dare you?

- Why are you fighting?

- Go and play.

- Team Blue Star has no unity.

Had they broken their partnership,

they would've won.

Last over 14 runs needed.

They're at 111 runs in 15 overs.

- Hey, Ravi, throw it in.

- Okay.

- Okay, go.

- Rajesh, let Bharath bowl.

Fine by me.


Bowl well.

Checkout the scoreboard.

- Bowl well.

- Ravi, give me the ball.

- Hey, give me the ball.

- They've changed the bowler.

- Bharath is going to bowl.

- Come on, Bharath!

First ball!

- Catch it.

- Sixer!

First ball, six runs!

I think the match will end soon.

That's a four!


The length is correct.

But keep it offside.

He's good with leg side.

You go to the boundary.

The Sputnik Team needs 4 runs

to win this match.

Next ball...

Well bowled, Bharath!

What is it?


Bharath, let it go.

Go ahead and bowl-Come on, Sputnik team.

You have a great winning opportunity.

Again, Bharath!

We're waiting to see what happens next.

Catch it!

That was a fantastic catch

by Rajesh.

They need 3 runs in 1 ball.

2 runs will be a draw.

And 3 runs will fetch them victory.

- Bharath is about to bowl.

- Hey, Bharath!

Throw a short ball.

He plays only one sh*t.

Keep it offside.

Techniques should've been used earlier,

not now.

Come on, Bharath!

Bharath, bowling from Thiruteni corner.

- Suriya hit a sh*t.

- Hey! Hey!

Keep it right!

Keep it right.

- Venkatesh missed it.

- Throw it to keeper.

Throw it over here.

Hit it!

- Howzzat!

- Out!

Verdict is out!

Team Blue Star has won the match by 1 run

and is moving up in the league.

- I'm leaving.

- Come on, hurry up!

Let's go!

- Come in, Rajesh.

- Mama!

- Did you call for me?

- Yes!

I heard you're playing

in the MCF tournament.


But why did join hands with them?

Tell me what kind of league players

you want.

I'll get them for you!

Mama, if both the teams

play together we'll win.

Hey, what is it?

Don't you understand?

I'll make sure no one plays cricket

in the town.

Brother, first, we'll see if they stay united.


What happened?

Where are you going?

It's not time yet.

Where were you?

I'm talking to you.

Have you gone deaf?


Hey, have some coffee.

He is my grandson.

To him, education is life!

I concur he will only stop

once he becomes a Collector.

You don't feel like meeting me,

do you?

Hey, Ranjth, what happened?

Why are you sitting out here?

Let's go.

Nothing happened!

Why didn't you come for practice?

- Hey, Sam!

- I'm speaking to you.

Why are you taking it apart?

Hey, I'm speaking to you.

Why is he using my stuff?

- I don't touch his stuff.

- He's your brother.

- What's wrong with you?

- What are you doing?

Hey, why are you undoing the thread?

Give it to me.

Hey, why do you use my stuff?

- Sam! Sam!

- Hey, it's my wish!

I'll come if I feel like.

If you say something,

I'll k*ll you!

How dare you?

Just for a bat you'll b*at your brother.

Hey, Sam!

Hey, Ranjith!

Ranjith hear me out.

He can't take our beatings!

- I'll break your jaw.

- Break it off!

- I said break it off.

- Why is he b*ating him?

How dare you?

- I'm being patient with you.

- Don't do it. I said, don't do it.

- Hey, Ranjith. That's enough.

- I'll break your hands.

- I'm warning you!

- Hey, go away!

He's a small child!

Let your father come.

I will handle you guys then.

Did he b*at you hard?

Listen, Sam!

- Son, please listen.

- Sam!

I'm shivering!

Is this why you guys are crazy

about cricket?

- I've been looking for you.

- I wonder how they drink this?

Sam, you're already soft.

Hear me out. Don't drink.

It'll be embarrassing.

Hey, to whom it'll be embarrassing?

Without me you would've lost.

At least I'm having a beer.

For losing the tournament my brother

and Rajesh will have poison.

Go and save them.


Hey, who said we lost.

Hey, Ranjith!

Where's Sam?

He won't come.

How can you be so casual about it?

Sam was doing well.

What happened to him?

We'll handle it!

Where did he go?

Sevapaer team opened strong!

2 overs 24 runs.

- Zero wickets.

- Howzzat!

Rajesh bowled third over.

A clean tip on the bat.

- Ranjith got the catch.

- Howzzat!

- Sir, that's an out, sir.

- Umpire denied it.

We thought it was a one-off.

For Bharath, the umpire gave a wide

for a non-wide ball.

After that, he kept giving wide

for all the balls.

Your brother did an amazing stumping!


But the umpire did not approve it.

- Sir that's a out!

- He did not step in.

Why did you let it go?

What else can we do?

The organizers was yelling.

Then Rajesh and Bharath

tightened the bowling.

Still they made 110 runs.

We didn't give up!

Current and I opened and scored

a lot of runs.


You don't believe me, right?

I swear.

You can ask anyone.

Our partnership was rocking.

Current was not out.

But the umpire gave out!

After that, we kept losing wickets.

You should've been there.

Then who played?

Ranjith is about to bat.

Your brother and Rajesh played.

