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Love Without Walls (2023)

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I'm Paul Kelly.

Thank you very much.


Have a nice night.

'Bout time you got there,

isn't it, Sophie?


-Little duet?

Bet she got some lungs on her.

You know, in 10 years

of being together,

I don't think

I've ever heard her sing.

Believe me, it's for the best.

Aw, thought we said cash.

Did we?

-It's fine.

-See you next month?

It's in the diary.

Cheers, Mark.

Hey, watch your back.

Well done, Paul.

Cheers. Thank you.


Manor House Station

to Gibson Square.

Leave on left green lanes.

Right on Right Highbury Newpark.

Right Saint Paul's Road.

Comply Highbury Corner.

Leave by Opera Street.

Right Barnsbury Street.

Left Milner Square.

Forward Milner f*cking bullocks.


-No, keep going.

-Leave by Opera Street.

Right Barnsbury Street.

Left Milner Square.

Forward Milner Place, forward

Gibson Square, sat down --

Oh, bub, you've got it.

You've got it, you've got it.

Shift your butt.

You gotta go.

I do.


Hello, Maisie.

Good morning!

Good morning, my baby.



-Letter for you.


You would forget your bloody

head if it weren't screwed on.

Love you!

Good luck!

It's not working.

Oh, sorry. I don't know

why it's not working.

Hang on.

Try again for me.

No again.

It's not working.

You know what?

I think I've got enough.

-Thank you.

-Thank you.

-Thank you.

-Thank you.

Right Old Kent Road.

Right Asylum Road.

Left Queen's Road.

Candor Street on left.

Cafe de Paris.

Coventry Street.

-Park Theatre.

-Park Theatre?

Clifton Terrace.

Go on then.

Right Wickham Street.

Right Panton Street.

Right Oxident Street.

Right Coventry Street.

Left Rupert Street.

Right Shaftsbury Avenue.


I'm sorry. Uh, sorry.

Can I start again?


Look to the left.

No, the other left.


Me hair all right?

Nan, stop fidgeting.

Oh, that's a good one.

Show us what you got.

There's my favorite one.

Here's my favorite one.

Chop me head off, stick

a cauliflower in its place.


did you get my provisions?

Yes, I did.

Quick, hide them in your bag.

Lovely. Oh.

What kind of nan encourages

their granddaughter

to smoke, eh?

Puff-puff behind the bike shed.



Don't worry.

I ain't got corona.

Yeah, it wasn't a cough

that carried her off.

It's the coffin

they carried her off in, yeah.


Mm! Mm.

Here she comes --

matron of horror.

Oh, bit soft in the head,

this one.

Nan, have you not heard

of the Australian bushfires?

Thought it was Brazilian.

Nan! You...

Jeanie, lunch is ready.

Just topping up me tan.

Well, I gotta go anyway.

You go.

I love you. Mwah!

I'll see you soon.

All right?


Make it soon, eh?

I will. Promise.

Look, I don't have it for you,

but I will.

You keep saying that. When?

Devon, look, I'll get it to you.

I just -- I had a check

given to me

from a f*cking gig last night,

and I have to wait on it

to clear, all right?

f*cking -- a f*cking check?

Oh, mate, you're so low,

you know that.

You're so low.

Just give me the money

I gave you as a f*cking loan!


your coursework is good.

It's really good.

Your final project

needs to be submitted

by the 16th of July.


And do I have

to submit it online,

or can I just present it

like that, old-school?




Uh, look, Soph,

we're out of time.

Um, so just e-mail me if

you've got any questions, okay?

Will do. Thank you.

-All right. Bye.

-Go on. Catch you later.

Have you been a good girl?

You didn't have that bastard

examiner again, did you?

I passed.

I'm up again in 28 days.

Bubba, you did it!

Uh, hello.

Uh, my name's Paul Kelly.

I'm gonna play a song I wrote


"The Girl I Used to Know."

Hope you like it.

I'm gonna play a different song

that's not so depressing.

Uh, you know...

They sent me a note

in the cashbox instructing me

to give you half of what

we took on the door.

I'm only following orders.

Take it or leave it.

A score? That's barely gonna

cover congestion charge.

Well, take it up

at the next AGM.

You know what? Shuffle back

to your f*cking cesspit.

Bloody pins!

See a pin and pick it up,

all day long

you'll have good luck.

It's a penny, you mad bastard.

Yes, a penny. Pin.

I'm sorry.

Pet insurance runs out,

and the last thing I want

is Maisie getting

a pin stuck in her paw.

