Unicorns (2023)

Valentine's Day, Hot, Steamy, Sexy, Romantic Movie Collection.

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Valentine's Day, Hot, Steamy, Sexy, Romantic Movie Collection.
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Unicorns (2023)

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- Hello.

- Hello.

How was the job?


Don't touch.

And that?

From your father.


Every year the same.

A hint?

If I call him...

Hello everyone, welcome to a

new edition of "We Are Not Crazy".

Your favorite section that

I do in "We Are Great".

As you know, we just

got the news that

a well-known gamer, we all which one,

has left the networks

for mental health.

It is obvious...

What's Luc doing here?

Mikel summoned him because of Fargan.

- You haven't heard?

- No. - Come.


You already know the problems

I have had with anxiety.

I want you to be the first to know

that this will be my last live show.

At least for now. For now, okay?

Damn, what a bitch.

Yeah, but if it was bad...


It may not be...

I know today isn't a good day. I'm not

going to take up much of your time.


If you were the brand and

this proposal came to you,

what would you think?

That you get to the essence of

the product. Recycled fibers.

Yes, it is close to the product.

So much so that the brand will

say that the product isn't visible.

Didn't I teach you anything?

But there is a look.

Which is what they asked for.

Who has made them?

How many followers do you have?

I have made them.

Didn't you want to be creative?

No, not anymore.

- You don't take me serious.

- Because you always change your mind.

- I have almost 10,000 followers.

- That's nothing.

If you want to be talented,

get your act together.

You have to be active, post,

create content. I already do it.

But there is no voice.

Why don't you think about it?

If you keep pissing off

people, you need new voices.


Let's steal.

What are you doing?

Don't start sharing my things.

You know how much I

appreciate my privacy. No.

What is there to eat? Chickpea stew.

And that? A gift.

What a good look.

Shall I bring it to the table? Yeah.

That's good, mom.

How is the novel going?


Good. Don't you want to tell me?

It's a bit delicate, I need time

for ideas to come to me.

Yeah, the same thing happens to me.

It's new?

Didn't they pay you little?

Dad gave it to me.


- That?

- I don't know.

Me neither.

How about Guillem?

Good. Yeah?

Busy with the store.

But are you okay? Yeah.

I'm also very busy

with the thesis, work...

my personal project...

Already. The thesis is important, but...

find moments to be together too.

If we do it.

Glad to hear it.

I play with unnoticed textures.

Like fractals that repeat themselves.

That's why so closely.

They are very cool.

It's for an eco-friendly

clothing line.

I play that in nature every

detail can be important,

if you know how to look.

The concept is very powerful.

Nria, look.

Guess which one we tried

the other day at the store?

You don't say anything.

- Is it this?

- No.

This is from 2013.

Don't you really notice it? No.

Did you do that?

No, my family.

She drives like

someone is chasing us.


What will you record? The horns?

Or the balls?

What are you doing?

Where are we going?

That's it.

Come, come!

She's frozen, isn't she?

She is very hot!

Did you like baked rice?

Yes a lot. It was very good.

- You have stir-fried the rice.

- Sure, just the way you like it.

Don't you know how to make baked rice?


My mother taught me.

You've never done it to me.


And who has left room for dessert?


Dessert and the surprise of dessert.

We have remembered, grandfather.

Did you think we didn't remember?

Blow, honey. Blow and make a wish.

- 84 years old already, damn it.

- 84.

You cut it.

Answer, darling.

Speak, we are waiting for you.

No, I'll call later.

Pretty big, huh? No, I little.

- For Guillem.

- For grandpa.

- For grandpa, little one.

- Why would it be?

Is this one for me?

I thought it was for my father.

- You said you wanted little!

- Do you want more?

No it's good like that.

- Honey, take out cognac.

- As?

I have stopped smoking. Dad...

Do we have to die saints or what?

- Come on, I'm encouraged too.

- Two cognacs.

What do you sell the most?

In the end, the artisan wines.

And the work, well?

Its going well.

And you are well? Very good.

I don't see you very happy.