Very good. Square cut.

Smashing sh*t.

- What happened next?

- Then Rajesh played.

The ball went over his head.

It was a clean no-ball.

But umpire said it's not.

Your brother and Rajesh did not agree.

We were talking and the opponent

team player pushed your brother.

Then both the teams stepped into the field.

A huge fight broke out!

Why is there an umpire?

Let's put a toss.

Whoever wins the toss is the winner.

Why should we play toss?

We won't agree.

If they're talented

then play a game and win.

Hey, arrogance is it?

What Anand?

Arrogance it is!

I'm not an employee here anymore.

To listen to your nonsense.

Give respect and take respect.

Stating this as an excuse

they said both teams can't play.

And asked us to get out.

They did not budge!

You know what your brother did?

Come on!

Everyone sit down.

Sir, they're asking to change the umpire.

Sir, the issue is going out of control.

I don't care do as you please!

Then they changed the umpire.

A new umpire was sent in.

After that the match resumed.

Rajesh and Ranjth's partnership

won the match.

Then why did they overdo it

in the last match?

We did win his match.

But their attitude did not change.

Hereafter, Ranjith is captain.

Hey, no need.

It's going well.

You assigned bowling to Bharath

at the right time.

And you changed the fielding

at the right time.

Also, you stayed longer on the pitch.

You are a captain.

It's the right thing to do.

If you were there,

it was an easy win.

You better come for practice tomorrow.

I'll speak to them.

Get lost!

I'm not coming.

I care a damn about you people.

I came to meet you.

You could've bought an extra beer.

Hey, come over here.

Sam, why are you not

pressing your clothes?

Are you not well?

Playing deaf is it?

Sam I brought you breakfast.

Please eat.

Your pampering has spoiled him.


Come in!

Come in and sit down.

Here, open your month.

Drink some water.

I will pay on Saturday.

I'm not here for that.

- I came to meet Sam.

- Oh!

Sit down.

Would you like to have breakfast?

No thanks.

I had.

- You came to meet him?

- Yes!

He's being stubborn and difficult.

Have more.

- What are you doing?

- I found him at the ground...

he was hurt,

so I brought him home.

Sam, why did you not

come to the match yesterday?

I'm talking to you.

Had you been there,

it would've been great.

Hey, he came all the way

to meet you.

Give him a reply.

I never promised.

Why are you being rude to mom?

Damn it!

You escaped last time.

- It's best you pipe down.

- Calm down.

They don't even let him

eat in peace.

Tomorrow's match is important.

It's semi-finals.

You have to come.

I'm not coming.

You can take someone else.

- Sam.

- What is it gran?

You said it was over.

I bought it for you.

Use it.

The old hag is embarrassing me.

Gran, don't piss me off.

Hey, Sam, please hear me out.

Tomorrow you have to come.

I told you, right?

He's the oddball in this house.

You carry on.

I'll convince him.

We'll manage!

- It's getting late. Come to practice.

- I'll come.

- Hey, it's Sam.

- Where was he all this while?

Wait let me talk to him.


Sam, stop right there!

Take this.

Give this letter to your brother.


In the end,

you made me the messenger.

First read what's in the letter.

Read it!

To my beloved lover, Ranjith...



Hey, what about the letter

you gave my brother?

On that day, too,

Anandhi asked me to pass the letter.


I'm leaving.

Let's go!

Hey! Hey, Thaen!


What is it?

Why is that you don't understand

my feeling?

How long do you expect me to wait?

Next month 7th is your birthday.

I will give you my answer.

How come you remember

my birthday?

Every year you distribute chocolate

and pin a poem with it.

I've read it!

You've never read my letter.

I wonder how you read my poems.

You don't spare any festivals.

You even give me a card on

death anniversary holidays.

I've read them all.

I remember the poem

from your last birthday.

Shall I recite it?

"How many are aware?"

"You are the December flower

that bloomed in November."

How do you even come up

with these poems?

I've never seen you smile

like this before.

Hey, forget about it.

Do you even have feelings?

Anandhi looked sad

when she gave me the letter.

Hey, he's not a person

who takes these things seriously?

Except for cricket he does not

take anything seriously.

He has no time for love and feelings.


So, you mean to say

stalking is serious love.

Of course!

If I find you stalking me again...

I'll file a Police complaint.

I'm warning you.

File a complaint.

But file a robbery case against me.


Because I stole your heart.

Oh, God!

Are you always like this?

Today is an unforgettable day

in my life.

Go and give this letter

to your brother.

Go! Get going.

Please turn around.

Turn around!


Every ball may or may not

hit the boundary...

but it's surely heading towards

Giant-11 team's victory.

In the finals,

for sure Giant-11's team...

Now come the ball...

Wow, that's a great sh*t!

Giant-11 wins by 4 runs.

Next match is between?

Blue Star Vs Youth 11

Let the Ballot be.

Change the opponent team.

Okay, sir.

Team Blue Star, can you hear us!

The upcoming semi-finals match

is between...

Blue Star Vs 11 b*ll*ts

Not between Blue Star and Youth 11.

Why did you change the opponent

for no reason?

You don't say!

You should not question us.


Why did you change the Ballot last minute?

Last match because you asked

we changed the umpire.

- We did change right?

- Yes, sir!