Where are you, you bastard?

Adam and Eve News,

you bastard.

All right.



When did we get that?

-Two days ago.

-f*cking joking me?

Two days ago?

Why didn't you tell me?

You had stuff going on,

so I'm not gonna tell you, am I?

But you still gotta

f*cking tell me

if we're getting kicked out.

-There you go, my darling.

-All right.

-You got it?

-Got it.

-Thanks for this, sis.


I wondered what happened

to all Dad's tools.

You're going on

your holidays, my baby, eh?

I'm sorry she can't stay.

John's funny about dogs

in the house.

You know what? It's fine.

Aunt Viv loves Maisie.

It's a bit of company for her.

Come on, you.

I'll drop her off,

and then I'll go

and get me scooter.

Love you.


He walks just like Dad.

He usually does

two sets, about an hour.

I know, I know. You know what?

The entertainment industry

is taking a real bashing,

ain't it?

Onwards and upwards,

as they say.


Can you, uh, say that again?

Okay. I see.

You're looking

for a tribute act.

All right, no worries.

Thank you.


-All right, John?


Long time no see.

They've got nowhere else to go.

If it is a problem, we can --

It's fine.

Isn't it, John?

Oi! Watch the flamingoes.

What's for dinner?


Oh, thank you, Debs.

This is lovely.

It's nothing.

No, thank you.

It's not like you

turned down a drink, Soph.

I just can't believe

what you were paying in rent.

It's almost double our mortgage.

Can't they get

a council place?

-They've got no chance, John.

-No, we are on the list.

There's thousands

on the waiting list

in Camden alone,

but they've knocked down

hundreds of good flats

on the estate,

all for some train to get you

to Birmingham a bit quicker.

No one wans to go to f*cking

Birmingham anyway.

Oh. Do you remember

where Joyce lived?


-You wouldn't recognize it now.

Looks like a bloody w*r zone.

Ugh, terrible.

They were good flats,

too -- breezeblocks.

And the dug up thousands

of bodies from the church.

-So awful.

-I know. Imagine that.

Rest in peace, my arsehole.

Excuse my French.

If you've not got kids,

you ain't got a hope in hell.


It's fine.

You'll have to tell me what

you do and don't eat, all right?

Did Paul tell you that he passed

his last appearance?

What? No.


He's on his final leg now.

Reckons he might have his badge

by Christmas.

-That's great!

-So how long's it been, then?

Three years?

Took Dad six.

Yeah, but your old man

was a full-time brickie.

And he had to bring you two

up on his tod.

Is that hot enough for you?

-Yeah. It's lovely. Thanks.


I don't know why

you're bothering, mate.

Game's dead.

What do you want to go around

learning all those roads for?

That's why we have satnavs,

isn't it?

He's doing it for Dad.

Yeah, well,

he wants to do it for himself.

Anyway, before you wanted

to be a rockstar.

Well, you know what?

It's something to fall back on,

ain't it?

Have you got any more

gigs coming up?

Yeah, a couple.

You want to stick to karaoke,


He's winding you up

He's winding y'all. Paul!


I was only having a laugh.

Jesus Christ.




Ooh, it's nice.

Oh, darling.

Happy birthday, Nan.


As soon as we get a new place,

you can come and stay with us.

Oh, the old gaff was grotty.

Rock hard, that bed of yours.

I got one more present for you.

There you go.

What on earth is that?

-Don't get too excited.

-All right.


f*cking cauliflower?

When you chop your head off.

Oh, duh. Bugger.

You two get together.

Let me take a picture.


-Off with her head!


Pair of bloody loons, you two.


-I got it, I got it.

Paul, I thought you

was trying to turn me

into one of them vegans.

Oh, God, no.

to see... see what a silly sod

she's turned out to be.

All right. No tears.

It's your birthday.

I fell down the stairs today.

And baby bumped his head.

Little sister fell right off

the high spare-bedroom bed.

Mother trod on p*ssy's tail,

and Father's got a cough.

I turned the bathroom tap

full on

and never turned it off.

Cook put sugar in the soup.

And Father didn't like

that much

and said, "She better go!"

You still got it, Nan.

'Course I have!

I taught it to you, didn't I?

I don't think it's open.

We got the right date?

Hello, mate.

We just arrived to set up.

No, I didn't get you message.

Oh, sh*t.

Oh, mate, I'm so sorry.

No, no. It's fine. Honestly.

All right. Take --

No, no, no, honestly. It's fine.

All right, mate.