What are you saying? I'm not very good.

And with the girl?

They are very funny.

Will you take care of me

like this when I'm older?

If you get lost, I'll put

you in a residence.

What were you talking

about with your mother?

I don't want us to f*ck anyone else.


What we have is very nice.

We are fine like this.

What do you think?

More than 500,000 followers.

She is highlighted in VICE, Metal and

DNG as one of the best photographers.

April Mir.

They love her Vizz,

YouPlanet, I'm Olivia...

But April wants to be with us.

She will start with the

Eco-dress campaign.

Something happens? Nothing.

But those photos are widely

seen now and are a bit vulgar.


The textures are nice.

The retouching is good.

It looks analog.

- Didac?

- There is taste in the compositions.

You swallow it all if there are panties.

What do you see as special?

That there is a look. Ah...

I don't see her. Already...

but the one who has to see it is me.

And her half a million followers.

April. Hello.

Welcome. Thank you.

This is the accounts team:

- Aina, Ddac...

- Hello.

creatives, and our production aces.

- This is Gabi.

- Hi.

- Nice to meet you. - She's in charge

of design, and this is Isa...

Creative too.

She will be your assistant and

your contact with the client.


He was just telling us what

he thinks of your photos.

What do you think?

They're cool.

We are glad that she is with us.

Welcome. Thank you.

Do we drink something? Come on.

A coffee.

What are you doing here?

Since you didn't say anything...

She was traveling.


I have the feeling that you pass.

Before we saw each other every day.

You were doing internships here.

Have you cut your bangs?


Let's see.

I've already finished it. AND?

I liked it a lot.

You won't have time to read them all.

If I have something, it's time.


And this title?

I don't know.

But why "eternal"?

Haven't you read it?


Well, I know the same as you.

What is eternal for you?

What does it mean?

How intense.

Forever, right?

You didn't tell me that

your mother wrote it.

What difference does it make?

I don't know, it's like

very direct, very hard.

Or not? It's all fiction.

And now? Am I hipster enough?

Now yes.

And this photo?

My father "liked" it.

Friends, welcome all to my house.

To Mr. Love's house.

I have been asked to be the master

of ceremonies for this union.

And, if I have to be honest,

I can't find a worse decision

today than getting married.

I'm going to try by all means

to ensure that these two

lovebirds don't make the biggest

mistake of their entire lives.

Aina, how long have you known Enzo?

Three years?

He could have been

fooling you perfectly,

like in Fluency since you arrived.

Let's end this farce.

Please, Enzo, Aina, stand up.

Do you know what "for life" means?

You're crazy?

Do you want to commit

this madness together?


Well, I pronounce you

husband and wife.


Do you see how it looks good on you?

In the end I don't disagree so much.

At a wedding we all clash.

It seems pretty to me.

Where are you going?

To the bathroom.

Not now.

Why not?

Because I came with Guillem.

Well... You came with him,

but the three of us can go...

if you like.

What are you doing here?

I have met Marta.

She is a friend.

She has proposed that the

three of us go together.

Ignore him.

She was drunk.

Do you think I'm an idiot?

It wasn't my idea.

What do you want, Isa?

what do you want?

That crazy woman is

pretty clear about it.

I am also clear about it.


what do you want?

Do you want it all.

And I already passed.

Are they the last?

Yes, everything is done. Perfect.

Gabi, I've been leaving them there.

Here? Yeah.

Be careful with the one above, yes.

How changed everything is.

And your things?

At the Charms Market.

Are you OK?



Merc, do you have beer?

Isa, you know he's an idiot.

Look, better.

This way I will have

more time for my things.


Do you remember

of the book we wanted to do?

With photos of me. The fact that?

Reflections type, haiku type.


We could do it.

You write very well.

It would help me not feel alone.

Isa I'm so sorry.

She was very upset.

Come on, answer me.

I don't like to post here, but I went

to Vintage Lense Barcelona,

I brought all these little toys.

They work perfectly,

everything is in good

condition, and the

one I most want to try

it's this vintage analog SLR

from '65, it's Soviet...