How's it related?

Your opponent is not

in the position to play.

Please... Please adjust and play.

- Are you scared?

- Brother!

Brother, we'll handle them.

It's not an easy task to play

against 11 b*ll*ts.

Brother, no matter who it is

we'll handle them.

- He's right. We'll handle them.

- Yeah he's right.

That's not the case.

There's a player b*llet Babu

in 11 b*ll*ts team.

He has scored 4-5 centuries this year

in different tournaments.

Everyone expected that he'll play

for the Indian team.

But he brutally rejected the offer.

Why did he reject it?

He only likes the West Indies team.

He's adamant to play only

for West Indies.

If we get his wicket we're good.

But it's not an easy task.

One - he never got bowled out.

Two - he never got run out.

Because he never runs to make runs.

If you bowl leg side

he'll score in off side.

Likewise if you bowl off side

he'll score in leg side.

Before you figure which side he plays

the match will be over.

Spectacular player!

Spectacular player!

Leg Side

Off side

In side

Out side

It's Babu's side

Full sh*t

Late cut

Cover Drive

Sweep sh*t

It's Babu's sh*t

You never saw the devil haha

My batting is the answer hoho

- Look at the guy in the front.

- Hey, Mano!

- Go!

- Go, go, go!

Hey, Sam, come on.

Good you came.

- Ranjith, look he's here.

- I knew he will come.

- Why are you late?

- How did you come over here?

- Here you go.

- What is it?

Whatever I'm here now.

Where are my whites?

To grace this competition

and to make it sensational...

popular cricketers

from Madras Chepauk Stadium have arrived.

To my beloved Ranjith,

this letter is from Anandhi!

I'm in tears while writing this letter.

I don't how to explain.

My family has fixed engagement for me.

I definitely won't marry him.

I feel like meeting you.

I'll be waiting for you

at the railway station.

I don't know why...

I want to meet you once.

If you could please come and meet me.

I want to discuss a lot of things with you.

In all the final matches till date...

Giant-11 and 11 b*ll*ts

were up against each other.

Giant-11 team is scared

of 11 b*ll*ts bowling.

Now you know why winning

against them is tough.

Their bowling is tough.

Make sure to get b*llet Babu's wicket.

Somehow get his wicket.


Go ahead!

All the best!

Play well.

11 b*ll*ts team has arrived

on the field.

The reason for excitement

is b*llet Babu.

Hey, are you okay?

Venkatesh and Babu

are opening for Blue Star...

b*llet Suman is going to bowl

the first over.

First ball...

- Hey!

- Bouncer!

Fantastic bowling.

- Damn it!

- In two overs, we'll be done.

Suman's bowling is like Ambrose's delivery.

Next ball is to Venkatesh!

Can he face it?

- Catch it!

- In the air!

High up in the air.

- Come on, boys!

- Wow, that's a very good catch.

In the first over, there were no runs,

and lost a wicket... Blue Star!

The next batsman is captain, Ranjith.

Ranjith, play well.

He's facing his first ball.

- Good ball! Good ball!

- Bouncer!

Another bouncer!

Suman's bowling...

is dangerous.

Stay and play.

Another bouncer!

Before he could lift the bat,

the ball went to the keeper.

Super, Suman!

Maari is going to bowl next.

Maari's bowling...

Wow, that's a four!

Hey, that's fantastic!

A catch on the leg side.

Another catch,

and Blue Star loses another wicket.

Blue Star is at 5 runs...

in 2 overs and 2 wickets down.

You can't play in all the matches.

That's how the game is.

Let it go!

- Let's wait and watch.

- Is everything okay?

Bala's next ball...

Third down, Sam!

- Lovely bowling.

- Super!

A meticulous defense.

Sam instead hitting runs

you're playing stroke.

Didn't you guys asked me not to

hit all the balls?

That's why I'm playing defense.

Go ahead!

Next ball...

Caught behind!

Blue Star lost Ammukutty's wicket.


Good job!

Next down is Rajesh.

Keep it in control.

Don't let them score.

Next ball...

- That's a super ball.

- Good bowling.

Hey, what happened to you?

He's not a player who plays defense.

Hey, Ranjith,

ask him to start hitting runs.

Brother, ask him to play.

Hey, we're running out of overs.

If you continue this form

we can't make it.

If I tell him he won't listen to me.

Just tell him this.

- Do you want water?

- I don't want it.

- Hey, bowl!

- Hey, Sam, start hitting.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Start hitting!

Sam, you keep playing defense.

You don't have to score.

He's bowling really fast.

You may get hurt.

Take care and play patiently.

Start hitting dude!

That's a sixer!

Fantastic sh*t!

- Did you see that?

- Come on!

There goes four runs.



Come on!

Come on!

Parthi, be cool and bowl.

- b*llet is advising the bowler.

- Come on!

Let's wait and watch.

Oh! Inside edge bowled out.

Sam's game dwindled in Mani's bowling.

Current, caught out!


Just stay and play.

You don't have to score.

Blue Star's game is slipping away.

There it ends, Blue Star.

98 is the score.

98 is an easy target for 11-b*ll*ts.

- Th opening batsmen will finish the match.

- What happened?

It's not like the match has ended.

We can't easily win all the matches.