Catch you later.


Another business

down the swanny, isn't it?

They should still pay us,


Well, I ain't gonna kick a man

while he's down, am I?

Better get that lot

back in the car, eh?

f*ck's sake.

That money was going towards

the new scooter.

We've definitely

outstayed our welcome.

He is such a brute.

Come into my arms,

you bundle of charms.


We could stay at Auntie Jo's.

She has got six cats, though,

hasn't she?

Oh, I'd be scratching me eyes

out all week.

What about your Auntie Viv?


She don't mind having Maisie,

but not us two.

That's nice.

She does live in a bedsit,

doesn't she?

We need to get out of London.

Clear the head, you know?

I feel, um...

Where if we go to Southend?


That's where we first, um...

Rob just moved down there.

We could crash with him.

Get a bit of sea air.

Clear the head, you know?

Your hands are freezing.


Shut up, you.

Get off!

I don't know what noises

these things make.


Thank you for having us.

You're very welcome, darling.

Thank you.

I'll ring you when we get there,

all right?

-Please do.

-Thank you.

We'll, uh, come and collect

the rest of the stuff

when we got somewhere sorted,

all right?

Okay. Look.

Take that.

It's not much.

Just take it. All right?

-Thanks, sis.


All right.

-See you soon.

-Take care of yourself.

I'll be grand.

Look after yourself, okay?

Okay. Yes.

- f*ck you.

- f*ck you.

Southend, here we come.


Oh, yeah.

I remember the fat bloke.

Oh, he was a lunatic.

-He drowned.

-No way.

-In Scotland.


Uh, Wales. Yeah.


So what's happening

with your record deal, then?

Do you still play?


Got myself a proper job.

You know, uh, my mate Keith

will probably sling some work

your way.

I'll give him a tinkle later.

Yeah, that'd be great.


-All right, hon?


Remember Paul?

-How you doing?

-Hi, yeah.

You're looking well.

Your new hair.

Fringe. Thanks.

This is the monster, Bobby.

It's such a good job

he got her looks and not yours.


-I'm Sophie, by the way.


-Oh, I'm sorry.

I forgot you two haven't met.

Gutted we couldn't make

your wedding, mate.

-Ah, it's no worries.

-You know what?

It was all a little bit

last minute.

We just wanted to do it

before James got too ill.

I was really sorry

to hear about your dad.

Yeah, he was a top bloke.

So how old are you then, mister?



-How old are you?

-You never ask a lady her age.


-All right, you git.

-Can I have a quick word?


I hope my Maisie's okay.

I miss my Maisie Lou.

Oh. This friggin' gearstick

is digging in my forehead.

That's not the gearstick.

What are you doing?

I gotta get

this coursework done.

f*ck's sake!


It's all wet.

I thought you fixed the leak.

Oh, f*ck.

Is my guitar all right?

You know what?

What is the point?

It was your idea to kip in here

for the night, wasn't it?

Yeah, only because your so-cool

mate wouldn't let us stay.

And we can't afford a hotel,

can we?

He's under the thumb,

isn't he?

You know what?

I'm gonna drive back to London.


Come on, Patrick.

Oh, don't do this to me now!

Is it flat?


Looks like we're

staying in Southend, then.

Do you have any idea

what you're doing?

I have not got a Scooby Doo.


-Are you f*cking bullocks?

No, no!

Give me your face.

Let me rub your face.

You all right in there?

Sometimes you just need

a good ol' cry, don't you?

I did run a restaurant in London

for five years.

Well, more of a caf.

But you know what?

Like a lot of small businesses,

they didn't survive the virus,


How old are you?



Look, I'm a grafter.

I'm not gonna let you down.

So what's the pay?

Mm. Minimum wage.

But you know what?

Beggars can't be choosers,

can they?


Very well done, miss.

Why, thank you.

Can't believe I'm going to be

30 this year.

It's the same age we lost Mum.

Get much done?

Uh, yeah, but my phone is dead.

You got the charger?

Yes, I do.

There you go.

-Thank you.

-You're welcome.

So, um, could I charge this

behind the bar, please?

We're not really supposed

to do that anymore.

Oh. Uh, please?

We're kinda f*cked if we don't.

-All right, give it here.

-Thank you. Cheers.

-I really appreciate it.

-No worries.

Thank you.

I'm gonna go for a big wee.


f*ck. Me phone.

Oh, great.

That was our only charger.

But it ain't gonna be

open now, is it?

Wait and go in the morning.

I'm such a f*cking eejit.