Yes, hello. I'm Isa from Fluency.

I am calling about the proposal

for the Eco-dress campaign

with Abril Mir.

Yes, we take care of

"Behind the Scenes".

Are you open to a collaborative

proposal with two photographers?

OK. We get it, right.

We continue.

- B.I.!

- What's happening? How are you?

- Good.

- Come, let me introduce you to someone.

April. BI. How are you?

Nice to meet you.

You can call me Biel. Good, perfect.

Hey, I love your photos. Thank you.

She controlled you, but didn't

know you were punctured.

Before trap I started

with electronics.

Now I produce my songs, my bases...

- How cool.

- And now what are you up to?

- With the latest.

- Preparing video clip.

Maybe you're going to

need a photographer.

I don't know, we fixed it.

Here's something. There is a contract.

There is a contract.

- Have you heard his new mixtape?

- Is incredible.

It blows your mind.

You can't get involved in

other people's lives, Marta.

It is childish and falls very low.

Did you leave without saying anything?



What are you doing awake?

I'm working.

Can you let me know when

you don't come to sleep?

It doesn't feel good for

me to worry at this age.

Yeah, sorry.

She was at Gabi's house.

We are making a book with

my photos and your texts.

Very good.

Can I show you something? Now?

It's four in the morning.

And so.

You're right. Isa.

Go, she teaches.


Go passing.

You like them?

You don't like them.

Yes, they are interesting.

Have they asked you at work?

No. I want to change departments.

In other words, they don't

pay you to do them. No.

But there are guys who

charge 3000 euros per post.


Per month you can earn 15,000.

I don't know, Isa.

As long as you focus on something...

But you can tell me what you think.

They're fine, except this

one with my bad apple.

The others are pretty.

Wow, I want to finish this.

Hello, churri.

All of this is evidence.

We can change anything, but...

I hope you like it because

it took me many hours.

Tell me something.

Gabi, I don't think this is working.

I don't like typography, and the

textures are not appreciated.

I'll send you other photos, see if...

It's not working, I don't know.


You are the first one.

What a pass, right?

Thank you, sit down if you want.

Do you live here? Yeah.

I live and work here.

Do you want coffee?


You can start recording.

Erin told me that you would

combine "making" with stories.


Thank you.


I had an idea.

The agency hasn't seen it clearly,

but I wanted to show it to you.

It is combining textures

with photographs.

They already told me you

wanted this campaign.

Wait, I'm coming now.

- Hi how are things?

- Hello.

- Good afternoon.

- Hello. How long.

This is catering. He is all vegan.

These are beautiful,

sustainable garments, we will

go from vintage to upcycling,

without losing style,

and... here, these are my tools...

everything is there,

and them.


OK lets start.

I'm going to tell you.

Let's go there.

Get together a little more.

I love it.

Look at each other for a moment.

Come closer, Lysandra.

Support your hand. There.

- As you see?

- Super.

Yeah? More or less...?

Very good, yes, yes.

Let's see, both of you

get up for a moment.

Can you look at each other?

Hello Dad.

How are you?

Fine here working.

Goes. I'm working.

I'm also with the thesis, how lazy.

You should finish it, right?

Where are you?

For the theoretical framework.

Be very rigorous with sources.

I'm tired of correcting

papers with bibliographies...


Didn't you tell me to finish?

Yes, but that's "you."

It's ending, but well.


I told dad to look at

granny's apartment.

He won't do it.


Isa, please, as if

you don't know him.

Whenever I talk to you about dad...


It bothers me that he always tries

to look good. It looks terrible.

Well, what do you want?

Nothing, I don't want anything.

If there is someone else, I

don't want to make a mess.

There was not.

Not anymore.

And what happened?

She was in two relationships at once.

and one wanted exclusivity.

It is the idea that they have

given us that love is possession.

And it isn't like that?


Or, from what I've seen

at home, it doesn't work.

My parents did it wrong too.

They got pregnant very young,

they got along like the

ortho all their lives,

and I pretended not to

notice anything, but...