Boys, don't lose hope.

Let's try.

Come on!

Even if we lose, it's okay.

Let's go!

- Come on!

- Come on, boys!

Come on.

Let's get to the game.

11 b*ll*ts team batsmen are coming in.

First over is bowled by Rajesh.

- First ball is a sixer on the leg side.

- Catch it! Damn!

Catch it!

Oh, no!

Shall we give Sam an over.

Hey, Ranjith!

Put your head in the game.

It's semi-finals.

Hey, sorry.

We'll get it in line.

Come on, boys!

Come on!

Sam, come on bowl.

Sam is about to bowl.

Catch! Catch! Catch!

Caught and bowled by Sam!

11-b*ll*ts have lost 3 wickets.

For your information,

the match is about to begin only now.

Star player!

With crackling fanfare!

Now arrives b*llet Babu.

b*llet Babu!

b*llet Babu!

Hey, Qasim, you move behind.

Hey, you sit down here.

Machi, take down this wicket.

Amazing sh*t!

The ball flew high in the air.

A ball from Thiruteni's corner

returns to the corner.

Leg Side

Off side

In side

Out side

It's Babu's side

Full sh*t

Late cut

Cover Drive

Sweep sh*t

It's Babu's sh*t

You never saw the devil

My batting is the answer

You never saw the devil

My batting is the answer, baby

- Next ball!

- Catch it!

- Fantastic bowling!

- They dropped the catch.

- Dropped the catch.

- That's my catch.

Don't you have any sense?

It was coming toward me.

Another ball.

And it's a sixer!

Bring me some water.

Someone, please get the ball.

How many are we going to lose?

- Brother!

- What is it?

Why do you not want to play

for Indian team?

It's because it's Indian team.

Anyway they won't take me in.

It's best not to get humiliated.

Why do you like to play for West Indies?

That's my country!

You call our players, players?

They mix too much politics in sports.

Bloody beggars!

I'm waiting for my Visa.

Soon, Lara and I...

will be opening batsmen.

That sounds amazing, brother.

Over there!

Over there!

Run out! Murugan returned

to the pavilion in no time.

The last run cost them...

- Come on, Bharath!

- Hey, Venkat, come here.

We're in team discussion.

Wait for a bit.

They're overdoing it.

They keep switching between them.

- Catch it.

- Wicket keeper Ranjith missed the catch.

They missed a great opportunity.

- Don't you know how to catch?

- Hey!

It came directly to your hand.

- Get moving!

- I'm sorry!

Come on, keep it up.

- Damn!

- Hey, what happened?

I'll tell you later.

Ranjith, it's okay.

Rajesh, keep it out.

Ranjith switch the over to Rajesh.

Will this make any difference?

b*llet Babu is getting ready to bat.



Fantastic catch!

Hey, that's amazing.

Sir, it's clean out.

You're being unfair.

Sir, I could hear the nick sound.

Umpire declared it not out.

- Hey!

- How come it's not out?

Sir, it's out!

Sir, umpire, sir.

It's clean tip.

Blue Star don't argue with the umpire.

b*llet Babu agreed it's out.

He agreed, nicked the bat,

and walked out.

This is true sportsman spirit.

This modesty is what makes

a great sportsperson.

b*llet Babu is out.

No point in watching the match.

Come on, let's go.

This is true sportsman spirit.

Fantastic fielding, Ammukutty.

- Howzzat!

- That's a run out!

That was handed to them.

They need 7 runs in 5 balls.

Ranjith is making some changes

in the fielding.

This is a crucial time.

Here comes the next ball.

Saran hit the ball!

96 runs with 9 wickets down...

11-b*ll*ts need 3 runs from 4 balls.

Will they hit a 4 to finish the match?

Or will Blue Star get lucky?

3 runs in 4 balls!

As it's the last wicket...

the semi-finals is coming to an end.

It will decide who will be

entering the finals.

Will Blue Star win the match?

There goes the ball!

- Strike!

- Catch! Catch!

It's mine.

Leave it!


I ended it, Ranjith!

It's a historic moment.

For the first time, Team 11-b*ll*ts

have lost the semi-finals

and did not make it to the finals.



You guys are amazing players!

But you don't have unity.

If you continue to bicker...

anyone can destroy your team.

Everyone unite and play.

Only then you can win.



Well done. At least in the

next match play united.

- You guys should win the trophy.

- Come on, let's go!

Hey, Ranjith!

We have a match tomorrow.

And you're here!

What happened?

Hey, why do you look upset?

I feel like meeting her one last time.

Shall we?

Let it go!

You said today's her engagement.

I don't think going there

is a good idea.

It will call for unnecessary problems.

Everything went wrong.

That girl did profess her love to you.

Then why did she do it?

Women can't be trusted.

That's not the case!

We never expressed our love

to each other.

I don't even know what is she

going through.

But I can't agree to the fact that she's

getting engaged to someone else.

If I just meet her once...

I will be happy.

She's my dream!

Hey! Hey!


You're crying like a small kid.

First time love failure?

Fine, you want to meet her.

Come on, let's go!

Come on.

Get up!

Brother, give me a cigarette.

Hey, I'm going to take a leak.

Brother, two teas.

Please stand on the other side.

Can't you see I'm cutting onions?