You know what? I must call Viv.


Paul, you bloody stink!

I really need to poo as well.

Go outside

and shake yourself.

- Outside?

- Mm!

This is a sh*t day, am I right?

-Got any bog roll?


Take a poo bag.

Yeah, I know.

That's what I told him.

Yeah. Sorry to wake you, girl.

She said she gave it

back to you.

No, she f*cking didn't.

All right.

Don't sh**t the messenger, mate.

Here, listen, um,

I'm a singer/songwriter.

I write some songs and I

play guitar and everything.

Um, there's my card.

If you see anything you like

on the Internet and whatever,

um, I've got a manager, Sophie.

She'll deal with the money

and everything.

-For your playing?


Yeah, the music normally play

in here for a couple of beers.



You missed a bit there.


You put a knee on the floor

because you don't want

to hurt your back.

This triangle here.


And then we tuck it in

like a burrito.

The opening needs to be away

from the door.

And then you put it there

and in the middle, tuck.

Okay, so we do the other side.

You do it.

Thank you. Cheers.

Thanks. I'll be right now.

I've forgotten again.


I appreciate that.

Give me a high-five.

I know what you've done.

You just saw your man there.

-I was like -- Snap!


-I still got there before you.

-You haven't!

Yes, I did.

Snap a f*cking Rooney.

Get the f*cking...



Best out of 100, is it?

Oh, snap! Snap, snap!

No, that's too late.

You put it down.

-No. Snap.

-You put it down.

-No, I won it.

-But you put that down.

Can you just let me win it?

You've won all of them.

Okay. You win.

I don't even want to play.

Oh, come on.

All right.


I've got something

for you to do.



-Do you?

-Take them.

Threadneedle Street

to Blackfriars Bridge.


Come on.

Oh, look,

stop pressurizing me.

I'm only trying to help.


Hey, mate.

Keith, is it?

-Rob's mate?


I'm Paul.

It's nice to meet you.

-How's it going?

-Yeah. Good man. Good.

-Stick that on for me.

-All right. Yeah.

Do a lot of clearing today.

This is your stuff.


-Feeling strong?

Yeah. Buzzing, yeah.

It turned out

she texted the whole group.

Yeah. Everyone saw it.

Yeah. Oh, mate, she had to

apologize to, like,

her uncle and grandfather

and every-- Mate?


-Make sure you get

all the roots there, yeah,

'cause they'll spread.

-Yeah, all right.

-I don't want to come back here

at six months

and do the same job.

- f*ck that.

- Yeah. So it was...

Yeah, a nightmare.

Here, mate.

Thanks, mate.

I'll pay you the rest

end of the week

when we finish the job, yeah?

Lovely stuff. Right.

Have a good evening.


-Cheers. See you tomorrow.

So I'm lifting up.

And he's grabbing down.

And, "Come on, chop chop."

Push it up.

Hang on. Sorry.

What's going on?

-Is this your vehicle?


You don't have any road tax

or insurance on this vehicle?

Officer, I'll sort it,

I promise.

This vehicle shouldn't

be on the road.

Yeah, I understand that,

but Patrick's broken down.

There's also been several

complaints from residents

about antisocial

and suspicious behavior.

Anti-- Are you having a laugh?


I know what you're saying,

but just let us

sleep in it tonight.

We'll be towing it away tonight.

Gather what you need

from the vehicle.

Officer, it's --

it's sentimental.

It was her mom's car.

We can make

arrangements for you

to collect it at a later date,

should you so wish.

Check out this place.

They should be able to help you.

-Well done, well done!


Look, once I get paid

for the gardening job,

I'll get Patrick back.

I promise you so.

It's a poxy day center.

There's some B&Bs

in the seafront.

We ain't got enough money.

I don't get paid

till the end of the month.

You always said that car

was a death trap, didn't you?

And anyway, I think

I'd quite like to sleep

under the stars tonight.

Come on.

You all right?

What'd you do to my shoes?

You seen my shoes?


Somebody f*cking nicked them.

Me boots. Not these.

Oh, Paul, just put them on.

I'm not putting these on.

I'll look like a f*cking...

You haven't touched me boots?



Just put them on.

We've got to find somewhere

to put all this.

Will the hotel not let you

keep it there, no?

Right. Okay. Uh...

You stay here with the stuff.

I'm going to go

and find somewhere.

All right.

Don't be long, though.

-I won't.

-Give us that.

Excuse me,

couldn't borrow your phone

to make a quick call, could I?

It's incoming calls only

and it's just about to die.