They used me to hurt themselves.


What have you bought?

Clothes. Have you eaten?

Not you?

Of course, you have it there cold.

Mommy, what's wrong?

If you live here, we could establish

some rules of coexistence.

What rules, mom?

Since when?

You like this?

Let's see.

I like it.

This is very pretty.

Yes, with space above.

Shall I remove this one?

I don't dislike.

If we do a cool touch-up on top...

He left her? Yeah.

Let's see... Sorry. Here.

Sorry, I'm invading you.

No, calm down.

This is cool, right?

I like this one a lot.

To you? Yeah.


Not this one. No?

No, she's not here either.

You're deleting them all! For!

I love this session.

I have always liked to watch.

I fell in love with a

photographer, I learned a lot

and as a result of that I considered it.

But how did you get all this?

The followers, your loft...

You know to keep a secret?


All of this will one day be yours.

A friend of mine is an escort.

She is a feminist, she

does it for money.

She took photos for a profile.

I thought: "Well, me, bitch, maybe not."

But I considered opening

an account on SoloFans.

You don't know what

kind of slut there

is willing to pay a

fortune for anything.

Are you judging me?


Have you believed it?

Is any of yours?


No way. I would have to pay

to have a photo of me posted.

I've seen your Insta.

I already know it.

There are interesting things.


I am preparing a book.

With photos of me and

thoughts with Gabi.

Poetic thoughts?

If the photos are good, it doesn't

matter. And even less with a friend.

Can I show you something?

To steal a campaign from me?


It's you?


A friend.

I have many like that.

I wanted to do like a series.

The concept is interesting.

But being so plastic

you have to do it right.

Staging, lighting well...

Look no further.

If you want, come to my studio

one day and I'll help you.


How about?

How do you find out

about these samples?

My ex recommended it to me.

He? Not her.

Oh, sure. She.

They are going to

display my photos here.

Oh really?

Excellent. Congratulations.

Thank you.

Come on?

Already? And yes, we already saw.

You didn't like it at all.

- By? - It's... I don't know.

It's just that she looks.

Everything can be

given one more spin.

It's the space they chose...

Everything has to be turned around.

But a woman swallowing everything

is already kind of strange.

Well, but that's how it is.


In my thesis I analyze from the point

of view of identity empowerment.

Your thesis?



I thought you were just a photographer.


Well, congratulations on your thesis.

Show it to me whenever you want.

This is horrible.

Well, anyway, as you call it,

it seemed like a pain to me...

A pain?


And if you like it, it's cock, right?

You're cute when you get angry.

Are you a feminist?

And if I tell you no,

what would you do?

It would piss me off.

And would you leave me

here alone with my fernet?

Yes, for me it's not a

joke, it's a serious issue.


Doesn't "Coa" come from "coo"?

It's sexist.

You take it as a joke because

it makes you uncomfortable.


or maybe not.

What are your sources? Sorry?

Your sources to tell me that.

Which are?

In what you base?

Have you read The Second Sex?

Simone de Beauvoir? Sartre's partner?

Criticize patriarchy with language.

Why do you present

her as Sartre's partner?

From Sartre.

That's machismo.

Well, so that it sounds familiar to you.

So that it sounds familiar to me.

Why wouldn't it ring a bell?

Am I an uneducated sudaca?

You know what sounds familiar to me?

There were already

polygamists in the last century.

It is an outdated reference

criticized by later

feminists who don't

talk about patriarchy.

They talk about kyriarchy.

Know what it is?

They criticize racism, h*m*...

Elisabeth Schssler, Julia Kristeva.

Are you going to give

me feminism classes?


I just wanted to have a good

time with you for a while.

Let's f*ck at your house.

It's just that I work early

tomorrow, you see?

I hallucinate.

You realize it, right?

About what? That you are all equal.

You see a strong woman

and you get scared.

Can we talk about the balls?

Why are you joking?

And why are you talking to me

about the uncles? What guys?

I don't know them.

"From the now, the eternal."

"Be aware that we are one, all."