I am walking on an unknown path

For I do not have a company,

I talk to my own shadow

Longing to see your face

Listening to your voice

in the breeze

Hey! The cloud

that pushes the train

The crow

that cuddles the rain

The love monster

that pinches the soul

Why am I Going in search of her?

Getting tortured by worry?

Dreaming and becoming a mirage?

Just because we let you walk.

You stepped into our area.

- Hey, hit him.

- Come on, hit him!

Don't spare him.

Hit him!

Hey, don't spare him!

Hey, who the hell are you guys?

Hey! Hey, who are you guys?

Hey, break it off!

Hey! Hey, break it off!

Who the hell are you guys?

I'll k*ll you all!

- Why do you support him?

- He's my friend!

To hell with your friendship.

Would you stay calm if someone

pursued your sister?

Or would you invite him for dinner?

You'd know if it's your sister.

If I see you guys again in this area...

I will be your worst nightmare.

Hey let's go!

We are like two poles

On the two sides of the sky

My truth is looking

for your shadow

When the horizon becomes colorful

After the train leaves its place

I am going to sleep alone

in the evening

I followed her into

an unknown path

Now I'm hurting in solitude

Hey The cloud

that pushes the train

The crow

that cuddles the rain

The love monster

that pinches the soul

Why am I Going in search of her?

Getting tortured by worry?

Dreaming and becoming a mirage?

Hey The cloud

that pushes the train

The crow

that cuddles the rain

The love monster

that pinches the soul

Would you stay calm if someone

pursued your sister?

Or would you invite him for dinner?

What is happening?

- Brother, what are you doing?

- Dig in!

Hey, soon begin work.

Gopal, what's happening?

You're well aware who owns this land.

- Sir has bought this land.

- Why?

He's going to build a petrol bunk.

As per the astrologer...

we need to start the foundation work.

We have to begin work from today.

You people don't waste our time...

and please leave the ground.

Gopal, you know this is the only ground

our boys have to play cricket.

That's why I let them play till now.

Our boys have made it to Finals

in MCF tournament.


How could you do this

during their practice sessions?

Brother, what's this?

- This is our ground.

- How's it your ground?

It's because of me he did not interfere

in this matter.

- Where do we play?

- I don't care!

Go and play in the forest

or somewhere else.

We can't go over there.

We will play over here.

This is our ground!

Hey, arrogance is it?

Do you realize who you're talking to?

Brother, give respect and take respect.


- Hey!

- Hey, how dare you?

- Hey, Ranjith, calm down.

- Gopal...

I was going to take my time

to start work.

Tonight I'm sending bulldozer

to clean the ground.

I challenge you!

Do you think we'll sit ducks

and watch it happen?

Times have changed.


- Hey, Sam!

- What the hell?

Gopal, let's not do it today.

It's not a good day.

I'll consult with the astrologer

and pick a different date.

Come on!

Don't get angry, Gopal.

I thought it will be smooth.

But looks like there are

too many conflicts.

Fine, when they return

we'll handle them.

Huh! Come on, let's practice.


Ask them why they were silent?

Hey, what is it?

Is it okay, if you don't have

a place to practice?

You guys were silent throughout.

No matter who it is.

Learn to speak with respect.

I know who and when to respect.

- What?

- He's incorrigible.

To hell with you!

You guys don't deserve cricket.

I thought playing together

will unite us.

But your heads are filled with nonsense.

Brother, we deserve this and more

for playing with them.

What do you mean by "them?"

Answer me?

Where does this hate come from?


Both the teams playing together

itself a victory.

But you proved me wrong

that it's not possible.

Get lost!

Hey, listen closely to what

I have to say.

Hate will lead you to destruction.

But patience will teach you volumes.

Once I returned from the hospital...

I picked up a Kn*fe

and went to k*ll Mani.

I stopped and thought for a moment.

If I k*ll Mani...

his family will suffer.

That moment of patience saved his life.

If I had k*lled him and went to prison...

People from both factions would've

fought and k*lled each other.

It would've stirred a riot.

I would've been a different example

to you guys.

I believed sports will bring us together.

I believe as we played

eventually things will get better.

I don't know.

I don't know what to do.

Remain like this

and eventually die in the end.

Did you notice their arrogance?

They were raising their voice to me.

You guys are to be blamed.

They stood as equal to us!

There's nothing left to say.

My own blood is not with me.

It's all because of him.

Listen closely, Rajesh...

I will arrange a ground

for you boys to play.

If you still go and play with them...

It's equal to have slippered me.


Hey, how dare you raise your hand on me?

- Bloody rascals!

- Mani brother!

- Nothing!

- Come on. Let's go home.

The place I work...

were praising that you boys

are playing amazing cricket.

You're right.

Let's go!

You know how happy I am.

They say it's a huge tournament.

That's right.

We are playing.

Play well my boys.

Play united!

- Sure we will.

- United play is good.

Everyone play together.

But you should not

fight with each other.

- Okay?

- We won't fight.

Go home safe.

Learn from my life.

Go home and sleep.

You guys are students.

- Be good...

- Watch out!

Had I been educated

I would've lead a good life.

They hollow praised

and turned me into a mess.

In this 6th year

of MCF cricket tournament...

Youth 11 scored 120 in semi-finals.