Going somewhere hot?

I wish.

Right you are, girl.


-There you go.

Oh, dear.

All right.

Just doing me bit

for the environment.

You can't b*at Rosie Lee

in a proper teacup,

I'm telling you.

The trouble with the world today

is tea in a plastic f*cking cup.

Oh, you know what? That tea

has gone right through me.

Well, the --

the bogs around here

don't open for another hour.

30 pence for the f*cking

privilege as well.

Gone are the days

of spending a penny. Mm.

You go in them's here kettle,

and I'll look

after your stuff.

I will be two minutes.

Thank you.

That's better.

When you gotta go,

you gotta go.


-Right. I'm off.

-Well, thank you for the tea.

-You're welcome.

Here. Spice.

No, I'm all right.

Thank you.

Okay. It's been marvelous

talking to you.

Oh, wait!

Them me husband's boots!

Cheeky bastard.

Take that bag here.

That's got my camera in it.

It's okay. Great.


I'm gonna drop.

You ready?

Okay, yeah, yeah.

Not too shabby, eh?

Come on.

Hurry up.

We're gonna be late for work.

Where do you want me?

Do you not like

me dancing shoes, no?

-You dancing?

-You asking?

Here you go, man.

Moonwalk off.

Oh, f*ck. f*ck!

How'd you do that?

I never know

how people do that.

Push off the ball,

then lift your heel.

-I'll show you after.

-All right, later.

-Let's get at it, twinkle toes.


Shh! Get under the bed.

Need a hand?

Oh, I'm almost done.

I'm off home then.

Um, see you tomorrow?




- Ciao.

- Oh, shut up.


That one.

Are you touching two fingers?

It's hard.


I don't know how you've made

that sound like that.

What if I do that?


Okay, keep going there.

And then stretch that one.

Can you put --

Isn't long enough.

Right? Strum there.

That's a G.

You're a nutter.

Yeah, but I'm your nutter,

isn't I?

You're a nutcase.

Mm, numnah.


Dumb nut.



Leave your uniform

and take your stuff.

I promise it won't happen again.

I really need this job.

I'm sorry.

I'll pay you for the days

you've worked.

Don't worry.

It'll be in your bank account

by the end of the month.

Can't you give me cash?

I know, but my overdraft is

just gonna gobble it all up.

You should be lucky I didn't

report you to head office.

All the , loo rolls,


And don't think I don't know

you've been sneaking

your boyfriend in.

Husband, actually.

Stick your bloody job.

f*ck's sake!

-Where does Keith live?


He's a mate of a mate.

Rob, you said

that he was your mate.

That fucker owes me 600 quid.

Hey, watch your language.

Who's at the door?

Hey, Bobby, go inside.

Inside now.

Look, mate, I'm sorry

for swearing, but for f...

I'm bullin', Rob.

Yeah, I can see that.

And I moved down here to get

away from all this drama, yeah?

Your mate of a mate

has f*cked me over.

I'm working like an assh*le

all week.

You know, mind your necking

and jog on.

Before I lose my temper.



f*cking nice one, Rob.


-There you are.


-Would you like some fruit?

-Uh, please.


-Let me get your tea.

Herbal tea or coffee?

Te-- uh, coffee.


Sugar there.

Help yourself.

Would you like tea,

herbal tea, or coffee?

Uh, could I have

a cup of tea, please?

You certainly can.

Choirs open to everyone, sir.

Everyone's welcome to join.

Paul's a professional singer.

He's got an amazing voice.

Ah, you're blessed?

Well, they meet up

at the church every Thursday.

-What about you?

-No, you're all right.

I got kicked out

of choir at school.

I got kicked out of everything

at school.

I know how you feel.

-Thank you.

-No problem at all.

Have a nice afternoon.

Rosalie, coming right up.

Oh, hello. Can I speak to

Jeanie Binks, please?

It's her granddaughter.

It's Nan.

Nobody told me!

Nobody was there.

She was all by herself and I --

Soph, come on.

Not wine.

10 pence short.

Have you got 10p?

You'll have to put it back.

Oh, I will bring 10p

in the morning.

Look, I promise you, I will

bring 10p in the morning.

If the till's short,

I get fined.

Oh, for f*ck's sake!

Sorry. We're going.

It's fine.

Thank you.

Keep the change.


We should probably

eat something.


Cold chips are the staple diet

of being homeless, I think.

We are not homeless.

We're just temporarily

without walls.


Oh, Soph, grow up, will you?

That's rich coming from you.