"How many more times, a name."

It's looking cool, isn't it?

I wouldn't care so much about

listening to my parents f*ck.

It means that they

still love each other.

To f*ck you don't have to be in love.

Now you get me, eventually...

But that guy isn't my father.

It doesn't matter, he's bullshit.

No, he forgives.

Coming home has

reminded me of everything.

About what?

Of everything.

The separation, the cuckolding...



I wanted to be with that guy.

Isa, get over him, he's another idiot.

He thought we had connected.

And he helps me turn

the page with Guillem.

I won't tell you what you want to hear.

You already know what helps you.

Every time I see April's photos...

I'm a f*cking fake, right?

- You don't know what you're missing.

- That's what I always tell him.

Good morning!


Come here a minute.

Meet my daughter, Alfred.

- Isa.

- Hello.


- I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.

- I better go.

- Yeah, man. Do you want another coffee?

You are rude.

That? How have you treated my friend?

"Friend"? Yes friend.

Rude, you.

I had to leave because it made

me sick to hear you f*ck.

You are a cretin. I don't know

how you live with this attitude.

What attitude?

The one you have with everything.

At your age, I had this apartment,

you and I was the owner.

At my age you did everything well.

At least he tried.

The apartment belonged to dad.

Look, I'll shut up. Really.

Yes better. When you don't

like what they tell you...

Isa, come here. Isa!

Churri, how are you?

Hope you are better.

Are you finally coming today?

Gabi, I won't be able to today.

I've had a fight with my mother.

I'm going to try some

of my things with April.

For now, we leave the book on pause.

That's how I save you from brown.

I'm Ferran. I can't help you.

Leave a message and I'll call you.

Thank you.

Dad, call me when you can.


Do you like it?

Yes. It's in Italy, with a friend.

Do you want a gin?

Yes please.

Make yourself comfortable,

I'll take it to you now.

Thanks for helping.

It's not my style,

but I've tried lenses

looking for something similar.

Let's see.

To Mikel, the macro seems like sh*t.

What's your vibe?

He was my teacher in

the master's degree.

When he created Fluency,

I saw an opportunity.

Do you think he likes you? That?


I think he is a vampire.

Vampire, I don't know.

But he is very smart. Oh yeah?

For example, when he introduced you,

It seemed like he cared more about

your followers than your photos.


But it's like that with everything.

Have you been to his parties? No.

When you go you will

understand everything.

I have thought one thing.


You should be in the photos.

I? Yeah.

We can try, and if it doesn't work...

We see.

Let's see, look at me now.

Let's see.

Can you take off the necklace?

Can I lower it for you a little?

Are you comfortable like this?

Hello. Hello.

It's Biel. Did you

meet at the gallery?

I don't know. Yeah?

Yes, we talked a little.

How is he going?

Well, we are doing tests.

Shall I interrupt you? No.

If you want to help us...

If you care?

Of course not.

OK. Can you turn off the

lights for me, please?

That? If all.

And turn down the dimmer

on the dinky a little.

Let's see like this...

It's just a small selection.

Need to retouch, edit...

- Aina.

- Tell me.

Pass me the book by Miguel Catal.

And, Ddac... Come everyone.

Mikel, what are you doing?

You too, Gabi.

What is your opinion?

They're not bad.

They are interesting.


The thing is that I have

seen these photos before.

In the end we are all alike.

You have to find your style.

It's like I see something of

you, but I'm still missing you.

What if I tell you that

I didn't make them?

What has April done to them?

So you like them, right?

Have you f*cked her?


What if you also f*cked her?

What do you want, Isa?

Prove that you are the smartest?

Well now you have achieved it.

You can go now.

Come on, guys. To keep working.

I'm freaking out.

With you, always the same.

I help you and I feel sh*t

because you use me.

Do you know how many

hours she has taken me?

You could have told me in person.

You send me an audio and that's it.

It seems very inelegant to me.

And you see me and you

don't even apologize.


The crappy thing is to go after

people to see if you catch them.

Don't touch my things.

It can't be like this. We can talk?