There goes a sixer.

Giant-11 won the match

and have entered the finals.

The buzz is they will win

the trophy this year.


Maintain the bowling.

Well bowled.

Maintain the bowling.

- Hey, you play.

- Come on, bowl.

- You play. I'm not feeling good.

- What happened?

Had we spoken amicably,

it would've not been worse.

Hey, it's okay if they don't want to come.

His Mama behaves as if he's a big sh*t.

Why is he coming over here?

Don't you remember

he disrespected your Mama?

Shall we go?

It's the finals.

Hey, Current, it's not possible.

- Shut up!

- It's all because of you.

If anyone dares to go,

that's it!

To play on this ground

they need to be qualified.

They did not just insult me.

They, too, know the match is

very important.

They should remain where they belong.

Just because you're holding a bat...

Maximum 10 overs!

11 novice players.

Destroy them!

If you still go and play with them...

It's equal to slippering me.

- Why are they doing this?

- Brother!

I don't care who turns up...

We'll play!

If you throw a stone at the dog...

it'll get scared and run.

Try throwing a stone at a beehive...

we will run in fear.

Do you know why?

Because they unite and chase us.

Similarly, if you're united

you can win anyone and everyone.


When the society discriminated

as an outcast...

the Lord took us in like a baby goat.

With his grace we've been blessed

a life with self-respect.

We want our children to excel in education,

economics and politics.

Is the sole purpose of this congregation.

The young boys of our village.

Specifically, Ranjith!

The boys of village have participated

in a huge cricket tournament...

and are on the path to victory.

They have entered the finals.

This is a proud moment for our village.

We should appreciate our children

for their efforts.

Things that are beyond their reach...

the Lord will bless them

with the wisdom to achieve.

Let us all pray

for their well-being and success.

Mama, look our boys picture

is in the newspaper.

I thought they were fooling around

with the bats...

- Impressive!

- They made it!

On this day, we have gathered

as a congregation...

to read the verses for the Lord to hear.

My Lord, bless this this congregation,

its people...

and the neighboring villages.

Young boys of this village are entering

finals in the cricket tournament...

Please bless them to play united

and win this match.

For three successful weeks

MCF cricket tournament is going on...

the finals of 6th year tournament

is going to begin shortly.

People from different cities

have arrived to watch.

Successful league players from Madras

are going to arrive.

We request the fans to co-operate

with the organizers.

Many-time winner Giant-11

is expected to win this time, too.

The situation too seems like

it's going to happen.

But we can't jump to conclusion.

We have to give it to the

Blue Star team...

A small team from a village

has reached the finals.

It's a great achievement.

I don't care who is going to

come with me.

Win or lose we'll play

with the players we have.

Bear this in mind...

Hate will lead you to destruction.

But patience will teach you volumes.

This world has given many reason

not to stay united...

But to stay united,

there's only one reason.

Find out that one reason.

You should know who you are

Change is evident

It is enough if the elephants knows

its strength

Hey, Ranjith, look over there.

You should know who you are

Change is evident

Rajesh, what took you so long?

Nothing! On our way,

we hit a slight snag.

Where is Venkatesh?

He must be on the way.

- Come on, everyone!

- Hey, Bharath!

The critical player on this team

is Nandagopalan.

He can play any sh*t.

He may play for Indian team.

Drive, cut, defense, hook...

he plays them all!

Second - Sunil.

It's not a good sight see him play.

As far as he's on the crease

the score board keeps ringing.

Following them, Qasim, Hari, and Abinav...

will perform one after the other.

But that's not an issue.

The issue is their bowling.

In their team, there's,

Ashwin, Sriram, and Bala.

One is a King of swing.

He will assign a slip

and take down wickets.

Another will bowl yorker

and break the sticks.

Finally, Bala.

He's a Ranjith Trophy player.

We can face his bowling.

Still we will lose wickets.

He'll bowl to the body.

But we can win them.

If we focus and play.

- Super!

- Come on, everyone!

Shortly they will spin the toss.

Rajesh, will Venkatesh come?

Brother, how long do we wait?

We'll manage!

Final call for the captains.

Team Blue Start where are you?

They're about to spin the toss.

Hey, win the toss.

Both the team captains

have arrived on the ground.

- Fine, fight for it.

- Will Giant-11 win the 6th year...

Will they win?

It's a big deal our boys

made it to the final.


This opportunity was not served to us.

All these years we were waiting

for this day.

Whether we win or lose...

we need to play united.

We should not give until the last ball.

Get it?

- Come on! Come on!

- Come on, boys!

- We need to nail it!

- Come on!

- Come on.

- Let's bring it on!

Don't miss it.

Win this match!

Hey, win this match!

Awesome boys!

The much-awaited final match.

Give me the ball.

On the ground rules are same

for everyone.

You arrived late.

- Bharath, you bowl.

- Okay, brother.

First ball of the match.

- It's an easy wicket.

- Bharath to Sunil...

From Thirutheni corner,

Bharath to Sunil.

That's a good ball.

- Why don't you hit the ball now?

- Get lost!

Well bowled.

Come on!

There goes on the leg side.

That's 4 runs!

There rises their score!

Giant-11 is playing a good game.

They've scored 15 runs for 0 wickets.