Peter f*cking Pan.

Wine just turns you

into a f*cking maniac.

It ain't the wine.

It's you.

Say what you want.

Don't care.

Oh, here we go, doing his famous

Paul walk-away, eh?

-I'm not walking away.

-You know what?

While you're at it, why don't

you go and learn some of them

runs that you've been doing?

I don't want to

f*cking learn any runs.

If I spent more time on my music

rather than doing that sh*t,

then we wouldn't be

in this position, would we?

Waste of time,

spending f*cking evenings

driving around London

learning streets

instead of doing a f*cking gig.

I'm a f*cking musician.

Wasted f*cking time.

I'm gonna fail the knowledge,

so what the f*ck do we do?

No one fails the knowledge.

They just give up.

If you have something

to fall back on,

you're gonna fall back on it.

That's how it works.

No one who's successful

ever had a plan "B."

Success is not owned.

Is rented, and the rent

is due every bloody day.

And guess what?

We couldn't even pay ours,

could we?

It's your fault

that I missed Nan's funeral.


Cloth ears,

I said it's your fault

that I missed Nan's funeral.

You're drunk.

Mm. And you're a c**t.

But at least I'll be sober

in the morning, eh?

Sorry, mate. Sorry.

Have you, uh,

have you seen my wife, Sophie?

She was here the other day.

No, no, no, I haven't. Sorry.

Hey, look. Take this.


What the f*ck are you doing,

you daft cow?

Come on. I need --

I need your arms. Come on.

Give me your arms.

Got you a rubbish sandwich.

No, thank you.

I don't see why

I need this thing.

You're dehydrated.

Why did you let me drink wine?

Will you get me some

clean clothes, please?



-I love you.

-Love you, too.

Hello? Sorry. Excuse me.

Could I just, um...

I've just seen my bag

getting drop--

-Can I help you, sir?

-Yeah, I'm just, uh...

That's my guitar going to skip.

Can I just --

I'm sorry. You can't come in

here. It's private property.

No, no, I don't want to,

like, stay or anything.

Just, um, I left me stuff.

You'd be trespassing,

so I can't let you in.

-I'm ever so sorry.

-Yeah. No. That's fair.

Um, look, me wife's in hospital.

She's not got any clean clothes

or anything.

If I could just get it --

I'm sorry,

but this is private property.

You can just grab it.

It's just there.

Look, it's just --

I can f*cking see it.

f*cking hell. Was there really

any need for that?

-It's just there.

-Get lost.

For f*ck's sake,

it's just there!

-I can f*cking see it!

-We're phoning the police.

Police? The police?

The f*cking --

I can f*cking see it there!

-We need assistance.


I'm begging you, please!

Police are on their way.

I suggest you leave.

f*ck. Please.

I suggest you leave.


I've found you a place

at a local female hostel.

-What is this?

-Don't ask.

Sorry. This is Laura.

She's the hospital support...

Hospital social support adviser.

Sophie's filled me in

on your situation.

I know it's daunting,

but it's not just yourselves

that you need

to think about now.

I haven't told him yet.

Sorry. I-I presumed.

Yeah, well,

never presume anything.


f*ck off.

You're not, are ya?

Are ya?

Are you?

f*cking get in!

Finally a bit

of good f*cking news.

Okay, so you've got

three months stay maximum.

Hopefully you'll have found

a permanent place by then.

No alcohol, no dr*gs,

no pets, no guests.

Oh, no. Hang on.

I don't think I want to stay.

That's ridiculous.

We're a married couple,

for God's sake.

Hey, look, it's fine.

Remember what the woman said

in the hospital?

It's not just us we're looking

after now, is it?

Right. There's a whole rail

of clean clothes there.

Help yourself. Pop your dirty

laundry over there.

And all those undies

are brand-new.

M&S last season.

Get yourself a coat.

You might be lucky at

the All Saints Men's Shelter,

if you get your skates on.


Paul, we need to talk.

-What's he doing here?

-Hello, Becky.

I will have to ask you

to leave now, sir.

See you tomorrow.

-Love you.

-Love you.

Can't wait to see you

in the dress.

-Anyone plaster?

-Me! I do.

Just go down by the arcade.

You go down

the soddin' arcade.

There's dog sh*t down there,

and it gets all caught up

in my wheels.

Call the police.

Here, lads, lads, stop filming.

Lads, lads, lads, lads.

Come on, stop filming.

Lads, just have

some f*cking manners, lads.

Bruv, put some f*cking socks on.