Not now. I've had a shitty day.

I'm very sorry, but we have to talk.

Not now, I want to be alone. No.

Mom, go away. Sorry?

- I'm leaving now.

- No, listen.

- You're hysterical.

- Shut up.

- Don't touch me.

- I'm fed up, Isa.

I gave you everything you ever wanted.

And I have done it alone.

Is it dad's fault now?

When has Ferran taken care of you?

How was he going to do it?

You could have kept him away from me.

That's a lie. He wasn't there

because he didn't want to.

What I didn't want was to see

you, and I'm not surprised.

Go away.

I'm Ferran. I can't help you.

Leave your message

and I'll call you later.

I have an individual for 288 euros.


I need ID and card.

Hey, how are you? How are you? Hello.

Thank you for assisting me.

Thanks to you for the tip.

You are welcome.

Well, as I said, I found it

to be a very artistic profile.

Are the photos yours? Yeah.

I love them.

I love them...

It's strange that I have

overlooked a profile like yours.

You have a style like... I don't know.

I connect with what you do.

Actually, I wanted to

make you a proposal.


Would you be open

to meeting in person?

No, I don't think so.

Wow, what a shame.

I would have loved for you

to do a session for me.

Have more?

Yes. More explicit?

And can I see them?

Yes, there are 20 each.


Pass me ten.

There they go. May you enjoy them.

Bye bye.

Can you stay while I look at them?

Dear. How are you?

Hey, grandma's

apartment is difficult.

She fixes things with

your mother, please.

Can you give me one? Yeah.

You have something else?

I have this left.




I'm sorry.

Don't be angry.

I don't get mad.

It was Mikel's fault.

Isa, what are you doing?

You two, Zowi and Sofa.

Haven't you done anything together?

What are you missing? The production.

- Two million views.

- Only?

No, listen to Mikel, he

puts in a lot of effort,

but then brings out

the best in everyone.

- Now, organizing parties...

- This is dead, right?

- There isn't much atmosphere.

- A little dead.



Come here, please.

Look, something happens.

Isa says I don't know how

to throw parties anymore.

I assume, I don't know how to

throw parties. She is dying on us!

So I'm going to invite you to something.

Not that. Stop taking dr*gs.

Have you played ridiculous? No?

Here the first one to laugh loses...

And who wins?

The most ridiculous.

OK? I'll start, okay.

Ridiculous level ten, huh?

In other words, other people's shame.

- Yes Yes Yes!

- A penguin!

Stop the music. For.

Come on, I've already started,

bastards. Don't laugh.

Do you laugh?

What's wrong, am I not cute?

Are you recording me?

Now I'm recording you.

Who records who? Hey?

Who records who?

What's happening?

You're scared, that's

what's wrong with you.

Let Mikel the assh*le

do Instagram kids.

But you... There are no eggs.

There are no eggs!

f*ck you.

It doesn't matter what filters you use.

You are ugly!

How sad to see you!

You think you are unique and

you are herds of cloned sheep!

Mikel, stop! That's what you are.

Man, Isa.

My Isa.

Let me. My preference.

- Let me.

- The Isa.

Don't let the party die!

"Hello, I'm Isa.

Artist, activist, d*ke

and pansexual."

You're going too far, Mikel.

Do you like my Insta?

You are going too far.

Come here. Didn't you want to play?

Well let's play.

What's happening?

That I'm not politically correct?

Of course, since I'm cis...

Huh? Since

I'm straight, I don't know anything.

He won me the lottery of privilege.

Didn't you want to be an Instagrammer?

He touches you.

What the hell?

To create content.

I pass this sh*t.

That's so you, Isa...

If you don't like it,

you'll leave, right?


We're just playing, Isa!


Sit here.

And get naked.

You're direct, you, huh?

I'll give you 500 more if

you photograph me naked.


I thought you would bring a camera.

Wait. Wait, let me.

Come on, cum.

Calm. Be quiet.


Wow, make you cum!

- Calm, calm.

- Cum now. Go!

What is this about?


What happened?

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