Next ball to Sapthaseelan.

- Hey!

- Let's make double run.

That's a fantastic boundary.

Ranjith is making changes

to the fielding set up.

Sapthaseelan is batting...

- That's a sh*t!

- Catch it!

Giant-11 is at 19 runs.

Significant moment in the match.

The playground is about to shatter.

Here comes Giant-11 captain,


We are aware of Nandagopalan's game.

Come on, Rajesh!

Excellent sh*t!

First ball, sixer!

The fans have started

to enjoy the match.

They've been continuously

scoring boundaries.

Well played!

From all directions, this partnership

is scoring boundaries.

Excellent sh*t!

Four runs in the covers!

The fans are all excited.

Next over...


from Thiruteni corner to Sunil.

Come on, Rajesh!

Blue Star it's high time

you get your bowling in line.

Rajesh to Sunil.

- Amazing bouncer.

- Catch!

They got his wicket.

Giant-11 lost its second wicket.

Match it not yet over.

We need to keep order.

Tighten the bowling.

Every ball counts.

Come on, let's do it!

Ravi, you bowl.

- 6 overs, 53 runs, 2 wickets...

They've created a great partnership.

- Come on, Ravi!

- Come on, Ravi, don't lose it.

Ravi is bowling to Nandagopalan.

Ravi, that was great bowling!

- Ravi, keep it up.

- He just bowled one ball.

Let's see!

Once again, Ravi for you...

- There it goes on the leg side.

- That's an excellent sh*t.

Another 4 run on the off side.


Nandagopalan has scored

half a century.


Keeper catch!

- Fantastic catch by Ranjith.

- Super brother!

- There goes another wicket.

- Super!

5 balls are up in the 16th over.

The score is at 145 runs for 3 wickets.

Now comes the last ball.

- Bharath is bowling the last ball.

- Come on, Bharath!


There's a sixer spiraling to the pavilion.

- Beautiful sh*t!

- What a sh*t!

151 runs for 3 wickets in 16 overs.

Giant-11 played a good game.

Giant-11 team looks excited.

Mano and Babu are opening batsmen

from Team Blue Star.

Captain Nandagopalan is setting up

a strong fielding.

Here comes the first over...

from Thiruteni corner,

Bala to Babu.

That's good bowling.

We have a nick name for Bala.

It is Bouncer Bala.


Please wear a helmet and play safe.

- Hey, where's the batsman?

- Well bowled, my boy.

Sriram to Babu!

Ah... Howzzatt!

Blue Star lost its first wicket.

Next arrives the team captain, Ranjith.

He's a good batsman.

Last match was not good for Ranjith.

Bala's over.

It's a bouncer!

Fantastic sh*t!

Keepers! Keepers!

Keepers throw.

Another one on the leg side.

That's an excellent sh*t!


- Hey!

- What?

First, hit the ball with your bat.

I've noticed you when you play a match.

If the opponent bowler yells at you...

you yell at him back and get out.

Smile at the person who glares at you.

Get lost!

In these moments,

you be like Tendulkar.

Show your anger in the game.

Excellent sh*t.

It's a six!

- A sixer on the leg side.

- Super sh*t!

Ranjith is playing a fantastic game.

He's playing a patient and composed game.

- Five slips?

- Come on, bowl!

Only on TV do we get to see

such a setup.

They have a strong set up.

Qasim to Mano!


Next ball to the power hitter Ammu Kutty.

- Straight drive!

- What kind of bowling is this?

He's proving his mettle.

Next sh*t!


Next batsman is Rajesh.

- Don't rush. We have time.

- I hope their partnership works.

Ranjith and Rajesh's partnership

is fantastic.

It's a super sh*t on the leg side.

With this, Ranjith scores half century.

In 10 overs 81 runs and 3 wickets.

Guys you're rocking it!

Only now can we a relief on the

faces of the team and the spectators.

He's a left-hand-spinner like Ravi Shastri.

Very technical.


- Amazing ball.

- Hey!

Hey, what happened?

- Umpire, please check on him.

- Hey, Ranjith!

Injuries are common in matches.

Why did you throw the ball

to the body on purpose?

You got to be careful and avoid injuries.

- Hey, Ranjith...

- Hey, hey, hey...

It's hurting!

Machi, be careful.

- Take him to the hospital.

- Please take him!

This is common in sports.

Players should understand and behave.

Ranjith is stepping out as retired hurt.

Please send in the next batsman.

- Ranjith, don't worry.

- They're doing it on purpose.

The game is in your hands now.

Play well!

- Don't lose the wicket.

- Sam is about to face the ball.

- That's a good bouncer.

- Well bowled!

- Keep moving. Watch out for the next ball.

- Sam, let it go!

Excellent sh*t!

That's a sixer.

Excellent sh*t!

Sam has started to smash.



Sam is smashing,

yet playing it composed.

If players are not patient,

they'll lose the wicket.

Sam is well-aware of the technique.

In the air!


- Super sh*t, Sam.

- Fantastic sh*t. 2 runs!

- Smashing!

- Keep it up!


Two more runs!

Rajesh scored an amazing sixer

on offside.

- 120 runs in 12 overs...

- Come here!

Blue Star has lot 3 wickets.

Don't you have any sense?

What's happening out there?