You look like a d*ck.

You all right, man?

Get yourself

off the streets, lad.

You'll end up with

gammy legs like me.

Left Notting Hill Gate.


Forward Ledbury Road.

Right Honor Oak Park.

Left Honor Oak Road.

Staunton. Staunton. Staunton.


So have either of you

actually tried

to get jobs yourself?

-Yeah, of course we have.


-Right. And no luck at all.


No? Have you got any ID?

No, 'cause we lost everything.



-Bank statement.


Mobile phone contract?

Utility bills?

Look, we don't have anything!

If we did, we'd --

Look. See?

That's what we f*cking have.

That's it.

For f*ck's sake.

I'm sorry.

It-- It's my first day.

I'm still learning myself.


On the job. It's not

an easy thing to get, so...


Uh, let's get you both

in the system.

Hi. I see in your window that

you're looking for volunteers?

Oh, yes, darling, we're

always looking for new recruits.

Does that work?

The radio?

Uh, yeah.

Good as new, batteries included.

I'm just keeping an eye on, uh,

sticky fingers over there.

It's hard to believe people

would steal from a charity shop.

But when you got nothing,

you're not thinking about

the little Black kids

in Africa, right?

Application form.


When did charity shops

get so expensive?

When landlords

got so greedy.

I wonder how much goes

to the people that need it?

Your toes are right

in the end there.

Just need to break it in.

-They're a size 9.

-Are they?

-Did you not look at the sizes?

-Well, no.

I was too busy sh1tting myself

to be thinking of sizes.

I'm just trying to work

out the dates, like...

That France over there,

do you reckon?

No, it's not France.

That's the Thames Estuary.

That's Kent.

Did you know that Southend Pier

is the longest pier

in the world?

Crazy, isn't it?

Hey, what would you be?

About six weeks? Yeah?

Right, put it on.

Come on.

We are roasting.

Let's make a move.

Well, I wouldn't

hang it up on my wall.

If you had a wall.

Aw, what are you doing?


Oh, f*cking hell.

You'll be all

right. Don't worry.

You're such an idiot.

That's sweet.

I like that.

mince pies over there.

What does he think

we're gonna do?

Why do you let them mind you?

'Cause I'm not sitting here

being stared at

like a bloody exhibit.

Oh, yeah.

Hang on.

Oh, Paul, look at your arms.

f*ck. I was only out there

for 10 minutes.

We need to get

some sun lotion.

Right, I give up now.

My hands are rotting.

-Thank you.


What the f*ck are you doing?

I used to steal it from school

for Mum when she was ill.




Good for your bones.

There's something

f*cking wrong with you.


Welcome to my humble abode.

Catch. See that square?


That is my photography studio.

All right. Well, if that's

your photography studio,

then I'm -- oh! --

definitely having

a recording studio.

Would Madam like a shower

or a bath?


I think I will have...

one of them corner tubs

with a Jacuzzi, please.

I f*cking like them,

actually, yeah.


Oh, lovely. Look at that.

Love it.

-And a peep hole.

-You dirty git.



All right, you got the glasses?

I got the bottle here.


Oh, darling, when we are old

You all right?

What's wrong with you?

There's no baby, Paul.

I know.

I only told Laura

at the hospital I was pregnant

'cause I thought

she could help us.

Just when I saw your little face

light up in hospital,

I didn't know how to tell you.

Well, I, uh...

I believed you then, but...

When you didn't want

to talk about it,

I kind of worked it out.

You should have told me.

But I understand why you didn't.

I am sorry.

What if I can never

give you a baby, ever?

f*ck's sake.

I'm with you.

I love you.

Our f*cking marriage.

I don't care

if we have a baby or not.

You're enough for me.

But this isn't enough for us,

is it?

So, as much as I hate saying it,

I think we should probably

go back to my sister's.

Even if her husband is a prick.

I'm gonna get

some laboring work tomorrow,

and I'm gonna get us

enough money to get us

tickets back to London.

-What about your back?

-I'll get a day out of it.

I'm gonna stay with you tonight.

Don't be f*cking daft.

There's no point in us

both walking around

like zombies, is there?

You get a good kip.

I'll be all right.

Come here.

All right.

Away to bed, you.

See you tomorrow night.

Oh, and if I get enough money,

then maybe we could, uh,

get a dirty kebab.


-f*cking chips.


See you tomorrow.



Let's see.

Yeah, come on.



Here, man, uh,

what time are we finishing?

I'm just thinking about

getting back.

Back to where?

The doorway?