We can win, sir.

Nobodies are smashing

and you're doing nothing.

Only after winning can you step out.



- Get in and tighten the bowling.

- Come on, boys!

- Keep up the batting.

- Bowl well. Don't try new things.

We don't have an option.

The Thiruteni corner, Sriram to Sam.

- Howzzatt!

- Keeper caught the ball.

They have appealed for out.

Sam's great batting ends

because of caught behind the wicket.

Careful, play well.

Score a single.

Whether they'll pass or fuse out...

- Howzzatt!

- ...only time will tell.

Caught by the keeper!

Hey, give Rajesh a strike.

That's it.

Rajesh will take care of it.

Bharath is facing Bala's bowling.

- Bowled!

- Well bowled!

- Come on!

- Oh, God, no!

Team Giant-11 is getting back to form.

By losing wickets back to back...

team Blue Star is losing its form.

Oh, catch!

There goes another wicket.


Another bowled!

Team Blue Star lost their 8th wicket.

They're down to the last 2 wickets.

A unique player is entering the field.

He wore a helmet to bat.

Clean bowled!

There goes another wicket.

Blue Star has lost 9 wickets.

I swear...

Those guys are nothing compared

to your prowess in the game.

Hey, Ranjith, can you play?

- Don't worry, Ranjith. Be patient.

- MCF cricket club's

The cricket ball tournament

- Just stay!

- Here comes the last leg of the match.

They're left with only one wicket.

Will Blue Star win the match or not?

Ranjith is team Blue Star's hope.

Will he able to play?

We will know shortly.

Come on!

Smash it to win it!

Sriram bowling from Thiruteni end.

Fantastic bowling.

Ah! What happened?

You will have your moment.

Wait for that moment.

Don't miss it!

Team Giant-11 back in the form.

Come on, make a run.

Keep running!

They ran for a single.

There goes another single.

Bala bowled an amazing bouncer.

- Ranjith is struggling.

- Keeper!

Another single.

Fantastic fielding by Qasim.

They're going for another single.

They blocked a boundary.

Fantastic fielding is happening.

They're trying to make another run,

but it looks impossible.

- Good decision.

- Good throw.

It's a risk to go for another run.

That's a good decision.

They need 13 runs in 6 balls.

Here comes the most crucial part

of winning this match.

First ball from the last over.

Come on!

Come on, Sri!

Fantastic sh*t. Fantastic!

That's a four!

It's a 4!

Fantastic boundary.

We'll take him down in next ball.

They need 9 runs in 5 balls.

Who will win?

We'll know shortly.

Come on, make a run.

- Go for a single.

- Single run is enough.



They need 8 runs in 4 balls.

- Run faster.

- Ranjith is in the strike position.

- Come on, Ranjith!

- Ranjith is facing the ball.


That's fantastic bowling.

What a delivery!

8 runs in three balls.

Who's going to win?

Blue Star or Giant-11?

4th ball of the match...

Sriram to Ranjith.

Ranjith strikes!

Up in the air

victory is marching towards him.

What a match!

What is happening?

Every ball is an experience.

It's fantastic!

Hey, do something and win it!

Do you get it?

Come on! Come to this side.

Come close.

You come to the front.

You too!

- You stand in the close.

- Come on, Sriram.

- Another strike.

- Come on, run. No stay!

- Stay! Stay!

- Nandagopalan good fielding.

- Come on!

- He did a great job.

2 runs in 1 ball.

Score 1 it's a draw.

- 2 runs they'll win.

- This is the last ball.

Keep it in.

Don't bowl out.

One ball.

You can do it.

Come on, play!

- Come on, Sri.

- Same one, Sri!

Last ball and two runs needed.

The match is gaining momentum.

Ranjith is ready to face

the last ball of finals.

Whether Team Blue Star will win...

This last ball will decide.

Here comes the last ball.

Winning the finals will become

an inspiration to your village.

Sriram is about to bowl

from Thiruteni corner.

You've been waiting for this day.

Smash it!

They will select you for your talent.

Go and play, my son.

Young boys of this village are entering

finals in the cricket tournament...

Please bless them to play united

and win this match.

You should be qualified to play

at this playground.


Ranjith, let's go for another run.

The keeper did not pick up the ball.

- Rajesh!

- Hey!

Come on!

Hey, lift him up.

Lift his head.

Guys come here.

Rajesh pick him up.

Please be careful with him.

Come on!

Come on!

Everyone must have a doubt.

Did Blue Star win or lose?

Hey, it's a four!

That's a smashing win Blue Star.

A team hailing from a village

took part in MCF and have won...

giving hope and paving way for more.

Cross your legs...

...and sit

This is a historic moment!

An era to remember.

Cross your legs...

...and sit

It is time... rise



We gonna smash!



Gopal, on that day, they were apart...

but now the village and the colony

have united.

Bring it on!

- Come on! Bring it on!

- Come on!

I dare you to step in.

You believed

they wouldn't unite at all.

Now bring it on!

I dare you to lay your hands on us.

Come on!

No one will return alive.

Try stepping in.

You'd know.

I dare you to lay your hands on us.

Anyone who dares to

mess with the playground is doomed.

Hey, below the blue sky...

tress, birds, animals and humans,

everyone is equal!

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