Where are you going,

you little fucker?

f*cking come on!





Where the f*ck are we?

Where are we? Argh!

Hiya. I'm trying to

find my husband, Paul.

I haven't seen him. Sorry.

Listen, he'll turn up, he will.

Just...have faith.


-Debs, it's Soph.

Finally! Didn't you

get my messages?

Deb, I can't --

-I know --

-He wants to know

when you intend to

pick up the dog.

Deb, Paul's gone missing

and I can't find him.

What? Does he have a ride?

No. I don't know.

I don't know if I put

too much pressure

on him or what.

-I don't know.

-Sophie, where are you?

Debs, my money's

about to run out. Debs!


I'm really sorry to ask,

but you haven't got

any spare change just so

I can make a phone call?

No, sorry.


Hello, police.

How can I help you?

I-I'd like to report

a missing person, please.

Don't ever

touch this stuff.

Don't touch this stuff.


-Look at me.


-Say, "Yes, Daddy."

-Yes, Daddy.

Yes. And next time,

I'll smack you over the face.

-Do you understand? Yeah?

-Yeah. Yeah.



That's him.


Hello? No?


This is my daughter.

-She's beautiful, isn't she?

-Thank you.

Why don't you go back?

I'd rather die than

go back like this.

What about you?

What about me?

I'm from here.

Things didn't work out...


Sophie, I know

where your baby is.

Where is he?

Dunno, just need to get

you away from them.

You don't want to be hanging

around with those losers.

And I'd put that away

if I were you.

He'll turn up.

They always do.

Listen, I need

to call me wife.

Can I use your phone, please?

Why, babe?

I bet she's proud of you.

I reckon we've done her a favor.

Back to work.

Give you 20 quid for it.



Sorry, ladies, you haven't got

any spare change, have you?

-No, sorry.

-No, sorry.

Sorry to bother you,

but you haven't got any

spare change, have you?

-I'm just --


It's all right. Thank you.

Um, I'm really sorry, but

my husband's missing and --

Sorry, I'm so sorry.

Where did they take you?


When you go outside,

you go with a man.

Where did the man go?

I work. I work.

You work doing what?

I-I build a house.

You -- You must --


And then you go out, understand?

Yeah, okay.

Yeah. Thanks, bye.

Rob's not heard from him.

Do you think there might be

someone else?

-I've got to go.

Excuse me,

I'm sorry to bother you,

but I'm trying to

find my husband.

I haven't seen him anywhere.

Have you?

-No. Sorry.

-You're sure?


Excuse me.

I'm trying to find my husband.

He hasn't been here

or had a drink in here?

I recognize him.

Not for a while, though.

How much is a house white?

-What size?



-Can I get one, please?


-Yeah, okay.

-Thank you.

This is a cashless bar.

Yeah, but cash is king.

Not anymore.

You've not got a card?

No. Don't worry. Thank you.

For you, Nana Kings.


Let's see how f*cking brave

you are now, shall we?

Sophie, do you want a lift?

Yeah, go on.

Get up!


Tottenham Court Road --

Tottenham Court Road.

Forward Hampstead Road --

Hampstead Road.

Forward Camden High Street --

Camden High Street.

Left, Delancey Street --

Delancey Street.

Right, Parkway.

Right, Albert Street.

Set down on right --

Set down on right.

Leave by right East Hill.

Left, Trinity Road Slip.

Forward Trinity Road --

Trinity Road.

Comply bridge and circus.

Leave by York Road.

Forward past the bridge.

Right, train walk.

Forward, Chelsea embankment,

left onto the road.

Left, Franklin's Road.

Right, Turk's Road.

Leaves by Rice Grove Road.

Second Street East.

Forward, Queenstown Road.

Left, Silver Twine Road.

Forward, North Street.


Right, Clapham.

Right, Abbeyville Road.

Left, Cavendish Road.

Left, Pinebridge Road.

Right, Clarence Avenue.

Comply roundabout,

Taunton road on left.

It's alright. You're alright.

Let's get you home, yeah?


It's alright. It's alright.

Come here, luv. Come here.

It's okay. It's okay.

Come here. Come here.

Let's get you home.

-Completely out of your way.

-I was just on my way back

from a South End airport job.

-You're a very kind man.

-I've got a wife and daughter.

I just hope someone would

do the same for them.


You're back.

Keep it. It looks better on you.

Thank you.

Be lucky, yeah?

Come on.

Back up on the roof.

What is it?


Oh, you --

Oh, you...

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.
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